Rage @mencap_charity Grows As Thousands Demand Crabb Must Go!


Mencap’s chief executive Jan Tregelles explains the charity’s position.

If you want to know how Tories sleep at night, how they salve their consciences or make peace with their non-existent Gods, then just ask Mencap or one of the other charities happy to accommodate those destroying the lives of disabled people amongst their ranks.

The horrible, homophobic, new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Stephen Crabb is currently a trustee of Pembrokeshire Mencap despite the main UK branch of the charity campaigning against everything he stands for.  The message this sends to Crabb is clear – don’t worry, it’s not that serious, don’t expect any real consequences from Mencap for slashing the already meagre incomes of those the charity claims to support.  Sure Mencap will huff and puff, will write petitions and issue strong statements, but when it comes right down to it, when Mencap are actually tested as an organisation, they will choose sucking up to their local MP over actually fighting for people with learning disabilities.  That is how Stephen Crabb sleeps at night.  After all, if he’s on the board of the local Mencap then how can anyone say he doesn’t care about disabled people.

Of course it is not just Stephen Crabb’s conscience that is cleared.  The PR value to the Conservative Party is plain to see.  Tory MPs on the boards of charities helps maintain the party’s lie that they are not really attacking disabled people, they are just helping them, by making them a bit poorer to encourage them to strive.  From a purely cynical campaigning angle what charities like Mencap are doing is not just helping Tories to get elected, but also to push their vile agenda that insists benefit cuts are good for you.

Over the last week thousands of people have expressed outrage at Mencap’s involvement with Stephen Crabb.  Over 11,000 people have signed a petition demanding he resign from his post.  Mencap’s facebook page has been bombarded by those disgusted at the charity’s behaviour.  The response, as ever from the disability industry has been mealy-mouthed excuses and a refusal to act.  The main branch of Mencap say they are powerless do anything, that this is a local branch of the organisation who they have no influence over. You’d think anyone can set up a branch of Mencap, use their name and logo for fundraising purposes, and that’s just fine.  They must think we’re fucking idiots.  They could have Crabb removed with a phone call.  They don’t want to.

Instead they are calling on people to write to him, to wish him luck in his new job and ask if he would mind awfully being a champion of people with a learning disability.  It’s important that he gets things right say Mencap, despite the fact he has been getting things wrong for the last six years.  Crabb has voted for every cut to disability benefits that has been implemented, including the introduction of Personal Indeendence Payments designed to remove benefits from a fifth of disabled people.   He voted for the Bedroom Tax, and the Benefit Cap, and more recently in favour of cutting the payments to many sick or disabled people by £30 a week.  Give the chap just one more chance Mencap seem to be suggesting when they should be showing him the door.

It is vital to keep up the pressure and make sure that charities who harbour dirty little Tory secrets learn that there will be consequences for their betrayal.  Disabled People Against Cuts have released a guide to which charities have Tory MPs on their boards.  And these consequnces should reach to the very top, like Mencap’s chief executive Jan Tregelles who in 2013 gave a nauseating interview to The Guardian explaining how she’s worth every penny of her whopping £137,442 a year pay-cheque.  If despite all this money she can’t cleanse Mencap of politicians who support policies that have driven disabled people to suicide then she should go herself.

And it is her huge salary that is part of the problem.  Charity bosses like Tregalles are far closer socially, economically and politically to the likes of Stephen Crabb, then they are to those who depend on benefits.  She will never understand the icy terror of seeing a brown enevlope from the DWP drop through her letter-box. Or personally experience the constant insecurity and life-sapping stress of living under a government that is happy to condemn people to economic destruction on little more than a whim.  She’s not on the receiving end of the so-called help currently being inflicted on claimants in the form of endless assessments, benefits sanctions, workfare, forced training and quite possibly soon forced medical interventions.  It is all abstract to her, not something lived directly.  If she is angry at all about the current situation it is because she is being paid to be.

