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Don’t Blame Us For Disability Benefit Cuts Say Capita, We’re Just In It For The Money

crapita“The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”  Nuremberg Principle IV

Nothing sums up the current profit obsessed capitalist culture more than the claim that as long as you are making money then you have no moral responsibility for your actions whatsoever.

This is exactly the position Stephen Duckworth from Capita attempted in The Guardian yesterday to justify their involvement in the upcoming Personal Independence Assessments (PIP) which will see a fifth of disabled people stripped of life-saving benefits.

“Don’t blame us for policy” say poor Capita, the company brutally forced by this Government into making millions of pounds out of abusing disabled people.  “I was only following orders” has been replaced by “I was only making a buck” as the footsoldiers of austerity attempt to spin away their vile behaviour.

Stephen Duckworth is head of Capita’s PIP programme and was interviewed in The Guardian yesterday in what reads like little more than a puff piece for the public services company more commonly known as Crapita.

The new PIP Assessments will be based on the discredited and brutal Work Capability Assessment (WCA) which has driven hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people into poverty, and in some tragic cases suicide.  Infamous IT company Atos run the WCA and alongside Capita will share running the PIP.

Duckworth, who is disabled himself, boasts that 40% of staff working on PIP will be disabled people – except there is no minimum target for the number recruited, so this is basically a lie.  In an echo of the Government’s benefit cuts are good for you spin, he claims that the new regime will be ‘enabling’.

Capita even boast that the new centres will be all on the ground floor, as if having disability assessment centres which are accessible to disabled people is some great triumph.

The truth is that the no doubt handsomely paid Stephen Duckworth, and Capita themselves, are about to make a fortune on the back of human misery.  They are every bit as accountable for the decision to do that as the companies who used concentration camp labour to build the gas chanbers (Atos Healthcare’s corporate partners Siemens since you asked).

Above pic from a blog chronicling Capita’s destruction of public services in the London Borough of Barnet: http://wwwbrokenbarnet.blogspot.co.uk/

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