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Snouts In The Trough, Let’s Make Sure Everyone Knows What Welfare-to-work Industry Parasites Are Up To #intowork2014

Delegates at tomorrow's workfare conference will enjoy a slap up meal whilst their victims queue outside foodbanks

Delegates at tomorrow’s workfare conference will enjoy a slap up meal whilst their victims queue outside foodbanks

Child poverty, eviction, special dietary needs going unmet, ill health, street homelessness, depression, suicide attempts, self-harming, relationships fracturing, utilities being disconnected, people with mental health conditions being sectioned, claimants forced to beg, go through bins or steal to survive – all of these things have been well documented as the consequences of benefit sanctions.  And all of them are acceptable as punishment for missing a meeting with your fucking Work Programme provider the vile participants in tomorrow’s workfare conference believe.

Almost one million benefit sanctions are now handed out every year by Jobcentres and the welfare-to-work sector. Benefit sanctions are one of the main reasons so many families are queuing at foodbanks.  Children are not just going hungry, but without toys, clothes, days out, Christmas or birthday presents, all because their parent’s have committed the crime of being unemployed.  No-one is left out.  Sick or disabled claimants, found unable to work at present, can still be sent on workfare or face being plunged into destitution by sanctions.

From the gushing tweets on the hashtag for tomorrow’s conference   it is clear those involved in this vindictive regime are proud of what they do.  They expect us to believe they are helping people, when all they are really doing is helping themselves to billions of pounds of tax payer’s money.  Britain’s biggest benefit scam is based on the lie that unemployment is caused by unemployed people and that no-one ever manages to find a job without the shoddy help of thieves like A4e and G4S.  The truth is that they just pick up huge job outcome payments on the back of normal churn in an employment market where real full employment is neither feasible nor desirable according to the think-tank who helped design these schemes.  A think-tank funded, incidentally, by the welfare-to-work sector.

Whilst those whose lives they have demolished queue outside foodbanks, delegates at tomorrow’s conference will enjoy a slap up dinner at the plush Crown Plaza Hotel.  Some tickets for tomorrow’s event cost an astonishing £450.  There is no shortage of our money being squandered on this back-slapping celebration of bullying unemployed, sick or disabled people.  If you only do one thing tomorrow, then make sure to let these parasites know what you think of the fucking disgrace that is the welfare-to-work industry.

Visit Boycott Workfare’s website for info on how to contact those involved in the conference and please spread the word.  We may not be able to stop these scum – yet – but we can make sure that everybody knows exactly what these poverty profiteers are up to.

Tweet using hashtag

Sign and share the petition calling for benefit sanctions to be stopped without exceptions.

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Take Action: CESI Festival of Workfare Exploiters and Apologists #intowork2014

brumconferencebwFrom Boycott Workfare

This annual gathering of organisations profiting from workfare – or hoping to – is being held at the Arena Convention Centre in Liverpool on Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th July.

If you’re near Liverpool, take part in the protest as the conference opens on Tue 8 July at 9am-12noon.

Wherever you are, why not let the private companies, charities and think tanks involved know what you think online #intowork2014. If you only have a minute – use our handy tweet buttons!

The conference is being organised by CESI (Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion) – self appointed ‘thought leaders’ in the welfare to work industry. People who make their money supporting policies that mean forced unpaid labour and poverty for many, but escalating profits for the few.   Tweet them @InclusionCESI

More info and details of the bastards involved at Boycott Workfare

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Day 1: Take Online Action Against The Workfare Conference Monday 2nd December

sanction-sabsOn Monday 2nd December the welfare-to-work industry will be splashing out yet more tax payers’ money on their annual workfare conference in a plush Central London venue.

Workfare exploiters like the Shaw Trust and the Salvation Army will be gathering to discuss how to further profit from the huge increase in unpaid work. From April next year hundreds of thousands of unemployed people will be forced to work for free for six months or face losing benefits completely. The cost of this scheme is estimated to be £300 million. Most of this cash will end up lining the pockets of the welfare-to-work sector – companies like A4E, G4S, Ingeus and Serco who specialise in forcing people to work without pay.

Many of these companies will be present at Monday’s conference where tickets cost up to a whopping £534 in some cases. Claimants are clearly not welcome at the conference unlike Employment Minister Esther McVey and Matthew Sinclair from hard right think tank the Tax Payer’s Alliance who will both be giving speeches at the event. The Tax Payer’s Alliance recently released a report calling for permanent workfare for those out of work even if this is due to sickness or disability.

The conference is being organised by ERSA, the trade body established to represent the welfare-to-work racket along with the Centre for Social Inclusion (CESI).

Boycott Workfare will be holding a noise demo outside the conference from 12.30pm as part of the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions . A day of online protest has been called targeting the sponsors of the event who hope to gain some positive publicity from being associated with this workfare love-in. Contact them on social media and let’s make sure that doesn’t work out quite in the way they hoped as they are named and shamed for their support of forced work.

Delegates at Monday’s conference will be tweeting using the hashtag #ERSA2013 so add this to all tweets. Don’t forget to tweet conference organisers ERSA and CESI themselves: @ersa_news  @InclusionCESI

Sponsors of the conference include:

Learn Direct, who can be found at:  @learndirect


Work Programme providers the Shaw Trust are at: @Shaw_Trust


Training charity Catch 22 who recently advised the Department for Education that the new unpaid Traineeships Work placements should be shown “to provide a commercial advantage to employers” can be found at: @Catch22charity


Spirit Resourcing are sponsoring the delegate packs: @HelloSpirit https://www.facebook.com/spiritresourcing

pauline-pensWelfare-to-work recruitment agency R3 Welfare & Skills will be sponsoring the pens at the conference: @R3WelfareSkills

Don’t forget to sign the petition calling for an end to all benefit sanctions without exceptions.