This is the reason for the disconnect that has repeatedly emerged between disability, homelessnes or anti-poverty charities and those they are funded to support.  It is not just that they don’t feel our rage, they consider it their jobs to mitigate it.  To channel it in safe directions, to explain to us how we just need to trust them and see the bigger picture.  The bigger picture being that they are doing very well out of austerity and would really rather the plebs didn’t derail the gravy train.  We should be grateful for all their hard work munching vol-au-vents at glitzy fundraising dinners on our behalf.  Here have a vol-au-vent yourself.  Just kidding.  As if a service user gets to have a vol-au-vent.

Please sign and share the petition calling for Crabb to resign from his local Mencap branch.

Visit Pembrokeshire Mencap’s facebook page and let them know what you think of their trustee Stephen Crabb.

Or contact the national organisation on facebook or twitter @mencap_charity

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71 responses to “Rage @mencap_charity Grows As Thousands Demand Crabb Must Go!

  1. Charities Either Help and Protect the Poor and Vulnerable or they are
    Not Worthy of the Name of Charities

    Charities should be Opposing Nutcase Austerity on the Grounds of
    Charity and Compassion

  2. Signed petition, this homophobic yet closeted gay hypocrite has to go, lying, deceitful, greedy, evil little twerp should be history, like his lord and master IDS!

  3. Wirral In It Together

    Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together.

  4. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the likes of Tregelles are there to achieve anything for other people – they do meetings, they do events, they do conferences – for a large wage and a generous expense account. They don’t use a long spoon to sup with the devil, they use it to fend off the people they’re supposed to be serving.

  5. There should be Protests to Call For the Scrapping of the 5 p bag charge

    • This charge is just an example of state interference,causing extra staffing costs (the bags used to be available at self checkouts but now a member of staff is required to ‘oversee’ bags) and inconvenience (many stores no longer have baskets near the entrance in fear of you walking home with them).
      I have managed to remember to take my ‘bag for life ‘ to the store twice so far, so the effect for me will always be purely a tax unless I carry it everywhere.

      • ‘bag for life’?! lol not unless you are a green fly 😀

        • Well,I do actually have a hessian cloth type shopping bag,but if you are not driving,whats the point? Are you going to fold it up and stuff it in a pocket?
          The supermarket is the nearest store to me so popping in for a few items on the way home costs me a disposable bag every time I go.
          Unless I fold one of those up… It is totally ill thought out and costs the customer and store more than it is worth.
          The 5 pence will not affect bags ending up in the sea etc,as those bags are likely discarded by people consuming out of the home.
          (You are not likley to discard a bag containing frozen goods and tins,are you?).

        • It’s impossible to fly green, especially when the plane is full of bags.

  6. The Country also should Protest against the Infliction of Council Tax
    upon the Poor and Vulnerable together with Nutcase Public Spending

  7. George Osborne has been a Disaster as Chancellor of the Exchequer

    George Osborne Needs to Resign as Chancellor of the Exchequer

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Put these charity bosses on £20,000 a year & they would not touch it. Charity starts at home with a bank balance. But we do such great work getting paid £140,000 a year on Twatter !!!

    • People are confused Jan is ceo of Royal Mencap Society.

      Stephen Crabb is a patron of a local Mencap Charity so nothing at all to do with Royal Mencap or Jan. I think people are confused so Stephen Crabb is not the patron for Royal Mencap Society in London.

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I got a disabled wheelchair called Disability Champion.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      They don`t ask why my wheelchair is disabled, maybe it has a puncture in the tyre !!!

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  11. People are confused Jan is ceo of Royal Mencap Society.

    Stephen Crabb is a patron of a local Mencap Charity so nothing at all to do with Royal Mencap or Jan. I think people are confused so Stephen Crabb is not the patron for Royal Mencap Society in London.

