How To Get Away With Murder: DWP Hides The Evidence In Suicide Reviews


Documents published by the DWP today hint that shocking neglect within the benefits system may have contributed to claimants’ deaths yet heavy redaction means there is little hard evidence.

The department have finally released 49 peer reviews into the deaths of claimants following a recent ruling from the Information Rights Commission.  The documents are so heavily censored however that many of them are completely blank with all relevant details redacted including dates, and even cause of death.

The DWP claim that withholding this information has been done to protect the identity of claimants – in line with the tribunal ruling.  But then they would fucking say that wouldn’t they.  This is the same DWP who want to share benefit claimants’ personal details with local authorities, landlords and charities.  It seems they only start to care about your privacy once they’ve killed you.

Despite the lack of details the documents deserve close scrutiny.  The over-riding theme seems to be a lack of processes in place to identify claimants at risk of suicide.  There are also indicators of grotesque incompetence within the system.  One report recommends that staff working on the Employment Support Allowance helpline are given refresher training to “help them better understand the claim process.”  Others call for more to be done to ensure claimants deemed vulnerable have a home visit before benefits are ‘disallowed’.  It is unclear whether this report was carried out before or after the DWP finally admitted that safeguarding visits should be carried out before any claimant with a mental health condition is sanctioned.

What is clear is that DWP policies were deemed to be a contributory factor in at least one of these deaths.  One report also raises the question of whether the death under investigation represents “a dislocation between policy intent and what actually happens to claimants who may be vulnerable”.

Police in Scotland are currently assessing whether to hold an investigation into former DWP ministers Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith over “wilful neglect of duty by a public official” following a complaint brought by the Black Triangle Campaign over suicides linked to the despised ‘fit for work’ tests.  There may be evidence of this neglect in these peer reviews.

What we know for sure is that these 49 people are dead.  And that even amongst the scant information available there is evidence of DWP failings that contributed to these deaths.  The government has failed in its duty of care to vulnerable claimants and people died as a result.  How far that failure goes must now be urgently investigated.

The documents can be downloaded at:

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    • > Police in Scotland are currently assessing whether to hold an investigation
      I’ve been reporting crime committed against me by the dwp for years now (including attempted murder and loads of fraud).
      Here is a small part of it –

      Checkout who I have reported it to (I name names).
      “wilful neglect of duty by a public official” doesn’t just apply to IDS. All those bent cops, MP’s, councilors and public-sector lowlife are criminals too.
      fyi It’s up to life in prison for ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ (wilful neglect of a public duty).

      That includes blind eye turning scumbag jeremy corbyn. Did you know that he has been getting cash from a union called ‘Unison’? That’s the same union that represents a lot of those Atos/Maximus/Capita quack fraudsters.

      Daring to point that out got me harassing emails from the scumbag at DisabilityNewsService falsely accusing me of ‘Libel’. (I’ll publish those emails when I can get it done)…
      Did you know that DNS is paid for by, among others, fronts for the dwp, maximus and the labour party. (‘disability rights uk’ and ‘disability wales’).

      Does anyone really think that ‘Police in Scotland’ are actually going to do anything? The ones in wales won’t.

      Record their crimes and publish them. That’s the only protection you have.

  2. I guess this is why the ‘healthcare professional’ at the Work Capability Assessments ask you aggressively whether you have considered suicide. Not out of concern, but to cover their arses later. Jesus. Every day this government gets more evil and more of us suffer as a consequence.

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Crabb hints at lengthy delays to manifesto pledge on disability jobs gap

    DNS – 12th May 2016

    The new work and pensions secretary has suggested the government’s pledge to halve the disability employment gap will face lengthy delays, after he said he wanted to spend a “few years” testing how to achieve the target.

    Read More:

  4. Sad Indeed State of Country

    A Country that has been Sleepwalking to Slavery like in a Trance

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ATOS & MAXIMUS KILL 100,000 people.

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  9. The Couch Potatoes

    lol There was an episode on the most recent series of the cop drama Line where DS Arnott asked for a villian’s file and was given a folder in which every entry on every page was marked REDACTED .

    PLOT SPOILER ALERT!: Eventually DS Arnott did obtain an un-redacted copy.

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Q. How Many Steps Can You Climb?
    A. Do You Mean Up Or Down !!! 4 & a Half up and 6 & a half down. eg. My writing is going out of the little tick box.

