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DPAC Week of Action – September 4th-10th. #RightsNotGames

WOA-Logo-5Apologies for the lack of posts recently.  Back very soon, in the meantime this is from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and gives details of the upcoming week of action to coincide with the Paralympic Games.  Please spread the word and get involved if you can.

DPAC Week of Action- September 4th-10th

Sunday September 4th pop-up art action – if anyone wants to take part in this please email us at mail@dpac.uk.net as further information will not be made public. This will go live on-line at 2pm

Monday September 5th Independent Living Day. Lobby and report in parliament following the horrendous cuts to care and support funding for personal assistance following the closure of the Independent Living Fund in 2015. Committee Room 21 from 2-4pm. Please allow about 20- 30 minutes to get through security

Afterwards 5pm at College Green opposite parliament for fun and festivities DPAC-style.

Tuesday September 6th National Day of Action against cumulative cuts faced by disabled people. Around the country. Please send us details of anything you’re organising. See this page for more information, including a list of locations where protests are being held.

Wednesday September 7th meet for noon opposite Downing Street for ‘No More Claimant Deaths’ protest.

Thursday September 8th An online day of action for all. More details will be published on website nearer the time.

Saturday September 10th International Conference, Resistance:Beyond Borders from 10.30am-4.30 pm at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA.
Speakers from Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Greece, Ireland and Germany.
See Conference 10th Sept Disabled Peoples’ Resistance: building beyond borders
To book a place please email us at mail@dpac.uk.net and give details of any access and dietary needs. Limited places available.

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Disabled People Against Cuts Take On DWP Lies

DPAC-LogoDisabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) have produced a report detailing the ongoing misuse of statistics and outright fibs which have been fed to the press by Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP.

The campaign group say: “At the end of this month, the Department for Work and Pensions will be releasing their Annual Report, and Iain Duncan Smith and his henchministers will no doubt be touring the TV studios to deliver more propaganda about worklessness and disability.

We’ve decided to celebrate the release of the DWP Annual Report by releasing a report of our own.

It is a report into how the DWP and DWP Ministers have made claims which are simply untrue. We’ve selected 35 claims and and found clear evidence that these claims have no basis in the facts.

So when you next see Iain Duncan Smith on the TV News, ask yourself, is he lying? or is he simply making it up out of thin air again?”

For a clear and comprehensive record of the endless stream of bullshit which has been pouring out of DWP Minister’s mouths ever since this Government weren’t elected visit (and share): http://www.scribd.com/doc/149776210/DPAC-Report-on-DWP-Abuse-of-Statistics-Final-22-June-2013

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Defend Independent Living: Save the Independent Living Fund

crip-catchers-smallThe Independent Living Fund was established as a ring-fenced sum of money which could be accessed by severely disabled people who often need expensive 24 hour care.

This funding has made it possible for people to remain in their homes rather than in institutions.  In 2010 the fund was closed to new applicants.  Last year the Government decided to close down the fund completely and make local Councils responsible for administering funding.

Local authorities will not have to ring fence any money from Central Government for this kind of support meaning they cash strapped councils may simply divert the money elsewhere.  With local authorities already buckling under harsh cuts, soaring homelessness and an upcoming Council Tax crisis, many may choose to place some disabled people back in (no doubt privately run) care homes in an attempt to cut costs.

As spokesperson for Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC),  Linda Burnip has said, the closure of the fund:  “in terms of independent living, is the single most regressive action the Condems could have taken.”

Support is needed urgently to save this vital funding which allows the most severely disabled people to stay in their homes and lead independent lives.

Please visit, share and tweet the latest information from DPAC on how you can help:  http://www.dpac.uk.net/2013/02/defend-independent-living-save-the-independent-living-fund/

Those in London join the vigil to save the Independent Living Fund on March 13th.

Meet outside the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand on 13th March at 12.30pm.  More details on DPAC at: http://www.dpac.uk.net/2013/02/vigil-to-save-ilf/

Pic from the highly recommended Crippen Cartoons.

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Right To Ride Protest Brings Chaos To Parliament’s Front Door

Yesterday’s Right To Ride protest, organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Transport For All, revealed the real barriers disabled people face when forced to depend on a public transport system which is unfit for purpose.

After a lobby in Parliament scores of people met at the Abingdon Street bus stop opposite the Palace of Westminster.  Several speeches were made to a swelling crowd and then at 4pm a line of wheelchair users formed to attempt to take the 87 Bus to Transport For London headquarters in Covent Garden.

Unfortunately when the bus arrived wheelchairs users were unable to board due to the bus stop being inaccessible.  This prompted a spontaneous protest as people moved out into the road and blocked the bus from leaving.  A second bus turned up shortly afterwards which was also blocked after denying disabled people access.

The blockade lasted for about an hour, before the disabled protesters and supporters agreed to leave together.

According to a Transport For All survey in 2010, only around 50% of London bus stops comply with legislation aimed at ensuring access for disabled people.  On the tube the situation is even worse, with just 64 out of 240 stations having step free access.

Hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people are soon to be stripped of  Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  This benefit, available to those in and out of work, is designed to help people mitigate the huge costs in transport, care and personal equipment of living with a disability.  DLA is also a ‘passport’ benefit, meaning that those who qualify often automatically qualify for motability schemes, which provides items such as wheelchair suitable transport, and taxi card schemes.  Other community transport schemes are also falling victim to brutal cuts.

Yesterday’s protest was a well timed (and well supported) action which revealed a glimpse of the chaos that will be caused in people’s lives if they are forced onto a public transport system which is not designed for their needs.

It is not bus driver’s fault that buses are inaccessible – they deserve everyone’s support when they strike this Friday.

Right To Ride Protest To Cause Maximum But Legal Chaos

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Transport For All will be holding a day of action on June 19th aimed at the lack of accessible public transport and the brutal upcoming cuts to disablity benefits.

The Government are planning to cut vital benefits from 20% of disabled people, leaving hundreds of thousands of people no longer able to afford care, specialist equipment or transportation costs.  The protest will highlight the lack of accessible transport and how these cuts will force disabled people out of the workplace and trap people in their homes.

Andy Greene, a member of DPAC’s steering group and one of the organisers of next month’s action, said: “People will be forced [by the DLA cuts] back onto a public transport system which doesn’t really cater for their needs.

“We will be exercising our right to use public transport, a system that we are told is accessible, so let’s put that to the test.”

DPAC will be asking activists to attend a lobby at the House of Commons in the afternoon (time tbc), and then travel by bus to the Confederation of Passenger Transport, the umbrella body for all European bus companies in Covent Garden area.

For those not wishing to attend the lobby meet at 4pm either outside House of Parliament visitor entrance or at Abingdon Street bus stop, next to Victoria Tower and more or less opposite College Green.

Keep an eye on the DPAC or Transport For All websites for the latest details of the protest.

Please help spread the word!