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BNP to Hold Illegal Rave!

We never had ’em down as a bunch of crusties but the muppets in the BNP are threatening to hold their Red, White and Blue festival without a licence this Summer.

In a victory for anti-fascists police demanded certain conditions before a festival licence was granted, an entirely normal move as festival organisers up and down the country would testify.  But it seems that on this occasion those supporters of law and order in the BNP decided the law doesn’t apply to them and in a strop withdrew the application.

According to Antifa, who were there, BNP crook John Walker whinged:

“We came here with an open mind. As it went on we came to the conclusion that it was becoming a farce because of the hoops we were being asked to jump through by Derbyshire Police. The police have caved in to mob rule. We are going to withdraw this application and this event will go ahead without a licence.”

The mob rule presumably refers to the anti-fascists demonstrators in town for the licence hearing who were surrounded by police and Forward Intelligence Teams outside the building.

Inside the police were requesting that the BNP erected a fence around the festival and installed security lighting.  This is not an unusual request (just ask Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis) and one made because of the promise by anti-fascists to stop the festival from taking place.

The skinflint BNP were obviously too broke to pay for this which would explain their pathetic outburst.  Anti-fascists from across the country have vowed to do their public duty and stop the event taking place if the BNP decide to flout the law and go ahead.

It will be interesting to see whose side the old bill take given their traditional suport for the fascists in any confrontation.

Holding an unlicenced event is punishable by a fine of up to £5000 or six months in the slammer.  Added to this if music is played at night then the police can invoke the infamous criminal justice act and seize sound equipemt, using force if necessary.  Then there’s the small matter of the alcohol licencing laws.

The BNP are saying now’t on their website.

Stop the Red, White and Blue Festival

The mobilisation against the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival due to be held in Derbyshire later in the year grows stronger everyday.

Anti-fascists have organised a demonstration at the licencing hearing which is due to be held on June 10th at the Council Chamber, Ripley Town Hall from 7pm. Meanwhile a website has been set up to provide updates on plans to stop these boneheads having their annual piss up which generally ends in the leadership of the right wing muppets beating each other up.

Stay up to date at: http://nobnpfestival.wordpress.com/

Woke up this morning, got myself a gun

A BNP candidate in Barnsley was arrested this week after appearing to brandish a gun at reporters who had turned up to ask him about his previous convictions.

Simon Goodricke, a former Detective Constable was being asked about his conviction for dishonestly obtaining money after he tricked an 80 year old woman out of £1000. Goodricke also has a conviction for perverting the course of justice for which he spent 18 months banged up.

In the London mayoral elections our mantra is neither crook, nor toff, nor copper nor nazi.

Up North the BNP appear to be offering a three in one deal.

BNP man arrested in ‘gun’ drama

Stop the BNP Festival!

Last year supporters of the BNP met in Derbyshire for their annual RWB (Red, White and Blue) festival which included such family entertainment as watching a BNP councillor glass one of the event organisers.

Here’s a brief review of a former BNP festival courtesy of Searchlight:

“A drunken (Luke) Smith was revelling in the attention he was getting. “Do you know who I am?” he shouted at one BNP supporter who asked him to keep his voice down. “I’m a councillor, you know”.

Security eventually moved in. Martin Reynolds, the Leeds BNP organiser, and part of the security team, moved in to usher Smith away. An argument broke out as Smith refused to go. Words were exchanged and Reynolds hit Smith’s friend in the face, instantly splitting the man’s nose and drawing blood.

Everyone in the beer tent turned to watch the show.

Smith’s friends rose to give him their support. Other stewards came in and a bigger fight broke out. Three or four Burnley hooligans went for Reynolds. He was forced down and that’s when Smith lifted his Stella bottle. In one swift move he brought it crashing down into Reynolds’ left eye, instantly opening up a nasty gash.

Another Burnley hooligan was less successful. He was on the receiving end of a three punch combination by Leeds hooligan Tony McDonnell and was knocked unconscious.

Reynolds was eventually taken to Leeds Royal Infirmary where he received seven stitches for his cut.”

Former BNP Councillor, Alan Warner, who hosted the event, has said that the festival will be back in Derbyshire again this year.

Anti-fascists from acroos the UK have vowed to stop them.


Former BNP Councillor, Alan Warner, who hosted the event, has said that the festival will be back in Derbyshire again this year.

Shame on the BBC …

… for giving Nick Griffen a virtually unopposed platform on Newsnight

and for assuming that someone like Griffen is an apt spokesperson for the white, working class.

One class, one class war.

The level of melatonin in someone’s skin or where they or their grandparents happen to have been born is a divisive irrelevence.

New kids on the block, the eloquently named Class War Youth Death Brigade say it well.

(sorry for the ranting, the void was pissed and pissed off)