Vile Tory Who Referred To Scummy Housing Estates To Speak At Workfare Industry’s Annual Meeting


Pub bore rants for hire, Fraser Nelson will speak at the workfare industry’s AGM.

A hard right magazine editor who once referred to ‘scummy’ Scottish social housing estates and cheered unemployed people being forced to sleep under a bridge has been invited to be to keynote speaker at the latest tax-payer funded skive for welfare-to-work bosses.

Fraser Nelson, who oversees the pub bore rants published in The Spectator, will be speak at the annual general meeting of the Employment Related Services Asscoiation (ERSA), the trade body established to lie on behalf of the workfare industry.  Nelson is an avid supporter of coercing people to work without pay and once claimed that those sent to sleep under a bridge before being used as unpaid stewards at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were being given an opportunity to show they were ‘dutiful’ workers.  According to Nelson forcing ‘suspected malingerers’ to work in return for benefit payments is ‘tough love’.  So tough, in fact, that it can kill, as the growing number of deaths linked to benefit sanctions and welfare reform reveals.

Nelson has previously faced protests after referring to the Glasgow districts of Castlemilk and Easterhouse as “beautiful names, scummy estates”.  When called on to justify these comments he launched into in a vile tirade about “drug-addled welfare ghettoes” where children play around broken vodka bottles and pubs were boarded up to save them from attack.

Nelson’s invitation to speak at ERSA’s annual meeting is a new low for the welfare-to-work sector that often attempts to hide behind a mask of caring for the poorest whilst demolishing their lives with forced work and benefit sanctions.  But with Iain Duncan Smith’s spending spree coming to an abrupt end the workfare industry will need hacks like Nelson to ramp up the rhetoric to justify ever more government spending to persecute unemployed and disabled people.  He will be happy to oblige.  Despite reams of evidence that unpaid work has little or no value in helping people into sustainable jobs and risks driving people into desperate poverty there are few bigger workfare cheerleaders than Fraser Nelson.

The event is being held this Wednesday at the swanky London offices of top law firm Bircham Dyson Bell, an understandable choice for the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry. Keep your Tory friends close, but keep the lawyers even closer.

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119 responses to “Vile Tory Who Referred To Scummy Housing Estates To Speak At Workfare Industry’s Annual Meeting

  1. There is only one word I can think of to describe this “man” SCUMBAG!!!!

  2. Rosemarie Harris

    Bloody hell they really are scrapeing the welfare barrel. So he’s now getting benefit from the tax payer. The Welfare to work are all getting benefits from the tax payer they are paying him ( as he dosen’t really believe in doing anything for free) No wonder the welfare budget is going up it’s not the poor it’s the thick rich. I really can’t think of what use he is going to be? Perhaps they couldn’t get any one educated!
    They should have tried harder i would have done it …They wouldn’t have liked what i had to say about the scummy scheme but as someone who has been ‘lent ‘out i do have the experience.

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Sink has turned into scummy. In fact they are called council estates.

  4. What do you expect from the so-called ‘Welfare to Work Industry’ ?
    The only welfare they are concerned about is their own.

  5. That really is disgusting.

  6. I don’t think F.Nelson lives in Scotland these days. Nor has he been around Castlemilk much, if ever. We used to call it “Chateau Lait,” at our school.French class! Not a name the locals there seem to have come up with. I invented Casa Latta in a poem. That sounds much better.
    As for his actual description of “estates” Again, it, shows him up as the worst of those Scots tories who idealize all things English Establishment and rich, and hate everything to do with their own country, like Liam Fox, who not only hates his own country, but hates his former pals. in the NHS.
    We have never called these places “hosing estates” We did call them “schemes”. Tho, Castlemilk had, and still has its problems, like everywhere else, it was never as bad as made it, and was more integrated into the surrounding areas than Easterhouse, or even Drumchapel.
    Folks from central Glasgow got sent to these places, not by choice. The City Corporation (Council) was destroying most of the City. The buildings they pulled down were better than the trash they put the ppl into in too many cases.
    Frazer Nelson, hasn’t a clue about anything, and his views are extreme. He likes to come over as being all intelligent, and intellectual, but he is actually quite uninformed about a great many things. He, like most tories in his position have developed a tendency to be as offensive as possible. But he will always go down as one of those renegade Scots who a hated his own.
    As for the unemployed, F.Nelson has never had to look for a job ever. It all came to him, through good luck. He certainly wouldn’t sleep under a bridge to get work experience for no pay!

