Sell! Sell! Sell! Join The Fuck Parade And Let’s Burst The London Housing Bubble


London is currently a giant building site.  Wherever you go new developments, in identikit glass and steel, snake up towards the skies, blotting the light, and the life, out of the capital.

Nobody normal can afford to live in these so-called luxury apartments – so-called because they are being built on the cheap as quickly as possible.  You wouldn’t know that from the price however – even modest flats in the poshest postcodes can cost a million pounds or more.  According to the Financial Times there are around 50,000 properties planned or under construction in this price range as every last brick in the city is turned into an investment opportunity.  The losses to the capital’s history and culture are incalcuable.  The end of Tin Pan Alley, once the heart of London’s music industry.  The destruction of Soho’s gay scene.  Half of Camden Market flogged off to a dodgy developer to build high price flats.  London’s skyline damaged beyind repair.  And, most tragically of all, the mass social cleansing of every working class area of London. Pubs, markets, community centres and libraries all gone to make way for the global super rich.  If you are on a low or even moderate income, and stuck in the cut-throat private sector, then you’ve probably left already.  If you are in social housing, hold tight, they are coming for the council estates as well.

But there are signs that the feeding frenzy is coming to an end.  There may well be 50,000 high value properties on the way, but as the FT also points out, just 3,900 homes costing more than £1m were sold in central London in 2014.  The villains at Foxton’s have recently announced falling profits whilst financial experts are warning openly of a crash.  And the Office for National Statistics recently revised how house price statistics are calculated which resulted in a shock fall in London’s prices between January and February this year.

Now is the time to send a message to every pampered hipster, spiv banker, property developer and global billionaire that we do not want you in our fucking city.  Let’s crash their party and their market.  Rage against horrifying inequality in the capital grows ever fiercer and it is the rich who are becoming the targets.  There have always been consequences when the decadence of the upper classes becomes too visible or obscene, and there is an obscenity taking place in London right now.  It’s time to make them feel unwelcome.  To let them be the frightened ones for a change.  To take the class war to their fucking front doors just like they have done to us.  The battle of the capital is just getting started.  Don’t be late.

The fourth London Fuck Parade will take place on May 1st.  This boisterous anti-gentrification street party made headlines around the world last time.  The parade starts at One Commercial Street, Aldgate East, London E1 7PT at 6pm.  For the latest news visit the website at:

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  2. Not sure of current situation, but 3-4 weeks ago the housing bubble situation was said to have been within a couple of weeks of being under the pressure which existed when it blew sky high in 2008. Let’s get a stick and give it a helping hand

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Afternoon summary

    Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has made a last-minute bid to junior doctors to call off tomorrow’s strike. He said that withdrawing labour from emergency cover would amount to “crossing the Rubicon” and he hinted that the government could outlaw strike action of this kind in the future. In a statement to MPs Hunt also said that the new contract for junior doctors offered them more premium pay for working on Saturday than almost anyone else in the private or public sector gets. He said:

    I wish to appeal directly to all junior doctors not to withdraw emergency cover which creates particular risks for A&Es, maternity units and intensive care units. I understand the frustration many junior doctors feel that because of pressures on the NHS frontline they are not always able to give patients the highest quality of care that they would like to. I understand that some doctors may disagree with the government over our seven-day NHS plans and particularly the introduction of a new contract. I also understand that doctors work incredibly hard, including at weekends, and that strong feelings exist on the single remaining disagreement of substance, Saturday premium pay. But the new contract offers junior doctors who work frequently at weekends more Saturday premium pay than nurses, paramedics and the assistants who work in their own operating theatres, more than police officers, more than firefighters, and nearly every other worker in the public and private sectors.




    • Rightwing Tory Troll

      We haven’t gone, Geoffrey. It’s just that unlike you some of us have other things to do, like work, pay taxes, sleep, etc. But to semi quote that wicked old Fenian bastard, Gerry Adams, “We haven’t gone away, you know.”
      Us rightwing Tory trolls will always be around, bringing justice wherever it’s needed and, highlighting the evils of indolence.
      We’ll never go away, Geoffrey. Never.
      Rightwing Tory Troll.

  5. VOTE OUT.
    That will really upset them.

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Seems I`ve been off topic on the NHS.

  7. paultheswineherd

    (Stepping – I will try to put one on now re the NHS)!
    Yes, this is the most likely reason for Jeremy Cunt’s beligerance – after all, he does have strong ‘financial’ links to ‘private healthcare companies’!

    • paultheswineherd

      There desperately needs to be the proper setting up of a completely independent ‘overseer’ organisation to be ‘above’ the Government of the day. This organisation should have ‘teeth’ to be able to intervene and if needs be, completely veto Government decisions that are undemocratic or illegal or detrimental to it’s peoples etc.
      Similar to an ‘ombudsman’ this could counter the corruption/extreme ‘power’ and sometimes possible illegality that goes with some Government policies/decisions/plans etc,etc.

    • paultheswineherd

      The very last thing that Britain needs is a ‘Private NHS’.
      This would effectively mean the end of treatment for those in need.
      No health insurance – no healthcare for you!
      No credit card – no healthcare for you!
      ‘Cameroncare’ (the equivalent of ‘Obamacare’) – only healthcare for the rich or wealthy people. The NHS and its (willing) staff would soon be sold to private healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies, including huge multinationals. Hundreds of M.P.’s/Government Ministers would buy into it all and become Company Directors, CEO’s and Company consultants (at vast and huge cost)
      Companies such as Maximus, ATOS (Healthcare)! Capita, G4S etc would be quids in – they already have their foot in the door and they would be given the lions share of any ‘Contracts’ at huge and vast cost.
      The poor, as usual would lose out and many would probably die over time as a result of these terrible changes.

      • Doctors and the Medics

        “only healthcare for the rich or wealthy people” It already is the case and always has been. The NHS is a load of crap and always has been. Doctors being paid £92,000 a year a fob you off. And that is all these greedy lazy bastards do – fob you off until you keel over from a heart attack, kidney disease or the cancer gets you. Many sick and ill people are forced to go private, often through loans/remortgaging, to get life-saving treatment they they so desperately need and which the horseshit NHS refuse to provide.

        And those JUNIOR doctors are nowt but lazy, greedy bastards. Nowt to do with ‘patient safety’ – all to do with MONEY!

        • And if you’re a woman, refusing to undergo the outdated and unreliable invasive smear test, or you refuse to blast your boobs with cancer causing radiation by having mammography, you can also be told no healthcare /inhalers / antidepressants until you’ve screened!!

          • Fuck Off Conspiracy Idiots!

            That is an absolute lie katrehman. If it’s your choice not to go for screening, then that is your choice. No one is going to bother chasing you to “make” you undergo screening. The NHS will treat you whether or not you undergo screening. No one in the NHS is legally allowed to withhold treatment for someone who has refused voluntary screening.

            Why post something that is only designed to terrorise women? If you don’t want to go for screening, fine. Other people may wish to undergo screening.

            Also, where’s your evidence about mammography causing cancer? Come on kat, some real evidence, where is it?

            What do you say to those who undertook screening and cancer was found when it was still treatable?

            • Smashwords. Free download. Revealed the truth about smear tests they don’t want you to know. Accounts and research from many different countries agreeing with what I say and having experience of what I said I’m not a liar

        • Smashwords free download the truth about smear tests they don’t want you to know about. Accounts and research from all over the world stating the same thing and as I’ve experienced the pressure I’m not a,liar. Research false positive and false negative and cancer research own statistics saying you’re 0.65% likely to develop cervical cancer in your lifetime. I’m happy to live with that risk. What others do is up to them

          • Fuck Off Conspiracy Idiots!

            Ok Kat, you carry on believing evidence free, conspiracy theory based guff from mass produced, click bait websites that do nothing but ensure that women stay ignorant. Avoid all the screenings you can and when you get cancer, you can refuse all the treatments too.

            Everyone in the graveyard thought they were an indispensable hero too.

            • What about going for screening, getting a false positive results, having life changing surgery and toxic chemo for nothing??? Read the NHS breast screening pages, it admits,itself it can’t predict which tumour is benign so they treat everything. It admits women get treatment they don’t need!!

              • Fuck Off Conspiracy Idiots!

                You are speaking about Ductal Carcinoma In Situ I believe, which is one of over 200 types of cancer a human body can get. The extreme treatment meted out for DCIS is precautionary for a reason. Sometimes DCIS spreads fast and far. Sometimes it doesn’t. When a cancer uses the lymph system highway to travel around your body, it will end up in organs that you can’t do without. At present science does not yet know how to predict which DCIS will metastasise or not. DCIS is tricky, hence the polarity of extreme forms of treatment (surgery, chemo, rads) to regular surveillance via mammography.

                They can pretty much tell which of the other types of cancer are malignant and will spread. Biopsy, and exposing samples to gene expression testing are just one way scientists can tell exactly what type of cancer you have and what it is likely to do.

                The word “likely” is important. Some people can survive unscathed with a malignant cancer that just isn’t spreading, some don’t. Cancer is very unpredictable. Cancer is often spoken about by people who are relying on their fear & anecdote only to form an opinion, rather than look at the reality.

                Cancer is used as the ultimate tool to virtue signal, to judge, to cause people who have it and those who have survived it yet more grief. It’s not so much the cancer that causes the grief, but the mindless, clickbait bullshit spouted by conspiracy theorist, fear mongers.

                Kat, you aren’t doing anyone any favours, not people who are worried about screening, those with cancer, nor those without it will benefit from clickbait type comments that might appear more apt in the Daily Mail, not here.

                It isn’t just one disease, it is many, if you had an identical twin, you might both get cancer. You and your twin might have the same “type” of cancer but it may present in myriad variable ways in both of you. You would both have different regimes of treatment and you would both respond in different ways.

                Ask any oncologist.

  8. Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals? YES 😀
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice? YES 😀
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms? YES 😀
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants? YES 😀
    Do you think bailiffs act honestly when evicting homeowners? YES 😀
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children? YES 😀
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare? YES 😀
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services? YES 😀
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health? YES 😀
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous? YES 😀
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us? YES 😀
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ? YES 😀
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security? YES 😀
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line? YES 😀

    • If you have been reading and watching the complicit media most of your life, you have probably been brainwashed (mind controlled) into believing the list above !!! 😃

      • If you listen to the politically correct alternative media, you will know that most of them are exponents of the above phoney services, or have parents who are.


    More than £25m was paid out from BHS to its owner, Retail Acquisitions, in the 13 months between the department store’s sale and its collapse into administration, the Guardian has learned.

    Almost 11,000 jobs are at risk after BHS called in administrators on Monday, the UK’s biggest high street failure since the collapse of Woolworths in 2008.

    Retail Acquisitions and billionaire tycoon Sir Philip Green, the former owner of BHS, now face serious questions over their role in the 88-year-old company’s downfall.

    MPs called for the government to launch an inquiry into the collapse of BHS, with Green’s handling of the retailer labelled as the “unacceptable face of capitalism”.
    Analysis Dominic Chappell and the BHS takeover that alarmed retail watchers
    Former racing driver had no experience of retailing when he took over BHS, and given its struggles, his doubters will say they were right
    Read more

    BHS has been left with a pension deficit of £571m, despite Green and his family collecting £586m in dividends, rental payments and interest on loans during their 15-year ownership of the retailer.

