Does The End of Social Security Lie Behind Osborne’s Savings Hand Out?


Osborne wants the tax payer to help his kids buy a house, but there is much more to it than even that.

At first glance George Osborne’s Lifetime ISAs look like just another give away to the better off.  At the lower end of the scale they represent a generous subsidy for those who can afford to put money aside to buy a home – savings of up to £4000 a year will be topped up by a 25% hand out from the state.  For rich kids it’s a bit of free money, a tax payer funded discount for their first luxury apartment.  Osborne can afford this generosity for his own class after all.  Subsidies for the poorest tenants, forced to pay eye-watering rents that can only be met by housing benefits, have been slashed and slashed again over the last five years.

But there are real warning signs that this scheme is more ominous then just another tranference of public funds from the poor to the rich.

The use of personal savings accounts as a replacement for the social security system has long been an ambition of free-market extremists desperate to eradicate any form of social spending.  As the Think Tank Review website reminded us last year, the Adam Smith Institute proposed Fortune Accounts way back in 1995.  The suggestion was that individuals should pay into a pot of money to fund any future periods of sickness or unemployment.  More recently the right-wing Policy Exhange called for the establishment of MyFund accounts in an astonishing report that did not just demand personal savings accounts to replace unemployment benefits but also suggested that the money could pay for “access to private sector employment support services”.  They want us to pay for our own workfare.

There is ample evidence that government ministers are already considering some form of savings or insurance based social security system.  A public sector consultant recently blogged about a meeting – sponsored by health insurers BUPA just by the way – with comedy toff Lord Fraud held at the Reform think tank.   According to the report the Minister for Welfare Reform raised the question of “why do employers insure against sickness absence and why don’t individuals?” .

As Think Tank Review point out, Iain Duncan Smith has already made his feelings clear in an interview with the Daily Telegraph shortly after the last election when he said: ”We need to support the kind of products that allow people through their lives to dip in and out when they need the money for sickness or care or unemployment.”

At present this is not how George Osborne’s Lifetime ISAs will work. Initially the government top up will only be available for those putting down a deposit on a house or once someone reaches 60.  If the money is withdrawn for any other reason the government subsidy will be removed and a 5% fee will be charged – to teach you a lesson.

This is likely to change however.  Budget documents say that: “The government will consider whether Lifetime ISA funds plus the government bonus can be withdrawn in full for other specific life events in addition to buying a first home.”

When Universal Credit is fully introduced and all out of work benefits replaced with a single payment then any personal savings will reduce entitlement significantly.  Those with assets of £16,000 or more will not receive any benefits at all whilst savings of just £6000 will mean the level of payments start to be reduced.   It is unclear whether Lifetime ISAs will be included in the savings  threshold, although there is little reason to believe they won’t be.  This means that for many young people their Lifetime ISA will end up covering periods of sickness or unemployment, not buying them a home.  Of course most better off young people – not long into their working lives and earning enough to be able to save – don’t think they will ever be long term sick or unemployed.  That’s why Osborne has started with middle class kids.  Ask anyone, they are the easiest to mug.

For those in precarious zero hour jobs, on temporary contracts or with wages so low that saving for anything is near impossible, then Osborne’s accounts are worthless.  The problem is that the experiences of the poor don’t count.  Once it becomes normal for the children of the chattering classes to have a tax payer subsidised nest egg then anyone who couldn’t afford to save will be condemned as irresponsible.  They will need to be forced to save, with some form of mandatory scheme.  Or they will be left to starve and it will be their own fault. This is what lies behind the Chancellor’s savings give-away. It is a first small step towards the complete eradication of the welfare state.

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  1. Rich, arrogant, pompous, privileged prick who’s out of touch with reality, just like all tories are!

  2. Fuck The Class System and the Misery Oppression and Tyranny it

  3. George Osborne would of been Out of Office in Greece in Less than
    a Year

    People are so Supine in the UK

  4. The Welfare State Needs to be Defended Not Nutcase Austerity

    Increase the State Pension

  5. Should Slave Labour Replace Jeremy Corbyn with another Austerity
    Stooge Simple Do Not Vote Labour

  6. Universal Credit Needs to be Opposed just as with Nutcase Austerity
    in General despite so called Anti Austerity Organisations that do
    Nothing to Actually End Austerity

    Austerity Out Public Services In

    • WHAT ? They expect us to pay for our own workfare…. Are they having a laugh or what.

      • Yes Marie, they are.

      • Someone needs to set up a Fagin gang the way things are going, rich pickings to be had from these bastards in power.

      • Yup, they are deadly serious! You will be expected to have money ‘set aside’ to pay for your ‘work programme’ referral fee, your workfare ‘provider’ referral fee and you placement provider’s cash bounty. No more free-loading on ‘work programmes’ and workfare at the hard -working taxpayers expense 😀

        • Cheese n Onion

          … and same cash saved up to pay for your workfare sandwich* 😀

          *Workfare with a sandwich if Labour is in power 😀

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  8. Another brilliant analysis JV!

    A reading pf most of the crap british press seems to me to highlight a little bit more awareness by the punters. Could this be the ‘step too far’?? Without wanting to be triumphalist, something’s gotta change cos the bastards are out of control – O ‘sborne is a cunt, a useless, towel folding cunt and that’s being nice

  9. Anybody remember this

    “Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary has promised to abandon the language of “strivers and scroungers” and signalled a change in tone from his predecessor, who had promised Labour would be tougher on welfare than the Conservatives.”

    Owen Smith the new labour DWP spokeman last year

    He didn’t say he would stop the murder though

    Corbyn asking one question at PMQs about the cuts faced by disabled people ISN’T ENOUGH


  10. Ah,but this scheme will only be voluntary to start with. Then it will become a mandatory scheme to put money into as a sort of ‘national iinsurance’ against hardship. You will have to put money in and then if you are sick or disabled or ‘suffering from worklessness’ you will have to prove you are entitled to some of it back by paying for your own harassment services out of it.
    I suspect if accepted it will have its name changed to ‘National Insurance Contributions (upper Tier),and the fund, if still in credit, will die when you do.
    Does that ring any bells?