    Q. Can You Walk 20 metres?
    A. No only 65 feet.

    Q. Can You Give Me Permission To Sign That For You?
    A. Phone Down On A Medical Over The Phone.

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP will know it`s the next Hillsborough excepts many many more DWP deaths.

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP are now paying £3 billion in fines of breach of contract from their contractors each on £500 million a year. So Tories something the tax payer should not hear !!!

  13. Johnny I can’t get the DWP’s zipped file to open. Did you have any problems getting it to do so and if you did how did you overcome them?

  14. If the government can hide something as immense as Hillsborough for thirty years, what chance of a serious review of deaths caused by the DWP? Maybe after IDS has passed and the world has breathed a collective sigh of relief?

  15. is Black Triangle going to expose them and call them out on it or can someone else, can’t be allowed to get away with it these nazi bastards!

  16. Eric Greenwood

    Well this has been a week.. yesterday i had an appointment at the dwp about my ESA. which i went too had the paperwork.. they said you shouldnt be here, because the letter saying its rearranged should have been sent out.. but i never got it.. so i went in.. today the day AFTER the appointment i get a letter saying its rearranged.. it was posted out on the 6th of may, only just got it the day AFTER the appointment.. Luckily the adviser was ok, but today my anxiety ramped up massively.. so i had to phone the dwp to check and double check that i dont have to go on the 24th.. Now i am paranoid about the appointments

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      The admin is in chaos. The admin is meant to be done by one of the DWP`s contractors but there are IT glitches. So the DWP rush out letters after the appointment dates. What a great service at £500 million a year on DWP admin failures.

      • Eric Greenwood

        i made them make a note on the system, i have all the letters recorded.. i meantmy anxiety levels are at a high, justafter feelin ok after the appointment now i am stressed.. and will be til the 24th now..

        the stress acrosss my back and shoulders.. is bad

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Listen to some music, that relaxes me.

          • Eric Greenwood

            they told me i wouldnt have to go on the 24th.. so if i dont go, and they are lying then i will be sanctioned.. its the fear that they will do something i wont be settled until after teh 24th. because i know what bastards the dwp are

            • Santa Hates You

              Eric – My advice is to get everything off them in writing first such as appointment dates so at least you have some documentary proof if things go pear-shaped. Good luck.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    These DWP contractors are now realizing they can earn more money by saying the DWP are breaching the contract they have with them. £500 million here a year £500 million there a year. The DWP have spent well over £12 billion since 2010 on contractor contracts. The latest £500 a year failure was the admin for PIP where people did not get a form or any or letters the contractor did not send. IT glitch that we need computer software to send out letters rather than the office tea boy sticking labels & taking them to the post office. So £500 million well spent. At least the office tea boy could make cups of tea & coffee unlike the computer software failures. The DWP contractors are not happy with being forced on, not in contracts doing ore & more DWP admin duties = work. The DWP never send a letter saying Dear Customer, Anyway I have been working since 2008 as a Mental Function Champion advising ATOS & MAXIMUS. DWP can you prove I have been working as a Mental Function Champion !!! [A Mental Function Champion`s boss is not ATOS] !!

    Champions Of Mental Functions.

    MFC or COMF !!!!

    If you do not know how to use a computer the advice from the DWP is go on a computer course until then we can not help you, unless you would like to do a medical & fill out a form over the phone. Will you give me permission to sign that for you over the phone.

    = Criminal Matter with the DWP & their contractors involved with Criminal Matters.

    Champions Of DWP Fraud.

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    More than 2,300 died after fit for work assessment – DWP figures

    BBC – 27th Aug 2015

    Some 2,380 people have died after being found fit for work and losing benefits, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures show.

    Between December 2011 and February 2014 the equivalent of about 90 people a month died after their Employment and Support Allowance claim was ended.

    Campaigners have called for the “tragic” figures to be investigated.

    The DWP said no link could be assumed between the deaths and claimants being deemed fit for work.


    Mortality Statistics: Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance

    Additional information on those who have died after claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Incapacity Benefit (IB) or Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA).

    August 2015
    10 page PDF

    Click to access mortality-statistics-esa-ib-sda.pdf

  19. jeffrey davies

    while the rest of the house of illreput talk about it aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado jeff3

  20. #GamesUp4Tories

    Please join in the #GrabCrabb Campaign
    lets get rid of him ASAP the Tories are on the backfoot

  21. Reblogged this on Christopher John Ball and commented:
    This is of particular interest to me as my partner has twice made attempts upon her life – so frightened is she of Government disability policy. Both attempts took place shortly after receiving a reassessment form. I wrote of her attempt in July 2013 here

  22. Santa Hates You

    JV – As you mentioned: ‘The DWP claim that withholding this information has been done to protect the identity of claimants – in line with the tribunal ruling.’