  7. The “Mulk” Castlemilk – yes it was a scheme and still is – a lot of lovely people reside in this estate. Easterhouse, lovely people reside in this estate too. When the “slums” of Glasgow were being demolished – the houses built in Castlemilk and Easterhouse, were the “Homes for Heroes” – people who had fought in the second world war – supposedly affording families who did not have the benefit of “inside toilets” – great – fantastic – absolutely destroyed the community spirit within central Glasgow. People who were allocated these “Homes for Heroes” were miles from the nearest shop – transport – in fact it was like being deposited in the desert. This was when street trading vans appeared in several streets on estates – they were mobile and moved from street to street at certain times of the day. Frankie Vaughan even got on the band wagon with his intervention at the Easterhouse Project to bring to the attention of the public – gang warfare – ha ha – more like trying to bring himself public notoriety. Pity he didn’t intervene in the Ice Cream Wars – however, that is another story. So, what happened to the “Homes for Heroes”? Well, when Margaret Thatcher came up with the Right to Buy scheme – some people were lucky – dependent on where they lived. For example if you were lucky enough to live in Mosspark on the outskirts of Glasgow you had won a watch. If you were stuck up a close “six families in the one block” the last thing on your mind would be to buy the place you had been paying exorbitant rent to Glasgow Corporation to live in misery.because of anti-social behaviour from other families whom you were forced to live alongside. I was brought up “if someone hits you – hit them back harder – do not hit them first”.

    • Probably looks like scum to some thing that owns god knows how many bedroome’d house. But the thing is, We can make friends, and interact with people, These tossers don’t know how to. The only friend these scumbags have is money

  8. paultheswineherd

    I thought that his name and face rang a bell – then I realised that this right-wing tory twat is to be seen crowing loudly, (often for Cameron & the Tories and their vile policies and ideologies) whilst ‘helping’ to review the papers on Sky News. He is an arrogant and bolshy tosspot for sure.

  9. VOTE O.U.T.
    If these scum bags want an m.e.p. seat as a parachute its the least we can do to fuck their garden Gnomes and piss all over the embers of their dreams.
    They want you slaving for £6 / hr until you are dead, so FUCK em.

  10. In fact, I feel a posh bonfire coming on.

  11. Fraser like his torygraph pal James Kirkup is a fucking cunt

  12. paultheswineherd

    Always Appeal and fight to have your benefits reinstated if they are taken away. After all, Britain is rich, we can fight other people’s wars, we can send countless billions in overseas aid and Britain is the fifth richest country in the world. We pay in billions to the EU and the rich can get away with everything and £40 million per annum is paid to the royals. Austerity and this war on the poor, the sick and the disabled is NOT needed.

  13. VOTE O.U.T.
    i’m fucking SICK of these twats having a parachute job paying 250,000 a year plus double that in expenses.
    They all do it, ;
    Kinnock, his wife,
    List is Endless. If they fuck up they should suffer.

    • ujm is a load of shite

      How do you know Kinnock and his wife didn’t get their cosy EU ‘commissionerships’, whatever on universal jobmatch? 😉 Maybe the 35 hour a week work search requirement paid off 😀

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  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mr. Meaners !!! Misdemeanors !!!!

    All distinctions between felony and misdemeanour were abolished by section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967. Prior to this, a person prosecuted for misdemeanour was called a defendant.[15]

  17. paultheswineherd

    There’s ‘austerity’ for some Councils, but not for all, especially if your constituency MP is a ‘Cabinet Minister’ – 5 of their Councils have been least hit by the budget cuts. These include those of Teresa May, Gove and Cunt.

  18. paultheswineherd

    Jeremy Hunt is a deluded, irrational and stupid cunt. He is another one that needs to be investigated and if possible, prosecuted for bringing public office into disrepute. There is a distinct possibility of what he has actually done (regarding the imposition of this ‘Contract’) could well be a criminal act in law.

