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Emma Harrison Mauled Over Work Programme Disaster

Emma Harrison, former head of poverty pimps A4e, was mauled on Channel 4 News this week after figures were released suggesting less than 4% of people have found work after being sentenced to the Work Programme with the company.

The Work Programme is Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship scheme aimed at bullying long term unemployed people into low paid work or workfare.

Claimants on the Work Programme can be forced to undertake any activity that private sector spivs like Emma Harrison decide will help them find work.  Brutal benefit sanction, which can lead to extreme poverty and even homelessness, are inflicted on those who do not comply.  Despite this unprecedented power over people’s lives being handed to the likes of A4e and G4S, all the evidence suggests that the Work Programme is a dismal failure.

Emma Harrison, who is still the largest share holder of the fraud ridden welfare to work firm – despite resigning last year after repeated fraud scandals – claimed that Channel 4’s figures were wrong.  Despite this denial, she refused to offer any alternative numbers and complained she was being bullied – a mealy mouthed claim given that allegations of A4e bullying benefit claimants are rife.

The Government have steadfastly refused to provide any performance figures for the Work Programme, despite repeatedly hailing it a huge success.  Figures promised last Spring were postponed to November and it now appears the DWP may be trying to push back the date even further.  The DWP statistical release calendar suggests only the numbers of people who have started on the Work Programme will be released next month – not the number of those who have actually found work.  Channel 4’s Factcheck blog states that the release date for performance figures is now ‘not confirmed’.

Long term unemployment has risen month on month throughout the alleged fall in overall unemployment.  Despite this A4e’s figures, if true, represent a new low for the welfare to work sector which has already squandered almost billion pounds of tax payers cash on the Work Programme.

The DWP have previously published what they claimed were preliminary figures on the scheme which showed that 24% of early participants left benefits for at least 13 weeks during the programme.  This derisory figure does not necessarily mean that people got jobs.  Many participants will have retired, started full time education or training, or moved onto another benefit due to pregnancy or illness.

Curiously the Channel 4 factcheckers appear to have bought DWP spin that only around 5% of people would be expected to find work without any help from the Work Programme.  The true figures, as this report from the National Audit Office shows (PDF), is 28% as Channel 4’s Factcheck has previously reported.

The Government made wild claims that 35% of people on the Work Programme would find work due to the wonders of the payment by results system.  In truth all welfare to work contracts have had an element of payment by results ever since the introduction of Tony Blair’s New Deal in 1997.

With the performance figures for the Work Programme so bad that the Government is terrified to even tell us what they are, payment by results seems to mean that we pay whilst the DWP hushes up the results.

You can watch Emma squirm at: http://www.channel4.com/news/catch-up/display/playlistref/241012

Farewell Emma – Fuck Off A4e

A boisterous and well attended Farewell Emma party was held today outside workfare company A4e in Brixton today.  Party goers were celebrating the departure of former Chief Executive Emma Harrison who recently abandoned the company to spend more time with her money.

A4e are one of the largest providers of the Government’s Workfare schemes under which unemployed people have been forced to work in supermarkets and High Street Stores for no pay. The company is also notorious for providing shoddy training courses, bullying benefit claimants and more recently has been mired in fraud allegations.  Recently they were stripped of the contract to provide Mandatory Work Activity schemes in the South East, whilst several members of the company have been arrested after allegedly cooking the books to claim yet more millions from the tax payer.

Those attending the party enjoyed food, music and a warm reception on the busy Brixton High Street which was adorned with bunting and banners condemning the shoddy company.  Many people stopped to talk, have a piece of cake and tell us of their own unpleasant experiences at the hands of A4e.  The doors of the company bore a sign indicating they were closed for the day unless people had prior appointments.

The party was organised by Boycott Workfare, with members of South London Solidarity Federation, UNITE and the SWP also in attendance.

Farewell Emma, Farewell A4e – Come to the Goodbye Party!

12pm Thursday, May 17, 2012
Brixton A4e, Brixton High Road (by the Railway Bridge)

Boycott Workfare have called a farewell party for Emma Harrison who recently scarpered from her fraud ridden training company A4e.  After pocketing a dividend worth almost £10 million, Emma left the company after stories emerged of police investigations surrounding the firm.  Emma hasn’t been seen since and is believed to be mansion hunting in any country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK.