    The Pensions Regulator has confirmed that it is investigating BHS, suggesting that it is considering whether to force Green to contribute to the pension scheme. The state-backed Pension Protection Fund is already in talks to bail out the pension scheme, although this will lead to members under the age of 60 suffering a cut to their benefits of at least 10%.


    A £100m floating gin palace and the pension scandal that could scupper Sir Topshop: Philip Green faces calls to be stripped of his knighthood as he buys another yacht… while BHS teeters on brink of bankruptcy

    Tycoon Philip Green has bought his third luxury yacht, named Lionheart
    It couldn’t come at a worse time for BHS workers facing pension disaster
    If BHS goes bankrupt it won’t meet pension commitments to 20,000 people
    Scandal has led to calls for Sir Green’s knighthood to be stripped from him
    MP Frank Field says Government should focus effort to ‘make him pay up’



    A charity support worker fears people could die as a result of the way they are assessed for benefits.

    The concerned staff member from Scottish Veteran Support claims a long-standing agreement with GPs to provide letters for housebound unemployed people has been altered.

    The man, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his clients, said he would often approach a doctor for proof people are too sick to leave the house when ordered to attend benefit assessment centres.

    The support worker said: “There are three assessment centres in Dundee and we have had people without arms or legs, or with serious mental health issues receive letters telling them to go down to be assessed.

    “Some of them have been housebound for years and couldn’t go down if they tried. Until last week we got a letter from a GP to show how bad they are.

    “One of my clients is suicidal but she received a letter telling her she had to be assessed.

    “When I wrote to her GP service they said they have had a directive to say they can’t write letters anymore.

    “We’re cutting off a lifeline to the most vulnerable people in society.

    “People could die.”

    The guidance was issued by Tayside Local Medical Committee, a group which represents GPs across Tayside.

    A spokeswoman explained: “When patients are applying or appealing any form of benefits entitlement then the relevant government department may benefit from additional medical information.

    “This information may be from their GP.

    “Should this be the case then the relevant agency have established processes to seek this information directly from a patient’s GP.

    “Allowing this process to apply for all patients ensures a consistency and equity of assessment for all applicants.

    “It is therefore the advice of the Local Medical Committee, in line with others across Scotland, to advise practice not to provide letters on an ad-hoc basis to those patients requesting them as this risks inconsistency and opens the practice to accusations of discriminatory practice.”

    A spokesman for the Health Assessment Advisory Service, which arranges and carries out the assessments on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions, said their processes had not changed.

  11. Gary Carter

    They stopped my mobility help and I had not had a suicidal thought for 4 years until they stitched me up…. it did not matter what I told them all they heard was I could walk 50 Mtrs




    • Sherlock Holmes

      Are thaya really over five million bin lids in a cuntry of 60 million people!? And all living in poverty!? So ten percent of the Yuk is disabled and living in povertaaaaay? Is this a Comedaaaay!? Are you FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEEEE????
      I think you are mental and should be on ESA and PIP. Someone as mental as you needs it.

  13. no-one will take you seriously if you call it the f*** parade.
    AN ISLAMIC State recruiter is offering would-be jihadists $200 (£140) to kill David Cameron, can reveal.

  14. The coming Fuck Parade is our chance to get back to making proper sacrifices…

  15. It just gets worse, they will keep pushing till you all in the sea, the rich criminal cunts will not stop, but can only be stopped by the masses.
    The government and royalty need to be taken out if the people want any real change, this is the only way that things change, a purge of the land.

  16. Hillsborough Victims – Unlawfully killed

    Disabled people – Unlawfully killed – about time we took all of the bastards responsible to court isn’t it?????

  17. Hillsborough is an Outrage

    Margaret Thatcher Evil Witch and Tyrant

  18. The State of The Country is a State of Chaos something which Aids Tyranny like the Townie Trance

  19. This Country cannot Rely upon an Unwritten ” Constitution ” and EU
    ” Human Rights ” that Allow Homelessness and Poverty

    The Country Need’s a Written British Constitution that Upholds Political
    and Religious Freedom of Speech and A Place of Residence for
    Decent People as a Basic Human Right

    The Divide and Rule of the Party Political System Pantomime has been

  20. Young Man Has Benefits Sanctioned ‘For Being Unshaven’ – Twitter Responds.

    Also on Welfare weekly.
    Welfare Reform ‘Still Causing Misery For Thousands Of Sick And Disabled People’
    Tens of thousands of sick and disabled people are struggling to cope with changes to disability benefits, say Citizens Advice.

    Well it’s obvious isn’t it. to millions.

    • Welfare Weekly – another bunch of dicks who host their site on that fucking N(Spider)A controlled evil ‘Cloudfare’ shite.

    • Reed in Partnership (with the Devil) were always trying this on: ‘raising doubts’ against guys for not shaving, girls having ear-rings, tattoos, hair length/style, all sorts of shit…

    • Abdur Raheem Green

      As some religions (Muslims included), creeds and cultures require men to be unshaven, to discriminate against beards would be indirect racial or ethnic discrimination – WHICH IS ILLEGAL. Anyone of any ethnic background can be a disciple of Islam. This young man should inform the DWP that he is a Muslim and sue the scum DWP for racial discrimination.

    • Absolutely ridiculous! Just look at how many unshaven/bearded/designer stubble cockroaches infest the jobcentre. This guy should definitely Appeal this shit!!

  21. Marc Cunningham

    It’s about time the people of this country grew a brain, a voice and spine and stand up to the bully boys and girls of our system, it’s long overdue for a change!

  22. Why I will be Voting to Leave the European Union upon the 23rd of
    June 2016

    TTIP is a Neo Liberal Assault which Needs to be Stopped by
    British Freedom from the Corrupt European Union

    paultheswineherd | April 25, 2016 at 10:18 pm | Reply

    The very last thing that Britain needs is a ‘Private NHS’.
    This would effectively mean the end of treatment for those in need.
    No health insurance – no healthcare for you!
    No credit card – no healthcare for you!
    ‘Cameroncare’ (the equivalent of ‘Obamacare’) – only healthcare for the rich or wealthy people. The NHS and its (willing) staff would soon be sold to private healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies, including huge multinationals. Hundreds of M.P.’s/Government Ministers would buy into it all and become Company Directors, CEO’s and Company consultants (at vast and huge cost)
    Companies such as Maximus, ATOS (Healthcare)! Capita, G4S etc would be quids in – they already have their foot in the door and they would be given the lions share of any ‘Contracts’ at huge and vast cost.
    The poor, as usual would lose out and many would probably die over time as a result of these terrible changes.

  23. The forces at work in our country today are the same forces that brought about the Hillsborough injustice. Cameron just can’t stay out of the news in ‘delivering’ the Hillsborough verdict. Cameron the hypocrit and murderer in chief of disabled people

    • Santa Hates You

      Jeremy – Totally agree – Cameron and his supporters are complete and utter hypocrites who will always hide the truth when it suits, but when exposed automatically go into expressions of ‘remorse for the victims and how great our emergency services are’ mode. All this fake caring makes me want to vomit.

      The only honest MP we have in this country is Dennis Skinner and he gets booted out of parliament for telling the truth. Says it all really.

  24. Property laying Empty like office buildings could be put to Usage For
    Housing by Local Councils

    Equally they could purchase empty Mansions which are boarded up
    to House the Homeless and the Poor

  25. That first payment was 7 weeks.

    All Scottish jobcentres now offer Universal Credit.

    • Those on Universal Credit are significantly more likely to find employment than those on Jobseeker’s Allowance and for the first time ever, support is being offered to claimants to progress in their careers and increase their earnings. lol 😀

  26. Consent? zilch

    The Great Frontier: Unleashing a new wave of growth and trust in the digital economy with a new EU Data Protection Regulation.

    The Government is preparing for implementation of the EU Regulation .


    The DWP have murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent people and now the evil bastard, Jeremy Hunt, is prepared to kill a few thousand more………….

    Hunt is as much interested in the health service and patient care as the man in the moon.

    The opinion of a fool is accepted over the concensus of opinion of the most talented army of doctors and nurses that place patient safety above a marketing strategy to hive off the NHS to parasitic Health insurance privateers.

    Hunt the Cunt is willing to sacrifice the lives of millions to meet the demands of the lobbyists that cross parliamentarians palms with silver.
    Corporate greed is this sick and twisted reprobates anchor, your deaths a gamble this shithouse is willing to take………………..

    We are not a democracy any more, the tories hell bent on going against everything ethically and morally right. The judiciary, hand picked bully boys that feed on the misery of those they are instructed to shaft. Prats in powdered wigs that abuse kids and are a million miles from those they pass sentence……………..

    Alas, the worm is turning….

    Retribution is a wonderful thing. Imagine answering the door to someone brandishing a double barelled shotgun gagging for the chance to square the circle.

    That chance is looking more and more attainable as public opinion recognises the state funded assassins that are the puppets of the multinationals.

    “The Conservative government is falling apart at the seams, the rot is a cancer that they cannot control”

    • …………..and the masonic handshakes of those that pervert the course of law to protect their own twisted agendas………….

  28. “Elizabeth Tower”


    The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster – known to millions by the name of the bell it houses, Big Ben – is to be renamed in honour of the Queen for her diamond jubilee, it was announced on Monday, following a campaign by MPs.26 Jun 2012





    • Parliamentary Historian

      It used to be called St Stephen’s Tower, was known as that since it was built a couple of hundred years ago. But a couple of years ago someone(s) in their infinite wisdom decided to rename it to Lizzie’s (Elizabeths’) Tower. They do that quite a lot especially with hospitals, rename them to Lizzie’s Hospital, etc.

      • It was built in the mid 1800s. Think it was 1858. There was no tower there before that. It was called St. Stephen’s Tower originally, because the Parliament was held in the old Westminster Palace chapel, dedicated to St.Stephen. . One of the reasons the MPs face each other, is they used the choir stalls at first. Then it burned down in the 1830s (1834), but they kept the old chapel lay out for the debating chamber. Not sure if the chapel below, which was the crypt is the restored original or a completely new, as of 1850s new, recreation.
        As to cost of 29 millions. That would never have been so high, nor would the total cost of restoring Parliament building be so high, had previous Governments bothered to maintain the whole thing properly.
        It is not a great amount of money in the grand scheme of things, but while the Government is taking money from the poorest in the land, and cutting back everywhere, the fact they can just magic up this money, clearly shows there is no such thing as “Austerity” in reality, but it is nothing more than a political ruse by the New Nazis to destroy the Social Security system, the NHS, and the public school system run by the councils.

  29. paultheswineherd

    Geoff – You’ve really hit the nail on the head with your last few posts.
    Jeremy Cunt has got a fight on his hands now – he must not be allowed to win. And just to confirm what a mess the Tories are really in (with no thanks to Sky News or the BBC for letting us all know!) just look at this:


      Jeremy Hunt co-authored a policy pamphlet that called for the NHS to be replaced by an insurance system.

      The 2005 policy book, called Direct Democracy: An Agenda For A New Model Party, was a collection of writings authored by a group of Tory MPs.

      Amongst other ideas, the book contained a blueprint for replacing the NHS with an insurance market system – and called for the private sector to be brought in.

      Public overwhelmingly blame Jeremy Hunt for junior doctors’ strike

      The Health Secretary is listed as one of the authors, though he has previously denied that he wrote the chapter on the NHS and says it does not reflect his views.