  19. Another Fine Recession

    It looks like we’ll all have to move to jeopardy.
    There’s 11,000 BHS jobs there. 🙂

  20. paultheswineherd

    Also, two bits of breaking news this evening.
    Firstly, the MOD could ‘face prosecution’ over ‘avoidable deaths’ of the 3 soldiers who died a few years ago whilst under training in the Brecon Beacons. Where have I heard the expression ‘avoidable deaths’ before? – oh, I know, this is with regard to the DWP & IDS and the ‘releasing of data regarding the number of suicides and ‘avoidable’ deaths’.
    Is there going to be one law for the Armed Forces and another law for the DWP, IDS & Crabb?
    Secondly, ‘Phillip Green’ owned BHS is on the verge tonight of going out of business, with the loss of up to 11,000 jobs.

    • paultheswineherd

      Correction – BHS used to be owned by Phillip Green – he sold the company (BHS) for £1 a number of years ago!

  21. From an Ingeus ‘workshop’: [‘facilitator’ marching across room] It’s about the craic, the camaraderie, the chat around the water cooler. It’s all about [‘facilitator’ breaks into a goosestep and voice reaches a fever pitch] WORK, WORK, WORK!!

    • Fuck Working Links

      The other shit they come out with is “we have all been brainwashed into working for money. And what is money? Bits of paper! You over in the corner if I gave you £100 you wouldn’t know what to do with it [no reply]. [voice in the corner] “But it’s what you can buy in a shop with the money” [no response]. It is just shit being delivered by knobheads on fat salaries trying to brainwash their victims into working for nothing. Just so long as you have got plenty of WORK, WORK, WORK!! Who needs money when you you can pay your gas bill with self-esteem.

    • The Couch Potatoes

      It’s like that TV programme with that obnoxious fat bitch Hayley Taylor (The Fairy Jobmother). She was speaking to a group of single parents and told them though they wouldn’t be getting paid in money they would be “paid in self-esteem tokens” lol

  22. “RT @HousingActionSL: Why are @haringeycouncil @homes4haringey sending a pregnant woman to sleep on the streets tonight? u have a legal duty… 3 days ago” So, if she wasn’t pregnant? Would that make a difference. And what about the fact that councils have absolutely no legal duty towards single people!? Single people are day-in-day-out being turned away from council offices and consigned to die on the streets. An absolutely diabolical situation!

    • Julia Bradbury

      Speaking as someone who was homeless but fortunately only temporarily can I just say that the ONLY way for single women to get housing is to get pregnant. And this is why this woman has DELIBERATELY chosen to get pregnant in order to secure accommodation. If she wasn’t pregnant she would be on the streets! It is indeed a sad state of affairs when women are bringing new life into the world in order to get a roof over their heads. Of course men aren’t afforded this ‘luxury’.

      • Men would be afforded this luxury if they got a woman pregnant and moved in with her, as nature intended.

        • The Old Codgers

          But the woman holds the whip-hand; she can have the man turfed back onto the street on a whim. We overheard a couple of single parents chatting the other day: “I am just keeping him around so that the kids have a matching father”. Not interested in the man at all, after he has served his purpose, only interested in housing and state benefits.

          • I’ve heard plenty of men that laugh and joke when they wash their hands of the pregnant women they are having relationships with, in favour of nights out with the lads and pulling anything and anyone.

            • paultheswineherd

              fly hawkes – Well said! Also I have known of girls who have got themselves deliberately pregnant – so ‘that the Council have to give them a house’. This applies both to ‘single’ mothers and those with ‘their baby’s father’! It’s about time that the Councils stopped from doing this and rooted out only the ‘most deserving of couples’.
              After all, the Council housing waiting lists everywhere are as high as a mountain.

              • Like someone else said on this thread, they are getting pregnant because they cannot get a house otherwise , but others were working sometimes two or more jobs before they got pregnant, but could still not afford to buy or rent a place and were in steady relationships or so they thought.
                Don’t buy into the stereotyping of single parents. Men can use contraception if they don’t want unwanted pregnancies, but prefer to leave it all up to the woman.

                • ps council waiting lists are high because people are brought into this country because they have money either to start businesses or buy up housing stock, they are also given council houses and jobs to put council housing into private hands, housing that has not been replaced like for like.

