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Nick Clegg Wants Even More Debt For The Young, Why Is This Dick Still Talking?

NickClegg-looking-like-a-dickWhen Nick Clegg was negotiating with the two main parties after the hung election he could, if he had really cared, insisted on scrapping tuition fees before entering a coalition agreement.  At the very least he could have argued for fees to be reduced, or even frozen over the course of the Parliament.

But instead he threw away the educational chances of a generation in favour of a stupid referendum on what wasn’t even Proportional Representation when it came to the vote.  And he lost.  Because he is a dick.  Remember that if you have recently graduated with a huge debt.  Every time you make a payment remember you are in debt because Nick Clegg is a dick.

Now he wants young people sucked even further into debt by luring them into taking out huge loans to pay for a deposit on a tenancy agreement.  Deposits that will be far higher than they are now because Clegg wants to set the loans at £1,500 outside London.  According to The Guardian the average deposit is £1,200.  So overnight the standard deposit will shoot up by £300 quid which will have to be repaid over the next couple of years.  So young people won’t be able to afford their rent and will stay at home and not get on the “rented property ladder”, which is Clegg’s ludicrous name for the fucked housing market.  And of course these loans will only be available to young people who have a job, so those most in need of help with housing, with no means to pay up front, will stay homeless.

Just like the other main parties Clegg has no plans to build more housing at social rents people can actually afford.  Or any concrete plans to reverse the savage housing benefit cuts he voted for which are leading to soaring homelessness.  But they will plant a tree for every child born in the UK.  Perhaps that’s where they expect them to live.  What a bunch of dicks.

Whatever you decide to do at the election remember one thing.  If you vote Liberal Democrat you are voting for a dick.  It doesn’t matter how much you might like your Lib Dem candidate, they are a dick.  If there can only be one small sliver of comfort gleaned from the last five years of misery it will be the Liberal Democrat party being consigned to the dustbin of history.  Don’t spoil that for everyone.  Don’t be a dick.  Don’t vote Lib Dem.

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Number of Refugee Children in Detention Centres Doubles Two Years After Clegg Pledged to Stop it

The number of refugee children held in detention centres has doubled according to Home Office figures despite Nick Clegg’s pledge to end the practice he once called “state sponsored cruelty”.

60 children entered detention in the second quarter of 2012, a rise from 26 during the same period a year earlier.  Whilst children are no longer officially held at the notorious Yarl’s Wood centre – though the Refugee Council have warned many children are wrongly classified as adults – children are now being held in slightly better conditions in smaller family detention centres.  All Clegg has achieved in two years of government is slightly nicer prisons for even more children who have committed no crime.

Last year Nick Clegg said:

“This coalition government will once again restore a sense of decency and liberty to the way in which we conduct ourselves. That is why I can confirm that the government will make an announcement shortly about how we will deliver on our pledge to end child detention and to close the Yarl’s Wood detention centre for good.”

Yarl’s Wood hasn’t closed and child detention has doubled since he made that statement.

And yet still Clegg expects us to believe him on welfare cuts.  Despite him saying he would block a further £10 billion cut from the welfare budget, then conceding he would only agree should their be a ‘mansion tax’, he has now rolled over once again.  The cuts are going ahead and no new tax aimed at the rich is on the horizon.

Meanwhile Iain Duncan Smith is launching digital identity cards by the back door as part of Universal Credit.  The new benefit regime depends on a database which dwarfs the National Identity Register that Blair wished to introduce and the Lib Dems pretended to fight so hard against.

The Liberal Democrats in government have been neither liberal nor democratic, yet still the yellow slime in the party’s rank and file stay silent.  Suicides, jailed children, raised tuition fees, unpaid labour, homelessness and disabled people forced into ever increasing poverty and isolation – these will be seen as the only legacies of the Lib Dems contribution to this filthy coalition.

Cutting Welfare is an Aphrodisiac to Lib Dem Lapdogs

Nick Clegg and his vile party’s support for further cuts in welfare spending shows the true face of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Clegg’s support for a further £10 billion cut to the welfare budget will mean more suicides, more homeless families, and more children forced to depend on foodbanks just to survive. That his wretched supporters in the party should still cheer him shows that every last one of them has blood on their hands.