      The book was presented as a whole and chapters are not marked with individual authors, however.

      “We should fund patients, either through the tax system or by way of universal insurance, to purchase health care from the provider of their choice,” the book says on page 74.

      It adds on page 78: “Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect denationalising the provision of health care in Britain.”

      Put together by Douglas Carswell, the book’s authors also included Tory MPs Michael Gove, Daniel Hannan, Greg Clark, David Gauke, and Kwasi Kwarteng.

      The pamphlet briefly shot to fame in 2012, when Mr Hunt’s appointment as Health Secretary prompted Labour to highlight the book’s contents.

  30. The PIP consultation is not a medical assessment requiring the assessor to diagnose a condition
    or its severity and recommend treatment options. Instead it requires the assessor to look at the
    impact of conditions and impairments on a claimants’ daily life.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number above.

    Yours sincerely , The Disability killers of Whitehall

  31. Absolutely ridiculous! Just look at how many unshaven/bearded/designer stubble cockroaches infest the jobcentre. This guy should definitely Appeal this shit!

  32. It was the fans wot done it: Read all about it in your super soar-away Scum!!

    Hillsborough ‘justice’ hailed, but not on Sun’s front page

    • The Liverbirds

      From the Metro: “The cover-up strategy led to the Sun’s notorious story – headlined The Truth – which only claimed fans stole from the dead and urinated on corpses”.

      And to this day not ONE SINGLE COPY of that filthy rag has been sold in Liverpool!

    • The Liverbirds

      From the Metro: “The cover-up strategy led to the Sun’s notorious story – headlined The Truth – which wrongly claimed fans stole from the dead and urinated on corpses”.

      And to this day not ONE SINGLE COPY of that filthy rag has been sold in Liverpool!

  33. Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward)

    The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul… [as the flames grow higher in the funeral pyre] :devil: :devil:

  34. Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward)

    Come, it’s time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man 👿 :evil:The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul… [as the flames grow higher in the funeral pyre] 👿 👿

    • So, it seems like Boris has been vindicated 😀 It has been a long 27 years but Boris is a man without shame 😀

    • What a sorry state of affairs when it has taken 27 YEARS for the cops to admit what we knew along that they were lying bastards and to confirm what we knew all along that the Scum is full of shite.

  35. Margaret Thatcher Hillsborough Outrage

  36. Came Across a Margaret Thatcher The Downing Years Read by
    Margaret Thatcher Cassette Tape Set .

    Thinking of the Evil Tyranny of Margaret Thatcher I Stomped on it
    and will in due course Break the Cassette Tapes Up

    Margaret Thatcher should Not be Glorified but Remembered for the
    Damage done to this Country with Her ” There is No Such Thing as
    Society ” Mentality of the Worse than Blind the Oblivious

  37. Boycott that Tabloid

    Hillsborough | April 27, 2016 at 1:03 pm | Reply

    What a sorry state of affairs when it has taken 27 YEARS for the cops to admit what we knew along that they were lying bastards and to confirm what we knew all along that the Scum is full of shite.

  38. Well Done to Liverpool . More Sense in Liverpool than in South
    East England Scum East Evilland where too many Blockheads
    but that Tabloid

    The Liverbirds | April 27, 2016 at 9:07 am | Reply

    From the Metro: “The cover-up strategy led to the Sun’s notorious story – headlined The Truth – which only claimed fans stole from the dead and urinated on corpses”.

    And to this day not ONE SINGLE COPY of that filthy rag has been sold in Liverpool!

  39. The Country Needs to Look for Direction and Leadership beyond the
    Pathetic Slave Labour Party even under the Alleged ” Anti Austerity ”
    Leader of the ” Opposition ” Jeremy Corby committed to the
    Establishment Union EU.

    The Country Need’s a Political; Revolution which will be like a
    Breath of Fresh Air and this cannot come about through the
    Same old Arseholes getting Voted back in Time and Time Again

    If they Do Not Listen then Look Elsewhere

  40. Councillors that Voted For Council Tax Hikes and have Not Repented
    Need to be Voted Out

    Better Independent Councillors than Party Line Austerity Hacks

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory Chatbox No Oppression is confused !!!

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So No Oppression is a Teresa May chatbot.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Stop quoting people to misrepresent them with Oppression.

  44. I Oppose Thatcherism …..Stepping

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | April 27, 2016 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    The Tory Chatbox No Oppression is confused !!!

  45. All of the Tape Out of One Margaret Thatcher Cassette Tape and
    proceeding with the other Cassette Tape .

    Hopefully both will be Broken Up before Today Ends

    I Hope Thatcherism is Politically Binned as Well

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Today is 1979 !!!

  47. John Major was Not the Best Prime Minister

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | April 27, 2016 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    So was John Major & he`s a Tory.

    Confused Tory Chatbot !!!

  48. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    In Tory Chatbot world

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The UK is a Rogue state of Human Rights !!!

  50. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Automated Reply

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Chatbot Rules !!

  52. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Torychats don`t work at weekends !!!

  53. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tory Chatbots don`t work & don`t work on weekends.

  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tory Chatbots technical breakdown !!!

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So that`s the brain of Teresa May !!!

  57. A Peaceful Triumph of Common Sense and Compassion for the Poor

    Marc Cunningham | April 26, 2016 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    It’s about time the people of this country grew a brain, a voice and spine and stand up to the bully boys and girls of our system, it’s long overdue for a change!

  58. Britain Will Go to the Dogs if Callaghan WIns the General Election

  59. Margaret Thatcher Must Receive Our Full Support in the Falklands War

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory Chat Bot stuck in 1979 & 1982. Keep up to date. Didn`t some one tell the Tory Chat Bot that Margaret Thatcher is dead !!!

  61. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Winston Churchill is up for the 2016 London Mayoral Election.

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory Poll Tax.

  63. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Callaghan WIns the General Election 2020.

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    No Oppression Votes For Tory Chat Bots.

    Quote me.

  66. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories Genocide against the disabled.

  67. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    60% of Social Networking is run by Chatbots. I have 50 chatbot friends.

  68. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How about the 1st World War !!!

  69. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  70. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    When picking potatoes.

  71. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Oh no am I really the Tory Chat Bot. Let the chatbot tell you that.

  72. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  73. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    No one coes on here anymore because of 1 Tory chatbot called No Oppression.

  74. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory chat has stopped people talking – Job Done. JV your site is being fucked up by the crap & of course I get the blame.


  75. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  76. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    TORY HQ FUCK UP !!!!

  77. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Back in the middle ages the Tories . . . .

  78. I do Care and Give a S….. about the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable Stepping

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | April 27, 2016 at 5:09 pm | Reply


  79. Austerity ….It is Appalling Indeed

    Marie | April 26, 2016 at 5:40 pm | Reply

    Austerity for the peasants while the political scum get their clock fixed for £29,000,000.

    F*cking unbelievable, you couldn’t make this shit up could you. A crappy old clock comes before people!!!

    • Thanks for putting my comment up again noop 😘

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Thanks NOOP what would we do without you quoting us !!! We would be lost !!!

    • £29,000,000. would pay for proper full-time jobs to be created, and not this part-time less than 16 hours per week nonsense; more hospitals, better education and better public resources through local councils such as re-instating weekly bin rounds.

      All I hope is that if that over-sized alarm clock ever falls down one day, it happens to fall on all the greedy politicians and kills them all in one go. We won’t miss any of those greedy pigs stuffing their houses with expensive gifts and furniture or them stuffing their faces with grouse whilst the rest of us starve, become homeless or have to eat food from waste skips at the back of the supermarkets because we lost our jobs and cannot even afford to buy the cheapest food left on the supermarket shelves as the best before date was last year.

  80. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Thanks again for misquoting people.

  81. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Workfare coercion in the UK: an assault on persons with disabilities and their human rights
    Anne-Laure Donskoy_Survivor researcher, UK

    9 Page PDF

    Click to access ALDONSKOY-Workfare-coercion-in-the-UK_AL-Donskoy2.pdf

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “”””While there is a lot of focus on coercion organised and implemented in psychiatry, less attention is being paid to state engineered welfare measures based on libertarian paternalism1, which have coercive practices at their core. Among them are policies that strongly support behavioural change using positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. Freidli and Stearn (2015)2 call this “psychocompulsion”. These policies and measures are increasingly used to ambush and coerce persons with disabilities and the long term sick into adopting new ways of being and living conditions under the constant threat of sanctions. They have driven many to attempt to their lives. This paper builds on the work of Friedli and Stearn3 as an attempt to highlight current coercive welfare policies, including forcing ‘therapy’ on individuals, as human rights violation of the CRPD.”””


    Dear Caroline Richardson,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 25 March 2016.
    You asked:

    “On 23rd March 2016 the Prime Minister, David Cameron stated that this Government
    has “seen 293,000 more disabled people into work in the past two years”
    (Full quote below);

    (Citation: HC Deb, 23 March 2016, c1571)

    ………………………….GUESS WHAT?




      …………….Strange how they put up their defences when challenged over issues that are in clear breach of Human Rights and Equality laws.

      Would you really expect anything different from a bunch of crazed killers kowtowing to bribed ministers fostering the views of multinational private health industries?

      Watch the body count. obituary columns tell the truth……………

  83. “it took more than twenty days for the dwp department of fiction to answer why shrinks are permitted to do work capability assessments”

    The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) carried out is different to the more usual type of
    medical examination in which the Medical Clinician’s aim is to make a diagnosis and decide on
    appropriate treatment. The WCA aims to identify a person’s capability for work. A GP or
    Specialist is not usually trained in disability assessment medicine and therefore will often not
    have specific experience in assessing the disabling effects of medical conditions and the way in
    which a claimant’s illness or disability affects them in carrying out of a range of everyday work-
    related activities. As well as this difference in emphasis within the assessment process, the
    Healthcare Professional (HCP) will, when giving an opinion, be aware of the law relating to
    benefit entitlement. A Specialist on the other hand is less likely to be familiar with Social Security

    “Thats right, a shrink can decide upon a claimants appropriate treatment”


  84. The shrinks are the psychopaths, so too are their accomplices the so called nurses – evil most of them.

  85. When there has been Years of Cuts to Local Public Services and Streets
    festooned with Broken Glass Litter and Dog’s Excrement , Council Tax
    Hikes are essentially Thievery

    I would of Thought People would be Out Demonstrating in Rage instead
    of being like Sleepwalking Zombies

    Hands Off The Poor

    Liverpool Council in the 1980’s had more Spirit and Worth than
    Austerity Collaborator Councils of Today

  86. The Country does Need Revolutionary Political Improvement

    This Involves People Caring about the State of Public Services with a
    Policy of No Austerity Defend the Welfare State and Not being the

  87. I questioned a council worker on the phone about council tax being charged to those on benefits, I asked why did he not oppose the government given the fact that a labour council were elected, he said because he would be out of a job then.
    Wimps hiding behind desks, but carrying out orders buy bullying and robbing benefit claimants.

  88. Those Thatcher Tapes had the tape pulled out of Them……..I Hope May the
    1st does Not become Margaret Thatcher Day

  89. Should homeless people be given tents?

    Cheap, easy-to-assemble tents are being used to shelter those on the streets, with some charities and campaign groups encouraging donations. But in some places, authorities are clamping down on homeless camps.

