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Mark Homophoban – The Most Homophobic Minister in 15 Years

David Cameron has made much of his support for gay rights in an attempt to ditch the blustering old bigot image which had dogged the Tory Party under Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard.

Even after he wasn’t elected, Cameron promised to introduce same sex marriage in an effort to show the Tory Party’s commitment to equality.  When William Hague was caught bunking up with his foxy younger male assistant Cameron brushed the matter aside, keen to show just how much the Tories had changed.

The promotion of Mark Hoban to Employment Minister shows that the mask has slipped and the nasty party are emerging from under their stones once more.  Hoban joins Ministry of Defence goons, Andrew Robatham and Mark Francois, as three of the most homophobic politicians to serve in ministerial positions for over 15 years.

The Public Whip website reveals that Hoban has voted against every piece of gay rights legislation since becoming an MP in 2001.  Hoban voted against scrapping the notorious Clause 28 – the nasty little policy introduced under Thatcher which banned schools and local authorities from displaying ‘acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship’.

Hoban voted against Civil Partnerships  and is opposed to gay and lesbian couples having equal adoption rights.  Whilst his boss, and devout Catholic Iain Duncan Smith has recently signalled his support for gay marriage – presumably having decided that God got it wrong – Mark Hoban has remained silent on the issue.

As recently as 2007, Mark Hoban voted against LGBT people being given protection from discrimination under the Equalities Act.  In the same year he also voted against gay women being permitted fertility treatment.

Hoban, who has no children, has never spoken about his quiet contempt for those in same sex relationships.  But his voting record speaks for itself.  Hoban is opposed to equal rights for LGBT people, and believes that it should be illegal to portray same sex relationships as acceptable.

Mark Homophoban is far from alone in the Tory Party, who never really changed in their desire to drag the UK back into the Victorian era.  But he is the only Minister with a responsibility for millions of young, and often vulnerable people on benefits.  With Housing Benefits cuts expected for the young – meaning people who face abuse at home will be unable to flee – it seems young people can no longer except the welfare state to be a safe refuge from homophobia and prejudice.

Blogging may be light until next week.


Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Gets Job Dictating Drug Policy!

Mad bastard and member of the Maranatha Christian cult, Dr Hans-Christian Raabe has been given a job on the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs according to the Guardian.

We’d already pointed out that clever people were not welcome in this Government and this radical new direction shows that neither science nor reason has any place in the chinless attempt to destroy the United Kingdom.

Dr Hans is one of the weirdo Christians who hung around the likes of Debra Bell from the infamous and largely defunct Talking About Cannabis and the decrepit and almost dead scientology lovin’ freaks of the National Drug Prevention Alliance.

As well as hating tokers Dr Hans really hates the gays.  In his role as medical co-ordinator of the Council for Health and Wholeness (CHW), a Christian loon front, he has written briefings on the ‘risks’ of a homosexual lifestyle for the Government with such choice garbage as:

“The media and the gay movement portray the homosexual lifestyle as happy, healthy and fulfilled. However, the homosexual lifestyle is associated with a large number of very serious physical and emotional health consequences.”

I”A high proportion of homosexual men engage in a destructive lifestyle, for example contracting HIV/Aids or other STIs, and develop addictions to drugs or alcohol. There is a higher burden of depression, [and] attempted or completed suicide among the ‘gay population’.”

“While the majority of homosexuals are not involved in paedophilia, it is of grave concern that there is a disproportionately greater number of homosexuals among paedophiles and an overlap between the gay movement and the movement to make paedophilia acceptable.”

With nasty old homophobe Theresa May as Equalities Minister and gay hating nutters being invited onto scientific advisory boards once again the tories reveal their true colours as a tired bunch of out of touch bigots intent on dragging the country back into the dark ages.

Gays needn’t worry however because Dr Hans and his cult can cure you.

UPDATE 28/01/12:  Dr Hans-Christian Raabe: Homophobic Scum Tries to Win Back Job Dictating Drug Policy