The Future Is There For The Taking, Now Is The Time To Wage Class War Against The Rich

class-war-500The pampered middle classes of the so-called left are furious.  “Racists” they spit from their white only enclaves whilst Eastern Europeans on the minimum wage clean up their shit in the background.  How dare the poor not vote the way the privileged demanded.  What betrayal, they rage, that those with nothing might have put house prices, foreign holidays and cheap au pairs at risk.

The likelihood of course is that none of those things are will be significantly  affected.  There will certainly be no forced deportations or militarised borders.  The negotiations to leave the EU will be a swamp that may yet end more political careers. Up to two million UK citizens living in the EU is a big bargaining chip for the Brussels bureacrats.  No dramatic change is coming overnight.

But even the merest chance that that just for once politics might actually affect them is enough to send the metropolitan elite into meltdown. Now we will see the nasty side of the latte slurping lefties who pretended to be on our side.  The contempt for the most marginalised that has simmered for generations is already on full display.  They will  gloat to the thick racists that King Boris is coming with the most right wing administration in history.  They will secretly cheer if more cuts are announced.  And they don’t even seem to have noticed that the leader of  a government that has attacked the working class like never before has just resigned in humiliation.  David Cameron – the pig-fucking posh boy has gone.  No matter what your views on the referendum if that isn’t a reason to raise a glass then you have no soul.

To believe this vote was purely about immigration is a comfortable deception for the privileged.  Better that than it representing a war cry from the powerless and a plague on all elites, left or right.  It is true that migration has hit working class wages in some sectors and placed pressure on housing and services in some areas* whilst the only response from those unaffected – or who have benefitted – has been disdain.  But it is equally true that if people got paid properly, if the social security system had not been demolished, if the NHS were adequately funded and there was a council house for everyone, then few would really give that much of a shit about immigration policy.  This referendum was the result of all out class war waged on those with least that has driven millions into insecurity and often desperate poverty.  And the poorest, the ordinary, the forgotten and the dismissed have fought back in the only way that was possible.  The working class fucking bites.  Get used to it.

Because what is now needed is escalation on all fronts. It’s time to move beyond marching or empty speeches, and to forge a struggle that makes the ruling class tremble.  To not allow racists, or fascists, to exploit this result, but to take, and keep the political initiative.  To show any Tory or Labour politician who thinks this result justifies more attacks on the poor that they are as out of touch as ever. The EU, an institution that is neo-liberal to the core and an austerity machine, has been defeated in the UK.  The architects of cut throat capitalism are in disarray.  There will never be a bigger opportunity, the future is there for the taking and we have more power than we ever dreamed of.  So let’s put aside any differences the last few weeks have created, and start to fight, really fight for a country that is actually worth living in.  For everybody, no matter where they came from.

*This sentence was amended slightly as it was too broadly drawn. and that affected the tone of the piece.  Sloppy writing, sorry.

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607 responses to “The Future Is There For The Taking, Now Is The Time To Wage Class War Against The Rich

  1. To be honest Johnny, I voted remain, not because I’m rich or elitist, but because I truly believe that the EU puts checks and balances on the tories particularly with regard to the treatment of disabled people; but you seem to be advocating that leaving the EU is a good thing.

    • If you want to protect the disabled in or out of the EU you need to kick the Tories out. Yes the EU puts checks and balances in place and the Tories just ignore them.

    • As someone who works in the care industry I cannot see any danger of the quality of care currently being provided to anyone changing. The budget cuts to staffing levels etc in the industry in the last several years have all come about as a direct result of an overburdened healthcare system. I’m not going to get into a debate about disability eligibility as that is something different entirely (and yes obviously can be levelled partially at the current government and those that went before). Although I’d wager leaving the EU was a difficult decision for the majority of those that voted it will, after the two year divorce period, clearly improve life for those in care and those that provide care. In very simple terms think of the current healthcare system as a glass of water and only that kept within the glass as being eligible for care. If you continue to pour water into it the glass will spill over obviously. That was what, prior to the 23rd, we were facing and it would not have been pretty. Some can try and label simple economics as racism but the reason why a lot of ordinary voters choose to leave was merely to keep the country afloat with vital public services for their friends and family intact. And that my friends isn’t bigotry in any shape or form but love.

      • Although I do not fully share your views, it has always been a feature of my blog that I actively encourage differing views as I think it makes for informed debate. I will watch with interest as events unfold. X

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    • paultheswineherd

      thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady – Yes, I also voted ‘Remain’
      I was under the impression that there was at least some ‘protection’ for ‘ordinary’ as well as people on benefits, sick and the disabled too, by being part of the E.U. In effect, so far it seems they have done nothing to help these people. By coming out of Europe, any protection that was there will most likely be gone.
      An totally unfettered right-wing Tory Government (if it remains in power) will NOT stop – they will feel even more free to carry on – making up and changing the laws as they go.
      Someone on here had the audacity to say that I did not know what I was talking about – well, in fact I do!
      For the best part of 2 years now, I have been reading posts on here, watching the ‘trusted’ national newspapers and I have been more than aware of what the Tories & the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition, (as well as New Labour before them) have done to all of these people.
      And now, it seems that they are also turning on the ‘working poor’ (such as myself!) – with the Universal Credit/Tax Credit cuts coming in in April 2017.
      There has been cruelty beyond imagination inflicted by various Work & Pensions Ministers, but especially by IDS.
      As Truth Teller says below (although we may come out of the EU) at present the same Tories are in power – nothing is going to stop them doing more of these cruel policies and in fact it could be worse if they are not stopped in some way.
      The only way is to kick them out (but at present are Labour any better – I fear not – they have definitely not said (as far as I am aware) that they are going to reverse/stop all of the Tories cruel policies.

      • Very troubling times indeed Paul; all we can do is watch and wait …

      • Yeah but doesn’t it make you wonder why the right wing tabloids wanted Out? Come on! Who would be on the side of Rupert Murdoch et al or Nigel garage’s disgusting tactics? I know the EU isn’t perfect but I believe in Reform form within and with Scotland possibly leaving the UK we will be in for a permanent Tory government, even worse than the ones we have now if that is possible….
        I listened to people I trusted like Harry Leslie Smith, Owen Jones and Caroline Lucas…

    • Yeah agreed wibblywobbly. Now Johnny V is making sweeping generalisations about remainers 😦

    • I also voted Remain. Not because I endorse the EU, but because the Tories now off their lash is a much worse prospect that remaining would have been. They’re authoritarians, now they will become utter despots as we disengage from at least a degree of international scrutiny and accountability. Next we will leave the ECHR. We have not got anything to fall back on to protect those who will suffer as a consequence, because of the implications for protective human rights. Sure, in an ideal society we wouldn’t need ’em, but 6 years of dog whistle politics has let the jackals and hounds off the leash. I agree the vote response is about class, inequality not race. But talking to the mates I have who voted leave, they really do seem to think it’s down to immigration on the whole. You explain , they get angry and incoherent. What I’m saying is many don’t recognise that it’s about class, they just know they’re pissed off with everything.

      I’m a left leaning anarchist. The party system is fucked, and the labour . movement got shot by both sides, and that’s from working class grassroots soldiers opening fire as much as it’s from the ranks. It’s not just the state that’s fucked, we live in a society where people think there’s no alternative way of organising. We’ve had our differences, Johnny, you couldn’t get away with me supporting a labour vote before the GE. But they’d have given us a better platform from which to rally, protest, push, campaign and change things than this bunch of authoritarian bastards. I’ve never believed they were the final answer, just a starting point. People are dying because of Tory policies in the 1,000s. Another reason I wanted the Tories out. 4 of my mats are dead because of this government’s policies.

      We’re going to have to work collaboratively and co-operatively with our left comrades anyway, calling ’em all middle class latte slurping lefties ain’t gonna help.

  2. I agree. This is a real opening for change, with a chance for us to direct that change.

    I think far more people have woken up and the out vote is a finger up to the establishment.

    Well Cameron is gone, leaving a gap for the RW Tories, but I think we could have a General Election soon because of this.

    Thats another opportunity to kick back.

    More and more people will become affected if the RW stay in power and in the long run that will fuel and mobilise the working classes and also the poorer middle classes as the cuts will likely affect them too. Once they join the revolt, our influence will grow stronger…..

    Today is a good day. We are not there yet and there is likely to be more pain, but change takes time. We are on the move………

    • No we won’t have a general election soon as Cameron got fixed terms through tge commons and lords. The next general election is in May 2020.

      • Tories will no longer have a mandate? This is what is being put forward by politicians on both sides?

        • paultheswineherd

          Kit & loobitzh – The ‘fixed 5 year term’ legislation that was passed by the Tories through the Commons & Lords is as you say loobitzh being challenged and Jeremy Corbyn has said that he andt he Labour party would fully support the overturning of this legislation.
          As I understand it, it would now need a change in the law to achieve this but with enough support, it could be done!

  3. Dissidentdiva

    Everything that johnny said is spot on. Here is an undreamed of opportunity for the seriously fucked over ‘underclass’ to reclaim our rights to a real life – in place of the subsistence existence endured for far too long by far too many. Hameron is toast. Whatever piece of tory filth comes after him knows to tread a little more gently on the faces of the poor – for we have spoken. Soon, we will SHOUT.

  4. It was a horrible decision to have to make. The EU is a neoliberal monstrosity, crushing democracy and reinforcing their dysfunctional economic ideology wherever possible. Yes, you can cite a few specific examples of the good they have done, but underpinning all that is an economic system that does nothing but hollow out society and breed inequality.

    However, being forced to side with some British right wing neoliberals in order to deal a blow to some European right wing neoliberals is hardly a choice at all. It was with a heavy heart that I cast my vote – for remain.

    Why remain? – Because I just couldn’t bear to vindicate Farage & Co’s xenophobia-fuelled coup, their railroading of the working class’ anger against the real enemy – the neoliberal economic doctrine. “What about our schools / hospitals / housing?” …cry the fuckers that are privatising schools, selling off the NHS and who sold all the council house stock (building no replacements).

    “We send £350m a week to Brussels” – say the landed gentry who claim billions a year in land subsidies from the EU. A topic that received almost zero coverage from the patriots so concerned with where our EU spending goes.

    “What about the immigrants?” – says Farage, standing next to his German wife. No, those immigrants are ok. White and rich is good, dusky and looking for employment is not. Except, of course, if they’re Tarquin and Jemima’s fucking nanny, or they’re cleaning your moat.

    I only hope that these fucking muppets – Farage, Johnson, Gove et. al. – are finally exposed by the fact they now have a light shone upon them. I hope that the younger generation are mad as hell, and aren’t going to take it any more. But more likely they will sign a fucking petition on 38 degrees, write a few angry comments on the guardian’s Facebook page, and expect some change to come along – perched on the end of a selfie stick.

    Where the fuck is the left wing in Britain today? Where is the solidarity? Are we all selfish, self absorbed cunts who only give a fuck about ourselves? Or are we so terrified of losing our zero hours jobs that we’ve become too timid to make a stand? I really despair. But there are two silver linings:

    The first is that the left wing rises again and takes control of the leave vote. Then we might get a true break from neoliberalism, free from the EU legislation that has tried so hard to cement neoliberal practices into our governance. And that would be fine. More working class employment, less inequality, better funded public services and more social housing might release some of the tensions attributed to petty xenophobia of the English working class. Maybe.

    The second is that my homeland of Scotland might – possibly – just have spotted a back door that’s been left ajar, through which we can finally release ourselves from the shackles of Thatcher’s ghost. And we can become a small nation with no imperial ambition or legacy.

    I can but dream. But I’ve already been dreaming for a long time…

    • Good post.

    • paultheswineherd

      Tavish – spot on indeed. I voted remain and I am sick that we are ‘coming out of Europe’ – (2 devils) – 1 devil = Europe 2 devil = Bojo and his 4 other ‘friends’ who are likely to be part of the next Tory Government – workers rights will be fucked – the sick and disabled peoples rights will be fucked. However, all is not yet lost – we still have 2 years at least of ‘protection’ before all of this kicks in. Who knows what is going to happen now to the UK & it’s ‘Governments’ – there could be a lot more shit to come for them yet!

      • What are you talking about the sick and disabled’s rights? That’ll be the rights that have taken their IB off them, their DLA off them and forced people who are really ill to sign on for JSA and make themselves available for work? What exactly has the EU done to right that wrong? Nothing. So we’re better off out well out of it. Plus stop all this workers rights nonsense. There will be a new bill of rights and stuff brought in and no one will stand idly by and let all workers rights get eroded.

        • To right Raining, the EU has done fuck all to help us, PTSH ain’t got the foggiest what he’s talking about….

        • paultheswineherd

          Raining – with all due respects to yourself – yes indeed the E.U. have not protected all of these people from all of these unfair decisions – but, what makes you think that that this ‘New’ Tories Bill of Rights will give you, or anyone – any further rights than what you have got already?
          I would have thought that, if the present Tory Government continues, or gets even worse, that there will not be any further rights for anyone, in fact your ‘human rights’ will most probably be further eroded by them – the people will indeed stand idly by and they will be shit all over – the people nowadays do not have the balls to protest or fight against any of it! THEY LISTEN TO AND THEY BELIEVE MURDOCH’S SCUM MEDIA

        • ‘No one will stand idly by’, will they? Just like no one stood idly by as all your other rights were eroded, eh? Yeah, I can just see all the 50 and overs (if the referendum vote had been restricted to under 50s, remain would have won) and the UKIP supporters taking up the pitchforks on their behalf if things get heavy.

        • No-one will stand by? What, like no-one stood by and watched the Tories beat the shit out of sick and disabled people, the unemployed and do the rest of the shit they have? Beecroft’s vulture capitalist draft is waiting to be implemented. Kiss ta ta to worker’s rights as long as this shower of shite are in power

    • Totally agree with all of that, well said

  5. There will be little or no change folks apart from panic in the markets. That won’t last long. JP Morgan who sent Jamie Dimon out to threaten relocation of 4,000 jobs, have already come out to say they want to stay. As long as London continues to allow the World’s Banks to carry on what they have been doing before, during & after the 2007/2008 crash, they will stay. London has already paved the way for the Bankstas to carry on with the link up with China enabling the Yuan to be traded. No doubt Rubles are too. They know that the EU is a doomed project, they also knew that regardless of the outcome, they were covered. They say house prices will fall. They won’t because there is an under supply of houses. The only way house prices will fall is if there are more houses available & the property developers will never let that happen. Brexit will be another excuse put out by politicians for Austerity because the markets are supposedly punishing us. Immigration will continue at the levels we already have because even cheaper workers will be allowed in from African & Asian countries who make the likes of Bulgaria & Romania seem first class in comparison. All in all it will probably be just the same as it ever was.

    • ‘cheaper workers will be allowed in from African & Asian countries who make the likes of Bulgaria & Romania seem first class in comparison.’
      Can you explain what you mean by this?

      • Yeah,he’s blowing B/S smoke there. The ‘absolute minimum’ for a black market cash in hand laborer is £36/day. Most East europeans are generally worth more than,even if they take it. Romanians? Dont make me laugh. Never seen one who wasnt going through a skip. No labor skills and will keep quiet any language skill whilst casing the entire site.
        Starved Africans with no experience and possibly language barriers are common, but difficult to place; sweeper upper, maybe. One to three you will see on any big site.Some have learned the ropes and gained strength. Serious conflicts can occur if a ‘job’ has been passed down the line.
        (the finder expects a %age of all monies for leaving and recommending the replacement).
        But in general, no. You wont get anybody any cheaper than a 20 something east european. You would be spending money on a dead loss.
        I have never paid anybody less than an equal split of my labor price/hr, btw.

  6. Too bloody true JV. “latte slurping lefties” Spot on! The Working Classes need to wake up before the welfare state is totally dismantled. To many on the left are not really committed to genuinely helping the poor and downtrodden they just like to boost there false ego’s by making out they care. As for the Tories they are just greedy self serving scum.

  7. lots of deluded working class/underclass people seem to think that they can go down to the Council on Monday morning and collect double benefit and a Council house, wake up, benefits will be cut including in-work benefits for those doing the worst jobs, there is already a push by big business to weaken workers rights and make it easier to sack staff as soon as there is a dip in workload, this coupled with longer waiting times from redundancy until you can claim benefits and the probable removal or stalling of the minimum wage opens up a new era of exploitation. you WILL wish you were European.

    • Of course John Parkin, that is why we need to get rid of the Tory government. The working class will only wake up when so many are hurting that they realise they need to remove these Tories and put a real Labour government in power and not a New Labour con job like we had to put up with before Camerons lot.

      • And you trust them to do that, do you? The working class in the north blame Labour for the current problems. And apparently, the solution to those problems is to install yet another Tory shower of shite in power? Where is this ‘real Labour government’ you speak of? The way things are going, working class northerners are more likely to vote for the ‘man of the people’ Farage.

        • I get your point. The grass roots of the labour party are not like the self serving leftovers from the New Labour project. You may remember when Jeremy Corbyn was put forward at the last moment to run for leader, the New Labour MP’s who are the majority in Parliament thought they were safe and could shoe in another Red Tory Blairite but the grass roots members (the ones who do all the work) were having none of it and voted for change. The new labour MP’s are a self serving shabby bunch and are taking money from big business to try and overthrow Corbyn and may still succeed as the right wing media is supporting them and smearing Corbyn and his followers. If they win then your question where is this real labour government will be very relevant for we will be back to a choice of Tory, Liberal Tory or Red Tory as it was before Corbyn. I trust the members of the party but not the infiltrators from the New Labour project, they hijacked a whole movement and they won’t give it up easily as big money speaks in this country now as never before.

      • Truth Teller, why should we trust labour, they evolved from the fabian society who have connections with rothschilds and rockerfellers!

        • Because they are the only option Doilewood. The Tories will always protect the rich, The Lib Dems proved when they shared power with the Tories they are just as bad and The New Labour project was also a bunch of Tories in disguise. Now Labour is moving power back to the grass roots activists, they will at the very least make improvements for the poorest in society. But then again if you don’t want to trust them we can stick with the Tories until you see us return to the Victorian values they love to talk about. You won’t like that much when it happens. There is of course the option of open revolution but remember it won’t be clean. They have the guns and the Army we have only what we can find to fight back. The Tories would have no qualms about shooting the working classes down like dogs in order to protect their ill gotten gains, they have smashed the National Union of Mineworkers using the army dressed in police uniforms in the 1980s so crushing the masses would cause no sorrow to them.

          • Well said. A Labour government would just be a starting point for us to build a strong movement, not an end to our effort. They are certainly not the best we can do, but they are currently the most viable challenge to the Conservatives that we have, and their policies would make things easier for many people currently struggling under the authoritarians. Not ideal, but an improvement on what we have now. For the moment, we only have an available route comprised of small steps.

            For the record, I hate party politics. My own political inclinations lie somewhere along an anarcho-socialist axis. However, I’m a realist, for the moment the only viable means we have of improving social conditions is to vote, whilst awareness-raising, agitating and promoting progressive ideas for positive change. The only viable party last GE was Labour. But that didn’t work, now we’re stuck with the authoritarians who will be almost impossible to remove come 2020. This was slightly prophetic, I wrote it before the GE last year, and since, Corbyn’s leadership – which I voted for – has seen the factions, polarities and dichotomy between electionism and ideological intregrity – Over the last five years, we’ve seen the public view shift rightwards though the Overton window. If the Tories get back in office again this year, it will be almost impossible to get them out by 2020. There’s already a big gap opened up between electoralism and ideological integrity. The Right only push further rightwards.

