Sack the Co-op Until They Ditch Atos

The Co-operative Bank’s claim to be an ‘ethical investment’ company – as if such a thing exists – are looking increasingly dubious after it has emerged that in 2009 they signed a four year contract with disability denying poverty pimps Atos Healthcare.

The company claim to have been unaware of the activities of Atos who carry out the government’s notorious Work Capability Assessment aimed at stripping benefits from sick and disabled people.  An increasing number of people have ended their lives after stress and poverty inflicted by the Atos testing regime whilst a recent investigation found that 32 people a week die after being found ‘fit for work’ by the company.

The Co-op claim they have ‘contractual  obligations’  to Atos but have announced they will take customer’s views into account when deciding whether to renew the contract.  You can tell them how you feel at:

38 responses to “Sack the Co-op Until They Ditch Atos

  1. ATMS in CO Op Supermarket’s don’t charge for withdrawal!

    • How lucky you are to be able to draw money fro an atm.
      I cannot get a bank account because I have zero credit history, owe no one anything, and am generally hostile to financial hostage takers i.e. ‘banks’ .
      Next time you go to your ‘hole in the wall’, take a jcb, rip it out, and redistribute those government tokens amongst the destitute you may, or may not have, noticed, sitting outside most supermarkets, begging.
      Do you think they are doing that for fun? Do you just walk on by?. I’m betting you do.

      • miki67 Spot on. Some folk do not realise it is monopoly money anyway. And they are slaves to the game being played with them as the convenient chess pieces.

      • I was being sarcastic…ie ironic ency ref saying one thing and meaning another. You bet wrong. I always give when I can out of money I don’t have…and filthy lucre should be banned. Anger directed in the wrong direction here

  2. There won’t be anywhere left to spend the money we haven’t got soon!
    Atox’s roots are deeper than we know.

  3. Atos scandal: Benefits bosses admit over half of people ruled fit to work ended up destitute

    PUBLIC fury is growing towards the French IT firm for their role in helping the Con-Dem government slash benefits.

    MORE than HALF of people stripped of disability benefits after being ruled “fit for work” by Atos were left unemployed and without income, according to a Government study….

    ATOS Victims Left Destitute

  4. “They” want the “useless eaters” (disabled included) DEAD! – and one way or another they will achieve their “goal”; if starving you, throwing you onto the street does not work, “they” will throw you into an oven – it is as simple as that!

  5. The T4 Program was responsible for the murder of over 100,000 German citizens…babies, children, adults, and elderly…who had physical and mental disabilities. Developed in 1938 and carried out at six different sites throughout Germany and Austria, the T4 Program provided the Nazis with a heinous and systematic way to eliminate those individuals considered to be life unworthy of life. A variety of killing methods were tried on these victims, including allowing the babies to starve to death in their cribs, poisonous injections, and gassing. This program continued until public outcry caused it to be shut down…just at the start of what would become the Holocaust.

    The T4 Story

    • Good to see you put that up. I’ve tried telling people about this , and drawing similarities to the present. They look at me like I am crazy. That’s the problem with the brain-laundered…they don’t know it’s happened….how hard the soap is that’s used on their brains.
      You can bet that in the next session of the brothel-parliament that they will pull out all the stops to get us out of European Human Rights Legislation so they can accelerate their eugenics programme. Because, surer than death, that is what they are enacting. Everything else is window dressing. This is a nasty nazi ConDemNation; no two ways about it.

      • Nazis – a warning from history!

      • But what if the Nazis chose the Occupational Health provider who provided the best overall package for them and (because of its structure) their country? Very few of us know anything about Aktion T4 (me included), but many of us feel we can make all sorts of ill-informed comments. Perhaps the Nazis should be able to make their own decisions?

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  7. I don’t really see what can be done about the 4 year 2009 CO-OP/ATOS contract at the moment. I have sent CO-OP two long emails, neither yet replied to, and I have many links to the CO-OP, which I have told them I will be reconsidering in the light of finding out about the ATOS contract. The best we can do is keep up the pressure on the CO-OP, especially if you have something that you can withdraw if they renew the ATOS contrat in 2013. So sacking the CO-OP is not really an option at the present time.