A4e are one of the UK’s biggest workfare companies, paid billions of pounds to bully people into unpaid labour for supermarkets, charities and high street shops.  Due to recent protests aimed at workfare the Government has temporarily removed sanctions from most of the workfare schemes.    Compulsory workfare was at the heart of the Government’s £5 billion Work Programme.  So far the Government are refusing to provide figures detailing whether anyone has actually got a job on the Work Programme.

It is known if people who refuse to go on workfare are now being forced to go on one of the few remaining forced labour schemes instead.  It is also not known if, or when, workfare – a key part of the Government’s flawed strategy to reduce unemployment by creating an army of free labour – will be back.  Voluntary workfare still exists and remains a tool for millionaire bosses to undermine everybody’s pay and working conditions.  The fight against workfare continues.

Join Boycott Workfare from noon this Thursday May 17th, outside Brixton A4e, to say goodbye, or good riddance, to Emma Harrison.

Boycott Workfare will be holding a farewell party outside Brixton A4e with balloons, music, cake, fizzy pop, and party hats. The party will allow us to raise awareness about the fraudulent practices and bullying that these ‘welfare to work’ providers engage in and to discuss with claimants their rights. This latter act is particularly important and effective. Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty recently won a victory over A4e after claimants spoke out and organised against A4e. They are now allowed to be accompanied into A4e with their own representative.

“Join us outside Brixton A4e on Thursday 17th May at 12pm where we will party and leaflet for welfare rights. Brixton A4e is close to where the railway bridge crosses the high street.

“After the party we will take a stroll along the high street in an information gathering exercise to find out who is in and who is out of the workfare schemes. We suspect that there may be many high street stores taking workfare who have managed so far to keep it secret.”

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/303240683090900/


A4e Lie and Blame Bloggers to Cover Up Info Leak

After inadvertently publishing their own dismal performance figures against the wishes of the DWP recently, beleaguered poverty pimps A4e have resorted to lying about how bloggers came to access the material.

Never shy to threaten legal action themselves, A4e are quite happy to libel bloggers by accusing them of hacking their website when it actual fact the information was all there on google in plain sight.

Ipswich Unemployed Action were the first to spot the documents on mya4e.com which included early Work Programme performance tables.  The Government have so far refused to publish any details of how many people have actually found work through Work Programme, a workfare based scheme which could cost up to £5 billion pounds of tax payers cash.  From the documents released by bungling A4e it appears to be failing dismally, with fewer than 10% of people finding work through the programme – almost certainly less than the number who would have got a job anyway.

When the information appeared on A4e’s website scores of people downloaded the documents and are currently pouring through them looking for any further nuggets which may embarrass the company.  The shysters have been quick to try and lock down the information leak, mostly by lying through their teeth.

Within hours of the documents becoming available the entire a4e website was taken offline.  Then when the blog Left Foot Forward ran a story on the companies cock up, A4e issued legal threats claiming that they “won’t hesitate to take the strongest legal action should you publish this data or make any of the inferences set out.”

A4e went onto to say that the information was “was obtained from a password protected, secure site, in breach of confidentiality”.

This dirty little fib has been robustly denied by Ipsich Unemployed Action who say they came across the site via google and that no password was necessary to access it.  A4e can hardly claim that information is confidential when they published it themselves, on their own website.  The is far from the first time A4e have proved themselves incapable of handling confidential information.

A4e are trying to blame bloggers to cover up for their own inability to keep secrets, truly desperate stuff from a company who must surely be on their last legs.

The documents can be downloaded from: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B44Vecyf9ngyS0p5YVZBdi1UMDJTTUNoQ0JGaVlFdw/edit?pli=1

The ongoing A4e scandal couldn’t come at a worse time for Chris Grayling and the DWP.  The flagship Work Programme scheme has given organisations like A4e unprecedented control over claimant’s lives, with little or no scrutiny.  According to a recent Freedom of Information response, even the DWP don’t appear to have a clue what these organisations are doing for their money as Work Programme contractors.

An audit of all A4e’s Government contracts is now set to take place.  Meanwhile it’s business as usual for the company, whose Chief Executive and Cameron’s crony Emma Harison, just did a disappearing act with almost £9 million in hard cash.  Emma’s recently even deleted her twitter feed, which must have really hurt for someone whose huge ego is matched only be her bank balance.  It’s almost as if the  former Back to Work Tsar never existed, but she won’t be able to hide from fraud investigations into the company which has been rotten from the top down for a long time.  She needn’t worry about any future legal consequences though. After all, A4e say on their website that the company ‘works with over 1000 prisoners to plan for a positive future on release’.