  11. You know, a bit like Winstone’s ‘road’ tax.
    They dropped the name of that,folded it into the income tax and put a new one on cars.Then they put it on petrol. Then they allowed your local borough to charge for parking anywhere. And it is so lucrative they can pay people to walk about raising further revenue with on the spot fines.

  12. It’s like watching a spider spinning a web, piece by piece.
    Tory policies trapping and destroying the welfare state.
    And yet still they continue to get away with it.
    Their attacks on the NHS, the unemployed, the poor and homeless.
    Now a vindictive Budget that laughs in the face of the most vulnerable in society.
    When will the great mass of the British people stand up and do something about this ?
    Or are they now beyond caring ?

    • The British public are definitely beyond caring, they’re more bothered about x factor &what’s happening in coronation Street.

      They should think on – one fine day they might become ill or loose their job, and end up on benefits – they won’t know what’s fucking hit them.

      • True that. The British public are a bunch of stupid fuckwits. They won’t realize until it’s too late. By then kids born today will be working until they’re 80, at least. There will be no such thing as unemployment or sickness benefit. The NHS will be a sold off disaster that you need to bring your credit card in order to access. “Have cancer and need treatment? How’s your credit rating? Not good? No chance, clear off!”

        Hey! And it’ll all be the fault of <"Hard Working Taxpayers Who Do The Right Thing

        Pass the f____g sickbag!

    • @Jeff Smith

      When will the bloody opposition do something about this???

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  15. Moggy Paw Lore

    ‘According to the report the Minister for Welfare Reform raised the question of “why do employers insure against sickness absence and why don’t individuals?” ‘

    UNUM tried to do this a few years ago and started advertising, but pulled out – maybe, just maybe it was public pressure and adverse publicity but they’ve probably still got their beedy greedy eye on the main chance

  16. “why do employers insure against sickness absence and why don’t individuals?” because they already pay insurance against sickness through NI contributions?

    • Well said Sandy, the powers that be since Thatcher have sold off our utilities, pushed house prices up to 7 times the average income, tried to dismantle and privatize the NHS, got us into debt with PFI, bailed out the banks, sold our gold reserves, robbed the Welfare fund and are now trying to dismantle welfare saying there is nothing left in the pot, even though NI contributions are still in play by those on paye and some decent self employed workers.
      If ever the houses of parliament needed blowing up it is now!

  17. Santa Hates You

    JV – Good analysis of Osborne’s anti NI scheme – the key sentence being ‘The problem is that the poor don’t count.’

    JV, the poor have never really counted as those who own most of the wealth and the power will never share it unless its taken from them.

    Santa will be in the front line when the capitalist system is smashed to pieces and then we can build a better future for everybody not just the few.

  18. Yes, people already pay insurance. That is the scam. ~10% of your earnings above a meager amount and your employer pays slightly more. Every party gov. will encourage people to ‘save’ in manners such as this.
    If woe betide the work force actually spend anything they earn in their crushingly dull life there will be nothing left to plunder.
    So just be a good citizen and work until you are 75 and take sarnies to work,eh? Your party needs your wages for cigars,luxury accom and jaunts to hobnob with the wealthy.

    • … Take sarnies to work” – not sure why this sums up the ‘be a good citizen’ and don’t rock the boat for me … something to do with making a pack-up day in, day out, or being seen to be ‘extravagant’ for going out into the wide world in the middle of the day for a change of scenery (exiting the workplace/taking ‘time out’/buying food rather than using up left-overs). Instead of stopping for the bare minimum of time or working through … there’s the underlying worry that someone (?) could go out of the door in the middle of the day and not return (Reggie Perrin style).

      If we could just kindly (and gratefully) work till we drop (as anything is less worse than being under the care of dwp/jcp-) is the clear message to the vast majority who, anyway, don’t have very much choice …. so ‘daring’ not think outside the sandwich box is one of the few parts of the daily grind when it’s sometimes possible to live a little (?!)

  19. I suspect that coke-snorting towel folder is angling toward abolishing our mandatory National Insurance system. National Insurance is an insurance policy just like one from a private insurance company, which matures upon retirement – should I now work part-time I wouldn’t pay N.I. contributions. The N.I. Fund is supposed to be fully topped-up and ringfenced, but the Government of the day can borrow from the fund at commercial rates. I suspect that when we get rid of the Tories and an incoming Labour administration goes through the books, I wouldn’t be surprised to find GidIdiot has mortgaged our N.I. Fund. A real case of “There’s no money left”, As it is, I’m apprehensive every month when my state pension is credited because all of the reports of people going to an ATM only to find nothing left because the DWP has stopped payment without any warning.

  20. paultheswineherd

    Even Tory backbenchers are not happy with this. I also noticed that the cowardly IDS was notably absent at the Budget announcements yesterday.
    Perhaps he was off getting pissed in the H.O.C. bar or he was afraid that someone would lynch him!
    (Santa, Ka-knobby & wildswimmerpete – all very true and well said)

  21. I am hearing stories of people who still have ‘post office’ benefits accounts being pushed towards having the money paid into a ‘Proper bank account’.
    A move that would not help the recipient in any way, but the authorities could possibly rely on the bank provider to give ‘credit’ as it were,on basis of payee’s (the state) stability.
    Then remove the stability.
    Given the chance all pensions and benefits will be paid 3 months in arrears with the bank giving credit for a small charge. I believe this has already been broached.