His position – which is that he will only agree to further cuts aimed at the very poorest if there are tax rises for the very rich – is as perverse as it is brutal. Few rational people would disagree that the rich should be taxed more, but that won’t help the people plunged into poverty by further welfare cuts. And if more money is to be generated from taxing the rich then why the need for more cuts aimed at the poorest?

The answer is that Clegg is only to happy to co-operate in the demolition of the welfare state. He, along with his supporters, are ideologically in favour in wiping out vital support for the very poor, even when it isn’t financially necessary.

So remember next time some bearded Lib Dem twat tries to get you to donate to Oxfam or sign a petition to help the poor – the Liberal Democrat Party is wholeheartedly behind the destruction of the scant support available for those with least. Despite their fake hippy pretensions, they are still in love with cheap suited posh boy Nick Clegg who has done so much to bring devastation into the lives of disabled people, struggling families with children or those unemployed or unwell.

No longer can Liberal Democrats hide behind their Big Issue buying, organic tofu eating, socially responsible veneer. They are not even Tories in disguise, but active and open collaborators in the attack on those with least. For these scum cutting benefits for disabled people is like an aphrodisiac. It gets them off to see just how much they can make the poorest suffer. It makes them feel like big men, making tough decisions. Nick Clegg wanks off over pictures of homeless children.

If there ever were any truly decent people in the Liberal Democrat Party they are not in Brighton this week. They have scurried away like rats, no doubt into the arms of the equally treacherous Labour Party.

The vermin that remain feel no shame in what they are doing. Every fake principle they ever had has been readily sacrificed for the illusion of power. They will neither profit nor prosper from this abuse but die slowly in front of our eyes. It will be small consolation to see their rancid hearts rot them from the inside out. But they should know, as the life slips from their party, that they are the enemy of all that is decent and compassionate within the human spirit. And their death will not come soon enough.

The Liberal Democrats are using what little time left they have on this planet to bring misery and mayhem whilst top-hatted toffs laugh at the squirming lapdogs beneath their feet. We should not wait for imaginary gods to judge them in the next life. If they wish to create hell on earth then let it be in their own lives it is felt, not ours.

Every Liberal Democrat Is To Blame For Clegg’s Debt, Workfare And Poverty

Whilst he’s famous for destroying the educational chances of a generation, it is less well known that snivelling Nick Clegg is also behind a mass workfare scheme that condemns thousands of young people to unpaid work.

The Youth Contract, announced to much fanfare by Clegg in April, aims to bully a quarter of a million young people into working for free at places like Poundland.

Another part of the Youth Contract hands out so much in subsidies to employers and welfare to work companies that it would be just as cheap to employ the young people directly.

Under the ‘Wage Incentive’ part of the Youth Contract employers are handed £2,275 for every young person they employ on minimum wage for 6 months.  Astonishingly a further £1,200 is handed out to the Work Programme providers who arrange the job.  This is on top of the £400 attachment fee already paid to providers simply for signing up young people to the Work Programme.

To employ a young person on the minimum wage full time for six months  costs £3,884 in wages.  The amount handed out to both the employer and the Work Programme contractors in total under the Youth Contract is £3,875.

This toff Government, which has done so much to deride some of the poorest people in the country as scroungers, is quite happy to hand out huge wage subsidies to some of the richest corporations in the world.

Yet in a searing indictment of the current economic shambles, even doling out these huge sums to employers and welfare to work sharks has had no impact on youth unemployment which is still rising.

Meanwhile the mass workfare scheme is also on the brink of collapse.   High Street names like Holland & Barrett have been quick to distance themselves from unpaid so-called Work Experience schemes after storms of protests from their customers. 

Much like the Work Programme for long term unemployed people, Nick Clegg’s Youth Contract is costing hundreds of millions of pounds whilst failing to even make a dent on soaring youth unemployment.

The treachery of Clegg is perhaps best illustrated in his attitude towards young people.  In just over two years he’s gone from pledging free access to university to fobbing the young off to work in supermarkets for no pay.

