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All Coppers Are Fat and Stupid Say Government

Shares in Greggs Bakery nose-dived this week as the Government announced new fitness tests for the police after claiming they are too fat.  Under new proposals coppers will undergo annual fitness tests and face being sacked if they can’t shed their porky bellies.

The Government has also raised concerns that the police are too stupid, something they plan to address by allowing Oxbridge toffs to be fast tracked into senior police roles.

This in particular will prove hugely unpopular with the rank and file as chinless knob-ends are fast tracked into inner-city areas to throw their considerable weight around.  This is yet another power grab by the rich, who think that some public school twat fresh out of Cambridge will have a better understanding of the streets of Hackney than a long serving local officer.

It’s no surprise that some in the ruling class would like to be coppers.  There’s not many jobs left where you can get paid for shooting Africans anymore after all.  But they don’t want to be the kind of coppers you used to see on The Bill, or even on the streets.  They see themselves as Inspector Morse types, solving mid-summer murders before sending the lower orders out to tear gas teenagers.  Perish the thought they might actually have to do some real work to find themselves in a position of power.  Just like the Sandringham officer class, they’d far rather be parachuted in to order the proles about from the safety of some office somewhere.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day so the fact the Tories want to fuck the police shouldn’t be seen as a sign of anything other than the usual class snobbery.  Even Tories hate the police who might occasionally make a mistake and hand out a speeding ticket to someone with a double-barrelled surname.  That won’t stop the Police Federation taking these reforms lying down, ever ready to toady up to the rich as long as they still get to beat up protesters and take lucrative bribes from tabloid hacks.

Coppers will now also face redundancy after 30 years and pay for the new constables will be reduced. The rich appear to be feeling confidant enough even to attack their own protection.  This is an unprecedented attack on the working conditions of the police, but it’s no doubt the ban on doughnuts that will really rile the greedy fuckers.

The police have long allowed themselves to be used as a violent and vicious tool against working class people.  Whether at Wapping or the Miner’s Strike, they have been quite happy to truncheon and wound workers who are standing up for their rights.  Never once have they shown an ounce of solidarity towards anybody else, and have all too often relished their role in breaking strikes and suppressing dissent.

So they do not deserve a second thought from the rest of us should they choose to challenge these proposals.  They are the lowest form of vermin, organised scabs who will attack the vulnerable and children alike if they think it will keep their rich paymasters happy.

They aren’t known as the filth for nothing.  They represent a stain on working class life.  They have shown themselves ever ready to take a bung, kick someone down the stairs or fit someone up for being the wrong colour or failing to show the correct level of deference to their macho bullshit.  Fuck them, every last one of them.  If a single copper even exists who isn’t bent, violent, racist and misogynist then they are still quite happy to lie, cheat and cover up for their criminal colleagues.  Let them fight this Government alone, isolated and shunned by decent people everywhere. All coppers are bastards.

UPDATE:  and almost as if on cue.  Riots cops kettled the peaceful Save Our NHS Demo today and police armed with automatic weapons were in attendance.  Early reports are sketchy but it seems some people were arrested and several assaulted.

Every Little Helps …

Tesco has been trying to move in to stokes croft (Bristol) for over 2 years and has been unable to because of huge protests. They have had to move builders in under police escort and have 24 hour roof top private security. Last weekend Tesco opened and there have been non stop protests all week.

Stokes Croft Erupts As Police Evict Squat

Police Fitwatch Blog Censorship Attempt Laughed Off By Internet

Within just a couple of hours of the news that the police had closed down the fitwatch website the piece which so offended the sensitive flowers has been blooming across the internet.

Fitwatch are a loose organisation who for several years have narked off the filth by exposing, blocking and challenging the Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT), the branch of the police used to spy on and harass protesters.  If you’ve ever been on a demo or even at a community festival or football match then you may have noticed them pointing a camera at you because they’re too scared and lazy to be proper coppers.

After last weeks events at Millbank during the student demonstrations fitwatch.org.uk published some advice for those worried they had appeared in the press and may face arrest.  The piece called Beating police repression after the student occupation can be read on this blog and now, thanks to the bungling Met a growing number of sites across the internet.

The fitwatch site was shut down on request of Acting Detective Inspector Will Hodgeson from CO11. Early reports suggest that this happened due to a request from the police to the site’s host complaining the site may be involved in perverting the cause of justice. This is a worrying development. Whilst we will doubtless know more tomorrow, as yet it does not seem a Court Order has been issued, which means the filth are now bullying internet hosting companies into removing material which upsets them.

The good news is that the offending piece, now being much discussed on twitter can be found at:


and here: http://norfolknonaligned.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/beating-police-repression-after-the-student-occupation/

and also at



as well as UK indymedia, Bristol indymedia and Scotland indymedia as well as being linked to on facebook pages, republished in forums etc.

And of course google.

All in just two hours, please join in, republish and show the Met the internet will not be censored. Add links to anywhere else you’ve spotted it in the comments below.

