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Barnsley Voters Racist Claims Lib Dem Failure

Former National Front member Dominic Carmen has claimed in the formerly fascist supporting newspaper, the Daily Mail,  that he lost the election in Barnsley because the voters are racist and homophobic.

Showing his utter contempt for the people who only days ago he was sucking up to, Carmen claims that:  “Barnsley is 98 per cent white. Diversity and difference are not welcome here. “

He further claims: “Local sentiment is summarised by one man who tells me: ‘No one is gay in Barnsley. If they are, they leave.’”

What a difference a week makes.  Only a few days ago he said on Lib Dem Voice: “What has pleasantly surprised me in Barnsley is the number of voters who are genuinely open-minded about who they will support.”

Yes they are, and they ain’t supporting you, you lardy arsed cunt.

This is reminiscent of Clegg claiming that student protesters were too stupid to understand the proposed changes to student fees.  It appears to be Lib Dem strategy.  When the shit hits the fan, blame the voter for being thick, racist or just too working class to understand.

The truth is we understand fucking perfectly just what a vile shower of shit the Lib Dems have become.