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If Anyone Is Guilty Of Disability Charity Hypocrisy It Is David Cameron Himself

All smiles for the camera has he plots to cut the benefits of those with epilepsy

All smiles for the camera as he plots to cut the benefits of those with epilepsy

It must take some front to vote to slash benefits to poverty levels for sick and disabled claimants whilst also acting as a patron or trustee for charities that claims to support them.  So it is good news that Tory MP Kit Malthouse has been forced to resign as patron of his local MS Society whilst Zac Goldsmith is also facing questions about his role as patron of a Richmond AIDS charity.  But this astonishing hypocrisy goes right to the top of the Tory Party.

David Cameron himself is vice-president of two major epilepsy charities, as well as two local cancer charities.  According to the register of minister’s interests the Prime Minister is vice-president of both the Epilepsy Society and the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, as well as being a Trustee of Epilepsy Research UK.  He is also a patron of Versus Cancer and Cancer Research UK Relay for Life in Witney.

Cameron’s interest in epilepsy was no doubt sparked by the death of his son who suffered from the condition, and so unlike Goldsmith or Malthouse, his concerns would appear sincere.  That does not change the fact however that one of his adopted charities has been damning about his government’s welfare reforms.

In a recent submission to a Work and Pension Connittee inquiry the Epilepsy Society slammed current Jobcentre policies saying that benefit sanctions “contribute to social injustice and the removal of human dignity”.  The charity is also a member of the Disability Benefits Consortium who recently lobbied as hard as their dirt cheap wordpress blog would let them to scrap the upcoming cut to Employment Support Allowance which could see some disabled people lose almost a third of their income.

According to the most recent figures – and they are a few years old because the DWP has stopped publishing this information –  around six and a half thousand people were assessed for benefits and placed in the Work Related Activity Group due to a diagnosis of epilepsy between 2008 and 2011.  From 2017 any new claimants placed in this group – and all those who have a change of circumstances – will be forced to try and survive on just over £70 a week.  The government say this will incentivise them to find a job.  According to the Disability Consortium this cut will make it less likely disabled people will return to work.

The death of a child may be a tragedy but David Cameron can’t have it both ways.  If he genuinely supports the charity he is vice-president of then he opposes his own government.  Whether he is involved with this organisation for comfort or spin makes little difference.  So will the real David Cameron stand the fuck up and either scrap these nasty reforms or have the courage of his convictions and resign from organisations which oppose them?  Don’t hold your breath.  Ask @epilepsysociety to sack him instead.

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Same Old Fucking Tories: Government Pledges Millions To Support Traditional Family Values

Cameron goes Back to Basics

Cameron goes Back to Basics

It is genuinely astonishing that a man who fucked a pig’s head and left his young child alone in a pub thinks he can lecture the rest of us about being a good parent.  But that is what David Cameron plans to do as his increasingly desperate government launches a back to basics style campaign based on traditional Tory family values.

The government has announced that an additional £35 million is to be spent on guilt-tripping unhappy couples into staying together for the sake of the kids.  Alongside this there wil be increased access to parenting classes.  This will stop people being poor according to David Cameron who is expected to say in a speech today that “families are the best anti-poverty measure ever invented.”  Which they are if you stand to inherit a multi-million pound fortune like him and all his chums.

The funding will be spent on relationship counselling run by organisations such as Marriage Care, a Catholic charity who say they “embrace and uphold the Christian vision of marriage as an example of a vocation of life and love. In Christian marriage this vocation is shaped by the whole-life commitment of a man and woman, whose love is open to embrace family life.”    God fucking help us.

dad-infoThe government already funds a Sorting out Separation website which claims to provide support for couples who are thinking of splitting up including a section where you can find help in your local area.  Almost at the top of the list of support services, seemingingly wherever you are in the UK, is a website called dad.info. This is sort of online softcore lad’s mag where angry men call women bitches in the forums and whinge about a feminist conspiracy.  Despite the website’s embarrassing attempts to be edgy and butch it is actually run in partnership with the Department of Education and also receives funding from the DWP.

If this isn’t the kind of help a women seperating from the father of her kids is looking for then the next orgaisation on the list of local support groups is Families Need Fathers.  You can see where this is going.

The Sorting out Separation website also contains information on managing conflict, featuring a yotube video of another angry man who has been taught to control his temper by mediation.  The small section on domestic violence merely advises women who are being abused to call 999, talk to their doctor, or ring the helpline run by Women’s Aid and Refuge – who provide far more adequate advice on their own website.  Men experiencing domestic abuse are not excluded, however of the two helplines the government advises them to call, one has shut down and the other closes in March due to lack of funds.