UPDATE: 12.45pm Tuesday 16th November

The post is now also available at:











Nothern indymedia

London indymedia


















Fitwatch have said they ain’t going fucking anywhere and will be back online soon, in the meantime you can catch them on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fitwatch/103821345868

London Met – Busted!

Dear Ms Duncan,

RE: Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2008070002641

I note with disappointment that you have not replied to the Freedom of Information request I made on 9/07/08 regarding the costs/salaries of Forward Intelligence Team photographers.

As I’m sure you are aware under the Terms of the Freedom of Information Act you are now breaking the law.

Such casual disregard for the law from the countries largest police authority may seem shocking to some.

So I ask again:

“I wish to request the amount of money which has been spent on the private photographers who work with the Forward Intelligence Teams on an annual basis. As well as a total budget figure I would like to request that the photographer’s pay scale or hourly/daily rate is made public.”

Obviously if a response is not forthcoming I will be complelled to make a complaint to the MPA and if I still do not receive the information requested then I will make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

I will take this opportunity to quote the Information Commissioner’s website on the steps taken if you continue to ignore this request:

” What if the public authority ignores a decision notice?

If a public authority ignores a notice, the Information Commissioner can make an application to the High Court. The court will investigate and may deal with the authority as if it has committed contempt of court. The punishment may be a fine or even imprisonment.”


Johnny Void


Yet more killers go free

Frank Ogboru was killed in South East London by four vicious assailants. A crowd of witnesses claim that thugs set upon him and bundled him to the floor after first attacking him with CS Spray.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the offenders appeared to have their “knees and feet” on him as he “wailed like a dog”, pleading he could not breathe. A film of the assault appears to show one thug’s knee over Mr Ogboru’s neck while his head hangs over the kerb.

Afterwards, witness Sean Pops, 27, said they: “were on top of him, you could tell he was in a lot of pain.

The guy kept saying, ‘I can’t breathe’.”

An official pathology report gave the cause of death as asphyxia.

Astonishingly the CPS have decided not to prosecute despite scores of witnesses and video footage of the attack.

Perhaps that’s because these criminals were wearing uniforms.

The Mirror has the video.

No officer has been found guilty over a custody death despite 501 in 10 years.

Four in five victims were black or Asian.

Blogger Fined for Insulting Cop!

Gavin Brent from Holywell, Flintshire was fined £150 this weekfor posting a message on his blog about copper D.C. Lloyd which was deemed to be menacing and obscene.

The full details of the blog posting have not been revealed although the magistrate claimed that the piece was articulate, detailed, specific and critical of the police and the CPS.

In other words probably quite accurate.

However the blog was signed off with the message: “P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby”.

Brent was narked after D.C. Lloyd failed to be present when he was charged (over unconnected matters) because his wife was giving birth. Lloyd had been involved in interviewing him previously over allegations of theft.

On later reading the blog post, sensitive flower Lloyd had Brent arrested at his home and he was subsequently charged under the Telecommunications Act of posting a menacing message.

Brent denies the message was intended to be threatening and claimed he thought he had freedom of speech … some hope.  On being arrested he apologised, offered to remove the offending message and said he would write a letter of apology.

This wasn’t enough for the malicious boys in blue who proceeded with a prosecution.

For the benefit of DC Lloyd we’d like to offer a clarification of what Gavin Brent may have meant.

P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby …

if they have to grow up with a cunt like you as a father.

This is not the first time that a blogger has been hit with legal action.

Cyber ASBOs Could Silence Bloggers

2 Arrests for Vegan Curry!

Now we’ve had some dodgy food in squats and social centres in the past but the actions of Brixton plod last Sunday are a touch over the top.

Lambeth based Reclaim Your Food have been distributing free Sunday lunches in Brixton Town Square for several weeks but it seems that the noble boys in blue intend to stamp out this nefarious practice.

Two people were arrested last week when the police declared the distribution of free food to be illegal claiming it attracts HOMELESS people who might use DRUGS! Another spurious justification given by the Met is that it was affecting local businesses ability to trade.

With Mcdonalds and KFC both occupying prime spots in Brixton centre Reclaim Your Food are showing a blatant disregard for the rights of multi-nationals to make a profit. Free trade does not mean Free!

The godless communists have vowed to meet in the square again this Sunday, opposite the Ritzy from 2/3pm.

More pics and info on indymedia

“OH HAI GUYS do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz?”

The Met’s website was hacked last night with the mysterious message posted by “Officer Brobee” that made reference to the force’s SO15 counter-terrorism unit:

“OH HAI GUYS do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz?”

“I see that teh so15 anti-terrorism anti-lulz police are hiring more incompetent nervy edgy socipaths to make London’s streets just that little bit safer!”.

According to the Met it is not yet known if the hack was external or an inside job from the private company who produce the Met’s recruitment website.

Either way someone deserves a medal.