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Labour’s Workfare Plus A Sandwich Scheme Could Be The Most Exploitative Forced Work Yet


Ed Miliband pretended he has a real job as he announced his latest forced labour scheme.

Labour’s workfare plus a sandwich scheme is no better than the Tory’s current workfare and is every bit as badly thought out.

Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee takes the worst elements of almost all previous welfare-to-work style schemes and has rolled them all into one giant and hugely expensive fuck up. Possibly hundreds of thousands of people are to be forced to work in part-time temporary jobs with wages pegged at the minimum wage or face their benefits will be stopped.

Many people in these compulsory jobs may find themselves worse off then someone on current Tory workfare schemes.  The jobs will only be for 25 hours a week, meaning those over 21 will receive just £156.70 under current rates.  For the vast majority of claimants, who have rent to pay, this is likely to leave them between £20-30 a week better off than being on the dole.  The problem is that going to work everyday costs money.  In London the cheapest weekly travelcard costs over £30 a week.  Those on workfare at present have travel expenses met by the placement providers or welfare-to-work companies who run the schemes.  If travel expenses are not met for participants on the Jobs Guarantee, then many people will find themselves worse off than those currently on Tory workfare.  If these costs are met then the Jobs Guarantee will cost a lot more than the £5 billion that Ed Balls is claiming.

The problems do not end there.  Since those on the Future Jobs Fund will no longer be classed as unemployed – handily for the Government – they may also lose eligibility for Council Tax Support.  This is Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled scheme which replaced Council Tax Benefit, handing control over to local authorities to help the poorest pay local taxes.  The predictable result has been a postcode lottery and as the Public Accounts Committee today reported, has made many people in work worse off than they would be on benefits.  This will apply to many in Compulsory Jobs, who may no longer be eligible for Council Tax Support due to being officially employed.  This could also cut the incomes of people on the scheme to around the same weekly pittance as those forced to undertake unpaid work by the Tories.

Just like on the New Deal – Tony Blair’s bodged plan to cure youth unemployment –  those in a compulsory job will also face mandatory training for 10 hours a week.  It is unclear how this will work in practice, although a Labour Press Release seems to suggest this will merely mean employers are handed £500 on top of their free workers to provide this training.  It seems likely that people with Compulsory Jobs will find themselves working these ten hours without wages under the guise of it being ‘work experience’.  This will mean participants on the scheme working five hours a week more than those on current workfare.

On the Politics Show yesterday, the Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms, admitted that the cost of the Jobs Guarantee may mean that other previously announced initiatives, such as building more low cost homes, may not be included in the party’s next manifesto.  Labour would rather spend money forcing people to work on poverty pay than in solving the housing crisis – the real reason for the spiralling benefit bill and the cause of huge suffering for both the young and old alike.

It says everything about the modern Forced Labour Party that the best they can come up with is a scheme which sounds mildly better than workfare – but in practice is likely to be more exploitative.  In the worst case scenarios people in Compulsory Jobs will be forced to work longer for less money in their pockets than people currently on workfare.  The sad truth is that this scheme is all spin – a shoddy attempt by Labour to show that they will be tougher on benefits than Iain Duncan Smith.

With brutal benefit sanctions behind this scheme, unemployed people will be plunged into desperate poverty if they refuse a Compulsory Job and face grotesque exploitation if they agree.  The end result will be the undermining of wages and working conditions for all low paid workers as an army of un-unionised and poverty paid forced workers enters the private sector.  This is the true face of the modern Labour Party – as nasty and out of touch as any of the Tories they are so desperate to copy.

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More Poverty, More Homelessness, More Deaths: Labour Set Out A Vision For Workfare Britain

war-on-the-poorThe war on the poor is set to continue if Labour win the general election Rachel Reeves confirmed in her speech on social security policy today.

Pinning the blame for unemployment directly onto unemployed people, Reeves has set out a number of measures to fix those unemployed people with forced work and benefit sanctions.

At the heart of Labour’s policy is the so-called Jobs Guarantee which will see everyone who has been unemployed over two years – or a year for those under 25 – condemned to forced work for paltry sums of money.  In a genuinely nasty move, this work will be pegged at minimum wage and set at a maximum of 25 hours a week, meaning participants will not be eligible for tax credits.