Real tax payer’s money has been spent on this shambles, although admittedly not much of it.  The additional £35 million pledged by David Cameron this weekend is only slightly more than the total of George Osborne’s estimated inheritance.  It would still have gone a long way towards housing the 100,000 children currently homeless and living in temporary accommodation however.  But then that’s real poverty, and this government has no interest at all in fixing that.

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David Cameron Plots The Social Cleansing Of The South


A further cut in the Benefit Cap, as pledged by David Cameron yesterday, could lead to the social cleansing of the entire south of England as families on benefits are pushed ever further north by soaring housing costs.

Although touted by the right wing press as an attack on the workshy, this move is aimed squarely at struggling low income families, and almost all them are single mothers.  If these women were looking after one of Iain Duncan Smith’s four children they would be hard working people, toiling for the wealthy on poverty pay and doing the right thing.  But looking after your own kids is no longer considered work and so they are scroungers who should have kept their legs shut as some of the nastiest and most virulent voices now claim.

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the social security system was that the days when a working class woman was slut-shamed and stigmatised for having children on her own looked to be a distant memory. Benefits meant that single people of either sex could look after their children with some degree of independence and dignity if they found themselves without a wage coming in.  They would be poor as fuck, but they would be housed at least.  This applied whether they were single parents due to choice, relationship break up, bereavement or simply making a youthful mistake – and most people have had an unprotected shag at least once in their lives which is all it takes after all.

The introduction of the Benefit Cap, alongside workfare and sanctions for lone parents, has meant that single mothers are back in the firing line like never before.   Lone parents now face being driven from the very cities they have lived and grown up in due to a succession of brutal housing benefit cuts that will punish their children most acutely of all.  These are not people living in Chelsea mansions as this government pretend, but people living in the last remaining private rented slums that will still accept benefit claimants in places like Croydon, Tottenham or Catford.

The reduction of the benefit cap to £23,000 will mean cities such as Bristol, Bath and Cambridge will also become unaffordable to out of work parents with as few as two children.  For the small number who need a property with more than three bedrooms, then barely anywhere south of Birmingham will be cheap enough.  Councils in the midlands are already warning of pressures to housing and services in the region due to families being relocated from London and the economic cleansing from the first benefit cap has barely even begun.   Should the cap be lowered even further then the trickle of families in poverty arriving in northern towns from the south could becom an avalanche, re-entrenching the North-South divide like never before.

The truth is that benefits have always been capped, but previously this took place at a local level. Benefits for an adult on unemployment benefits are capped at just £72.40 a week plus an additional amount towards housing costs. How much this is depends on where you live. In Islington, where the average rent for a one bedroom flat is estimated to be £415 a week by estate agents Foxtons, Housing Benefit is capped at £255.50 a week for a single adult without kids. That’s why, apart from those in social housing, not many poor people live in Islington anymore. In Barnsley the average weekly rent for a one bedroom flat is £89.30 according to this property website, whilst the Housing Benefit cap for a single adult is £69.23 a week. Lots of poor people live in Barnsley.

It is not the fault of claimants that rents have spiralled out of control.  It is the failure of free market policies that have led to shrinking wages and soaring housing costs.  Greedy landlords and exploitative employers who don’t pay proper wages are behind the growing benefit bill.  And it is in their interests alone to blame struggling single mums and use nasty policies based on nasty prejudices to bully families out of their homes and communities.

Above pic from Haringey Solidarity Campaign.

A march for homes will be taking place in London this Saturday 31st January with meeting points in both East and South London.  Please help spread the word: South London facebook page
East London facebook page

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Never Forget, It Is David Cameron Who Is Ultimately To Blame For Welfare Reform Deaths

cameron-black-tie-doneUnderstandably much of the rage aginst the vicious welfare reforms –  which are costing an increasing number of lives – has been aimed at blundering fucking idiot Iain Duncan Smith.

But it is David Cameron who has cheered along whilst the DWP has spent billions driving the poorest people in the country into destitution.  It is David Cameron who has been in charge whilst hundreds of hungry families have queued at foodbanks, or disabled people have been driven from their homes due to the Bedoom Tax.  And it is David Cameron who is ultimately responsible for the deaths of David Clapson, Stephanie Bottrill, Victor CuffJacqueling Harris and all of those driven to ill health and suicide by his Government’s callous devastation of the social security safety net.

