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The Daily Mail’s Slander Has Fanned the Flames of Anti-Thatcher Rage

Margaret Thatcher's death divides opinion across the UKIf anyone had any doubts over attending their local Thatcher death celebration they should be swept away by the Daily Mail’s recent treatment of two people they largely falsely accuse of being behind the recent joyous merrie-making.

The downmarket tabloid has decided to make it both personal and political this week after launching a string of vile misogynst smears on Romany Blythe whilst attempting to cost another party-goer his job.  Like many in the country they attended the spontaneous parties that broke out when Thatcher died and posted on facebook encouraging others to do the same.  This was enough for the Daily Mail to ransack their personal lives and launch a string of crude smears, along with deluded rants aimed at veteran anarchist Ian Bone.

It seems that should someone disagree with the Daily Mail they can expect to have their medical history or employment details splashed across the newspapers.  Whilst toffs and celebrities have been running round trying to keep Hugh Grants’s blow jobs and their own dodgy dealings off the front pages, it’s business as usual from the press if you happen not to be rich.

It is typical of the upper classes to attempt to define morality in this way, believing they can sniff away the raucous demands of the mob by raising their noses in the air and condemning  all who do not share their views as ruffians or savages.  Yet the Daily Mail has already reported that Thatcher’s funeral will have a ‘Falklands’ theme.  It is perfectly acceptable in their eyes to use the deaths of working class British and Argentinian men and women in the Falklands conflict to celebrate the life of the war-monger who sent them to their deaths.  Whilst we are supposed to weep for Carol and her criminal brother, not a thought is given to the feelings of the families of those killed on the Belgrano – when Thatcher sank a retreating ship costing hundreds of lives.

The truth is that the death of Margaret Thatcher was greeted by cries of joy throughout the land and no amount of toff whinging will change that.  And the onslaught of fawning across all of the media for a woman who destroyed so many lives demands an angry and defiant response – especially coming at a time when her political children wish to carry on her class war.

Her death should be enough to call all who oppose the coalition government out onto the streets this weekend.  Not just to raise a glass and enjoy the carnival atmosphere, but also to send a message to the world showing how most people in the UK really remember the crimes of Margaret Thatcher.

And even those squeamish about celebrating the death of a rancid tyrant have been given a reason to join the party after the pathetic tantrum thrown in the right wing press recently.  A huge turn out on Saturday in Trafalgar Square from 6pm, or in other city centres around the UK, will send a fitting and well deserved message of solidarity to all those slandered as extremists in the gutter press this week.

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As Thatcher Starts To Rot Let The Seeds Of Resistance Bloom

class-war-thatcherResistance to austerity could explode back into life this weekend with protests and civil disobedience planned across the UK and all topped off by the long awaited Thatcher Death Parties in Trafalgar Square and elsewhere.

UK Uncut will begin the day by declaring “Who wants to evict a millionaire?” and taking anti-austerity to the doorsteps of the rich.  Creative protests are planned in central London, Chelmsford, Brixton, Manchester and Birmingham to highlight the upcoming bedroom tax set to plunge over half a million people into immediate destitution.

To join the central London event meet at 11.30am, Kings Cross station, main concourse, Saturday 13th April., full details on at: http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/actions/1007

Anti-workfare protesters will also be out this weekend with demos targeting Homebase amongst others in Wood Green and Bristol on Saturday 13th and Bath and Haringey on Sunday 14th.

Then at 6pm thousands of people could descend on Trafalgar Square after a nasty attempted smear campaign by the right wing press turned the Thatcher death gig into the hottest show in town.  The long advertised party called by Class War to celebrate the death of the old crow has been splashed across the newspapers in the last couple of days – meaning that the rejoicing should be plentiful in the Square from 6pm on Saturday 13th April.  Many more celebrations are planned on Saturday around the UK, please feel free to leave links in the comments.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, she will only die once after all.  Don’t miss the chance to show Cameron and his toff lackies what decent people everywhere really thought of the vile inspiration for their contemptible government.

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