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Are Tories Planning To Cut Tax Credits Because Iain Duncan Smith Thinks Parents Spend Them On Drugs?

Iain-Duncan-Smith-workfareAre the Tories really planning to cut Tax Credits because Iain Duncan Smith thinks struggling families spend them on drugs?

That’s the astonishing claim made by the Daily Telegraph after focussing on a part of Iain Duncan Smith’s speech this week which went unreported elsewhere in the press and was not included in the transcript published by The Spectator.

According to The Telegraph:  “Mr Duncan Smith indicated his party is preparing to review tax credits, which are paid to people on low incomes or with children. The system was introduced by Gordon Brown and has been criticised for subsidising low wages. They will cost £28bn this year, and the cost is forecast to rise £35bn by 2018/19.

He said the cash pushed people above an “arbitrary” poverty line on paper but failed to change their lives, and some “unproductive” people spent the extra money on drink and drugs rather than food for their children.

“Quite often you’d take a family that had been on drugs or abusing alcohol, much of that money would have been spent in the wrong place and their own families would remain officially over the poverty line but unofficially rooted in poor lives,” he said.

“I met many families where the adults are themselves are deeply addicted. Even beyond their abilities, the money that they get often goes in quite negative ways, drugs, alcohol. They don’t mean to harm their families, far from it, but their kids will then have to be raised in an environment which is well below the poverty line. You can’t measure that effect. They then don’t go to school, they don’t eat enough,”.

This followed a diatribe about the system of Tax Credits, which IDS called poverty plus a pound (he prefers just poverty).  In an ominous statement he then went on to say that Tax Credits had failed and asked us to  consider: “what more could have been achieved had that money been invested in a more focused way to create lasting improvements to people’s chances… be it higher attainment in schools, better budgeting skills, recovery from addiction, and so on.”

The implication is clear, IDS wants to get rid of Tax Credits and instead shovel yet more tax-payers cash into the pockets of crooks like G4S in exchange for failing to provide public services.

Of all Iain Duncan Smith messianic rantings yesterday, this is surely the biggest hint of what is to come in the unlikely event that the Tories win the next election.  Millions of “hard working families” currently claim Working Tax Credits, people George Osborne once called strivers.  Now it seems these parents could find their already meagre incomes are set to shrink even further.  And all because IDS has decided that people who are poor must be spending their money on drugs.

Comparing cutting disabled people’s housing benefit to ending slavery was a new low even for the increasingly deluded Iain Duncan Smith.  Or at least it seemed to be.  Suggesting that low-income parents will have to accept yet more cuts to in-work benefits –  already pegged to rise below the rate of inflation – because some of them take drugs is genuinely astonishing.  This is what these bastards really think of us.  No-one on a low income, whether in work or not, is safe from these parasites.

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We Are All Benefit Scroungers Daily Telegraph Figures Show

make-rich-payFigures published in today’s Daily Telegraph reveal that the vast majority of UK tax payers are likely to take far more out of the welfare budget than they ever pay in.

The Government are soon to send out statements showing how much tax people pay towards the social security budget, NHS and other government departments annually.  The Telegraph have used these figures to work out how much tax people are likely to pay over a lifetime in what appears to be a crude attempt to use big numbers to undermine support for publicly funded healthcare and the welfare state.

This had led the paper splashing a story across their front pages today  claiming: “A person who earns an average salary of £50,000 over a 43-year career will contribute £219,039 to state welfare and pension spending.”

The next sentence however reveals the truth of the situation: “They would have to receive the state pension for 38 years to become a net beneficiary.”

Now this may be optimistic, but it’s not impossible, meaning even some of the highest earners will get all the tax they spent on social security back in their pension.  The figures are also deliberately misleading.  Few people, even the highest paid, start their career on £50,000 a year, so these earners would have to be on significantly more than that by the time they retire for this to be a career average salary

Far more importantly the figures also show that someone on £25k a year,  just under the average wage of £26,500 (but still far more than many people earn), will pay a total of £80,854.19 towards the social security budget in their lifetime.

Pension Credit, the minimum income guaranteed for single pensioners is £145.40.  This means that an average earner who lives just ten years after retiring receives every penny they’ve paid into the social security system back in pension payments.

And this is assuming they didn’t have children.  A couple of kids means average earners will also receive around £30,000 in Child Benefit.

Whilst everybody’s circumstances are different, so precise calculations are impossible, it is likely that most of those on salaries of up to around £30/35k are a net drain on the social security budget.

And this is before what most people regard as benefits are even taken into account.  Any of these tax payers who have ever needed to claim in-work benefits such as tax or child credits, housing benefit or funding for child care will receive far more over their lifetimes.  On top of this, should they ever become unemployed, unwell or disabled, they will be be eligible for the increasingly scant support of the benefit system.