    Of course, this begs the question of – what about protecting claimants from state sponsored murder and violence?

  23. Stepping Razor above mentioned the following stat:
    “Some 2,380 people have died after being found fit for work and losing benefits, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures show.
    Between December 2011 and February 2014 the equivalent of about 90 people a month died after their Employment and Support Allowance claim was ended.”

    The DWP statement is telling:
    “The DWP said no link could be assumed between the deaths and claimants being deemed fit for work. ”

    Surely the point is this:
    If that number of people died within six weeks of being told that they were FIT to work. Then the process, ie. the WCA is worse than useless and a completely pointless excercise. After all it has been declared with the backing of a ‘Disability Expert’ (whether Atos or Maximus) that these people can work. The EVIDENCE says they can’t because they are DEAD.

    Surely a test case lawyer can take this point further. People should not die after being declared fit for work. The evidence shows they are and proves the catastrophic effects of the WCA and those responsible for its use need to be charged.

      • The picture is missing something……. David Cameron hanging or maybe the bucko house baggage, wot better way to celebrate its birthday than to see the old cunt swinging from the gallows!

    • Santa Hates You

      Jay – The Tory government are completely guilty of state sponsored murder on a mass scale. Of course, to them, all this is not about protecting human life, but more about cutting the welfare bill. I hope Cameron and his bastard government will get life in prison for all these thousands of murders of claimants.

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  25. Notice the shameless way the DWP redact all the important details, and then spin even this with one of their ‘caring’ statements.
    Absolute disgrace.

    • paultheswineherd

      Jeff – The DWP seem to be a Dept which is a law unto themselves.
      Text in ‘official’ documents is either ‘redacted’ or ‘blacked out’ if it is sensitive for some reason, or more likely in this case, a cover-up!


    Chris Packham Called ‘Nutjob’ Tweet By Hunting Suppliers, Retweeted By MP Nicholas Soames

  27. … who may be vulnerable and/or with a past history of suicide…..

  28. Santa Hates You

    Apparently a health professional at an ESA assessment finds a man with half his skull missing (but still awaiting a metal plate to be fitted by doctors) ‘fit for work.’ Due to this decision he now will lose most of his disability benefits.

    To all those so called ‘health professionals’ who commits inhumanity against vulnerable people you should note that SANTA IS WATCHING!!!

    • I thought this was going to read, “… due to this decision he now will lose his job” (in a moment of unreality/skim-reading too fast). Obviously that’s not the upshot … he was only following … process.

    • paultheswineherd

      sian – thanks for putting this on. The man should be nowhere near a mental health charity in any way, shape or form.
      Incidentally, a quick Google search for ‘liam fox expenses’ will soon bring up his ‘expenses’ history whilst an M.P.
      Another Tory pig with his snout well and truly in the financial trough!

      • paultheswineherd

        It’s also been reported in the Mirror today that ‘millionaire’ Jeremy Hunt claimed 27p in expenses from the taxpayer for a 900-metre car journey.

  29. paultheswineherd

    It was reported a while back that the 2016 session of Parliament was going to end earlier than normal (yesterday Thursday 12th) so that all of the ‘politicians/ministers’ could ‘concentrate on the upcoming EU Referendum’ on 23rd June. From now on expect a ‘new’ civil war to break out within the Tory party itself as half of them vie for ‘In’ and half vie for ‘Out’. Expect to hear all sorts of shit being thrown around from all quarters. Some of it will be speculation, some of it will be truth and I suspect that there will be a whole of lies and deceit as well. (Meanwhile, Labour as usual will be in continued turmoil as they fight amongst themselves).
    Murdoch’s media rags will be, no doubt crowing the Tory propaganda.
    The most terrible thing though is that the day to day work of Government will grind to a halt – the Works & Pensions will probably not be dragging Crabb in to answer any further questions about anything, neither Universal Credit, PIP, WCA’s or anything else for that matter.
    The poor, the low-paid, the sick & the disabled will continue to suffer regardless – it is a shameful situation and is more like China & North Korea than a so-called ‘civilised democracy’.
    What a way to run a Country indeed!

