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Thugs and Fraudsters to Run Probation Service in Bid to Cut Crime

The Chris Grayling comedy show is set to continue as the bungling Justice Secretary reveals plans to privatise probation service using the same disastrous model inflicted on long term unemployed people.

Astonishingly Grayling’s plan will allows Olympic bodging thugs like G4S and fraud ridden A4E to bid for contracts in a bid to cut crime!

The ‘payments by results’ model planned for probation services is to be based on the shambolic Work Programme, the scheme devised by Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith, in a bid to bring down long term unemployment.

Despite approaching a billion pounds being handed to welfare to work companies like the aforementioned A4E, long term unemployment has continued to rise even whilst other measures of unemployment have (allegedly) fallen.

Grayling is currently singing the praises of the Work Programme in his bid to export the chaos he created at the DWP to the Justice Department.  The truth is that the Work Programme has proved such an unmitigated disaster that the Government are terrified of releasing the performance figures which would tell us if anyone had actually found a job under the scheme.

Work Programme statistics were promised last Spring, but then the date was pushed back to Autumn. The DWP statistical release calendar promises that figures will now become available on November 7th.  Yet according to the calendar these figures will only reveal attachments and referrals to the Work Programme – meaning the number of people who have started on the scheme.  It appears that the DWP may be attempting to push back information on the performance of the Work Programme even further.

Despite this Chris Grayling has halted pilot projects aimed at assessing whether the same model would work in probation services.  In the tender documentation for these projects the Justice Department conceded:  “There is a very limited body of evidence for payment by results for reducing reoffending.  The Ministry of Justice therefore wants to test the approach through an initial pilot phase, before applying the principles of payment by results more broadly.”

Yet Chris Grayling is to plough ahead regardless despite the results of these pilots not being available.  It even seems as if only a fortnight ago Grayling was planning to scrap payment by results.  Yet this week he announces a plan to hugely expand the scheme, despite there being no evidence whatsoever that these plans will work.  It’s almost as if David Cameron has pressured him to resurrect the farcical plans in a bid to deflect attention from the endless succession of blundering toffs in his cabinet.

Above pic, showing activists blockading G4S’ annual meeting, from: http://nobordersnortheast.org/2012/06/22/protest-at-g4s-agm-accuses-company-of-violating-human-rights/