David Cameron probably doesn’t even know that money runs out, and that when that happens, even in one of the richest countries in the world, the results can be fatal.  He is the living embodiment of the something for nothing culture, a man who has inherited a milion pound fortune, but never done a real day’s work in his pampered life.  It is unsuprising that someone so dripping in privilege has stayed in the background whilst Iain Duncan Smith has run rampant through the lives of the most marginalised in society.

David Clapson, who recently took his own life after his benefits were stopped, couldn’t be more different than the Prime Minister.  Whilst David Cameron spent his youth trashing restaurants and quaffing champagne with the elite Bullingdon Club, David Clapson was a serving soldier.  Whilst Cameron has spent much of his working life ‘chillaxing’ on holiday, David Clapson worked for sixteen years as a BT engineer, eight years for other companies, and cared for his sick mother.  If David Cameron were ever to have to stop work due to ill health he would still live a life of luxury that normal people could only dream of.  Yet when the same thing happened to David Clapson he was driven to despair, destitution and tragically his death because he missed a couple of meetings with the fucking Jobcentre.

Whilst Cameron has been enjoying yet another expensive holiday, over 180,000 people have signed a petition demanding an enquiry into the benefit sanctions which killed David Clapson.  The petition is rightly addressed to the Prime Minister – because the blood is on his hands.  It remains to be seen if he is brave enough to try and justify the death of a former serviceman in the name of trying to harass sick, disabled and unemployed people off benefits.  He will do everything he can to ignore it (don’t let him – @David_Cameron)

Iain Duncan Smith, Esther McVey, Lord Fraud and all the other murderous clowns at the DWP must also be held to account.  As should the craven Labour Party who began this attack on those with nothing and who have no plans to significantly change anything should they claw their way to back to power.  But it is David Cameron’s Government that killed David Clapson.  A man from the gilded toff elite where money rains from the sky is over-seeing a system that is demolishing the lives of the poor.  It is beyond sickening.  It must never be forgotten, or forgiven.

Please sign and share the petition calling for an enquiry into the benefit sanctions that killed David Clapson: http://www.change.org/p/david-cameron-hold-an-inquiry-into-benefit-sanctions-that-killed-my-brother

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What The Fuck Does David Cameron Know About Poverty?

cameron-toffThere are few things more vile than listening to a man born into a multi-million pound fortune lecturing the rest of us about whether people are really poor or not.

David Cameron’s pathetic tirade about poverty this week – during which he accused one of the most senior figures in the Catholic Church of lying about the extent of vicious cuts to social security – was exactly what might be expected from an aloof, out of touch Prime Minister who’s never had to do a real day’s work in his life.

Cameron claims that Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols’ statement that the safety net of the welfare state has disappeared for many people is ‘just not true’.  After all, David Cameron doesn’t know any poor people and life in Chipping Norton is simply spiffing.  He goes on to say how lucky those unable to find a job are to be entitled to just over £70 a week, less than he probably spends on lunch.

What Cameron doesn’t say is that due to the raft of vicious cuts to other benefits, much of that £70 is now likely to be eaten away by the Bedroom Tax, Housing Benefit shortfalls or Council Tax bills.  In some cases these expenses could almost cut that money in half, and after utility bills and even modest debts there could be nothing at all left for food.

For those on out of work sickness or disability benefits, the situation is little better.  The extra £30 a week is unlikely to go far, and the additional costs of living with an illness or disability will soon eat it up.  As rent and bills soar, and benefits are pegged to rise below the rate of inflation, the safety-net has indeed disappeared.  There might be just about enough to pay the landlord, the utility companies and depending where you live Council Tax, but not enough for an adequate diet.  As for money for haircuts, clothes, travel fares, phone calls and all the other vital expenses which enable someone to successfully look for work, not a chance.

Approaching a million benefit claims were sanctioned in just one year the DWP reported this week.  That means people going with nothing at all in some cases, or if they are lucky enough to qualify for Hardship Payments, around £40 a week.  Sanctions can now last up to three years.  The horrifying toll this takes on individuals has been well documented by charities, foodbanks and by thousands of claimants themselves online.  In a move of breath-taking cruelty, even these meagre payments are to be converted to loans under Universal Credit, trapping claimants in debt, potentially for years.

Benefits delays, which could mean waits of up to six months for some disability benefits, also leave people with nothing at all.  Once Crisis Loans provided a scant, but vital emergency service for those whose claims were held up, often due to DWP bungling.  These small loans, which were repayable and barely cost the tax payer a penny, were scrapped as part of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.  Short Term Benefit Advances are still available, but the DWP is doing everything it can to hide that fact from claimants.  If a claim is held up due to an honest mistake made by a claimant, then they now face a fine of £50 on top of their wait for benefits.

