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Housing Minister Encourages Landlords To Breach Discrimination Laws

no-dssThe invisible Housing Minister Kris Hopkins has said it is “perfectly legitimate” for landlords to refuse to rent to people on Housing Benefits despite serious doubts about the legality of this practice.

Hopkins was being interviewed by Panorama, who this week revealed that the number of people who have become homeless due to a private tenancy coming to an end has trebled over the last five years.  The investigation featured buy-to-let scum Fergus Wilson who earlier in the year announced he planned to evict all of his 200 Housing Benefit tenants due to concerns about rent arrears related to welfare reforms.  This is just fine according to skiving Housing Minister Hopkins who said:  “If they actually decide they don’t want to have somebody on housing benefit in the future, that’s a perfectly legitimate thing for them to do.”

The problem is that it almost certainly isn’t under the Equalities Act – not that anyone seems to care.  As the Legal Director of Human Rights group Liberty explains here, if it can be shown that disabled people are more likely to be on benefits than non-disabled people then the policy of ‘No DSS’ is almost certainly illegal.

For those on out of work benefits due to sickness or disability then this becomes easily proven.  It is hopefully only a matter of time before someone claiming Employment Support Allowance brings a case against a landlord for this form of economic and disablist discrimination.  The landlord’s defence is likely to point out that the government’s Housing Minister said this practice was just fine.  Hopkins was once called Parliament’s ‘nastiest slimiest MP’ by one of his former colleagues.  If this is the sort of shit he comes out with when he can actually be arsed to show up for work then the cunt should stay in bed.

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Is Parliament’s Slimiest, Nastiest MP Now In Charge of Housing?

Just one of David Cameron's houses

Just one of David Cameron’s houses

In an move which will appall all those struggling to find a place to live, Cameron appears to have scrapped the role of Housing Minister in yesterday’s reshuffle.

Whilst there has been no formal announcement yet from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Mark Prisk was sacked from the job yesterday and has not yet been replaced.  This is despite the looming housing crisis with housebuilding at record low levels and every measure of homelessness rising.  Editor of Conservative Home, Paul Goodman, last night claimed that non-entity Kris Hopkins will have responsibility for housing.  Hopkins was promoted to Parliamentary Under Secretary at the DCLG yesterday, but that is a less senior role than the Minister of State he replaced.

In an astonishing turn of events Inside Housing are reporting that one of Hopkin’s colleagues, Nadine Dorries, said on twitter last night: “Very sad to see Kris Hopkins promoted. One of parliaments slimiest, nastiest MPs. Really. Awful. Decision.”

Hopkins was elected MP for Keighley in 2010 and his most prominent moment so far has been his claim in Parliament that “gangs of Muslim men were going around raping white kids” – which is the kind of thing likely to get you promoted in a Tory Party that’s desperately trying to save it’s skin by lurching to the right.

According to Inside Housing, it is still not fully clear who will take responsibility for housing with a spokesperson for the DCLG admitting they they hadn’t yet worked out who was doing what yet and people should ‘watch this space’.

Whether the Housing Minister’s role has been scrapped completely, or handed to an inexperienced shambles like Hopkins, it is clear the Prime Minister no longer thinks that housing is a priority .  Why would he, he has at least four homes.  Worrying about where to live is such a low priority for David Cameron that in 2009 he even managed to forget how many houses he and his wife own.

He now seems to have forgotten  – or just doesn’t care – that for many people in the UK, even renting just one home is fast becoming something they can’t afford.

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