    “Loads of people on the streets swear by tents,” says Steve, 27, who has been a rough sleeper since the age of 14. “I mean, they give you a bit of extra warmth, so it’s a lot easier to stay out in the open than it is if you’re just using a sleeping bag.”

    The average age of death for a rough sleeper in England is just 47. Bad weather and fear of attack make life difficult and uncertain.

    • Is that the best the potty government can encourage and provide the homeless with? fecking tents? No mention of basic sanitation facilities such as toilets, baths, showers, clean water also provided. Or do they expect the homeless to drink water from the fountain outside Buckingham Palace and use the drains as a public toilet? Welcome to third-world Britain 2016.

      Plenty of empty bedrooms in the wrinky gan-gan’s house, plus access to proper sanitation and proper food and water. The old royal wrinkly could have the homeless join her each time she lays on a party for visiting presidents and prime ministers.

      • A tent is OK for a couple of days max if you are out camping in the wilds. But you get filthy pretty quickly. You need a shower/bath good clean up as soon as you get home.

        • You can always use one of the spare bathrooms in gan-gan’s palace. She doesn’t need more than one royal potty to squat on, nor more than one diamond encrusted bath to wallow in.

  90. What the law says

    Under the law, English councils only have to rehouse people faced with losing their homes who are judged to be “priority” cases. Single homeless, healthy adults without children and who are not pregnant or vulnerable tend not to fall into this category
    Rough sleepers are people who are living in places not designed for habitation – such as old cars, sheds or stairwells – and people sleeping, bedding down or about to bed down in the open air. This includes those who use tents, unless they’re part of “campsites or other sites used for recreational purposes or organised protest”

    Since December 2012, local authorities in Scotland have had a duty to secure settled accommodation for all eligible applicants who are unintentionally homeless

    In Wales local authorities have a duty to help prevent homelessness regardless of priority, and have to act within 56 days of the prospect of people losing their home

    • All homeless people – regardless of their gender, former work status, single or with families are all priority cases. English laws shown to be fucked up and not consistant with what Scotland or Wales are saying.

      I even know who the mystery married couple in the recent sex scandal court case is, but I am not able to freely mention their names anywhere in the street or online thanks to English law being an ass.

    • What’s this “Unintentionally Homeless” pish? Aw! that’s right! That means if you told the JCP to go and take a f–k to themselves; that you weren’t gonnae do workfare or go to their shite work programme, that means when your benefits get sanctioned you’re deemed to have made yourself “Intentionally Homeless”. In which case they say you’re out of luck. Whole system’s a farce.

      • Ex-Rough Sleeper

        Yup, “intentionally homeless” has a wide interpretation, something like, whilst you are a tenant we expect you to do all you can do to hold on to your tenancy, so if did lose your tenancy through DWP sanctions you would indeed be “intentionally homeless”. The inclusion of the phrase “intentionally homeless” makes the seeming protection afforded to the Scotch effectively worthless.

  91. Tried using the computer facilities for jobsearching at my joke shop the other day. That is, until the system constantly disconnected itself from the internet most of the time and lost the website more than once that I was using to make an online application, (so in the end I abandoned all ye hope of having to constantl re log-in and finish the application). And the few times the internet DID work, the system then crashed and lost the websites I was on again.

    How the fuck those lunatic fools at the DWP expect to provide basic internet at their knocking shops through an illegally modded version of Windows 7, BT dial-up and the cheapest as possible broadband deal with BT is totally beyond my comprehension. Fuck, I’m using Windows 10 at home and using fibre broadband. All that money awash in the DWP and they go for the cheapest, slowest, crappiest internet service going. It’s like me using chopsticks instead of a spoon to eat soup with.

    • Footnote I forgot to mention – JCP computers I found out by chance are heavily monitored and controlled remotely. Another instance of freedom and total privacy against the state removed from us without just cause and with blatant breach of the ECHR article 8. For all I know, my online usage at the JCP could also be tracked and recorded using keylogging software covertly installed on their public access systems…

      I prefer jobsearching on my own computer as I can tightly control how each search engine installed behaves and how much or little information about my personal online activity gets out into the ether.

    • What have the jobcentre being doing with Windows 7? You sure the jobcentre isn’t using a pirate copy? A lot of them are ‘home-brews’. Incidentally, it is ILLEGAL to modify a Windows operating system!

    • It is called ‘Remote Management’. The ‘administrators’ i.e. jobcentre staff and G$S can view what is on your screen and take control of your keyboard and mouse if they so wish. There will be some fat slob G$S guard out back watching what you are up to. Key-logging software is trivial, all monitoring packages monitor keystrokes. You have absolutely NO PRIVACY whilst using these prehistoric devices.

    • Also the jobcentre uses a kind of ‘messenger’. G$S and cock roaches can send each other messages. So if you see your cock roach typing it could be to G$S or or if you see them reading their monitor it could be a message popping up from G$S. Sneaky, eh 😉

  92. The system is made to be spied on.

  93. paultheswineherd

    Not too much from the ‘newspapers’ in the last few days, however there was this from The Guardian regarding poverty & destitution in Britain today.

  94. paultheswineherd

    And this from The Mirror today – if you’ve got a ‘lazy’ and/or ‘rogue’ landlord it is always possible to do a ‘little shaming online’!

  95. paultheswineherd

    The Scum may be in trouble – poor Rupert Murdoch (the bastard!)
    “Judge gives go ahead to phone-hacking damages claims against The Sun”

  96. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Man suffered heart attack as he fought to get back wrongly taken away benefits

    Camden New Journal – 28th April 2016

    A TENANTS’ champion was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack during a successful appeal against a government “back-to-work” order.

    Bob Millar, who lives in Kilburn, was challenging a “work capability assessment” (WCA) in March that had wrongly stripped him of his disability benefits last year when a fire alarm was triggered at the Fox Court tribunal building in Brook Street, Holborn.

    The 61-year-old – who sleeps with an oxygen mask and has had four heart attacks in the past year – collapsed trying to get out and was rushed to University College Hospital by paramedics. Doctors concluded that he had suffered severe palpitations.

    The case was adjourned and on Monday a judge and doctor ruled in his favour, reinstating his Employment Support Allowance (ESA) in full and ordering backdated payments.

    Mr Millar said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) “have put me through hell”.

    He added: “It has been horrendous. There was a time when I had nothing at all. It has been degrading and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

    “I had already had four heart attacks in the year before my assessment and I was telling them that when someone punched the fire alarm button. We were on the fourth floor and they won’t let you in the lift when there’s a fire alarm – so we had to go down the steps. I only made it to the second floor.”

    Mr Millar was vice-chairman of Hampstead District Management Committee and was a key player in the Camden Federation of Tenants.

    In 2015, he was assessed by a healthcare assistant working for the American firm Maximus – the contractor that has replaced Atos – in an office in Neasden.

    Mr Millar said: “The lady gave me a ‘nil point’ score, but today the judge has given me 15 points [the highest score] and said I should not be assessed for at least two years.

    “The whole experience has been degrading, because I don’t want to explain about my personal health details at a tribunal, to people I do not know. It made me feel so small.”

    The New Journal has seen the tribunal judgment which states Mr Millar has “significant ongoing issues” and had presented “extensive medical evidence” showing he was unable to work.

    Mr Millar was backed by Dorian Courtesi, of Camden Assembly of Tenants, and represented in court by the Z2K charity after he was unable to get a solicitor because of legal aid cuts.

    Mr Courtesi said: “I would say this is the government taking as many people off the ESA as part of Tories’ austerity policy of cuts. It is all about the bottom line and it is unfair and unjust.”

    A DWP spokesman said the WCA had been improved since it was run by Atos, and that it was now “fairer and more accurate”, adding: “If someone disagrees with a decision they can ask for it to be looked at again, and then appeal to an independent tribunal.”

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””A DWP spokesman said the WCA had been improved since it was run by Atos, “””

      Atos still do WCA`s for PIP. So your DWP statement is flawed.


        How the fuck was this man ever scored at zero? The person working for the state sub assassins, MAXIMUS, should be sued for their last penny, as should the DWP Decision Maker who was completely aware of the circumstances of the case.

        RICHARD MONTONI, the head of MAXIMUS, derives his income from stealing bonafide disability benefits from the most weak and vulnerable on instructions from the CONSERVATIVE leadership.

        Corporate thieves have no conscience, one dead person represents a rise in profit and a saving to the exchequer.

        Four heart attacks in the previous year and reliant on oxygen during the evening is damning proof that the TORIES are prepared to kill those that have no use to the state.

        • They Want You DEAD!!

          “Corporate thieves have no conscience, one dead person represents a rise in profit and a saving to the exchequer.

          Four heart attacks in the previous year and reliant on oxygen during the evening is damning proof that the TORIES are prepared to kill those that have no use to the state.” – Seems like you have finally woken up GEOFF. They want you DEAD!!

  97. The Couch Potatoes

    lol They even have a copper – Detective Constable Nigel Morton – falsely claiming disability benefits in the BBC cop drama Line Of Duty. As Dodgy DI ‘Dot’ Cotton said: “He will say anything to hold onto his pension”. DC Morton as even seen pushing a heavy lawnmower on the bowling green grounds at the end lol It was sad though that “no mourners attended” Lindsay Denton’s “Local Authority” funeral.

  98. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  99. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Statement on “Labour’s problem with antisemitism”

    From the Jewish Socialists’ Group

    28th April 2016

    The Jewish Socialists’ Group sees the current fearmongering about antisemitism in the Labour Party for what it is – a conscious and concerted effort by right-wing political forces to undermine the growing support among Jews and non-Jews alike for the Labour Party leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, and a measure of the desperation of his opponents.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      • The Conservative Party

      • Conservative-supporting media in Britain and pro-Zionist Israeli media sources

      • Right-wing and pro-Zionist elements claiming to speak on behalf of the Jewish community

      • Opponents of Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour party.

  100. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Charge Ken with racism or shut up you fucked up Murdoch Media.

    • paultheswineherd

      Stepping – Well said! The Murdoch media has so much to answer for in all ways. It is also an absolute disgrace that a 61 year old man should be dragged through a discredited system which is this WCA.
      I agree with Geoff – all of these people should be prosecuted for coming up with the ‘original decision’ which scored him zero points – its shameful.
      Also shameful is the whole saga of ‘Hillsborough’ with the truth (it was truthful at the time) and the Police and the whole of the ‘establishment’ has covered it all up, twisted it and made up complete lies (as did the ‘Media’ also). We need accountability and responsibility to be truly tackled now.
      I now come to ‘BBC Question Time’ tonight which is and has been, dealing with this particular issue. THEY(ON THE PANEL) HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR PROSECUTIONS AND FOR JUSTICE TO BE DONE.
      Just as ‘Hillsborough’ had ‘avoidable’ deaths – so has IDS/DWP/MAXIMUS/ATOS/CAPITA also (and now Crabb too) – where is the accountability and responsibility over these ‘avoidable’ deaths and suicides?
      If ‘Hillsborough’ has this ‘legal’ action taken forward – then so should IDS/DWP/MAXIMUS/ATOS/CAPITA desperately need to be taken to Court and prosecuted SO THAT JUSTICE CAN ALSO BE DONE FOR THESE VICTIMS OF THEIR POLICIES AND ACTIONS.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        I am half jewish & I find it so insulting & racist by everyone apart from Ken.
        Corbyn needs to reinstate Ken & put down the Tories for Corporate Manslaughty & Unlawful killings of Disabled people.