    • When the gates were opened,we gained nothing. The employment aspect of e.u. law was auto bypassed by existing agency legislation.
      No person employed by an agency had/has any rights at all which most often negates your argument.
      You missed the point. Which is; despite the odds, despite the vast solid blue patches over Scotland , Gib,Guernsey, Jersey etc, we won. The public got off their arse and practically destroyed this government.
      Cameron at a very early hour crawled, crowed and pitched an attempt at decency. But he still RESIGNED. I watched it live: a Personal Memory.
      None of the planners or bigwigs predicted the British public would just up and FUCK them,or we would not have been given the chance.
      WE ARE BRITISH Mr Parkin, and have just proven that to not only the establishment but to many surprised faces around the globe.
      Because of what we have achieved changes will occur; chances for things to improve. It is not much but it IS a brave start.
      I am actually very proud of my British heritage and countrymen at this moment.
      Judging by your lack of pride or acknowledgement in this achievement I suspect there isnt a British bone in your body,but I suspect you will still not be sliding off to become ‘European’.
      Take up house with the French, eh?
      Get lost.

      • Your tone is hardly one of a brave new future. An aggressive patriotism, the exclusion of the unBritish other and then a pop at the French. It’s only been a few days since the working class apparently saved us all (I bet the psephological review is a damned sight more complex than the Brexit Left reckon) but the union jack wavers are already taking heart. Yeh well done

    • paultheswineherd

      John Parkin – Never truer words my friend!


    ……….kick that door wide open Tavish, and rid yourselves completely of the Wankers of Westminster.

    Well said, my friend.

    Hope my Northern neighbours follow your line of thought and act swiftly to form a government that has it’s people at heart rather than the moneylenders of fortress London than has sucked the lifeblood from those least able to cope………………

  9. Successive UK governments have driven the most anti working class legislation in the EU, if I were a striking worker in Belgium, France or Greece, I would cheer to see those bastards dragged away from the table. If the British state ever reformed the EU, it would be for the worse.

    • The referendum was to take full advantage of the anti EU proparganda,there’s a target scapegoat.Cameron new full well what would happen and the outcome was likely to be the run up to this. It was a sickening sight of pure political and racist trash as if there was idylic future at the end of the rainbow,also was the coverage as the comparison’s to the French National front ideology as if this was somehow justified.The UK has sunk to a new low know wonder the Scotland and Northern Ireland arn’t happy.

      The infrastructure in the UK due to sell offs is now foreign owned,theres no choice on the matter they have the country now isolated and by the short and curlies the money is going abroad,theres no manufacturing only again foreign owned car makers,looking back on the pre sold off old days and a march past is not going to solve this crisis,patriotism either,no one is saying anything about the future and a lot of people are scared.Look before you leap.

  10. Time the weak people of this dump of an island grew a pair and rebelled!

  11. ‘cheaper workers will be allowed in from African & Asian countries who make the likes of Bulgaria & Romania seem first class in comparison.’
    Can you explain what you mean by this?

  12. Yeah what we really really need is another smoke flare photo-op on tower bridge and a march on a shop that serves cereals –

  13. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    A win against the establishment. They are all establishment dummies.
    Contradictions run it. The Contradiction Policy has worked well for Dodgy Dave.

  14. I havent stopped drinking since last night actually. A MOMENTOUS occasion. I was trying not to spurt larger nostril syndrome whilst Macaroon came out with that defeat garbage. Truly good news.

  15. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    There will be a General Strike before October. The leave party & the remain party is all Tory run. A vote against Dodgy Dave. The Tories the tories the tories. Put G4S in while Dodgy Dave is having a rest.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    £500 million spent today backing up the pound. £500 million tomorrow backing up the £1 Trillion in 2 days. They should of never been a vote on Europe. Dodgy Dave don`t care with his shares in Atos, Maximus, Capita but to name a few. Politicians take the money & run because politics is their second job.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Death to Atos, Maximus, Capita, G4S, Seetec, Serco. Genocide Death Camps. Corporate greed still remains.

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Boris is now Tory leader with Iain Dopey Shit 2nd in command.

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How much money can be thrown at the Stock Markets before there is a recession !!! £5 Trillion of Tax Payers Money.

  20. But we’re not organised enough to exploit it, the right are. When things don’t get better they’ll turn the working class on the immigrants (working class people), I remember growing up Irish in the UK in the 70s and 80s, it’s going to get nasty. I’m off back to the home country, you lot are all fucking Mad

  21. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So Jo Cox died for nothing.

  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    20 years in Recession.

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I don`t vote at all. Disability Human Rights & Equality has nothing to do with politics. It only has to do with politics when the Politicians make £billions out of the disabled.i

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Politics in the UK is not fit for purpose.

  25. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    36,000 DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths .

  26. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  27. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  28. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  29. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Stephen Crabb resigns. Disability Death Minister.

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 9h9 hours ago

    Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Donald Thick As Shit Trump.

      • paultheswineherd

        Stepping – With Trump the Gump in charge of the good old US of A (if he becomes President)- the TTIP deal with the Brexiteers is now just now around the corner. Boris Johnson, or whoever is the next Tory PM will sign the deal – forget signing away your rights to Europe – you will have to sign your rights away to the US Multinationals.
        Both of these would love this particular outcome!)
        OUTERS – I hope that you will be pleased with what you have voted for –
        eventually you may well live to regret your decision.
        Say ‘GOODBYE’ to our NHS – say ‘GOODBYE’ to any workers rights.
        We will all have to have Health Insurance with the UNUM bastards and pay for any medical procedure with our ‘Credit Card’ – if indeed, we could ever afford one.

  31. David Camoron has announced his resignation in October. The top dominoes in power are toppling one at a time.

  32. The prize for the most wrongheaded analysis of the leave vote goes to Johnny Void.

    I can’t believe I’m reading this. Void claims that immigration “has hit working class wages and placed pressure on housing and public services”, and simultaneously that the leave vote was “a war cry from the powerless” against the ‘elites’. So it was a genuine working class fightback, but also a retreat into racism, only you’re not allowed to talk about the latter unless you habitually eat baked beans out of a tramp’s pocket, or whatever Void thinks makes you authentically working class enough.

    Outside of some limited sectors where the bosses can more ruthlessly exploit them (casual labouring, seasonal work, etc) migration has not had any adverse effect. All the data show that it’s a net benefit to the economy, and often correlates directly with decreasing unemployment.

    Yet large swathes of the working class have been won to a racist anti-immigration narrative. That’s a fact. Acknowledging it does not make you an effete middle class snob; it’s necessary if we’re to make any progress. This kind of naive workerism which holds that you can’t call a racist a racist if you finished secondary school is fucking stupid.

    The left needs to stop this, now.

    • @ George West

      Immigration has changed my town beyond recognition and its character. The immigrants are not intergrating with the locals and are keeping themselves distant and apart from us. You must live in a town/city of Britain that is 100% white English and has no immigrants at all.

      • Well said Fen. George is probably a middle class yuppie. I wouldn’t listen to anything he has to say. He probably has his own agenda and is raging we voted LEAVE. Too bad.

        • Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with what George West says as I have seen Johnny Void call out racists on his page before- I don’t get why you think dismissing people so readily based on them not meeting (or allegedly not meeting) whatever your definition of working class is, is sensible. This obsession with class is not getting anyone anywhere- regardless of ‘fake middle class lefties’ how many of the working class who voted out do you think are on your side, really? Half of them are right wing Express, Mail and Sun readers who only give a shit about themselves and will not be taking up the pitchforks or even the fucking ballot paper to further the left wing cause.

    • paultheswineherd

      George West – I really believe that the UK is very much different to what it was, even just 24 hours ago.
      Our UK is now split just about evenly 50/50 down the middle.
      Fen Tiger (whom I very much respect) has been on the receiving end of a ‘polish’ working force who obviously have taking everything that they can take (and have pissed and shitted in his park areas – because they have no respect for ‘British’ values – after all, they have come from another country – with very much different values to ours!)
      I came from a ‘Secondary School’ and I am proud of it. I went into the Royal Navy and came out of it – many of our RN recruits (in those days) were white. Later – there were many ‘ethnic minorities’. But, the ‘ethnic minorities’ were accepted – they were every bit as good as the whites.

      • @ Paultheswineherd

        Last Summer (September 2015) I was taking in the late evening sun whilst sitting in my local town park when I happened to see something disgusting – an immigrant having a right royal sl4sh up the side of one of the trees in full view of any pedestrian who could be passing by along the near-by path and in full view of HIS own very young kids playing football on the grass.

        Just before he used the tree as his own toilet he was downing a can of cheap beer (of which the town park and all of the shopping pedestrian centre near, happens to be under a police and town council control order banning the consumption of all alcohol due to anti-social habits upsetting residents in the local area. Not only do the outsiders freely drink alcohol and later dump the empty cans and bottles on the ground and NOT in a dustbin provided, they also p1ss against a tree regardless of where the tree is in town or if anybody happens to be walking past. The next time I see them p33 in this manner I will either call the police or chop their whatnot off and make them eat it.

        • This is fucking daft. Like no-one from the UK’s ever had a beer in the park or piss against a tree.

          • My town park and shopping areas are under a strict alcohol consumption/possession ban jointly enforced by both the local police and also both town and district councils. Fines ARE issued if the ban is ignored and if the fine is itself ignored an arrest warrant is issued.

            Nearly all people issued with fines or arrest warrants are the local immigrants as they freely drink alcohol anywhere and cause public decency outrage by peeing in public open air spaces. It’s their own countries’ culture of drinking beer anywhere that they have brought with them to us.

            Also of note, a few local alley/passageways in town have been closed and locked shut permanently by the local police as these lesser-used pedestrian through-ways were used as open-air toilets by the local influx who left soiled, brown underwear and skid-mark encrusted toilet paper strewn both on the paths and even sometimes left hanging from bushes along these pathways.

            • “Influx” – why not just come right out with it ft & use ‘infestation’ – it’s likely to be open season in the not too distant future anyway … language & tone used can be just as offensive as anything you’re describing. We have some similar issues with street drinking and some anti-social/not very child/community friendly behaviours here too but – if they had to be categorised – they seem to consist largely of older or ageing (long or short-term locals – with alcohol issues) and/or short-term ‘incomers’ in the form of (well educated) students – sporadic alcohol/non-resident parent-related ‘issues’ … nationality not relevant but many are ‘from round here’ in the sense of UK pissport-holders – possibly.

            • Fen, you should have collected the brown shit-stained underwear and taken it to a ‘charity’ shop – they can recycle it, you know 🙂 As well as keeping the workfare slaves busy sorting through it 😦

          • I know a man who can (& does!) if/when caught short
            – who could well have upset one or two people (long-time local resident/grass roots campaigner etc, in both respects). Look away now if you don’t want to know the results/are eaaily offended.

            There’s a really well-known if not widely read ‘book’ that is liberally sprinkled through with “the immigrant” and “these [filthy/disgusting] outsiders” etc. Very badly written & full of stereotyping based on supposition/nasty racial slurs; much more offensive.

          • Pissine Patel

            … especially since all the public toilets have been closed down!

    • Just because immigration can lead to growth, and even create jobs, does not mean the benefits of that growth are shared equally. You might want to read this:

      “As for the effects on native wages, we find a pattern of effects whereby immigration depresses wages below the 20th percentile of
      the wage distribution but leads to slight wage increases in the upper part of the wage distribution.”

      You can deny this, you can continue telling people suffering the worst consequences of neo-liberalism that what they are experiencing in their lives isn’t true and they are racists for even mentioning it, but you will lose the argument, as you just did. Worse, you open up a political space for real racists and fascists to occupy, as they are doing. The left should, and must fight against racism, more than ever at the moment. It should make the case that it’s bosses and politicians who are ultimately responsible for shit wages and no houses, but should also be grown up enough to recognise how immigration is used under neoliberalism to lower wages and working conditions and understand the impact that has on people. Your attitude is the reason the left is so fucked, it’s you that needs to stop and think, because all you are doing is sowing the ground for UKIP, or worse, to grow stronger.

      • Quite right JV. It’s not immigrants who are responsible for all the ills of this country but those who have the ultimate power. The Tories are past masters at getting the working class to turn on each other and blame immigrants for low wages or antisocial behaviour when the truth is the Tories whole philosophy is based on exploitation of the poor and vulnerable to boost profit and lessen their own social responsibilities. Don’t people out there realise UKIP are ultra right wing Tories, they don’t give a toss about the poor, the welfare state or the NHS, they would scrap the lot if they could get away with it.

        • The Old Fogies

          We stayed in Poland BEFORE Poland joined the EU. You couldn’t move without seeing a giant poster of the Polish President: “J’esteem Europa 🙂 “. Of the many Poles we spoke to ALL were against joining the EU: “Because the poor are always exploited”. And never truer words were spoke. The EU wanted the ‘Eastern block’ to join so that the rich could exploit them whilst using them to further exploit the poor in the ‘richer’ countries. JV’s analysis is spot on! We suspect a lot of us were thinking the same thing but held off ‘speaking out turn’ in case we incurred a lifetime ban that happens on other ‘left’ sites.

      • I was dead wrong about this mate — started reflecting after these replies and did an about turn within a couple of weeks. Fair play for having the correct line so early, and being brave enough to come out with it.

        Shame the rest of the left kept their head in the sand and fucked the election for us, innit.

        PS — Just to set the record straight, I grew up in the poorest town in the South (Hastings), spent most of my teens homeless, and most of my early 20s working on building sites. Not middle class, just made the mistake of listening to them.

        • Cordelia Fortesque-Smythe

          Well, George, that will teach you for voting Labour. Never trust a Commie. And don’t expect any sympathy from Johnny Void either.

          Merry Christmas!

    • Had to say something here,tho late.This view is utter bollocks.
      Immigrants from poorer countries,particularly eastern Europe are living 2 or more to a room on a permanent basis( and I’m not talking young couples).
      Wage stagnation is chronic. A single room (7X7) in the capital now costs £450/month,with landlords treating tenants with utter contempt and arrogance whilst employers can threaten employees with replacement at whim.
      ‘casual labouring, seasonal work, etc’ barely scratches it.
      We are talking about every arm of the leisure industry; (hotels, bars, every club from night to golf),The entire stores and warehouse network.
      (with agencies taking particular piss in the warehouse labour market)
      The service industries. The construction industry (The last hope of making a decent living when I was a lad;you could physically graft your way through)
      Whats left of the manufacturing industry.
      The food production industry.(every processing plant and farm)
      Sales. (Tele, and other)
      There is little of anything else left that gives long term employment /security to workers under 20k a year (the ‘mode’ wage).
      The influx is massively eroding life quality of all.
      I’m sorry George West, but you obviously dont work in the same labour market I know.
      You come across like some toss pot from Islington on 80 grand a year,who’s secretary happens to be untrained and earning 30.
      You dont actually know the score out there,that much is clear.
      so belt up and fxxk off, eh?

  33. We are totally open now to the the most right wing Tory government ever. I fear for my future, we are all fucked as we have no left wing government to come in to save us. Welfare will soon be a thing of the past and we will look back on this day the Tory nazis won.

    • paultheswineherd

      Cephalus – Yes indeed – I very much fear now that this is going to happen.
      The Tory gang of 5 (mark my words!) will vie for POWER very soon.
      If they (and other R.W. Tory Ministers) get in – they will further demolish ‘worker’s’ rights, they will slowly demolish the benefits system and they will try to decimate our NHS. Now we have (soon to be) exited the E.U. the writing is now on the wall – unless something very dramatic now happens – and happens soon – this WILL be the future of Britain (minus Scotland!)

    • So Cameron & Co were not Tory Nazi’s. Do you think Cameron wanted us to stay in the EU so as you could have protection for welfare? You must be joking. He wanted us to stay in so as business’s could have a never ending supply of cheap no questions drone workers on zero hour contracts all willing to be exploited to make business owners more fat and more greedy and more corrupt.

      • And how will leaving the EU improve things in that regard? Answer- it won’t- unless the left can use this result in the way they should. Do I trust the working class in this country to achieve that? No, I don’t.

    • Cephalus, one thing to remember with the right wing of the Tories is that they are so selfish and so greedy and so uncaring that if they try to do the things you fear, the people will wake up and remove them. That’s the whole trouble with greedy people they just don’t know when to stop. And as for us leaving the EU it could backfire on the Right and help any future Labour Government of a left persuasion in that they won’t be hamstrung by rules they did not put in place and can then make huge changes to benefit the majority and not the 1%. There will be suffering in the short term as the right wing Nut Jobs take power but things could turn out well if the people reject them ultimately.

  34. Goodbye Europe, and from us in the United Kingdom, now FUCK OFF AND LEAVE US ALONE. Common sense and proper people’s democracy has ruled in favour and set us free.

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  36. paultheswineherd

    Yes – I am not surprised at all that this has happened – in fact, I half suspected that it would – (In) Scotland – (In) – Northern Ireland – (In) London
    After all, – this is the ultimate ‘will’ of the ‘people’ in these particular areas!
    This In/Out vote has, in fact totally split the U.K. completely and utterly down the middle! 🙂

    • paultheswineherd

      And Sinn Fein also. I personally fully support their call for a ‘united Ireland’ – why not – Eire is still in the E.U. – so why not should Northern Ireland be too – if they so wish!


    Delivered 23 June 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I wish to make a Freedom of Information request on the number of sick and disabled people who have taken their lives after failing their medical assessments and made to look for work. I also would like the figures of how many have committed suicide due to benefit sanctions.

    I request the number of people who have lost their homes, committed suicide and are in arrears with social housing rent. Could you also let me know how much money the government receive from the bedroom tax and how much it is costing to run the scheme.

    Yours faithfully,

    Brian Exton

  38. I voted leave mainly because I believe the EU dictatorship was about to make dramatic changes in the UK especially our law courts and in our towns and cities. They would have taken over our armies and policing. Voting to remain was also a vote for TTIP. For me it was a vote to stop those Brussels bureaucrats dictating our laws making decisions when they were not elected by the people. Our Government could hide behind those bureaucrats but now they will be openly exposed and answerable to the British public. We must fight for our rights and make sure they do not try to grind us down again. I see hope for the UK.

    • paultheswineherd

      Hope Springs – with all due respects to you – The E.U. and it’s populations could see what was going to happen with the proposed TTIP trade deal and they were and are, predominantly going to go ‘against’ it.
      Now that we have voted ‘Leave’ – it is now open for the new Tory administration to sign this TTIP deal – and I say that sign it – they will.
      In future, if this TTIP deal goes through, if the various Multinational Companies feel that they are, or will, be financially disadvantaged, then these companies will sue the Governments of the countries concerned – it will not be the ‘Governments’ that will pay the bill – IT WILL BE THE TAXPAYERS OF THOSE COUNTRIES!
      The eventual new Tory administration will see that you and others are ground down much further than you now are – you will eventually no longer have any ‘protection’ from much (but not all!) of the E.U. legislation.

  39. paultheswineherd

    “World’s most successful newspaper crusade ends in glorious victory for your Daily Express”

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  41. Rosemarie Harris

    You can’t win tell it as it is and still people go on about Racism .. I voted out because the EU has had billions of people money and the books haven’t been signed of once plus they have not done anything to help the young unemployed in Spain, portugal and even in france ( I don’t know about the other EU Countries) These are young people to where money and training is needed but it gets ignored these people are the next Generation and it needs to fund it , Plus it’s done bugger all for me except give money to that great money making racket the Work programme. We have no homes, long wait for Doctors, schools filled up and overflowing something has to give we need highly skilled people not unskilled taking the jobs that our young people( and me) need to climb the ladder of life .. I don’t care what colour, race or creed they are but they must be highly skilled and pay into the system not take tax credits which is a benefit for people on a low income/or unemployed with Children.
    There is nothing wrong in wanting the best for all our country not just the rich.
    And i will fight any idea to get TIPP in our law and so will Thousands of people ,some times in life we have to fight for what we believe in.

