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Time To Troll the Tories Again

tory-ad-campaignThe millionaires in Government are launching a new attack on the poor with an advertising campaign that attempts to blame unemployed, sick or disabled claimants for the problems caused by the rich.

The campaign will be targeted at areas which have large numbers of low income workers who will see their own incomes shrink due to the freeze in Working Tax credits and Housing Benefit.

Once again the out of touch posh boys seem to be heading towards an own goal.  Low income workers are one of the most likely groups to have been on out of work benefits themselves as well as have family members struggling to survive on increasingly meagre support.  The casualisation of low waged work means many people are in and out of temporary jobs, relying on Tax Credits to survive whilst working and unemployment benefits when not.

In a possible sign of changing attitudes towards the demonisation of unemployed, unwell or disabled claimants, the new campaign has received a cautious response in the comments on the Conservative Home website.

In an attempt to prove that the British public are as callous and contemptible as most Tories, the ads come with a survey.  The heavily loaded questions are based on the Tory lie that people on out of work benefits are better off than those with jobs.

There is also space to leave comments about the brutal welfare reforms.  Whilst the Tories will no doubt make the results of the survey up if it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, it is a chance to tell the scum what you think.

To have your say visit: http://www.conservatives.com/Get_involved/benefits_haveyoursay.aspx