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Most Work Programme Jobseekers Unemployable Claim G4S

In an astonishing slur on hundreds of thousands of unemployed, sick or disabled benefit claimants, welfare to work company G4S have claimed that most people on the Work Programme are not worth employing despite the huge subsidies on offer.

G4S are one of the biggest employers in the world with over 630,000 employees.  As one of the UK’s largest Work Programme providers they are paid up to £13,000 for every benefit claimant they manage to find long term work.

Speaking to Channel 4’s Fact Check blog, Sean Williams, Managing Director of G4S Welfare to Work was questioned about whether the company employs Work Programme participants themselves, picking up a fat ‘job outcome’ fee in the process.  The leading poverty pimp responded:

“I would be delighted if we managed to get a lot of job seekers into our own vacancies.”

He then conceded however that it was unlikely that G4S would offer anyone on the Work Programnme a job saying:  “I would challenge the assumption that there are a lot of job seekers who are easy to help in this group that can just be creamed off.”

Channel 4 also questioned the company on whether Work Programme participants were likely to be given jobs on the bungled Olympics Security contract, something the company hotly denies.

According to G4S, just 35 people on the Work Programme have made it through the training to work on the Olympics.  This is despite the thousands of jobs on offer and the apparent desperate shortage of security guards for the Olympics.

If G4S are not prepared to give people on the Work Programme a job, despite the potential tax payer funded £13,ooo incentive, then the question has to be asked why they expect anyone else to?

It is true as Channel 4 says that some people on the Work Programme have “complex problems”.  Many in the Work Related Activity Group have physical disabilities or mental health conditions.  G4S’s tacit admission that this group are unemployable merely reflects the startling prejudice amongst major employers towards people who are disabled or unwell.

Many more on the Work Programme have simply been unemployed for over 12 months, but it appears there is no room for this group in the company either.   Once again this is hardly surprising.  With competition for jobs at possibly an all time high, it is simply common sense that employers will seek to employ people with recent experience.  That is the unfortunate nature of capitalism.

This flies in the face of bungling Employment Minister Chris Grayling and his inept boss Iain Duncan Smith repeated claims that unemployment is caused by the unemployed.  The multi-billion pound Work Programme is based on the assumption that companies like G4S can ‘fix’ unemployment by ‘fixing’ unemployed people.  It is now abundantly clear that one of the biggest contractors on the scheme does not share that view.

G4S also deny that anyone employed at the Olympics will be on workfare.  Channel 4 fairly point out that, so far, there is no clear evidence that the company were ever planning to use workfare at the olympics.  Once again however this begs the question why not?  If workfare staff are good enough to protect the Queen and work in hospitals then why not at the Olympics?

Surely it’s not the fact that this toff Government are so embarrassed about mass forced labour that they are shy of any publicity that may come from workfare being used at the Olympics?

When the workfare row blew up earlier in the year Chris Grayling was gushing in his support for unpaid work, calling anyone opposed to the scheme ‘job snobs’.  Now, with the eyes of the world on the UK, workfare appears to be a dirty little secret that must never be allowed to sully the sacred Olympics.  It seems the real job snobs are those in charge of the whole shoddy workfare racket after all.

Above pic from: http://a4eprotest.blogspot.co.uk/

Disaster For Work Programme As Long Term Unemployment Continues To Rise

The Government’s multi-billion pound scheme aimed at helping the long term unemployed back into work has taken yet another blow as long term unemployment continues to rise.

Despite overall unemployment suspiciously falling, the number of people out of work for over 12 months has risen by 3000.  This continues a three month trend which has seen overall unemployment going down but long term unemployment rising.  The number of people out of work for over two years rose by 18,000 in the last three months.

Over half a billion pounds has been handed out to private sector companies such as G4S and A4e as part of the Work Programme, the Government’s flagship scheme aimed at finding jobs for those out of work for over 12 months.   Today’s figures conclusively dispel any claims from the lying Employment Minister Chris Grayling that the Work Programme can be considered a success.

Whilst the scheme has seen claimants forced to sleep under bridges and welfare to work contractors mired in fraud allegations, it appears to be having no impact whatsoever on long term unemployment and may even be making the situation even worse.  Meanwhile social enterprises are going bust due to the bungled payment structure, whilst the DWP has indulged in endless chaotic wriggling about the exact nature of workfare on the Work Programme.

Early performance figures have shown less long term unemployed people are finding jobs than if the Government had done nothing at all.  Even the recent G4S Olympics farce may yet turn out to have the Work Programme as a contributing factor.

The Work Programme is doing nothing more than lining the pockets of inept welfare to work firms whilst the DWP bury their collective heads in the sand.  The Work Programme is not working.  No-one is getting job.  Charities are being financially strangled.  Long term unemployment is rising.  Workfare has been rejected by both the business community and the public alike.  And yet still Chris Grayling is throwing tax payer’s money round like confetti seemingly oblivious to the desperate mess he is making.

