Who Will Be Hit By Benefit Cap? People Like Stephen Crabbs’ Own Mother


An estimate of Stephen Crabb’s mother’s benefit claim were she raising children today.

New Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb would have faced possible homelessness and desperate poverty as a child if the benefit reforms he is introducing had been in place.

Savage new rules due to come into force in Autumn will slash social security to £20,000 a year for parents unable to work due to unemployment, sickness,  disability* or caring responsibilities.   This will leave many struggling families with just a few pounds a week to feed their children after eye-watering rents have been paid.  According to Crabb the caps on benefits are necessary to avoid ‘sky high’ payments and will incentivise single parents – even those with newly born babies – to get a job.  Yet the people who will suffer most from this cut will be lone parents just like his own mother.

Crabb has been all too happy to drag his family’s traumatic past into the spotlight when it serves his political needs.  He has spoken at length of the poverty his mother suffered when – in his words – she became “welfare dependent”.  In an interview with The Spectator he even admits to truanting from school so he could work on a farm to buy some trainers.  This was around the time his hero Margaret Thatcher claimed that “people who are living in need are fully and properly provided for”.  So fuck knows what he’s complaining about.  Perhaps he thinks children should have to work on farms so they can afford shoes.

Crabb says he was just 8 years old when his mother left a violent relationship with his father and took him and his two brothers to Scotland where they stayed in a spare room in his grandparent’s council property.  Of course this was before the Bedroom Tax intended to stop council tenants from having an extra room that extended families or grandchildren could stay in.  And this is far from the only protection that Crabb’s mother relied on that has been brutally dismantled by the current Tory government.

After returning from Scotland, Crabb’s mother was able to secure a council property in Haverdfordwest, the area of Pembrokeshire they had previously fled from.  Today chronic social housing shortages would leave Crabb’s mother abandoned to the far more expensive and insecure private rented sector – assuming she wasn’t forced into homelessness and sub-standard temporary accommodation.

The Tory government has already slashed housing benefit payments for private sector tenants by introducing  a four year freeze on payments regardless of how much rents rise.  They also introduced new rules to ensure that housing benefits would only cover the cheapest 30% of properties in the local area.  Whilst rents in Haverfordwest are far lower than many parts of the UK, a search of one of the largest property websites reveals there are only two 3 bedroom flats in the area which have rents low enough to be met by the £120.83 a week housing benefit rate for the town.

Her problems would not end there.  According to the government’s recommended benefits calculator an unemployed lone parent with three children would currently be entitled to £413 a week (plus Council Tax Support) in Haverfordwest .  This is too much according to Crabb who seems to be relishing the chance to lower the benefit cap to just £384.55 a week.  That’s nearly £30 quid a week Crabb is taking from people just like his own mother.

This is the reality of the modern Tory Party.  They are only too happy to take when it suits them.  Look at the number of Oxbridge MPs whose elite university education was paid for by the tax payer.  But they don’t want anyone else to have it.  The horrifying truth is that it is people exactly like Crabb’s mother who have been attacked over and over again by vicous social security reforms.  That doesn’t mean life wasn’t bleak in the 1980s for those on benefits.  But the toxic combination of housing shortages, benefit sanctions, workfare and successive cuts, caps and freezes to child benefits mean that many lone parents today face complete destitution.  And it’s about to get much worse.

If even mid size families in low rent South Wales are to be hit by the cap, the situation in many cities will be even more dire.  A family with three kids in Bristol –  assuming they can find a property at the local housing allowance rate – will be left with just over £200 a week.  In Brighton they will have just £154 a week.  In Hackney, in spite of the cap being slightly higher in London, they will be left with £88 – just £2.50 per person per day.  This will be Stephen Crabb’s legacy.  The re-introduction of poverty not seen in generations into the UK.

*The government are claming disabled people are exempt from the cap.  This is a lie, only the most severely disabled people are exempt.  Many claimants, including those with serious conditions such as cancer, MS or Parkinson’s Disease will be affected.

