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Blockade the Bailiffs – Take On The Sewer Rats Set To Profit From Welfare Reform

bailiff-scumOver the next few months hundreds of thousands of people face losing their homes due to the Bedroom Tax whilst others will be driven into debts they can never pay by the endless tsunami of cuts to benefits.

Already some companies are salivating at the prospect of dragging families from their homes and stealing the few remaining possessions of those with least. Little more than a privatised police force to protect the profits of bankers and landlords, bailiffs will be just one of the many sectors getting rich on the back of the brutal and shambolic welfare reforms.

In the North West of England, Jacobs Bailiffs, one of the largest firms in the area, are chomping at the bit to get started.  A post on their website details how they have been actively promoting their vile services to make every last penny they can from the misery to come.  Whilst exhibiting at a trade show for local authorities recently, Jacobs Bailiffs boasted that “with Welfare Reforms taking effect from 1st April the Jacobs team can talk you through our recovery strategies for maximising collections.”

A communications blockade against the company has been called for this Monday (29th April) in what will hopefully be the first of many attempts to hold these scum to account for their actions.

For more details join the facebook page or visit: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2013/04/508885.html

Please spread the word.

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