For the vast majority of claimants, who pay rent for where they live, the bulk of any extra money will go straight to landlords due to housing benefit payments being cut as income rises.  For most claimants the Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will merely mean they have enough money to travel to their forced work placement and on a good day afford a cheap lunch.

This workfare plus a sandwich scheme will be backed with tough benefit sanctions, already one of the main drivers of poverty in the UK.  A report published last year by Citizens Advice warned that sanctions had led to people becoming homeless, attempting suicide and being forced to go through bins to find food.  Labour’s workfare programme would only makes these problems worse as over-zealous Jobcentre staff and welfare-to-work crooks seek out ever more ludicrous ways to leave people destitute.  If Labour are elected then we might yet see what happens when the foodbanks run out of food.

As well as 25 hours a week forced work, claimants will have to complete 10 hours a week ‘training’, leaving little time to actually look for a job.  With training increasingly a euphemism for workfare, it remains to be seen what shoddy provision this will entail.  One thing is for sure – it will be done on the cheap and is unlikely to lead to real skills or qualifications.

Around one million people could be forced onto this scheme and it is likely that most will be employed by the public sector or in charities as they were under Labour’s Future Jobs Fund.  That means one million new workers entering the workforce, with wages pegged at minimum wage and no  employment rights.  If people on Labour’s workfare are sacked they don’t just lose their job – which on these terms might be a blessed relief – they lose everything, even entitlement to the pittance of benefits.

Astonishingly Reeves also called for higher wages in her speech today, although there was little indication of how that might be achieved.  Yet it’s hard to imagine a better strategy to force down wages and undermine working conditions for everybody than an army of poverty paid workers who face destitution if they leave, get the sack, or take industrial action.  If the unions tolerate this, then they will only have themselves to blame as their relevance in the public sector vanishes into thin air.

Anyone who thinks that cash strapped local councils will not use claimants facing the Compulsory Jobs Guarantee as a cheap source of tax-payer funded free labour is a fucking idiot.  Ignore what Rachel Reeves says about shrinking wages – her policies are a blueprint for high unemployment and low pay.

What she doesn’t say is equally as important as what she does.  There is no mention of scrapping the despised Work Capability Assessment – and Ed Miliband has already said that these assessments will stay.  There was also no mention of halting massive cuts to Disability Living Allowance, which will see a fifth of disabled people losing vital benefits.  Ominously Reeves talks of ‘better targeted support’ for single parents and disabled people to enter the workplace to combat what she repeatedly calls ‘worklessness’.  Anyone who thinks we can trust the Labour Party to end the demonisation and harassment of sick or disabled claimants – which they started whilst in Government –  is also a fucking idiot.

As Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms bring back poverty not seen in generations, the answer from the Labour Party is more of the same.  Despite a spate of reports of suicides linked to welfare reforms over Christmas, they are every bit as committed to driving the poor into the ground as the Tories they are so desperate to copy.

It is hardly surprising that an Oxbridge clown like Reeves, with her background in the banking sector, is so clueless about what people with nothing really need, which by the way is more money.  She’s probably never done a real day’s work in her life, let alone had to survive on benefits.  But that won’t stop her condemning people to lives of utter misery by blaming them for the poverty caused by capitalism.  There will be more tragic deaths linked to the erosion of the welfare state if Labour are elected next year.  And if Rachel Reeves still has her job, then she will have just as much blood on her hands as Iain Duncan Smith.

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More Workfare, More Sanctions, Labour Think Tank Proposals Are Just The Same Old Deal

emma-harrison-a4eToday’s report by think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (@IPPR)  offers a chilling glimpse of what life might be like for young people under a Labour government.

The paper titled ‘No More NEETs’ has been widely reported in the press as a Labour plan to strip benefits completely from those under 25.  This will suit Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves who has already promised to be tougher on welfare than Iain Duncan Smith if Labour are elected.  The truth is that this is a paper from a toff dominated think-tank, which may yet manifest as Labour policy, but so far remains the rantings of a few out of touch idiots.

Most of the proposals are little different from those which have failed so miserably over the last fifteen years, since the obsession with hounding young people into unpaid work under the guise of fake training began.  The main thrust of the report is that benefits for those under 25 are “conditional on participation in further and vocational education or intensive job search”.  This is the same kind of crap that the IPPR came out with over fifteen years ago and which was used to justify Tony Blair’s New Deal in the late 1990s.