  30. paultheswineherd

    (that should read ‘The Works & Pensions Select Committee’)!

  31. Do you KNOW what this would mean?
    It would mean God was an even BIGGER cunt than George Smith.
    Who has taken to popular causes recently out of fear he needs a copper squad add infin.
    Fear not George, you DO need that copper squad as long as you draw breath.
    Life’s just PEACHEY!
    We havent forgotten you old chum.

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  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Suicides of benefit claimants reveal DWP flaws, says inquiry

    ‘Peer reviews’ challenge claims by ministers that there is no connection between welfare reform policies and deaths of vulnerable claimants

    Patrick Butler and John Pring
    Guardian – 13th May 2016

    A series of secret internal inquiries into the deaths of people claiming social security reveal that ministers were repeatedly warned of shortcomings in the treatment of vulnerable claimants facing potentially traumatic cuts to their benefits entitlements.

    The conclusions are contained in 49 Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) inquiry reports finally released to campaigners on Friday after a two-year Freedom of Information (FOI) battle. Some 40 of the reports followed a suicide. In 10 cases, the claimant had had their benefits sanctioned.

    Read More:

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Work and Pensions Committee

    Disability employment gap inquiry

    Inquiry status: open – accepting written submissions

    Accepting written submissions; the deadline is Monday 9 May 2016.

    Scope of the inquiry

    The Committee invites written submissions addressing the following points:
    To what extent are the current range of proposed measures likely to achieve the Government’s ambition of closing the disability employment gap?

    How effective is the Disability Confident campaign in reducing barriers to employment and educating employers?

    What should support for people with health conditions and disabilities in the proposed Work and Health programme look like?

    What are the likely impacts on disability employment of the abolition of the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activity component?

    13 page PDF

    Click to access Disability-employment-gap-inquiry-call-for-evidence-booklet-easy-read-version-13-April-2016.pdf

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      How comes all the pictures of disabled people are in wheelchairs = Discrimination !!!

  35. Cry Freedom: at last – victory for disabled residents, wrongly deprived of their travel passes: ‘sorry’, say Barnet Council, & Capita …

    What this statement amounts to, quite simply, is a staggering admission from Barnet Council: that Capita, on their behalf, has been subjecting a large number of vulnerable and disabled residents of this borough to the most distressing, unnecessary, and probably unlawful process

  36. Loach film on shame of poverty in Britain moves Cannes to tears.

    Director Ken Loach denounced the British government’s “conscious cruelty” towards the poor Friday after his film about the poverty and humiliation inflicted upon them by welfare cuts had critics at the Cannes film festival in tears.

    The left-wing director, who turns 80 this year and is known for shining a light on the downtrodden, also got lengthy applause and shouts of “Bravo!” at a press conference after “I, Daniel Blake” was screened.

    • The critics watching this film are not psychopaths with sadistic sociopath personalities, they have empathy and a soul.
      whereas our government have more in common with “A clockwork Orange”, and “Reservoir Dogs”.

      Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right.
      Here I am.
      Stuck in the middle with you.

    • Ken Loach made ‘Cathy Come home’, in the ?60s?, informing the wider population about homelessness – its causes & impacts – when there was widespread ignorance/lack of understanding, he raised awareness.

      ‘My Name is Joe’ with Peter Mullan – highly recommended/at times difficult to watch around the impacts and potential effects of alcohol – also dir. by Ken Loach (?); Also ‘Kes’ – he’s carried on as he began – as a maker of great films, filled with realism and (invariably working class) peoples’ lifes stories. I mix him up with Mike Leigh (or used to) but they are not the same (!)