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83 responses to “Who Will Be Hit By Benefit Cap? People Like Stephen Crabbs’ Own Mother

  1. Cameron had a severely disabled son but that didn’t stop him attacking disabled people’s benefits and right to independent living. Crabb will be no different.

    • It didn’t stop him from claiming disability benefits for his son either!

    • Crabb probably would harm his own mother in exchange for power.

    • Ending Benefit Shame

      I wonder if Crabb’s background story is even true.

      I can see a PR team going “how can we whitewash DWP’s crimes? Oh I know, let’s get claimants to relate to Crabb. Let’s say his mother was on benefits & had to flee domestic violence. That should really win the public over” 😉

      • Steve Crabb may not be his real name either.
        A made up person with a made up past, he can be anyone the government wants him to be. Its all fakery and BS.

        Im still waiting for the ” Benefits Street, Steve’s Story.” Life and times of a high profile MP from a council estate.

        I wont hold my breath!!

        • I still believe he was grown in a petri dish from one of IDS’ remaining hairs before he quit, in an underground evil Tory laboratory, which explains why he can’t quite get a normal human expression to settle on his face, or the Priti Patel effect as it’s known.

          I’m almost certain that they can’t find actual humans willing to pass these policies against the British people.

        • Exactly! Made-up name and made-up ‘backstory’. Just a load of shite!

  2. Neo-Pelagius

    Psychos one and all … how can they not empathise when they have experienced it themselves?

    • Neo-Pelagius

      why? because they have money and power now and are above the poor plebs below them… and they declare “Let them Eat Cake…”

  3. those figures are staggering, i get just over £600 a month from UC while not working, which in itself is crazy considering minimum wage is just over £1000 a month… it’s just not worth it either way, with work you spend more on travel expenses and food, so you can’t really afford to save up anyway… and when out of work you can’t even dream of saving up since a huge chunk of money is spent on bills

    all in all, £7200 a year, vs £20000 for a single parent, how does that figure out exactly? bearing in mind that they have chosen to pay eye-watering rents, if they do indeed have just a few pounds spare at the end of the day then they really should take measures to make sure they have more to spare

    • You, one person, gets £7200. A single parent (or two parents) with three kids gets a maximum of £20000. That’s £5000 per person. Less then you get then. And most of it will go to landlords in Housing Benefit.

      The Benefit Cap for single claimants will be £257 a week, or £296 a week for people in London. It will only really affect London claimants where rents are soaring.

      • looking at it that way i can see why you make the point you make… the situation isn’t ideal at all, for any of us, especially the split families your post focuses on…

        which begs the question, why put yourself in that position? i sympathize, but being on benefits as able-bodied people isn’t supposed to replace work

        • Why don’t you fuck off you moralising twat?

          Shove your shit jobs and woooorrrrkkkkk. Life is not meant to be wasted in some god-forsaken factory or office dealing with David fucking Brent wannabes, just to make some Home Counties fat-cat richer.

          Quit being an obedient little servant and forget “working hard and doing the right thing”; social security is a right and you should claim all you can, and quit your job ASAP.

          • until they stick the rulebook down your throat and sanction you… must be nice having a permanent doctors note eh scarecrow?

            shove your attitude, you’ll go your entire life hating the state and then you’ll die with nothing, i don’t want to end up like that, so no shit i’ll have a work-hard mentality

            what do you suggest people do in a society that demands everyone be up and about “earning their keep”? if the social security net wasn’t there, what would you do then? you’d starve, you’d be on the streets, and who would you blame? you’d probably blame the government all the same

            • Here you go again K.S. Plenty of people “work hard” and still have nothing, you would rather work for nothing than get money for nothing? Fine, go out at 5am and earn the minimum wage like a good little boy.

              I am not accountable to you, I do not need your approval, but I will claim all I am legally entitled to claim, and will do all I can short of taking a job. I do not work for you, or for anyone; I am not a pack mule, I was not designed to run on a treadmill.

              Oh, and the government wouldn’t dare abolish the welfare state outright; they’ll try and squeeze the pips further but they can’t go as far as they’d want to. If they tried there’d be a revolution and they fucking know it.