Think A4e Are Corporate Scum? You ain’t seen nothing yet

A4e claim to be passionate about getting people back to work.  However one part of their business is just as passionate about helping organisations sack staff.

A4e would rather keep quiet about A4e Transitions.  No ‘fairy jobmother’ style documentaries have been made about this shadowy shower of corporate slime.

This offshoot of A4e are involved in providing ‘outplacement services’ and ‘change management’ for companies who want to sack staff.

Instead of money going into people’s redundancy packages, companies spend money with A4e to help them maintain ‘productivity and morale’ whilst laying off workers.  There is no pretence that this service is to be used for any other reason than to protect the ‘reputational risk’ companies face when carrying out ‘outplacement’.

Whilst hiring A4e Transitions to lay off staff may help some managers sleep at night, the results for the actual workforce are predictably dreadful.  When Corus wanted to lay off 500 staff in 2009, A4e were brought in to ‘manage change’.  Their own figures show that a only a meagre 35% were in employment six months later.  Newly unemployed workers are generally seen as the easiest people to quickly place back in employment.  That A4e failed to do this not only shows that they are inept, but blows apart the myth that unemployment is caused by laziness or the workshy.

If only 35% of skilled workers can find employment within 6 months of becoming unemployed this clearly demonstrates what is blatantly obvious to anyone in that position – there are no fucking jobs.

This whole racket is good business in more ways than one for A4e Transitions who boast that they have 250 offices throughout the country aimed at helping people into work.  What they don’t mention is that these offices are funded by the tax payer via Government contracts such as the Work Programme.  The conflict of interest is clear.  It is in A4e’s interests to encourage companies to lay off as many staff as possible, because they get paid again by the state when those staff are referred onto the Work Programme.

Every worker laid off by the likes of Corus who gains work can be claimed as another ‘Job Outcome’ on their various Government contracts.  They even have the nerve to boast about this.  When the Trelleborg factory in Newtown, Wales closed down A4e were brought in to manage the havoc this caused in workers lives.  58 staff were laid off, people who A4e claim were “experienced, highly skilled supervisors, managers, finance and administration staff”.

Despite this less than half of them were in work six months later.  Far more damning however is A4e’s admission that 9 of these people went on to training through “through A4e’s funded programme for the newly unemployed.”

That’s funded by the Government incidentally, not some humanitarian gesture from multi-millionaire Emma Harrison.  That A4e have the gall to claim this as a success for their ‘outplacement’ scheme is staggering.  Whilst the bosses of Trelleborg very likely no longer gave a fuck, this is hardly a successful outcome for the people forced to attend one of A4e’s shit training courses, quite possibly under threat of benefit sanctions.

The only people this was a success for was A4e themselves who have managed to turn unemployed people into a commodity.  By getting their foot in the door when lay offs happen, they can pick up all those newly unemployed workers, put them through the books and claim fat fees from the Government and the bosses alike.  If they should happen to find work, usually under there own steam, A4e get to pick up a successful job outcome fee.  If they don’t, well not to worry, A4e have already been paid once by the company to help lay them off.  They still get paid again by the Government even if they don’t find work, just not quite as much.

A4e claim on their fake fluffy website that they are improving people’s lives.  The only lives they are improving are the likes of recently departed Emma Harrison who trousered nearly £9 million then got out whilst the going was still good to spend more time with her money.

With the Work Programme and assorted schemes looking flakier by the day, A4e are looking for new ways to rip off the tax payer.  They now claim on their website that they can help governments with difficult problems such as ‘multi-generational unemployment; youth unemployment; poverty; deprivation; poor health and low life expectancy; high crime and substance misuse’.

It seems wherever there is misery, the vultures of A4e hover in the background in the hope they can make a quick buck on the back of it.  Human tragedy should never mean private profit, although it all too often does.  The immoral and corrupt practices of A4e shows all too well what happens when private sector sharks are unleashed to provide public services.