      • Campaign for Justice for DWP Victims (CJDWPV)

        We need a Nuremberg-style for these IDS/DWP/MAXIMUS/ATOS/CAPITA… cunts!

      • Campaign for Justice for DWP Victims (CJDWPV)

        We need a Nuremberg-style trial for these IDS/DWP/MAXIMUS/ATOS/CAPITA… cunts!

      • Lord Summerisle

        Even better, build a Wicker Man, throw all the bastards in and torch it.

      • Lord Summerisle

        👿 👿 Come, it is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man. 👿 👿

  101. paultheswineherd

    I also have a question: A number of weeks ago, a Judge ordered the DWP to release it’s figures of ‘deaths’. When are the DWP going to come up with these figures? (The Information Commissioner may not be able to help them to cover it all up for very much longer – hopefully!)

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Paul – For starters the 49 Benefits deaths are the next Hillsborough with many more deaths.

      • paultheswineherd

        Stepping – yes, that’s true – let’s hope that it does not take 27 years though – most of us will be pensioners, (or dead!) by then!
        Leveson or Chilcott will probably be put in charge – yes – it could take 27 years then!
        Also, Rupert Murdoch and his shit tabloid The Scum, should be prosecuted for all of the untruths that they have told over the years about Hillsborough and also all of the lies and twisted hateful mistruths that they have spread about the unemployed, the poor, the sick & the disabled.

    • The media have been instructed to downplay the deaths, the BBC ARE THE CHOSEN SANITIZERS OF CONSERVATIVE SLAYINGS……

      Yesterday the BBC tried to hide the doctors strike behind an article on child safety seats in cars.

      I hope the people of Hull give Dimbleby’s puppets a bit of stick tonight on Question Time.

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – Yes, I noticed that the BBC very conveniently never said anything about the junior doctor’s strike – no doubt the BBC are still supporting Jeremy Cunt instead!


    Envy of the DWP’s welfare mortality count was probably the basis of JEREMY HUNT’S ambition to claim his first teenage victim…………….

    One down and how many more to go?

    HUNT is without doubt the most despicable bastard in the tory government at the moment. His childish grin reminiscent of a serial killer basking in the publicity of his evil in the tabloids.

    If anyone deserves a bullet, it is this horrible piece of excrement. I can think of one family who would like to pull the trigger this instant.

    Playing chess with human lives has become the norm in Thatcher’s legacy where morals and ethics went out of the window.

    Try to imagine an outbreak of ebola virus on our shores under JEREMY HUNT’S vision of UK healthcare.
    The affluent would receive a service second to none whilst the rest would see their figures diminish. Government, to save money would instigate a cull of those not able to pay their way………………. Why not?, they are doing it already disguised as welfare legislation.

    The extremely sick would be herded into solitary locations to die, deemed collateral damage by the lawlords. America is heading this way and we are following suit, the nodding donkey of corporate greed.

    Privatisation of the uk prison services has a more sombre undertone than most people wish to think. They are preparing for the unimaginable and they think nobody is noticing…………………….

    The trouble is, most aren’t………………………..

    • There are now 14 privately run prisons in England and Wales and two in Scotland, accommodating about 15% of the UK prison population. They are run by three companies: SERCO, G4S and Sodexo.

      Increasingly, a range of services within all prisons, whether public or privately run, are contracted out on a regional basis: this includes works and FM services, and rehabilitation programmes.

      …………and tent manufacturing in the uk is about to thrive as the poorest dwellings will soon have a groundsheet rather than a foundation………….

  103. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So the BMA & Labour Party are now Terrorist. Good one Tories where`s Paul Daniels !!!it

  104. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The dictatorship shows us we live in a dictatorship with no free speech !!! Also the culture of forcing words in my mouth like a WCA !!!

  105. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tory Genocide of the Disabled will have more than 96 deaths more like thousands to get you started.

  106. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    As soon as you forge my signature Maximus or DWP it is a criminal matter to be report to the police. Now piss off Maximus & the DWP.

    • It’s nearly three years since they took my DLA, MOBILITY AND ESA…………

      All because i refused to sign a questionnaire that gave them the right to send me to MAXIMUS………………..

      A questionnaire loaded with threats that my money may be stopped if i did not comply…………………

      I wrote to them and reported my circumstances had not changed. This infuriated them and they wrote three times to tell me i had to signature their document or my benefits would cease.

      They even told lies and informed me that my money was now stopped and that i could not appeal…………..

      This was another lie, as two weeks earlier i challenged them with a freedom of information request in which they had to admit that any decision can be appealed.

      i have it in writing from four of their own doctors that i am unfit for work, cannot prepare a meal, piss myself and are unable to walk without severe pain………..

      Atos found me fit, zero points, not bad for someone with a lifetime disability award.

      Never mind, my £33.60p industrial injuries benefit affords me some out of date food.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        They don`t like being told what to do Geoff. I am not having any contact with the Healthcare Professionals because as soon as you do the Healthcare professionals they forge your signature aka Criminal matter. Also Maximus are now scared to report back to the DWP & cut corners to get their Disabled Cash Cow. So I have threatening letters from Maximus claiming their the DWP. It is not the DWP because the letter says Dear Customer. It is for you to prove my circumstances have changed & it is not for me to chase you up with any contact. Any evidence the Healthcare Professionals come with is forgery of my circumstances aka Criminal matter. Maximus latest is sending you for a WCA without a Bogus ESA50 Form. So what benefit am I claiming for? None just signing off my benefit because the Nudge Unit will leave me with no money for at least 6 months if not longer. So DWP the reason given by your contractors is – People with Mental Health will not be getting a form because people with Mental Health are not able to fill out form. Same as Woman are not able to fill out forms. Jewish people will not be getting an ESA50 because Jewish people are not able to fill out forms. DWP is that your policy like your contractors !!! DISCRIMINATION.

  107. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    What a brainwashing day of fraud. Cycling coaches being sexist.

  108. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP I have done 35 years of Disability Fraud costing £800,000 since you say I am able & fit for work. DWP running scared !!

  109. Just after 7 am and I have now been jobsearching for over two hours! Still got over 16 hours to go! Just off for a quick caffeine fix to keep me going if Commanche fucking Todd, who is still no doubt sound asleep, doesn’t begrudge me that The Cunt!

    • You sickening piece of the foulest detritus, sleep is a luxury that you shouldn’t have, and beans on toast something to be consumed by you ONLY if it comes via a foodbank.
      Do your jobsearch You professional skiver AND quit your bastard bleating.

  110. Lord Summerisle

    👿 👿 Come, it is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man. 👿 👿

  111. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Government loses latest round of legal battle over its back-to-work schemes

    Belfast Telegraph – 29th April 2016

    The Government has lost the latest round of a legal battle over its back-to-work schemes.

    Three Court of Appeal judges in London have dismissed its challenge against an earlier High Court ruling.

    The Government had appealed in a bid to prevent thousands of individuals who had jobseeker payments stopped from clawing back millions of pounds in lost benefits.

    Friday’s decision is the latest in litigation over back-to-work schemes following a Supreme Court ruling in October 2013.

    Five justices at the highest court in the land ruled, in what became known as the Poundland case, that the Government’s flagship back-to-work schemes were flawed because sufficient information had not been given to claimants to enable them to make representations before benefits were stopped.

    The Government brought in emergency retrospective legislation, the Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Act 2013, to “protect the public purse” and stop the payouts.

    It was argued the sanctions had been justified and the claimants would be receiving “undeserved windfall payments”.

    But a High Court judge, Mrs Justice Lang, declared the 2013 Act “incompatible” with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to fair hearings.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decided not to make any payouts pending the Court of Appeal bid to overturn Mrs Justice Lang’s decision.

    Appeal judges ruled on Friday that when Parliament enacted the 2013 Act in order to retrospectively “validate those sanctions” it was “successful in doing so as a matter of English law”.

    But Lord Justice Underhill, announcing the ruling of the court, said: “But we have also held – upholding the decision of the High Court – that in the cases of those claimants who had already appealed against their sanctions the Act was incompatible with their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.”

    He added: “Under the Human Rights Act that ‘declaration of incompatibility’ does not mean that the 2013 Act ceases to be effective as regards those claimants; it is up to the Government, subject to any further appeal, to decide what action to take in response.”

    • It is good news, until you read the final paragraph which means that the DWP won’t be paying the ‘arrears’ owed to the claimants.

  112. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    European Convention on Human Rights

    Tory failure to implement., which in turn is breaking the law of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Shame you got rid of IDS dodgy dave. No one can save you now.

  113. Lord Summerisle

    👿 👿 Come, Iain Duncan Smith, it is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man. 👿 👿

  114. Off Topic. Anyone tell me if the Govt. can force benefit recipients to open bank a/c, when they already have post office card a/c? Letters are being sent out saying:- We expect you to change to bank a/c to receive all benefits! Anyone?????

    • ‘Working Links’ used to ‘force’ their victims, or ‘Working Links’ rather would open a bank account for their victims; ‘Working Links’ would steadfastly refuse to pay buy giro cheque.

    • Anyone who has been through the ‘work programme’ probably already has a bank account since they will have been cajoled, coerced and threatened into. Though back in the day the benefit payment was made through the ‘provider’; the DWP paid only a token £1 as a ‘passport benefit’. Can’t see post office payments lasting much longer.

    • It is easy for the jokecentre to argue that you couldn’t possibly take up a job offer if you don’t have a bank account since those post office accounts only accept benefit payments not wages/salary. Also UC might be only paid into a ‘proper’ back account.

    • You will need a bank account when UC kicks in anyway. (Social) landlords don’t accept cash. You will need to set up a standing order/direct debit to pay the rent. It is better that way because you don’t have to withdraw a big bundle of cash out of a machine and risk getting mugged, neither are you tempted to spend, gamble, whatever the rent because you don’t get to handle it, it gets paid in the background.

      • That idea sounds sensible….but….what if the benefit is not paid in on time? Then a person gets hit with something like a 30 Pounds penalty by the bank. Direct Debits are not a good option for those who rely on benefits, especially when it will be Universal Credit.

        • You might be able to pay the rent online with a debit card, but what if you are not online? It would be better if the DWP just paid the rent it to the landlord direct but universal won’t allow that because the DWP want tenants to fall into arrears and end up being evicted. Only possible advantage to a tenant is that if they were thinking of giving up the tenancy they could withhold the rent until they were evicted, but that runs other risks such as blacklisting, just depends where they were moving to.

  115. Toby Young of the Spectator has just said on the Daily Politics: “as well as being a friend of Muja Hadeen and Hez Bollah Jeremy Corbyn also appears regularly on the Tehran-based Press TV as does Ken Livingstone”. Well, George Galloway is on there as well as the Kremlin-controlled RT (formerly known as Russia Today).

  116. Government loses latest round of legal battle over its back-to-work schemes

  117. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    This weeks new DNS thread are up.

    DWP ‘is deliberately misleading’ benefit claimants over PIP deadline

    DNS – 28th April 2016

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is facing claims that it is deliberately misleading benefit claimants into thinking they have no right of appeal if they miss the deadline for applying for the new personal independence payment (PIP).

