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Fitwatch: The Story So Far

Quick repost from the FITWatchers, who believe it or not are winning.

“It’s been just over a year since we started a concerted campaign against the FIT Teams, so we thought it was time we celebrated some of our achievements.

FIT no longer feel safe on our demonstrations. According to their own statements, they have felt “intimidated” by our tactics, and we have at times, rendered their intelligence gathering operations “ineffective”. We have seen several demonstrations where the cameraman has had to be “withdrawn”, and we have shown we can do this even when our numbers are small.

In June last year, I wrote “The cops are so comfortable outside our meetings they think they don’t need back up. Four cops and a photographer feel safe outside our meetings.” This is no longer the case. There were ten officers at the London Fete meeting, and they called in a van of TSG to back them up.

Despite numerous arrests, they have yet to secure a conviction. Trials have seen judicial review threatening senior crown prosecutors wheeled out to unsuccessfully take on unrepresented defendants. Evidence has included statements from Superintendents, and the printing out of the contents of this blog.

On the streets, we have been part of a general trend in changing the psychology of demos. Increasingly, people are refusing to be pushed around, and more willing to take on the police. Forcing a photographer to withdraw from the crowd is like pushing through a police line – it shows resistance can be successful. It shows we can change the dynamic of a situation.

We’ve got a long way to go, but after years of subjugation, we’ve started fighting back, and the effects are visible. Let’s keep up the pressure and see what we can achieve in another year.”


There’s also been a call out for FIT-Watchers at the SHAC Demo in Peterborough on July 12th.


Big Brother’s Blind

Fresh from criminalising millions of internet users (including void readers) the government still seems determined to prove it knows nothing about computers with new plans to track every email and phone call ever sent.

According to the Home Office:

“The Communications Data Bill will help ensure that crucial capabilities in the use of communications data for counter-terrorism and investigation of crime continue to be available.

“These powers will continue to be subject to strict safeguards to ensure the right balance between privacy and protecting the public.”

How exactly this will be managed in practice is not made clear. Neither is how the state will generate the massive storage required for such information and persuade the thousands of online email providers, many of whom are not based in the UK, to play along is unclear.

Even in the most surveillanced state in the world anonymous communication is relatively easy, all you need is access to a cybercaf’ or a pay as you go phone.

But that won’t stop the goons in the Home Office making crass pronouncements in the hope of catching a few Daily Fail headlines.

Some old tosser once said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, and he was right.

The quote came from Franklin D Roosevelt, quite aptly referring to the economy during the great depression. He qualified the statement with: “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Which is the real reason for these constant nonsensical utterances from the state. They want us frightened …

… don’t be.

Phone calls database considered

Boris – A Taste of Things to Come

Class war is well and truly back on the streets of London after the Home Counties elected bumbling toff Boris Johnson to become Mayor.

Demonstrators outside city hall were met with TSG and FIT Teams who took it upon themselves to protect the BNP and force legal protest off the streets.

About 100 people turned out to the demonstration last night against this sham democracy to demand ‘Neither crook, nor toff, nor copper nor fascist’. Banners were held aloft reading ‘This is Anti-Fascism’ whilst red and black flags dotted the skyline.

It wasn’t to last however as scores of TSG appeared and began physically assaulting tourists and demonstrators alike. Several people were forced into a police pen and surrounded whilst others were pushed back as far as London Bridge, to the pub … lucky bastards.

Those of us held in the police pen repeatedly questioned under what legislation this effective mass arrest was being carried out. Aside from occasional grunts of breach of the peace and anti-social behaviour this was never really answered.

Meanwhile fascists were freely congregating outside the City Hall.

After a couple of hours of being ogled by tourists genuinely shocked at the behaviour of the police in what they presumed was a ‘free country’ the police began to release people one by one taking names and addresses (under threat of arrest) and photographing everyone as they left.

Some hardy souls refused to leave the pen unless they were permitted to leave together and about 15 people were detained a further couple of hours.

A later mercy mission by protesters to take them some chips found that they had finally been released and the BNP were still lording it outside City Hall. This led to angry confrontations and the police once again chose to side with the fascists and forced protesters out of the area under threat of arrest and with a police escort.

At least three people were arrested over the course of the evening, why is not yet clear.

We won’t miss Ken but this is only the start of what’s set to become a vicious struggle over the next four years. Expect strikes, protests and riots as a new generation learn for themselves what scum the Tory Party are.

Watch the film the police tried to ban!

We’re a bit late with this one, but here we go.

Gormless plod have extended their campaign of censorship nationwide after several independant cinemas across the UK were ordered to halt screenings of ‘On the Verge’, a film about the protests aimed at arms manufacturers EDO MBM.

According to activists:

“So far establishments in Southampton, Chichester and Bath and Oxford as well as Brighton have come under police pressure to cancel film showings. In Brighton police intervened to prevent a showing at the Duke of York’s Cinema.”