A4e Transitions have a barely updated twitter page @a4etransitions or they can be contacted via this page: http://www.a4etransitions.com/contact-us/

A4e vs The Internet: Round 2

(click to make bigger)

A letter has come to light in the comments of a piece on the Ipswich Unemployed Action website which seems to suggest that once more A4e are attempting to censor any criticism of them online.

If genuine it isn’t the first time that this company have attempted to bully people with legal threats.  Note that A4e will seek the highest possible financial penalty from the quite likely unemployed recipient.  This shows how A4e really view the unemployed, a source of even more cash for Emma Harrison.

There’s no real reason to dispute the authenticity of the letter, A4e has got form for this after all.  The PR agency who wrote it certainly exist.  But even if it’s a not very elaborate hoax (and well done anyway), it’s as good an excuse as any.  Give the bastards some shit just in case, and if it turns out to be real let’s give them some more.

Emma Harrison’s twitter feed has gone into near meltdown as the deranged woman has taken to posting a stream of links attempting to show that A4e are not just a bunch of money grabbing, exploitative, corporate parasites.

A4e’s website with contact details can be found at: http://www.mya4e.com/

Emma’s long cherished plans of building an online community we could all register and join, appear to have been abandoned as they realised everyone fucking hates them.  They do have a handy freephone number though: 0800 345 666 (yeah really)*.

Disability deniers Atos, who have made millions out of driving sick and disabled benefit claimants to suicide, aren’t allowed on social networking anymore.  They try a bit on twitter (@atos), but apart from some local groups, they don’t get much of a look in on facebook.  Which must be pretty embarrassing for a global IT company.

We should do the same to A4e.  No platform on the internet.  Wherever they crop up be ready to hound them.  They have a facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/A4eofficial

And are on twitter at: @offciala4e, whilst Emma tweets at @emmachat.  You can also find them at google plus and on linkedin.

Some dead old Chinese bloke once said ‘when your enemy’s weak, attack’.  As A4e are currently getting slaughtered in the press, now seems as good a time as any.

*Disclaimer: If you ring them please remember you are probably speaking to a low paid receptionist, and just as importantly that communications can be easily traced.  It is an offence to make malicious or abusive phone calls.  It’s not an offence to waste their time.

*Conspiracy disclaimer:  Just because they’ve got 666 in their phone number does not mean that Emma Harrison is the anti-christ, head of the illuminati, or an alien.  Please calm down and don’t go setting up any silly websites.

Is A4e’s Workfare Scam Falling Apart?

No-one has made more money from workfare than A4e Chef Executive Emma Harrison, who recently paid herself almost £9 million of tax payer’s cash in a bumper dividend.  A4e derive all of their UK income from government contracts.  Many of these contracts, such as the Work Programme, involve forcing people to work, sometimes for up to six months, with no pay.

A4e boast on their website that they can offer private sector companies candidates for ‘Work trials and placements’.  This is the kind of corporate workfare that both Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling have dishonestly claimed doesn’t exist.

Four people have been arrested following fraud allegations at A4e’s Slough offices.  All are former employees and it is believed the allegations centre around Job Outcome payments being pocketed for jobs that lasted just one day.

A4e are attempting to abrogate responsibility and are blaming the help.  However since this isn’t the first time A4e staff have been caught cooking the books then it raises the question of why A4e employees feel the need to fraudulently claim job outcomes. No-one but Harrison is getting rich at A4e, she’s far too tight to allow it.  So with little financial gain why on earth would four people, from the same office, risk prosecution in this way?

The truth is the organisation is rotten from the top down.  Huge amounts of pressure is heaped on employees, and it’s not inconceivable that a blind eye has occasionally been turned.  The entire culture of the company is to deliver as little as possible at the highest possible cost to the tax payer.  Much of A4e’s current cash is made from simply sub-contracting out government schemes and picking up a fat fee in the process.  Much of the rest is made from forcing unemployed people onto shoddy workfare schemes.  They aren’t even very good at that.  For over ten years there have been reports of people forced to sit around in A4e’s offices, for 30 hours a week, sometimes for months, because A4e can’t find them anything to do.  Any training offered is scant and rarely leads to a qualification.  Job search facilities are massively under-resourced, with inmates complaining of lack of basic IT facilities and out of date newspapers.

