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Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

CPAGSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban will be dragging his lazy arse off his taxpayer funded silk cushions this week to attend the annual conference for the welfare-to-work sector. Hoban will be giving the opening speech at the conference, despite his recent admission that he doesn’t understand the benefits system.

A whole host of workfare parasites will be joining him where they will munch down on vol-au-vents whilst discussing how to further harass and bully benefit claimants.  With prices set at a whopping £414 even for the cheapest ticket,  it is clear that claimants themselves are not welcome at the event.

These prices are unlikely to bother the bloated welfare-to-work companies.   Iain Duncan Smith’s endless crazy schemes are shoveling tax payers cash into their pockets faster than they can spend it.  Some of our money is being used for the three course ‘Networking dinner’ which will be held at ‘prestigious venue within Manchester’ as part of the event.

The conference is being held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex and along with Hoban will feature representatives from G4S, The Shaw Trust, A4e and Working Links.  The knees up is being organised by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI), a think tank whose main role seems to be providing pseudo-intellectual cover for the vicious workfare and benefit sanctioning regime at the DWP.

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, it will not just be the money grabbing welfare-to-work companies in attendance.  Several charities are also lined up to attend such as Scope, Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and the Child Poverty Action Group (@CPAGUK) who astonishingly are even official supporters of the event*.

CPAG claim to be a “leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty”.  Yet they are not just attending a conference where private sector poverty pimps will be discussing new ways to bully and impoverish lone parents on benefits, they are even helping to pay for it!

Throughout the conference delegates will be using the hashtag #w2w2013,  where they will no doubt be tweeting the usual  self-congratulatory bullshit as they desperately try and justify their own empty lives.  Why not join the conversation on Tuesday 9th July and let them know what decent people think of Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers in the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry.

UPDATE: Latest information suggests that CPAG claim not to have paid to sponsor the event, but seem happy to be listed as official supporters anyway.  It’s murky, ask them what’s going on.

It’s not too late to join in with the Week of Action Against Workfare.

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