              • ease off the fanaticism mate, i’d prefer to work than leech like you, since you’ve proclaimed it so clearly…

                you’re not accountable to me, but you are accountable to the state, there are rules in-place when claiming benefits, and one of these days it will bite you in the rear despite you being “legally entitled” to everything you claim

                you’re in the wrong era with that mindset, don’t you have a family? a wife? kids perhaps? they would all be better off if you worked instead of sat around on benefits touting “I’M LEGALLY ENTITLED TO THIS MONEY!!!”

                • scarecrow78

                  Yes, your virtue signalling is apparent for all to see.

                  Don’t worry, when your wealth-creator employer decides he doesn’t need you you’ll soon learn the benefits of “working hard and doing the right thing”.

                  Have fun with the zero-hours treadmill mate, I’m sure you’ll get some sleep – sooner or later…

              • i’ll have fun slogging away while you will be bitter till death, leeching and blaming the state for all your problems, now which would a rational person choose…

            • Another Fine Recession

              until they stick the rulebook down your throat and sanction you

              You do realise that if you claim a penny for anything over any 2 year period that with UC they’re coming for right YOU NOW. – And I would agree it’s definitely not your fault – by the Grubbyments definition you’re already ‘doing the right thing’.

              I’m assuming that KS, is relatively new on here, and relatively young, else I’d be eating them alive like everybody else, – I’m just sharpening me teeth – both of them.

              • i’m not new here, i’ve read this blog for a while now and i’ve noticed a few patterns that don’t sit well with me… not everyone here will be in the same boat, with the same circumstances

                cherry picking examples to brush aside anything i say, not accepting that other people have it different, even if they have it bad too, it’s not all for the same reasons, it’s not all because of the evil government, however much i want to blame them for how shit things are going for me right now, some of the blame obviously lies on myself, among the million other factors

                saying that, can you clarify what you mean by your comment, “they’re coming for you”, cheers

              • Another Fine Recession

                i’ve read this blog for a while now and i’ve noticed a few patterns that don’t sit well with me

                That’ll be mostly because you’re wrong.

                “they’re coming for you”

                If you’ve been here for some time then I’m sure you’ve heard of In-Work-Persecution.

                • i don’t sing to your tune so i’m wrong? this is exactly what i meant when i said i’ve noticed a few patterns

                  this is the first i’ve seen anyone use that term, though i tend to skim through comments, so you’ll have to forgive me while baring those fangs you’re so proud of

                • Another Fine Recession

                  1,500 people apply for a part-time coffee serving job. 1 gets the job, and 1,499 are unsuccessful, and you think the problem here might be that some of the 1,499 ‘don’t want to work’.
                  Have you considered working for the Gov.

                • that’s not what i said, you’re completely distorting the point i made… i thought you were open to rational discussion, clearly i was wrong

                • Michelle Cooper

                  Thank you for your comment regarding “In work persecution”. I gained work approx. 8 yrs ago with the drug service, after volunteering and training from Citizens Advice B. I had a life crisis and needed a little assistance from The Shaw trust to help/support me back into work. I had a nervous breakdown and was recruited into the Drug Service – Didn’t like it but it was a wage. I’ve always been a worker I have worked and paid taxes into the system for over 40 yrs I can’t work now due to MND.(Motor Neurone Disease) I feel I have to justify to everyone why I’m not working. I feel guilty for claiming and don’t know enough about what I could possibly claim! What I do object to is my Granddad and Grandpa fought for this Island, one a Captain for The Royal Navy and the other a Major in the Army. All children, from both families were brought up to work, put food on the table, clothe two children (Two were expensive enough!) and uphold values! Dad ex-Army worked his socks off, as my mother did to provide essentials: Roof, heat, food and clothes – no benefit claims by our family until me and this silly condition! 1970’s a bloke across the road from where we lived never worked in his entire life. Mum said he “had a glass back so he could not work but he could make the journey to the pub half a mile away on a daily basis!!! All his/her kids also had excuses for not being able to work but they were fit enough to breed!!! I’m now 55yrs and I feel I’ve been responsible by not breeding because I couldn’t afford to bring up a child on my own. This is reason I am disappointed with people EXPECTING TO BE LOOKED AFTER AND BREEDING MORE DEPENDANTS!