No amount of attention-seeking apologies will be enough to rescue Nick Clegg and his party’s reputation.  The yellow stain in British politics is now little more than the worst kind of happy-clappy cult, happily cheering from the sidelines as the real leaders destroy the lives of millions.

Clegg’s pathetic apology means nothing and has been greeted with the contempt it deserves.  But every Liberal Democrat MP, Councillor, activist or member has blood on their hands now.  Every suicide due to the brutal Atos testing regime for sick and disabled people was voted for by Lib Dem MPs.  Children made homeless due to the savage housing benefit cuts were put out on the streets by the same scum.  Every young person forced to work for free, every closed hospital, every trashed exam result is down to Liberal Democrat party members too spineless to stop this onslaught or at the very least walk away and play no part in it.

The legacy of the Liberal Democrat party will be the destruction of just about every decent institution this country has, and there aren’t many to start with.  When brutal  poverty stalks the land, when healthcare is in the hands of private sector sharks and living standards are reduced to near third world levels for many, rank and file Liberal Democrats will exist as mere footnotes in history.  They will be the cowards who barely raised a word in protest as their leaders voted the country into a callous money-grabbing capitalist hell.

Ruin the Lib Dem’s Conference Weekend: Shut Down Workfare in Brighton

UK Uncut Make It Personal

The NHS and Welfare State are being destroyed and the people doing it have names and addresses.  One of those people is Nick Clegg, who lives in Parkfields, a leafy street in Putney, SW13 (no 2, if his ‘terrified’ neighbours are anything to go by, many of whom were all too ready to grass the slimy lying wanker up and reveal his address to protesters).

Yesterday’s street party outside Nick Clegg’s house was one of several actions around the country staged by UK Uncut.  Clegg’s constituency office in Sheffield was also a target.  The protests were billed as ‘Great British Street Parties’ a reference to the fawning display of deference set to sweep the country over next weekend’s jubilee.

Despite Clegg’s claim that his neighbour’s children were scared by the protest, many in the community actively joined in the party with a couple of local kids even producing an impromptu anti-cuts banner.  It’s clear Nick Clegg is as unpopular in his own neighbourhood as he is in the rest of the UK.

I have to admit to feeling a little underwhelmed on arriving at the protest.  Despite a good attendance of around 200 people, and a heroic action from Disabled People Against Cuts, who chained wheelchairs together in order to block the road and secure the space,it was about as un-threatening as you could get.  One person described it as a very fluffy picnic.  Reclaim the Streets it was not.

But whether it was down to the sun or the beer I changed my mind.  All in all it was a fun day out, and with bunting, cake, music and dancing it was exactly what it said on the tin.  UK Uncut were right to pick a target that was both achievable and well directed.  By all measures it was a huge success for the direct action group and lays the foundation for bigger and more ambitious action in the future.

The over the top reaction from the Tory twitter trolls was just the icing on the cake.  Grinning idiot Louise Mensch sounded like she was back on the charlie as she frantically denounced the protest and furiously retweeted anyone who agreed with her bizarre view that targeting a politician’s home is unacceptable.

Thousands of people are currently losing their homes due to Clegg and Cameron’s cuts.  For those made homeless, this Government’s assault on the very poorest is as personal as it gets.  And their children genuinely go to bed frightened by the actions of Nick Clegg and his millionaire chums in the cabinet.

Why should Nick Clegg rest easy in his sleep when by his actions he is condemning swathes of the country to poverty and homelessness?   UK Uncut’s street party was a well aimed tactic to hold millionaire Clegg accountable for his actions.  If they come for our homes, then we should come for theirs.

Clegg’s New Youth Contract Is Just Mass Workfare

This week the Government has been announcing the new Youth Contract, the latest magical wheeze aimed at reducing youth unemployment.  It’s no surprise that Chris Grayling has chosen to hide behind Nick Clegg during the fanfare as the whole expensive charade is little more than a mass give away to private companies.

Workfare and benefit sanctions are at the heart of the scheme, which will do little to reduce youth unemployment and may actually even increase it.  Not content with destroying the educational chances of a generation, Nick Clegg is now trying to force young people into unpaid work at any cost.

