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The Tories’ Big Lie on Tax Credit Cuts

tory-posterAccording to Iain Duncan Smith groupie and chief chinless twat at The Telegraph, Peter Oborne, it appears the Tories have watered down the benefit bashing campaign planned before Christmas.

Instead of the infamous sofa pic,  internet con man Grant Shapps is today unveiling the above lie which will be prominently displayed at locations across London.  Goebbels famously said the bigger the lie the more people will believe it.  Grant Shapps thinks the bigger the poster the more people will buy his bullshit.

What the poster doesn’t say is that today the Tories and their yellow lib dem lapdogs will be voting to cut benefits for working people on a low wage.

Labour have, as ever, missed a trick in this argument.  They could have argued that they supported a public sector pay freeze because they thought Tax Credits would protect low income workers.  Now Tax Credits are being cut this no longer applies.

It will be the gradual erosion of Housing Benefits, available to those in and out of work, that will cause the real damage however.  Today’s bill breaks the link between how much rents actually are, and how much Housing Benefit can be paid.  With rents soaring above inflation and Housing Benefit rises pegged at 1% this will only lead to yet more homelessness over the coming years.

Labour have not even mentioned this change that will in time price many benefit claimants out of the rental system completely.  It’s almost as if they don’t really give a shit.  And they don’t.  Today’s vote is about party politics and nothing else.  The Tories are lying quite openly about Osborne’s changes to benefits and Ed Milliband thinks he might score a few points by pointing it out.

Never forget, it was Labour that started the war on welfare and sowed the seeds for the scrounger/striver rhetoric that the Tories are utilising today.  They have just as much blood on their hands as Iain Duncan Smith and no amount of crocodile tears now at the damage they inflicted will change that.

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