      • It is quite interesting, the interaction between alcohol use and human beings who are perpetually abused psychologically in the work place and then in the benefits system.
        It is a cycle of nastiness fed by the Tory-esq line of thinking and increased by u.s. lobbyists intent on ever increasing profits.
        Lets say a ‘guy’ labours on building sites until he is near 50.
        Being told there are plenty more want your job Son.
        Its slave esq physically extreme, demeaning,often arse licking work.
        He cant do it any more,so he signs on.
        Whereby he is treated like scum.
        And nobody wants a 50 yr old laborer.
        Now he is being told he needs to ‘change his expectations’.
        And take a part time job in B&Q,where the 20 something manager will take one look at him and tell him to unload the sand and cement delivery lorry.
        Despite the fact he has multiple skeletal ailments from 30 years of said work,despite obviously appearing stocky.
        ‘Plenty more where you came from_ If you dont like it I will tell the job center you jacked it in’_
        So he is back to the alcohol every night, and the gov. are saying the alcohol is hindering life expectancy and causing expenditure re nhs and tax receipts.
        DO YOU THINK this man actually cares if alcohol kills him?
        All he ever wanted was to cover the bills and have a beer at the week end.
        He didnt expect to end up in a bed sit worrying about sanctions.
        The system has ensured his quality of life is always little better than a pyramid builder and he wont give a toss about the tax man.
        Death by white ace is likely an attractive exit at this point.
        Of course, the Daily Mail will then run an article about how the ‘Dosser’
        spanked out all his benefits money on alcohol and died owing the state a fortune.
        Whilst politicians and lords pick up massive sums for thrashing the workforce ever further and wondering why they drink themselves to death.
        . To quote one columnist ,
        You couldnt make it up.

        • Sounds like B. Springsteen’ The River/a bit Squeeze – could be set to (guitar/harmonica) music/read as ‘spoken word’ …

          “For his 18th birthday, he got a union card & a wedding coat”.

          “He didn’t expect to end up in a bedsit worrying about sanctions”

          People are starting to write today’s stories & they need to be told (like Daniel Blake’s story). And the story of hillsborough and of striking miners being attacked then slandered while fighting for their livelihoods.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      • Ken Loach’s ‘I, Daniel Blake,’ about an ailing carpenter who fights to stay on welfare, is a film of moving relevance

        The British director Ken Loach will be 80 years old in June, and he has worked in film and television for more than 50 of those years, but with his bone-deep empathy for the desperate and the downtrodden, you may feel that he was almost put on earth to make a dramatic feature about the current economic moment. “I, Daniel Blake” is one of Loach’s finest films, a drama of tender devastation that tells its story with an unblinking neorealist simplicity that goes right back to the plainspoken purity of Vittorio De Sica. The tale of Daniel Blake (Dave Johns), a 59-year-old carpenter from Newcastle, who is fighting to hold on to his welfare benefits, even though his heart condition forbids him from working, is one that’s sure to resonate across national borders, because it’s about something so much larger than bureaucratic cruelty (although it is very much about that). It captures a world — our world — in which the opportunity to thrive, or even just survive, is shrinking by the minute. With the right handling, the movie has a chance to connect with audiences as few Loach films ever have. It’s a work of scalding and moving relevance.

        Daniel, whose grizzled pate and washed-out pallor make him look much older than he is, has a way of barking at folks he doesn’t like, but really, he’s the soul of crusty friendliness. A widower with no children, he has recently suffered a heart attack and receives an Employment and Support Allowance from the British state. But then, for no good reason, his benefits are denied; the state wants him to go back to work — even though his physician is on record as saying he can’t. The movie takes us through the agony of the appeals process, which is a much bigger nightmare than it sounds like, because all Daniel is trying to win is the right to an appeal. He’s forced to jump through hoop after hoop, to hurry up and wait, and some of the demands are so unreasonable (he mustn’t just spend 35 hours a week applying for jobs he couldn’t take anyway; he must prove that he did) that the inescapable conclusion is that the system, as rejiggered by conservative government forces, has been engineered to toss people off the welfare rolls. It’s designed, in no small part, not to work.

        The battle to keep those benefits, without which he’ll literally be out on the street, may be even more Sisyphean in Daniel’s case, because as an old-school carpenter with almost no formal education, he’s a lost relic in the digital age. “I’ve never been near a computer,” he says, and while such confessions bring nothing but scolding contempt from the clerks in the welfare office, the audience looks at Daniel and, indeed, sees a man — you may have at least one relative like him — who lacks the consciousness to evolve with technology. Daniel is forced to take a class in how to draw up a CV, but even then, he writes it out in longhand – which inspires the film’s most cutting welfare official, who’s like a Kafkaesque version of Jane Lynch, to look at that piece of paper as if it were a scroll of shame. The main thing Daniel learns in the class is that there are dozens of people applying for every low-wage job. In other words: Why even bother?