  22. Santa Hates You

    I’m angry – people in the UK are angry. They can see that the disabled did not cause the recession. Doctors did not cause the recession. Teachers did not cause this recession. Firefighters and police officers did not cause the recession. Working people did not cause the recession, but all are still being attacked daily by their own government.

    Globally, the recession was caused by a few mega rich gangsters and through their political allies they’re making us pay the price over and over again.

    It’s totally obscene on any level you want to look at. And it will get a whole lot worse if you lot let it.

    So do something about it and stop being little more than idle armchair critics.
    Fightback or simply become irrelevant.

  23. Stop voting for political parties. Big business has permeated these org.s for centuries. Vote independant if you want to do something.

  24. Oh. and btw_
    Whilst having a ‘benefits’ type P.O. account, TOTAL control of finances will remain with the recipient.
    If you have the money go into a bank account and have a disagreement or problem with anybody at all financially,you are ‘porked’..
    Bounced DD charges from both ends with the bank having first dibs on your money.
    The hole in the wall charges nothing.




    8. In our policy paper we propose a flexible benefit system whereby disabled people capable of some work would be placed on a form of JSA, thus reflecting their status as jobseekers and sending an appropriate signal to employers. Like UnumProvident claimants, they would move through a graduated return to work programme, supported by a flexible benefits system that allowed the partial payment of benefits. This would both protect their income, and allow them to replace benefit income with earned income, always ensuring that they are better off in work than out of it.

    Joanne Hindle

    Corporate Services Director UNUM

    13 December 2002


    “UNUM 2002”

    UnumProvident believes that there is a significant role for the private sector to play in helping to return disabled people to work. UnumProvident is working on a variety of initiatives and projects which we believe will be of interest to the Committee and which might offer alternative approaches or models to the solution of encouraging and enabling disabled people back into work.


      “UNUM 2002”

      13. UnumProvident is actively engaged with the Government, policy-makers and large employers to share best practice and to see where our systems and approaches might be applied more widely. We are currently working with the Department of Work and Pensions on this, and have had discussions with officials in HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s office. We have met with officials to help better understand the nature of the IB casebook, and to discuss how our commercial experience and expertise might be more widely applied. In addition, we will shortly be supporting the National Employment Panel in its work on the New Deal for Disabled People through a secondment of one of our senior managers.


    “UNUM 2002”

    15. One of our proposals concern a genuine public-private partnership between the State, UnumProvident and Working Links based on the current Working Links[3] model. The partnership would seek to move disabled jobseekers through a series of supported stages until it was possible for them to return to work. Once placed in appropriate work, both the client and the employer would be supported for a defined period. UnumProvident would envisage that whilst there may be small payments throughout the return to work programme, the majority of the payment would come, as it does currently for Working Links, when the desired outcome is achieved, ie when the client has both found a job and been supported in it for 13 weeks.


      “UNUM 2002”

      27. In contrast, UnumProvident deploys a system of graduated return to work. Claimants are slowly reintroduced to work; as their capacity to work develops and increases, then so too do their hours of work. Whilst claimants are in this programme of graduated return, UnumProvident pay partial benefit, gradually reducing benefits as the claimant earns more income. It is conceivable that the individual may never return to full-time employment or to their former level of insured income. Where this is the case UnumProvident will continue to pay partial benefit. It is this flexibility in approach that allows us to move clients back into work and help them to fulfil their potential. UnumProvident would recommend that the Select Committee looks closely at a flexible benefit approach and would be delighted to discuss this solution further.

    • “disabled jobseekers” that say’s it all doesn’t it.

  28. The term ‘status as Jobseekers’ says it all really.
    Until 2003/4 ish no such status was applicable.
    (If a paraplegic in a wheel chair stuck their tongue out they may be classed this way as a job seeking stamp licking machine,it does not mean it would be acceptable )
    The term ‘signal to employers’ also indicates a need to convey a profit available.
    jsa was brought in to keep the reserve wage low as has been stated here often.

  29. “UNUM 2012”

    The Guardian, Wednesday 12 September 2012 21.00 BST

    This week the sixth International Forum on Disability Management, IFDM 2012, takes place at
    Imperial College London. It is sponsored by some of the world’s largest medical insurance
    companies, Unum among them, and speakers include DWP chief medical adviser Dr Bill
    Gunyeon and Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, formerly DWP chief medical adviser and director
    of the Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research at Cardiff University, which was
    sponsored by Unum from its inception in 2003 until 2009.

    Unum’s website states that during this sponsorship period “a series of papers was published,
    identifying the range of factors that determine why some people become long-term absentees”.
    The Cardiff papers advocated a “biopsychosocial model” of disability which Unum says
    “informed its approach to medical underwriting”. It is the same approach upon which the
    current Atos work capability assessment (WCA) is based. Concomitantly, the company were
    advising the UK government on welfare reform.



    The Work Capability Assessment was developed in collaboration with a range of
    medical and occupational health experts. Sue Godby, of the College of Occupational
    Therapists and Unum Provident, was part of the Mental Health Technical Working
    Group, along with eight other professionals. Dr Peter Dewis, a disability analyst and
    Customer Care Director, Unum Provident, was part of the Physical Function Technical
    Working Group, along with nine other professionals.


    Chris Grayling: The work capability assessment was developed in 2008 with the assistance of technical working groups. As you may be aware, the Government consult widely with stakeholders and sources of public and private sector expertise, to ensure that its policies are evidence-based. Two Unum employees, a doctor and an occupational therapist, were invited to join the technical working group that carried out the review of the personal capability assessment. As with all members of the technical working group they were appointed as recognised experts in benefit assessment and in supporting return to work for people with disability.

    I can confirm that since the initial review of the personal capability assessment as part of the technical working groups, that representatives of the company, Unum, have not been involved in either the administration or review of the work capability assessment.

    The Department of Work and Pension has also not engaged with Unum in the design or administration of the appeals process.