        • I’m a working single mum and it isn’t easy!! I’m lucky enough to live in low rent private housing but still over half my wage goes on rent and extortion (council) tax. I get no council tax support. I’m lucky all 3 of my contracts are in a local school 5 min walk from home as I can’t afford to run a car.
          This government is out to pit everyone against each other ( working v unemployed, or its all the fault of the obese / addicted / refugees) because while we do that (assuming we believe the lies.. I don’t) we aren’t looking closer to home and placing the blame on our so called rulers!

        • The family may get less per person, but I bet rent is not ×5, I bet all their utility bills are not ×5. Do they pay ×5 for TV. It works out cheaper per person buying food for 5 against 1 thanks to all the Bogoff promotions. So really Mr Voids argument & points are not entirely correct here.

      • Another Fine Recession

        being on benefits as able-bodied people isn’t supposed to replace work

        What do you suggest then? UBI ? What is this paid work that needs doing?

        • believe me i’d love to know too, jumping from temp job to temp job and it’s killing me… i don’t want to end up 20 years down the line with nothing to show for it but i can’t see the solution either

          • Ending Benefit Shame

            K.S. wrote: “believe me I’d love to know too, jumping from temp job to temp job and it’s killing me… I don’t want to end up 20 years down the line with nothing to show for it but I can’t see the solution either”

            If this is true, then your solution does not lie in benefit-shaming others. Nor does it lie in continuing to accept unhealthy job standards that are killing you. It lies in placing the responsibility for your own & other peoples’ hardship where it actually belongs:

            1) Claimants are not responsible for eye watering rents – banks & landlords are. So no, we really can’t find cheaper rents.

            2) Parents are not responsible for claiming benefits – Patriarchal governments are. Since women’s work* such as raising children – is not valued as work. Even though it is absolutely vital for everyone’s survival.**

            3) Workers are not responsible for low wages – the employers, investors & banks are.

            4) Unemployed people are not responsible for lack of jobs – 3rd world abusing corporations are, together with banks who halt any investments into public sectors which would increase consumer markets*** & create millions of jobs.

            It is up to you to digest this reality before attacking others. I invite you to do so & I know it is a process. That instead of projecting your own shame of not being able to get a full-time job onto others (in form of your earlier benefit-shaming posts).

            Best wishes, plebrise

            * The majority of all parents actively raising children are women, even though the number of men has increased.

            ** If no one had & raised children then we would die out. And if no one raised their children then we’ll have chaos in 15-20 years time.

            *** when people earn enough money they spend more by eating out, buying goods, etc. which increases local businesses & creates new jobs.

            • i haven’t benefit shamed anyone, but some people act like there’s no choice but to do what they do, there’s always a choice, there’s always a sacrifice that can be made…

              life ain’t easy, and benefits were never intended to be a complete substitute for work, they were intended to be a safety net for those that needed it the most, despite what our current economical status would indicate

              1) claimants are responsible for finding a home that suits their financial standing

              2) women aren’t the only ones that raise children

              3) true, i didn’t say otherwise

              4) the jobs market is dire because of the government allowing zero-hour contracts to gain a foothold, some people simply don’t want to work either so they cheat the system, some people can’t work and so they are given automatic benefit entitlement (which i wholeheartedly agree with), and of course OVERPOPULATION is a huge factor

              again, i didn’t benefit shame anyone… what shame am i projecting? i know exactly why i’m not finding work, and it’s not because it doesn’t exist… what i meant by killing me is that it’s a stressful situation causing mental anguish, i’ll take any work, even if at the time it does “kill” me, the body grows accustomed to it


              logical young bloke

              • Shamemongers OUT

                Fuckin’ hell K.S aren’t you the sanctimonious little prick. At least you own up to your naivety by signing off “logical young bloke

                Though “narrow, minded, unworldly, arrogant, high handed little prick” might be a more honest way of signing off your post. Maybe you could discuss this with your Mummy as she cooks your din-dins for you? She will be older than you and will have more experience of the world than you have.

