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Join The Week of Action Against The G8: Please Spread The Word!

J11Please share, blog and tweet all events and let’s make sure everyone knows this is happening by the end of the weekend.  Don’t let the austerity profiteers and war mongers at the G8 meeting go unopposed!

The week of action against the G8 begins tomorrow with the opening of a convergence centre in Central London with facilities to sleep and feed up to 1000 people.

The space will hold a variety of workshops and activities throughout the week.  An infopoint for the week of action will also be open daily from 11am between 8-15th June at Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street.

The action begins on the streets on Tuesday June 11th with the long awaited Carnival Against Capitalism in London’s West End.  Two meeting points have been announced, get to Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus – from noon.  A map has also been produced showing a suggested list of targets for the protest.

A street party at an undisclosed location will end the day at 5.30pm.  For the latest updates join (and share) the facebook page, follow @stopg8uk on twitter or visit the website which contains listings of all the week’s events: https://network23.org/stopg8/

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Then on Wednesday 12th June an anti-militarist action will take place, also in the West End with protesters meeting at 2pm – for more info visit: http://www.dsei.org/call-for-an-anti-militarist-action-against-the-g8-on-june-12th

On Thursday a solidarity action is planned in support of prisoners both within the criminal justice system and migrants in detention centres – full details are yet to be announced, keep an eye on the website.

The week rounds off with a day of creative direct action at Canary Wharf on Friday 14th June where UK Uncut, Occupy and more will be teaming up in the heart of the docklands financial district. Meet at Jubilee Plaza outside the west exit of Canary Wharf tube station for 12.30pm sharp. Join the facebook page for the latest details or check the website at: http://theyoweus.org.uk/

And to get everyone in the mood here’s a video of the Carnival Against Capitalism held on June 18th, 1999, spotted via urban75:

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Stop The G8 – Join The Carnival Against Capitalism On June 11th

stopg8On the 17-18th June the G8 summit will be taking place in Northern Ireland.  The architects of the neo-liberal policies currently destroying lives not just in the UK, but across the globe, will be meeting to plot yet more attacks on working class people everywhere.

The eyes of the world will be on the UK.  Instead of waiting for the next passive TUC organised march this is the perfect time for all those opposed to cuts, austerity and this toff Government to organise and get out on the streets.

Due to the inaccessible location of the G8 meeting, a week of action has been called in London in the run up to the summit including a Carnival Against Capitalism in the West End on June 11th.  A mass demonstration has also been called in Dublin on June 18th.

Planning meetings and discussions are taking place in the run up to the summit with Liverpool (tomorrow), Nottingham and Brighton holding events over the next couple of weeks (feel free to leave details of any more in the comments).

The Stop the G8 facebook page is at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Resist-the-2013-UK-G8-Summit/380692651991802

Follow @stopg8uk on twitter and use the hashtag #j11

Latest details on the Carnival Against Capitalism are reproduced below from: https://network23.org/stopg8/

Please share, tweet, blog and help promote all details of all events and let’s make this one count.

11 June 2013. #J11.
One Common Struggle.
Carnival Against Capitalism.

Their London?

London is right at the heart of global capitalism. And the West End of London, including elite areas like Piccadilly, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, is where power and greed are most concentrated. The West End is home to:

* Corporations. Many of the world’s most brutal and polluting companies,  including oil and mining giants, arms dealers, and the businesses profiting from cuts and privatisation.
* Vulture funds. Global base of the “hedge fund” and “private equity” industries, laundering the world’s blood money to invest in war, food speculation and debt slavery.
* Tyrants. Government offices, embassies, cultural and commercial fronts of  colonial powers and murderous regimes.
* Playground of the mega-rich. Middle Eastern dictators, Russian mafia oligarchs, and home-grown parasites all see London as a “safe” place to hide and spend their loot.

Our Carnival.

Traditionally, carnival is the time where the people take over the streets, the bosses run and hide, and the world gets turned upside down. It is a time to celebrate our resistance and our dreams, to bring music and colour to the streets. And also to show our strength and our anger.

The powerful feel safe in London so long as they go unchallenged. But the people looting our planet have names and addresses. On #J11 we will party in the streets, point out the hiding places of power, and take back the heart of our city for a day. Our streets. Our world.

Join us.

Like any good carnival, everyone’s invited: this will be an open, inclusive, and lively event. There will be a main route with sound systems and public meeting points. Bring music, costumes, banners, friends, ideas. We also encourage independent actions, and will publish soon a detailed map of the area to help you make your own plans. The Green and Black Cross group will provide experienced medical and legal support.

Click here to download the PDF of the Week of Action flyer (front)

Click here to download the PDF of the Week of Action flyer (back)

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