David Cameron was right about one thing in his spittle-flecked rant this week.  The changes to benefits are not about saving money.  Social Security spending is rising, and measures like the Bedroom Tax, Benefit Cap and the closure of the Independent Living Fund for the most severely disabled people are likely to cost the country far more in the long run.  The social costs of this onslaught, which is set to push millions more children into poverty, will be felt for generations.

Billions is being handed out to the private sector to bully and harass the poorest and in some cases the most vulnerable people in the country.  Whether by humiliating and constant health assessments or forcing people into unpaid work for hours on end, it is no longer enough for this Government just to make the poor destitute, they must be endlessly abused.  Those who had nothing to begin with are now the human sacrifices of austerity, designed to distract from the financial crimes of the rich.

The harder the odds are stacked against you, the harder this Government will kick you.  It is people with mental health conditions, severe illnesses or disabilities, struggling single parents, people battling addiction, those fleeing domestic violence or people who have grown up in care who are facing the full force of this Government’s war on the poor.

This is the twisted morality Cameron speaks of when he pretends he is doing all this to help the poor.  He knows there will never be enough jobs for everyone and that capitalism – and the huge profits made from it by the obscenely rich – depend on unemployment to keep wages down.   David Cameron believes the poor should be punished as a lesson to everyone else.  Work hard, take a pay cut  and do what your boss tells you, or it could be you being abused, impoverished and harassed.

It is the morality of the school bully and it is a contemptible.  David Cameron won the lottery on the day he was born.  Yet still him and his band of braying toffs steal away what little poor people have to survive on, and then tell them their hunger is all in their imagination.  It is the rich out of control and increasingly even some of the rich and powerful themselves are realising that.  But it will only be bloody class vengeance, not Bishops, which can hold these arrogant toffs to account for the suffering they have caused.

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Is Parliament’s Slimiest, Nastiest MP Now In Charge of Housing?

Just one of David Cameron's houses

Just one of David Cameron’s houses

In an move which will appall all those struggling to find a place to live, Cameron appears to have scrapped the role of Housing Minister in yesterday’s reshuffle.

Whilst there has been no formal announcement yet from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Mark Prisk was sacked from the job yesterday and has not yet been replaced.  This is despite the looming housing crisis with housebuilding at record low levels and every measure of homelessness rising.  Editor of Conservative Home, Paul Goodman, last night claimed that non-entity Kris Hopkins will have responsibility for housing.  Hopkins was promoted to Parliamentary Under Secretary at the DCLG yesterday, but that is a less senior role than the Minister of State he replaced.

In an astonishing turn of events Inside Housing are reporting that one of Hopkin’s colleagues, Nadine Dorries, said on twitter last night: “Very sad to see Kris Hopkins promoted. One of parliaments slimiest, nastiest MPs. Really. Awful. Decision.”

Hopkins was elected MP for Keighley in 2010 and his most prominent moment so far has been his claim in Parliament that “gangs of Muslim men were going around raping white kids” – which is the kind of thing likely to get you promoted in a Tory Party that’s desperately trying to save it’s skin by lurching to the right.

According to Inside Housing, it is still not fully clear who will take responsibility for housing with a spokesperson for the DCLG admitting they they hadn’t yet worked out who was doing what yet and people should ‘watch this space’.

Whether the Housing Minister’s role has been scrapped completely, or handed to an inexperienced shambles like Hopkins, it is clear the Prime Minister no longer thinks that housing is a priority .  Why would he, he has at least four homes.  Worrying about where to live is such a low priority for David Cameron that in 2009 he even managed to forget how many houses he and his wife own.

He now seems to have forgotten  – or just doesn’t care – that for many people in the UK, even renting just one home is fast becoming something they can’t afford.

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Will The Last Person To Leave Britain Please Turn Out The Lights

cameron-lightbulbSo now we know for sure.  David Cameron will not be happy until his race to the bottom turns the UK into a sweat shop economy with millions of low or even unpaid workers toiling in misery and living lives of near servitude.

At a conference festooned with banners to ram home the message that Cameron and his class expect us to work harder, the man who’s never done a real day’s work in his life set out his nightmarish vision for the future.  And like all true despots he intends to start with the young, who will grow up never knowing what a society is like where people care about each other, share risks and try to support those who have fallen on hard times.