    • No-one is confused, the national organisations needs to take this local branch in hand and if necessary strip them of the Mencap brand. There will be adequate clauses in any agreement over using the Mencap trademark to do just that.

      • All Seeing Eye

        If Mencap are like the rest of the huge charity parasites, they will be charging their “local” (franchised) branches several thousand pounds a year to use the Mencap logo and brand = headed notepaper, business cards, forms, all cost a fucking packet, especially when the HQ insists that all these “supplies” are purchased from HQ.

        If you donate to a local branch of any big charity, know that the first thing on any branch financial needs list is monies to pay for the privilege of using the name. Your donation won’t always be for the “local” branch to use.

        • Im sorry but as a trustee to a Local Mencap Charity that is simply not the case Royal Mencap Society never charge Local Mencap Charities and all donations to the local mencap charities actually helps to provide the need services for the people with disabilities.

          I’m not a trustee for the local mencap charity that Stephen Crabb is a patron for just before anyone saids anything myself I have a learning disability so what i am saying is the honest truth.

      • paultheswineherd

        johnny void – another excellent article.

  12. Vol au vents are a bit dry aren’t they? I prefer chips!

  13. Indeed a Tax that Needs to be Repealed

    Ka-nobby | March 24, 2016 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    This charge is just an example of state interference,causing extra staffing costs (the bags used to be available at self checkouts but now a member of staff is required to ‘oversee’ bags) and inconvenience (many stores no longer have baskets near the entrance in fear of you walking home with them).
    I have managed to remember to take my ‘bag for life ‘ to the store twice so far, so the effect for me will always be purely a tax unless I carry it everywhere.

  14. The Country Needs a Better Prime Minister than David Cameron

  15. Voting to Leave the EU on June the 23rd would be a Massive Defeat for
    the Arrogance of David Cameron

    The EU is the Establishment Union and is a Neo Liberal Project

  16. Hopefully the Liberal Democrats will Lose Seats and Votes in Local
    Government Elections

  17. excellent writing jv

  18. Pingback: Rage @mencap_charity Grows As Thousands Demand ...

  19. Rosemarie Harris

    Surly if the person ‘changes’ and becomes a power crazed Mp ( which he isn’t yet) but he has taken up a post in Government which is the opposite of the aims and objectives of this charity how can he repersent them? It’s like making the japanesse responsible for the worlds oceans and it’s residents…Mind you at least the whales have Sea Shepard.
    I am sure they could get rid of him… If they tried.

  20. Crabbs are like chameleons, they change colour depending on the environment – I do hope he feels the warm welcome we have given him, the cunt

    • paultheswineherd

      jeremy – well said – with his abysmal record so far, the sooner he goes the better. He ha so far shown that he is a total cunt and we will all fight him all of the way until he is out of his cushy Office job.

  21. By the way, does anybody know about any abuse that goes on within the confines of the Royal Society for the Blind – those wonderful, caring people – I had a friend who spoke of some of the trauma he went through whilst a child at ‘their hands’????? Charity begins in their own back garden for these fuckers

  22. The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society has also refused to ask their patron to step down – Theresa May. They’ve written the most bizarre waffle in explanation – you can find here http://www.nras.org.uk/news/nras-statement-on-the-recent-government-reform-relating-to-disability-benefits