The New Deal was Labour’s flagship programme to end youth unemployment forever by forcing young people into some form of work or training under threat of benefits being stopped.  The reality of the scheme was the emergence of the monstrous welfare-to-work scam.  Companies like A4e trousered billions whilst young, unemployed people were sent on workfare or warehoused for 30 hours a week undertaking sub-standard or often non-existent training.  Those who escaped this fate were forced into Subsidised Employment, which meant six months forced work on poverty pay.

The IPPR’s current plans are little different, with unpaid workfare based on the current Government’s Traineeships for some, and a Jobs Guarantee or some form of poverty-paid traineeship for the rest.  Welfare-to-work providers will be at the heart of the scheme, sending young people to carry out six months forced work (or so-called training) at minimum wage, before they are dumped back on benefits to make way for the next tax payer subsidised free worker.  And when these magical measures don’t work – which they won’t,  evidence shows that Government work experience schemes do little to improve people’s chances of finding a job – then young people will be given an “intensive, diagnostic review with their personal adviser”.

After that doesn’t work it will back to the same old ‘participation in learning or work preparation activities’, ‘intensive jobsearch’ and ‘work trials’ that are already inflicted on unemployed people of all ages.

The New Deal for Young People cost billions and largely collapsed as not enough work placements could be found whilst welfare-to-work parasites delivered little of the training they promised.  Just like the current Government’s dismal Work Programme, it barely made a dent in the number of people out of work.  More importantly, the failure of the New Deal showed quite clearly that you can’t fix unemployment by fixing unemployed people, a lesson which has sadly still not been learned by politicians today.  There is nothing in this report that hasn’t already failed countless times to bring down the number of young people out of work.

Unfortunately the IPPR do not stop there and this is where things stray into callous fantasies which would make even Iain Duncan Smith blush.  The regime the IPPR describe will not just be aimed at young people currently on Jobseekers Allowance – which will be renamed a Youth Allowance.  Young, single parents with children over the age of one along with sick and disabled claimants under 25 and currently on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) will be subject to similar conditions.

The report glibly ignores the fact that people on ESA have been judged by not just their own doctors but even the horrific Atos assessors as being currently unable to work due to sickness or disability.  Tough shit think the ‘progressive’ IPPR – the pittance extra that these claimants receive will be slashed, leaving those unable to work due to illness forced to try and survive on just few pounds a day.  Only those in the Support Group, people with the most serious conditions, will receive any extra in benefits – although the report warns that for even some of this group that may be ‘conditional’.

Single parents with children over the age on 1 will also be expected to take part in ‘back-to-work support’.   If they are unable to do so or refuse they will lose not just their own Income Support, but also Child Tax Credits and possibly even Housing Benefits. The risk of hungry and homeless toddlers is apparently worth it if it means struggling single parents are lectured at about their CV for a few hours a week.

Many young people will no longer qualify for help with housing costs at all with an assumption that everyone can stay at home until they are at least 21.  Whilst the think-tank say there will be exceptions, such as those who are “unintentionally homeless or estranged from their parents” this will depend on an “assessment of whether they could be housed – or be supported to be housed – by their parents.”

Perhaps more than anything else these proposals show just how out of touch the clowns at the IPPR really are.  Will young people fleeing abuse really have to wait around for a DWP assessment to decide if that abuse is serious enough for them to leave home?  Has it not occurred to the IPPR how this might be used by exploitative adults to trap children at home?  Do they really imagine that this kind of assessment is workable in practice in cases of family breakdown when parents and children may not even be on speaking terms?  Has anyone at this think-tank ever even met anyone who has had to leave home at a young age for any reason other than to go to University?

The answer is clearly not likely and none of these new conditions will apply to under-graduates who will continue to be maintained by the loans system.  For those parents whose kids don’t go to university however this report carries a very real sting in the tail.  The newly-named benefit for unemployed young people will be means tested, based on their parents income.  In a policy precision targeted at the so-called squeezed middle, more affluent parents will be financially responsible for their children until they are 22.  And that’s how you lose an election.  By listening to unaccountable think-tank knobheads who think that crazy schemes they scribbled down on the back of a Starbucks napkin can fix the structural problems of poverty and unemployment.