    There are also claims that it is failing to make it clear enough to existing disability living allowance (DLA) claimants that they will lose their support if they miss that deadline, even if they have been given lifetime DLA awards.

    Increasing numbers of long-term DLA claimants are now being told they need to apply for PIP, but are given just 28 days to do so.

    If they miss that deadline, their DLA is suspended. And if they fail to claim PIP in the next 28 days, their DLA is “terminated” and cannot be reinstated, and they have to make an entirely new claim for PIP.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      It is what I have been saying that the DWP & Healthcare Professionals are cutting corner which makes it a criminal matter not a DWP matter.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        “””When she realised her DLA was no longer being paid, she contacted DWP, but was told that according to guidance issued to staff she had no right of appeal, and would have to submit a fresh PIP claim instead.””

        Illegal & a criminal matter.



      Bill Kruse • 5 hours ago

      Ooookaaaaay, well, she needs to do a SAR (subject access request) with the DWP… has the form, this will show if the DWP actually sent her a copy of this alleged letter or not. Then, if it didn’t, which I’d guess is the case, she needs to claim compensation on the grounds of maladministration on the part of the DWP

  118. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Hundreds of thousands of disabled people in ‘destitution’, research suggests

    DNS – 28th April 2016

    Hundreds of thousands of disabled people are living in destitution, the first piece of research to look at extreme poverty in the UK suggests.

    The study, published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that in 2015 there were 1.25 million people in the UK who were defined at some point as destitute because they could not afford the basic essentials they needed to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry.

    The ground-breaking study by researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh did not calculate how many disabled people were living in destitution, but did conclude that one of the four most common causes of destitution was the extra costs of ill-health and disability.

    Read More:






      Hundreds of thousands of disabled people are living in destitution, the first piece of research to look at extreme poverty in the UK suggests.

      The study, published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that in 2015 there were 1.25 million people in the UK who were defined at some point as destitute because they could not afford the basic essentials they needed to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry.

      The ground-breaking study by researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh did not calculate how many disabled people were living in destitution, but did conclude that one of the four most common causes of destitution was the extra costs of ill-health and disability.

      And more than a quarter (29 per cent) of destitute people surveyed by the researchers said they had serious health problems.



    In the past, the use of the term “Life Award” proved to be confusing amongst people who
    received Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA). It was taken by
    many to mean that once awarded, benefit could not be taken away. That is, and was never,
    the case: in order to receive benefit the conditions of entitlement must be met and continue to
    be met. Benefit recipients, therefore, have a responsibility to tell the Department about any
    changes that may affect their entitlement and which may lead to their benefits being increased,
    reduced or disallowed.






    ‘Conflict of interest’ lawyer to chair EHRC, as minister ignores MPs’ concerns

    The government has appointed a commercial lawyer to chair the equality and human rights watchdog, despite MPs raising serious concerns about a potential conflict of interest caused by his firm’s work for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

    The Government Equalities Office (GEO) announced this week that David Isaac had been chosen to be the next chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), just days after two parliamentary committees refused to approve his appointment.

    The joint committee on human rights and the Commons women and equalities committee said last week that there was a “serious potential conflict of interest” relating to Isaac’s role as a partner at the law firm Pinsent Masons, which has a “significant amount of business with the government”, including DWP.




    Government set to slash equality watchdog’s budget… again


    The government has told the equality watchdog that it plans to slash its budget again, even though the financial year has already started.

    The planned cuts only emerged after the Government Equalities Office (GEO) told Disability News Service (DNS) that it was still “in the process of agreeing budgets” with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, several weeks into the new financial year.

    The comment came after DNS asked GEO about the commission’s plans to make up to 30 of about 200 members of staff redundant.

    GEO said that it was “not currently aware of any issues in this area”, but added: “We are in the process of agreeing budgets with the EHRC and no decisions have been made.”

    When asked why GEO was still discussing budgets with the EHRC in late April, when the commission had already announced that its core budget for 2016-17 would be £17.1 million, a GEO spokeswoman said: “We have nothing further to add.”

    She also refused to comment on why the GEO was not aware that the commission had issued a consultation paper on the redundancies last week.

  124. Charles Dunstone

    Note that those greedy bastards BT are hiking their prices yet again. This is where the arguments against privatisation fall flat on their face. Imagine a scenario where British Telecom had a monopoly there was ONLY ISP and the ONLY way of getting online was with British Telecom. How exorbitantly expensive do you think it would be. Have a look at how much Kingston Communications (Karro) who have a monopoly in Hull charge!

    Now that internet access is becoming as essential as water and electricity BT are trying to knock other players out off the market so that they can begin endless price ramping. BT charge what they think they can get away with and will squeeze every last penny from their customers given half a chance. Pure and utter SCUM!

  125. Benefit sanctions handed out to thousands of people ‘unlawful’

    The Court of Appeal dismissed a legal challenge by the Government

  126. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Rupert Murdoch has now put a gagging order on all UK nation press. the Guardian has now gone right wing & deletes any comments that are freedom of speech. Since I have Web Archived the Deleted comments, you can not delete history.

    A Dictatorship that supresses & calls a racist if you have a mind of your own. The desperate tactics to hind death by contract which was a contract under duress makes the contract null & void. The disability war to kill off ALL disabled people running into hundreds of thousands is the policy of dictators running a rogue state of Human Rights.

    Rupert Murdoch & Dodgy Dave are heading for disability war crimes & illegal actions against the poor & disabled. Death policy for power.

    Jeremy needs to reinstate Ken to defeat the Nazi Tories. Or Jeremy will be overthrown by the labour Blairites that are really Tories that love ATOS & MAXIMUS.



    ………..could it be the embarassment of so much public money wasted while kids go hungry, claimants top themseves and prisons issue tents?………

  128. Not a lot here on the Fuck Parade – is that because in the scheme of things its irrelevant? This week we’ve seen the cover up of Hillsborough unfold but not the cover up of disabled people’s deaths – that’s still hidden – so what’s changes? Corbyn being attacked by right wing Labour and Guido Fawkes shit blog tory bastard is not new – includes Andy Burnham by the way – and media loving vilification on Labour for anti -semitism – yet Israel is still killing Palestinians. Where is this blog going I wonder?????
    The incipient nazism in the UK is something to be abhored and challenged and done away with – what the fuck parade is going to do about that is anybody’s guess

  129. funny that questioning people don’t get a chance on here but fucking trolls are everywhere

    • And the gay hating church brigade are here as well in the guise of the gay hating Flyhawkes!

      • Homeless in America’s tent cities.

        Could this be the shape of things to come for the UK? It looks to be heading in this direction.

        • Aye that’ll be happening ok soon enough. They’re gonnae hire fields from farmers and let people pitch tents in there in the countryside miles from anywhere and make them walk to the broo for their daily/weekly/fortnightly effing thrashing at the hands of psychotic JCP staff.

          • Rightwing Tory Troll

            Would it be so bad? I would like to see life become like the Great Depression Era film Emperor of The North Pole, with Lee Marvin as A number One, Keith Carradine as Old Cigarette and Ernest Borgnine as sadistic train guard, Shack.
            We need life to become tough and hard, it’ll make men of us and get our dwindling sperm counts back up.
            Get on with it You Cunts and STOP WHINING!

        • Do you think that lizzie the leech would let the homeless pitch their tents in the grounds of bucko house?…………..Thought not!

        • You know it is coming when when we have Paul O’Grady all over our ‘flat-screen’ TVs fronting a Salvation Army ‘campaign’ urging us to text TENT to donate £50 a month to “give a benefit claimant a much needed start in life”.

  130. I’ve had it with this blog because it doesn’t make sense anymore. Good articles and decisive points are made but it’s all for nothing. I’ve spent most of my life championing the causes of equality and fairness and detesting the elites but it is no longer possible here

  131. The Wicker Man, or strawman, take your pick.
    The whole of the UK is one giant Wicker Man, with innocents being stripped of human rights for the want of a half descent life.
    Oh yes, the psychopaths sing and swing their way through this country while ushering UK citizens up the ladder to the Wicker Man, to their death.
    The Black and White Horse has been galloping through this country for a few years now.
    Only leaves the Red and Pale horse.



    …………With the backing of the queen

    A Dundee man has been using a foodbank for 16 months after receiving a three-year benefit sanction.

    Trussell Trust identified a man known as Paul, who has been receiving packages from the group, as someone who had worked hard his entire life.

    Paul was dealt the three-year sanction after failing to adhere to the benefit requirements put in place after welfare reforms.

    He became unstuck after losing his job at the Hilton hotel when it was demolished to make way for the V&A.

    Paul was sanctioned in the first instance after his job centre advisor felt he had not completed his log book correctly.

    His second sanction was handed out to him as a result of being 10 minutes late to a meeting at the job centre, something he said was the result of a bus delay.

    The third and final sanction, that resulted in the three-year cap on his benefits, came about after Paul was made to wait for an hour in the job centre to meet an advisor.

    He complained about this delay, which staff at the centre felt was aggressive, and his unemployment benefits were capped until 2018.

    Paul said that there was an initial embarrassment about being referred to a food bank.

    He said: “I was scared of people talking about me, if they had seen me at the foodbank.

    “But once I got there, and I got to meet the staff, I realised that people using the service had come from the same sort of background – if not worse.


    Matt Cole

    Britain 2016, a place where criminals get treated better than those on welfare.

    after all basic human rights protect prisoners from being starved to death, but if you happen to claim benefits then its totally fine for the government to starve you for three years.

    • Another Fine Recession

      You have to be really naughty to get 50 to 100s hours of unpaid community work, but being unemployed is enough to get you 800 hours of it, plus other continuous threats.
      Why do ppl put up with this sh!t.

      • Workfare is Unfare

        Yes, you see some folks being convicted of crimes such as running over peeps in a motor vehicle and killing them, actually taking a life(ves) and a Judge in a Court of Law will Sentence them to a mere ’80 hours of unpaid work’. No such Mercy for the unemployed workers as they get handed down 800 hours of unpaid work by someone jumped-up tinpot dictator in the jobcentre for the ‘crime’ of being unemployed.



    Lord [Chris] Holmes, the EHRC’s disability commissioner, said the commission would deliver its formal response to the report after it had been considered by its disability committee next month.

    But he said: “There is no question we would all agree that government needs to do more to fight disability discrimination and enable disabled people to fully participate in society. Full stop.”






    “I want to tell you that I deeply regret having listened to a criminal organisation that is responsible for the deaths of many innocent people, for the destruction of countless families, for the misery, distress and suffering on the part of victims and their relatives.

    “I am ashamed that I let this injustice happen and have done nothing to prevent it. I apologise formally for my behaviour. I am truly sorry.”

  136. paultheswineherd

    Sky News seems to be becoming more biased and silly as the year goes on. At 10PM they led with the continuing Antisymetic witchhunt against Ken Livingstone. They went on about it all day yesterday it seems and all day today also. Both Sky & Murdoch’s shit tabloids are having a field daym continuing to whip up a storm of protest, which is really little than a mountain being made out of a molehill.
    The second ‘story’ is that ‘the duchess of cambridge’ has done a photo shoot for Vogue magazine.
    Sky News is truly now a national disgrace – years ago it was relatively balanced, but nowadays it is nothing short of a disaster for ‘real’ and ‘worthy’ news stories.


