As Homelessness Soars Number Of Empty Homes In London Hits Seven Year High


London doesn’t have a housing problem it has a rich people problem.  Despite soaring homelessness in the capital, figures recently released by the government show that the number of homes left empty in the city has risen for the first time since 2009.

There are currently 59,881 empty homes in London.  That is enough to house everybody currently living in emergency temporary accommodation in the city  – and everyone sleeping on the streets.  20,000 of these properties have been empty over two years.  These are not second homes, properties which are rented out or homes used for holidays.  They are empty, abandoned in some cases, or more often deliberately left vacant as investment opportunities.

It is this that is likely to be the reason the number of empty homes is rising in the capital but falling everywhere else in the UK.  Luxury penthouses built not for living in, just for making money out of.  These cunts are so rich they can’t even be bothered to rent out the properties they own – they just sit back and profit as house prices soar.  Or at least they did.  The party may soon be over with central London house prices now starting to fall.

This is the legacy of Boris Johnson.  A capital city remade as a grotesque monument to capital.  The real people of London forced out, or condemned to a life on the margins whilst billionaires built their own corporate Disneyland.  A sterile landscape of glass and steel now dominates the city whilst once beautifully chaotic streets are overrun with chain stores and wacky trust fund businesses selling bowls of cereal for a fucking fiver.  There is no place for human life in this city at all.  It is just a place that money lives now.

An army of security guards stalk the privatised city streets handing out fines to kids playing football or folk enjoying a quiet beer in the park.  Racist cops ruthlessly shut down working class culture wherever they find it, even banning clubs from playing music they don’t like.  Uniformed filth carrying machine guns glare at people on the public transport system.  Occassionally they shoot someone.  The message is stark and clear.  This is not our city anymore, this is a giant bank where the crooks of the world can store their wealth.  And so we must be constantly policed, always watched in case we present a threat to the pampered lifestyles of the wealthy minority.

According to charities the number of people who slept rough on the streets of London this winter rose by 15% in just one year to 2,561.  Beneath the glitzy facade poverty stalks the city. Bodies huddle in shop doorways whilst champagne glasses clink in restaurants where a meal costs more than a week’s wages.  Children go hungry in grotty hostels beneath empty shyscrapers where the flats cost millions of pounds yet no-one lives there.  This is what Boris has created.  A ghost-town in sky that has shut out the city’s light.

Quietly though, everywhere, people are organising.  Thousands of people whose homes are under threat grow more militant everyday.  Students are on rent strike across the capital.  Towards the end of the 2011 riots a mob headed towards Notting Hill and Sloane Square, smashing up designer shops and attacking restaurants.  Unlicenced and boisterous street parties are shaking the newly gentrified enclaves that once belonged to the working class.  Tenants facing eviction are barricading themselves in their homes.

Direct action, disruption and outright defiance are the weapons of choice, not petitions, or voting, or boring marches.  Everyone knows now who is too blame and where they live.  A reckoning is surely coming.  Be ready.

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68 responses to “As Homelessness Soars Number Of Empty Homes In London Hits Seven Year High

  1. A disgusting number of homes left empty 😦 This is so wrong and we do have to take London back from the thieves who can live there with their laundered money.
    I hope that the General Strike does happen in July and that people actually attend their particular high streets etc.

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  3. Severe homelessness is nationwide, seen many people in the North where I live on the streets, it’s a disgrace, all because of the tories, it sky rocketed when that bitch Thatcher was in and under them again, it’s gotten worse and worse!

  4. NoOppression

    A Basic Human Right A Basic Human Necessity for Decent People
    A Place of Residence

    House the Homeless Evict Austerity

  5. NoOppression

    The Homeless Need to be Housed just like the Country Need’s
    Political and Religious Freedom of Speech Not so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” and Tyranny

    • Heartbreaking

      • Marie, that royal parasite prince fucking nobhead harry ought to try sleeping rough instead of moaning about the media intrusion into his over priviliged life.what’s he got to moan about, he doesn’t want for nothing, ungrateful fucking tossa!