        In the welfare office, Daniel spots a woman in a similar predicament, and being the Samaritan he is, he tries to help Katie (Hayley Squires) and her two kids get set up in their new flat. They’ve been squeezed out of the newly gentrified London, with no money and no prospects, and the four begin to hang out, because they have nothing much else to do. Yet in their way, they form a ragtag surrogate family. Squires has a dark-eyed beauty, yet her performance is so emotionally addled with dissolute worry that when we look at her, all we see is her stressed-out sadness. She’s a woman who has stopped being; she is merely existing. She literally cuts down on what she eats to have the money to feed her kids, and when she’s shopping at the government food bank and compulsively tears the top off a can of beans, dripping the syrup into her mouth, it’s a tearful epiphany — a fusion of hunger and degradation. It’s literally what she’s been driven to.

        If “I, Daniel Blake” had been made 20 or 30 years ago, the personalities of those in the welfare office might have been more colorfully villainized. But the film’s despair arises out of its perception that it’s the whole impersonal system that’s to blame. The layers of bureaucracy, which have only been added to with the Internet, are designed to wear people down. Johns, in a powerful performance, gives Daniel a plucky decency but a lonely anger underneath that simmers until it needs to explode. Daniel works to give the system every benefit of the doubt, until it insults his very being, at which point he has an impromptu “Attica!” moment. But it’s only a moment. The quiet beauty of “I, Daniel Blake” — the reason it’s the rare political drama that touches the soul — is that we believe, completely, in these people standing in front of us, as Ken Loach and the actors have imagined them. And when the movie ends, we feel like we won’t forget them.

      • According to IMDB this is a UK/France production! And the BBC is a co-producer! How long before we can watch this, and why do the knobheads at Cannes get to see this first!?

  37. Another Fine Recession

    8pm Parliament Channel = work&pensions committee.

    What happened to today ?

  38. A plan to place job advisers in food banks has been quietly dropped by the Government, despite Welfare Secretary Stephen Crabb praising the plan just last week.

    Just last week Mr Crabb told the Work and Pensions select Committee the trial had been helpful.
    He said: “One of the things that we have observed is that it is good for the food bank, because there are people with expertise on hand who can provide help navigating the benefits system for somebody using the food bank, but actually, our work coaches have also been learning a tremendous amount about the lives of these people as well.”

    But in a written answer in the House of Commons, Welfare minister Priti Patel suggested the formal plan was being quietly shelved, and would only happen at “local discretion”.


    PART 31.

    A decision that a claimant does not have Limited Capability for work, or Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, is colloquially referred to as a decision that the claimant is “FIT FOR WORK”. However, what this actually means is that the claimant does not meet the functional descriptors set out in the ESA Regulations for LCA or LCWRA.

  40. The only real way to get disabled people into paid jobs would be to introduce a quota system that for every X number of employees hired one must be disabled. With the government imposing disabled workers on the companies if need be.

    • There used to be a quota system Thomas, in the 80s, aimed at companies who had 15 or more employees. Once they hit the magic number, they were compelled to employ a disabled person. However, that little rule was never implemented or monitored, hence it was as much use as a chocolate teapot.



    “The poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK would be hit hardest by the economic consequences of leaving the EU, David Cameron has warned.”



    Nearly one million people aged over 75 live in poverty and need more help from the government, a report suggests.

    The charity Independent Age says ministers should do more to make older pensioners aware they can top up their pensions with other benefits.

    It also suggests the income of those aged over 75 is, on average, £3,000 a year less than younger pensioners.

    Pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann said the government had run campaigns to encourage pension credit claims.

    In its report, Independent Age defines the “poverty threshold” for a single pensioner as £182 a week before housing costs. For couples, its figure is £272 per week.

    • @Geoff
      ““poverty threshold” for a single pensioner as £182 a week before housing costs.” while the amount currently afforded on Pension Guarantee Credit is £154pw for a single. Says it all really.



    ………………Heavily redacted files into the cause of death of just forty nine people is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The DWP readily admit that 10,600 persons died shortly after being assessed as being fit for work.
    After that first disclosure, the embarrassment forced them to cease the publication of welfare related mortality rates……………….

    It is not the forty nine that i am interested in, it is the remaining 10, 551 that have been intentionally overlooked.




    Alan Barham

    Managing director of first Aid + Training ltd. Free lance paramedic

    Northampton, United Kingdom
    Medical Practice


    First Aid+ Training Ltd


    Wrenn school


    Company Website
    Company Website




    All Healthcare Professionals employed by the Assessment Providers have passed strict
    recruitment and experience criteria and are registered with a relevant regulatory body such as
    the General Medical Council (GMC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), Health and Care
    Professions Council (HCPC).
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.