This week: take action to stop workfare and sanctions

Boycott-Workfare-Poster-ColourThe Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions begins tomorrow (Monday December 2nd) with a noise protest outside the annual welfare-to-work conference.

There will be online actions everyday, announced on the Boycott Workfare website (and probably here a bit later).  Tomorrow will see online action aimed at the ERSA conference where delegates will be tweeting using the hashtag #ERSA2013 – more details are to come on how to challenge the poverty profiteering conference online.

Please help spread the word and share, tweet and blog details of all events both on and offline!

Here’s the list of what’s taking place so far via Boycott Workfare:

Things are very wrong: each month 70,000 people face hunger and hardship due to benefit stoppages – ‘sanctions’. Millions of hours of work which should be paid are being replaced by workfare. But we’re taking action and having an impact.

This week, from 2-8 December,  join thousands of others across the UK to push back against sanctions and workfare – with action online and on your high street. Here’s the latest list of actions planned across the UK. Let us know if you’re planning something too and check back here Monday-Friday to take online action every day.

Edinburgh: flyering all week and a demo on Saturday 7th

Glasgow: Anti-workfare protest at Poundland, 70-74 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow Sat 7th December from 12.30 to 2.30 https://www.facebook.com/events/234274440075306/

Cardiff: Wednesday 4 December at 6:30pm, Marks and Spencer – 72/76 Queen Street, Cardiff


  • Noise Demo at workfare industry conference at the University of London, 12.30pm 2nd Decemeber
  • Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group demo at Hammersmith Job Centre against the introduction of Universal Credit. Meet 11am on Wednesday 4th December at Hammersmith Job Centre, Glenn House, 22 Glenthorne Road, W6 0PP
  • M&S picket, Islington – Sunday 8th December 1pm outside Holloway Road M&S
  • M&S picket, Wood Green – Sunday 8th December 2pm outside Wood Green High Road M&S (Nearest tube: Turnpike Lane)

Reading: Saturday 7th 4pm at Reading town centre. Planning meeting for the action on Tuesday at 7pm.

Please sign/share/tweet the petition calling for all benefit sanctions to be scrapped without exceptions: http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/benefit-sanctions-must-be-stopped-without-exceptions-in-uk?bucket&time=1385073159

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Claimants Not Welcome At This Week’s Workfare Love In

CPAGSkiving Employment Minister Mark Hoban will be dragging his lazy arse off his taxpayer funded silk cushions this week to attend the annual conference for the welfare-to-work sector. Hoban will be giving the opening speech at the conference, despite his recent admission that he doesn’t understand the benefits system.

A whole host of workfare parasites will be joining him where they will munch down on vol-au-vents whilst discussing how to further harass and bully benefit claimants.  With prices set at a whopping £414 even for the cheapest ticket,  it is clear that claimants themselves are not welcome at the event.

These prices are unlikely to bother the bloated welfare-to-work companies.   Iain Duncan Smith’s endless crazy schemes are shoveling tax payers cash into their pockets faster than they can spend it.  Some of our money is being used for the three course ‘Networking dinner’ which will be held at ‘prestigious venue within Manchester’ as part of the event.

The conference is being held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex and along with Hoban will feature representatives from G4S, The Shaw Trust, A4e and Working Links.  The knees up is being organised by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (CESI), a think tank whose main role seems to be providing pseudo-intellectual cover for the vicious workfare and benefit sanctioning regime at the DWP.

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, it will not just be the money grabbing welfare-to-work companies in attendance.  Several charities are also lined up to attend such as Scope, Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and the Child Poverty Action Group (@CPAGUK) who astonishingly are even official supporters of the event*.

CPAG claim to be a “leading charity campaigning for the abolition of child poverty”.  Yet they are not just attending a conference where private sector poverty pimps will be discussing new ways to bully and impoverish lone parents on benefits, they are even helping to pay for it!

Throughout the conference delegates will be using the hashtag #w2w2013,  where they will no doubt be tweeting the usual  self-congratulatory bullshit as they desperately try and justify their own empty lives.  Why not join the conversation on Tuesday 9th July and let them know what decent people think of Britain’s biggest benefit scroungers in the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry.

UPDATE: Latest information suggests that CPAG claim not to have paid to sponsor the event, but seem happy to be listed as official supporters anyway.  It’s murky, ask them what’s going on.

It’s not too late to join in with the Week of Action Against Workfare.

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The £300 A Day Youth Unemployment Conference Where Unemployed People Aren’t Welcome

workfare-protestA youth employment conference is taking place in London today where assorted workfare sharks and poverty pimps will be discussing the latest ways exploit young unemployed people whilst fleecing the tax payer.

Spokespeople from the welfare to work sector will be out in force all day pretending that they can fix unemployment by fixing unemployed people.  Both G4S and Working Links are listed as sponsors of the event

Unemployed people themselves will not be welcome at the event which is being held in the prestigious (and expensive) QE2 Conference Centre.  Some tickets cost an astonishing £612, the same amount a young person workfare would receive whilst working full time for over 11 weeks.

The hashtag for the event is #YEC2013 where workfare exploiters will be patting themselves on their backs over how much money they are making out of unemployment whilst they shovel vol au vents down their over-privileged necks.  Tell them what you think or contact the conference organisers @CESIevents

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