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Kollerstrom and Co Collapse

The troothers are currently tearing themselves to pieces on the ‘was the jews what done it’ forum. After we spoke to Conway Hall about the upcoming event featuring holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom we were  accused of working for the MOD/MI5/MOSSAD. … Continue reading

Kollerstrom Cancelled!

yep, latest news from the fine folks at Conway Hall is that the event has been cancelled and they were unaware that Kollerstrom would be speaking.

Holocaust Denier Nick Kollerstrom to appear at Conway Hall

“Conway Hall is a landmark of London’s independent intellectual, political and cultural life. For over one hundred years the Ethical Society had its centre at South Place in the City of London, where it fostered freedom in moral and spiritual … Continue reading

Kollerstrom lies again

Our favourite holocaust denier and ex-UCL Research Fellow has been spouting his mouth again this time apparantly denying that he’s a holocaust denier. The fetid muppet recently featured on an English language Iranian TV station (no bias there then) to … Continue reading

Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom … so over

“22 April 2008 UCL has been made aware of views expressed by Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom, an Honorary Research Fellow in UCL Science & Technology Studies. The position of Honorary Research Fellow is a privilege bestowed by departments within UCL on … Continue reading

Kollerstrom Vanishes from UCL Website

This time last week Nick Kollerstrom, holocaust denier extroadinaire, 911 truther and all round tosspot was listed as a research fellow on UCL’s website. Today his name appears to have disappeared. Shame.

Kollerstrom speaks

Nick Kollerstrom has repeated his opinions on the holocaust on the nineeleven ‘truth’ boards in a diatribe moaning that he’s being picked on and nobody likes him. Kollerstrom fingers Blairwatch and Rachel North claiming that “I’ve never in my life … Continue reading

Kollerstrom … the beginning of the end

Respec’ to pk via urban 75 Download, print out, stick up around UCL, job done.

Daily Telegraph Plugs Holocaust Denier!

Now far be it for us to call the Daily Telegraph a bunch of dodgy old nazis but it seems like they’re finally coming out of the closet and showing their true colours. Although it seems to be gardening boots … Continue reading

Dear UCL …

To: <> Cc:, Dear Ms Fourniol I am writing concerning Nicholas Kollerstrom who I understand is a Research Fellow at UCL. You may be interested to note that Mr Kollerstrom is an active supporter of Holocaust Denial … Continue reading