    • paultheswineherd

      Rosemarie – unfortunately TTIP will, most probably be signed now that the UK is now out of the EU. (It could take a couple of years though!)
      The Tory party has everything to gain (financially) by doing this. Their ‘friends’ and ‘benefactors’ are largely ‘heads of, or associated with’ these Multinational Companies – the door is now open for them – and they will, more than likely now enter this open door 😦

  42. paultheswineherd

    (Breaking News – Sky banner) – Moody’s Ratings Agency has now cut the U.K.’s Economic Growth to ‘Negative’ and has said that withdrawing from the E.U. could damage the U.K.’s economy.




    Voted a mixture of for and against greater regulation of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas

    Consistently voted for allowing terminally ill people to be given assistance to end their life

    Almost always voted for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas

    Consistently voted against an investigation into the Iraq war

    Generally voted for more EU integration

    Voted a mixture of for and against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU

    Voted a mixture of for and against more restrictive regulation of trade union activity

    Voted a mixture of for and against measures to reduce tax avoidance

    Generally voted for university tuition fees

    Almost always voted for introducing ID cards

    Generally voted for requiring the mass retention of information about communications

    Consistently voted against capping civil service redundancy payments

    Margaret Hodge generally voted for university tuition fees, while most Labour MPs generally voted against.

    Consistently voted for the Iraq war

    Generally voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system

    Generally voted for more EU integration


    • Another Fine Tory Recession

      <i.Margaret Hodge MP, Barking.

      Aren’t they all ?

    • There you go Geoff! Another Latte slurping leftie. People like Hodge start their careers the left of the party but are never really working class and have never really known what it’s like to struggle and then they get to the House of Cronies and pull the ladder up and piss on those below. It’s an often repeated scenario.


          ………..JOHN MANN, BLAIR’S PUPPET

          caverock uncomfortablereality
          40m ago
          5 6

          Mann is a very loud member of Blair-funded Progress. He voted for the Iraq war and against any scrutiny of Blair’s part in it. He did not oppose Osborne’s welfare bill. He has done everything in his power to disrupt the democratic processes of the Labour party, and and was a conspicuous supporter of pro-corporate neoliberal leadership candidate Liz Kendall. He was a strident supporter of EU integration until he wasn’t.

          John Mann is an opportunist and a hypocrite. In what way is he not a Blairite?

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS

            John Mann is a paid-up Neoliberal member of the Blairite right wing, one of those proud genuises who gave us the Iraq war, ATOS, unfettered casino finance, who continued Thatcher’s destruction of the unions, and set out to privatise the NHS. He is an opportunistic pro-corporate hypocrite who abstained on Osborne’s welfare bill and has been devoted to undermining democracy in the Labour party.

            The last thing John Mann represents is the working class.

  44. Why not try what they do in Sweden and other much fairer countries that are exactly that, countries worth living in, for everybody? Like not voting for old Etonians and instead vote in a left wing government to raise taxes and fund decent services. When did the English last try this?

  45. i noticed Boris Johnson got egged, spat at , boo,d and called nasty names on the news this morning by the in voters.
    the rich, the privileged and the have’s are queuing up to parade on tv to tell us how angry they are and are furious that we have voted to out!!.
    I noticed most or maybe all who are complaining are either young or someone who directly benefited by being in the eu.

    rich farmers with 100,s of hectors of land pontificate on tv that they will now be LESS RICH as their hand outs form Brussels will now dry up.
    other rich land owners are also crying on tv that their endless stream of cheap migrant workers will also now dry up.!!.

    restaurant owners, café owners, pub land lords, cleaning companies and agency companies are all moaning and complaining that their endless stream of migrant labour will also now dry up.

    these are the companies and businesses’ who are more than happy to pay the slave minimum wage, but now the fucking gravy train of cheap labour from is about to come to a shuddering fucking halt.
    the bbc are interviewing brits on holiday ffs???, one woman on a beach in spain was complaining that flights to spain might go up a few quid, and her holidays might cost her a few quid more now, how fucking lucky she is to be able to afford a fucking holiday!!, that the mentality of stay voters a holiday is a fucking luxury not a necessity!! .
    all the scots voted in but because the rest of us voted leave that deformed dwarf and smurf lookalike sturgeon now wants a second Scottish independence referendum . I say let the scots have one let them vote to leave the uk, if that’s what they want leave them have it, let them join the eu. but in years to come when the euro collapses and they are lined up on the Scottish, English borders begging to re join the uk. TELL HEM TO FUCK OFF!!!!!!!.

    now the irish want out of the uk and to be in the eu, fine let them !!.
    if that’s what the people want give it to them, but again when the united states of Europe fails and the Irish are begging to re join the uk again tell them also to FUCK OFF!!.

    we voted out now lets not wait till October , why/ what for?.
    Cameron is now a zombie leader of a destroyed and crushed government. Cameron go now today and dissolve parliament and call a fucking general election!!!!.
    then we can out you tory fucks .
    sack Jeremy Corbin as labour leader and sack at least half of labour mp,s as they are no better than the ttories.
    elect a government of the people for the people, repeal the bedroom tax, repeal the work tests for the sick, repeal benefit sanctions ect.
    we got rid of the fucking eu, now lets have a proper clear out of this country!!.

    this is a golden opportunity to get rid of everything we didn’t want in this country and everything that was IMPOSED on us!!.
    lets sort this fucking lot out!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    lets bring this country to its fucking knees , until we are finally heard and the government do what WE the people want them to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

    • The cheap labour gravy train is going to come shuddering to a halt, is it? The cheap labour will continue, the only difference is it won’t be immigrants doing it! Get ready for more crap jobs for the British working class- after Boris Johnson severs even more of your rights and Jobcentres tighten up the rules even more to make sure you take all these jobs that become available due to the newly created employee vacuum.

    • Nicola Sturgeon's Y-Fronts

      ffs jeff this is a public internet site, anyone can read it, wee Nicola could be reading it. How would you like to be described as a deformed dwarf and a smurf lookalike? … even if it is true 😀 Opportunistic politicians have feeling too 😀

  46. The people HAVE been sold a lie, ‘Take Back Control’ my arse. I forgot Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have done so much for the working class, let’s just ask teachers and tube workers shall we.

  47. paultheswineherd.
    I have read a few of your post, and I have to say that all you do is moan and complain about everything but never offer a solution or a view on how to improve things.
    in one of your posts yo just moaned and complained yet again about workers rights ect now we voted leave. you sound rally bitter to me because the vote didn’t go your way.
    your so narrow minded to believe that the eu was our saviour from our own government’s, government’s in this country impose the acts and laws on us because WE LET THEM !! that includes you too mate!.

    WE let the eu introduce the few laws that benefited us because we are to scared to stand up for ourselves.
    we can still have workers rights in this country even though we are out of the eu, if the spineless gutless unions stand up for the workers they represent and if the spineless gutless joke of a labour party also stand up for workers in this country.
    the eu done far more damage to the uk than it did good and that is a fact!!.
    so its no good simply moaning and whinging about everything but doing nothing about it.

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – Yes, I know that I whinge a lot on here (as do very many others also!) I would like to do more upbeat posts on here and I would if I could if there was a lot better news to report. In general (contrary to your thoughts) I am an optimistic person, not a total pessimist. I have, in the past on here suggested doing things, such as putting posters on ‘workfare’ so-called ‘charities’ for instance! I cannot change things myself, only such actions as mass demonstrations and civil unrest is likely to get the Government to take notice.

    • The problem is Jeff that the so called spineless gutless unions fought hard in the 1980s to protect their rights and Thatcher and her scummy Tories crushed them with the tacit support of all those working class traitors who forgot their own history and voted for her. Her crushing of the poor was so total she even managed to get the Labour Party to ditch it’s principles and become New Labour. The real trades unionist members and Labour Activists never sold out and were not gutless but the majority of the UK population decided to become greedy and selfish materialists and turn their backs on fellow workers to enrich themselves, so you need to vent your hated at the right people not the decent ones who kept their principles. I mean what a bunch of suckers the poor are even today. How many spend a fortune on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV. Murdoch the evil bastard owner of the Sun Newspaper and Sky who brainwashed a nation on behalf of the Neocon agenda and got working class idiots to part with their hard earned money and vote Tory and make him a billionaire in the process.

  48. voted leave because the leave campaign made a stronger case… both sides lied and thew propaganda around but people have been shitting on our current government for years

    so when most of the political leaders endorsed remain and used the same rhetoric “stronger together” “more jobs” “more security”, the same things they spouted to get scotland to vote NO to independence, how could anyone believe them???

    the remainers keeps pointing out how anti-immigration the leave campaign was, calling people racists and bigots, well i have news for you, that doesn’t make the leavers WRONG it just makes you intolerant of opinions different to your own, you can’t substantiate your stance past what the media has drilled into your heads in smear campaigns over the years

    most of what the remain side said would get worse has already gotten worse over the last 4 decades, no thanks to the EU leaders

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    £2.1 Trillion wiped off the world stock markets in 24 hours. The Bank Of England putting £300 Million a day on saving the UK from melt down. Thrown out of Europe with no deals because the lazy lazy Boris will deflaut.

    70% of immigrants come from outside the EU. 80% of council tenants voted leave.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””70% of immigrants come from outside the EU.”” So Dodgy Dave could have dealt with that without Europe but did not.

  50. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The 3 most lazy politicians Boris, Gove & Nigel Forage. The Leave voters are very angry at being lied to & wished they never voted leave now.

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    • being a bit dramatic there aren’t you? our pound has been losing value for a very long time, within 6 months 08-09 the value dropped from 1.9 to 1.4 pounds to dollars for example, and it’s been a seesaw since then…

      i’m not angry at the leave representatives… i’m angry at the remain voters being brainwashed by the media and spewing “RACIST” “BIGOT” to defend their stance

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        It is all worse the 2008 recession.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        “””i’m not angry at the leave representatives… i’m angry at the remain voters being brainwashed by the media and spewing “RACIST” “BIGOT” to defend their stance”””

        You mean Cameron`s Remain Policy. Tory Tory Tory.

        • don’t try twist what i’ve said… the media and the politicians were all saying the same thing, the media specifically was biased towards the stay campaign, when they are supposed to be neutral

    • It’s been said many times that UK jobs have been advertised abroad but not in the UK and those employers make the old excuse that UK workers are lazy. I saw a vacancy on UJM recently for an admin assistant in Newport. It said basic things like answering the phone and filing. At the end it said “must be fluent in Rumanian as you would be doing the admin for a mainly Rumanian workforce. Even that low paid job was clearly going to go to a Rumanian who could speak English. Many low skilled jobs that Brits would take to start a career are being lost to foreign workers. Brits who don’t end up going to university need those low skilled jobs to hopefully start a career for themselves otherwise we will end up with a large foreign workforce while the town centre gets filled up with more Brits unemployed and hanging around in between bouts of workfare and depression.

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If I wanted to vote leave it would not be with these Tory & UKIP fools. What a Anti Cameron vote. Dodgy Dave has always been a failure, not good under pressure & runs away. Cameron 36,000 DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths. IDS 36,000 DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths.


  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    1,000 Universal Credit Deaths by October.

  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Recession for the next 20 years while poor & disabled people foot the bill yet again.

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The breaking up of the Union means no more Union Jacks.

  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Petition urging second EU referendum reaches 1m signatures

    House of Commons website temporarily crashes under burden of hundreds of thousands of visits to single petition

    Guardian – 25th June 2016

    A parliamentary petition calling for a second referendum has attracted more than a million signatures, even as unprecedented demand temporarily crashed the website.

    On Friday a government website saw an “exceptionally high” number of visits as hundreds of thousands of signatures were added to a second referendum e-petition in the wake of Britain’s leave vote.

    By Saturday morning, more than 1 million people had signed up, 10 times the number needed for the issue to be raised in parliament.

    Read More:

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Leave Voters are really pissed off now they got what they haven’t got. Poll A Tricks.

  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Councils are selling off housing stock because of the cuts imposed by the Ex leader shamed loser called Dodgy Dave. Oh how we all hate Cameron & Love IDS.

  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Politics take a back seat in Genocide.

  61. provide your sources please… common sense varies person to person, your idea of common sense is completely alien to me, so i’d like to see what fuels your opinions

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Loads of jobs going as builders & bricklayers. A wall needs to be built in Ireland parting North & South. Scotland needs a wall built. The east coast of England needs sea defences & a a big wall to stop the immigrants landing on the east coast. A wall needs to be built on the M25 to hold the Londoners in.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Where is my sources – The Tory Party.

      • tory? what are you on about… provide your sources PLEASE

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Don`t the Tories have a lot to say !!!

          • i’m no tory, why are you trying to paint me as one… you still haven’t provided your factual sources, your delusional mind isn’t factual and it’s just proving how irrational you are in all this, i’m glad i voted leave if you represent a typical stay voter

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              The whole leave & remain bullshit was run by the Tories.

            • K.S. SRSPS probably doesn’t represent a “typical” anyone & in just repeating “sauce please” you’re not allowing any difference in communication – only shouting louder/getting no further …

  63. Paulswineherd
    The vote should have been for UK voters alone but it was rigged against the leave vote as it allowed non UK to vote. However enough of UK went to vote and this is the result. No more fat-cat EU bureaucrats dictating. The UK people can now make their voice heard.
    TTIP would be a done deal in the EU. TTIP is not a done deal and the Tories can be stopped – the people have demonstrated their power despite the odds being against them.

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Before you all get into politics that is so slow, the world & uk business, stock markets & pound against the dollar has instant effect like today & tomorrow. While everyone waits for lazy politicians to get off their lazy arses it will be too late. Lazy lazy fuck up.

  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    36,000 DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths – Source – The DWP.

  66. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    All the poor hard working families have voted for IDS in Universal Credit Deaths.

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Seems everyone has been brainwashed into poll a tricks.

    I voted to leave politics in the gutter where is belongs with all the homeless & starving & penniless.

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    There should have never been a vote. Suicidal Cameron.

  69. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability – Where is your source. Human Rights.

  70. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I mal-function Tory Chat Bots on JV.

  71. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    1,000 Universal Credit DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths by October.

  72. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Why are people so stupid. Try & reason & it all gets stupid stupid stupid time wasters,

    • it’s the other way around, i tried to reason with you and you can’t give a straight answer…

      all i’m asking for is for you to provide your sources because you seem to post an awful lot of information and statistics… “common sense” and “my brain” are not actual sources

  73. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Time to scrap the Union Jack.

  74. Get the smelling salts.
    There`s an overwhelming, nauseating smell of bullshit in this this country.

  75. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Bullshitters Rule Bullshit. Now let`s bullshit.

  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Leave voters are pissed off

    Petition urging second EU referendum reaches 1m signatures

    House of Commons website temporarily crashes under burden of hundreds of thousands of visits to single petition

    Guardian – 25th June 2016

    A parliamentary petition calling for a second referendum has attracted more than a million signatures, even as unprecedented demand temporarily crashed the website.

    On Friday a government website saw an “exceptionally high” number of visits as hundreds of thousands of signatures were added to a second referendum e-petition in the wake of Britain’s leave vote.

    By Saturday morning, more than 1 million people had signed up, 10 times the number needed for the issue to be raised in parliament.

    Read More:

    • The Brexit crash will make all of you poorer – be warned.

      British voters are now grossly underestimating the true costs of leaving.

      • paultheswineherd

        enigma – thanks for putting this on. Over many, many years since we have been in the E.U., Cornwall has benefited very much from it’s Objective1 funding. This was paid in various tranches of money (admittedly though some of this ‘disappeared’ into ‘black pits’ run by various organisations/private companies/co. directors) This has provided much needed money (not otherwise coming from Government!) for such projects as the new University at Penryn, the Eden Project & the Hall for Cornwall and also various other projects. Farmers have benefited from subsidies, but the fishermen have suffered badly from ‘quotas’ – often saying that it was one law for ‘them’ and another for the rest of the countries, not least France. They also hated having to throw ‘good, eatable, fish overboard because of ‘EU size’ regulations.
        Once British exit from the EU is complete – all of this money and any others in the pipeline will cease. As was the case across much of Britain, it seems that Cornwall itself was divided just about 50/50 in the Referendum as such. One thing is certain, once Britain leaves, all of that money will stop and Cornwall will be poorer as a result (it is already one of the poorest regions of the UK, despite the high house prices and tourism, the wages in Cornwall are very low compared to other parts of the UK.

  77. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Politicians are too slow for a recession.

  78. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Makes Gordon Brown look like he lost pennys.

  79. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The country voted for recession while the politicians earn £ Millions.

    • bollocks, the road ahead is rocky, but we won’t fall… the road behind us was also rocky, and still a vast portion of the voters supported a frail and dying EU

      wake up, now we can start fixing our broken country and no amount of whining from the remain side will stop it

  80. Of course, power to the people and sticking it to the rich when Murdoch, Trump, Palin, IDS, Gove, Johnson wanted this. The People have spoken and had a revolution? Who is it that’s going to be affected the most by job cuts and inevitable reduction in public spending post Brexit, certainly not the rich.


    ………..Isn’t it strange that the high proportion of the media cannot get over the decision to leave………..

    They were all wrong but they cannot accept defeat.

    The BBC and SKY still running the nightmare scenario bullshit hoping in some way they can reverse the view of the people.

    You have to take it on the chin.

    Life will go on and we will all be still alive, except the ones who are driven to suicide by the DWP ASSASSINATION SQUADS OF ATOS, CAPITA AND MAXIMUS…….

    “The image of Cameron and his dear wife, Olive Oyl, who is awarded £53 grand a year to dress, eating humble pie, made me so happy!

    Will our special relationship with 600 Pennsylvania Avenue change for the worse?

    I couldn’t give two fucks to be honest………………

    All this uncertainty is generated to make you all feel insecure. Watching other news networks opens your eyes to the fact that the Briish vote might have set a precedent for other pissed off nations to follow suit, all equally as pissed off with fortress Europe as us………..

    ……….and as for disability protection from human rights legislation, the EU have sat back and done absolutely jack shit. They are all in it together.

    • geoff, i see it as same old same old… part of the smear campaign they’ve been running against LEAVE voters and political parties for years upon years

      i watched the results live through the night and i was disgusted at how biased the media was, always saying “what went wrong?” and using sympathetic tones towards remain guests, and aggressive tones towards leave guests… add in a spot of depression when it was going bad for the remain side and there you have it, bias in a nutshell

      the gravy train has well and truly run out of track and they are hating it

      we will persevere!

  82. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    What a complete contradiction fuck up. Self Inflicted suicide.

  83. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  84. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    We don`t give a shit about voting – Human Rights for disabled people.

  85. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Genocide cleansing of the disabled. Forget Europe – Forget the UK. Forget the Human Rights Act.

    Human Rights & Equality for disabled people is my fight.

    What has that got to do with poll a tricks – nothing.

    What on earth are you talking about??? Class war? You don´t mean the poeple who do NOTHING for years apart from sitting in the pubs and moaning about middle class, upper class, university educated poeple, even though most went to university, just anybody they are jealous of while while sitting on benefits (good for them) and in the nice houses their middle class parents bought them, do you?? If you talking about class war in general then again what on earth are you talking about?? Are you saying that if you are ill or your child or your wife needs to give birth to your child you do not use doctors because they are middle class right?????? How clever! Woooow. Or if your children (and you long time ago) go to school you have someone without education for teachers yeah?????? No! You have educated people teaching your kid, often ridiculed by you lot for being “middle class”.
    If you are mentally retarded mate then no problem keep writting these crazy articles enjoy it I have nothing but understanding for mentally ill since I´m a Polish mental health working class nurse. And I certainly know more than 100 Polish people that work and live in the UK and I certainly know none of them is cleaning shit like you suggested so shut your prejudice mouth and don´t talk on our behalf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don´t delude yourself for a second while trying to justify redneck countryside white power victory claiming it has nothing to do with bigotry, xenophobia and racism!!!!!! Look all over twitter where are pictures of people proudly posting all over UK things like “No More Polish Vermin” “Stop immigration Start repatriation” or visit your country and talk to your people because you DON´T HAVE A GOODDAM CLUE WHAT THIS REFERENDUM WAS ABOUT! It was only about bigotry, and bigotry won! UKIP won. Nigel Farage won. And just like people once hated jews, and the ugly little man who promised he will get rid of them and he did, now they hate the immigrants and EU residents and you are on the side of this new fascism! Get real boy. And quit the working class rhetorics because YOU do not speak for me. You are just spreading hatred, division and fascism. Go and celebrate with your redneck countryside white power friends and Nigel Farage!