  32. “LORD UNUM”
    Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope

    A previous Chair of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Work and Pensions, Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope, is listed in the House of Lords Register of Interests (Session 2006-2007) as the Chairman of the Unum Customer Advisory Panel for which he received payment from Unum and additional payments for other work for Unum.


    . Dig deep into the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (registered as an independent charity) and you will find that they too are a member of the same Atos family along with their partner the Royal College of Physicians of which the FOM is a faculty member of, and living rent free in the same accommodation.. By both groups distancing themselves and pertaining to be a different organisation from Atos/Unum they can gain additional seats on government advisory panels, give support to policies, and be additionally consulted on new legislation to give strength to the intended changes., all whilst being part of that same group.

    In 2009 the FOM held their 30th Anniversary celebration at the House of Lords supported by their sponsors Serco and Atos Healthcare..

    Occupational health services serving more than 1,000,000 Government and private employees had achieved SEQOHS accreditation by October 2012. this is managed by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) on behalf of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM). Staff working for some of the country’s biggest employers are receiving occupational health advice and support from accredited services; this includes 1,000,000 staff looked after by ATOS healthcare. A hint came from Cameron when he said “We are all in it together.”.


    Dear Mr Reynolds
    Freedom of Information Act – Request for Information
    Our Reference: FOI IR 0306

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) review request which was received on 28
    March 2013. In that request, you asked for a review of your FOI reference 5116.

    You asked:

    I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Work and Pensions’s handling of
    my FOI request ‘U n u m corporations failure to record a conflict of interest.’.

    Its quite obvious that there is a conflict of interest, hence your reluctance to answer.

    Please be assured that your request has been given our full consideration and that all aspects of
    your review were taken fully into account.

    The review was conducted by an independent official of the Department, of the relevant grade
    and authority to carry out such requests. The case has been examined afresh, and guidance has
    been sought from domain experts to ensure all factors were taken fully into account.

    After consideration the internal review has confirmed that DWP does not hold any information on
    the Corporation identified above, as they are not connected to the DWP Medical Services




      • May be of interest Geoff

        This year, for the first time, pharmaceutical companies are to publish details of payments made to UK healthcare professionals.

        Pharmaceutical firms pay around £40m a year to healthcare professionals, including doctors and pharmacists. Payments are made for a number of reasons, including sponsorship of medical education, attendance at medical events or acting as ADVISERS..

        • …………cheers, enigma

          What we should know is how much pharmaceutical firms are paying in bribes (lobbying), to our government ministers…………

          It is well known that the big players have for years, given perks to GP’s to prescribe their products.
          Anything from new stethoscopes, to canteens of cutlery and holidays abroad.
          The largest producers are normally the biggest abusers………..

          • If you watch the film ‘V’
            you will likely get an assessment on that.

            • The only verdict is vengeance, a vendetta… Held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such… Shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.

              — V

  36. Interestingly, applying a ‘status’ (or label) to an individual in these cases is likely a breach of discrimination laws in its own right.
    The term ‘Job seeker’ is applied to persons wishing to claim job seekers allowance. and actually has to be agreed to by the recipient to receive JS benefits.
    (Ever wondered why you are asked to sign so many forms? It is likely many are not in your interest AT ALL.)
    It is also very likely you could get 60% of JSA allowance and maintain your own job search through hardship payments.
    But you will have to run the Gauntlet of trained people dissuading you it is possible and lying thru their teeth about it.
    You can count on the people in your local office feeding you b/s.
    Some I have encountered are ‘nice’.
    None I have encoutered are ‘Sharp’.
    All I have encountered are frightened whitless by there superiors.
    You will find no help amongst these people so do your own research and fill the cupboard with tins.

  37. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on THE SOUTH ESSEX HECKLER and commented:
    There are far reaching and disturbing implications for the social security system as we know it with Osborne’s plans for a savings ‘give away’…

  38. Very Spot On

    The British Public at Large are a bunch of Fuckwits and also Scumwits
    by being Oblivious to the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable and the
    Suffering of More Decent People like David Clapson

    Whatever can be said about these Shitty ” Modern ” Times more like
    MoronEvil Times it is Not Britain’s Finest Hour

    Raining | March 17, 2016 at 7:16 pm | Reply

    True that. The British public are a bunch of stupid fuckwits. They won’t realize until it’s too late. By then kids born today will be working until they’re 80, at least. There will be no such thing as unemployment or sickness benefit. The NHS will be a sold off disaster that you need to bring your credit card in order to access. “Have cancer and need treatment? How’s your credit rating? Not good? No chance, clear off!”

    Hey! And it’ll all be the fault of <"Hard Working Taxpayers Who Do The Right Thing

    Pass the f____g sickbag!

  39. I am British but it is Difficult to be Proud to be British when one Looks
    at the Arsehole Politicians the Knucklehead Public the Sadistic Cruelty
    to Animals the Gulf between Rich and Poor and this Thatcherite Neo
    Liberalism which is a Menace like Nazism

  40. I Rather See Independent Candidates in Local Government than the
    Trio and Nutcase Austerity

    Vote Them Out Get Them Out

  41. They used to Comment the French have a Taste For Collaboration
    Referring to the Collaboration of Vichyites with the Nazi Occupation in
    France but it is More the British in Recent Years with Nutcase Austerity
    and the Nazi Regime in the UK

  42. The Tory Back Benchers should Vote against it then instead of just being
    Lobby Fodder for the Regime

    paultheswineherd | March 17, 2016 at 8:53 pm | Reply

    Even Tory backbenchers are not happy with this. I also noticed that the cowardly IDS was notably absent at the Budget announcements yesterday.
    Perhaps he was off getting pissed in the H.O.C. bar or he was afraid that someone would lynch him!
    (Santa, Ka-knobby & wildswimmerpete – all very true and well said)

