Meet Stephen Crabb, Like Iain Duncan Smith Only Shitter


Spot the difference. One is knob. The other is a fictional character.

Jobcentre busy-bodies should be valued as much as firemen and nurses the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb said in his first speech today.  He has seen, first hand, he claims the life-changing interventions made by Jobcentre staff and now wants them to stalk benefit claimants even once they start work with the sinister announcement they should always be “coaching you….mentoring you….supporting you”.

This is what the introduction of Universal Credit will mean for millions of people.  Endless Jobcentre bullying with no escape.  Benefit sanctions that drive people into desperate poverty that traps them in a twilight world of a daily battle for survival.  Vicious cuts to sickness benefits that disabled people have warned will make them less likely to have the means to look for work.  There will even be benefit sanctions for workers to ‘incentivise’ those who need housing or other in-work benefits to constantly strive to earn more, or find an additional job.

In some tragic cases these life-changing Jobcentre interventions will be fatal as more sanctioned claimants are driven to suicide and ill health.  What Crabb and all the grasping poverty pimps who turned up to see him speak today fail to realise is that it is the so-called help from Jobcentres that is the problem.

Crabb was speaking at the Early Intervention Foundation conference, a vol-au-vent munching skive for charity bosses and think-tank dickheads where they pretend to care about socially excluded kids for the day.  The event was sponsored by Capita whose shocking abuse of disabled benefit claimants was exposed on Channel 4’s Dispatches last night.  Also speaking was Philippa Stroud, the former advisor to Iain Duncan Smith who used to try and cure people of being gay with magic.  Crabb would approve, he himself is an ardent supporter of a Christian cult that has organised conferences on curing gay people.  And this evangelical fervour lies behind everything Crabb says.  His coded reference to the ‘foundational role of the family’ reveals his true agenda.  Crabb voted against gay marriage.  He doesn’t like that kind of family.  He probably thinks they should go to hell.  Unless they can be cured of course.

The sad truth is that Stephen Crabb is like an even shitter version of Iain Duncan Smith – who he today called a great social reformer.  The only difference is that Crabb doesnt have any ideas of his own and so is doggedly sticking to the endless messianic schemes intending to fix poverty by making people poorer that his predecessor introduced.  That’s why there were no policy announcements today beyond an ominous threat to use unpaid workfare schemes more ‘creatively’ and yet more harassment of claimants on sickness and disability benefits.  Instead Crabb went on about his mother, as usual, and tried to convince the assorted delegates what a nice person he was.  He really cares, he’s a bit like Jesus.  So let’s fucking crucify him.

Above pic from: Is the new Work and Pensions Minister the REAL David Brent? #EIFNatCon #TheOrifice

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55 responses to “Meet Stephen Crabb, Like Iain Duncan Smith Only Shitter

  1. Santa Hates You

    JV – In my experience all those JCP busybodies are total fuckups who wouldn’t care if you died of starvation. As for Stephen Crabb, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

  2. Rosemarie Harris

    We knew that who ever took this role would be just as bad if not worse than the last one but they would be God loving and perhaps this is why the church is going down the pew.
    It’s not a choice for us they are all rich people who have no idea how we live and to be honest they don’t care and you know what i don’t give a shit about him or his lying department we need to fight him like the last weird one. It’s the same of the same .. I wonder who will be next!

  3. so this twat believes job centre staff should be on a par with fire men and nurses ect, no these people save lives not fucking destroy lives like job centre staff!!.
    this egotistical overlord is just another hang man for this corrupt self serving government. how the fuck can this parasite make such offensive comments.
    one cunt resigns and another cunt takes his place.