A4e claim they don’t cherry pick claimants to pick up fat job outcome fees, but in fact their business model means it’s almost impossible for them not to.  If you are faced with a recently unemployed skilled worker, or a heroin dependent ex-offender, then in a target driven environment of course it’s good business to ensure the skilled worker finds employment.  With huge bonuses on offer available on the new Work Programme if  people who get jobs stay in them, then it’s just not profitable to devote too much time to the hardest to help.  The fact that the skilled worker would no doubt have got a job without A4e’s help does not matter.  They get paid anyway, possibly up to £13 grand now, for each long term job they claim to have secured.  Vulnerable claimants can be fobbed off on workfare or left to rot in A4e’s offices.  They still get paid for that as well after all, just not as much.

A4e came to prominence with Blair’s New Deal, the first large scale workfare programme which began in the late 90’s.  Unemployed worker’s centres and community organisations, who had previously carried out then largely voluntary back to work schemes, were muscled out of the way by the corporate weight of companies like REED and A4e.  The entire sector changed, as the demands of profit increasingly replaced the ethic of actually providing genuine help and support for people.  One former A4e worker has previously written on this blog about their experience at A4e at the turn of the century.  Back then Blair and his minions gushed about how the New Deal would contain individually tailored support, ensuring that all young people would reach their potential.  Not once A4e got their hands on it.  In the light of recent fraud allegations it’s worth repeating what was said:

Every client was supposed to have an ‘Individual Training Plan’ which was specifically tailored to their needs. I was therefore shocked when I was handed a photocopied hand written training plan and told to copy it out for every single client.

As far as I could tell, every A4E client in the country, thousands of them, had the exact same ‘Individual Training Plan’.

This paperwork probably still exists should some DWP sleuth want to have a look and find out.  Another account of A4e’s dreadful provision was provided by a former inmate:

“After discussing my circumstances yet again I was told that I should go into private rented accommodation so I could get a job now. They didn’t take into account that I had been advised by my key worker (at the hostel) that to move into private rented accommodation at this time would have been detrimental to my life and that I would have probably have ended up back in the hostel and that I needed a secure and safe environment because I was feeling very vulnerable at the time.

He also told me that he didn’t think university was a good idea for me as I obviously wasn’t stable (as I kept on getting upset because I was never listened to and was hating my experience at A4e) I was also told that I should really try to find work fast as if I had to come back to the 13 week course I wouldn’t handle it and he then went on to tell me of fully grown men that broke down because they could not handle that course (I really felt I was being bullied into accepting any job).

After he had asked me whether I felt I was vulnerable and I had replied yes, he continued to make jokes saying I could come and live with him and that he could be my sugar daddy and that he had a big house and plenty of room. I felt very vulnerable then, I had stayed late to have this chat and there was only a couple of people still in the building and none were we were sat in his tiny office which was literally a cupboard.”

A4e’s Emma Harrison has been well rewarded for fleecing the tax payer by both Labour and the Tories alike.  Of course as ever, the kick backs have gone both ways.  David Blunkett received a lucrative position as an advisor to A4e after leaving office.  Emma Harrison meanwhile has been given an CBE to go with her money and her Derbyshire mansion, and more recently was made David Cameron’s ‘Back to Work Tsar’.

With resistance to workfare spreading and increasing scrutiny of A4e, it’s possible the wheels may be coming off the gravy train.  Perhaps it would be cynical to suggest she knew the game was up and recently paid herself nearly £9 million to trouser as much money as possible before the whole shoddy racket falls apart.  The truth is she’s probably not that clever.

Anyway she can always fall back on her international contracts, such as A4e’s possibly illegal operations in Israel.  Having a former Home Secretary on the books has done wonders for A4e’s attempt to build a ‘global social movement’.

A4e like to style themselves as a charity, who’s primary aim is to help people.  In fact they are a ruthless corporate operation who’s primary aim is to line Emma Harrison’s pockets and massage her fragile ego.  It is time this criminal company was brought to account.  Don’t expect this government to do much about it though.  It’s down to us.  Protests have already taken place outside A4e’s offices across the UK and are not likely to stop.  Groups such as Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty have done some heroic work ensuring people victimised by A4e can have proper representation.  Bloggers such as watchinga4e have done more to scrutinise the activities of this company than two successive governments and the DWP (despite A4e’s repeated attempts to censor any criticism of them).  Pressure needs to be maintained and escalated against this company that have made millions from inflicting misery on the unemployed and vulnerable.

