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Save Rise Festival!

just received

“Greetings Rise Festival fans,

This is your chance to help save one of London’s most-loved festivals for just £1!

UpRise Against Racism has been working with many of the team behind Rise Festival to bring about a return of the free anti-racism festival this summer.

UpRise was set up last year by a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure the Rise Festival legacy continues – now we’ve got the know-how, expertise and plans to put on an event worthy of carrying on that legacy.

We need to raise £100,000 to pay for the production of UpRise by Wednesday, March 31st. Although it’s a lot of money, if the 100,000 people who attended Rise 2008 donated JUST £1, we would reach our target!

Rise supporters can get behind the cause by donating just £1 via http://www.uprise.org.uk. And be sure to come along on the day to get your money’s worth!

If you’ve enjoyed Rise in the past and want to see it back, believe in the cause or have only just become a follower, back the campaign to keep the flame of London’s much-loved Rise Festival alive!

A facebook group has been set up at:


Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends to this group.

Together we can bring it back!


Yours in hope and solidarity

Freya & The UpRise Team x”


Free London – Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th July

We’re adding a new weekly (hopefully) feature to the void. With free festivals under threat due to excessive regulation and let’s face it, Boris, we’ve decided to offer up a weekly round up of the best London has to offer for free this weekend.

Complimenting our Free London Festival listings this will be completely non-partisan so if it’s politics you want then look elsewhere.

First up some politics.

(just in case you missed it)

And now some culture. The Hayward Gallery is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary in an event which is neither free nor this weekend. It is only 40p however and is happening from 10am to 10pm tomorrow (Friday 10th July). With the interstingly titled Psycho Buildings plus of likely interest to void readers Street Posters from the Paris Rebellion this represents a major saving from the whopping tenner it usually costs to get in.

The weekend sees a host of Free Festivals across the capital.  On Saturday Lewisham People’s Day 2008 is being held in Mountsfield Park and features six stages including hip hop star Ty and laid back groovesters Red Snapper.

Another fine line-up South of the river is secured for Croydon’s World Party also on Saturday in Lloyd Park.  Finley Quaye and the Stereo MCs are on the main stage with Continental Drift favourites the Le Vagabond Boogaloo Club featuring DJs Spindrift and Nelson Dilation playing a mix of ‘gypsy licks and Latin kicks!’ elsewhere.

Croydon Festival continues on Sunday, same time, same place, with Croydon Mela featuring Trickbaby and Sukshinder Shinda.

Even the rarely visited by most, Thamesmead has a festival on Saturday where the no less than legendary Hot Chocolate will be playing alongside Booty Luv and Jaki Graham.

Head to Birchmere Park, Thamesmead from 10am.

So for once the fine folk of South London are spoilt for choice.  North of the river isn’t to be left out however.  The ever-worthy Diaspora Music Village takes place in Hyde Park with 20 artists and bands from across the world playing over both Saturday and Sunday just North of the Serpentine.

Then on Sunday it’s the much discussed Rise, London not against racism festival in Finsbury Park.  Will Boris dare turn up?, Will the over policing and daft rules we’ve already seen at the Love Music Hate Racism Carnival and Stokefest spoil the day?  Will we all end up piss wet through and slaughtered drunk like last year?

It’s anyone’s guess, but what we do know is that the main stage is set to feature CSS, along with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, the Dub Pistols and having a busy weekend, the aforementioned Ty.

Meanwhile over on the Trojan Sound System running the DJ Stage, Alex Patterson and Jerry Dammers (who are both apparantly too cool to have myspace pages) will be pulling in the punters.  Across the other stages Kelly Le Roc and Bashy are appearing alongside Ghanaian rising stars Tinny and Tic Tacwith Los Desterrados on the Global Local Stage all worth seeking out.

With a line up like that it remains to be seen if it’s possible for Boris and his chums to trash the party.

Boris is scared to face London

Let’s get one thing straight.  Ken was a tosser, an authoritarian egomaniac who happily rolled over whatever socialist principles he had in the name of appeasing the bosses.  A scab who spent his long lonely evenings wanking off over pictures of Stalin whilst shafting the working class in any way his toff overlords told him to.