                The world is sadly not black and not white, it is both, and also every colour in between. When you realise this, you may find you understand the complex situations that people who claim benefits face and cease being such a crappy little shame monger.

                • another irrational layabout? you’re just crawling out the woodwork… or are you scarecrow under another name? that wouldn’t surprise me, you’re just as bitter and just as opinionated

              • Ending Benefit Shame

                K.S. here is a little exercise to offer another perspective. Replace the word ‘work’ with ‘partner’ in your statement. Then read back what you wrote:

                “i’ll take any [partner], even if at the time it does “kill” me, the body grows accustomed to it”

                Now, would you accept same level of stress & mental anguish from a partner that you accept from employers?

                • my stress isn’t caused solely by employers, it’s caused by the situation of uncertainty… i don’t know how long the jobs will last, if i’ll be taken on after a 3 month trial or not… what will i do about bills if/when i lose the job

                  has it not always been like this? you have to go back many decades to be in a position where you hop from job to job without a worry because there isn’t a job out there for everyone that’s currently unemployed and looking for work

                  no i would not accept the same level of stress and anguish from a partner, not really sure why you want to compare the two

                  i don’t think what i’ve done is “benefit shame” you, but since my train of thought isn’t the same as yours or a few others that frequent this page, clearly i’ve stirred the barrel somewhat, i apologize for that, none of us are to blame for what’s happening in our country

              • FkTheGoverment

                Have you tried finding this cheap rent that you talk of? The rents are stupid, to increase the number of homeless people. Landlords are pushing benefit claimants out, so unless you’re earning a huge salary, not even working class can afford the properties either. Some people are so deluded.

            • Another Fine Recession

              4) the jobs market is dire because of the government allowing zero-hour contracts to gain a foothold

              And supplying 100,000s of free workers – it destroys the pay and conditions of a lot more than just the job(s) you’ve replaced.

              some people simply don’t want to work either so they cheat the system,

              Have you been reading the DM.
              We need a lot more people like this while the competition for paid work is so fierce. Everybody ‘works’ just to stay alive. The amount of benefit money ‘cheated’ is a minute speck compared with the money flowing around the economy, so forget it.

              i know exactly why i’m not finding work, and it’s not because it doesn’t exist

              In many parts of the country there are no jobs/paid work, and unemployment is about 50%.
              My Sanction Center held a series of fantasticle ‘Job Fairs’ where you could meet loads of ‘local employers’ and easily get a job. I went to every one, and spoke to all the parasites who were only interested in what ‘grants’ they could claim against you for yet another employability certificate. The only employers there were McDs and the army. They’ve stopped doing the job fairs now, and I know from speaking to advisors that they didn’t stop them because of their uccess.


              EBS – Good post.

      • @Johnny
        The minimum amount need to live on if not working is held to be the Pension Guarantee Credit level for pensioners which is currently about £150 per week. Those on PGC are “passported” and qualify for 100% housing benefit and council tax benefit.

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    I made that very point about Stephen Crabb’s mother a few days ago in a newspaper website. His mom got lucky, but only because the system in place made it possible for her. Had the current rules been in force, his mom would not have been in a position to move from Inverclyde to Wales even if she wanted to. The Bedroom Tax alone would have seen to that. Then there would be a whole bunch of rules now in force that would have made it impossible for her to do the things she managed later on. Stephen Crabb wouldn’t understand any of that, nor would he care about it either.
    Just as before him, Ian “D” Smith had claimed unemployment benefit for a few months, and given his circumstances then, if the new rules were being used, ones he brought in, he would not have been able to claim anything!
    But they don’t care about any of that. However, it shows them up as the evil minded people they are.
    They are making it impossible for anyone to claim any benefit. That is the deliberate intention. The problem is that folks need to get money for living. The jobs are paying too little, and there are few full time jobs around. There are few jobs at all in fact.
    They refuse to see any of that. They live in another world. Their aim is to return society back to the days before Queen Victoria, and we mustn’t let them get away with it

  6. Tweeted @melissacade68

    • Here is what the deluded tory scum think is some sort of recovery.