Other companies who have made huge sums from workfare contracts include Serco, REED, Ingeus Deloitte and BEST.  Prison company and former national joke (until it stopped being funny when they killed somebody) Group 4 Security, now G4S, have also got their snouts in the trough.  A4e aren’t the only ones getting rich from forced labour.  They are just probably the worst.

Emma’s on twitter, why not chat with her: @emmachat or you can visit A4e’s facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/A4eofficial

(the above pic, and lots more, can be found at: http://a4eprotest.blogspot.com/2011/02/a4e-work-programme-say-no-slavery.html)

Emma Harrison: The UK’s Biggest Benefit Cheat

£9 million pounds is the annual cost of this parasite to our community.  British people, that is your money!

Emma Harrison, chair of poverty pimps A4e received a banker busting £9 million dividend this year on the back of her company’s shoddy back to work schemes.

A4e provide  workfare and job search schemes for the Government which are notorious for being badly resourced and delivering poor results.  It’s hardly surprisingly when rogue trader Harrison is trousering most of the cash.  Inmates at A4e schemes have complained of lack of even basic IT facilities to enable them to look for work online, poor quality or non-existent training and people forced to sit around in A4e’s offices for 30 hours a week on mandatory workfare schemes because A4e can’t find them anything to do.    It now appears that every penny saved siphoning off cash intended to help people into work is going straight into the upkeep of Emma’s Derbyshire mansion.

On the recent Pathways to Work scheme A4e only succeeded in placing a derisory 9% of people into work – a percentage that well may have got jobs anyway, and perhaps sooner, had they not been subject to A4e’s interference.

This hasn’t stopped A4e being given five of the major contracts to carry out the much vaunted work programme schemes, sending unemployed people to work in supermarkets for no pay.  It’s not just Harrison enjoying a benefits bonanza, the likes of Tesco and ASDA are now discovering they can get workers for free, at the tax payers expense.

The tories claim that the new payments by results model will ensure that companies like A4e will only get big pay outs if they succeed in finding people long term work.  This is bogus.  It is in A4e’s interest to deliver the cheapest possible service at the highest possible price.  That’s how business works.  Why bother sending someone on a literacy course when you can give a highly skilled and newly unemployed person a bit of shonky advice on their CV then claim a big cash pay out if they find work.  As they do now A4e will claim credit for someone’s success in finding work despite her company whilst ignoring those who are hardest to help.  It’s good business.

(Anyone on A4e’s schemes who finds work should remember this.  You don’t need to tell the Jobcentre or A4e the name of your employer when you sign off.  You can just fuck off, leaving A4e scrambling around trying to find out where you’re working so they can claim a fat pay-cheque.  Chances are they won’t track you down.)

Should A4e fail to find enough people long term jobs then contracts can always be renegotiated, especially as these were agreed before unemployment started to rocket.  Iain Duncan Smith has been so vocal about his obsession with forcing unemployed and sick people into unpaid work that Harrison and the other providers have him over a barrel.  And should the whole thing come crashing down, as it very likely will, well then there’ll be another scheme and no doubt A4e will be awarded to run that as well.  Past failure is no barrier to future success when it comes to winning workfare contracts.

Emma’s dividend dwarfs the million pound bonus finally turned down by RBS loan shark Stephen Hester.  Almost every penny of her company’s profit has come from providing Government contracts to harass sick and unemployed people.  Contracts they have regularly dismally underperformed at.  This is money that could be spent on schools and hospitals at a time of desperate need.  Instead it will go to providing Harrison a life of unimagined luxury at our expense.  It is people like Harrison who are ripping off the benefits system, to the tune of millions, whilst disabled people or single parents are pilloried in the press.  You couldn’t make it up.

Above pic from: http://a4ephotogallery.blogspot.com/

Atos Vs A4e – Process Not Adequate Claims Emma Harrison

The poverty pimps are at each other’s throats if the recent comments made by Emma Harrison, Chief Executive of workfare scum A4e, are anything to go by.

Responding to questions from a claimant about the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), which French IT firm Atos are paid hundreds of millions to administer, Harrison claims the current process is not adequate and is  perceived as ‘punishment’ and needs ‘fundamental change’.

