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Food Reclaimed!

Reclaim Your Food successfully distributed vegan food in Brixton Town square today despite two arrests the previous week for the same activity.

A minimal police presence was maintained photographing everybody present but spirits were kept high and there are definitely worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Between 50 and 60 folk were present at it’s busiest, many of them local and many shocked at the police surveillance some of us have come to expect.

Here’s some (fairly ropy) pics:

In other parts of Brixton it was business as usual

Reclaim Your Food: Call For Support

There is a call-out for people to come down to the next RECLAIM YOUR FOOD in Brixton on SUNDAY 9TH MARCH approx 3pm.

This free food and info giveaway has been coming under increasing attack from the local cops. Last week two people were arrested for failing to disperse under a spuriously argued Dispersal Order.

SUNDAY 9TH MARCH approx 3pm

Bring food to share. Instruments. Sound Systems. Practical Social Activities. Or just yourself!! All welcome.

more info at http://indymedia.org.uk/

2 Arrests for Vegan Curry!

Now we’ve had some dodgy food in squats and social centres in the past but the actions of Brixton plod last Sunday are a touch over the top.

Lambeth based Reclaim Your Food have been distributing free Sunday lunches in Brixton Town Square for several weeks but it seems that the noble boys in blue intend to stamp out this nefarious practice.

Two people were arrested last week when the police declared the distribution of free food to be illegal claiming it attracts HOMELESS people who might use DRUGS! Another spurious justification given by the Met is that it was affecting local businesses ability to trade.

With Mcdonalds and KFC both occupying prime spots in Brixton centre Reclaim Your Food are showing a blatant disregard for the rights of multi-nationals to make a profit. Free trade does not mean Free!

The godless communists have vowed to meet in the square again this Sunday, opposite the Ritzy from 2/3pm.

More pics and info on indymedia