  4. Landless Peasant

    The Jobcentre busybodies are just box-tickers, they don’t really give a fuck, they just go through the motions, whilst getting a salary and looking forwards to their Pension. No one has even looked at my jobsearch activity since last year, or that bloody useless booklet thing that I filled up last December, they don’t even ask and obviously don’t care. I get passed from pillar to post, from one soi-called ‘work coach’ to another, from scheme to another – New Deal followedby New Deal followed by New Deal followed by New Deal followed by the Work Programme followed by Mandature Work Activity and “Post-Work Programme Support” followed by Skills Conditionality – Transitioning Ahead followed by weekly signing…..phew! What a load of fucking bollocks.

    P.s. that’s Mandatory, not ‘Mandature’ (fucking phone)

    • Landless Peasant

      and now I’ve just been told Im signing on the middle floor instead of the top floor, and my Work Coach/Adviser will now be Gareth not Peter, like it makes any fucking difference. It’s à fucking joke, a charade, a never ending fucking Pantomime. He’s behind you. Oh no he fucking isn’t. Oh yes he is.

    • Jobcentres are past their use by date

      Just pay benefits the way pensions are paid ffs The infrastructure is already there, ready to be shared saving the hard working taxpayer and absolute fortune. Too many vested interests though drawing fat salaries, looking forward to gold-plated pensions when they take early retirement, driving expensive cars, enjoying fancy holidays, living in posh houses, holding a ‘portfolio’ of ‘buy-to-let properties, having a holiday home abroad, dining in the finest restaurants, having an enormous flat-screen TV adorn every room in their expensive homes, and all courtesy of ‘Jobcentre Plus’. Incidentally, it costs 100 times more to run this draconian, antiquated, no-fit-for-purpose abomination of a horsehit organisation (most salaries – a few quid in rent for their ram-shackle, run-down ‘offices’. It sure as hell isn’t the claimants who ‘benefit from ‘Jobcentre Plus’.

    • You could just set the payment system to ‘automatic’ (bollocks to cock roach ‘interventions’) and close down the whole ‘jobcentre’ ‘network’. And scrap all the ‘help and support’ ‘work programmes’, ‘workfare’ and all the other gravy chain shite for cunts with the right connections.

  5. paultheswineherd

    It seems that Crabb is nothing more than a recreation, only worse, of IDS – from one fucking cunt to another – another continuing war looms for Crabb just below his virtual horizon. He is going to have to be fought tooth and nail just like that monumental fucker, Iain Duncan Smith.
    I can promise him one thing – his term in ‘office’ is going to be a shithouse of one for him – from everyone who has, and is still going to suffer from his ongoing ‘Welfare Reforms’.

  6. paultheswineherd

    In the House of Commons yesterday – defending hhis good friend pig-fuck, this is what the toffs really think of anyone who is not wealthy or insanely rich – they are all worthless failures – then that must include a huge chunk of Britain’s population!
    Sir Alan Duncan – truly another millionairre cunt of the very first order.

  7. paultheswineherd

    A new Lords defeat for the present Tory shambles that call themselves a Government.

    • David Cameroon.

      Vote O.U.T, I say .
      I’m just in the process of destroying all propaganda
      guv FILTH that comes through the door begging me to vote in.
      Never gonna happen.
      O.U.T. OF Euroipe. NOW.

  8. paultheswineherd

    This article really tells it like it is – the price of milk ?? No idea!
    The price of setting up a Company and running it – No problem!
    The toffs are completely and utterly out of touch except when it comes to making even more money, by whatever means possible, lying and spinning it all and then fiddling their tax and expenses – are they honest and trustworthy? My foot!

  9. I.D.S. is a sub par I.Q. human being;
    His skill set amounts to ‘nothing’ and his M.O. is targeting the weak.
    It is ‘telling’ He has jacked it in now and run away; perhaps he thinks we may forget?
    It will never happen, George Smith.
    Nobody is forgetting your involvement any time soon.
    Now he is a nobody , the waiting game is fun.
    Give it a few years i will kick his lungs in just for the fun of it.

  10. The DWP now have a new “Deity/God” to over-see the sacrifice of human beings in total meltdown due to extreme stress.
    The social experiment of fear and loathing in todays UK.