As ever the DWP are being less than honest about how the new scheme will work.  Work Experience, the workfare scheme which drew storms of protest last month, has been renamed ‘Voluntary’ Work Experience.  Clegg is promising 250,000 new ‘voluntary’ placements.  This will be full time unpaid work at places like ASDA and Holland & Barrett.

In reality this will be far from voluntary.  There is no mention of the other Government workfare scheme, known as Mandatory Work Activity, in the DWP’s announcement.  This seems strange because a recent Freedom of Information request reveals that a chunk of the £1 billion cost of Youth Contract is to be spent on this scheme, which as the name suggests is anything but voluntary.

Last year George Osborne announced that should young people refuse to go on the Work Experience, they “will be considered for mandatory work activity.”  In other words if you don’t go on workfare under the voluntary scheme, you will  be sent on workfare under the mandatory one.  The Guardian recently revealed this is already happening.

So workfare is not only well and truly still in place, but is being hugely expanded.  No wonder they got the insipid Lib Dems to take the heat.

As well as workfare the Government is promising over two grand in cash to employers should they take on a longer term unemployed individual.   Whilst this will mean they are paid minimum wage, it appears that young people will have no choice about where they work.  They will be mandated to work at minimum wage whilst the Government pays the bulk of their salary.  Then they will be laid off after six months to make way for the next subsidised worker.

Young people will have to have been on the dole for a year before being sent on this scheme.  The flaw in these plans is obvious.  If companies are paid two grand to employ someone who has been unemployed for over a year then why on earth would they employ someone who hasn’t.  A years unemployment is set to become the norm for young people as greedy companies hold back start dates until they become eligible for their state provided bonus.  Even if this helps to bring down longer term youth unemployment it will only be at the expense of the young people leaving school or becoming newly unemployed.

But that’s okay, because they can be sent to work for free on Clegg’s crazy schemes after just six months on the dole.  Temporary jobs that were once paid will be replaced with young people on workfare, waiting until they become lucrative enough for private companies to employ properly on minimum wage.  For six months.  And then along come a whole new crop of young people to exploit.  That’s the great thing about the young, they just keep coming.  The way things are going the likes of Tesco may never have to pay their workers again as this Government is so intent on throwing free labour at them.

The Youth Contract will cost £1 billion pounds, the bulk of which will be used to provide free labour for large corporations.  The Government’s other flagship scheme, the Work Programme, which also includes workfare, is set to cost £5 billion.  This money will line the pockets of poverty pimps like Emma Harrison, the former head of A4e now believed to be mansion shopping in any country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK.

George Osborne announced in his comedy budget that a further £10 billion is to be cut from the welfare budget.  Not content with mass homelessness and increasingly suicides, Osborne wants to take even more from the people with least.  Yet here the Government are, handing out money like sweets to private companies.

There is no evidence any of these measure are helping to reduce unemployment.  Common sense dictates that many will do quite the opposite.  The Government is refusing to release details of how many people have actually got proper jobs because of their ever desperate attempts at bashing benefit claimants.  This new mass roll out of workfare must be resisted every bit as strongly as all other attempts to force us to work for free.  It depends on major companies and charities taking up the scheme to make it work.  That is where the pressure must be maintained.  If they exploit us, we will shut them down.

National Campaign To Make Nick Clegg Cry

“Papa, why does everyone in the country think you’re a cunt?”

Perhaps it’s because you’ve sold out a generation ensuring that only snivelling little wretches like your own children, who don’t like you, will have a chance of an education.  Perhaps it’s because you’ve sold out your party and every Lib Dem activist in the country wants to kick you in the face for destroying their political careers.  Perhaps it’s because the public rightly see you as a pathetic bitchboy apologist for Cameron and Osborne.  Perhaps it’s because you’re a bad father and lie to your family.  Perhaps it’s because you blew the one chance you had of introducing a genuine PR electoral system.  Perhaps it’s because your name will forever be synonymous with toadying up to the rich, selling out principles for a plush job and then crying to the media about how horrible people are being to you.