  8. I am gutted to learn this about the Co-op. Here are other contact details to protest about their ATOS involvement for those who don’t do Facebook:

    Write to:
    The Co-operative Group
    Customer Relations
    Freepost MR9473
    M4 8BA
    Phone: 0800 068 6727

  9. Members meetings are coming up in the next few weeks. All members are entitled to attend. You must book though Details here

  10. I will raise this through the Co-operative Womens Guild. Thanks for the alert.

  11. not happy taken away benefits now they snoop on you atos the killers of the sick and the disabled why are they allowing this evil firm to exist over here show them the door coop jeff3

  12. something survived...
    Daily Post, North Wales, Thursday 27/9/12 [woman found ‘fit for work’]:
    Mum ‘allergic to life’ says benefit changes forcing her to work
    by Owen R Hughes, DPW West
    Sep 27 2012

    Delyth Parry holds her daughter 2year old Casi Mai and 6month old baby son Cai

    A MUM-OF-THREE who describes herself as “allergic to life” says she is being pushed back to work under welfare changes.

    Delyth Parry suffers an anaphylactic shock at least once every two weeks which often leaves her hospitalised.

    She is on a cocktail of medication for chronic idiopathic uticaria anaphylaxis, which causes skin rashes and her throat to swell, making it difficult to breathe. Doctors say for severe sufferers it is comparable to having triple vessel coronary artery disease.

    Despite her condition she has been moved off Disability Living Allowance after a re-assessment and is on Employment and Support Allowance.

    It comes as the UK Government attempts to slash welfare payments and get more people on benefits back to work.

    She has twice been requested to attend a work interview at the Job Centre but has been too ill to attend. In a further blow childcare support for her three children, all aged three and under, has also been taken away due to “funding cuts” leaving her struggling to cope at home.

    Delyth, 26, from Newborough, Anglesey, said work would be impossible in her current condition. She said: “I feel under pressure to get back to work under this new benefit but it is impossible for me.

    “Since starting the Employment Allowance I have had two requests to go in for an interview at the job centre but I have been too ill to go both times, I am worrying waiting for them to ask again.

    “I want to work when I can to get this under control but I’m in no condition to work now. This is causing me more stress and pushing me further away from getting well and back to work.”

    She added: “I also have three children under three at home to look after. I did have support from social services. They paid for childcare for a month and then took it away, I black out so I am worried about looking after my young children and something like that happens.”

    Delyth’s nightmare began at the age of 16 when she was on a hairdressing course and collapsed after putting on latex gloves. She was first diagnosed with a latex allergy and had a string of attacks, often leaving her in hospital.

    Her ordeal is made even more heartbreaking as partner Alun and children Caleb-Steffan, three, Cafi-Mai, two, and six-month-old Cai-Morgan have seen her bundled into the back of ambulances unable to breathe countless times. Delyth travelled between hospitals in Bangor, Liverpool and Manchester before being diagnosed with idiopathic uticaria angiodema anaphylaxis.

    She said: “I have anaphylactic shocks at least once a fortnight. Usually, after an attack, I have to go on steroids for five days but the attacks once became so frequent that I was on them for two years straight.

    “I’m frightened this will kill me. I’m suffering with depression because I’m too ill to spend time with my kids. It feels like I’m allergic to life and I desperately need help.”

    A spokeswoman from The Department of Work and Pensions said the Employment and Support Allowance provides financial help to people unable to work because of illness or disability and personalised support to those able to work.

    An Anglesey Council spokesperson said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases. However, we will be contacting Ms Parry to discuss her concerns.”
    Related stories You might also be interested in
    Online rule for Universal Credit could cause chaos in North Wales says welfare rights organiser

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  14. But what if the Co-op chose the Occupational Health provider who provided the best overall package for them and (because of their structure) their members? Very few of us know anything about ATOS (me included), but many of us feel we can make all sorts of ill-informed comments. Perhaps the Co-op should be able to make its own decisions?