Whilst benefits are under attack like never before, the value of this level of social protection is still not insignificant.  Even the most basic private income protection insurance, which doesn’t include cover for disability and would only provide a tiny income for a year, is likely to cost around £20,000 over a 43 year career.  Job Seekers Allowance, the benefit for those unemployed, is just over 2% of total welfare sending, costing around £1,600 over the lifetime of the average tax payer.

But after they’ve received their pension and any child benefits, the vast majority of tax payers are actually getting this comprehensive social insurance for free!

The reason for this situation is the huge disparity in wealth in the UK.  Last year the Daily Telegraph ran a piece whinging that the top 1% of earners pay 30% of the tax.  But that’s because they’ve got so much of the money.  As recently pointed out by someone else (but I can’t remember who), if they had all the money, they’d pay all the tax and they’d no doubt still be fucking complaining.  This is despite the fact that almost all government spending is geared towards helping them become as rich as possible whilst remaining safe from the threat of crime or revolution.  The amount they pay in tax is nothing compared to the amount of profit they earn from our work.  That is why the rich keep getting richer and we keep getting poorer.

This chasm between the very rich, and the rest of us, means that most people, whatever they may think, are a drain on government spending.  So the next time you hear someone complaining about how their taxes pay for people on benefits perhaps you could gently remind them that the chances are they don’t pay a penny towards the benefit bill.  In fact it’s quite likely they are one of those benefit scroungers that everyone is always complaining about.

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Welfare Reform Is Costing A Fortune IDS Admits – And It’s Barely Even Begun

moneyThe Daily Telegraph managed to bludgeon together a front page story yesterday after Iain Duncan Smith’s panicky response to hecklers in Edinburgh  recently.

The hapless Secretary of State claimed the Government had given up trying to cut welfare spending and was now managing the rise in expenditure.  This was after a speech he gave was interrupted by protesters causing a flustered IDS to go off message and give a hint of the chaos behind his shambolic welfare reforms.

For once in his life Iain Duncan Smith was telling the truth.  Welfare spending is rising, but that’s only down to his bungled back of the envelope schemes along with the equally incompetent George Osborne’s mismanagement of the economy.

It is hardly surprising for example that the Housing Benefit bill is soaring when Westminster Council are now housing homeless families, evicted due to the  housing benefit cap, in 3 grand a week hotels.

It is little wonder that spending on in-work benefits is also rising when the so called fall in unemployment has really been an increase in workfare, part time jobs, zero hours contracts and tax credit funded self-employment.  On top of this some Jobcentres stand accused of encouraging employers to convert real jobs to workfare, whilst the Work Programme seems to be causing, not curing unemployment.

£6 billion is budgeted to be handed out to the very companies causing the Work Programme shambles.  Hundreds of millions more are being doled out to Atos who carry out the notorious assessments for sickness and disability benefits.  All that happens to those found ‘fit for work’ is that they are moved from sickness benefits to the dole.  Whilst this loss – of around just under £30 a week for most – can prove devastating for claimants, the saving to the tax payer is virtually wiped out by the cost of both the assessments and the hundreds of thousands of successful appeals against the company’s decisions.

The benefit bill is rising, but it’s not claimants who will see the money.  Quite the opposite is happening and it’s going to get worse.  Some  victims of the bedroom tax and council tax benefit reform may see their £71 a week (or just £56.25 for younger claimants) Jobseekers Allowance almost cut in half next month.  After paying for basic utilities, rent and council tax many people are going to be left with no money at all to buy food.  The long term cost of the homelessness, child poverty, ill health and family breakdown that this will cause can barely even be guessed at.

Still at least IT companies are being handed £2 billion a year to implement Universal Credit – half the amount spent annually on Jobseekers Allowance for those unemployed.  And this is already starting to look like money down the drain.  Monster Jobs even managed to scrounge almost £20 million to build a job search website that is little more than a spammer and scammer’s paradise with all too real safety concerns that may one day result in tragedy.

Once again the DWP are mired in industrial action after the shabby way they treat their own staff.  Meanwhile £1 million in back dated wages is set to be paid out after Iain Duncan Smith illegally sacked thousands of Jobcentre workers.

The DWP’s attempt to pay fast and loose with the Courts has already led to rushed concessions to the bedroom tax, which faces even more legal challenges.  And as unemployment began to rise again this month, half the DWP management were scrambling to cover up for ministerial lies about benefit sanction league tables, whilst Iain Duncan Smith was busy  retrospectively changing the law after another legal blunder.  The legal bill alone at the DWP must be costing a fortune.

As for the skiving and rarely seen Employment Minister Mark Hoban, we seem to be paying him to sit at home all day on his silk cushions and watch his no doubt tax payer funded plasma TV.