But unlike Boris at least he wasn’t afraid to face the population of London.  Ken spoke every year at London Pride (and never got booed, except once by us), whilst Boris made a token appearance, got booed and scuttled off back to his chinless cronies.  Ken also spoke every year at the Rise festival, which is coming up this weekend.

Is Boris going to speak – not fucking likely.  Boris knows he was only elected by a million or so folk, most of whom live in the Tory enclaves of West London or the leafy commuter belt.  Boris knows he’s likely to get fucking lynched if he dares get on the stage in largely working class and ethnically diverse Finsbury Park.

Boris is frightened to face London, because it wasn’t London that elected him.  So come on Boris, prove us wrong, speak at Rise this weekend and get a taste of what most Londoners think of your chinless buffoonery.

Boris Booed at Pride

We didn’t see it ourselves but our trusted sources tell us that Boris Johnson was routinely booed along the length of the Gay Pride march in London yesterday.  And this is a crowd that later on cheered the Daleks.

It’s no real surprise that the man who compared gay marriage to bestiality should be unpopular amongst London’s gay and lesbian community.  What is surprising is that the chinless twat turned up in the first place.

With his administration falling apart at the scenes faster than anyone could even of hoped for it will be intersting to see if Boris has the gall to show up at the Rise festival next weekend in Finsbury Park.  Sales of rotten eggs are set to soar if the bumbling fuckwit has got the guts to face the people of Central London.

Although to give him credit, he’s doing a fine job of showing up the Tories as being the bad joke they are.

Boris Rebrands Rise to the Right

Entertaining and prolific blog The Tory Troll (which we suspect might be written by Ken clutching a bottle of scotch at his keyboard in the early hours) beat us to the story about Boris dropping the anti-racist message from this year’s Rise Festival.

The good news is that the festival appears to be happening and with Jimmy Cliff and the Dub Pistols on the bill it will hopefully be a good one. Although after the fences and the crush at Stokefest and the booze ban at the Love Music Hate Racism Carnival it will be interesting to see what the cops/council/GLA manage to do to fuck up this event.

It’s also been reported that the Cuban Solidarity Campaign, who have long organised a stage, will be dropped from the event. London’s new ‘arts boss’ Munira Mirza told the group in a letter that “it is no longer appropriate to have overtly political organisations involved in the programme or in the community area”.

So Boris wants to kick the politics out of art. With his recent fantasy about unearthing the River Fleet and other bumbling utterances it seems Boris would quite like to kick the politics out of city hall as well.

There’s actually a good reason for this festival to have an anti-racist agenda from a purely practical perspective. The festival has long been financially supported by Trade Unions with both performers and staff working at cheaper (or free) rates than they would for a non-political event.

This is unlikely to continue, it also raises the spectre of whather the greedy pigs in the Met will decide, as it’s not longer a political event, to charge for their time, as they do at footy matches etc.

So the outcome is that this festival will now cost a lot more. Which is why we’d bet good money on it disappearing for good after this year.

Talking of festivals, we’ve just added a handful of new events to the free festy listings including the news that scene legends Tofu Love Frogs will be at Tottenham Marshes this Sunday!

Is Boris set to stop our festivals?

In a bid to ensure that our free festival listings are accurate the void just spoke with the London events team at the GLA.  We spoke to a friendly enough chap who we won’t name.

Specifically we asked whether they could confirm the date of July 13th for the Rise Anti-Racist Festival due to be held in Finsbury Park.

He told us that that was the date they had planned however he couldnt confirm whether that was still the case.

So we asked him if he could confirm that the usual festivals would be going ahead and he told me that they didn’t know and they wouldn’t be announcing anything until the new administration settles down.

We asked when that would be and he said he didnt know.

Now we’re not ones to be alarmist, but Rise is less than two months away and takes a lot of organising.

All the GLA can say is they will issue a press release when they know what is going on … we smell a rat.