  23. paultheswineherd

    What is it with all of these so-called ‘Charities’ – a lot of them seem to be simply corrupt and money grabbing, with a lot of the money going in ‘administration’ and ending up in the CEO’s pocket to build the latest mansion and swimming pool. Meanwhile, some of the unemployed are forced to work for them for nothing on workfare (on pain of a sanction)
    The Charity Commission really needs to launch a proper investigation into this potentially fraudulent behaviour and they need to take a long hard look at a lot of them and ‘whom’ they actually ‘help’.
    M.P’s and Ministers should be banned from being ‘patrons’ of them or anything else, – these people do not know what it is to be ‘in need’ or to be ‘suffering’ in any way. I am surprised that IDS is not a patron of ‘Save The Children’ or Osborne is not a ‘patron’ of the Child Poverty Action Group.
    It is an obscenity that these CEO’s such as Jan Tregelles are allowed to have such huge salaries – her salary is not far off of Cameron’s (and he does fuck all to deserve it as well – apart from rant about their ‘long term economic plan’ and the extra 4 million slaves that are ‘supposedly’ now in work – what utter bullshit. She though, like so many arrogant and non-deserving in our society is paid far too much for far too little work.
    Sounds like she is one of these ‘conference’/’event’ people – bet she doesnt go out on street corners trying to raise money for her charity.
    It’s nothing short of a travesty and a sham – I certainly wont be ‘giving my £2, £3, £4’ or in the case of the Sally Army, ‘£19 a month’ to any of the cunts. They can all get stuffed.

  24. paultheswineherd

    Osborne robbing the poor to pay the rich – he is certainly no Robin Hood – more like a ‘robbing bastard’.

  25. paultheswineherd

    Cameron down 10 points, Corbyn up 10 points. Yes, that’s good – but, if they come into office ever, Labour is still far too far to the ‘right’ – New Labour has not gone, Tony Bliar’s legacy lives on in many of their M.P’s and Ministers. If they ever get in they will quickly oust Corbyn and Mc Donnell and return with all of their terrible policies, Red Labour would be back in control – I have absolutely no doubt of that. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I could be right.

  26. paultheswineherd

    It’s the only ‘money’ that this rich and scrounging old bag ever gives away.
    Never any poverty or NHS treatment for them – only the very best private health care and tax-payer’s income. Also, she is a ‘patron’ of a million different charities – I bet that they just love her!



    ………….Isn’t it strange when any shit hits the fan of a local charity using the name MENCAP, it suddenly has no affiliation to it’s ROYAL MENCAP links…….

    Mencap boss ‘stole more than £500,000 from charity’s vulnerable clients and set up £1,000-a-month “ghost” contract for his Lithuanian mistress’

    Charity boss Peter Childs ‘showered lover with gifts including a Land Rover’
    She was allegedly paid a monthly wage but never worked for the charity
    Childs and wife Alison are accused of 13 charges of theft and 15 of fraud
    They allegedly took clients’ life savings and over-charged them for utility bills
    They were even said to have stolen Cold Weather Payments
    Peter Childs is former chairman of Lincoln and District Mencap, which is not affiliated with Royal Mencap Society

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2557372/Mencap-boss-stole-500-000-charitys-needy-clients-set-1000-month-ghost-contract-Lithuanian-mistress.html#ixzz43rLJAG45
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


      Charity boss Peter Childs ‘showered lover with gifts including a Land Rover’
      She was allegedly paid a monthly wage but never worked for the charity

      ……………..Is there any wonder joe public is distancing itself from these organisations that put two fingers up to those they purport to represent and have become personal money boxes for the likes of JAN TREGELLES?

      Charity begins at home for the biggest dippers……….

  28. paultheswineherd

    Geoff – Interesting – as I said a lot of them seem to be in it for what they can get (and a family luxury farmhouse to boot)! Thanks for putting these posts on.

  29. “why jan tregelles is worth more than you or i”

    I am Mencap’s chief executive and I earn £137,442 a year, which the board of trustees have assessed is the right level for someone who has such a complex, high-risk, job. I know for many of my colleagues, our donors and our beneficiaries that this is a huge amount of money. By writing this article I am simply trying to portray a sense of my responsibilities as chief executive and the complexities of my role.

    Learning disability is not just my job. It is a major part of my life and has been for 30 years. Being chief executive of a leading disability charity was never going to be a nine-to-five job, nor would I want it to be. But it is very complex.

    Everything I do is about outcomes and making sure people with a learning disability can live the lives they choose.



