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Class War Candidate Trounces Lib Dems – A Seismic Change Is Coming

class-warSteve Norman, who will be standing as a candidate for Class War in next year’s general election, has trounced the Lib Dems in a Bristol constituency where he polled just under 4% of the vote.

Norman stood as an independent candidate in Avonmouth in preparation for Class War’s planned assault on next year’s elections.  In a stunning early victory for the campaign he polled 135 votes, just behind the Green Party and beating the dismal performance of the Lib Dems who could only manage 108.

These results will also be worrying news for the dreary Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).  Norman polled over eight times higher then their candidate who could only manage a lacklustre 16 votes.

If a bunch of retired colonels, city spivs and chinless public school wankers like Nigel Farage can send shockwaves through the Labour Party then imagine what a populist party of the left could achieve.  A party that unlike UKIP doesn’t want to flog off the NHS and would never dream of referring to benefit claimants as a “parasitic underclass of scroungers”.  Instead Class War have pledged to double all benefits and scrap bills for pensioners.  And all to be paid for by fleecing the rich.  Who could argue with that?

The choice will be simple.  If you want more money in your pocket vote Class War next year and in the meantime support the election campaign.  Because all of the rest of them are wankers.

You can now follow the Class War campaign on twitter @Classwar2015

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Number of Refugee Children in Detention Centres Doubles Two Years After Clegg Pledged to Stop it

The number of refugee children held in detention centres has doubled according to Home Office figures despite Nick Clegg’s pledge to end the practice he once called “state sponsored cruelty”.

60 children entered detention in the second quarter of 2012, a rise from 26 during the same period a year earlier.  Whilst children are no longer officially held at the notorious Yarl’s Wood centre – though the Refugee Council have warned many children are wrongly classified as adults – children are now being held in slightly better conditions in smaller family detention centres.  All Clegg has achieved in two years of government is slightly nicer prisons for even more children who have committed no crime.

Last year Nick Clegg said:

“This coalition government will once again restore a sense of decency and liberty to the way in which we conduct ourselves. That is why I can confirm that the government will make an announcement shortly about how we will deliver on our pledge to end child detention and to close the Yarl’s Wood detention centre for good.”

Yarl’s Wood hasn’t closed and child detention has doubled since he made that statement.

And yet still Clegg expects us to believe him on welfare cuts.  Despite him saying he would block a further £10 billion cut from the welfare budget, then conceding he would only agree should their be a ‘mansion tax’, he has now rolled over once again.  The cuts are going ahead and no new tax aimed at the rich is on the horizon.

Meanwhile Iain Duncan Smith is launching digital identity cards by the back door as part of Universal Credit.  The new benefit regime depends on a database which dwarfs the National Identity Register that Blair wished to introduce and the Lib Dems pretended to fight so hard against.

The Liberal Democrats in government have been neither liberal nor democratic, yet still the yellow slime in the party’s rank and file stay silent.  Suicides, jailed children, raised tuition fees, unpaid labour, homelessness and disabled people forced into ever increasing poverty and isolation – these will be seen as the only legacies of the Lib Dems contribution to this filthy coalition.

Why Not Hang A Liberal From This Lamp Post

From today every Lib Dem MP, Councillor, activist or member has blood on their hands.  Last night Lib Dem MPs voted to strip vital and often life saving benefits from cancer patients and children with disabilities.

The objections from the Lords to the most insiduous aspects of the Welfare Reform Bill will be over-ridden as Cameron and his lapdogs ram-raid the bill into law.  With suicides already taking place due to the UK’s increasingly vicious welfare policy, even more people will take their own lives rather than face indignity and poverty.

Ten of thousands of people are to be made homeless at a stroke, many of them children.  Disabled people and people with life-threatening conditions may find themselves forced onto workfare schemes, stacking shelves in Poundland for no pay.  The untold suffering this Bill will bring, in a country with already one of the strictest and least generous welfare regimes in the western world, cannot yet begun to be imagined.

Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith must be laughing their fucking heads off at their spineless coalition partners.  Just like when they destroyed the educational chances of a generation, it will be the Liberal Democrats, not the Tories, who are remembered for unleashing devastation on the vulnerable.

Every Lib Dem member with a shred of conscience should immediately hand back their membership or know that they too are a part of this all out assault.  The party that opposed the Iraq war has now chosen to wage war on our own children.  Those who stay in the party in the hope of modifying the Tories approach or having some influence on the power dazzled Clegg and Cable are fully culpable for the actions of this government.  If you are a member then remember this next time you see someone freezing in a shop doorway, or hear of a suicide due to the vicious health testing regime.  You and your party did this and the suffering you have already caused cannot be undone by weasel words.