In a breath-taking lie, Cameron talked about how young people unable to find a job are choosing to sign on and rent a Housing Benefit funded flat.  In reality most young people are desperate for work and Housing Benefits will only pay for a room in a shared house at the cheapest possible rent for those under 35.  Job Seeker’s Allowance for people under 25 is set at the miserly rate of £56.80 a week.  Only a gilded toff could imagine that anyone would choose to live in a tiny room rented from a slum landlord and try to survive on just a few pounds a day.

Yet even this will no longer be an option if Cameron gets his way, with his sham claim that young people should be earning or learning.  But the only training available to most young people is workfare – unpaid work stacking shelves or mopping floors whilst grasping employers claim training grants from the Government.  Young people in these roles are neither earning or learning, they are just working, hard, to prop up the profits of the rich.  Profits that should be celebrated says David Cameron.  But never shared.

Cameron wants to see a million young people working without wages for years on end or facing lives of homelessness and hunger.  A million unpaid workers entering the workforce to drive down pay and working conditions for everyone.  This is a blueprint to normalise unpaid work and remove any safety net at all for the young.  And they will not stop with the young.

That’s young people incidentally who may be escaping abuse, who will have nowhere to run if Housing Benefits are removed.  Young people living in over-crowded accommodation, or those whose parents are unable to afford to support them financially.  Only care leavers are to be exempt according to The Guardian, and possibly single parents.  And of course the rich, whose parent’s wealth can cushion them from the brutal society Cameron is intent on creating.

Five more years of austerity are promised no matter what happens to the economy the Tories told us this week.  Austerity that is really just cheap political cover for the Tory Party’s long-standing agenda, the crushing of the Welfare State, the NHS and everything we have left that is decent in the UK.

This is a man who truly hates Britain, or at least hates all of those outside his own Etonian huddle.  A man who considers himself a class above the plebs beneath who are only fit for a life of hard work and poverty pay.  Who does not care at all if we become sick or disabled or are unable to find a job in an economy with two and a half million people out of work.  Why would he care?  He has always had a vast inheritance to draw on when his Champagne stocks are running low.  And if you don’t have that then fuck you thinks this Prime Minister, it serves you right for not having rich parents.

Cameron’s land of opportunity is only for the rich.  The rest of us are to be consigned to a cut throat competition, fucking each over in the scramble for the scraps that are thrown from the top table.  Work hard and it could be you, sitting there with this Eton mess of a government stuffing venison down their over-privileged throats.  But it won’t be.  Not ever.  Not whilst we continue to let these parasites ransack our lives.

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Benefit Cap Based On Bare-Faced Lie

DWP statistics reveal that the benefit cap, set at £500 a week for families, was based on a bare-faced lie.

It has repeatedly been claimed that the cap – which was introduced in some parts of London earlier in the year and is now being rolled out across the UK –  was to ensure that no-one on benefits receives more than an equivalent family on the average wage.  This move echoed the Victorian principle of ‘less eligibility’, the idea used to justify the workhouse which insisted that the life of anybody out of work must be ‘less eligible’ – meaning more shit – than the life of the lowest paid labourer.

Yet just released DWP statistics on the average UK wage show that the benefit cap was set far below the average income for families.*

According to the DWP, the average income for a family with children is £670 a week.  This is made up of £600 in earnings with an additional income of £70 which presumably comes from Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits.

The Benefit Cap has been set at not far from £200 a week less than the average wage that Cameron talks of in the above tweet.  Which means David Cameron is a lying bastard.

Over 200,000 children now face homelessness due to this lie.

*In fact the cap is set below the amount a family with two working parents both on minimum wage would receive in most cases firmly establishing the principle of less eligibility.  A family with two children in which one parent works 35 hours a week and another 24, both on minimum wage and paying £250 in rent a week, would receive a joint income of around £612 a week made up of wages and in work benefits.

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Serco and Reed – The Profit Hungry Vultures at the Heart of the Big Society

David Cameron’s flagship Big Society initiative, the National Citizen’s Service,  is set to be dominated by profit hungry vultures like Serco and private training company Reed in Partnership.

The National Citizen Service was launched to much fanfare shortly after the current government weren’t elected, as a shining example of the Big Society at work. It has now been announced that a consortium including the multi-national security and workfare company Serco have picked up the largest share of the contracts to expand the scheme, winning 6 out of a possible 19 lucrative regional contracts.  Reed in Partnership, another company with a background in workfare, have also been awarded a contract.