                  The tories rarely get votes from poor migrants so are selective about who they bring into the country and who they house.
                  Selection is not a policy I am in favour of, you go onto the list and wait your turn until someone starts replenishing social housing stock sufficient for everyone.

                • ps what or who do you consider to be deserving?

                • Why should it be only couples that get council housing and not single parents?

                  There is a dead silence from you Paul.

  23. DecentPeopleOnly

    Too Many are Brainwashed to Hate the Oppressed and Love the
    Oppressed which is Cluelessness Combined with a Lack of Any Human Decency

    The Oppressed is the Victim

    The Oppressor and Oppression Collaboration are the Scum

    • The problem with that theory is that some people get tied into being oppression collaborators, just by virtue of their birth, not by their actions in some cases.

  24. DecentPeopleOnly

    The Royal Family live in Luxury and Extravagance whilst there is so
    much Poverty and Homelessness in this Country

    Of course there are Arsehole Presidents who Live in Luxury and
    Extravagance whilst their People Suffer but this is Still a Matter of

    The Royal Family could allow Buckingham Palace to become
    Accommodation for the Oppressed Homeless and Poor and
    use St James Palace as the Royal Residence in London

    Housing Need’s to be a Basic Human Right

    • Buck house for the homeless? There should be enough housing stock built to accommodate everyone and at a price most people can afford to buy on 1 income, so that they are not paying rent all of their lives. That one income should be the average income across the board.

      To do this, there needs to the political will to build for Britain and bring down the artificially inflated housing market and private rented sector.

      • It is not going to happen fly; at least not whilst the rentier class are dictating public and housing policy.

        • Behave yourself, i’m looking for a toothsayer not a soothsayer.
          Someone who knows about getting their teeth stuck into things that matter.

  25. DecentPeopleOnly

    Housing a Basic Human Right and Basic Human Necessity

    fly hawkes | April 25, 2016 at 10:18 am | Reply

    Men would be afforded this luxury if they got a woman pregnant and moved in with her, as nature intended.

  26. DecentPeopleOnly

    There are a Lot of Scum on Housing Estates in the United Kingdom Sadly
    like Thugs who Murder a Vulnerable Disabled Man and Litter Louts but there are a Lot of Scum in the Evilstablishment like Politicians who Steal from the Poor and Vulnerable to give Tax Breaks from the Rich, Scum like Margaret Thatcher Jimmy Savile’s Bitch and who Collude with Nutcase Austerity .

    The Country Needs Decency like Good Moral Standards and Protecting
    the Poor and Vulnerable

    The Ruling Class do Not Always set a Good Moral Example with their
    Greed and Arrogance and it filters down to Housing Estates which become
    Scatty Care Worn Dumps which are Not Nice Places to Raise Chidren on
    or for a Decent Person to Live

    The Scum Isle

  27. The Papers have done a Lot to Victimise the Poor and Vulnerable
    and the Money Chucked Away on EU Tribute Certainly can Help the
    Poor and Vulnerable

    The Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable has Happened through a
    Lack of Human Decency in too much out There to see that the Oppressed
    are the Victims and the Oppressors are the Villains

  28. Looks like King George V had little liking for Buckingham Palace and
    would of pulled it down and sold off the Garden as a Public Park.

    What is Better is For Buckingham Palace to be used as Places of
    Residence for the Poor and the Oppressed Homeless and the Garden
    available for the Public to stroll through

    Windsor Castle in Berkshire is a far older Royal Seat

  29. Architecture of the calibre of Buckingham palace should be preserved as a part of our history, not used as a doss house. The public should be allowed to visit it for free, but like it or not it should be maintained even if we become a republican state.

    • The Royalarsts

      Think the public can visit certain parts of Buck House. Also think that Her Maj charges for guided tours. Who would have thunk 😀

  30. Indeed . The Architecture should be Preserved and the British Flag could Fly above the Palace . Hampton Court Palace had Grace and Favour Apartments and was still Preserved.

    Point Is there is too much Property for the Rich and Next to Nothing
    for the Point . If Flats were the Poor were established at Buckingham Palace there could be a Code of Good Moral Behaviour so No
    Vandalism Occurred .