  43. A Decent Person Needs to Obtain Political Power in this Country
    because with Political Power in the Hands of a Decent Person there
    is more Hope for a Better Present and Future than so called Anti
    Austerity Organizations which are more Dead than the UnDead

  44. paultheswineherd

    Please note that the link (in Noop’s ‘copy’ post above) is incorrect!
    It should read:

  45. The unknown (again) tory rebels are nothing but performing seals to provide a gullible electorate with the notion that some tories really care about people – THEY DON’T – it’s PR, a rouse, make believe – when it comes to the vote on the budget they will all be back onside – they are hypocrites and liars and cunts annonymous

    The interesting point will be whether the cowardly labour party abstain again

  46. Behind the scenes, an end to the social security system has long been heralded ever since UK governments sought ‘advice on welfare reform’ from an American health insurance company called Unum Provident in the 1990’s. The later declaration by a US judge that Unum Provident was a provider of ‘disability denial factories’ later led to a name change to Unum, but no change in UK government allegiance to getting ‘welfare reform’ advice from the same source. This fact was picked up by Prof. Jonathan Rutherford of Middlesex University and later my Green Party colleague Anne Gray in the Green Party’s response to Labour’s 2008 Welfare Reform Green Paper. Anne Grey wrote: “As Rutherford’s paper shows, the credibility of Unum — formerly Unum Provident – has been badly damaged by having been prosecuted for fraudulent business in the USA.” Writing off workfare:For a Green New Deal, not the Flexible New Deal. Sadly, however, the BBC never published that Green Party of England & Wales response to Labour’s ‘No-one written off’ [sic] welfare reform green paper, and has also removed its original news reports of secret meetings between UK government bods and that dodgy corporate adviser.

    Research into Unum’s ‘welfare reform’ links with UK government — and Atos — has since been expanded by UK military disability pensioner Mo Stewart whose disability pension was downgraded by Atos. See Mo Stewart’s research summary The Hidden Agenda, and also Debbie Jolly’s research paper A Tale of Two Models: Disabled People vs Unum, Atos, Government and Disability Charities

    Alan Wheatley — aka Dude Swheatie of Kwug in the Kilburn Unemployed Working Group



    …………I WONDER WHY?

    BBC News investigation into UNUM

    There was an interesting short report on the BBC 10pm news on Tuesday evening (November 6) regarding an investigation they have been carrying out into the activities of the American insurance giant UNUM and the very close links that this company has established over the years with the DWP.

    The story covered a number of threads which will be very familiar to people with ME/CFS who have been in dispute with this company.

    In particular, legal actions that have taken place in the USA; the way UNUM are advising the DWP on benefit reform; and the new UNUM centre at Cardiff University.

    Those who follow the ME APPG meetings will be aware of the fact that Dr Ian Gibson MP is taking a keen interest in the way that UNUM are involved in UK benefit reform. Dr Gibson made a brief appearance to talk about this aspect.

    Nobody from the DWP was willing to appear on camera.

    I’m not sure if a more detailed report is going to appear on another BBC programme – there is nothing, as yet, on the BBC news website but I am making enquiries.

    There is some interesting reading on CBT etc in the UNUM 2007 Chief Medical Officer’s report

    Dr Charles Shepherd

    Hon Medical Adviser, ME Association





      From: P. Wilkinson

      7 September 2011

      Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,
      It has been brought to my attention that the company Unum, who are employed as advisers to the DWP, were highlighted in a BBC article in 2007, which many of us still can access.
      In this excellent and informative report, it was stated
      Quote “Mark Daly, presenter: The BBC has discovered internal documents revealing that Unum believes it is driving Government policy. The Department for Work and Pensions refused to comment on Unum’s past. A spokesman said: “Throughout the process of developing our policies…. Ministers and officials have met and spoken to hundreds of organisations and individuals like Unum to find out what works.” As Unum attempt to leave its chequered past behind, the debate overUK welfare reform will rage on”.
      Mark Daly – BBC News

      Which brings me to the point of my enquiry; I would like to make a FOI request from the BBC and ask what was actually disclosed in “the internal documents revealing that Unum believes it is driving Government Policy”, as stated in the paragraph above.

      I would also like to ask if the BBC are planning any future reports on Unum’s connection with the government in the U.K., and in the light of this

      which summarised in this document;
      “even the higher level of benefit will fall significantly short of what most clients need in order to meet their usual household bills”
      This clearly implies that Unum are employed by the DWP to cause financial hardship to the sick and disabled of this country. This was not tolerated in the USA but the British government have welcomed Unum with open arms. The public should be alerted to this as soon as possible and it would make another very interesting BBC report.
      Yours faithfully

      P. Wilkinson (Ms)



    Dear Ms Wilkinson,

    Freedom of Information request – RFI20111103

    Thank you for your request to the BBC of 7th September, seeking the following information under
    the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

    I would like to make a FOI request from the BBC and ask what was actually disclosed in “the internal
    documents revealing that Unum believes it is driving Government Policy”…..

    I would also like to ask if the BBC are planning any future reports on Unum’s connection with the
    government in the U.K.

    The information you have requested is excluded from the Act because it is held for the purposes
    of ‘journalism, art or literature.’ The BBC is therefore not obliged to provide this information to
    you and will not be doing so on this occasion.



      • @geoff
        Surely you can’t be serious?

        Making these terrible accusations about the Conservative/jewish state broadcaster that hides the thousands of suicides among the disabled community while protecting their master from unprecedented legal action over the Eugenics Cull of it’s most vulnerable.

        surely not @geoff?

        • It would seem that the Altmann’s, Freud’s and Aylward’s of this world that create welfare mayhem are somewhat protected by the Beeb.

          Quite a cosy little set up if you ask me.

          Look the other way when the state declares war on those least likely to fight back, a holocaust in reverse, you could say.