Under the scheme 16/17 year old can take part in a short programme which involves sport, outdoor pursuits and ‘volunteering’ (such as, according to the Daily Telegraph, clearing wasteland). The involvement of Serco and Reed suggests that unpaid work is likely to remain at the heart of the project.

Whilst Cameron clearly launched the scheme in an attempt to appease the ‘bring back National Service’ brigade, at present it is entirely voluntary and not based on a military model.   Cameron has claimed that: “This is about sowing the seeds of the Big Society – and seeing them thrive in the years to come.” 

The truth seems to be that this is a gimmick designed to further profit the private sector at the expense of properly funded youth services working with the most excluded young people.

After last year’s riots the Cameron announced the scheme would be hugely extended, eventually becoming available to every young person in the UK.  Despite this one major national young people’s charities, the YMCA, has claimed that  the project is largely benefiting middle class families.  Certainly the picture above, taken from the scheme’s facebook page, does not seem to represent the diversity of the communities affected by last year’s disturbances.

The true face of Cameron’s Big Society is starting to emerge.  Whilst youth clubs in inner city areas close due to funding cuts, middle class kids are sent on tax payer funded jollies which serve to line the pockets of private sector poverty pimps.

A Lying Bastard at the Justice Department is Cameron’s Worst Joke Yet

The Chris Grayling comedy show lives on!

Bungling Employment Minister Chris Grayling has been promoted to bungling Secretary of State for Justice in today’s cabinet reshuffle, replacing Ken Clarke who has been demoted to minister who’s lost his portfolio.

Grayling will be relieved to be out of the DWP, where he was little more than a whipping boy for Iain Duncan Smith’s ludicrous and unworkable benefit bashing schemes.  But the promotion of a compulsive liar like Grayling to head the Justice Department is a risky strategy for a Government that’s as out of ideas as they are out of touch.

Grayling is unlikely to fair well when his lies are scrutinised by judges and barristers rather than benefit claimants.  Whilst his appointment represents a dark day for human rights, he is likely to prove the perfect example of what can happen when a fool is promoted above their level of competence.

Grayling may not feature as highly on this blog any longer which is a shame because he’s such a knob.  Tory spiv Grant Shapps, and Maria Killer Miller are also out of the picture, meaning new ministers for both disabled people and housing are on the cards.  It has yet to be announced who will replace them.

It is the news that Cameron pleaded with Iain Duncan Smith to leave his role as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions at the DWP which is most revealing.  IDS is now effectively squatting the DWP, without the support of the Prime Minister.  Whilst Grayling has dodged the upcoming Universal Credit car crash, Cameron remains firmly dazzled by the headlights.  He had his chance to end what could be a Tory Government destroying shambles and he bottled it.

Universal Credit is the new benefit regime dreamed up by Iain Duncan Smith on the back of an envelope after watching an episode of Shameless.  Millions of people are to be transferred to multi-billion pound new ‘big brother’ database.  All those currently claiming any benefit, including Child Benefit, could be bundled onto the computer system which is currently behind schedule and over budget.

This computer system, which underpins the new benefit, is set to be the most complex IT database ever built in history, anywhere.    Even, if by some miracle, it works, the plans are riddled with holes, and in some cases appear unworkable.

Changes planned to Council Tax Benefit as part of the new regime will leave Councils chasing benefit claimants through the courts for trivial amounts of money or facing huge budget shortfalls – a situation comparable to the Poll Tax.  The benefit caps, to be introduced next year, will plunge tens, if not hundreds of families into homelessness.  The ruthless assessment regime for sick and disabled claimants carried out by Atos is developing into a national scandal and almost the exact same system is about to be inflicted on over 2 million people claiming Disability Living Allowance.

Private sector poverty pimps running back to work schemes are struggling to find enough workfare placements with ever more charities and companies pulling out of forced labour.   Yet IDS keeps announcing endless new workfare schemes.  And the £5 billion Work Programme, designed to help the long term unemployed, appears to be doing quite the opposite. 

All of these problems could have disappeared had Cameron had the courage to sack Iain Duncan Smith.  Yet so scared is he of the Tory right he has chickened out, run away and left Iain Duncan Smith to die another day.  The far right of the Tory Party love Iain Duncan Smith who plunged the party into bitter splits and helped make them unelectable for a decade.  He may well do the same again, to the delight of some back benchers who would far rather be drinking gin and whinging about the communists in Government than doing any real work themselves.

The human curse that is Iain Duncan Smith may yet be the downfall of this toff Government.  The problem is he seems intent on dragging most of the rest of the country down with him.