Police claim that the film has not been issued with certification, however as spokesman for the production company SchMovies, Steven Bishop says:

“I am extremely disappointed but not entirely surprised by the police’s action. There may be issues with certification but as we’re not charging for entry this shouldn’t be an issue. If the police really had problems over the certificate they could have approached us at a much earlier stage. Our film although focussing mainly on the rights and wrongs of protest shows a number of examples of questionable police behaviour – Perhaps this is why they left their move so late”

The film is set to be screened tonight (27th March) at the Kebele Centre in bristol with a London screening at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern St, London on the 1st April and then at radical bookshop Housmans on the 11th April.

Many other venues around the country are set to show the film in the upcoming weeks, check the tour dates for details.

Watch the trailer at Schmovies.

Police Censor Anti-Arms Trade Film

Sussex police this week ordered a local cinema not to show  a documentary about peace campaigners SMASH EDO.

The film, which features the long running campaign against arms manufacturers EDO MBM, was due to be screened at the Duke of Yorks Cinema in Brighton on Monday night.

According to the cinema they were contacted in the afternoon by environmental health officers who told them that the police had ordered the movie not be screened as it had not yet received certification.

A spokesman for the production company SchMovies said:

“I am extremely disappointed but not entirely surprised by the police’s action. As the showing of the film has been widely advertised for at least six weeks, not least in the Duke of York’s programme any certification issues could have been dealt with well prior to the event. Our film although focussing mainly on the rights and wrongs of protest shows a number of examples of questionable police behaviour – Perhaps this is why they left their move so late”

Watch the trailer at http://www.schnews.org.uk/schmovies/index-on-the-verge.htm 


Coppers Wriggling in Fitwatch Trial

News from fitwatch:

Prosecution stamps feet and refuses to admit defeat in Fitwatch trial

The Fitwatch climate camp trial came to an abrupt halt on Thursday after the senior CPS lawyer sulked about losing an application to an unrepresented defendant and decided to take the District Judge’s decision to Judicial Review.

The application, to amend the charge of obstruct police to obstructing a cameraman assisting the police, was one of several the prosecution were planning to throw at the defence on the day.

The defence successfully argued this to be a change in charge, not an amendment, and that given the case had been running for over six months, it was too late to change the charge.

The defence further submitted that given the prosecution wanted to change the charge, they were accepting there was no case to answer on the original charges. However, instead of gracefully admitted defeat, they sulked.

Meanwhile the defence were presented with a bundle of further statements, including an analysis of a DVD which has never been served and, courtesy of DS Hodgson at New Scotland Yard, forty pages of the Fitwatch blog. The defendant could not understand why she was being presented with forty pages of a blog when there was no evidence presented to say she was associated with it in any manner.

The lengths they are going to and the money they are throwing at this case shows they are taking us seriously. They are desperate to secure a Fitwatch conviction and seem to prepared to go to extreme lengths to get one.

Let’s keep up the pressure and show we will not back down.


2 Arrests for Vegan Curry!

Now we’ve had some dodgy food in squats and social centres in the past but the actions of Brixton plod last Sunday are a touch over the top.

Lambeth based Reclaim Your Food have been distributing free Sunday lunches in Brixton Town Square for several weeks but it seems that the noble boys in blue intend to stamp out this nefarious practice.

Two people were arrested last week when the police declared the distribution of free food to be illegal claiming it attracts HOMELESS people who might use DRUGS! Another spurious justification given by the Met is that it was affecting local businesses ability to trade.

With Mcdonalds and KFC both occupying prime spots in Brixton centre Reclaim Your Food are showing a blatant disregard for the rights of multi-nationals to make a profit. Free trade does not mean Free!

The godless communists have vowed to meet in the square again this Sunday, opposite the Ritzy from 2/3pm.

More pics and info on indymedia

Cyber ASBOs Could Silence Bloggers

Worrying news reaches us of the 17 year old who was yesterday given an ASBO for posting comments slagging the old bill, bigging up the ganja and confessing to nicking a car on his Bebo site.

In the first ever case of it’s kind the wee scally has been banned from publishing material online which is “threatening or abusive” or “promotes criminal activity”.

Norfolk police’s PC Tim Chapman said: “The comments on the Bebo website demonstrated his attitude towards offending, the community and the police.”

We reckon the plod prick should roll up a fat one and chill for a while.

If widely used this could drive thousands of blogs and websites underground, forcing us into dingy cyber-cafs to type our insurrectionary drivel. It could also hit political sites which encourage people to carry out direct action.

And what about all those happy-slapping videos on youtube, all that flawless editing and raw creativity down the pan.

Meanwhile the Lyrical Terrorist was handed a 9 month suspended sentence yesterday for writing bad poetry and possession of materials legal to own unless you happen to be muslim.

She was spared jail after the court heard she had been acting immaturely and had recently changed her style of poetry to talking about love and flowers and children … aaaah.

Whilst neither of the above cases invites huge amounts of sympathy, when they start hauling people before the court for what they write then we’re in trouble particularly here at the void.

So for one last time, smash the state, fuck the police, destroy capitalism … oh and skin up.

Tomorrow we’ll start posting about bunny rabbits and Squirrel Nutkin.