Speaking (probably) from her tax payer funded mansion Harrison states:

“It is quite clear that there are issues with the current WCA process and I would urge you to speak to your JCP advisor about any treatment that you feel has been unfair in this process. As I mentioned in response to your earlier question, I strongly believe that we have a duty to capture the potential of everyone and I am strongly opposed to writing people off due to what they cannot do due to a health issue.

Clearly the current process is not adequate and at A4e we working with the DWP to see if there is a better way of designing this process that allows the individual to have more of a role in identifying the work that they would like to undertake. We need to fundamentally change the culture of this process – towards empowerment and away from what is perceived as punishment.”

The Work Capability Assessment has led to thousands of sick and disabled people being denied vital benefits, forcing people, many with mental health conditions, into a strict and demeaning health testing regime which tragically has driven some to suicide.  According to the BBC the number of successful appeals against Atos Healthcare’s decisions is still rising.

Obviously it’s not compassion which is driving Harrison’s desire to change the current process.  Under new rules workfare providers only get paid if they are able to place people into employment.  If the DWP keep referring people who are genuinely to ill to work, but have been found fit for work by Atos’ flawed testing,  then workfare contracters like A4e stand to lose a lot of money.  This represents a big fucking hole in the government’s continued harassment of benefit claimants.

On top of this Atos have been falling behind drastically in the number of cases they administer.   Atos has completed only 56,000 Work Capability Assessments since the commencement of the full national roll out in April.  This is against an expected figure of 11,000 cases being assessed each week in order for the government to process 1.5million cases by 2015.   Workfare providers are sitting twiddling their thumbs whilst Atos get their act together.

Not that workfare providers are any better.  With no disabled people to bully into forced labour it appears many have resorted to ripping off charities to keep the gravy train afloat.  Volunteer agencies report that some workfare sharks have been secretly attempting to use charitable organisations to carry out the work they are paid millions to undertake.

Back to Emma Harrison and she also concedes that Workfare programmes failed many people in the US and led to increased child poverty.   She hopes that A4e will do better.  Few people who have experienced the sub-standard training and pointless job search offered up by A4e will agree.

A Festive Month of Action Against Atos, the Welfare Reform Bill and poverty pimps everywhere including A4e has been called throughout December 2011.  You can also sign a petition against the benefit cuts at: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968

For more information on overcoming impotence speak to your GP or A4e who will be able to put you in to watch with someone who can help.

Yes folks A4e can cure impotence.  After all they’ve been fucking the poor for years so they should have picked up a few tips.

Poverty pimps A4e’s community pages are a wealth of vital information.  Learn such inspirational snippets such as “Try to drink water during the day, as this is unbelievably healthy.”

A4e appear to be planning to save the proles from themselves with lots of handy tips available. Unplanned pregnancy?

“Firstly, you need to think long and hard about whether or not continuing with the pregnancy is the right thing for you or not. Try not to be swayed by the opinions of those around you, it is your body and your decision whether or not to have a baby.”here

Subtext, have an abortion then get a job.

A4e seem to be extending their remit into handling personal issues as the recent diagnosis of alcoholism in the first episode of Channel 4’s Benefit Busters reveals.  On their website A4e have advice on mental health problems:

“For those people who do not want to go to their doctor you can also get help with mental health issues from A4e. By contacting A4e you can speak to someone who will be able to let you know the places you can go for help and advice on dealing with mental health issues. You will not be judged in any way and you will be able to benefit from knowing that there are organisations that can help you overcome your mental health issues. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health you can contact the doctor or speak to someone at A4e and start to see things more clearly.”

dealing with cancer:

“Whilst ultimately it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they would like to use alternative therapies to fight cancer, you should always speak to your doctor before doing so. So for more information on alternative therapies you can speak to Cancer Research UK, your GP, your hospital or A4e.”

and how to be happy:

“For more help and information on ways to be happy you can also speak to one of the advisers at A4e who can get you in touch with groups or services in your area that could be of use to you. Before you know it you’ll be back on the road to being happy once again.”

Perhaps after moving in on the community legal advice sector, A4e now have plans to inflict themselves on public health and social work.

Emma Harrison has big plans for the A4e community website:

“Eventually all staff, all customers will be on there – and anyone else around the world who wants to share information that relates to ‘improving people’s lives.’ My vision? – The biggest community in the world committed to improving people’s lives – theirs and others.”

She writes on her pitiful blog.

At present only A4e staff and detainees seem to be allowed to register, but you can post comments, which may or  may not be published.