    Leave a Reply

    • IMO and it’s just my opinion you shouldn’t be in this country taking a nursing job off of a person that is born and bred in the UK. Are there no nursing jobs in Poland? Why should our employment landscape favour you over our own?

      Plus the referendum wasn’t as much about immigration as wanting control over our own government’s affairs. We don’t want our laws made in Brussels.

      • Congratulation to Class War who once had a anarchist antifascist tradition. Now they friend themselves with racist and biggots. I will work anywhere I want to be darling. I came here because my grandmother was English and my grandfather met her when he was helping the UK in their hour of need. As for the referendum not being about the immigration, why was the campaign fought so viciously on that subject? Regarding the laws made in Bruxels, you are clearly not much of a legal expert. The vast majority of your laws are made in the UK. Can you even name one law from Bruxels that you object so much?????? I doubt it:) And clearly you do have a problem with immigration more than with laws since thats´s what you started with at me.

        • I do have a problem with immigration, when it’s uncontrolled, which is the case when you’re in the EU.

          Immigration was an issue, i never said it wasn’t. But the main issue was taking control over our own affairs and having the ultimate say in who comes here and in our own laws.

          Don’t play the racist card when it suits you. As soon as someone vents their opinion that immigration should be controlled we have people like you shouting that that’s racist. I want Britain to be Britain and don’t want our cities and towns turned into a league of nations with half of eastern europe over here. i want Britain to remain and have it’s own identity.

          As for laws; they are EU directives that then have to be applied nationally. There is a video on the net of a Swedish person saying that either 75 or 80% of national laws of EU member states are derived from EU directives.

          Nothing against you personally, because i don’t know you. But i want to see a British person doing the job you’re doing. It’s not fair that you are taking a job that they could be doing.

        • I object to the destruction of Greece, and austerity, and rampant neoliberalism that is destroying the lives of working class people across Europe and that the EU is designed to facilitate. I object to fortress Europe and immigration prisons and a policy that says a select group of white countries can have open borders and everyone else can drown in the sea. I object to the EU’s treatment of refugees. There are many reasons to oppose the EU that have nothing or little to do with immigration.

        • @ Eva

          Can YOU tell us one of the thousands of crazy laws that Brussels HAS imposed on the Independent United Kingdom? I can mention one for starters. They fucking banned us using proper incandescent light bulbs and made us use instead crappy led bulbs and CFL bulbs which are as useful of a chocolate teapot.

          Can you deny or agree with me on this standout European directive even exists against the Independent republic of the United Kingdom? If you cannot prove the existence of this crazy law, then you yourself are in denial.

      • Ou, just because you perhaps wouldn´t know what is HOUR OF NEED, it was Hitler bombing the shit out of you.

        • The EU is the dream Hitler could not finish, both of them wanted supreme power over Europe, dragging in every country it could get its claws in.
          If the EU dies a death now, it will rise again, it is the original burning Phoenix.

          • Oh look Boris Johnson is here

            If the EU is such a dictatorship where are the millions of dead bodies killed in concentration camps? Where is the banning of ALL human rights and free speech?
            If you are concerned about a democratic deficit it baffles me why you aren’t struggling against the blatant lack of Democracy foisted upon you by your own Government.

            • Boris,Where? I cannot see him!!!

              This country as well as others are no more than a huge open air prisons, on Thursday half the country put their illiterate (X) beside what masters they want to be enslaved by.
              Some of us took our rose tinted specs years ago and just play along with the system.
              While others on the other hand take it all so seriously.

        • @ Eva

          Well, we then got our own back on that evil little storm-trooping cunt in the end by forcing him to shoot his brains out to avoid being captured at the end of WWII. He killed thousands of Jews in those nasty death camps and gas chambers.

          Got anything good to say about Hitler or modern day Europe? I personally don’t. Look how much money we had to give Europe since 1973 when we joined the EEC and look how very little money we got back under the agreed EU rebate terms they foisted on us.

          Money spent on un-elected M.E.P.s and lazy-arsed European officals for dreaming up and imposed crazy bollocked laws against the UK. British money that could have been better spent on British education, schools and health services. Knickers to Europe. We did the right thing and told them to fuck off and stop being greedy, money obsessed little hitlers and cunts.

      • Ps: you voted for government who brought in fees for education. I don´t see poor English women getting nursing degree dear. We have education for free In Poland you know:) ? And I recommended my job to so far three English women who were unemployed looking for a job telling them how revarding it is..the anwer was sadly always something like “it sounds tooo hard for me”. There is more and more mentally ill every day and not enough staff. The “taking jobs” UKIP propaganda is obviously very catchy.

      • “you shouldn’t be in this country taking a nursing job off of a person that is born and bred in the UK.”

        Why shouldn’t she? Just like people from the UK have taken jobs in other countries. Saying you shouldn’t be here, or you’re stealing our jobs doesn’t really help anymore than blanket denial that immigration can have an impact on low paid jobs or services in poorer areas. The point is that capital – the bosses – use immigration as a tool to create a mobile, precarious workforce that is at each other’s throat – free movement in the EU didn’t happen as some benevolent gesture but is a deliberate plank of neoliberalism. Capital would far rather see a rise in the kind of far right or fascist agitation that has happened across the EU, including here, than any rise in workers organising around class and control of resources. And that’s what we need to do to win. As I said in the post, if we had enough homes, enough services, better wages and benefits then migration would barely register. If we had economic equality, across the UK, Europe and beyond then migration would largely be about the young going on adventures or people moving for family reasons. Take capital out of the equation and the only real opposition to immigration would be petty racism. So that’s what we need to do, everybody, acting as a class that’s united not divided by race or nationality, fighting together against the rich.

        That will be hard, but the first steps are stopping screaming racist at anyone who even mentions the subject of migration, and challenging, and confronting real racism wherever we find it. Both are vital, particularly now, sadly it seems like some think entrenching positions and prejudices is the way forward.

        • Void wrote “Why shouldn’t she”

          Because she’s taking the job that a British person should be doing that’s why. IMO

          As for the statement that people go off and do jobs in other countries: yes that’s true but not to the levels we have had to put up with in the UK. Plus the countries they go to are usually places like the USA or Australia that are massive. Also they go usually to proper bona fide jobs not snide under the counter i’ll pay you £2.50 p/h but don’t tell anyone ‘jobs?’

          • Not sure it’s the same now, but there certainly were plenty of people from the UK on benefits or in the informal economy in places like Amsterdam until at least the 90s. As there were builders travelling about Europe, and people picking up Summer jobs in the Med. It’s never been one way traffic, and there’s currently around a couple of million UK people who live, or work in Europe at least some of the time.

            And the main reason its not a British person doing that job is it’s quite hard to train to be a nurse in the UK, because the training allowances are so shit and so there is an ongoing shortage of nursing staff. And Universal Credit and sanctions means its now no longer possible to train up to a skilled job whilst you’re on the dole, or a lone parent, so this problem will get a lot worse. Immigration will fill the gap, no matter what happened on Thursday the capitalists are still in charge. So do you blame the nurses that come for that problem, other working class people who could be fighting with us. Or do you blame the people who actually engineered the problem?

            • Looks like you’ve accidentally attracted one or two real racists to your page Johnny. You seem to have unwittingly given them the false impression that you’re a racist.

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                The problem we have is if you are not in one camp or the other you are then forced into choosing between Leave Racists or Remain Racists so not much choice. Racism is how the UK does politics.

              • There’s always been a wide range of opinion posted here, and some I strongly disagree with.

              • Plebrise Spots Racism

                Ah, there’s far more than 1 or 2 racists here, KJ. In fact, it’s really disappointing to see some of the views from people who I thought were decent.

                Because I can’t even spot posts which haven’t victimised migrants in this thread. That Includes Johnny Void’s original post which did nothing to research how leaving EU will affect migrants. Instead it omitted & minimised the hardships migrants will face upon leaving the EU.

                Here is another perspective. From an EU National’s point of view:

            • As Eva correctly pointed out education is free in Poland. Nursing, all the way up to advanced stuff like PHDs, etc. And the reason the Polish government keep the populace in education because there are no fucking jobs! Also in Poland you are forced into ‘early retirement’ at 50. It’s not a lot of £zwoty£ like a proper pension, more like being forced onto the dole but without the ‘conditionality’.

              • Another that happens in Poland is that undertakers do deals with ambulance crews, but we won’t get into that, but Eva will no doubt know all about it.

        • Plebrise Spots Racism

          JV: “So that’s what we need to do, everybody, acting as a class that’s united not divided by race or nationality, fighting together against the rich.”

          Great idea, Johnny Void. But how do you propose we do that?
          ~ How can we meet if we can’t always travel without VISA?
          ~ How can we unite if we can’t work in each others countries?
          ~ How will we survive if can’t get benefits when ill or out of work?
          ~ How will we have the energy if all we do is work just to survive?
          ~ How can we demonstrate if Operation Nexus deports us?

          EU provided some safety nets for that. It’s far from perfect but at least by law it gave EU Nationals same rights to work, healthcare, benefits, etc. as the residents in the country they lived in.

          So what do you do? You celebrate the removal of those rights. As if we can survive & build a movement on thin air alone. In addition:

          – You re-branded racists who voted BREXIT into working-class heroes.
          – You portrayed everyone voting to Remain as condescending toffs.
          – You omitted Operation Nexus, minimised deportations + stronger border controls & ignored loss of entitlement to benefits, etc. for EEA citizens once UK leaves EU. It’s as if those dangers don’t matter to you.
          – You ignored how EEA citizens were prevented from voting. Instead you portrayed the outcome as a democratic, working class victory…
          – You dismiss the experiences migrants have of this election being racist & urge us not to “scream racist at anyone who even mentions migration”
          – You forget to examine your own privilege* & how that puts you ahead of us migrants in terms of rights, treatment & benefit entitlements*.

          And yet you urge us to challenge ‘real racism’. All whilst enabling real racism by dismissing many outright racist remarks posted here as “opposing views”. As if racism is less real when it’s done online.

          If you’re serious about us building an inclusive, working-class movement across Europe (if not the world) – then I’d like you to examine your behaviour.

          *examples of these privileges can be found here:

          • Plebrise Spots Racism

            Ops, was meant to write:

            And yet you urge us to challenge ‘real racism’. All whilst enabling real racism by dismissing many outright racist remarks posted here as “wide range of opinion”. As if racism is less real when it’s done online.

          • The first sentence of this post makes it clear exactly who it is aimed at: The pampered middle classes of the so-called left. The same people branding everyone who voted Leave as thick racists across the internet. I deplore that, I equally condemn the racist incidents that have taken place since the result and the racism on both sides that took place during the campaign. But this post wasn’t about that, I didn’t post during the campaign. This post was about the result, why it happened and what happens next.

            Nowhere have I celebrated the Leave vote, I tried to explain why some people are celebrating. And pointed out that this result wasn’t just about immigration but was a broader protest from people who have been abandoned and rarely given a voice. And also that what lies behind a lot of anti-immigration feeling is scarcity – caused by austerity – that the EU supports.

            I accept your point about privilege, I am not affected by immigration laws and I’m sorry that people feel anxious. I believe you should have had a vote. But I’d also ask you to consider how someone who has been sanctioned, and has no benefits, or is facing economic deportation from their home city due to housing benefit cuts might feel reading you demanding that they support your right to benefits and to live where you choose. They fucking should, as you should support theirs, but whilst you call them a privileged racist they are not likely to. This is not how you build solidarity, or an inclusive working class movement. If the liberal left’s only response to the Leave vote is to brand everyone who voted out as a racist or Little Engalnd nationalist – that’s 52% of the UK, over half of Wales , 38% of Scotland and according to Ashcroft’s research over a quarter of Black people and a third of Asian people – then we really are heading into dangerous political territory. That’s how the seeds of fascism are sown.

            • I’d add to that I hope that everyone posting on this blog will condemn, and act where necessary to stop the racist incidents that have taken place since the vote. Otherwise claims that concern about migration is not akin to racism look pretty hollow. But I’m not responsible for people’s opinions in these comments, overt racist abuse is always removed, but I’d rather this was a space where people can say what they feel, and be challenged on it, as opposed to a space where any dissenting opinion is shut down – because that in my opinion has been part of the problem.

      • Plebrise Spots Racism

        “you shouldn’t be in this country taking a nursing job off of a person that is born and bred in the UK.”

        And this is what racism looks like.

        • British jobs for British workers remember that? I have no problem with people coming to work here if they have skills that can’t be sourced from amongst our own population. But that doesn’t mean i welcome the whole of Eastern Europe coming here to take already sparse amounts of work off of born and bred Brits.

        • “Using our public parks; drinking our beer; not being white british …”.

    • Thanks l voted in.

      • @: Mick

        Ha ha. You and the other remainer’s lost the majority vote and now we will see no more European interference on our daily lives, trade, business and no more handing £20 million to Brussels every year other than for them to tell us what we can and cannot buy, how much fish we can catch, what tax we must impose on shop/retail prices and no more final decisions on what is passed as law.

        If you don’t like the truth being outed, then move to Europe and take in their crazy laws and what you are allowed or not to say and do.

        • Mate, if l want to know what you think I’ll read the Daily Mail. The vast majority of thick racist cunts voted out. IDS,Chris fucking Grayling! I’m not saying you’re racist or nuffin, l,ll leave that to your last paragraph. LOL xx

          • I’m not going to get into a pointless debate with you as obviously you like the idea of the UK continuing with paying £20 billion a year to Brussels and its in-denial government than instead see that money better spent on UK healthcare, education, looking after the elderly and ex-forces personnel forced to sell their medals just to get by with rent and food.

            If you don’t like the UK leaving Europe and my own personal comments regarding this, then pack your bags, sell your home and move to Greece – land of 50%+ un-employment and an in-ability to pay back loans to Europe.

    • Eva I think you should read JV’s posts more carefully in future. He is exactly the opposite of what you accuse him of. He is not a racist and does not support the right wing in this country. Where did you get these ideas from? And as for me I welcome immigrants to this country, and yes as you say most come here from Europe and work hard but so do most UK citizens so why do you attack us as lazy. I bet in Poland you have similar problems with the hard working and some work shy as in many other countries. The referendum was not about bigotry. Yes some voters used it for that purpose but not all. Why smear 52% of our nation as bigots when there were many issues at stake here. I think you need to get that chip off your shoulder and calm down a bit.

  87. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Assisted Suicide Deaths. DWP Self Inflicted Suicide.

  88. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Wake up or you will be the next DWP Assisted Suicide on Universal Credit.

  89. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Risk Assessment Insurance.

  90. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Now people think they care when I pop these pills to kill myself.

    DWP Assisted Suicide. The proof is in the pudding so called the police DWP assisted suicide.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Stupid System that has killed thousands suicide suicide suicide DWP Assisted Suicide.

  91. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP are scared now when I call it DWP Assisted Suicide.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Call my doctor, call the police to prove DWP Assisted Suicide because am too smart for some DWP pimp who gets a suicide bonus for calling the police.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Sectioned – Bullshit – The DWP are getting charged by the Police for wasting police time.

  92. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Real Life not bullshit voting.

  93. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So the UN report on disability has now been dumped even thou it has said the UK government is guilty of Human Rights Breaches & DWP Deaths. Everyone ditching the truth.

  94. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  95. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Don`t forget it is DWP assisted – Suicide.

  96. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  97. Only the rich, powerful, bankers, and celebrity luvvies wanted us to stay in Europe simply to protect their cushy way of life and help to hide their evading of paying the right amount of taxes.

    If they don’t like the ordinary person in the street doing the right thing and telling Europe to get and get stuffed, then they can f7ck off themselves to Europe, live there and don’t come back complaining they now have to whinge about paying correct tax rates on their inflated wages for doing f9ck all.

  98. Taken from Mail online website –

    “since the start of this Parliament in May 2010, a total of 3,589 regulations and directives affecting UK businesses have been handed down from Brussels.”

    “It would take a businessman, working an average eight hours a day and reading at an average speed of 300 words a minute, 92 days to read all the 13,321,530 words in all the business-related EU red tape enacted since the current government came to power.
    This equates to around a month’s worth of reading every year to keep on top of new regulations.”

    So who here thinks Europe is/was good for UK business in whole?

  99. The UK, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a corrupt Europe. Up yours Europe. What have you ever done good for us apart from steal our money and gave fuck all back in a dodgy rebate deal?

  100. Michael Banks

    You’ve got to love the author’s dewy-eyed optimism re the English working-class, like they’r going to rise up as one and lead an uprising, Face it, they’re a bunch of thick cunts who love saluting the English flag, salivating at the sight of royalty and never missing an opportunity to give johnny foreginer a good kicking.. I fucking hate them and I’m Scottish and working-class, in case you’re wondering, Up here, we have some sense, even if we can’t properly control a football.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The working classes love Atos & maximus & hate the disabled scrounging off the state & tax payers. The working classes are going to hit hard with Universal Credit having a Work Coach at every step of your life.

    • Dissidentdiva

      As more workers are dragged onto universal credit because of shit wages, it becomes less likely that a working/underclass major revolt will be possible, in peoples minds. We will all become afraid of losing our jobs and benefits – sanctions apply to workers too. A very clever move.
      Britain is fast becoming one huge workhouse.

    • If you want to stay in Europe, then fuck off there and don’t complain when they impose European Taxes and European Nation Insurance schemes on top of your British tax and National Insurance lopped off your wages. You’ll see more of your wages lost that way and will take home less than half of your gross pay than you currently do.

    • That’s not a descrlption of “the English working class” – it might be a description of some people & does sound familiar – but it’s not a whole class of people defined by occupation/income levels – ‘socio-economic background’ – compare with, for eg. IDS.

  101. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum

    We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.

    2,143,128 signatures

  102. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    What hatred on both sides – Both sides of the Tories. The country has hatred brainwashed into them by Tory racists. Cameron is a racist & Boris is a racist. Margret Hodge on the commons accounts committee doing fuck all with Atos & fucking up the disabled.

    • paultheswineherd

      Stepping – I forgot about that one – Margaret Hodge was indeed on the Public Accounts Committee – looking into the ‘waste of public money’!
      Little good did that enquiry do – even more wastage of public money has happened since – as you say, not least with the poverty pimp companies, as well as ATOS, Maximus & the like!

    • At last, an interesting comment. Eva’s was well put, rainings was revealing but most people would not have read them because they had to scroll down through a load of your posts. I voted In. You?

      • This isn’t unfair Stepping, the stream of consciousness thing can make threads difficult to follow, perhaps try sum things up in one comment rather than using loads with just a few words in each.

  103. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Leave & take your magic pill.

  104. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  105. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Robert Gabriel Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe has welcomed trade with Brexit.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So Weapon Sales.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        President Mugabe to save England.

        • paultheswineherd

          Stepping – Just imagine if President Karzai of Afghanistan was put in charge of the Referendum/Gen. Election – then there would be free and fair voting – not! 😀

          • paultheswineherd

            Incidentally, on BBC2 earlier this evening, Douglas Carswell (UKIP) an ex-Tory MP, suggested that it would be a good idea for the Brexit leaving negotiations with the EU to be put directly into the hands of Chris Grayling & Micheal Gove – yeah, right!