  6. philipburdekin

    I’m looking forward to the General strike, kick the nasty party, the party for poverty TORIES arses in to touch.

  7. Reblogged this on disabledsingleparent.

  8. If houses are left empty for more then a certain time, then they should be used to house people. Obviously ones that are just empty for a few weeks because the owners went on holiday should stay empty, but a time limit should be fixed on it.

    And I don’t think the security guards would dare to challenge real violent gangs, as the gangs would beat them up or worse. Said guards just like to hassle people going about their business.

  9. Hahaha i can fire machine guns aswell.i won compettitions in army the bastards wouldnt stand a chance with oir

  10. Rosemarie Harris

    With the amount of money charity’s get given perhaps it time they bought a few houses or had a list of people who would have a homeless person living with them after checks etc.
    As most people are homeless because of personal problems a breakdown in realationships etc.
    In the problems of ex service people then it should be up to Help the heroes and other charity ex forces to help them.
    If they joined forces ( sorry about the pun) most of the homeless could be living in bricks but they can’t all live in London.
    if this was something glamours it would not be a problem because all the ‘stars’ would be out in force.

  11. paultheswineherd

    Interesting to see that the BBC 6PM News did not mention the BAFTA awards last night not even once! Normally it would be mentioned. Would this perhaps be due to the fact that ‘Wolf Hall’ director at the awards gave a really good and forthright speech upon which he should be commended. He brought up about the ‘attack’ on the BBC by this Tory government – basically, save it or lose it! It is a public service broadcaster and this is really now very much in danger. It was reported on Sky News this morning as was a brief interview from someone from the Radio Times who mentioned that the Tories want to appoint ‘their own BBC governers’ at the very top.

    On a different subject, I have been told that Alison Hernandez, the Tory M.P. was voted in on Friday night as the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall. There has already been an outcry about this including e-mails being sent by concerned members of the public to D & C Police.This is an absolute travesty as D & C police have now passed on the allegation against her of alleged ‘general election expenses fraud’ to another police force who is going to investigate her and also Kevin Foster, another M.P.

    • Ruprick Murdick

      Just what like happened with BSB and their ‘squariels’ lol … coming soon to a TV set near you… BSKYBC 😀 then just SKY! 😀

  12. paultheswineherd

    Sorry, that should read ‘This is an absolute travesty and the D & C’ etc, etc.

    • paultheswineherd

      She is due to be sworn in to the position of new PCC tomorrow – at the very least, there should surely be a suspension of this until the police investigation has been completed. But preferably she should step aside completely and another vote carried out.
      Also, I would really like to know exactly how many votes she received for this position compared to the other candidates (about 5 or 6 in total)

      • paultheswineherd

        Alison Hernandez, the M.P. for Torbay has reportedly this evening, been sworn in as the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall –
        apparently there is hell up over it & an emergency meeting has been called for tomorrow (Wednesday). This should have never gone ahead!

  13. Santa Hates You

    JV – Take London back from the greedy capitalists – use direct action to empower the working classes to fight for their rights – it’s the only way.

  14. paultheswineherd

    Channel 4 (tomorrow Tuesday) at 9PM “How to get a council house”
    The trailer for it says that there is a real housing crisis in Britain now.
    (Series 4, Episode 1)

  15. paultheswineherd

    Saw another gov’t advert for ‘Workie’ about half an hour ago (the government’s ‘idea’ of a new ‘workplace pension’. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was all totally secure and it in no way could be ‘stolen’ or ‘made away with’ years down the line. What would happen if some ‘rogue employer’ made off with all of the pension savings that one had accrued!
    The likes Robert Maxwell and Phillip Green (previously of BHS) comes to mind!

    • According to Private Eye, (some months ago) a calculation to try and establish just how the pension would pay out was made. The result showed that you could pay into it for your entire working life, but the administration charges would be so complex and so high, they would eat the lot and it would be likely that the retired worker would get zilch.