          • Dimbleby soon changed course when an audience member mentioned the Dwp and disability suicides on Question Time.

            • Watched the cowpat in lipstick, Nicky Morgan, make a complete cunt of herself on question time.
              Apparently the proposed cuts to PIP are only a suggestion.

              the UK public are starting to wake up now that so many members of society are going missing due to ministerial reforms that treat those at the base of the ladder like shit on a shoe.

              • What the fuck has Nicky Morgan done with her hair? She looks like a fucking scarecrow made from cowpats who has been dragged through a hedge backward.

            • Thank you for your question, anonymous person in the wheelchair wearing glasses, a wooly hat and a brown kipper tie and foaming at the mouth , but we must move on… 😉

            • Well Toddy he is an ex Bullingdon boy you know! That’ll be why he changed the subject rapid! 😉

        • Talking about Jewish did u know Simon Wiesenthal was a mossad agent

        • What has a ‘jewish state’ got to do with anything?

      • Naga Munchetty's Knickers

        But will Joanna Gosling stand trial? 😀

  49. Well why did Only 3 Tory MPs vote against Measure ?

    Why did only 48 Labour MPs Vote against the Welfare Bill in 2015 AD

    paultheswineherd | March 18, 2016 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Please note that the link (in Noop’s ‘copy’ post above) is incorrect!
    It should read:

  50. Indeed only 3 Tory MPs Voted against Measure

    I Wonder how many Tory MPs Voted against the Bedroom Tax ?

    jeremy | March 18, 2016 at 10:26 am | Reply

    The unknown (again) tory rebels are nothing but performing seals to provide a gullible electorate with the notion that some tories really care about people – THEY DON’T – it’s PR, a rouse, make believe – when it comes to the vote on the budget they will all be back onside – they are hypocrites and liars and cunts annonymous

    The interesting point will be whether the cowardly labour party abstain again

  51. The 19th of March Mark’s the Anniversary of the House of Commons
    Saying that it Abolishes the House of Lords as ” Useless and Dangerous to
    the People of England ” .

    Given that the House of Commons has been Dominated by Rich People
    and is so Out of Touch it is Anything but Commons The House of
    Commons can be Said to be ” Useless and Dangerous to the People of
    England ” .

  52. Trendy Slave Labour Stooges of Political Correctness and Austerity
    what about Protecting the Poor and Vulnerable ?

  53. paultheswineherd

    Geoff, Sarah & Toddy – Yes, I am not surprised at all about the apparent BBC complicity – for a so-called ‘public broadcaster’ for years now, they have been a disgrace with regard to ‘cover-ups’ of the truth and about what is really going on in Britain. I am really surprised that they have not been formally brought to book before now for ‘apparent bias’ and ‘cover-ups’.
    Meanwhile, Stella Creasy, Labour M.P. – good on her!

  54. Glad that Plans to Mess About with Sunday Trading Hours were Defeated

    Profit Pirates make More than enough Profit Monday to Saturday

    No to Slavery Yes to Sunday as a Day of Rest

  55. The Slave Labour Party has a Lot to Answer For over the Plight of the
    Poor and Vulnerable Stooges of Austerity


    “Osborne and Little” is a private limited company in which the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne holds a 15% share are a manufacturer of high end wall paper, who since being established in 2006 have been unable to generate a profit. The t/over last year was £100,000,000 ( yes 100 MILLION pounds!). The company, because they “can’t make a profit” have not paid corporation tax and in fact claimed a rebate of !2,000 pounds because the company made a loss one year. George Osborne’s father pays himself £1,000,000 salary a year and with other profligate “expenses” it is not surprising the firm “can’t make a profit”. A member of the family who is in the medical profession has now been struck off the medical register TWICE for abusing patients which indicates clearly the level of humanity that our chancellor belongs to. Feel free to Google the company to see for yourself. And this is only a small part of the financial background of a man who is wringing every penny he can from the lower and middle classes, including the poor, sick and vulnerable in this country, whilst he benefits the already incredibly wealthy.

    • But they DO make a profit – a fucking good profit. What you are seeing is a accounting tricks to negate profit. There are lots of tricks they can perform such as stock repurchases with the profits, share schemes; lots of ways to funnel profits into the directors pockets. Football clubs are good at this kind of shit!

      • The idea is to keep to keep profit to the absolute minimum preferably zero. You will see lots of football clubs which turnover in excess of £100 million yet declare of a £10,000!

        • *You will see lots of football clubs which turnover in excess of £100 million yet declare a ‘profit’ of a £10,000!

  57. Yes, of course they would like to get rid of Social Security.
    Just as Churchill said he would do whatever possible to “stop those people getting healthcare” when the NHS was being brought in, Gideon and his posh cronies are winning the Class War removing our 20th century gains, bit by bit. Time to fight back.

    • Gideon is not winning the class war, Gideon is hiding behind the Gideon police force while he rapes and pillages our country for his and his cronies gain.
      Dave what will you be doing to stop it?

      • Gideon is their representative along with Alexander de pffeifel Cameron etc. They have made more gains than the Working Class in the last 30 years, so in terms of the Class War they are winning. Me ? Been fighting it for 25 years -claimants unions, anti poll tax unions, demos, riots, civil disobedience. How about you Fly Hawkes ?

        • Much the same as you and also fought with the mining communities and contributed to their charities when Thatcher used the police to browbeat the unions – something else that has never been restored union power, which seems to have been the last bastion of mass demonstration, mores the pity.

  58. Ian Duncan Smith has resigned.

    Fucking half measures, should have topped himself.

    • Excellent! The best news i’ve had today. 😀

    • Now that the wide-eyed baldy bonce has walked out, he won’t now be answerable to all those bedroom tax and benefit sanctions under his watch. Thank fuck he has now gone from office. There’ll be quite a few people in the DWP now nervous and wary about the future.