    It is an Outrage that Mansions in London are laying empty and disused
    whilst there is so much Homelessness

    Local Councils should purchase them and Put them to Residential

    • Local councils everywhere have bought up properties and installed private housing associations and other private profiteers.

  31. It is Not the Ruling Class and the Upper Class who are Suffering but
    the Poor and Vulnerable who are Oppressed and Victimised

    Whilst Celebrities have Grins on their Faces , People are Suffering under
    Nutcase Austerity with No Voice on their Behalf from the Slave Labour
    ” Opposition “





    The equality watchdog is set to make nearly 30 members of staff redundant, in what critics say is a blow to its efforts to enforce equality laws and hold the government to account over its record on disability discrimination.

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) told staff on Tuesday this week (19 April) that as many as 29 of about 200 posts were at risk, with the possibility of some compulsory redundancies.

    In a consultation paper titled Moving Towards A New EHRC (pictured), the commission talks of “fundamental changes to the way in which we do our work” and says that it will “examine opportunities for sharing services with other regulators, and build more alliances with third parties”.

    It points as an example of such alliances elsewhere in the public sector to the link between NHS Blood and Transplant and the dating site Tinder to raise awareness about organ donations.

    It also says that it will now “focus on a smaller number of bigger projects and programmes”.

    The paper mentions an “unprecedented” decade of consecutive budget cuts to public bodies.

    There will now be a 30-day consultation period on the proposals.



      The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, which represents many of the commission’s staff, said it was “appalled” by the proposals and although it was too early to talk of industrial action said that “we would never rule it out”.

      A PCS spokesman said: “EHRC has been systematically hacked back in recent years, with budgets and staffing slashed under the coalition and now the Tories.

      “This would further undermine this small but vital agency, at a time when the Human Rights Act is under threat and the government’s record on disability discrimination is rightly under massive scrutiny.”

      The watchdog’s core budget for 2016-17 has been frozen at £17.1 million, a real terms cut, and it follows years of cuts to its funding since the formation of the coalition government in 2010.

      In 2010, the commission’s annual budget was as high as £62 million.

      A budget of £17.1 million is several million pounds less than the annual budget of the Disability Rights Commission when it was merged into the new “cross-strand” equality body in 2007.

      At one time, EHRC employed as many as 525 people, after its launch in 2007.

      An EHRC spokesman said: “While we do not comment on the detail of leaks, our business plan sets out our intention to develop and implement a new operating model this year which will ensure we have the right structure, people and processes in place to deliver our ambitious plans to tackle discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and human rights.

      “Our role is as an independent and authoritative national body that delivers significant and sustainable impact.

      “To undertake this function on the basis of constant improvement requires enhancing our culture and ensuring we have the best people with the right skills and expertise to perform our role effectively.

      “We need to achieve this against the background of the government’s spending review, from which we have known for some time that we will need to make spending reductions, in common with other public bodies.

      “We are confident that making these changes will enable us to deliver more impact.

      “We will need to make every penny count but we are absolutely committed to driving real improvements on equality and human rights in Britain.”

      The Government Equalities Office had not commented on the proposed redundancies by noon today (21 April).

      • UK must leave European convention on human rights, says Theresa May.

        Britain should withdraw from the European convention on human rights regardless of the EU referendum result, Theresa May has claimed in comments Labour has condemned as appalling.

        The home secretary’s remarks on Monday triggered an immediate response from the shadow justice secretary, Charles Falconer, who described the intervention as “so ignorant, so illiberal, so misguided”.

        Lord Falconer accused May of “sacrificing Britain’s 68-year-old commitment to human rights for her own miserable Tory leadership ambitions”.

        • Royal parasites induce Stockholm Syndrome to ensure the peasants loyalty.

          • Anyone who admires that bucko house bitch is a brainwashed twat, bet it was a right harlot in its day,dropping its royal up to the chin knickers for ote with a cock, no wonder it likes riding so much, its a wonder it hasn’t got poodles instead of corgies( they are known as fanny lickers).