Whether Labour do listen to the IPPR remains to be seen.  The fact that they haven’t spent the day pointing and laughing at these ludicrous proposals is telling.  There has been a denial that Labour will stop benefits for under 25s but the report doesn’t actually call for that. Labour have already announced a mandatory six month minimum wage ‘Jobs Guarantee’ for the young which is little more than workfare and will involve 10 hours a week unpaid ‘training’.

One thing is clear – the modern Labour Party are no friends of the poor.  Workfare, benefit sanctions and new attacks on both sick or disabled claimants and lone parents are likely to be at the heart of any future Labour Government.  The war on the poor will not end if the Tories lose the next election.

The report can be read at: http://www.ippr.org/images/media/files/publication/2013/11/no-more-neets_Nov2013_11516.pdf

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The Official Whitewash Into Benefit Sanctions Begins: This Is Why Labour Sold Out The Poor

sanction-sabsChinless clown Matthew Oakley has issued a call for evidence for the so-called independent review into the use of benefit sanctions.

Predictably this review will not look into whether sanctions are being misused, the impact of sanctions or whether targets are really being set for Jobcentre staff to sanction benefit claims.  Instead the review will merely examine whether the information presented to claimants about sanctions is easily understandable.

The recent huge increase in the use of sanctions will not be considered and neither will the suffering that these brutal measures inflict.  Citizens Advice recently warned that sanctions were driving some claimants to beg in the streets, go through bins to find food and even attempt suicide.  Homelessness charities have said that benefit sanctions are causing people lose their homes and end up on the streets.  This desperate poverty will be outside of the scope of Oakley’s report, as will any discussion into whether sanctions really ‘incentivise’ people to find work or whether they just drive people into the ground.

Matthew Oakley claims to be an expert on welfare but is actually just a wanker.  His only expertise comes from his time in the right ring Policy Exchange think-tank where he wrote a string of swivel-eyed proposals calling for more benefit sanctions.  Prior to this he worked in a government non-job where he helped to design the farce that became known as Universal Credit.  Now he is being given yet more tax payers cash to do little more than look over a few letters.

This review was called for by Labour – the party that introduced mass sanctioning of benefit claims.  This was their scabby justification for helping Iain Duncan Smith rush back-dated legislation through Parliament to deny compensation to tens of thousands of unemployed people who had been illegally sanctioned.  This is why they “took difficult decisions on the Jobseekers’ Bill to secure an independent review of sanctions”  Liam Byrne claimed at the time.

Labour helped the DWP deny compensation legally due due to some of the poorest people in the country.  And all so some posh little prick like Oakley could make a few quid on the side writing a report that will not even come close to addressing the problems with benefit sanctions.  Remember that.

At the very least we should try make sure Oakley has to do some work for  a change.  Evidence on the use of sanctions can be sent to: sanctions.review2013@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Oakley has also said he would like to meet some claimants who have had benefit sanctioned.  Just drop him an email or contact him on twitter  @MJ_Oakley

Oakley has now left the Policy Exchange and is now working in a new non-job at consumer organisation WHICH.  You can give him a call at work on: 020 7770 7000

For more details of the review visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/jobseekers-allowance-sanctions-independent-review

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions beginning on December 3rd and please sign, share and tweet the petition to scrap all benefit sanctions without exceptions.

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The Miliband McCluskey Love In And Why It Matters

mcclusky-tweet2There has been some mild criticism of the piece posted earlier this week addressing Unite boss Len McCluskey’s recent support of Ed Miliband’s ‘worklessness’ diatribe.

It may be uncomfortable for those who are involved in Unite’s Community Union – the section of the union recently formed for claimants – to find their organisation on the wrong side of the sanctions and benefit reform debate.  But they are and there should be no squeamishness about pointing it out.

At the end of Len’s McCluskey’s recent statement endorsing Miliband’s benefit bashing speech he is quite clear in his support for Labour’s Jobs Guarantee workfare scheme calling it a ‘good start’.

In case there is any doubt about whether this means Unite support benefit sanctions then this is what McCluskey is praising: “a compulsory jobs guarantee, young people will have an obligation to take a job after a year or lose their benefits”.

Of course this won’t be a real job, but a temporary six month placement funded by the tax payer and pegged at the minimum wage – despite Miliband’s so called support for the living wage for everyone else.  It is unclear whether they will even be paid in full for their work, with Labour only offering 25 hours wages and insisting companies provide an additional ten hours ‘training’.  If young people refuse, or are unable to take these jobs, they will be sanctioned.  These jobs are workfare, backed with benefit sanctions and sadly this is what McCluskey has pledged Unite can ‘help bring to life’.