      Well said Paul. What we are witnessing is state control of all media factions, fiction to hide the facts.
      We are no better than the dictatorships of N. Korea or China, the populus fed on absolute garbage, the dirt hidden from view.
      BBC and Sky are nothing more than sanitizers of the truth as our once loved nation goes to the wall………….

      Everything we are told is complete spin, the focus diluted to such an extent the populus are led to believe everything is hunky dory,
      Nothing could be further from the truth. Our fabric is being torn apart, thread by thread to fill the pockets of the rich while the poor are being robbed of the very vitals to exist.

      The Queen is in her counting house counting all her money whilst our troops are in boots on the ground positions, the tories defying the democracy of a parliament that voted for no more combat in far away fields.
      We are openly selling weapons to the Saudis who use them to attack Yemen and our role in Syria is yet to be exposed as corporate greed for gas and oil, as was our presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

      Everywhere we tread, led like a tortoise on a string by the Yanks, we leave a trail of destruction. A hornets nest stirred to such an extent the collateral damage is far worse than before we went in……………..

      Who foots the bill for all the fuck ups?

      The disabled and poor of course!

      After all it would be nonsense to go after the perpetrators flanked by their legal teams, bent judiciary and corporate and political immunity.

      That’s right, Joe Bloggs will always be the whipping boy……….

      All this crap about anti semitism is nothing but a smokescreen for the Conservatives fear of someone who has the heart of the nation on top of his agenda instead of the parasitic bankers, hedge fund managers and shithouses like Philip Green.

      Everyone is worthy of a life except for those who are not afforded the right to live.

      You can cheat, steal and lie till the cows come home but the cracks in the the very thin veneer are starting to show, the pile of dead bodies left by welfare reforms starting to cause smells in all the wrong places.

      As stated in the title of the X-Files, “the truth is out there”.

      It is up to us to uncover the tyranny. Collectively we are doing a fine job……………

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – Very well said, all that you say is very true and slowly, ever so slowly, it is slowly starting to emerge. It just now needs to get more and more so that the TRUTH comes out. 🙂

    • Just heard Zebedee on Radio 4 saying that the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) brings in £ 3 BILLION a year to the UK economy 😀 Almost spit out me morning croissant and latte mocha. Think Zebedee has been on the Magic Roundabout – maybe he should stop reading the BBC News. Goodness knows how much moola the Queen brings in. Seems like the whole UK economy would collapse without these ‘Royals’ 😀



    Ian White left an annotation ( 1 May 2016)

    I covertly recorded my PIP (and boy am I glad as the lies are unreal) I did this based on 2 things 1, that you can tape anything in common law for your own personal reference later. and 2, MORE IMPORTANTLY I had a home assesment and put a sign above my door saying that everything from entering my home will be recorded and by entering you are tacitly agreeing to MY terms and conditions ….. if she didn’t read it thats her fault, there are plenty of CCTV and security signs up… know the sort ….. that private car parks use! I have asked for a reconsideration and should I not get it changed to what it should be, I will NOT be too frightened to submit my CD to the tribunal serviceand it is then for them to decide what evidence they want to use and don’t, not some private company I have no contractual “joinder” with to tell me as a citizen what I can and can’t do in my own house….it is very damning and full of lies, no wonder Atossers and Crapita don’t want people taping their liars! … watch this space. PS the ICO says it is OK to covertly record stuff for your own personal reference FACT!

    Link to this



      John Slater left an annotation (23 June 2013)

      The problem with the DWP approach to recording WCA is that it is simply DWP departmental policy. It has no statutory basis whatsoever. In legal terms the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) audio recording policy carries no more weight than any other legal person’s (i.e. you and me) audio recording policy.

      The problem is that the DWP threatens people with their benefits being stopped if they won’t agree to comply with its policy. The only was to resolve this definitively is to take it to a Tribunal and take this risk that the claimant may lose. I believe that the DWP is relying on people being too scared to take the risk.

      FYI – The ICO is investigating the Audio Consent form that the DWP has been getting people to sign to see if it breaches the Data Protection Act.

  138. This type of thing is happening everywhere. In Cardiff they have got luxury flats in the centre and they are building high rise offices, taking every bit of green space.

  139. paultheswineherd

    Jeremy Cunt’s lying and twisted audacity is truly disgusting and I must say that I completely agree with the consultant’s comments.

  140. paultheswineherd

    Jeremy Cunt’s policies are doing absolutely nothing to improve the NHS – far from it in fact – this may be a death actually being ‘linked’ to him and his twisted ideology.

  141. paultheswineherd

    If we were all at first uncertain that the ‘media’ witchhunt over antisemetism was a coincidence, well it now looks increasingly unlikely. When this ‘story’ broke last week, the media immediately went on the warpath.
    (Interestingly when Cameron’s tax dodging came to light, after a few days it was quickly forgotten and put to bed before too much damage was done to the Tories!)
    Sky News, the BBC and Murdochs sick tabloids all jumped onto the bandwagon, all chasing around like rabid dogs, howling and frothing at their miserable mouths.
    With elections due on Thursday next week, they all saw the glorious chance to discredit Labour and particularly Jeremy Corbyn (through Ken Livingstone and the lady MP implicated in all of it). The New Labour MPs I am sure are not too unhappy about all this as they didn’t want Corbyn in the first place (but had to have him as the Labour membership wanted it!) and they now have the chance to get rid of him and have one of their ‘old hands’ back in charge. It has to be said that Corbyn has been weak at times and has not attacked Cameron and the Tories enough. The Tories are now laughing as a New Labour MP if elected to become leader, will almost certainly support the Tories in most of their terrible policies.

  142. paultheswineherd

    Not to worry though – princess charlotte is now one year old and walking – the nation is celebrating (according to Sky, the BBC & Murdochs scum tabloids). Bollocks to them – the royals are all rich cunts – they will never want for anything and meanwhile, some of the poorest and sickest people in Britain are being denied their due rights and benefits and are slowly starving to death or are being made homeless.

  143. paultheswineherd

    And as Debs said recently – the queen would not open Buck House and it’s grounds to the homeless (even if she could charge them rent – she would consider them all very common and scum of the earth). The old bag would just call the police and get them all evicted and/or beaten up (and then the Media would cover it all up and there would be a public inquiry 30 years later). What a shit Country we now live in.


      …………When scumbag pensions thief and regular tax dodger, PHILIP GREEN appears in front of the Works and Pensions and Business Commitees to answer questions on the demise of BHS, you will be viewing a well rehearsed charade.

      GREEN will have been given all the questions and all the answers before his mottly arse hits the chair………….

      You are dealing with morally bankrupt Britain and the stooges that oil the machinery of corporate corruption……….




    Ask yourself why the bent judiciary buckles at the knees when protecting state corporate killers.
    The DWP have been ordered to disclose files on persons that have died following DWP intervention, whether it be from rigged medicals, sanctions or benefit cuts.

    Mgistrates can send offenders straight down the steps from the dock and into the arms of g4s goons to be escorted to jail, yet piss themselves when meting out justice on those that pull the strings.

    Not so much insider dealing, just corruption of office………………………….



      Will it be in the heavy thousands like the DWP or will it go beyond that?

      After all, human collateral damage is easy to fund as there are over 64 million guinea pigs to choose from.

      Who will be next? .Your mother, brother, sister or gran, or just someone a few doors away……………

      Thousands of doctors are wrong and a tin pot dictator, a pupil of the Grantham witch, Thatcher, is right?

      If leaving the EU is worthy of a referendum then so is the healthcare of every person for generations to come…………

      Tories love confrontation but scarper the minute someone clicks their fingers. They know they would lose hands down if the issue was put to a vote but with over 200 in the Lords having links to private health , who do these unelected goons represent?

      It certainly aint you or me…………

      Your beloved’s health comes secondary to a wallet filler for some toffee nosed bastard who has had the gift of a privileged lifestyle.

      Can you honestly blame anybody for electing to go to fight in Syria when the real war is on our own doorstep?


    ……………….but run a story on waiters tips instead.

    Thousands attended a rally in London yet the state run propaganda arm of the media decided that it was not for your eyes.





      …………………….I WONDER WHY?



        ………….One would start to suspect the Yanks had something to hide, a suspicion that the good old US of A was complicit in the biggest terrorist atrocity in post war history…………..

        Could it be that the senate organised the whole fiasco to build up hatred against the muslim world, race to war and bolster the coffers of their bloated banks in lending to fund weaponry and global debt?

        Our friends over the pond have a strict code for covering up the truth, the UK is learning very fast.

        Kennedy’s death was not an act of a lone sniper in a book depository, it was a CIA assassination, an attempt to shut him up once and for all.

        The theories linger on………

        It’s a bit like the DWP mortality statistics and hidden suicide reports really. Somebody is shit scared that their head will roll should the truth come out but they are prepared to sit back and watch thousands more die in an effort to escape justice……………


        • Yes Geoff, 9/11 was a CIA/MOSSAD operation to give the yanks and Israel the excuse to go into the middle east to drive the muslims out so Israel can expand their terrorist state across the region.JFK was assassinated by mossad because he was against Israels nuclear arms programme, anyone who dares to critisise Israel gets bumped off, bombed or some other atrocity against them.

          • Evidence to back this shite up?

            • Raining, do some research, there’s plenty of evidence out there,dont just believe everything youv’e been fed over the years, i did but not any more.

              • Well i detest those Israeli bastards as much as anyone for what they do to the Palestinian people. But 9/11 a conspiracy involving the CIA and Mossad? I don’t know, i’d be wanting to see some real direct evidence that can support that claim.

                • Raining:
                  Saudi Arabia was involved in the 9/11 attacks

                • Anon: LOL! You cannot be serious with that link! Laughable.

                • Raining – yeah, I bet Pam Geller thinks it’s laughable that she has to have constant security for speaking out about Islam and the lies about Palestine. Explain what’s laughable about it. It’s not criticism of ISRAEL that gets you beheaded, it’s criticism of ISLAM.

                • PS or by some other method “bumped off, bombed or some other atrocity against them.” And it was Mossad that WARNED USA of the imminent threat by attack of Islamic terrorists, oddly enough not long before it happened on 9/11.

                • What’s laughable is you quote a totally biased source whose opinions are about as warped and right wing and wrong as it’s possible to be. If you’re going to debate a point or issue, at least quote an independent source that’s credible.