      • Zilch – probably.

        New Pension Tracing Service Website Launched.

        A new DWP website has been launched by the Pension Tracing Service to help people find their lost pension savings.

        A new DWP website has been launched today by the Pension Tracing Service to help people more easily and quickly locate their lost pension savings.

        There is currently an estimated £400 million in unclaimed pension savings. This is money people have previously saved for their retirement, and the new website will better help people to locate their hard-earned savings.

        Our wider pension reforms are creating a dynamic market where people have greater freedom and flexibility over their savings, and we expect our reforms will increase demand for the Pension Tracing Service.

        Minister for Pensions, Baroness Ros Altmann said:

        People have had on average 11 jobs during their working life which can mean they have as many work place pensions to keep track of.

        The new DWP online Pension Tracing Service helps reunite people with their lost pensions, giving details of providers to help people track them down.

      • There was someone ‘finance expert’ on Radio 4’s today programme only the other day saying you would better just investing your money yourself: “You can get 6% per annum out of the stock market. Your investment will have doubled in 6 years”. Only the gullible would bother with these scam pension schemes; it’s not even as if DIY-investing is rocket science!

    • The “Workie” is the devil in progress, it even has devil horns coming out of its head, the elite love their symbolic symbols, (baphomet) im surprised it was not animated with the one eyed symbol in the middle is its head.

      Anyhow, reclaim London, its not gonna happen in our life time, I would rather use it as a holding pen for the sadistic psychopaths, ring it with an electrified fence and let the elite enjoy their satanic playground while we get on and have the whole country to ourselves.
      London has no “so called heritage” that benefits the common man. Its all Freemason sun worship hocus pocus.

  16. Notice down in Stonegrove Edgware the estates been torn down now there is apartments going up with a £600,000 plus price tag.

    Its not the only thing going on in the Barnet area.Tory councillors are working with Capita to introduce new criteria for disable transport passes’ by specifying that they must have contact with Learning Disability teams figures suggest this is only a small number compared to those with this disability leaving disabled people with transport problems.It does look is they want to challenge the law to the fullest possible extent.Theres this from back in 2014

  17. How I wish that Gordon Brown had just said ”Okay Paddy, I’ll resign ”, back in 2010.
    What a lot of suffering might have been prevented.

  18. It is Not just so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” that Need to be
    Opposed and Stopped .

    It is Austerity as Well NO Austerity so House the Homeless

  19. paultheswineherd

    A Lord’s motion has been passed but no-one really knew about it until now!

  20. paultheswineherd

    IDS has been talking deranged, mad and absolute bollocks as usual!
    He is also a fucking hypocrite after the benefit slashing and the murders of the poor, the sick, the disabled and the totally innocent of Britain.
    After what he has done for 6 years, no-one should fall for his bullshit.

      • paultheswineherd

        Marie – Yes – exactly so and all of them on at least £147,000 per year, except IDS (as an ex-Minister) who is still on around £67,000 per year as a ‘back-bencher’.
        (I am terrified that this is going to happen – if only down to the pensioners who, almost to a man/woman will vote ‘OUT’ – the ‘youngsters’ are, I am afraid will be too complacent/apathetic to vote and so will allow the ‘OUT’ campaign to win).

  21. The Right to Protest Is Part of Real Human Rights

    Apart from Saying No to so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ”
    Say No to the Tory Thousand Year Reich Slave Labour Austerity Stoogery and Also House the Homeless

    Yes to a Caring Welfare State

  22. paultheswineherd

    Never, as now, has there ever been a better time to attack the Tories on their home ground – they are divided as never before – and they cannot see what is going to happen to them.
    The Media, who have actively supported them for so long are at last wavering. Even BBC News at 6PM this evening reported (via an internal reception with the queen), Cameron said (on camera) that ‘the most corrupt Governments were those of Afghanistan and Nigeria’)

  23. paultheswineherd

    jeremy – if you are out there, please do not give up now – there is everything to gain – if you stick at it.
    stepping razor – the same for you my friend.
    fly hawkes – you have been, at times pilloried for your views. All of us are entitled to our views in a ‘democracy’ – some people like it and some people do not – but we are ALL entitled to our views. fly hawkes, I for one, am not going to condemn you for your views.