Miliband also voiced his support for the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) along with the upcoming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments.  The only purpose to these assessments is to slash benefits and Miliband calls them the ‘right thing to do’.  Just as importantly Miliband didn’t even mention the bedroom tax.  Over half a million of the UK’s poorest people are set to lose their homes or be plunged into debt and poverty, and this wasn’t even worthy of a mention in Miliband’s keynote speech on welfare reform.

And neither was it worth a mention in McCluskey’s gushing response and it is this that damns him.  What Miliband’s speech represents is an all too familiar strategy from the neo-liberal Labour Party.  It is an attempt to anchor the debate on welfare reform away from the demands of claimants and instead offer a pointless choice between Tory or Labour benefit cuts.

To Miliband, the debate on the bedroom tax, the WCA, PIP and other benefit changes is over.  There is to be no discussion about repealing these measures, merely a weak demand that they should be a bit nicer.  Perhaps there might even be a couple less suicides, or not quite so many people will be driven from their homes.  And with Labour’s track record on benefits, they shouldn’t even be trusted to achieve that.

McCluskey and Unite represent, in the popular debate at least. the left, or even far left, of Labour.  For Unite to back Miliband’s statement and ignore his shameful support for Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms means a a job well done for the Labour Party.  It drags the entire conversation away from the current demands of claimants and turns it into a petty neo-liberal squabble about how to fix unemployment by fixing unemployed people.  Whether knowingly or not, McCluskey is playing his part in an attempt to shut down the voices of those who want, and need, the bedroom tax, the WCA, PIP, the benefit cap and workfare scrapped, immediately.

Unite have talked a good game on social security up until this point, even setting up a branch of the union specifically for those on benefits.  This means it is McClusky’s job to represent the interests of benefit claimants.  If they are not prepared to do this then they shouldn’t have bothered wasting everyone’s time and money.  Miliband’s speech outraged most claimants and showed that if Labour are elected then we will need to fight them every bit as hard as we are fighting the current slime.

The head of a union which represents claimants should have been ferocious in condemning Miliband’s speech.  Instead they did quite the opposite, openly supporting workfare, and ignoring everything else. There was no ‘hope’ for claimants in this speech as McCluskey claimed.   If Unite Community Union’s only response to an open attack on claimants  is to call it a good start, then the question needs to be asked, what is the point of the Unite Community Union?

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Ed Miliband Fuck Off

miliband-cameronSo the chinless Adrian Mole clone in charge of the Labour Party has shown his true colours by launching a tirade against ‘worklessness’ and single parents whilst cheer-leading the murderous Work Capability Assessment.

Ed Miliband’s speech today reveals the modern Labour Party’s utter contempt for those who are poor in this country, as he tried to outdo Iain Duncan Smith with a string of vile slurs aimed at those with least.  Even his language is the same with his nasty insinuations that those out of work are idle and that idleness can be passed along through generations.  And anyone who uses the word worklessness, when they mean unemployment, is a cunt.

There was a time when the leader of the Labour Party might have been brave enough to challenge Daily Mail myths about welfare, but not Ed Miliband.  Today shows he’s just as happy to play the swivel-eyed fool as the worst of the Tory Party.

Some might have thought that a so called socialist (stop laughing) might have shown some anger at the tens of thousands of people about to be driven from their homes due to the bedroom tax, benefit cap and other changes to social security.

But not Ed Miliband, after all, he knows nothing of the lives of those he seeks to condemn.  Why would he with his Primrose Hill schooling, Oxbridge education and then a series of lucrative non-jobs before he stitched up his brother to take the Labour Party leadership.

Ed Miliband has never done a real day’s work in his pampered life.  You can hardly expect him to understand the suffering that has been brought to the lives of those with nothing, not even their health, due to the Work Capability Assessment.  An assessment process which has led to countless deaths and which the Labour Government introduced.  And an assessment process that Ed Miliband today praised to the high heavens.

Meanwhile his big idea on Tax Credits is to pay the money to businesses instead, whilst single parents with young children are to be hounded with pointless compulsory appointments at the Jobcentre – no doubt under the threat of having their benefits sanctioned if they refuse.  Hungry children mean nothing to Ed if he thinks there might be a vote in it.

