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Dear Plane Stupid

With this action you have shown your true colours.  A bourgeois minority and enemy of the working class.

Your fake, mockney accents never fooled me.  I always knew you were not part of our class or our struggle.  I had foolishly hoped that you wouldn’t resort to attacks on my class in your efforts to establish political careers for yourselves.

Ryan Air customers are predominantly working class people going on a well deserved holiday or to see relatives. Most of them have probably flown less than most of you did before you were 18.  Yet it is them you choose to attack.

You may claim that you are trying to raise awareness of ‘climate alarm’.  I don’t believe you for a minute.  You are trying to raise awareness of yourselves, good little capitalist, celebrity junkies. You don’t fool me kids, you’re in this for you and your own, vain, broken and guilt ridden egos.

You might want to consider the carbon footprints of your private educations or the plush lifestyles most of you have lived.  You might want to consider that for some people saving up for a Ryan Air ticket to see family or give the kids a holiday almost breaks the bank.  To destroy that for them is unforgivable.

You might want to consider the real life consequences of your actions.

This is no defence of Ryan Air. Ryan Air are cunts.

But there are many ways to attack an organisation.  This shambolic effort was a little like the animal rights movements choosing to attack people who’ve used drugs developed with animal testing.  An ineffective, inane and just plain stupid strategy that only alienates people from your objectives and the wider struggle.  And something the animal rights movement is smart enough to avoid.

At least the granny they dug up was dead.

You might want to look to the tactics of animal rights if you are serious about taking on the flight companies.  I doubt you are brave enough to raise your campaign to that level.

Instead you work as unpaid agents of the state, blaming the working class for climate change as opposed to addressing the fundamental flaws of a mass production capitalist economy.

You are no suffragettes, you are no matyrs.  You are snivelling little rich kids with a flimsy grasp on politics firing wildly in all directions in the vague hope you may get your faces on TV.

You have dealt the environmental movement a serious blow.  You have further enshrined it in the minds of most as yet another bunch of over-privileged do gooders trying to tell the rest of us how to live.

You use fear and coercion to try and dictate our lives when it is not our class which needs to change but yours.

You don’t understand our lives.  You don’t understand our politics.

In fact you might like to just, fuck off.

johnny void
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