  59. paultheswineherd

    Dave – very well said. I don’t think that we will miss the cunt.
    However, he should still be tried and convicted for Human Rights abuses.

    • Who’s next do you think? Why not Camoron himself?

    • The Tory cunt has now resigned over government plans to cut disability benefits, yet he personally oversaw and authorised countless JSA sanctions during his time in office. It’s a waiting game now to see who else from DWP falls on their sword and follows the evil tosser out the door.

      • IDS will be replaced by another c*nt, it’ll be business as usual – I can’t see them leaving us alone.

        • If he doesn’t get another cushy job from his chum Camoron he’ll get a big pension pay-off with money thrown at him that was stolen from millions of people JSA sanctioned or hurt by his own bedroom tax.

      • Too fucking late for Smith to now have a conscience.
        A clear conscience is indeed, a soft pillow. Hope the Bastard gets no sleep until the day he dies.

  60. The shit is now hitting the fan big time and the DWP is showing major cracks within its walls. Ha ha fucking ha to all those tory wankers who fought they knew what was best for us with their cr*ppy job schemes and sanctions threats. Happy days are here again.

    • Old baldy bonce shouldn’t be allowed to walk away – he should be dragged to the International Criminal Court at The Hague for crimes against humanity – it’s the least that f*cking monster deserves!!!!

      • paultheswineherd

        Marie – Well said and I could not agree with you more!
        He may be out of Office – so now we can all go after him!

      • He’ll get away with it by hiring top lawyers and denying everything.

        I’d like to see him referred to his own work programme and spend six months working for nothing under threat of sanction.

        • I’d like to see him in a stinking charity shop sorting out manky knickers for 50 hours a week for the rest of its miserable life – and only paid hardship. It’s the least the c*nt deserves.

          • paultheswineherd

            Marie – Yes, well said, and also under a threat of a ‘sanction’ at any time!
            Nothing is too bad for the cruel bastard.

            • With his “Track Record” in countless jobs, he’ll be lucky to even find a job as a litter picker. His CV is full of holes and lies, it’s a wonder he wasn’t gievn the job as Prime Minister through a dodgy deal with Camoron, (on the same dirty campaign tricks carried out by Ed Millipeed against his own brother.

          • Marie he might be a nicker sniffer as well as a nicker pincher, he pinched many a nicker off me.

          • Working in a stinking charity shop sorting out manky knickers for 50 hours a week for the rest of its miserable life – and only paid hardship is too good for the bastard 😀

    • Another Fine Recession

      I think this might be a good time to review all his successful ideas, scheames and initiatives.


      Well that didn’t take too long did it.

  61. Evil Nazi cunt falls on his sword –

  62. How strange that IDS went. It’s like Himmler resigning over what the Nazis were doing to the Jewish people. Good riddance to bad rubbish as far as IDS is concerned.


  64. paultheswineherd

    Have a look at what I have just found! Is this the reason IDS has gone?

    • Another Fine Recession

      Is this the end for Unworkable Credit?

      • paultheswineherd

        Another Fine Recession – Yes, exactly – once these U.C papers are released into the public domain – just imagine it – all of the wasted public money! And we don’t even know the figures yet, but they must be colossal and when they are released, the shit could really hit the fan.
        I reckon that he jumped ship before he was bodily thrown overboard!

    • Another Fine Recession

      More jobseekers seen arriving to thank IBS for their sanctions.

      • This is just the tip of the iceberg, Dunko the Clown’s resignation is a staged action to deflect public opinion, just more smoke and mirrors.
        He has not fallen on his own sword as you all suspect, he has been pushed…………….

        Your continued support on Johnny’s blog, along with the myriad of others, has portrayed this man as a butcher of the poor and disabled.
        The tory’s are desperate to find a fallguy to take the poison out of the sting of bad publicity.
        Dunko was the ideal candidate, he was pushed…………..

        The Conservatives like nothing more than a scapegoat to take the flak.

        Don’t think for one moment they will lighten their stance, they are intent on shafting everyone at the base of the totem pole of life, me and you……

        Waiting in the wigs are two truly despicable bastards, Tithead Tomlinson and priti Pathetic.

        In a couple of days it will be business as usual unless, we, the victims, pull out all the stops and gain some more ground.

        If anything, the judiciary are starting to realise their own actions are unforgiveable.
        They have been drawn into no mans land and are culpable for the many thousands of welfare reform deaths.

        Dunko yet may appeal the decision to release the Universal fuck up mistakes, lies and costs………

        Money means nothing to those who lost their lives due to the bullying of the state to hand billion pound contracts to the insurance industry who pull the governments strings.

        Smith will be prosecuted, but not before he spills the beans on the many others in a last ditch desperate attempt to save his own skin.

        ……… the mighty fall as his memoirs hit the tabloids.

        • @Geoff
          When Smith spills the beans we might get to see that photo of Pigface with that dead pig.

          • The pig has been ordered by the secret police never to discuss its sexual relationship with David Camoron to anybody under the threat of being turned into streaky bacon

          • …………..@Pete, shouldn’t been too long for the shit to hit the fan. He will retaliate as sure as night follows day.
            The circus is short of a clown but they replace him with a bigger fool, a patron of MENCAP who voted to cut disability payments……..

  65. It will be interesting to see who gets the post now. He claims to be “proud” of his “reforms”. .. and still refuses to see the damage done. The first sign of any change will be if the sanctions regime stays or goes. That is one thing this evil satan worshipper brought in all by himself. It should be the first thing to go. Was there any actual Parliamentary legislation for these sanctions, or was it a mere signing off with pen by the Cabinet Secretary?
    In which case, why has it not been challenged more.
    This one guy is personally responsible for the implementation of this policy, that has resulted in thousands of deaths, and hundreds of thousands others made utterly destitute.
    As has been said by everyone else, he may be out of Office, but he still must be brought to justice.
    Wonder if the very fact he is out of Government…..he can be pursued thru the courts all the easier.
    He has been so full of himself, and so sure he is untouchable. He forgets all these lawyers out there waiting for him. He might well get a surprise of the wrong kind sooner than he wants!