He won’t be happy until the full £5 billion, the total budgeted cost of the shambles, has all been squandered.  Rarely has there been an example of a Government so desperate to give away billions of pounds and quite happy to receive nothing in return.

Whilst benefit cuts and austerity are plunging millions into poverty, insecurity and even homelessness, Work Programme contracters like G4S are handed endless cash to prop up the failing scheme.  Even if the joke security company don’t take the money they were promised for fucking up the Olympics they will take millions more for fucking up the Work Programme.  And Chris Grayling will no doubt cheer them along as the thieving corporate bastards make off with yet more of our money.

In other news Pizza Hut are the latest company to deliver a humiliating snub to Chris Grayling after announcing they will no longer be involved in workfare schemes.  More details from Solidarity Federation.

Is Workfare Behind the G4S Olympics Farce?

G4S are one of the largest companies involved in the Government’s flagship Work Programme, the scheme currently failing miserably at helping long term unemployed people find work.

Participants on the Work Programme can be sent on unpaid work for a period of up to six months.  It is unclear whether those who refuse still face benefit sanctions as the Government have repeatedly changed the rules, plunging the scheme into confusion.  It is also not possible to find out where people are being sent on workfare as part of the Work Programme as the Government is refuses to answer Freedom of Information requests on the subject.

What is abundantly clear is that G4S have access to thousands of unemployed people, and the power to mandate them to do almost anything they choose.  Alongside this G4S had a separate contract to recruit and train thousands of Olympics Security Guards.

Now it’s clear that G4S had a business  opportunity here.  G4S can use the funding they receive on the Olympics contract to train people on the Work Programme.  Should any of the people on the Olympic contract get jobs, then G4S get to claim Job Outcome fees on their Work Programme contract.  This is known as a double fund.  Two contracts to do what appear to be different things, merged into one with huge savings for the company involved.

The other lucrative opportunity for G4S is to use unpaid workers as Olympic Security Guards, much in the way Close Protection did recently at the Queen’s Jubilee.

Is it possible that G4S panicked after the Jubilee story broke plunging their plans for an unpaid Olympics workforce into chaos?

We may never find out.  Chris Grayling, the minister in charge of the Work Programme, is unfortunately prone to lying through his teeth.  But it reveals the dangers of private sector companies handed huge and diverse contracts to carry out public services, whether they be for  stewarding and securing the Olympics or helping people get jobs.

Profit hungry sharks like G4S will cut every corner they can in the search for a quick buck.  With their operations shrouded in secrecy it is near impossible to find out exactly what’s going on.  All we know is that this represents a yet another disaster for the company who began life under the last Tory Government as Group 4 Security and quickly established themselves as a national joke.

The joke stopped being funny when G4S immigration staff killed Jimmy Mubenga whilst he was being deported.  This hasn’t stopped G4S being handed endless Government contracts to carry out everything from running prisons to harassing benefit claimants.

Once again a private company is running rampant with public services and all the Tory Party can do is wring their hands and then slip them another billion.

There is no clear evidence yet that G4S were planning on using mass workare as part of their Olympic Security provision.  But there is some.  This website mirrors the job vacancies available through JobCentre Plus.  Whilst the vacancy in no longer on the Government site the details appear legitimate.  The Job Description states: G4S OLYMPIC RECRUITMENT- G4S will be here on the 22nd February as part of Security Month to recruit for the Olympics jOBS ALL They will be interviewing in the 2nd Floor Interview Room.

Under the section indicated salary is says: Wage/salary unknownMore tellingly it points out: This is not a job vacancy but you might find it interesting to read.

There’s also this youtube video featuring an undercover reporter, of admittedly unknown providence, who claims to have blagged his way into a job training as an Olympics Security Guard.  Unfortunately he is being interviewed for the inane conspiracy site infowars and therefore should be treated with caution.  Alongside wild speculation of a planned mass evacuation of London, he mentions that many of the people he was being trained with were unemployed and on some form of training scheme with G4S.

Steve Cram: He can run but he can’t hide

Today we’re picking on Steve Cram who has signed up as ‘ambassador’ for poverty pimps Atos Origin.

Today hundred’s of people are contacting him and asking him to reconsider.

He’s on facebook where he’s already getting banny at: http://www.facebook.com/SteveCramMBE?sk=wall

Twitter – @jarrowarrow @ExtraMileme @COCO_Charity (add #atosorigin to tweets)

email – info@cram-alert.co.uk

Steve Cram’s agent can be contacted at: info@missionsports.co.uk

Phone: 01434 689 040/07900 223 563

Blog: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/features/blogs/reader/stevecram/

or contact his charity: http://www.coco.org.uk/contact-us

There’s even a facebook page devoted to contacting Stevie at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=154833997917756

East London Against Gentrification

Two events being held in East London this week are worthy of a plug, highlghting as they do the devasting impact gentrification and the London Olympics are having on working class communities in East London.

