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2 Arrests for Vegan Curry!

Now we’ve had some dodgy food in squats and social centres in the past but the actions of Brixton plod last Sunday are a touch over the top.

Lambeth based Reclaim Your Food have been distributing free Sunday lunches in Brixton Town Square for several weeks but it seems that the noble boys in blue intend to stamp out this nefarious practice.

Two people were arrested last week when the police declared the distribution of free food to be illegal claiming it attracts HOMELESS people who might use DRUGS! Another spurious justification given by the Met is that it was affecting local businesses ability to trade.

With Mcdonalds and KFC both occupying prime spots in Brixton centre Reclaim Your Food are showing a blatant disregard for the rights of multi-nationals to make a profit. Free trade does not mean Free!

The godless communists have vowed to meet in the square again this Sunday, opposite the Ritzy from 2/3pm.

More pics and info on indymedia

Lambeth Cops Smash Free Food Racket!

Brave Lambeth bobbies smashed a ‘free food’ racket operating yards from Brixton Town Hall. The sinister group who call themselves the “Reclaim Your Food” collective were seen blatantly distributing vegan food and had the gall to not even charge for the so-called health food.

Supermarket chiefs in the area claimed this was unaccpetable, undemocratic and uncapitalist and praised the courage of LX 412 and LX 582 who went beyond the call of duty and possibly legality to shut these dangerous anti-social menaces down.

Firstly they threatened to use Health & Safety legislation, concerned that the ‘evil’ anarchists were attempting to poison the needy in Brixton. After realising that this was, frankly, a load of fucking nonsense, the intrepid pair called for back up and issued a dispersal order citing anti-social behaviour.

One senior officer told us:

“People in Brixton are sick to the back teeth of this kind of thing. First it was crack, then heroin, but we believe free vegan food could be the most dangerous scourge yet to hit the streets of Lambeth.

There is a Mcdonalds and several fast food outlets in Brixton, if this poisonous trade is allowed to continue then they will only have themselves to blame when the supermarkets close and Mcdonalds shut up shop for good. These people sem hell-bent on destroying everything we have achieved in this dangerous part of the country.”

The activists have vowed to be back, possibly in greater numbers. Meet this Sunday, around 2/3 pm in Brixton Town Square to offer support.