Welfare reform is certainly hurting, but it isn’t working.  But don’t expect this Government to change track.  It is Iain Duncan Smith’s arrogance that is costing tax payers billions of pounds.  His deluded obsession that unemployment is caused by unemployed people and bodged response to every shrill benefit bashing headline in the gutter right wing press is costing us all a fortune.

Welfare spending is soaring, but still the safety net of the welfare state is disappearing.  Rarely has any government department been managed as chaotically as the current mess at the DWP.  Yet Iain Duncan Smith ploughs on regardless, impoverishing those who already had nothing whilst handing out billions to the private sector poverty pimps living the high life on the welfare reform gravy train.

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Daily Mail Readers Back Benefits – Shock Poll Result

Over 80% of Daily Mail readers have slammed Cameron’s brutal plans to slash Housing Benefit for those under 25 reveals a poll on the paper’s website.

In a shocking blow to Cameron’s planned welfare reforms, it appears that the squeezed middle classes and now turning on the vicious benefit slashing agenda.  It is quite likely that many Daily Mail readers were horrified at the thought of having to accommodate their adult children should they be unable to find well paying jobs when they leave university.

Whilst the poorly thought through plans have been met with a mixture of ridicule and contempt elsewhere, Cameron might have thought the Tory press would stand behind him.  And (with the exception of The Sun) by and large they did.  The Sun knows that many of their readers will be in low paid work, or pensioners, and likely to be claiming Housing Benefits themselves.  It appears that the The Mail are not quite so in touch with their readership.

Housing Benefit is fundamental to the Welfare State.  Paid to those in and out of work alike, as well as parents, pensioners, sick and disabled people, it ensures, in most cases, that people have somewhere to lay their heads at night.  Cameron has assumed that people won’t understand that Housing Benefit is a crude sticking plaster for an out of control private rental sector.  It’s unlikely Cameron has ever even had a conversation that wasn’t stage managed with someone claiming Housing Benefit.

This is in stark contrast to the baby boomer Daily Mail generation, many of whom have working class parents, who may even now be claiming benefits towards their housing costs.  They are the generation that got lucky and in many cases benefited from soaring house prices.  They can see that their children are unlikely to be quite so lucky.

Slowly but surely the scrounger stories are being replaced by tales of homelessness, food banks and cancer patients being stripped of benefits.  Perhaps people are finally waking up to the stark reality, which is that the Welfare State is good value for all but the very rich and it won’t just be the poor who suffer should it be dismantled.

It’s not just Daily Mail readers who have rejected the ludicrous proposals.  The Daily Telegraph ran a similar poll the day before Cameron’s speech asking the same question.  Once again Cameron’s plans were roundly rejected.

So desperate were The Telegraph to prop up Cameron’s welfare onslaught that they ran the same poll the next day – changing the wording slightly in the hope of a more favourable result for the Tory Party.

It didn’t quite work out the way they hoped, with even more of their readership rejecting the plans – around 70%.

Unlike the Tory Party cabinet, most people aren’t multi-millionaires.  Even those on the political right seem to be waking up to the Bullingdon Boy’s onslaught.  Unlike Thatcher, with her council house give away, Cameron’s Tories have never had anything to offer the working class.  These polls reveal that even those in leafy suburbia are turning their back on the ex-etonian and his chinless chums.

One of the highest rated comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of Cameron’s speech reveals what most decent hard working people think of this toff Government and their banker cronies:

“Demonising the poor to deflect attention from the scum that put our country in this financial disaster. Why aren’t these City Of London/Wall Street criminals in jail, yet?”

A statement that more and more people will agree with as the public school Oxbridge elite cause yet more havoc in the lives of all those who weren’t born with a silver spoon jammed down their throats.

Daily Telegraph Plugs Holocaust Denier!

Now far be it for us to call the Daily Telegraph a bunch of dodgy old nazis but it seems like they’re finally coming out of the closet and showing their true colours.

Although it seems to be gardening boots rather than jackboots that this bunch of doddering tories will be wearing.

The Telegraph website today features an article on the joys of gardening in line with the cycles of the moon.  Like good little Himmlers it seems they like a bit of hippy new age nonsense to go with the gas chambers.  The story itself is basically a harmless enough piece of nuttiness, something for the wife to natter about as she has her blue rinse touched up before shagging the gardener.

But who should crop up at the end but holocaust denier extraodinaire and all round fruitloop Dr Nick Kollerstrom. The Torygraph plugs his daft book and website about ‘moon gardening’ at the end of the piece.

For those not in the know, this is the man who claimed that Auschwitz was like a holiday camp and that the gas chambers were a ‘legend’.

Next week in the Torygraph read Nick Griffen’s guide to windows boxes follwed a new series on pest control by green fingered David Irving.