                • Raining – Where’s your proof that she’s biased? – she’s speaking the truth about Islam, and protecting freedom of speech even at the potential cost of her life and her family’s, having been the subject of several fatwas for, among other things a cartoon contest. As she rightly points out, other religions, especially Christianity are freely mocked in USA and UK, but Christians do not take to the streets and demand the mockers’ death(s). And are you making out that the photos are fake, which prove Islam was not present in “Palestine” in the 1800’s – or just refusing to look at them because it’s from a “biased” source? You leftists are stooges – tunnel vision. Islam is using you, for anti-semitism (sorry anti-zionism (sarcasm) and anti free speech and you can’t even see it – you probably won’t see it until it’s too late, because you’ll be among the first to fall victim to this vicious ideology if it grows here. Islam is using you just like Hitler used the left to get started. The media fails to report honestly as it is protecting Islam, and screams racist like the left, even though Islam is a set of beliefs not a race. In countries where Islam takes a hold there is no freedom to be a Christian, Jew or Atheist, unlike Israel. There is no freedom to be a homosexual. Islam’s founder had sex with a 9 year old girl so don’t be surprised if his followers do. Islam’s founder said he’d been made victorious through terror, and actively instructed his followers to fight those who do not believe, so don’t be surprised if his followers chose victory and conversion via terror. If you want to know the true nature of any religion, such as Christianity as much as Islam, look at what it’s founder taught and instructed and how he lived his life by example. Read the Koran and the biography of Mohammed before you defend Islam. The Islamic terrorists are perfect examples of followers of Mohamed, while those Christians who pray for those who persecute them and lay down their lives for their faith (without killing anyone else in the process) just as Jesus instructed and did are perfect examples of followers of Christ. If the “palestinians” downed their weapons there would be peace. If Israel downed their weapons there would be annihilation.
                  Labelling someone “right wing” does not make them wrong in their beliefs about something, any more than labelling someone “left wing” does.
                  And before you judge the likes of Pamela Geller and Tommy Robinson, why don’t you watch Tommy Robinson give an account of his activism. – oh, no wait, you can’t, because he’s “far right”, and you’re the left. (LOL right back at you)

                • The ravings of a lunatic! LOL! As i said; laughable and not to be taken seriously. A word in your ear; start taking your medication again as that column of nonsense is clearly from a damaged brain.

          • Another reason JFK was assassinated – he wanted to free America of the Federal Reserve system and issue interest ( usury ) free money so that people didn’t have to pay to use money that was rightfully theirs in the first place.

            • Raining – Yeah, as I thought. “I must look the other way when groups of Muslims are seeking to enforce sharia law on parts of the uk. I must not watch the explanations of someone ten times more intelligent than me of the situation he has experienced and listen to his verifiable stories of extreme state persecution because he’s of the nasty “extreme right”. I must dismiss the logic of someone who’s clearly also ten times more intelligent than me because I don’t want to admit that they are also right.” Repeat the above a hundred times, as I’m sure you do already. I hope for your sake you don’t have young children Raining, because the legacy you and your sort are leaving their children in the UK and Europe is not something you would if you were honest want – but then maybe you just don’t care, and if you were to draw a cartoon of Mohammed (just for the sake of innocent freedom of expression) and showed it publicly you would find that your brain (such as it is) along with your head would be very quickly separated from your body, and no amount of medication or assurances that Islam is a “religion of peace” would bring it back.

              • PS – But why don’t you try it and see, just to prove me wrong?

                • Raining – Still waiting on you proving me wrong about the Mohammed cartoon. Am I barking mad for pointing out that fact or are they barking mad for killing someone who draws a cartoon of their “prophet”. Or are you barking mad for thinking that they aren’t barking mad?

              • See a doctor immediately. You’re barking mad!

                • PS – or are you just completely uneducated about it and completely unwilling to educate yourself about it.

                • Yes both of the above. Those Israeli war criminals should be brought to the Hague and tried for war crimes and then they should be hung.

                • are you just completely uneducated about it and completely unwilling to educate yourself about it.
                  “Yes both of the above. Those Israeli war criminals should be brought to the Hague and tried for war crimes and then they should be hung.”
                  That says it all.
                  You obviously think life would be good under sharia law. You should move to luton, as lots of uk “freedom fighters” are recruited there and sharia law is rife there, or palestine itself where fgm, burying women up to their waists and stoning them for adultery (no such equivalent for men guilty of the same thing), honor killings for girls who dare to refuse an arranged marriage, lots of sex with captured sex slaves from child age upwards and death for apostasy ie any criticism or questioning of islam is fully operating there. Hope you’re not gay or you’re also in line for a stoning and/or mutilation. Perhaps once you have “freed palestine” you would enjoy living there under full sharia law. If you’re also honestly saying you would enjoy any of that or you’re saying I’m lying/deluded about that then you’re the one who’s barking, and I don’t know if any medication would help you.

                • You’re definitely unhinged! A demented person. I never mentioned anything about Islam, muslims, sharia law or related issues. I was speaking about Israel’s war crimes against Palestine you nutter.

                • Your GP must be informed immediately that you’re off your medication and that you have become a menace to society with your anti-muslim ravings. You must get help asap.

          • Another reason JFK was assassinated – he wanted to free America of the Federal Reserve system and issue interest (usury ) free money so that people didn’t have to pay to use money that was rightfully theirs in the first place.

            • Raining – 93% of “palestinians” are sunni muslims you moron who are instructed EXPLICITLY by mohammed to hate and fight the Jews and Christians and just about everyone with a different opinion or behaviour – join the dots of that, or otherwise just get a colouring-in book. In condemning Israel and supporting “palestinians” you are also supporting the terror-created dominance of Islam.

              • LOL! Mr Angry! Certainly and they hate the jews for being on their land and that’s why Israel has had more UN resolutions brought against them than all the other nations combined at the UN because all right minded people think the same. A criminal state.

                • Raining – they hate the Jews full stop. And it’s not their land it’s Israel’s land. And the UN don’t bother condemning Muslim countries with human rights abuses – odd that.

                • No it’s the Palestinians land and it was stolen from them to make the terrorist zionist state.

                • raining – if it’s the Palestians ie muslims land then why is there no photographic trace of them there 200 years ago? (oh, I forgot, you don’t look at any photos which happen to be posted on an “extreme right wing” site.) Too right I’m anti-muslim – because I’m pro freedom – of speech to insult ANY religion you choose without fear of physical attack, to choose any religion (including atheism) without fear of physical attack, to convert from Islam to any religion without fear of physical attack. Freedom of actions ie of women being able to walk down the street without being told to cover themselves up, of gays having the right to be gay without fear of physical attack, of women being allowed to be educated (despite the fact that mohammed said in the koran that allah had revealed to him that there were a lot of women in hell, just because they were women, and of low intelligence compared to men!) If Israel is such a terrorist state then why are there so many freedoms in that state itself, and if Islam is a religion of peace, why are there so little freedoms in muslim countries, and why do so many terrorist attacks come from followers of mohammed (including 7/7 in uk and the ones they try to pin on the victims like 9/11 in usa)
                  I’m bored replying to you and your stupid insults. You will probably remain ignorant your whole life, even if Islam dominates the uk in your lifetime and you are forced to convert or pay the price by whatever means, and you finally say “oh, that’s what anon meant”

                • Israel is a terrorist state because it murders thousands and thousands of innocent men women and children in Palestine. Mostly all in the Gaza Strip. The action a couple of years ago there were thousands killed. Mostly all women and children. They also routinely cut off water to the inhabitants of the city, starve them and bulldoze their houses. Terrorist state.

  146. fuck me, you get a lot of bollocks posted on your blog

    • raining – by the way, by anti-muslim I mean anti the muslim “faith” which is actually a political ideology posing as a religion – I am not anti those people unfortunate enough to be born into that faith but who do not follow its vicious teachings or support those who do. The one exception to my anti-muslim-faith sentiment would be Ahmadiyya Muslim faith, but then the general muslim faith don’t consider Ahmadiyya muslims to be true muslims because they don’t follow mohammeds teachings on hating and fighting those who do not believe, and just to “make their point” the true followers of mohammed will kill anyone who claims to be a muslim yet posts a message wishing their Christian nation a Happy Easter.

    • Raining – You haven’t answered any of my questions – there’s no point in arguing with you any more. You would soon change your tune the “palestinians” ie muslims were 93% majority here in uk and you were living under their totalitarian regime.
      Here’s a brief quote from the comments section of
      (although you probably won’t read it because the express is a “right-wing” paper therefore even the comments section is out-of-bounds to you)
      “Some of the Gazans spoke out against Hamas war crimes. They would fire rockets and then run away quickly leaving us to face lsraeli’s bombs for what they did -Gazan Journalist!, Here’s another one..Hamas imposes a curfew everyone walking out in the street was shot. That way,people had to stay in their homes even if they were about to get bombed.A Graduate student!. Another one .. The lsraeli army allow supplies to come in and Hamas steals them. lt seems even the lsraeli’s care for us more then Hamas ,Aid Volunteer!..Here’s another one..We are under Hamas occupation ask most of us,we would rather be under lsraeli occupation ..Former Hamas sympathizer!. And another one.. Hamas wanted us butchered so it could win the media war against lsrael showing our staged dead children with deliberate blood smearing on their bodies on TV to attract western world funds into Gaza so Hamas can steal it.Former Hamas Ministry Officer!.””

  147. paultheswineherd

    ” ‘Cruel’ government policies blamed for depression and stress levels at Department for Work and Pensions”

    • And what about all the stress and depression those bastards have caused claimants with their workfare and sanctions, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of deaths – do they expect us to feel sorry for them ? Well they can f*ck off they’re getting no sympathy from us.

      • paultheswineherd

        Marie – Yes, indeed. With what they have done, they deserve no sympathy. A lot of them should have jumped up and fought back before now – perhaps it is coming to a head and they will start to do it now! 🙂

  148. paultheswineherd

    The Tories “Housing Bill” is slowly being ripped to shreds!
    “Governments former housing chief (Bob Kerslake) condemns the Tories for launching an ‘attack on Council homes’ ”

  149. paultheswineherd

    The Tories know everything about everything and in reality, they know nothing about nothing. David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Cunt, Michael Gove & Nicky Morgan are ALL perfect examples of this theory!

    • paultheswineherd

      Oh and I to forgot to mention the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon – this is a man who would not know the difference between an RPG and a giant kid’s firework rocket.

  150. NoOppression

    Indeed I Understand

    jeremy | April 29, 2016 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    funny that questioning people don’t get a chance on here but fucking trolls are everywhere

  151. NoOppression

    The Country Need’s to Stop the Sleepwalk to Slavery

    Without Political and Religious Freedom of Speech there is Slavery

  152. NoOppression

    Country Deserves Better

    paultheswineherd | May 2, 2016 at 9:54 pm | Reply

    The Tories know everything about everything and in reality, they know nothing about nothing. David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Cunt, Michael Gove & Nicky Morgan are ALL perfect examples of this theory!

  153. NoOppression

    Now the Bank Holidays are Over, The Country Needs to Say No to
    so called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” and the Tory Thousand Year

  154. NoOppression

    Jeremy Corbyn and his ” New Politics ” No Principle are No Opposition
    to the Tory Thousand Year Reich and it’s Tyranny

    It is Creepy the Sinister Silence over the Threat of ” Extremist Disruption
    Orders ”

    Slavery by Consensus ?

  155. I will be Voting to Leave the Corrupt European Union on June the 23rd
    2016 to Help give David Cameron and George Osborne a Political
    Defeat and for more Money for Public Services

    No to So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” Yes to Political Liberty
    and Religious Liberty

  156. NoOppression

    I do Not Bother with the Oblivion Box of TV

    paultheswineherd | April 30, 2016 at 10:13 pm | Reply

    Sky News seems to be becoming more biased and silly as the year goes on. At 10PM they led with the continuing Antisymetic witchhunt against Ken Livingstone. They went on about it all day yesterday it seems and all day today also. Both Sky & Murdoch’s shit tabloids are having a field daym continuing to whip up a storm of protest, which is really little than a mountain being made out of a molehill.
    The second ‘story’ is that ‘the duchess of cambridge’ has done a photo shoot for Vogue magazine.
    Sky News is truly now a national disgrace – years ago it was relatively balanced, but nowadays it is nothing short of a disaster for ‘real’ and ‘worthy’ news stories.

  157. NoOppression

    Freedom or Slavery

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