    Hampshire police investigate financial fraud in Mencap-run care home

    Care home residents have been inappropriately charged by staff at one of Britain’s leading charities for products ranging from DVDs to Chinese takeaways.

    The Royal Mencap Society has already repaid over £60,000 to five residents at one of its homes.

    Residents of Dolphin Court in Havant in Hampshire and owned by Mencap, paid tens of thousands of pounds for items they should not have been sold, The Times reports.

    One disabled Dolphin Court resident, who couldn’t speak, was charged £126 for a karaoke machine, while another paid for five DVDs but was unable to understand television.

    Benefits amounting to thousands of pounds were not paid to one resident of Dolphin Court and money went missing from the home’s safe, the newspaper says.

    Hampshire police have been passed a huge batch of complaints relating to Dolphin Court and are looking at the evidence.

    Some 20,00 cases of financial abuse are reported every year, according to NHS figures, with a third of these taking place in care homes. Mencap runs 128 registered care home in England and Wales.

    Mencap said the Dophin case was an isolated incident and that 12 staff had been sacked over alleged “financial impropriety” since 2010.

    One man at Dolphin court was charged over £200 for alcohol and bingo while on a holiday cruise with carers, despite his sister saying he would have been unable to play bingo.

    His sister has since jointly set up a company called Finacare, which offers financial record keeping services for vulnerable people. It has so far clawed back over £60,000 for five people at Dolphin Court.


    Disabled activists are calling for Iain Duncan Smith to face a criminal investigation over his refusal to address a coroner’s concerns about the safety of the “fitness for work” test, which led to “countless deaths” over the last six years.

    They want to hold Duncan Smith – and his former employment minister Chris Grayling – to account for their failure to improve the safety of the work capability assessment (WCA), even though they were warned that it risked causing further deaths.

    Tomorrow (25 March), one leading disabled activist will meet with two officers from Police Scotland so he can hand over a dossier of evidence calling for Duncan Smith (pictured) and Grayling to face charges of misconduct in public office.


  32. paultheswineherd

    Charity pay study as registered by Charities Commission on 19 Jan 2015.
    Nice job if you can get it – but you would probably have to bury all of your principles and emotions first. (Just like MP’s!) The figures are scandallous.


    How angry are we?

    Suppose a Christmas fund was set up, whereby people paid in over the year, with the expectation that they would get the money back at the end of the year. Now suppose that at the end of the year it transpired that the person handling the money had spent a huge portion on a slap up meal for themselves and their friends, having decided that, from their point of view, that was a better use of the resources.
    How much anger would be felt by those cheated?

    Suppose an insurance policy was run, which lead a person to believe that if they pay in then, should they suffer misfortune, they would be able to have a pay out. Now suppose the people running the policy decided it was better for them (and their share holders) to default on as many claims as they possibly could.
    How much anger would be felt by those cheated?

    Suppose a Welfare State was set up, whereby people paid in over the years, with the expectation that should they ever suffer misfortune, they would get money from the collective kitty, to support them at time of need. Now suppose that when they hit that time of need, it transpired that the persons handling the money decided that from, their point of view, it would be better to renege on the deal. Instead of spending the money on aid, they wasted it on forcing the claimant through a trivial and humiliating assessment, often followed by the stress of a tribunal. They further wasted funds by giving it to employment programmes (when the issue is of illness, or of lack of jobs because of a broken economy). Moreover, from the point of view of the people in charge of the fund, much of the revenue gleaned from the populace was better spent on other things, like giving themselves ever increasing wages for managing the task, like buying weapons of mass destruction.
    How much anger would be felt by those cheated?


  34. paultheswineherd

    More sneaky selling off of public assets by Osborne to try to help to fill his £4 bn black hole in his finances – expect the Land Registry to be sold off cheaply!