    Agent Smith was replaced by Agent Smith.

  11. paultheswineherd

    Crabb would undoubtedly make a really good ‘singing gurner’ – playing his guitar and singing, whilst his head would be surrounded by an old-style carthorse harness. Whilst singing, his face would continually and wildly contort – to the sheer delight of the receptive ‘audience’ of Charity ‘heads’ and the bosses of the povetry-pimp private workfare companies at his ‘Intervention Speech’ today.
    If someone could do a makeover and a ‘photoshop’ of this and put it on here, it would be really good! 😀

  12. Landless Peasant

    May as well shut down all the Jobcentres for what use they are and considering the obscene amount of public money it costs to run them. Just go back to having a 1970s style Unemployment Office where claimants simply go to sign on, and let people sign on online. No need for all the rest of it, the bogus ‘work coaches’, the endless back-to-work s,chemes, the G4ss guards, carpeted waiting areas and all the rest of it, computers that don’t work. It’s all total bollocks intended to hoodwink the electorate into believing that the Government are doing something about the perceived ‘problem’ of unemployment, when the truth is there’s fuck all they can do about it and unemployment is here to stay. Jobcentres are nothing

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  14. So Crab Face says that he and all DWP staff must always remember that they are in the ‘PEOPLE BUSINESS’. COULDNT HAVE PUT IT BETTER MYSELF, could also be described as THE SLAVE TRADE. People have become commodities for Big Business!

  15. Some quotes from his speech that stand out………….

    “Welfare that focuses on people also means we must understand the human impact of decisions we take far better”.

    And late on this………..
    “Financial support for people facing poverty is vital – I always tell my colleagues….never, never underestimate the importance of a family in need getting that support in a timely and effective way – but on its own, cash support is rarely enough”.

    So, what of Benefit Sanctions then, Stephen, or withdrawing benefits from those deemed fit to work by DWP???

    This is what he says of Universal Credit………..
    “So I am absolutely committed to leading a continued, successful roll out of Universal Credit. That is a priority for me,
    And to those who are sceptical of Universal Credit, I just say this: ‘look at the evidence so far’. When you compare those who are already receiving Universal Credit to a similar cohort receiving previous Jobseeker’s Allowance, you will see people on Universal Credit:
    – are spending roughly 50% more time looking for work
    – they are 8 percentage points more likely to be in work
    – and when they are in work, they’re more likely to be earning a higher wage.”
    From reading this garbage, it is obvious much of it was written for him. Though in the discourse, as JV notes, plenty is said about the Family. Too much is said about the family I would say!

    He hasn’t a clue about any of this. And as fort he folks he was addressing, they haven’t a clue about reality either.

    • That’s because the elite agenda is to break up the family unit, not hold it together.
      The bedroom tax is seeing to that, as well as breaking up social housing.
      Anyway what do they know about human impact with their reptilian brain.

      UC designed by Satanists, to destroy human life.

  16. Quite an interesting position considering the average job center busy has an i.q. of around 89.

  17. Unemployment is a pre requisit of a capitalist society; the surfs wont slave for peanuts if they believe they can ‘strike’ or hold out for their worth.
    Unfettered 3rd world immigration just proves the gov. is a whore,and cares little for the existing population.
    The spectre of ‘property’ price looms large in inflation in everything from a packet of toilet role to a hot sausage roll;
    pubs, greasy spoons, fish and chippers, all disappear fast cos of ‘property price’.
    The likes of Mr ‘Smith’ on 3k a week work ten years and run away with the ill gotten gains.
    Most in london would still be paying a mortgage at 60 on a one bed flat.If they were lucky enough to get a mortgage in the first place.

    • The Couch Potatoes

      We were watching Property is the Sun or whatever it is called on Channel 4 the other day. Available for sale were beautiful 5/6 bedroom,new-build exquisitely furnished properties in Florida for around £100,000 – you couldn’t buy a rabbit hutch in over-priced London for that!