          • paultheswineherd

            Marie and Deb: Yes, both of you are right. These scroungers are at their happiest when being thrown bucket loads of money – from whatever source and being hero-worshipped by Sky & the BBC, who in turn pass on all of the perceived ‘good tidings’ from the ‘population’ while the royals joyfully lap it all up. The peasants who are ‘her’ subjects have to be happy with what they have, whether that is a lot, or fuck all and are told by these scroungers that the peasants lot has never ever been better, while the poorest make do with a pittance, or no money at all and survive by having to go to a foodbank. The Tories and the royals are all in collusion in this mega-rich farce. What an absolute shit hole of a country Britain has now turned into. Totally disgraceful in a so-called ‘democracy’

            • Do you think if Marie and deb had the money and the power they would be any different, I don’t. In this instance I would not want to replace like with like.

              • paultheswineherd

                I cannot speak for either of them about what they would, or would not do if they were in receipt of such money and power.
                However, human nature being what it is – there are very many individuals who would be exactly the same as, or be/become even worse than the royals – if that is possible!

              • Speak for yourself!

        • Lord Falconer knows full well that our human rights were eroded by the Blair Government who started the sanctioning system that was starving people, the tories just increased the pace.

          We were in Europe and the convention on human rights did nothing.
          Liberty under Shammy Chakrabati did nothing even though they were portraying themselves as purveyors of human and civil rights, but only if you were foreign or gay. I should know I contacted them enough when my benefits were sanctioned.

          Theresa May knows full well that in or out of Europe, the EU will not go against UK’s wishes on human rights, that is why we should be out and fight them on our own soil.

          • “Liberty under Shammy Chakrabati did nothing even though they were portraying themselves as purveyors of human and civil rights, but only if you were foreign or gay.

            Here we go again hawks going on about gays. Change the effing record that one’s worn out.

            • So are the gays or at least their crusade is. Nobody give a shit what your sexuality is and we don’t want to keep hearing about it from you lot or told to shut up when we have reason to criticize them. When you contact someone who is raking in lots of dosh for running a charitable civil/human rights movement to tell them you have no income and are sent a leaftlet on Guantanamo bay and gay rights by way of a useless apology for doing nothing, then you need a good ear bashing, which she got.

              • ps shammy and her sister Rita are middle class, self motivated dingbats.

              • But why are you always on a crusade against gays? You’re criticized when you display intolerant and homophobic comments that discriminate against gay people. Problem is you don’t like it when you’re exposed as a hypocritical homophobic bigot. What can Chakrabati do about your benefits being sanctioned? Eff all that’s what. She’s got nothing to do with the benefits system and you must be the only person in the UK that got sanctioned and turned to them for help. You know who will help you when your benefits get sanctioned, no one. Except your own family if they’re in a position to. But in all sincerity; change your attitude as it’s appalling to listen to you in 2016 the way you think.

                  YOU SLAG.

                • Slag
                  Is that all you got? You’ve got nothing! Clearly you’ve been exposed for what you truly are: a hypocritical, gay hating bigot.

                • That’s funny, last week I was portrayed as a big fat queen, but we know that queens belong in your camp – commandant.

                • I’ve got a o lot more to say about you lot that don’t know if you want sex with a man or a woman, or don’t even know if you are a man or a woman, but they won’t print it.
                  I am neither bigot nor hypocrite, I speak as I find.

                • ps we would only be hypocrites if we were not fighting for a decent society, not a decadent one like you hypocrites want.

                • “I’ve got a o lot more to say about you lot that don’t know if you want sex with a man or a woman, or don’t even know if you are a man or a woman, but they won’t print it.
                  I am neither bigot nor hypocrite, I speak as I find.

                  So why should the above bother you? If two people want to fuck each others brains out or can’t decide about who they want to hump what has that got to do with you? You make it your business because you’re a homophobic, gay hating bigot, that is out of step with the times. You’re a hypocrite because you hide behind religion as a cover for your hatred. To try to make your hate somehow seem more palatable to others you cloak it with religion.

                  How do gay people want a decadent society? You don’t think that priests and members of the church commit the most vile acts behind closed doors? How stupid and naive are you? There are more deviants involved in the church than anywhere else.

