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Wednesday 8th July – DPAC Return to Parliament in a day of action to say #Balls2TheBudget.

assorted-game-ballsvia Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

DPAC joined by Class War, Streets Kitchen, Black Dissidents & others
Balls to the Budget
Wednesday 8th July, 10.30 am
Downing St

Big balls, small balls, footballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, handballs, rubber balls, plastic balls, flour balls, paint balls, canon balls, beachballs, hairballs, furballs, glitter balls, gumballs, basketballs, garlic balls, initialed balls, personalised balls.

Get creative.

Balls to austerity;
Balls to taking our rights;
Balls to taking our jobs;
Balls to cutting our services;
Balls to bankers bonuses;
Balls to cutting the ILF;
Balls to Met Police;
Balls to cuts to Access to Work;
Balls to cuts to Social Care;
Balls to the Bedroom Tax;
Balls to Workfare & Sanctions;
Balls to Forced Treatments;
Balls to Maximus, Atos & PIP;
Balls to Child Poverty & inequality;
Balls to low pay & exploiting workers;
Balls to anti-homless laws;
Balls to stifling protest;
Balls to migrant bashing, racism & Islamophobia;
Balls to cuts to Housing, Education, NHS, Legal Aid, Womens Refuges, CAMHS and much much more.

Then, afterwards – We Are Going Back.
11.30 The Lobby, House of Commons.

Bring balls.
Online: Twitter from 10.30 am till yer tweeting fingers wear out

Take part online by using and sharing: #Balls2TheBudget

There is a tweetlist you can use here: http://dftr.org.uk/Songbird.php?TweetFile=Balls2theBudget

Please spread the word!

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Nothing But Fear For the Very Poorest in This Budget

The one thing that will stand out in today’s budget speech was multi-millionaire George Osborne’s pledge to cut £10 billion from the welfare budget before 2016.

Already there is a plan to cut 20% from the budget for Disability Living Allowance by introducing brutal new Atos style tests.  Around a third of people are being stripped of sickness benefits creating possibly the most vicious welfare system in the developed world.  Housing Benefit cuts mean homelessness is already soaring.  It’s difficult to conceive the devastation in people’s lives if these cuts go even further.  Job Seekers Allowance only costs around £5 billion a year, sickness benefits around £8 billion.  Both are vital unless the Government is happy watching the sick die on the streets whilst the unemployed youth ransack Tesco for dinner every night.

Pensions and Working Tax Credit make up the bulk of Welfare Spending.  It seems likely that Working Tax Credit is one benefit which will be further cut.  Already Housing Benefit cuts are forcing thousands of low paid workers into rent arrears and homelessness.  This makes a mockery of raising the income tax threshold.  They are simply giving with one hand whilst taking far more with the other.  The very poorest don’t even pay tax.  Someone working for minimum wage for 25 hours a week will not be one penny better off after this budget. More people than ever are being forced into part time work, something which masks the true employment crisis. The freeze on Minimum Wage for the young means low paid young people are facing an effective pay cut.  And the price of fags is going up.

Billionaires got their predicted tax cut.  Tens of thousands of pounds placed in the pockets of the odious rich.  Bosses are in for a bumper bonus due to Corporation Tax cuts.  Middle class parents also get a bung with the ludicrously complicated plans for Child Benefit leaving many of them better off than previously announced.  In fact unless lower and higher income tax rates are adjusted, all earners will benefit from the raising of the tax allowance.  All except the lowest paid of course, who if they earn enough to pay tax at all, will see it clawed back in benefit and tax credit cuts.

£10 billion pounds, taken from people already destitute, will pay for this give away.  This is the reverse of what Lib Dem scum claimed was a Robin Hood budget.  The liberal rich and middle classes should remember this next time they attempt to salve their consciences by chucking a homeless bloke a quid.  He helped fund your tax cuts.  Don’t that make you feel proud?