  106. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Does the UK really want a Civil War because that is where it is heading.

    • paultheswineherd

      Stepping – I am sure that if it was 1640 instead of 2016 – it would have indeed turned eventually into a civil war!

  107. Don’t turn us all into monsters!!!!!!!
    Oppps,… that genie has well and truly escaped from the bottle, with a big nudge from our leaders.

    London now wants to be an independent state, its people have spoken. FFS it will be passport to Pimlico next.


    “Just wait till parliament reconvenes, the Tory’s will pull every dirty trick in the book to try and reverse the vote”

    There will be in house fighting on all sides. Long time close friends will become hated distant enemies, fighting will ensue in the subsidised bars and skirmishes will be televised locally…………………

    The quicker we get out, the better

    Cameron is dragging his heels and wants to hold on to power for as long as possible, doing the dirty on his successor to sign the out clause in october.

    If Europe is so good why are the French out on the streets in mass protests? The British government pulled out all the stops to control our media from showing the dissent abroad.

    Ask yourselves why?

    We have sown the seeds of doubt among the other nations, just watch the fuckers wriggle!

    “The truth is out there”

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – Very true – the Tories are already in-fighting and vieing for POWER to stop Boris Johnson becoming the next P.M. They will say something nice to their face, whilst quietly and determinedly stabbing the person in the back. They are a bunch of rich, selfish, devious and rogue bastards.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Johnson, Gove & Forage could not even boil an egg. Gove & Johnson are Murdoch`s best friends & have all meet up with Donald Duck Trump in Scotland. Gove & Johnson run media papers like trash. The Freedom Of Speech has also been taken away from anyone who did not vote for brexit or vote at all. You only have freedom of speech if you voted brexit. If you want to leave Europe don`t trust these Tory fools. Funny how the Tories are the poor`s best friend now. I did not vote so I have the common sense in the bullshit.

    • Correct Geoff! I predicted soon after the referendum was called that if the result went against the wishes of the establishment they would try and overturn the mandate of the people. Democracy to the Establishment is you can vote any way you ant as long as you give us the result we want.

      • Very true i remember you making that prediction and that’s exactly the way it’s went. You play the game and then when you lose you decide “oh! i don’t like that game because i lost. So now i want to change the rules so i win.”

        There was even a Labour MP i believe saying Parliament should overrule this referendum vote! Can you believe that? That would cause anarchy and riots in the street. That’s not democracy that’s a dictatorship.

        • It’s the politics of the school playground. Like when you ‘shot’ a classmate with a spud gun and you though you had ‘killed’ them: “I am only wounded”. The Remains are only wounded 😀

        • Plebrise Spots Racism

          You think EU Referendum was democratic? It didn’t allow EU citizens to vote. Or expat Brits living abroad for over 15 years to vote.

          How do you think that feels, Raining?

  109. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Petitioning Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

    Declare London independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.

    157,772 supporters

    42,228 needed to reach 200,000


      ………………it would suit me if they morphed Yorkshire into SCOTLAND to escape the stranglehold of the golden paved metropolis that holds the outsiders to ransom and bitter contempt……

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        What A Sham of politics. Shameful way to conduct business.

        Seems no one is fit for purpose until all MP`s are banned off Twitter.

  110. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum

    2,603,093 signatures

    1,000 a minute – 60,000 an hour

    20 million by Monday.

    • I’m going to start my own petition: everyone who voted to remain in the EU has to leave the UK as soon as possible. You will initially go to France and then be allocated your individual countries that are going to take you seeing you like it so much!

      This will create millions of jobs and will wipe out unemployment totally!

  111. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK in Meltdown by next Friday – politics is too slow. Meltdown of everything.

  112. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Brexiters are saying if you did not vote leave then you should leave the country & fuck off the France. The hatred spouted by the winners want everyone to die or leave the country in Social Cleansing on non Brexit.

    If I wanted to leave Europe it would not be with these neo liberal racists.

  113. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      What A Fuck Up – Business is business & Politics is politics. Business operates far faster than lazy politicians.

      Soon the disabled will be the scapegoats yet again for the Recession hitting next Friday.


      ………….and all the Queens horses and all the Queens men, couldn’t put poor Europe , together again………………..

  114. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Thousands of Jobs lost next week. Unemployment – All funding IDS.

  115. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    IDS is back on Universal Credit Duties.

  116. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Many more suicides now.

  117. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The vote was used to cover up the 49 DWP Deaths report by the UN.

  118. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Next vote to leave the UN.

  119. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    You not from Camden fuck off back to Islington.

  120. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    London is very organized for Civil War you Northerners.

  121. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Racist Racist Racist England. London have already got the Uzi`s & AK47`s.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Do you really want shoot outs everywhere in a war zone. Racist England.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Brexit Racist Bomber. Terrorist.


          ……………and what did Brussels ever do for us, apart from make you fart after Christmas Dinner?

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            For me no body did nothing – I am an outcast of society & are not able to sign anything. If a Civil War in Europe & England brings Disability Human Rights then bring it on. But more pressing is the price of petrol will double by Tuesday. Humanity to Human beings needs no politics.

  122. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Not once have the brexit or stay said anything about disability rights. So fuck the lot of them. Penniless & Homeless.

  123. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I do not care apart from Disability To The Right To Live.. How do we get that !!! Not through politics.

  124. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I live in my own world in my separate Disability Country.

  125. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I have now got a job being a self employed as a bullshitter to the Tax office. The world markets are there for creative people.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      • Why don’t you stop posting endless streams of shite like you’ve been asked to?

        • Razor Step Sound Plating System

          Disability Hate Crime Criminal. Where have I hidden the sponge puddings. I love a sponge pudding after spending this afternoon riding my pushy bike to the Moon and back! £5,000,000 benefit fraud. See you in court.

        • Razor Step Sound Plating System

          It’s grown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! £1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. DWP don’t have a calculator big enough!

  126. Hooray! News just in! At last! This should have happened ages ago. There should be many others to follow! Well done Corbyn on this one though.

    • About time Jeremy Corbyn got tough. He is a genuinely decent man but he needs to realise that in order to lead the party, he needs to protect himself against the power hungry who are out to undermine his authority. He does not need to be all controlling but needs to be alert

    • And of course the BBC (Radio 4) had to make the point that Benn received notice of his sacking from Corbyn in “an early morning ‘phone call”. Trying to make out that Jezza is so irascible and bad-tempered that he makes important decisions after waking from a slumber in the middle of the night and acts on them.

  127. The future is not good,its going to take investment something the Tories are known for to create skills and build an export market for goods people want and a sustained economy,The UK was part of a group that compete globally thats now gone, prices are likely to rise ,when people feel this the mood in divided UK is likely descend into blame.Tax Credit Osbourne and his threats of an emergency budget to raise taxes has not raised his head since this result what is plan B?

    • plan B is plod along and complain about anything and everything but do nothing about it, in other words… the same as we’ve done all along!

      this referendum was won by people that done something about it, we can only watch and see how it unfolds

  128. Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    The elite from the Left?

  129. the country voted and the result was leave!!.
    like it or not for once the people decided and not the fucking rich self serving politician scum.
    those who voted remain are now furious and are demanding a second vote!!.
    ok lets have one then and if remain then win us leave voters will demand a third vote, then what do we just keep voting in , out, in, out forever!!.

    this bull shit about percentages is rubbish, no where on my ballot paper it say ” the winning side must have a majority of a certain percentage.!!!.

    I think the leave vote winning by over a million votes is not a case of ” only just!. who are these people sighing this demand for a second vote?, the scots and the Irish no doubt the English and welsh voted overwhelmingly to leave!!!!. Cameron and his cronies have spouted democracy time and time again and we used the democratic procedure in this country to vote in or out the majority voted out using this democratic process so the result should STAND!!. if not British parliament should dissolve itself and the military should take control and this country should be placed under martial law!.

    that is the alternative to a democracy !!!.
    are we a democratic country or not..
    if we are the leave vote MUST STAND.
    once you start fucking around with democracy and trying to rig a persons vote that’s when a country descends into unrest and eventually leads to civil war!!.

    I agree this vote was not just about remaining in the eu it was also a vote to get rid of Cameron and the Tories if the scum Tories had not killed disabled people, forced the sick and disabled to work, created poverty on a mass scale , made 1000,s homeless, created a food bank Britain, persecuted the most venerable in our society, priced ordinary working folks out of the housing market, turned a bling eye to rich tax dodgers, not introduced the cruel bedroom tax, not introduced the inhumane benefit sanctions, looked after our brave armed forces personnel, not pandered to rich business, not introduced a pathetic living wage of £7.50 an hour, not give millions in foreign aid ,to other countries while our own people go without food, not ban protests , and looked after everyone in the uk NOT JUST THE FUCKUNG RICH then the vote would have been different !!.

    to all you rich fukkers out there, this is what happens when ordinary people have had a enough of being down trodden and cast aside , this vote is most defiantly a wake up call to those in power who over the last 30 years have looked after the rich and big business in this country whilst throwing the rest of us the crumbs!!.
    the tories must now go!! a snap general election must now be called, the tories have absolutely no mandate to govern any more.
    Jeremy Corbin must also stand down as labour leader this scruffy looking hobo who for years campaigned to leave the eu then campaigned to remain in the eu has shown his true colours he’s a turn coat. Corbin and labour did not vote against the bedroom tax, labour did not vote against the all work tests for the disabled and corbin has ruled out repealing any of these hated things, so that just goes to show how much they support the most venerable in our society. labour are just as bad as the fucking tories!!!!!!!!!.

    we need to form another political party lets call it the peoples party, run by ordinary people not the privileged, the rich and those that put big business before anything else. A party that will irradiate poverty in this country a country where every citizen has a bed to sleep in and a roof over their head , where the youngster’s can get a job , where an employer pays a decent wage to employees, where if a person is genuinely disabled we show compassion and look after those less fortunate. those filthy rich parasites contribute more to society and not hide their wealth in off shore tax havens.
    renationalise every utility company and make them non for profit!.
    stop the out of control house prices, compulsory purchase land at realistic prices and build real affordable houses, stop this insane right to buy social housing. rent cap on greedy buy to let landlords .
    all those who have served our country in the armed forces are guaranteed
    a home on leaving.
    ect ect ect.
    no more THEM AND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..


      • If Brussels got its way and we lost, we would all be forced to eat Brussel Sprouts and nothing else five times a day. That would have put us in violation of their European green policies. Not to mention the strict enforcement of only using European toilet rolls with British bog rolls banned under a new European Directive E.U 84942311

    • IMO 17 million people who voted leave are the real figures of unemployment, low wagers and poverty stricken citizens of this country.

      Give or take a few million votes from the extreme hard right who have their own reasons and opinions for leaving, we are left with a lot more numbers than the governments own stats regarding poverty.

  130. Ever wondered why JCP staff, DWP staff are so fucked up in the head, have a look at a so called charity called “Common Purpose”.
    Millions have been funnelled into it to produce psychotic workers.
    The DWP have spent thousands and thousands of pounds on courses that basically turns its workers into head fuck`s.

    • JCP staff did absolutely sweet f9ck all for me over the years except punish me for simply being un-employed during that time through enforced redundancy. Each time I signed on I was treated like dog sh1t by each different staff member I saw, but as soon as I told them I was back in work again recently they couldn’t be more nicer and fall over themselves to be my friend.

      Who’s laughing now, me or them? I took home over £300 last Friday as that week’s wages, that including a tax rebate back to me. More than those lazy part-time 4rsed c2nts working in a government hell-hole would ever dream of having.

  131. European Common Fisheries Policy sets out a capped quota that the British fishing fleet can only catch a limited amount of fish tonnage per year from within British territorial waters whilst also allowing foreign fishing fleets in our waters.

    Now we are out of Europe, can we get rid of this policy and help to rebuild our decimated fishing industry and tell Europe to but out of taking fish from British waters just because they have none of their own to catch?

    Another crazy European directive to be imposed upon us was the intended introduction to ban the use of high-powered hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. we had to get rid or proper light bulbs and bring in cheap alternatives as part of European energy saving directives. Let’s bring back proper light bulbs and send the rubbish ones to Paris for them to have and put up with having to see in bad lighting conditions at night.

  132. I’ve heard four of my mates saying they have had racist abuse in the last two days, I’ve seen photos of two Polish men battered in the street, I’m scared I’m going to lose my job, and I’m a sneering middle class person in an all white enclave with an East European cleaner? Why are you saying this? Why are you taking this position?

    • Millie – where did that happen? ( the men who were battered).

      • I think in Buckinghamshire. Sorry I didn’t see this question before.

        • @Millie,

          I didn’t see your answer.

          I hope you don’t lose your job. Some of my relatives have children who were born outside the UK (in the ex-EU). It’s frightening that Gov.UK think it’s now fine to ask people to send schools details of whether their pupils were born in the UK or not.

          & it definitely feels as tho agression/small-mindedness & Little Englanders are on the up.


  133. The demented loser Cameron posted this on Twitter on June 23rd…

    “Thank you everyone who voted to keep Britain stronger, safer & better off in Europe – and thousands of @StrongerIn campaigners around the UK”

    Er, I hate to disagree but the British people chose the better option by ignoring the Eton establishment and cost you your “job”.

  134. TO EVA……

    I voted out how the hell does that make me a racist??.
    your obviously either thick or retarded , your post is a pathetic rant obviously your not intelligent at all.
    your just a narrow minded moron that believes that anyone who wants to have controlled immigrate is a bigot ,and a fucking racist!!.
    your a total uneducated brainless idiot to put me on a parr with the kkk!!.
    read my fucking posts you retard , not once have I mentioned the colour of anyone’s skin .
    go look up the definition an of a racist in the English dictionary ( if you can read)??.
    it clearly states “A RACIST IS ONE WHO BELIVES THAT HIS RACE IS SUPERIOR TO ANY OTHER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    no mention at all of the colour of anyone skin!.
    do don’t you fucking dare class me as a racist you ignorant fuck.
    I agree with johnny void every word he posts .
    its ignorant uneducated morons like YOU that play the racist card every time immigration is mentioned.
    I have many friends who are black, Asian, Chinese, and eastern European
    how dare you call me a redneck and a racist you ignorant fuck.

    if it was not for the British you and the rest of Europe would be speaking German now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.show some gratitude !!!!!!!!!

    • Eva has gone to ground like Osborne. Soon as they start an argument they run off back under a rock, not to argue the case in their own favour and without grounded, proven facts.

      Here is the result of the final football Score from June 24th 2016:

      United Kingdom 1
      Europe 0

      • I think Osborne`s been a very busy boy over the last few days, deleting Emails, taking a sledgehammer to harddrives, trying to move around trillions of public money to dodgy companies. Its gonna take 3 to 4 months to eliminate most of the evidence which is why Cameron wants to step down in October.

  135. now dodgy dave is technically unemployed, the dwp should force him to attend at his local job centre, force an agency zero hours contact on him paying the minimum wage and if his chauffer driven limousine drive is 1 minute late for his interview SANCTION THE FUKKER!!.

    • Too bad his Work Programme has been all but scrapped. Him and Drunko the Clown would have been put on it for six months community payback working their time off in some sh1tty paint recycling depot for being un-employed and not doing enough to find and apply for work 35 hours a week.

      • No word from that c8nt of a “manager” at CCORRN. Hasn’t got the balls to come on here and try in vain to wind my neck up following my brief placement with him through Seetec. I’m back in full time work, earning a decent wage, which is more than I can say for that work placement leech who f8cking told me to make teas and coffees for his volunteers whilst I was in the middle of a severe allergy/sneezing fit caused by his f8cking rancid paint fumes. Tw4t.

      • I haven’t forgotten CCORRN trying to poison me with dangerous paint fumes nor when a customer posted on here that his daughter was sent to hospital sustaining an injury after tripping over a pallet left carelessly in the yard.

    • 35 hour/day jobsearch…

  136. FEN TIGER,
    your absolutely right regarding ( what’s left) of the fishing industry in this country. I can remember the eu instructing our government to force many British fishing fleets to destroy their boats, I remember fisherman forced to burn their boats on the beach whilst watching huge Spanish factory fishing boats on the horizon scooping millions of tons of fish from British waters.
    British fishing boats can only catch so much fish after our fishing boats have caught their quota ( set by the eu) any excess fish must be throw back into the sea DEAD OR ALIVE!.
    its ridiculous that our fishing fleet must throw back tons of dead fish that are perfectly good to eat because the eu says they must.

    uk farmers can only produce so much milk so if a farmers cows produce lets say 1000 gallons of milk a day the farmer can only keep and sell 500 gallons the rest is pored down the drain!!! again another crazy eu rule!!.

    the eu pays farmers not to grow crops in their fields!!
    so we are forced to buy crops from other eu countries.
    its the same with beef herds , sheep ect our entire fishing and faming industry is controlled from Brussels .

    • @ Jeff

      There are over 3,000 EU laws that were imposed upon us, with the one that springs to mind being the Fishing and Agricultural polices telling us what we can and cannot fish and farm. Europe told us to stop selling and using high-powered vacuum cleaners and would have banned high-powered hairdryers above 1000w. Most of the EU laws restrict British trade, financial, banking, employment and business.

      We joined the EEC in 1973 to be part of their Common Market system as Britain was the sick man of Europe and was almost bankrupt, leaving us no choice to try and raise capital to get us off our feet and reverse our banking money default. The EU superstate did not even exist back then nor did the 3,000+ EU laws and rules which came in over 20 years later affecting every part of our personal, professional and business aspects of our lives.

      The EU state has got out of control, putting us trillions in debt, micro-managing what we say, do, buy and sell; what we can’t buy, make and sell; what we can and cannot produce in our farms and fishery stocks; how much tax and v.a.t we have to impose on shop, trade and manufacturing prices.

      • The EU also reduced the maximum standby current that appliances are allowed to consume. This is why appliances can seem to take a long time to ‘wake up’. Though back in the day standby power consumption was the same as if the appliance had been left on 🙂 , sometimes even more 😀

  137. This thread is a joke. This is the sign of the working class about to come together as one to prevent one load of right wingers from continuing where the last load of right wingers left off, is it? Fucking hell. All the Brexiters commenting on here thinking they’ve ‘won’- you haven’t won a fucking thing unless you get the Tories out- and even then we’re going to struggle.

    • Cameron has fallen on his sword after losing his personal vote battle through dirty vote tactics scaring us into staying in a corrupt superstate of which we never signed up to in 1973 as it didn’t even exist then.

      With the head honcho running the Tories gone, the party is now in-fighting and fracturing right in front of us, splitting 50/50 for and against Europe. A republican independant state of the United Kingdom is on its way. Either embrace it and the will of the common person, who has risen up against the Eton mob and un-elected European officials, or emigrate to Belgium or Germany where they like being told what to do, what to say, what to buy, what to sell and how much tax they must pay out of their wages to a dictatorship obsessed with money.

    • Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is the first step, getting out of that EU shithole. From here we can go on and concentrate on other things like rebuilding the Labour Party to the party it used to be with real socialist MP’s and no Blairites or red tories in it. Then we work on getting back all our traditional supporters we’ve lost in Scotland to the SNP who are going to be seen for what they truly are; self serving hypocrites. Why hypocrites? Because they bleat on and on about having control of all our own affairs and being free of the rest of the UK but are bending over backwards to allow ourselves to be ruled from Brussels!!! What kind of independence is that? What a farce!

  138. Plebrise Spots Racism

    I feel let down by you, Johnny Void. You call for a revolution. But you don’t even care about us migrants or how our lives will be affected by BREXIT.

    “There will certainly be no forced deportations or militarised borders.”

    Really? Check Operation Nexus deporting EU Nationals:

    And then check your privilege, Johnny Void. How you never have to fear losing benefits, paying a fortune to obtain a new citizenship or be forced out of your home due to your nationality.