Perhaps it’s because you can no longer walk the streets of your constituency without being subject to righteous abuse.  Perhaps it’s because we all know now that without your dad you’d just be another chinless non-entity.  Perhaps it’s because of the very real suffering your spineless coalition is inflicting on the country.  Perhaps it’s because you’re a joke, a spineless sub-human piece of fetid scum who’s only contribution to modern politics has been to show what a vapid shambles of power grabbing morons the soon to be over liberal democrat party was.

There are many reasons to think Nick Clegg is a cunt.  Why not tell him and his party all about it on National Troll a Tory Day on 14th April.  Be unkind.  Be unfair.  Be fucking brutal. Let’s make Nick Clegg cry like a baby, tonight, tomorrow night and every night until his pathetic career comes to a well deserved end.

Then someone can take him out the back and shoot him.

National Benefits Cuts Website Now Live!

With the recent announcement scrapping DLA this couldn’t be more timely:  http://benefitclaimantsfightback.wordpress.com/

Here’s a message to the bastard Clegg from the comments which deserves wider attention:

“To Nick Clegg, he won’t see this but anyway.

You promised disabled people that you wouldn’t change DLA, you promised people with long term conditions that DLA would remain a vital benefit for them and you wouldn’t change that. you promised us you would leave DLA as it was. Although I didn’t vote for your disreputable party many disabled people did, some of them good friends of mine did vote for your party because they believed you, they believed your promises, they believed you would look after disabled people. So why have you changed your mind. Why did your government, and it is your government today announce that DLA was to be scrapped. Why have you after promising you wouldn’t, plunged thousands of disabled people into despair and and made us all fear the future. I have never felt so afraid of the future since I started using a wheelchair as I do now.

You lied Mr Clegg, you lied.”

Weekend of Rage? First calls for anti-tory demos

Things could be hotting up in London this weekend with several large political protests planned for Central London.

The first demo against Cameron and his gang of toffs, thieves, liars and traitors has been called at Parliament Square, midday, Saturday May 15th.

This will coincide with the planned Guerilla Gardening event being held in the Square by the Democracy Village who have been in occupation since May Day.

Then at 2pm pissed off Lib Demmers and assorted reprobate hangers on will assemble in the Square to Take Back Parliament. 500 of the cheeky fuckers turned out last weekend and with Clegg’s mostrous sell out revealing all politicians to be greedy, treacherous scum, this could see a large turn out.

The timid trots of the Stop the War Coalition will be up the road outside Downing Street calling for an end to the occupation of Palestine, whilst Critical Mass and Climate Campers will be visiting a Shell Petrol Station somewhere in London for a Party at the Pumps.

Then it’s back to Trafalgar Square for an <a href="“>all-night vigil called by the Campaign Against Climate Change.

So there you have it folks, will we see a rioting into the night as the red mist descends on London and people fill Whitehall with a fierce and spiky mob?

Probably not, not yet, but fuck it’s a start – Tory Scum Out – Saturday 15th May, Parliament Square!

Tory Scum

There’s always one who drags you back …

Odious cunt Nick Clegg has condemned the country to Tory misrule by climbing up Cameron’s arsehole to blag a plush job.

The chinless twat, obviously dazzled by a handful of trinkets has blown the one chance the Lib Dems were ever likely to have of electoral reform, preferring instead to be yet another faceless public school cunt preaching at the rest of us.

If proof were ever needed that they’re all a bunch of cunts whatever party they represent, Clegg has sold out his entire party membership. Any Lib Dem with a shred of credibility should immediately resign their membership and get down to Parliament Square on Saturday at 2pm on Saturday and at the very least let the dappy cunt know what he’s done … to his Party, to his country and to any sort of progressive, modern or dare we even say, liberal consensus.

No doubt cunts like Simon Hughes and Vince Cable will join him in the gravy train, shitting on the poor in the hope of a hand job from a bunch of fucking Etonians.

Meanwhile, the much maligned democracy peace camp will ge having some Guerilla Gardening outside Parliament on Saturday

This is the first opportunity for all with a shred of decency to get out on the streets and demand that this bunch of cunts be immediately dragged out of office and their limp, lifeless bodies dumped in the Thames.

Did we mention that Nick Clegg is a cunt.