  18. Panasonic refuses to fix a TV blaming the damage on nicotine. In that Panasonic should put “SMOKING KILLS TVS” on their TV’s boxes 😀 But what next? Being refused NHS treatment because you enjoy a fag?

    • I know people who have been refused inhalers and other vital medication or even being removed from their GP list because they refused to submit to supposedly elective women’s cancers screening! Dictatorship is alive and well. Of course doctors get financial bonuses the more women they force to screen!

  19. Panasonic refuses to fix a TV blaming the damage on nicotine. In that case Panasonic should put “SMOKING KILLS TVS” on their TV’s boxes 😀 But what next? Being refused NHS treatment because you enjoy a fag?

  20. David Cameroon.


  21. I still think that the Tory party are about to implode – I wouldn’t give them another year in government.
    Although I wouldn’t wish disability or long-term sickness on anyone the tories are not anyone and I would wish it on every member of the cabinet or their immediate family!

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    But the sad truth is, had it been me or you our job would be untenable because the tabloids would say that we had been caught fucking around with a leather clad, dominatrix, whiplash prostitute…………

    Are the media scared of this sad cunt who likes to be dominated?

    Of course they are!!

    He holds the office that is supposedly checking on moral and ethical values whilst prancing round in his undies being flagellated by a hooker……….

    Sad state of affairs when the media are frightened of one of Cameron’s scumsuckers, but what do you expect of a government so bent they could hide behind a corkscrew………..

    Hope he gets legal aid to fight his corner, otherwise he will need a whip round…………..


      ……….nice one sian;

      Margaret Thatcher a political hero of Cameron’s who herself contributed to the destruction of the coal industry and society as a whole, also benefited from not paying no tax. It has been revealed that her own children will continue to avoid millions in inheritance tax since their mothers house in Belgravia, London, was registered to an offshore trust yet still taxpayers had to fork out for the cost of her funeral three years ago this month.

      ………..may she rot in hell, the evil bastard



    This is really worth taking the time to watch. So many of us will relate to Steven’s story. Worked for decades with his disability but societal barriers meant he had to stop…from there has followed a descent which so many others have experienced.

    Thank you to Steven for sharing this. We wish him the best. x
    ATOS Miracles

  25. Landless Peasant

    I went to Jobcentre today to try do some jobsearch, as required, like a good little Peasant, but it was à complete waste of time. Every computer I went on crashed within 5 mins. The DWP and JCP are utter bullshit from top to bottom. It’s all in fucking chaos, a total fucking shambles, Thanks to IDS, Lord Fraud, Dodgy Dave, Gideon Osborne and the rest of the fucking Tory SCUM. This country is fucked.

  26. No to Universal Credit Hands Off The Poor

    Yes to a Written British Constitution which Protects the Welfare State
    and Welfare Benefits

  27. Margaret Thatcher makes Excrement look Sweet

    Evil Witch

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | April 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    ……….nice one sian;

    Margaret Thatcher a political hero of Cameron’s who herself contributed to the destruction of the coal industry and society as a whole, also benefited from not paying no tax. It has been revealed that her own children will continue to avoid millions in inheritance tax since their mothers house in Belgravia, London, was registered to an offshore trust yet still taxpayers had to fork out for the cost of her funeral three years ago this month.

    ………..may she rot in hell, the evil bastard

  28. So this fascist, homophobic piece of shit think he can cure gay people and the sick, who does he think he is, Jesus, well, he’s got a beard so he must be!


    Dear Full-Time Worker


    We cannot pay you Universal Credit. This is because we recently told you about a doubt: that you did not do enough to find more work. We have now decided that you did not do enough to find more work.

    Whilst you are in work we expect you to do all you can do to find more work

    A Cunt


    Legislation used to make this decision: Welfare Reform Act (Universal Credit) 2015

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