First up:

Vancouver Anti Poverty Committee: Fight the Olympics
Public Talk on Wednesday the 21st of May 8pm

Action Eastend and London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) are organising a joint public meeting for a Canadian comrade involved in the Anti Poverty Committee in Canada and anti-olympic solidarity.

She will be introducing the ‘Five Ring Circus’ film about the travesty of the 2010 Winter Olympics followed by questions and discussion.

The event is being held at the Bowl Court Social Centre, Bowl Court, Shoreditch.

Then on Saturday:

Movement for Justice in El Barrio: Gentrification from Harlem to Dalston
Public Talk Saturday the 24th of May

Juan Haro, a speaker from Movement for Justice in El Barrio, will talk in Dalston about their struggle against displacement by gentrification in Harlem, New York City.

The venue is Passing Clouds, on Richmond Rd, just off Kingsland road in Dalston from 7pm.

This will be followed by Latin bands and DJs hosted by Movimientos at around 9pm “From folkloric to electronic Movimientos is the sound of London’s Latin alternative”. (£5 entry)

For further details check indymedia.

Finally we say a belated goodbye to WiminSpace Social Centre in Hackney which was evicted just over a week ago. The folk involved in this popular space for women and trans-people are setting up an anarcha-feminist collective. If you want to be part of the early stages of forming this group then get in touch: womenorganise@yahoo.co.uk

We’re feeling very worthy today, we’ll be back to sarcasmand abuse soon.

What do we want … Feudal Theocracy

There’s been a lot of bollocks talked on t’internet in the last few days about the Olympic Torch protests.  It seems some sections of the left are so trapped by self-loathing that they immediately condemn anything which might represent a small success in this endless struggle of ours.

And the protests were a sucess.  Yes capitalism didn’t crumble, or state communism for that matter, yes Tibetans still face brutal treatment from the Chinese State and yes the Olympics will go ahead as planned.

That doesn’t change the fact that this the last few days have represented a staggering loss of face for one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world and more importantly gave perhaps a taste of what London could have in store if folk get their acts together in 2012.

To the nutjobs who claim the protests were working on behalf on the CIA/MI5/Bush/Brown and no doubt Mossad, the freemasons and the illuminati, we say you really should get out more.

To suggest that being against Chinese regime automatically means supporting Bush/Brown and their mates is frankly absurd.  The idea that supporting self-determination for Tibet is a vote for batty monks is equally bizarre.

The enemies enemy is not our friend to use an over-used cliche which applies here as much as anywhere.  It is quite possible to have complex political ideals which do not simply pick one side or the other but wish a plague on both their houses.

And at present it is China, not monks, who are committing human rights abuses in Tibet just as they are in the rest of the country.  And it is no longer just the monks leading the resistance against them.

Perhaps a Free Tibet would suit some US military objectives just as an unfree Tibet suits China’s.  But really, so what, does that mean the Chinese and Tibetan people should be condemned to horrific abuses without a murmour from the left simply because we might find ourselves ever so slightly aligned with Western Foreign Policy.

In any event the events on Sunday could hardly have been more embarrssing for Brown as the cops effectively lost control of the procession and were forced into a retreat at least twice.

Don’t forget that this country is due to host the Olympics in just four years and this was a PR disaster for the IOC.

As for Uncle Sam, with their economy currently dangling by a thread they are the last people likely to want to piss off the Chinese for fear that they just might find out how many dollars the Chinese have (and how cheap they could be all of a sudden).

The weak criticism that Tibet is a ‘liberal’ issue is another non-starter.  To call for an end to authoritarian rule is neither liberal nor reformist, just because this campaign has been taken up by Liberals does not change that in any way.

Sure it’s unlikely that Tibet will ever end up an anarchist utopia but let’s face it we’re pretty fucking far from that ourselves.

One criticism left in the comments on this blog suggests that we should concentrate on our own ruling class.  We could find ourselves in agreement with that however there is nothing at all wrong with offering solidarity to other movements around the world.

Attacking our own ruling class does not involve never attacking state power in other places and when a golden opportunity like last Sunday presents itsself then it seems madness not to capitalise on it.

And at the risk of going on a bit, 2012, london, olympics etc etc.

If London can maintain the anti-olympic feeling then it’s just possible we may be able to build a mass movement against the Olympics in 2012 – and that would be something worth celebrating.

This is what democracy looks like …

Watch the NYPD attempt to give Chinese state goons a run for their money after wading into this pro-Tibet rally and threatening to kill then beating protesters.

Meanwhile Bone’s beaten us to publishing the full route of the Olympic Torch through London on April 6th.