  35. paultheswineherd

    And also news tonight that British made warheads have been found to have killed civilians in Yemen. Which expensive ‘other people’s war’ are our Tory Government next to be involved in I wonder! Millions of £’s available at a minute’s notice for this sort of scenario, (especially in support of the good old U.S. of A. or if ‘oil’ is involved in any way)!

  36. The link to Pembrokeshire Mencap takes you to a Walled Garden company Fb page. Needs fixing.

  37. I can’t get over the fact Cameron and IDS are patrons of motability. there’s a petition here to get them to step down https://www.change.org/p/mike-betts-remove-david-cameron-and-iain-duncan-smith-as-patrons-of-motability

  38. JV Please never give up what you are doing with this blog. The world needs people like you who are willing to stand up and tell the world what is really going on and to expose the absolute corruption within our establishment. Sadly the way the UK is going and what the rulers have planned for the internet in the near future is even more draconian, All those that support your point of view will soon be banned from the web or jailed to shut them up. I often read about comments from ministers and civil servants on how to censor the internet of all speech that does not agree with the official line. Anyone out there who thinks we have seen the worst is in for a real wake up call in the not so distant future. The internet has been the most frightening development of all time to the worlds rulers. For the first time ordinary people could disseminate the truth without having to go through the Establishment gate keepers and this they know they must stop at all cost or they will eventually lose control. In the UK the Tory press has always been the way they get the propaganda out and to make it look fair they allowed a little dissent from the likes of the so called left wing media which jokingly persuades the plebs they are on their side whilst ramming stories about the Royal family down your gullet every day, expecting the plebs won’t realise what the real agenda is. They fool the majority but the bastards will never fool me.

  39. Foodbanks set to hand out 135,000 kids’ meals over Easter holidays



    One of my friends went to see the doctor recently, suffering from a catalogue of ailments including shingles……………

    He was given a doctors note………….

    WIthin a short period of time he was sent a brown envelope to attend a work capability assessment and has been assessed as fit for work, which he clearly isn’t.

    How long before they find him dangling on the end of a rope?

    Another of the vile systems failures to save money to hand to their friends.

    The trouble is, this guy i refer to, has deep mental problems having found his drug related son dead, laying in the house, his wrists connected to the mains cables.

    What will the DWP and its host parasite say when they discover his lifeless body creaking at the foot of a stair well?


    ………..Maybe the tainted beefburger his dad fed him during the BSE crisis is puddling the remnants of his brain?

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been branded a “disgrace” for failing to face a grilling from Labour over the junior doctors’ dispute. Heidi Alexander launched the scathing attack after health minister Ben Gummer replied to the shadow health secretary’s urgent question in the House of Commons on 24 March.

    “This is a worrying time for patients and the NHS, and it is nothing short of a disgrace that yet again the Health Secretary has failed to turn up. If this walkout goes ahead, this will be the first time ever junior doctors have fully withdrawn their labour. Nobody wants that to happen,” Alexander declared.
    Why advertise with us

    A Department of Health source told IBTimes UK the dispute was within Gummer’s remit, but would not reveal Hunt’s whereabouts.

    Alexander’s comments come after Gummer accused the British Medical Association (BMA) of holding the government to ransom by escalating its industrial action.
    Views from behind the picket lineIBTimes UK

    “At some point a democratically-elected government must be able to proceed to fulfil the promises it has made to the people. Governments cannot be held hostage by a union that refuses to negotiate,” the minister claimed.

    The minister also described the union’s decision to plan a total walkout of NHS junior doctors in April as “entirely disproportionate and highly irresponsible”. Gummer added: “We will do all in our power to ensure that patients are protected. However, given that patients presenting at hospitals in an emergency are often at the point of extreme danger, the action taken by the BMA will inevitably put patients in harm’s way.”

  42. ………………………take no notice of rumours that Dunko the Clown is to jump out of the Queens wedding cake surrounded by confetti carrying the names of all those he personally butchered………….

    The freedom of information commissioner, CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM is unavailable on that day to clean up the mess……………………………..

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