    Yes, home. Because for some reason migrants are not seen as people settled in UK. That’s all part of same racist rhetoric viewing migrants as some workforce that Britain can allow, restrict, send away or deny equal rights to.

    What I find sad, is that you could have asked us from EU how we feel about an election we could not even vote in but which now will determine our lives in UK.

    Instead, you went on to write about things you have no experience of & which you never risk experiencing for yourself. How is that any different from when toffs write on what it’s like to be poor & then praise a reform which will jeopardise the poor even further?

    • Well I hope for your sake you do not live in London and receive housing benefit , come the autumn when the benefit cap comes in, most migrants will not be able to live in London or the surrounding areas.
      So who’s being racist?
      It certainly is not the likes of us.

      • Not forgetting that within the two year exit period all foreign nationals regardless of how many years they have lived and worked in Britain, paying taxes and contributing to British values, way of life and society may now have to apply for working visas just to legally live and work here, under a similar system already in place in Australia.

        *You can’t live or work in Australia or have a private health scheme unless you already have a trade you can take to them and are sponsored to work there legally by a Australian company accepting your application. You can’t just live or work in Australia without a maximum 6 month working visa, health scheme, being sponsored by a business you will work for or by someone you know whom already lives there, and or without a certain amount of money in your bank account.

        They do the right thing and kick out anybody with no automatic rights of access – no job, no home, no health scheme, no sponsor and they will deport you as soon as you declare this at customs.

        • Angela Meerkat

          There was a programme on, might have been Channel 5, the other day showing how a Romanian guy with a truck-load of kids was shipping £tens of thousands of ££ss of hard-working UK citizens cash back to Romania to build his property empire: “Thank you UK. You have helped me so much 😀 ” . And then you have the indigenous population depending on foodbanks and being sanctioned to death -literally! It’s a piss-take!

          • Angela Meerkat

            He didn’t even live in the UK for the 10 months a year or whatever he was supposed. He spent most of this time in Romania and sub-let his massive council property. Totally cashing it in. Who in their right mind would want to graft for minimum to pay for that shit?

          • Angela Meerkat

            Not forgetting the Poles and the massive sums of money they were receiving for their imaginary kids back home in Poland. The UK government don’t even check!

          • Really? On C5?

          • Plebrise Spots Racism

            How is that programme any different from Benefit Porn demonising claimants, Angela Meerkat?

        • Angela Meerkat

          You also need a large cash sum to migrate to Australia. You don’t just sneak in on the back of a lorry 😉

    • Angela Meerkat

      What about the indigenous population in Germany who were forced out of their social homes to make way for ‘migrants?

      • Hyde Park, London. Won’t be now renamed as little Romania as a key legislation by David Cameron to rename parts of the country where immigrants camp out has been dropped following his resignation.

      • German authorities have come up with a unique way of making space for 800,000 incoming Middle Eastern migrants – evict natural-born citizens from their homes.

        Two German women have been ordered by local municipalities to find new housing to replace the flats they’ve lived in for 23 and 16 years, respectively.

        Gabrielle Keller, 56, from Eschbach, Germany, has until the end of 2015 to relocate, the Telegraph reported Tuesday. Bettina Halbey, 51, from the town of Nieheim, has until May 2016.

        “I think it’s a scandal to throw tenants out of their apartments. I can’t see the sense of it,” Keller told SWR television, the paper reported.

        Germans evicted to make room for Syrian refugees

    • You mean Operatin Nexus that was going on despite the UK being part of the EU. Even now migrants are far more at risk due to benefit cuts forcing them from their homes than any threat of deportation – something that nobody serious or with any power has called for and which really would destroy the UK’s economy. And you may have missed it, but the EU were prepared to throw migrants on benefits in the UK under a bus to save their precious neoliberal project, just like they have done the people of Southern Europe, the Syrian refugees, and the victims of austerity everywhere. You honestly think they care about, or would protect you?

      This was posted after the result was in by the way, it wasn’t a call for anyone to vote one way or the other – more it is about how this came about and what we do now.

      • Plebrise Spots Racism

        JV: “You mean Operation Nexus that was going on despite the UK being part of the EU.”

        Yes, same Operation Nexus which operates illegally but, once we leave EU, will as sure as Tories are racists – be legalised. Why wouldn’t it? There won’t be no EU laws to stop it.

        Besides, no deportation is needed if (as you noted) all Tories have to do is to stop our benefit entitlements. That’s enough to force migrants out & guess what? That’s exactly what will happen once UK leaves EU.

        JV: “but the EU were prepared to throw migrants on benefits in the UK under a bus to save their precious neo-liberal project,”

        Look, nobody said EU was perfect. Only that it provided at least some protection in its freedom of movement acts. This enabled working-class people to reside in various European countries & according to EU laws, be treated as equals in the country they lived in.

        Without EU none of us will have those rights. So why does your post applaud BREXIT whilst omitting & minimising the hardship it will cause for migrants & disabled people?

        And why bang on about a revolution ‘in our country’? What about the rest of the world? Is it just there to supply Britain with mass produced goods?

    • THIS

  139. What has Europe done to us since 1973?

    * Allowed foreign privatised take-overs or part closures of our state industries – steel, gas, oil, coal, water

    * Allowed privatised outside take-overs of our water and electricity industries

    * Almost decimated our farming and fishing industries by enforcing maximum daily quotas on milk and fish production

    * Brought in a directive forcing TV companies to give us 12 minutes of adverts an hour, previously no more than 6 minutes per hour before

    * converted the BBC into being pro-European

    * Making us eat Americanised sub-standard chocolate after Cadbury was taking over by a cheap American confectionary brand

    * Banned the usage of incandescent light bulbs

    * In-directly set and control our V.A.T and taxation system

    *In-directly regulate our banking and financial institutions

    * Costs us £20 million each year into EU coffers with very little rebate in return, just simply for having us in their membership

    * In-directly regulate and enforce our general manufacturing and production sectors

    * Directly controlling how many hours a week we can legally work

    * Forced open our previously secure borders and allowed un-controlled migration flooding the housing, jobs, wages and health systems, putting a strain on and under-cutting them

    * Putting British tradesmen out of business by undercutting job quotas and wages – working for less and doing sub-standard, dangerous work violating the Health and Safety At Work Act, and Business/ working regulations

    These are just a few examples that I know about, but there are many more along with 3,000+ EU laws and regulations in-compatible with the British legal, business, health, financial, banking and industries sectors

    • Brussels Sprout

      Fen, you forgot that the EU:
      Made it mandatory for appliances to come pre-wired with a plug
      Made it mandatory that car manufacturers include safety features (instead of an ‘optional extra’) – ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), airbags and since January 2014 ESC (Electronic Stability Control)…
      The list goes on……. hmm….. 😉

      • Brussels Sprout

        Admittedly, the car safety features would have become standard anyway. Who would buy a car without ABS? The EU has just hurried things along, they need to hurry other car safety features along such as parking sensors, reversing cameras, blind-spot detection, etc.

      • Brussels Sprout

        And predictive braking systems. These should all be “standard”.

    • @Fen
      “Allowed foreign privatised take-overs or part closures of our state industries – steel, gas, oil, coal, water”
      …………privatised by Thatcher, not the EU

      “* Allowed privatised outside take-overs of our water and electricity industries”
      …………flogged to foreign outfits by Thatcher and her successors. It was the Tories who privatised all of our public services, with our NHS currently undergoing the same – in this case to US outfits like Unum.

      • I stand corrected by wildswimmerpete.

        But you get the gist that our country has been sold cheap down the river to outside buyers by a lame succession of governments bribed by Europe offering promises which later turned out to be bad judgements. Thank f0ck we are leaving behind all that.

    • Plebrise Spots Racism

      FT: * Directly controlling how many hours a week we can legally work”

      You think it’s a bad thing, Fen Tiger? What will stop employers from expecting you to work at a whim, all hours in the day if not those EU regulations? And what will stop job centres from forcing you onto zero hour contracts if not those EU laws?

      FT: * Forced open our previously secure borders and allowed un-controlled migration flooding the housing, jobs, wages and health systems, putting a strain on and under-cutting them”

      Did you cut & paste it from Daily Smear, Fen Tiger?
      Guess what? Immigration is as old as the human race. It’s completely natural & we’ve been doing it for millions of years, let alone centuries. That’s how we evolved & continue to evolve.

      It’s only a problem when the rich convince people like yourself that low wages, underfunded services & lack of public housing is all down to ‘immigration’ & not their own unbridled speculation…

      So basically, the migrant working-class gets victimised by the rich & you fuel their lies. Turning this blog into a UKIP swamp!
      So much for building an inclusive, anti-racist, human rights movement.

      • I never copy and paste from the newspapers or their websites as they are content controlled by the Tory toffs, I get my sources of information from un-censored websites that don’t get told what to print by governments.

      • And I am not going to argue a toss with EU supporters such as yourself after I have had a long and extremely busy day at work today. Or maybe you would like me to be on Jobseekers Allowance again so I can spend all day on here arguing a flying monkeys with all that “free time”


    ………..and suddenly all the high profile stories surrounding the countless billions hidden in British overseas territories has been erase from the broadsheets and newsrooms…………..

    Panama Jack has fallen on his sword and his pretend family of cutthroats are baying for his title.

    The Israeli led world picnic has been interrupted and the butchers and bakers and candlestick makers are all very sad because the money wolves have lifted the tablecloth to stop the few crumbs dropping into their laps.

    All the zionist tabloids are running stories of doom and gloom.,The zionist supporting faction of the labour party are no longer sleepers and are trying to stir trouble at every turn
    John Mann craftilly running an anti semitic witch hunt among the party a few months back……………….

    All the pieces of the jigsaw are starting to form a bigger picture of corporate greed, corrupt practices and hidden tax free billions. You don’t have to be a genius to know when you are being shafted. Indeed, the food on your plate and your pace of life are a good omen that all is well.

    There is no such word as austerity, it is merely a concept for those with the major share to steal from those with the minor share. We commonly call it theft. The DWP call it business as usual……………

    I have the courage of my convictions and voted OUT.

    I do not feel ashamed, nor do i wish to change my mind.

    Karma has a way of finding the truth. This is just a small spattering of rain in the deluge that is to follow.

    Put up your umbrellas for the shit storm that will ensue………….

    • Plebrise Spots Racism

      GEOFF REYNOLDS: All the zionist tabloids…

      Ah, the zionist conspiracy is back… Yeah, blame the Jews because Holocaust was obviously not enough.

      How much further does this blog need to deteriorate into racism & migrant-phobia?


    ……….and what is the link between Greg Dyke and Justine Greeening?

  142. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Divide & Rule – resulting in No Blacks, No Irish, No Jews, No Dogs.

  143. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Everyone is getting a political illness.




    So here we are, day 2 post Brexit and no sign of the elusive Mr O. Where is he?

    Sitting in a dark corner somewhere sucking his thumb; rocking and humming?

    Recovering from a drug fuelled binge?

    All joking aside, he should be addressing the public because the vote to leave the EU is a momentous issue, emotionally, financially and constitutionally.Cameron has resigned and, more importantly, during the referendum campaign, having nailed his colours to the mast of remain, he had this to say …

    George Osborne says he will have to slash public spending and increase taxes in an emergency Budget to tackle a £30bn “black hole” if the UK votes to leave the European Union.

    The chancellor said this could include raising income and inheritance taxes and cutting the NHS budget.

    Could it be, that he, like many thought that the vote to remain would be a foregone conclusion and what some believed was a “punishment” post Brexit budget to bully those who were thinking of vote leave into voting to remain in the EU?

    Is he now missing in action because like most bullies, if people stand up to them, they run away and effectively, that is what over 50% of the population who voted in the referendum have done. They have stood up to him and his colleagues who tried to scare people into voting remain.

  145. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Labour MP`s resign – Good they can go & join the Tories now.

  146. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Being out of Europe meaning the Highway Code is ditched & you don`t have to indicate anymore.

  147. Corbin sacks Hillary ben, 8 labour front bench mp,s resighn,
    Corbin refuses to step down, what an arrogant bastard he is.
    its obvious with Corbin as labour leader they are un electable.
    labour is now in melt down.
    Corbin why don’t you just fuck off.!!!!!.

    now we got that jumped up little hobbit Nicola sturgeon threating to use the Scottish parliament to block Britain leaving the eu.
    who the fuck does she think she is!!!!.
    I can just picture the scene last night in the sturgeon house hold, secret shady phone calls to Brussels and doing a shady deal to try to sabotage the out vote in return for loads of money for Scotland. sturgeon you slimy, slithering creature!!!.
    I voted out don’t try to fucking rail road my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    that 4ft2 self serving dwarf’s behaviour is appalling who the fuck do you think you are? Scotland is now attempting to black mail the uk because the scots didn’t get their own way!!.
    let the fuckers have independence and good riddance I say back stabbing fucks. let them leave the uk let them join the eu im sure sturgeon can have a job in Brussels as chief ass kisser!!.

    the tories are finished , labour in melt down, the lib dems er um remember that bunch of lobotomised lab monkeys they now say they want another in or out vote in the next general election and sturgeon threating to block the uk leaving the eu, A DEFINATE RECIPE FOR CIVIL UNREST !!!.

    • The United Kingdom is comprised first and forth most as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England The United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU, so that horrible little witch Sturgeon wants to stop getting her knickers in a twist by claiming she will enter into discussions with the EU commission on how to block the vote.

      She would also need the support of the other three parts of the UK along with them each voting in legislation through their own individual governments to support her in unified agreement. The United Kingdom in whole is only recognised as one entity 4 = 1 by the European Parliament and Commission as a member state.

      Scotland is part of the union and therefore cannot vote against the winning leave decision. If they had won their own independence then they would and only then be recognised as a separate country and as an additional full member of the EU state.

      • Nicola Sturgeon's Y-Fronts

        “so that horrible little witch Sturgeon wants to stop getting her knickers in a twist” Knickers?! lol Y-fronts from where we are sitting 😀

        • One of me mates had a front seat at a q & a with wee nicola and can confirm that she? he? it? does indeed wear y-fronts. Looked kind of sausage and two spuds up there too 🙂

    • If Scotland p1sses off in independence and leaves the United Kingdom union for Europe they would have to lose their Scottish currency and adopt the Euro as a required condition to join the club. They would have to in future drive on the right and not on the left. They would all have to change their language from Scottish to German or French as their first language. The Scottish and Gaelic languages would be outlawed.

      All new laws would only be made in Brussels and the Scottish Parliament dissolved and closed, therefore all MP’s and Sturgeon would be out of work as a result and no longer be able to challenge their new government and masters.

    • Why is Corbyn unelectable Jeff? Is it because the Sun or Daily Torygraph told you this? So who do you want to lead the Labour Party, another lying Blairite who will tickle your ears with how wonderful they are only to shaft you the day after the election. I am an old guy born in the early 1960s and I have had this right wing anti-labour propaganda rammed down my throat by the media all my life but was blessed with common sense to see that only a working class movement like Labour will look after working class people. And activists like Class War also stand up for those treated like shit by the Tories. Everything I hold sacred such as the NHS, the Welfare State, Council Housing and Trade Union and Human Rights was given to us by Labour and every attempt to destroy it comes from the Tories and yet you still spout that right wing bullshit on this site. I think you are the sort of person who deserves 50 years of Tory government to finally get it to sink in that it isn’t immigrants or the EU that cause your problems but ignorance of the facts. Oh and by the way Nicola Sturgeon is leader of the Scottish Parliament and has every right to do what she thinks is right for the Scots as they elected the Scottish Nationalists by a landslide, and before you have a go at me, I voted leave!

    with all the important issues regarding the eu I notice from your post that your extremely concerned with the fixed plugs on electrical appliances, the power of hair dryers and vacuum cleaners and reversing cameras cars lol!!
    you forgot to mention that critical matter of bent banana’s and that crucial issue of the thickness of a cucumber!!.
    when god gave out brains you thought he said trains and you missed yours!

    • A straight banana is more important than making sure if you are safe when using a moulded three-pin plug or not as decreed by Europe.

    • Outback Truckers

      Road safety is a serious business, Fen. People have been seriously injured or lost of lives because of the lack of safety features in cars. Another feature that all cars seem to be incorporating is buttons to control the audio centre, even the cheapos. Titter you may, but we were on the motorway when a lorry crashed into a car in front wiping out a whole family, two young children included. The cause of the accident was the lorry driver trying reaching down, momentarily, to adjust the volume on his radio. Titter you may, Fen Tiger. And reversing cameras, a lack of reversing cameras mean that a small child could easily get run over or killed even. Titter you may, Fen Tiger!

      • Outback Truckers

        Another feature that all cars seem to be incorporating is buttons to control the audio centre, even the cheapos. Buttons on the steering wheel in case it is not clear.

      • Since when was I having a laugh and joke about road/vehicle safety practices and how to prevent road accidents? I think not! The safer roads, pavements and vehicles are, the better for all concerned, pedestrians and road users.

        I spend most of my time swearing at the twats riding bicycles on pavements instead of on the road as clearly laid out in the UK’s Highway Code – Cyclists must use roads and/or designated cycle lanes at all times. They are the nuts jobs whom force pedestrians off pavements onto roads therefor increasing the likelihood of a road accident.

        I guess that going by your username you could be Australian and therefore drive your truck on the pavement just to get your consignment to its destination within a certain time limit without you having to stop at red traffic lights.

        • Roads in the UK are dangerous places for cyclists. The needs of cyclists had been ignored completely in the design of the transport infrastructure. Cyclists are gambling with their lives if they stick to rigidly to the “Highway Code” which is only really “guidance” anyway. Take for example the cyclists who have been crushed to death by heavy lorries on roundabouts in London. Now if they had instead chosen to cycle through the junction on the pedestrianised area they would still be alive today. Cyclists have to exercise some discretion on whether they cycle on the roads or pedestrianised areas. You are as bad as that copper who arrested a five-year-old girl for cycling on the pavement. Cycles and traffic DO NOT mix. We should have adopted the same approach as the cycle-friendly Netherlands. Everyone cycles in Amsterdam. Even in Germany they have wider pavements which are split in two for pedestrians and cyclists; German cyclists do not come into contact with traffic. The UKs attitude to cycling is completely bonkers. The biggest reason people give for not cycling is that they are too scared – and they should be! And if a motorist kills a cycle it is just a short spell of unpaid work for ‘careless driving’. Of course your insurance would go sky-high, but that is besides the point.

          • Something you see often in the UK are so-called ‘cycle lanes’ which are an inch from the kerb and traverse over guttering. If the cyclist doesn’t bang the kerb and get knocked off they will slide off on the gutter. Or ‘cycle lanes’ that stop and start on heavy traffic. Totally crazy and downright crazy.

            Also Town Calls also have a couple of dozen fat pig ‘cycling officers’ who have never even rode a bike and do nothing but collect a fat salary and drive a 4 x 4.

          • You must be encouraging cyclists to use pavements. Pity the poor elderly, whom can’t walk that well, forced to get out of the way when some twat, pretending to be in the tour-de-france, comes up from behind on his bike and nearly runs them over or forces them into the road and on-coming traffic.

            Get all bikes OFF the pavements onto designated cycle lanes or the road where they belong. The Highway Code for this is not “guidance” but part of traffic law and regulations.

          • Quote “Cycles and traffic DO NOT mix”

            Fact: cyclists and pedestrians DO NOT MIX. The law states cycles must not be ridden on pavements as it is both illegal and dangerous. More pedestrians are injured by these louts than cyclists injured by traffic.

            • Lance Armstrong

              A bicycle/pedestrian ‘collision’ is unlikely to amount to more than a “You should be on the road you fucking twat!” Go and pay your fucking road tax you cunt!” But to deem it acceptable for cyclists to be KILLED by motorised vehicles is truly shocking. How do you fancy being CRUSHED TO DEATH under the wheels of a lorry? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Live by the “Highway Code” – DIE by the “Highway Code!”