    ANNOUNCEMENT: The People v DWP Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling – Scotland’s leading human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar mandated to act on Black Triangle’s behalf
    JusticeFor the attention of PC Nick Porter, Police Scotland
    Mandate for Solicitor Advocate Mr. Aamer Anwar
    Monday 16th May 2016
    Allegation of Breach of Duty in Public Office by Mssrs. Iain Duncan Smith MP and Chris Grayling MP – Incident/Crime number 2143 – 23/3/16

    To all whom it may concern

    I hereby mandate in full Solicitor Advocate Mr. Aamer Anwar, Aamer Anwar & Co. 63 Carlton Place, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G5 9TW to act on my behalf and represent me in the conduct and liaison with Police Scotland – and all other interested parties to the case as Mr. Anwar should so decide – to undertake all matters arising in the matter of my complaint on behalf of the Black Triangle Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights concerning the alleged criminal misconduct by the named former U.K. ministers at the Department of Work and Pensions in violation of the following offence at Scottish criminal law:

    ‘It is a crime at common law for a public official, a person entrusted with an official situation of trust, wilfully to neglect his duty, even where no question of danger to the public or to any person is involved.’

    ~ Gordon, Criminal Law, 3rd Ed. Vol. II Chapter 44. q.v.


    John McArdle



    Background links:

    On BBC Question Time Thursday 12th May 2016:



    Almost a third of Brits were plunged into poverty between 2011 and 2014, damning new figures revealed today.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found a staggering 32.5% of the population experienced poverty at some point in the three years after David Cameron ‘s election in 2010.

    Labour ‘s shadow treasury minister Rebecca Long-Bailey said: “These figures should shame David Cameron.

    “The fact one in three people in our country were pushed into poverty in the last Parliament destroys the Tory myth that we are all in it together.”



  50. paultheswineherd

    Advance warning! – the rich baggage’s ‘queens speech’ is coming up on Wednesday (she will NEVER intervene personally to even try to protect the poor, the sick, the disabled or the disadvantaged from any attacks by her scum Governments). As long as she has got her £££££££££ x 10 million peouring in then she does not give two tuppeny shits.

  51. paultheswineherd

    Marie – well said my friend.
    And then there’s this – what the fuck – whenever is this crass and totally unfair stupidity going to end?
    “Disabled multiple sclerosis sufferer who can’t walk without crutches told he is ‘fit enough to get bus'”

    • You really can’t make this shit up can you, absurd bastards – scum of the earth.


        ………Time to say, fuck your licence fees……

        Nurses, paramedics and pharmacists should be trained to fill in for doctors and help the NHS in England cope with demand, bosses say.

        Management body NHS Employers has given the plan the green light after advisers said there were a range of extra tasks they could do with more training.

        A Nuffield Trust review found examples of nurses filling in for hospital doctors and pharmacists for GPs.

        But unions warned against using it as a quick fix for problems in the NHS.

        It has been well documented that there are gaps in junior doctor rotas, while GPs are struggling to cope with the rising number of patients coming through their doors.


        “Shove your licence where the sun don’t shine”






    The UK’s inflation rate fell in April for the first time since September, largely because of cheaper air fares after the Easter holidays.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the rate, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index, fell to 0.3%.

    The ONS said the main causes were falls in the prices of air fares, vehicles, clothing and social housing rents.

    …………………….What a total crock of shit the uk poPulus is bombarded with every single day from the BBC…………



  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Human Rights of The Right To Live.

    Or is that

    Human Rights of The Right To Die.

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Suicide Is Legal – Where as assisted suicide is illegal.

    DWP Assisted Suicide.

  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I DANIEL BLAKE – Press Conference – EV – Cannes 2016

    Published 13th May 2016

  57. Moggy Paw Lore

    It’ll take as long as Hillsboro or the miners strike to get to the truth by which time all the guilty ones will be pushing up the daisies. Why is anybody ever surprised how long these cover ups take to see the light of day?

  58. We are being phased out in our own countries, as are White South Africans, Australians, Americans, Canadians, The plan was built in to the setting up of the E.U. thanks to Coudenhove-Kalergi. ‘New World Order Pledged To Jews’ [New York Times – 6th October 1940]. Look up ‘United Nations Migration Replacement’ – this plan goes way back. As our indigenous populations plummet, they replace us with foreigners to keep the money rolling in. Genocide is the worst of crimes, but I guess it doesn’t matter if nobody knows or dares to complain.

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