  24. paultheswineherd

    Also JCP Customer/Sufferer where have you disappeared to my friend?
    You used to be on here a lot – but now – gone!

    • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer

      Paul – just happened to visit this site and saw you asking after me – thanks – at least someone misses me! 🙂 I’ve been very busy on a personal project so I haven’t had as much time as before to read or post on blogs. Hoping you and your family are well and not suffering too much under these bastards. Crabbe sounds even worse than IDS – and I didn’t think that was possible! I’m technically still a JCP Customer/Sufferer but if all goes to plan (and God is planning it so I know it will) I’ll soon no longer be one and I’ll be one of those rich people Johnny hates…. 😀 Oh well…

      • paultheswineherd

        Fellow JCP Customer/Sufferer – yes, many thanks and glad to hear that you are okay and that things are progressing well. Myself and my family are very well thanks – still holding onto my job (just!) but who knows what’s going to happen around he corner. As you say, Crabbe is just as bad as IDS – but he’s probably even more of a slippery character – his surname suits him well – comes up with stupid ideas then slips to one side, just like his crustaceon namesake!
        Anyway, I hope that things work out really well for you in the future – it sounds like you are very much on track for it to! 🙂

        • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer

          Paul – thanks for replying, and thanks for your good wishes for the future – it means a lot to me, and I wish the same to you. I’m glad you and your family still have your heads above water, quite an appropriate phrase since as you say so many people are having to cope with the dodgy slippery and sideways moves of the Crabbe! 😀

  25. paultheswineherd

    Just look at these astounding salaries! As a humble swineherd, I am definitely at the bottom of the pig-pile! THE FUCKERS!

  26. paultheswineherd

    FUCKING TORIES – “The Tories are defeated for the THIRD time over their ‘extreme’ council housing sell off”

  27. paultheswineherd

    (Fourth time lucky!) – Its like the National Lottery!

  28. paultheswineherd

    Stephen Crabb has now proved himself to be an absolute bastard – of the very highest order. Please have a look at this, taken from The Independent.

  29. Paul Yes it maybe a demmocracy but flyhawks views are views of hatred,bigotry and intolerance hide under the coat of religon ….dont they allways….and are not to be tolerated ….poison like … naturę intended….and the gay agenda….and all the other mysoginist and homaphobic crap flyhawks spouts ….that causes hatred ..paul im not attacking you but ……you are a white western hetrosexual male…you can go anywere ,practicaly do anything you want hertosexual people can practicaly fuck in the street and all most people will say is …get in there son…lgbt people despite all the legalisation ……on a street level we still have to monitor ourselves ….behavour modification …..hate crime against lgbt people has gone up by 40% scince the tories came to power i myself and friends have been both physically and verbaly attacked in the last 6 mounths a friend and myself were harrased and intimidated just last mounth ….he picked the wrong people to fuck with….but this happens all the time from small little looks and comments ….battyman…..shit like that ….the likes of flyhawks and gus worthless idiot comments ….feeds all that shit ….flyhawks was pilloried and torn to pieces for a reason ….becouse he,s peddling hate and unless he te educates himself and stops the hate he will be torn down again … cat alow people to peddle hate..

  30. paultheswineherd

    Universal Credit still is, it seems a potential disaster – but Crabb cannot see it!

  31. Another Fine Recession

    Crabb more deluded than Dunkoff.

    Universal credit is working, insists work and pensions secretary

  32. Another Fine Recession

    Benefit sanctions are now hitting ‘hardworking’ families
    Research says the extension of benefit sanctions is leading to increased debt and eviction threats and causing ill health

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