  149. news flash ,
    Osborn comes out of hiding as dr Frankenstein wants his monster back!!.

  150. the devil announces on face book that IDS ids wants to buy is soul back.
    devil informs IDS its to late he,s used his soul to wipe his ass with!!

  151. Most of the Shadow cabinet has quit or been sacked. Cameron has resigned. Europe is p1ssed off we no longer will be giving them £20 billion a year in handouts. Nicola Sturgeon has gone off her rocker and needs to be admitted to Broadmoor Prison.

    • @Fen,
      Yes, the only thing that hasn’t changed (sadly) is the lousy f**king British climate.

      • Them Chemtrails are really getting on my nerves, who do they think they are, manipulating our weather.

      • @ Wildswimmerpete

        Yes. Sunny skies all day when I am at work but as soon as I start walking home at the end of the working day it then decides to p1ss down heavy rain.

    • Nicola Sturgeon's Y-Fronts

      Wee Nicola is a political opportunist of the highest order. She will do anything to further her own agenda. Another one to look out for and lurking in the shadows waiting to take over when wee Nicola is taken into Broadmoor is that uncouth lesbian little shit Mhairi Black: “I came into politics to help the poor, not as a career”. Yeah sure, Mhaira, we believe you? 😀


        • paultheswineherd

          Marie – That is really good news. Maybe that is why John Kerry is visiting the U.K. & the E.U starting tomorrow. Perhaps Brexitting has indeed put a great big spanner into the TTIP’s expected works! Let’s hope so.
          Incidentally, from what I’ve seen and read (amongst others, including the Independent/Guardian) I was under the impression that a lot of the E.U. populace were against the TTIP deal and were having demonstrations against it. Even some of the E.U. Governments were against it – I wonder what has now changed in their minds!! 🙂

  152. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Not once on the thread is the DWP mentioned [only by me] Not once has the DWP Deaths been mentioned once [only by me]


    ATOS is French so let`s work together killing disabled people.

  153. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So Brexit you sacking Atos? NO.

  154. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Disability is not worth a mention.

  155. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Divide & Rule to kill off the rest of the disabled with Genocide.

  156. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Google pays no tax to the UK yet JV is getting paid having Google ads on his site. HYPOCRITE & TRATOR.

  157. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Shows you don`t give a shit about disability just google ads.


    • Sponge Pudding

      Why do you think these sites are ‘free’? There is NOTHING for free in life! You will pay for it one way or the other!

  158. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    • Thats true,look at Farage and the boys’ modern day 1970s version of the national front.Their talking now of Europe and us it may be mainland Europe where the hell are we, not off the New York coast.

      The trouble the Tories have caused through out here, the European continent and beyond.One headline

      “All of Europe has been held hostage by the British Conservative Party”

  159. Santa Hates You

    Is it me but is history is actually repeating itself? Think about it – a huge financial crisis followed by banks going to the wall, austerity forced upon the poor, the break up of Europe, mass movements of poor people trying to make a better life and the rise of extremist right and left wing parties, and not forgetting political murders. Of course, I’m talking about the 1930’s and 40’s. All this crap ended in a world war whereby over 50 million people died.

    We are now fast approaching another human crisis on a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. So, expect the break up of the UK. Expect the break up of Europe. Expect Trump to become US president.
    Expect more nuclear weapons. Expect to have less rights and watch the massive rise of political extremism that feeds on hate of anything and anybody that looks different and has a different culture or point of view.

    Given the strength of the media these days all this hate will make the Nazi’s look like fucking boy scouts. Sadly, because people act like sheep and actually believe in our political system, war usually follows this type of extremism.

    I say no to the warmongers and haters – fight war, not wars!!!

  160. To Brexit or Regrexit? A dis-United Kingdom ponders turmoil of EU divorce.

    The House of Lords has discussed how any Brexit would work. In May, it published a report after consultations with legal experts.

    In the report, Derrick Wyatt, one of the professors involved, said that while it would be politically difficult, the law allows the UK to change its mind after invoking Article 50.

    “In law, the UK could change its mind before withdrawal from the EU and decide to stay in after all,” said Wyatt.

  161. bye bye razor, you wont be missed!!!

  162. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    In the week coming we have the Chilcot report & The UN result on 49 DWP Deaths. The UK now wants to leave the UN. The UN was set up from the League Of Nations from the result of WW 2.

  163. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So many racist attacks today all over the country.

  164. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Get rid of IDS – Good IDS gone. Vote for IDS to come back. Hypocrites.

  165. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tribal War has already started with racist attacks.

  166. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If there is no unity there is no future for Britain. All these idiots waving the Union Jack Flag forgot to take out the blue bit of the Union. Troubled Ireland bombing on main land Britain.

  167. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The fear is real today with so many racist attacks.

  168. “protect the national interest” – Osborne.

    It’s emerged that he will make an early morning statement aimed at trying to reassure financial markets tomorrow.

    In a speech to be delivered before the markets open, he will set out how the government intends to “protect the national interest”, following the referendum result. A Treasury spokesman has said:

    The chancellor will make a statement to provide reassurance about financial and economic stability in light of the referendum result and the actions that he and the rest of the government will be taking to protect the national interest over the coming period.

    • paultheswineherd

      enigma – probably to protect the banks, the financial institutions, the multinationals, the millionairres, the billionairres, the tax evaders etc,etc.
      After all, none of them must be left out of pocket by latest developments!
      I suspect that the ‘ordinary’ person in Britain will be left out – they will have to look after themselves as best they can and as always!














  170. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Who is funding Brexit – Eurpoe – The French ATOS. The Dustman are Spanish company. So who are the Public Sector bosses Europe. £500 million a year from france called ATOS.

  171. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    It will cost you £300 million to get out of the Atos contract.

  172. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Call a general Election Now – but no the Tories run it. Not until Cameron has dinner with Donald Duck Trump & Ruperty Murdoch with jerry hall doing some lap dancing eating pork.

  173. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Donald Duck Trump has banned any Guardian Reporters in the UK. Donald fuck off back to the Tea Party.

  174. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    IDS For PM.




    Ponzi scheme
    noun: Ponzi scheme; plural noun: Ponzi schemes

    a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.
    “a classic Ponzi scheme built on treachery and lies”

    named after Charles Ponzi (died 1949), who carried out such a fraud (1919–20).


    Dear Justin Sidebottom,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request of 27 May 2016. You asked:

    1. How many National Insurance Contributors have died before they draw their pension?

    2. What happens to all of the Contributions paid in that have not gone to state pensions?

    1. Following a search of our paper and electronic records, I have established that the
    information you requested is not held by this Department.

    2. The National Insurance scheme operates on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. This means that
    today’s contributors are paying for today’s social security entitlements and pensions, and those
    paying contributions previously were paying for the pensioners of that time. In other words,
    contributors do not accumulate an individual pension fund of actual monies they have paid,
    which is personal to them. Instead, payment of contributions entitles them or, in certain
    circumstances, their spouses to a range of social security entitlements which are available on
    the basis of the rules applicable at the time of the claim.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Strategy FoI Team

  176. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disabled people are powerful. The politicians have made disabled people scapegoats to win the 2010 Election & the 2015 Election because disabled people are bleeding the country dry, so we have welfare reform. Scapegoats won 2 elections for the Tories. If the disabled scapegoat does not comply the politicians are fucked. Disability is not a political issue it is a Human Rights Issue & proved that politics can`t help only to become their saviour as a scapegoat. Disability Divide & Rule. Wise Up you foolish people jumping on the disability bandwagon for political gain. That is why disabled people as so powerful when not partaking in politics as a scapegoat of society & a weapon of political gain. If it was not for the Disabled Cameron would not have won 2 Election with the Flag Ship Welfare Reform.

  177. paultheswineherd

    No Plan! The Stupid Bastards! It certainly was a “leap in the dark” all right.
    This is the farce of daftness that British politics has dropped ALL of us into!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      We are waiting to leave the UN.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Paul – That means Call A General Election Now because Cameron is not fit for purpose.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Hung Parliament. Hanged with a noose.

      • OK Stepping of the last 500 comments on this site over half were by you, many of them off topic and most only a few words long. It’s not fair, it kills discussion and takes forever to scroll through on a phone. I don’t want to start deleting your posts, I like a lot of what you say, but please stop posting this way and try to summarise things.

    • paultheswineherd

      The old Tory steamer “Bremain” left dock in May 2015 – in it’s round the world journey it has faced many battles including ‘educating it’s crew’ with Nicky Morgan, ‘treating it’s ill crew’ with Jeremy Hunt, ‘disciplining it’s crew’ with Chris Grayling and ‘starving it’s crew’ with Iain Duncan Smith (who threw himself overboard with the guilt that he had sustained).
      After a mutiny on board, half of the crew wanted to go to Europe, the other half of the crew wanted to return to the home country of Britain.
      After a final ‘vote’ was decided, the ship changed course for Britain and its name was changed to “Brexit”.
      The ship’s captain, David Cameron, deeply affected and aggrieved by this action (by so many of his trusted crew) was so upset that he threw himself overboard and drowned. His Chief Officer, George Osborne cracked up under the strain of it all – he hid in his bunk and snorted cocaine for 2 days.
      After 3 days the remainder of the crew came out and fought with each other to gain control, some fought to the death & had to be thrown overboard.
      In his Will, David Cameron had said that the good ship “Bremain” in the event of his death, should be handed over to two inexperienced stoker boys, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to take control.
      There was a storm and the ship was drifting aimlesly in the middle of an unknown ocean, all GPS had been lost, all Comms had been lost.
      Johnson & Gove had no charts to get then back to Britain.
      With them in control, all left on board starved to death, the ship listed badly to starboard, took in water and finally sunk, taking the inept Boris Johnson & Michael Gove with it.

  178. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If people can`t reason then there is no hope & will result in meltdown.

  179. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    End Of Friday business

    FTSE 100closed

    Dow Jonesclosed



    Nikkei Opens in 2 hours.

  180. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  181. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  182. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The 2011 London Riots Cameron Ordered the police to stand off for 4 days.
    There for the taking & not TVs & trainers. Cameron gambling again.

  183. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    TTIP ‘doesn’t respect EU interests’: French PM Valls says ‘non’ to transatlantic treaty
    France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls has dismissed the possibility of an agreement on the US-EU transatlantic trade deal, since it goes against the interests of the European Union.
    Jun 26, 2016 18:21


    Spain voted in repeat general election on Sunday in efforts to end its worst political stalemate in recent history. With aftershocks from Brexit still being felt, all eyes are on the leftist Podemos party which calls for structural reforms of the EU.
    Jun 26, 2016 17:21

  186. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Norbert Hofer, who narrowly failed to become EU’s first far-right head of state in last month’s presidential run-off in Austria, warns his country could hold a referendum on EU membership within a year if the bloc insists on political “centralization.”


    EU disintegration ‘practically irreversible’ – Soros
    The EU has “ceased to satisfy its citizens’ needs and aspirations,” George Soros said calling on people to “band together to save it.” The billionaire warned the disintegration of the bloc will be almost impossible to avoid.
    Jun 26, 2016 10:37

  189. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Why are people trusting politicians !!! They want to win & fuck you.

  190. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The disability Divide & Rule has made 2 types of disability – one that hopes poll a tricks can help you & the ones who have nothing to do with politics.

  191. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK is going to export Genocide to Europe.



    13:44 GMT

    The £18-billion (more than $24 billion) Hinkley Point C nuclear power station project in Somerset, England, is in jeopardy. It has already been delayed on several occasions and could be dismissed by the French state giant EDF Energy, following the results of the referendum, a source told the Sunday Times.

    “This [scheme] was already looking so challenged. The vote is the perfect excuse for the French to walk away,” the source noted.

    However, Jean-Bernard Lévy, chairman of the EDF that has a final say in the matter, gave a reassurance on Friday that the outcome of the vote would have “no impact” on the project.

    The Department of Energy and Climate Change echoed Lévy’s words, saying it was “fully confident” the Hinkley Point project would be approved.

    The project of a third runway at Heathrow may face the same scenario, according to John Stewart, chairman of the anti-Heathrow expansion group HACAN.

    “It’s now much less likely there will be a third runway than it would have been had we voted to remain in the EU,” he said.

    The £17.6-billion (more than $23 billion) Heathrow expansion plan would have been approved by Prime Minister David Cameron on July 7 if Britain had voted to remain in the EU.

    • Of course, building a Nuclear power station is beyond Gt Britain’s skills. Something is fundamentally corrupt with a leadership that allows the french to build power stations here. Esp as they sell us electricity via cables under the channel.
      I cant think of a worse case of ‘against the public interest’ than allowing these arsewipes to build a nuclear installation on our shores,esp given proven history.

  193. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  194. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  195. Blooming Hamberg

    Obe Wan Kenobi the Jap Prime Minister and the Bank of Japan are holding an emergency meeting at the moment as the Nikkei continues to plunge on Brexit. The New Zealand stock market also continues to plummet. And all because some tiny insignificant shithole of a little island on the other side of the world wants to leave the UK in two to ten years. You gotta laff 😀 How the fuck can anybody take these fucking financial spivs and shysters seriously anymore? 😀

  196. Blooming Hamberg

    And all because some tiny insignificant shithole of a little island on the other side of the world wants to leave the EU in two to ten years. More like 😀

    • Thats some tiny insignificant shithole of a little island that stood up against all odds and won your freedom in two world wars btw, and if you dont understand that its probably best you pack your bag and fuck off to france.
      In shame.

    • If it wasn’t for the likes of the United Kingdom and its allies helping to win WWII, the free world would now be speaking German and not its various indigious languages. That would have wiped out Maori too. Lool.

      What the fuck the UK leaving the EU has got to do with any country outside of Europe and the EU state? Absolutely fuck all I may add. The financial markets only suffered a minor blip downwards and that is only because financial traders bet and gambled huge amounts of their investments and money away on the UK remaining and lost the fucking lot when we stuck two fingers up at those frogs and sprouts.

  197. Blooming Hamberg

    Brexit could plunge the Jap, Asia and Australasia economies into the severest of recessions. What a fucking financial piss-take. New Zealanders, like 12,000 fucking miles away on an island on the other side of the planet are going to suffer because of fucking Brexit?!

  198. You can Ignore all that crap about plunging world wide markets.
    Firstly, if membership of the e.u. is so important to the rest of the world it shows we have been taken for suckers by Europe and Call me Dave didnt get our moneys worth (shocker).
    Second, none of those markets will be affected wildly, nothing much has changed except we will be giving a bit less to the E.U.
    Thirdly, who gives a sh1t about those markets?
    And Kiwi’s sneer at brits btw. They have strict rules about immigration/ residence with no exceptions but their young come here unfettered to MAKE a pile.
    Brexit will make no difference to those markets or people and if it does they should have worked for a living.

    • Chong Foo Sue

      The Jap (Nikkei) is on the way up at the mo. The FTSE futures are down 4% at the mo. Ozzie is due to offer some words of comfort before they open though 😀

    • Chong Foo Sue

      The ‘gold-bugs’ are out in force flogging the yellow metal 😀 Who’s have thunk? 😀

  199. Ye Gobshite troll.

  200. Sorry Chong, not you. Tho honestly, its just a joke the markets are affected and we dont give a toss about that.
    I hope any bust traders buy a paint brush and work for a living.

  201. Here is a bit of good news to cheer up those who are suffering at the hands of the Tories benefit cuts.

  202. Pingback: The Future Is There For The Taking, Now Is The Time To Wage Class War Against The Rich | Insurrection Behavior

  203. The people of the UK see through the lies of the establishment and that’s why they voted leave, and that’s why the Establishment is so bitter and twisted over the results. This article by John Pilger explains perfectly the evil that pervades the Neocons of this country and indeed the world.



      A forewarning came when the Treasurer, George Osborne, the embodiment of both Britain’s ancient regime and the banking mafia in Europe, threatened to cut £30 billion from public services if people voted the wrong way; it was blackmail on a shocking scale.

      Immigration was exploited in the campaign with consummate cynicism, not only by populist politicians from the lunar right, but by Labour politicians drawing on their own venerable tradition of promoting and nurturing racism, a symptom of corruption not at the bottom but at the top. The reason millions of refugees have fled the Middle East – irst Iraq, now Syria – are the invasions and imperial mayhem of Britain, the United States, France, the European Union and Nato. Before that, there was the wilful destruction of Yugoslavia. Before that, there was the theft of Palestine and the imposition of Israel.

      The pith helmets may have long gone, but the blood has never dried. A nineteenth century contempt for countries and peoples, depending on their degree of colonial usefulness, remains a centrepiece of modern “globalisation”, with its perverse socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor: its freedom for capital and denial of freedom to labour; its perfidious politicians and politicised civil servants.

  204. Don’t panic folks the, UK will soon be in total lockdown and we will be able to sleep more soundly knowing that the black shirted prison guards with BIG intimidating guns will be there to protect the citizens of this country, who voted “leave”.
    A big thank you to the HomeLand security Services that will make sure we are all tucked up in bed by 7.30 pm.
    Step foot outside your front door to get a pint of milk and you will be searched, questioned and intimidated by the very nice men who only have the country`s security at heart.
    Welcome to the UK.

    • The ‘black shirted Goons’ will more likely be patrolling the borders and you may find your quality of life increases a little,eventually.



    Why all the dithering if the democratic process has been enacted?

    There is only one reason why,


    ………………and rather than just get on with it, like Brussels says they want to do quickly, a team of diplomats is plotting behind your backs to buy more time………………..

    Liam Fox has mentioned a gradual time to pull out in 2019, which is three years up the road.






    • @Geoff
      Invoking Article 50 requires the consent of Parliament. I suspect the Tories would face a vote of no confidence which is why I suspect we will have another vote in October, this time a General Election.


        ………..Absolutely right Pete. Would not put it past them to try and block the vote, It has been intimated in the past by more than one MP.
        Democracy is but a gigantic sham in the UK when you are put under enormous pressure to vote along with the government or face penury for the rest of your lives.
        The tail is no longer wagging the dog.

        Hope you are fine……….GEOFF

      • I suspect any attempt at not conceding to the wishes of the populace,now they have been allowed to be expressed, would result in civil disobedience,if not war.
        You think the poll tax riots looked bad? That was just a protest.
        The voting public have waited patiently but have now spoken.
        Any politician who tries to ignore this is ‘gonna go down in history’ and it will be ugly.








    ……….what the fuck do we want with John Kerry on our soil?

    It just goes to show who the puppetmasters are when we invite a knobber of a yank to try and lay down his opinions on what another nation are doing.

    Our special relationship with the good, old, us of a, has led us into more wars anf friction that has cost every man, woman and child a complete fortune…………….

    The only time the yanks want our opinion is when they whistle for their favourite pet dog, obedient Britain………


    Cameron is on tv now……………

    What a change of attitude from a few days ago…………

    We now have a resilient market, strong trading figures and the chance to draw on extra unlimited billions.


  209. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Some one has done a days work – Boris Johnson is confused – One minute he thinks he is Bill & the next minute he is Ben. Bill & Ben The Boris Flower Pot Men.

  210. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  211. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  212. If people don’t like us getting our country, rights, borders and freedom to set tax laws back under our own control, then they should sod off, shut up and go live in Europe.

    • Bang on Fen. I agree wholeheartedly. A strange country it is where the residents (thankfully a minority) don’t want their own government making laws and decisions that affect the said country. Instead they’d like to leave it to a bunch of unelected faceless bureaucrats in Brussels to do it! Strange indeed.

  213. We will never be allowed to break free from the “Virgin Mary Blue Flag” and her 12 Apostles.
    Rome will never allow it.

    • We still await the brexit vote decision from the Pope. Keep watching the little chimney for a puff of black smoke (remain), and white smoke (leave).