    • Button it bitch. Plenty of us know plenty about Atos : it’s core bidness is disability denial via a suspect computerised questionnaire. They are loathed, they are despised. If you know so little then you should research like everybody else you arrogant lazy toff.
      Get it right fucking up you. And go back to the torygraph,muppet.

      • Good point! If I had not spent many hours studying Atos and working it all out then my friend would not have passed her medical and got in the Support Group.
        But, I find your tone and your language to be not constructive. You cannot judge a person by a few words they have written on this blog. There is such a thing as righteous anger, and your anger is such – but directing it at myself and Roger Jenkins who is simply considering from another perspective and asking questions ?
        Jobseekers must have basic bank accounts, as they have to be work ready and wages are paid into accounts. The co op ATM comes in handy for withdrawing my friends ESA paid into my basic bank account (I cannot have any other account, because of debt accrued trying to stop some homeless people losing a temporary roof) and many such ATM’s in shops charge around £2 to withdraw money. This will affect many disabled people who can’t get further than their local corner shop.
        Please don’t swear like that or call fellow posters, silly names… Can’t afford to buy anything at that co op, prices r a joke!

        • Jenkins is a troll. I suspect him to be a member of the UK branch of the 50 cent Party.

        • Because your friend managed to get in the support group you couldn’t give a fuck any more, once you were squealing, now you are sitting back and laughing with that Jenkins, Jeeves or whatever it is calling itself. I suppose I’m all right, Jack, eh Cassandra. Bear in mind Cassandra that when ATOSSERS or whoever do and back manoeuvre and come for your friend or YOU for that matter, Cassandra, nobody will be giving a flying fuck. In fact, I sure as fuck hope your friend (who probably now reads the Daily Heil and condemns “benefit scoungers” get thrown to fuck out of the support group, it is sad smarmy cunts like you Cassandra who are the problem with this fucking CUNTry!

  15. This is the internet….it’s a jungle in here. If you can’t handle it….piss off back to your semi and wait for the fuckers to knock on your door when you have nothing left and they want to take that away,too.
    Then you’ll be on the minus side of their accounts. Job well done.
    Fucked up. Ruined. Destroyed. Dead. Forgotten.
    That’s the ConDemNation.
    No room for anyone except the well off and obedient proles.

  16. That was directed at Jenkins, Jeeves or whatever he calls himself.
    Cassandra…you are sad.
    No prognistications for the end of the benefits system?
    Because that’s what’s going down in this dog-eat-dog eugenics programme the tories are rolling out.
    Get angry. Throw some shit around.

  17. biki
    You don’t know me from Adam. I am one of the first ones that will be disposed of. I could tell you things that would make your hair fall out. One thing that gets me is people on the same side getting at one another. That’s what will bring us all down in the end…

    stop judging, don’t judge those you do not know

    i’m quite shocked by these posts


    • Of course you’re right…..🌹

      • I too apologise because I did not do my best. My original comment was lazy.

        The more people who help their friends pass Atos medicals, the less likely they are to meet condemnation targets, the the more likely they are to lose their contract…

        Did you install alco-meter software?

    • Casandra, I really must apologise, I have now set my computer up so that I cannot post when I am drunk 🙂 biki 🙂

  18. I try to indulge in hypothesis here. I sometimes read of people on DLA going on really expensive holidays abroad. I pretended that I will go on one to the USA. I looked at the travel insurance cost aspect of the holiday. ATOS declared me fit for work in November 2010. I applied for the Post Office travel insurance not really wanting it. My application was rejected, un insurable by the Post Office. They directed me to a “special case” insurance provider who informed me my travel insurance for 3 weeks in USA would be £1,269 (a fit and healthy person insured by Post Office would be less than £100). What a comparison, insurers obviously do not think I am fit to travel anywhere at all really, at this rate not even locally on a bus or train! It is time we used this insurability factor against ATOS and the DWP when they give us a decision on “capability for work” Insurers think overall “not even capable of travel” with their costing analysis.

  19. What is ‘an expensive holiday’? What is a ‘holiday’?

  20. Govt. explained to an alien.

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