And his other big idea, the Compulsory Jobs Guarantee – which he pretends will cure unemployment – is nothing more than a fraud. These so called jobs are not intended to be a job for life, but a six month period of enforced work on poverty wages before claimants are slung back on benefits.  No new jobs will be created by the scheme as employers lay off staff to replace them with tax payer funded workers.  In fact this Government is already handing a fortune to businesses in this way through the Wage Incentive programme.  This scheme has already been thoroughly rinsed by the private sector looking to hire temporary staff on the cheap before laying them off when they actually have to pay them proper wages.

Miliband’s speech today shows he is quite happy to further the myth that unemployment is caused by unemployed people, an idea which feeds off nasty, class-based bigotry and has no bearing in reality.  He even goes as far as telling the bare-faced lie that “among the biggest drivers of social security spending are the costs of unemployment”.

In fact spending on Jobseekers Allowance costs around 2% of the entire social security budget.  Even if you add Housing Benefit for those who are unemployed into the mix then spending reaches probably little more than 5% of the total cost of welfare.   The bulk of spending goes on Child Benefits, Child and Working Tax Credits and pensions.  But then these are benefits claimed by lots of people.  Far better in Miliband’s eyes to stigmatise the unemployed then stand up and admit the truth about the welfare budget.

Unemployment is a structural consequence of capitalism as Ed Miliband – with his Marxist Dad, who must be spinning in his grave – knows only too well.  To be more charitable than Iain Duncan Smith deserves, at least the Secretary of State is quite stupid and does seem to believe his own bullshit.

The treacherous piece of shit Miliband has no such excuse.  He knows he’s talking bollocks and that all his policies will do is further stigmatise and in many cases destroy the lives of sick, disabled or unemployed people.

But the squirming little scab doesn’t care as long as he gets a chance to be Prime Minister one day.  This is all we can expect from the new breed of Labour politicians.  No heart, no soul, no principles, just naked and ruthless ambition.  And if they leave a trail of bodies on the way then that is just collateral damage in their quest for power.

And Liam Byrne can fuck off as well.

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Liam Byrne Fuck Off

liam-byrneOf all the rancid scabs and class traitors that infest the modern Labour Party, grinning idiot Liam Byrne is the worst.

His latest calls for a ‘tough’ welfare system in the wake of rising unemployment just reveals what this Iain Duncan Smith pretender thinks about those condemned to benefits.  More people are unemployed, so those people need to be treated toughly according to Byrne and punished with forced work and benefit sanctions.

Byrne loves workfare, not because he think it will help people get jobs – he knows it won’t – but because it makes him feel like a bit of a hard man, a sort of Daily Mail reading Mitchell brother, in touch with the common man.  In truth he’s far more Ian Beale, a squirming little sell out who gets his only shallow kicks from hurting those who can’t fight back.

Byrne doesn’t just pay lip service to the scroungers narrative, it is at the heart of everything he says as shadow Work and Pensions Secretary.  He believes, or wants us to believe, that unemployment is caused by unemployed people.  He’s convinced himself, or wants to convince us, that hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled claimants are faking their conditions. His contempt may be tempered for the cameras and those in the Labour Party who pretend to be left wing, but just like his Tory counterparts he blames people with nothing for a fucked economy and lack of jobs.

That’s why Labour haven’t apologised for the brutal Atos regime they created.  It’s why they didn’t vote against Iain Duncan Smith re-writing history to steal compensation payments legally due to those forced to work for free.  And it’s why they are plan to introduce yet more workfare should they ever get a sniff of government again.

The Labour Party was never enough and it is less than nothing now.  And they know it.  Liam Byrne’s only answer to the most savage attack on working class people in generations has been to snottily plead just how much nastier he could be to those he considers beneath him.

Any pretend support for claimants from Labour has been nothing more than lies and exploitation, making political capital out of the suffering of those they too intend to attack.  Their grotesque attempt to hijack the struggle over the Bedroom Tax, whilst planning a similar policy of their own, shows just how low they will stoop.

The Labour Party are the enemy of every person in this country who is poor, disabled, unemployed or on a low income and depends on some benefits to survive.  Liam Byrne is proof of that.  Whilst he remains they should mean nothing at all to those struggling against this Government’s destruction of the welfare state.

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