      • I think we will be waiting a long time Fen, the Roman Empire wants to advance its army.
        I also have a feeling that we will have St.Teresa May as our chosen Cleopatra.
        With Hilary Clinton as her sidekick.


    ………….Will someone please tell Roy Hodgson that England don’t have to leave the EU.

    Those lads from the frozen food shop are giving our lads a showing up…….

  215. firstly I must agree with Johnny on an earlier post,
    STEPPING RAZOR, is a one line post boring Muppet.
    he has nothing remotely interesting to say, he just rides on others comments , only yesterday he called us all on here fucking racists and decided to leave for good.

    like spoilt brat that no one takes any notice of he went, now he is back to bore us all over again!!!.
    your not SCOTTISH by any chance are you RAZOR??.

    i see every Scottish mp has done nothing but whinge and moan all day , they have even dared to stand up in parliament and refused to accept the democratic leave vote.
    if these lot refuse to accept the outcome then they should be throw out of parliament and sacked . if these Scottish mp refuse to accept democracy and refuse to accept a decision made by a majority then they have no place and should play no part in a democracy.!!.

    even now before the ink has dried on the ballot papers mp.s from all sides are talking about another vote, or re negotiation with the eu, or it may be illegal??.

    why cant they just fucking accept we voted to leave and get on with the task of getting us out!!!.
    Cameron today in pm questions was totally humbled, humiliated and under that cools impression was fucking raging, even at the end when the speaker kissed his arse with a shower of praise he hung his orange faced head and couldn’t wait to get out of the room.
    a snap general election should be called but there is no one to vote for!!.
    the jimmy Savil fan club has more members than labour has mp,s.

    and only someone in a straight jacked would vote tory!! .
    Westminster truly is in melt down!!.

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – How dare you attack Stepping Razor in this way. Stepping (has for over 2 years now) – (as have myself also) reported on what the cruel Tory Government (and before them the cruel Tory/Lib Dem Coalition Government – and before them also, ‘New Labour’ – the ‘Red-Tories’ have unleashed upon the poorest of the people in our society,
      including the ‘working poor’, the ‘sick’ and the ‘disabled’.
      Stepping – in the way that he posts, is a ‘one-liner’ type post by nature – (just as I am a 25 liner or more poster!)
      Unfortunately, a lot of the British people are racists (as you rightfully say)
      I am not! I personally have not come across any racism from any Polish or East-European people. I know Polish people and in general they are lovely people. (However, further to the east of here, it could well be different (as Fen Tiger says – but I have no personal experience of this)
      Why should Scotland accept that it has to leave the E.U. when the rest of the UK (apart from Northern Ireland) has decided to do so?
      Scotland is a ‘Country’ in itself, just the same that Wales is a ‘Country’ and in fact, Cornwall is also a ‘Country’ in itself. I do not know whether England is ‘officially’ a ‘Country’ in itself, but I very much doubt it!
      But – I do agree with you that the ‘Labour’ party is now a total shower of shite and the Liberal democrats are dead.
      The Brexiteers think that they have won – but, with the pound falling, the markets in turmoil and the ‘old’ people possibly losing at least, some of their pensions through European hedge funds – the future is not rosy.
      The Tory Government does not have a ‘plan’ to deal with all of this.
      The Labour party is falling apart and is now not even worth voting for.
      The Liberal democrats are dead (due to their 2010 Coalition with the Tories)
      The British people are split roughly 50/50.
      I do not know where this is all going to end, but I really hope that it is going to stabilise and all work out for the best.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Paul – thanks – Also I have only posted 3 times today because I here what JV said.

        Threat people like human beings & not like disabled dogs. There is not much else to say to racists. The problem is the Leave people can not accept that they won. People have except the Leave vote & are trying to talk to the leave people but yet again the Leave people are bitter that they won & have not got a clue what to do. The Leave people should have the answers but they have not. Failure. The hatred by the leave people are suicidal because the chaos is the disabled`s fought [spelt wrong for a reason]. Scapegoats are the answer for the leave people. Don`t forget to remove the blue bit of the Union Jack. Also England football team losing to Iceland means riots in France by the English & riots in England.

  216. i must say this,
    i am totally against all this pole bashing.
    there is no need for some people to vent their anger on the poles.
    those racist morons must remember a lot of poles flew spitfires with us in 2ww against the Nazis the poles flew along side the brits in the battle of Britain and many of those brave pilots lost their lives helping to defend our country against Germany.
    those racist thugs who are attacking polish people are nothing but fucking cowards !!!!!


  218. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Leave means war disability means peace.

  219. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I have had a hard days ` work` & I really think the Mental Health of some posters need a doctor.

  220. paultheswineherd

    Nigel Farage, UKIP and the ‘Leave’ Campaign have now got a lot to answer for.
    (I realise however, that there are unscrupulous ’employers’ and also ‘unscrupolous’ Romanians/Bulgarians etc that may use this ‘relationship’ to their own advantage).
    The ‘Leave’ campaign had plastered over their ‘battle bus’ – a ‘picture’ of a line of ‘refugees’. This has been (conveniently) misinterpreted as a line of ‘immigrants’ to Britain. The racist attacks against the Poles (because of these pictures) and sentiments should be totally condemned.
    Racist attacks upon Poles and other Eastern-European people who have over 10 years now, contributed to our British society – these are the people who have done ‘jobs’ that our indiginous people did nor want to do – such as ‘care work’ and ‘vegetable picking’. They have paid their taxes and done their very best for their families and for their ‘adopted’ country.
    These people should not be subject to any racist attacks whatsoever.

    • Oh aren’t you the little gentleman all of a sudden? Take your pious attitude and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. We don’t need any lectures from you about what’s right and what’s not.

      Get lost with your holier than thou attitude. No it’s more like the farmers were getting a cut price deal employing these people and exploiting their labour at rates that no British person would work for. You think reducing the job market into a race to the bottom situation like that is what Britain is built on? You think that’s been a positive driving down wages and conditions like that?

  221. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Racists attacks means the vote is null & void which means the vote should be abandoned altogether.

  222. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Drop the hatred you got what you want chaos.

  223. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Can`t fight peace.

  224. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Can`t fight reality.

  225. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Peace, Love, Harmony, Unity To All Mankind.

  226. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Now for all the ranting racists.

  227. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Bicker bicker bicker = Meltdown.

  228. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK is a big long running comedy show. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Boris Johnson thinks he both Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men – bbbbblllassaafgh wwwwhhhhhaaaoooo bbbubbbuuuummmmlllleee wwwwweee

  229. paultheswineherd

    What have we learnt so far?
    IN – Wants to stay in the E.U. – pay in £12 billion or more per year and have a ‘rebate’ – which is split between farming, fishing and many, many other projects. Also Europe having a ‘say’ over our judicial, wholesale, retail and financial institutions. Have access to 500 million people in the universal ‘single market’.
    Unlimited access (both to and from Europe) to people from whatever Country. Access to EU Human Rights ‘protection’ legislation (that is a total joke it seems!)

    OUT – Wants the ‘Government’ – (The Tories, or whatever government in power at the time) to have total control over ‘everything’ – no E.U. control over ‘anything’ (as above).
    The British population (through their Tory, or whatever Government) should now have access to ALL of the remaining ‘world’ markets, albeit whether ‘Commonwealth’ or the U.S. (since ‘mad-cow disease’ the U.S. has banned all British beef exports!).
    The ‘World Trade Organisation’ of 120 different Countries was negotiated for Britain through the E.U. When we exit the E.U. this agreement will be null and void and will have to be renegotiated, on an individual country by country basis by the U.K.
    No protection (apart from what the ‘incumbent’ Government provides!) for any workers rights – indeed any rights whatsoever.
    If the Tory Government eventually brings in a new ‘Bill of Rights’ – I personally think that this would benefit only the middle and upper classes and upward. The working poor and the poor/sick/disabled are very likely to be screwed by this ‘new’ legislation.

    David Cameron, upon finding out the final result was totally mortified – he resigned immediately (but he would be staying until September 2nd – when a new ‘Prime Minister’ would have been elected by the Tory party)
    He does not want responsibility for triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty of the E.U. He wants this to be delayed as long as is possible.
    He wants someone else to do this – whether it be Boris Johnson (very unlikely) – Michael Gove – (very unlikely) – or ‘perhaps’ even Theresa May, the possible new incumbent to be the new Prime Minister?
    (Whoever gets the Premiership has got a real headache on their hands – I for one, would certainly not want to be involved in any of the ‘EXIT’ negotiations). Lord help the person that has to deal with all of this.



    • paultheswineherd

      Correction – I have learned that it has been announced that there is going to be a separate ‘unit’ within the present Tory Government – comprising the ‘very best minds’ – (what? – maybe this is Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & Chris Grayling), (but with NO COMMON SENSE!) and the very best ‘Civil Servants’ to ‘renegotiate’ our ‘position within the E.U.’ – to get the very best results for Britain (i.e. the Tories!)

      • paultheswineherd

        Mark my words – This “Brexit”, in due time is going to end in disaster for Britain and for the British people.

        • What worse than the disaster we’re in at the moment you mean where terminally ill people are getting made to go for medical examinations, cancer patients are getting told their benefits will be cut if they don’t take part in workfare, unemployed people are being made to work for 30+ hours a week for dole money, Unemployed people are forced to look for 35 hours a week for non existent jobs under threat of benefit sanctions, single people can never see themselves ever being able to afford their own homes in their lifetime because they’re effectively priced out of the property market? Worse than that even?

          Well the only thing worse than all that is death. So be it. I’d rather die on my feet voting for something i believe in than be a snivelling coward.

        • Paul the DWP is 90% privatized, I also work with nurses that also say the NHS is about 70% privatized, the names are only a veneer to fool you. The poor and disabled people have been thrown under the bus and now at the mercy of corporations which is why nothing works anymore.
          The government have no control over private business what so ever, they can do what they like.
          Universal Credit is the name of the privatized logo.
          Even as we speak the EU are getting together its army, we now have French soldiers based in the UK .
          I for one do not want to be dragged into war involving Russia, China and north Korea, I am sick of the endless body count involving innocent men, women and children.
          I voted out and proud of it, I do not want to be apart of the EUs lust for blood and their endless supply of cannon fodder, with the blessing of the USA to blow up half of the middle east for their quest for power.
          I do not want the “Normalization” of very thing that is evil and crazy. I do not want our kids to grow up thinking that war is just another xbox game and become so desensitized to the killing of real humans.

          Oh and by the way, Cameron knew he was toast.
          Apparently he got a mortgage 8 days before the vote. so he could live far away from the people he betrayed, that’s why Sam had a big smile on her face when Cameron did his phoney speech outside Downing Street.
          The EU is just one giant rich mans box of tricks, I voted OUT.

    • Where did you copy and paste that pile of shite from?

      • paultheswineherd

        Raining – I didn’t copy and paste any of it – I don’t know how to do that!
        All of it came from memory from looking at and reading ‘trusted’ newspapers! Hopefully, all of the information I quoted is correct!

  230. “Trade Unions were openly hostile, claiming that the newcomers’ lack of English made them a danger at work; the Glasgow Trades Council declared the Lithuanians in Glengarnock as “an evil” and wrote to the TUC demanding immigration controls to keep them out.

    Even a figure such as Keir Hardie, founding father of the Labour Party, led a fierce, xenophobic campaign against the Lithuanians.

    “Keir Hardie’s views on immigrants:-

    Speaking of the incoming Polish (actually Lithuanians) miners, he said “their habits are very filthy, six or seven males occupying a one-roomed house, and having women to cook for them”

    As early as 1887 the Ayrshire Miners Union led by Keir Hardie demanded their removal on the grounds that “their presence is a menace to the health and morality of the place and is, besides, being used to reduce the already too low wages earned by the workmen”.

    In his evidence to the 1899 House of Commons Select Committee on emigration and immigration, he argued that the Scots resented immigrants greatly and that they would want a total immigration ban.

    When it was pointed out to him that more people left Scotland than entered it, he replied: “It would be much better for Scotland if those 1,500 (Scots emigrants) were compelled to remain there and let the foreigners be kept out… Dr Johnson said God made Scotland for Scotchmen, and I would keep it so”.

    He suggested that the employment of foreigners by British employers should be prohibited, unless they were political exiles or had fled from religious persecution or if they came from countries where the wage rates were the same as in Britain.

    Writing in his paper the Miner, he stated that: “For this second time in their history, Messrs. Merry and Cunninghame have introduced a number of Russian Poles to Glengarnock Ironworks. What object they have in doing so is beyond human ken unless it is, as stated by a speaker at Irvine, to teach men how to live on garlic and oil, or introduce the Black Death, so as to get rid of the surplus labourers.”

    My my my how history repeats itself eh folks? Maybe time for another Keir Hardie type to start up a political party.

  231. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Most of the crap talked about Europe was Maggie Thatchers fought.

    There are not enough GPs – There is nor enough schools that is the fought of Dodgy Dave & The Tories. The Tories taking no responsibility yet again.

  232. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Welfare Reform was not the fought of Europe it is the fought of the Tories.

  233. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I will not be here today so have your little bicker I will not be reading it I am busy.

  234. Tax rises and spending cuts will be needed to deal with the “shock” to the UK economy caused by leaving the EU, Chancellor George Osborne has said

    “It’s very clear that the country is going to be poorer as a result of what’s happening to the economy,” he said.

    “We are absolutely going to have to provide fiscal security to people, in other words we are going to have to show the country and the world that the country can live within its means.”

    “the responsibility of those that campaigned to leave the EU to set out the plan to follow”




    The establishment are pulling out all the stops to build a case against, probably the most honest, decent person to enter politics.

    Corbyn is feared because of his stance on futile wars, nuclear armament, destruction of our public utilities and harmony across people of different denominations.

    But most of all he thinks TONY BLAIR should face a war crimes tribunal and the Chilcott Inquiry findings are due for release soon…………..

    Is it so strange for the red tory’s to rebel, the Blairites that represent the feelings of the zionist sympathisers who hide within our Labour party.
    The very people who are affilliated to a hidden benefactor called “PROSPECT” and regularly masturbate over pictorials of Blair………..

    The people of our nation elected Corbyn and the inbreds of greed will do anything in their power to stain his reputation.

    If he gets deselected or pushed he can stand again. We as a nation are corrupt at each and every level……………..


    Just met a lady i know. She was wearing an ill fitting wig and looked pretty ill……………………

    She told me that her hair had dropped out and that she was so stressed that she had been prescribed a national health wig.

    I pretended to be surprised, telling her that i could not tell……………

    Apparently she and her husband had all their benefits removed by the DWP when her husbands brother had died and left them some money.
    Her husband is fully incapacitated, laying in bed all day from a stroke he had about ten years ago. His mind has gone and she looks after him full time and has to hoist him from his bed to the toilet, wipe his arse, bathe him etc etc………………………


    …………….this lady is so frail and tiny, her words broke my heart.

    • “Apparently she and her husband had all their benefits removed by the DWP when her husbands brother had died and left them some money.”

      Nothing new here, GEOFF; it has always been the case. In fact, the DWP (jobcentre) check all wills* (they are public documents which can be viewed) to unearth claimants who have been left assets. If you want to leave money to someone on benefits leave it to them in a coffee car at the back of the cupboard.

      *They check a lot of other things too, such as the Land Registry to find claimants who own property, ferret out private pensions, credit reference agencies…

      • They will also find out if you have an ISA “tucked away”. HMRC and the DWP are effectively the same entity. They have always shared information. At least they admit to it now.

  236. paultheswineherd,
    just read your post,
    you say why should the scots accept the out vote.
    they should because we all live in a democratic society yes?.
    the entire UNITED KINGDOM ( WHICH INCLUDES SCOTLAND) had a vote to remain or leave and the majority of people voted to leave.
    in a DEMOCRACY the will of majority always carries.
    you cannot live in and be part of a democracy and refuse to accept a decision by the majority just because a vote did not go your way.
    I voted out but if the vote was in then I would be pissed off and angry however I would accept that decision as it was the will of the majority even though I didn’t like it!!.
    like I have previously stated if the scots want to remain the eu give them independence and let the stay in the eu, but they should not be allowed to threaten the democratic process in the united kingdom just to get what they want.
    as for Jeremy Corbin what has he done in the last 12 months for ordinary working cless people, the poor and such, fuck all, he’s useless at pm questions Cameron does him every time.
    he and labour DID NOT vote against the hated bedroom tax no he and labour abstained , Corbin and labour did not vote against the hated atos medical tests either, they again abstained so that’s the true colours of brother Corbin!!! the labour party does not exist anymore.

    he sand the rest of the vegetables in the labour party should be fighting every policy that the tories have introduced that is Cleary aimed at making the poor more poor and desperate.
    why is Corbin and the labour party not organising and marches and demonstrations against the tories .
    cos they don’t give a fuck either!!.
    what was corbins big speech when he became labour leader I quote ” WE DONT HAVE TO TAKE IT WE DONT HAVE TO TAKE WHAT THE TORIES GIVE US” UN QUOTE, empty fucking words!! .
    the mans a joke , when asked he would repeal the bed tax and atos tests or any of the hated and unjust policies the tories have inflicted on us he became pm his answer was NO!!!!!!..

    what and who does that oaf stand for ??.


      ……………..Seems you are wrong

      Jeremy Corbyn consistently voted against reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)

      TheyWorkForYou has automatically calculated this MP’s stance based on all of their votes on the topic. You can browse the source data on
      Key votes about reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”):

      On 9 Mar 2011: Jeremy Corbyn voted against introducing Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments and against restricting housing benefit for those in social housing deemed to have excess bedrooms.

      ………………..all is yellow to the jaundiced eye

    • paultheswineherd

      jeff – Yes, you’ve made some very good and correct points. I also agree with democracy – I certainly do not think that the majority of the people should have their voting decision overturned – whether it be for out, or in.
      As for the Scots, well they are a separate ‘country’, but as you say they are still part of the ‘union’ at the moment (until they may, or may not vote for their own independence). Personally I think that it would be wrong for them to try to block the rest of the UK’s vote. But, if they could get their own independence and stay in the E.U., if that is what they want, then good luck to them.
      It is such a shame though that the whole thing has thrown Britain into chaos, in almost every way. The Corbyn thing at the moment is definitely not helping the situation, with both parties now probably going to have a new leader, a possible Gen Election around the corner, the triggering of Article 50 and the then, negotiating to get the best deal to leave the E.U.
      I am sure that everyone wishes that everything will sort itself out all calm down as soon as possible.

  237. he abstained on both issues LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!



      At the Second Reading of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill in July 2015, Corbyn joined 47 Labour MPs to oppose the Bill, describing it as “rotten and indefensible”, whilst the other three leadership candidates abstained.[138] In August 2015, he called on Iain Duncan Smith to resign as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions after it emerged that thousands of disabled people had died after being found fit to work by Work Capability Assessments


    All votes about paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability:

    On 9 Mar 2011: Jeremy Corbyn voted against introducing Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments and against restricting housing benefit for those in social housing deemed to have excess bedrooms.
    Show full debate
    On 9 Mar 2011: Jeremy Corbyn voted against introducing Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments and against restricting housing benefit for those in social housing deemed to have excess bedrooms.
    Show full debate
    On 15 Jun 2011: Jeremy Corbyn voted against introducing Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments and against restricting housing benefit for those in social housing deemed to have excess bedrooms.
    Show full debate
    On 1 Feb 2012: Jeremy Corbyn voted for those who have been ill or disabled since their youth to receive Employment and Support Allowance on the same basis as if they had made sufficient National Insurance contributions to qualify for a contribution based allowance.
    Show full debate
    On 1 Feb 2012: Jeremy Corbyn voted to increase the time people can receive contribution based ESA from one year to at least 730 days.

    …………………….poor JEFF

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