      They have destroyed millions of jobs and replaced them with zero hours and slave labour.

      They have murdered the sick and disabled using their assassins ATOS and DWP. The money saved has been given to their rich backers in the City of London where they are spending millions on luxury properties leaving millions of ordinary Londoners to struggle with the poorest being ethnically cleansed from the city.

  7. Climb, then kick away the ladder.

  8. paultheswineherd

    Don’t expect this to be reported on Sky News any time soon and only slightly more likely on BBC News. After all, they have to ‘protect the Tories’ at all costs. Murdoch thinks that the sun shines out of Cameron’s & Osborne’s arses. John Whittingdale is framing up to bring in a Bill to ‘do a Tory take over of the BBC’ – and yet the BBC cunts still supports the Tories!
    Fuck off BBC & Sky – for once, give us all a break and start at last, to tell us the TRUTH instead of a load of shit, such as how Britain is going to ‘celebrate’ the queen’s 90th birthday and how kate middleton is pregnant with her third brat. Who givea a fuck – I don’t and I know of a lot of other people on here who couldn’t give a flying fuck either.

  9. paultheswineherd

    “What has happened to the economy under a year of Tory government – in six charts” (Dont forget Cameron’s & Osborne’s ‘Long Term Economic Plan’ is on track and is working – WHERE?

  10. Yet even after all this, all the cuts, reductions and misery inflicted by this government, they still have a large base of popular support. As shown by the recent elections. Amazing, the Teflon Tories – hard as hell, and everything just slides off.

  11. Off topic nonsense about zionist conspiracy theories will be removed. For fucks sake.

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  13. paultheswineherd

    A year of embarrassing U-turns!
    From a power hungry, arrogant and very rich bunch of incompetent fucking bastards, who know nothing about anything and know all about nothing – one would expect none other than this total government shambles.

  14. paultheswineherd

    Just being reported on Sky News:
    “The Government has welcomed the B.M.A’s decision to resume talks over junior doctor’s contracts”.
    I seem to remember that Jeremy Cunt had previously refused to re-open any further talks

  15. paultheswineherd

    It should be noted that one year ago tonight – it was triumphally announced by Faisal Islam from Sky News that the ‘Conservatives’ under David Cameron had won a ‘second term’ in office – to the surprise of everyone.
    None less then myself and my young family – yet more shit to come in the future! A whole lot of surprise also to the ‘pollsters’ – they could not see at all what was going to happen.
    Faisal Islam and the BBC announcer was cock-a-hoop that the Tories had won. Sky News Kay Burley almost had an orgasm on the spot when it was announced that her ‘hero’ David Cameron was again in office.
    One year on to the day – what has changed?
    Not much – Except that the economy is in freefall. IDS has gone (because of concern over too many benefit cuts!) – to be replaced by an arse-licking ‘yes man’ beard gurning chipmunk in the form of Stephen Crabb. Cameron has been shown to be party to possible offshore tax expense fraud? The rest of the Tory Ministers are up to their ears and eyes in ‘healthcare interests’ and at least 27 Tory M.P.’s are being investigated by various Police Forces across Britain for possible ‘Election Expenses Fraud’.
    This Conservative Government should never be in office.








  17. Fuck the Tories and capitalists in general. To them “doing the right thing” means us being their slaves until we die, and then our children becoming slaves for their children. Fuck that! I’m “doing the wrong thing” – living life any way I choose. Let them stop me if they can!