                • greengoddess

                  We all know gay paedophile priests have been exposed in the catholic church and no doubt the C of E and others no doubt, yet they are still putting gay people in there, who are forcing the laity to accept gay marriage even though it is against church teaching and the gay community don’t even believe in God and religion, so who are the hypocrites.

                  You think because someone is religious they know nothing about the world and the debauchery of those that want as you say to fuck one another’s dare I say (brains) out 🙂 how naïve are you?

                  If you want to go to hell in a handcart be my guest, but don’t tell me I am a bigot and a hypocrite because I don’t agree with the llikes of you.

                  The times certainly are a changing and not for the better if you are the future.



    This is Great Britain – the country of Magna Carta, parliamentary democracy and the fairest courts in the world……………………

    ………………… must be fucking joking, the UK is on a par with China and North Korea nowadays. Our Judiciary and Appeals system is the Tory bullyboy of the state thieves.

  35. Another worthless, callous, ignorant, evil, arrogant, out of touch tory turd who should be booted out of power too, hope he gets heckled and pelted with eggs!

  36. The truth be told, and tell it I will, is that nobody has the right to live anywhere, not that is, unless they can afford it. As far as I, Old Cigarette is concerned, the Government of The Right Honourable David Cameron, should buy lots of second hand static caravans, station them in a field somewhere remote, and then move the recipients of welfare into those homes. The Benefit People should then be compelled, under threat of immediate rescinding of all State Help should they refuse to comply, and then be made to work for 8 hours per day in farmers fields, 4 days per week in order to get Welfare. I call this tough love.
    There are no free lunches in this world, my friends. I, Old Cigarette have spoken.
    P.s, fly hawkes, I love you. xxx

    • paultheswineherd

      old cigarette – sounds like you would like to live in the good old U.S. of A – where ‘trailer parks’ are 10 a penny and the workfare companies are also numerous and overbearing in their slavery of their poorer population. At least it’s not quite that bad over here yet, but slowly it is heading that way!

    • Old cigarette has been smoking and sniffing glue to come out with that pointless comment.

  37. Old cigarette, with your caravan, they must be more erratic than static if you have one, you dogmatic dinosaur. Keep the birdy you have got, the wren.

    • paultheswineherd

      fly hawkes – Well said!

    • Holden Cigareetus.

      Stay cool fly hawkes, we’ll get some lovemaking later. If we have one of those long hot Summer’s, a sultry Tennessee Williams kind of a Summer, we’ll be able to role play. I’ll put on some grease paint and pretend to be an escaped slave hiding out in the bayou, you can be the elderly Southern belle, frustrated wife of the plantation owner. I’ll spank your ass with a white glove, before having a session with yeeeeewwww. Haw haw haw…
      And the rest of you Filthy Scum Get back to Your Job Search – NOW!

      • Been up since 5 am this morning doing jobsearch and only just taking a break by like catching up on the Void, having a quick bean toast a quarter past 7 pm before retiring to bed around midnight. Then it will be back up at the crack of dawn to crack on with jobsearching You Cunt!

      • Back to the jobsearch You Cunt!

  38. There are a few dovetails come into my garden from next door to eat my bread, I’m pleased they don’t bring their smokie joints with them.

  39. paultheswineherd

    fly hawkes – (Ref the above) I am not ‘against’ single people getting housing. As you explain it all of the circumstances above, you are right.

  40. Paul we all know the ideal is for people to have loving, lasting relationships, whatever their gender, but life doesn’t always turn out that way sadly, no matter how hard people try and end up alone, not wanting to go from one relationship to another.

    On the plus side, even Holden Cigareetus has a plus side, he is as funny as hell. 🙂

    • paultheswineherd

      fly hawkes – Yes, indeed – some people try and try and try and still find no-one, then all of a sudden they may well be lucky and meet that special someone and then they click – just like that. The main thing is, ever give up.
      I really laughed when I saw the comments that Holden Cigareetus put on – quite an inventive and active imagination I’d have thought!
      The mental image that it all conjures up is really good! 🙂

    • Jude the Obscure

      As Thomas Hardy remarked in his classic novel Jude the Obscure, we all aspire to live an idealised life but we are destined to live a sordid one.

  41. Saint Jude, the one who thinks they are the patron saint of lost causes, not realising they are their own worst enemy.

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