Will you be able to look the person who sells you the Big Issue in the eye knowing that you helped place them in that position.    That the Party you support and you pay for is very likely responsible for them losing their homes.  Should a friend or relative be diagnosed with cancer will you hold your head up high as their benefits are stripped away and they are forced to undergo chemotherapy whilst living on a pittance and being subjected to demeaning health testing and back to work interviews.

No matter how many intellectual or moral hoops you jump through there is no justification for this.   If you stay in the Liberal Democrat Party after this you are scum and should be treated as such.  However unlike Tory scum, whose intentions are clear, you are far worse.  You are collaborators, scabs, traitors, treacherous vermin who turn their backs on their own community and morality in the vague hope that perhaps one day you too will get a ride in the Ministerial Limo.

There is no changing the party from within.  You had a chance at that and failed and it’s now far too late.  Clegg and Cable don’t care about you, or what you think, anymore than David Cameron does.  And neither does anyone else.  Whilst you remain in the Liberal Democrat Party your opinions are worthless.  You can be as politically correct as you like and dutifully read the Guardian everyday – it means nothing when by your actions you have condemned millions to poverty, ill health and homelessness.  You are rotting fetid vermin clinging onto the illusion of power for no reason other than that you didn’t haven’t the moral courage to do anything else when you had the chance.  May your rancid hearts rot you from the inside out.

And all for what.  For your stupid fucking badly timed referendum that has seen your precious electoral reform taken off the table for a generation.  You are nothing now.  Whether you die quietly in your sleep or are ripped apart in the street by your constituents, no tears will be shed for you.

So go back to your constituencies and prepare to die.  Politically and morally you are bankrupt.  Take your sandals, and your hemp clothing, and your fucking beards, and throw them on the pyre to burn along with your party and your principles.  We will never forgive.  And should the time come we will hunt you down like dogs.

Barnsley Voters Racist Claims Lib Dem Failure

Former National Front member Dominic Carmen has claimed in the formerly fascist supporting newspaper, the Daily Mail,  that he lost the election in Barnsley because the voters are racist and homophobic.

Showing his utter contempt for the people who only days ago he was sucking up to, Carmen claims that:  “Barnsley is 98 per cent white. Diversity and difference are not welcome here. “

He further claims: “Local sentiment is summarised by one man who tells me: ‘No one is gay in Barnsley. If they are, they leave.’”

What a difference a week makes.  Only a few days ago he said on Lib Dem Voice: “What has pleasantly surprised me in Barnsley is the number of voters who are genuinely open-minded about who they will support.”

Yes they are, and they ain’t supporting you, you lardy arsed cunt.

This is reminiscent of Clegg claiming that student protesters were too stupid to understand the proposed changes to student fees.  It appears to be Lib Dem strategy.  When the shit hits the fan, blame the voter for being thick, racist or just too working class to understand.

The truth is we understand fucking perfectly just what a vile shower of shit the Lib Dems have become.


Beginning of the end for Lib Dem scum

It wasn’t just Barnsley.

Salford City – Walkden North: Lab 1291, C 209, English Democrats 125, BNP 92, Lib Dem 62. (May 2010 – Lab 2231, C 960, Lib Dem 764, English Democrats 424). Lab hold. Swing 15.9% C to Lab.

Cardiff City – Riverside: Lab 1700, Plaid Cymru 1099, C 369, Green 277, Lib Dem 187. (May 2008 – Three seats Plaid Cymru 1064, 1064, 991, Lab 786, 743, 707, C 295, Lib Dem 280, 250, 235, C 209, 206). Lab gain from Plaid Cymru. Swing 14.7% Plaid Cymru to Lab.

Cambridgeshire County – March North: C 616, Lab 282, Lib Dem 277. (June 2009 – C 985, Lib Dem 538, Lab 242). C hold. Swing 6.8% C to Lab.

Simon Hughes, ‘e’s still a raver!

News comes in from Ian Bone’s blog that Simon Hughes is still partying as hard as ever. Hughes is holding a celebration to commemorate the Lib Dem’s win over Peter Tatchell in the notorious Bermondsey by-election in 1983.

This is when the Lib Dems released a flyer dubbing the election ‘A Straight Choice’ whilst labour activists putting up posters in Tatchell’s support found their windows attacked. Tatchell himself received hate mail, including a live bullet, and was attacked when out in the street.

Tatchell has forgiven Hughes as exclusively revealed on this very blog, however it remains to be seen what he makes of this knees up.

Now out and proud, Hughes will be ‘avin it large with 24 hour party people, the Bermondsey & Old Southwark Liberal Democrats. Tickets are 20 quid off some bloke in Camden Market.

The event will take place at the Harris Academy in Bermondsey which is an all girls school. Given the way we’ve heard Hughes was putting it around in the 90’s that’s probably for the best.

the void played a small part in Hughe’s failed bid to become Lib Dem leader after we were contacted by someone who had the lowdown on Hughe’s nightlife … and it seems the partying ain’t stopping yet.