  18. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/top-tory-warns-families-benefits-7917512

    Top Tory warns families on benefits to “find work now or risk impact of £6,000 welfare cut”
    15:13, 7 MAY 2016 UPDATED 15:24, 7 MAY 2016
    Stephen Crabb was speaking ahead of the incoming cap that will reduce annual benefits from £26,000-a-year to £20,000

  19. Rosemarie Harris

    The support was there for him and his family but just like a Nasty bastard he is he will now deny the very people who need help and who familys paid in so he and his family could have a better life ….. Bloody wasted on him!
    How much does he claim from the public purse? They will always be the Nasty party they claim for everything inc benefits when they have loads of money but they want more so the little people have to go without the basics. Only Another 4 years to go!
    Just for his record we didn’t all have Grandparents who had a extra room that were willing to help us bring our children up …The benefits system must have been better for him and his family at that time.

  20. paultheswineherd
  21. Santa Hates You

    Don’t hold your breath for any ease up in the cuts to the benefits system anytime soon. The Tory stranglehold of the support for the poor will continue until Cameron and his Nazi murder squad are kicked out of government. However, even then they will only take up a directorship of a private company or retire to the Lords for their £300 quid a day handout.

    These Tory bastards have no compunction but hurt those they feel are below them. Without any doubt, Cameron, Osborne and Crabb will continue to put the boot in where Duncan-Smith left off.

    I’m totally sick to death of these Tory cunts who lie to the public again and again like the truth is going out of fashion.

    Examples of Tory government doublespeak:

    ‘We have to make tough decisions to balance the books.’ (What they really mean – We will take money from the poorest and give it to the rich).

    ‘Let’s be clear about our polices.’ (What they really mean – let’s make up a load of lies because the general public are morons anyway).

    ‘Let’s help hardworking families.’ (What they really mean – Let’s divide and rule as it’s easier to fuckup anyone who is disabled or poor).

  22. Santa Hates You

    Santa wrote yet another strong letter to the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb. In it he mentioned yet again evidence of state controlled violence and murder against benefit claimants, including the evil discrimination against disabled people who cannot fight back due to their health conditions.

    No doubt Crabb and his team of worthless DWP cunts will shred Santa’s letters as they arrive just like Iain Duncan Smith did when he was DWP minister. However, to Santa’s surprise, a letter was received once from the Tories threatening to mail back all his letters sent to a government minister. Apparently Santa’s letters were not in line with communication protocols set out by the government and therefore he was to desist from all further written communications with government ministers/departments.

    So much for free fucking speech. But Santa does not listen to any governments, especially Tory scum ones who actively have murdered thousands of poor and sick people whilst committing to spending billions of pounds on upgrading nuclear weapons of mass destruction. So he will keep on sending letters just to keep reminding the Tories of their evil crimes against humanity.

    JV – IDS was a Nazi bastard and proud of it, whereas Crabb will no doubt pretend to be different as your article states – a working class hero made good if you will. Santa hopes that no one will be fooled by this Tory bullshit propaganda as Crabb will ultimately show his true spiteful Nazi colours against claimants pretty damn soon.

  23. Ks if it all looking you so much than maybe you should re train get yourself a real world universal skill ,carpenter,bricklayer,roofer,plumber,barber,it specialist ….and get out there your young why are you staying here in this country theres a whole world to enjoy ….why stay if its killing you …..get out there be like most working class boys with lead in there pencils and get out there …out into the world ….your young…..

  24. NoOppression

    Where is Slave Labour under ” Anti Austerity ” but Pro EU Jeremy Corbyn
    to Oppose it ? …….Nowhere to be seen or Heard just like so called
    ” Anti Austerity ” organisations .

    There is a Need For Genuine Alternative and Representation Not just
    a Pretend Opposition like Slave Labour under Previous Leader of the
    Opposition during the Con Dem Days

  25. Crabb is a another, typical, heartless, tory scumbag who will think nothing on crapping on their own family just for the sheer enjoyment of it, proves what cruel bastards they all are!

  26. Jennifer smith

    I think it’s a disgrace these are vulnerable people …….there must be a way to stop them

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  28. How do you come from an estate and watch your mother struggle as single parents, and grow up to be a Tory Muppet. I mean how does that even happen.

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