    • Government claims it is listening, and tory “rebels” want to reverse some of the latest changes. Which I don’y believe at all. They were simply waiting for it all to blow over. They didn’t expect the fight back. And many tory MPs didn’t expect to be forced out of positions of doing nothing with charities. They have been taken by surprise.
      But if the Regime is really listening, we will see by who gets this guy’s post. I fit goes to MP Patel or any like minded type, we will know nothing is going to change.
      But listening to MP Rees Mogg girn his wee face off about how wonderful Smith has been, and what a great reformer he was, is beyond the pale. With views like that shared by quite a few in the tory party, it would be a wonder if we got anyone with common sense at all.
      As the Government is falling to pieces here, a new General Election would be no bad thing!

      • I seriously think all the bad publicity has been catching up with him and he stands accused of being the biggest murderer in uk post war history.

        All his smiles have been false, the thought of the hangmans halter have come to haunt him.

        He will not go quietly. A problem shared is a problem halved.

        I would love him to put the heinous Lord David Freud in the frame for his part in the mini holocaust.

    • IDS: “I am incredibly proud …”

      • The rest of his resignation statement to the TV and newspapers was bleeped out as it contained endless swearing and racist support of the Waffen S.S.

        His retirement will now be spent at the local Darby and Joan Club playing bingo, trying to rob the women of their pensions and also attending monthly Nazi goose-stepping classes at his local library.



      Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer: ‘I have received threats and abuse aimed at my family over benefits vote’

      JOHNNY Mercer says he has been threatened with assault and had “disparaging comments” aimed at his wife after voting to cut disability benefits.

      The Moor View MP is determined that not a single one of his most vulnerable constituents should end up worse off – but warns anyone sending him abuse that he will not fight their corner and their voice will “never be heard”.

      In a letter to The Herald, Mr Mercer said: “Criticism is good; I am doing my best and it helps me keep on track in my desire to represent Plymouth as I promised I would in London.

      “Threats to ‘cut’ me, assault me and disparaging comments about my wife are completely unacceptable.

  67. What an absolute idiot this MP Mercer must really be! The very policies he has voted thru, and supported have made thousands of his constituents worse off. Not that he cares of course….though he may be forced to care a wee bit more just now. Though threats against MPs and their families is never a good move. It usually leads to the penitentiary.!
    But… many have been sent to such walled places because they found themselves stealing a few pounds worth of food? And MPs like Mercer just pat themselves on the back. Not giving two damns!
    Take good note of how George Ian lavishes praise on Mr. Lord Freud. How he still defends the PIP cuts, but he thinks it is wrong to give the money saved away to the better off.
    No one, absolutely no one believes any of this gumpff about “ids” being unhappy about these cuts. He will be more unhappy the way he may feel undermined, but that has happened plenty in the past, and he held on regardless. There must be much more to this.
    Perhaps he thinks if he ain’t in Government, he won’t have to face the courts. He is that stupid. But he will face the courts!

    • This government likes to fine wrongdoers in the lower orders so why not hit these bastards where it hurts in their pockets, make them all bankrupt and seize their assets.

  68. I wonder what the Centre for Social Justice, IDS creation and he is their ‘darling’ – are they going to support him or are they the christian nazi stooges we think??
    Similar for the Adam Smith Institute – allk bent and corrupt and thoroughly nazi – can they now just fuck off please?

  69. IDS resigns over policies that he himself helped to co-create with The Treasury, all because the government took it upon themselves to up the ante and basically carry out his own remit. Funny that he didn’t resign all those years ago before joining the DWP and could have done us all a favour back in 2010 by topping himself at the end of the hangman’s noose.

    His resignation yesterday was well-timed to stir up the EU in/out debate which was itself probably buried and temporarily forgotten about all because of the Budget. Him and Osborne have already had endless spats before, so why is this latest one any different and made him finally fuck off for good and leave us alone?

    Good fucking riddance to the ugly bald cunt with evil eyes. I predict there’ll be more big resignations before the June EU referendum that will no doubt be staged for maximum effect and to try and confuse us into staying in the EU. Confidence tricksters alive and kicking in government all pretending to be MPs and Prime Ministers.

  70. ** Universal Job-mis-match**

    Job Summary:
    Job ID: 27250493
    Posting Date: 19/03/2016
    Location: UK Cntrl London
    Industries: Home Office/Civil Service
    Job type: Part time
    Salary: £1,000,000 per year


    Secretary Of State for Work and Pensions

    Job Description:

    We are looking for suitably qualified applicants whom are in-capable of preventing endless deaths by bedroom tax and JSA sanctions through a continuing harsh regime of “benefit changes and reforms” as part of our on-going, long-term strategy of making this country bankrupt through channeling tax-payers money abroad to rogue African Countries in support of the development of their space programmes in putting the first African man on the moon.

    We are actively seeking prospective candidates for the role of Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to fully develop the Work Programme to cover not only the 25 to 66 employment bracket, but in the future to enhance the programme to also cater for all people within the age brackets of 0-25 years and 66 to whatever age persons eventually die from. We believe as part of this on-going development strategy to bolster the Work Programme that nobody alive today will escape from its life-enhancing sanction regime of three strikes and your fucking JSA is stripped for life.

    In addtion to the role, you will be responsible to carry out all half-arsed instructions not only from the gormless Eton cunt David Camoron (Prime Minister of the UK and all its dominions), but also take orders blindly from the other slimy little cunt George Osborne, whom is well-known in high-society as the “Playboy of the Poker Tables” and “The Playboy of the Soho Red Light District”

    You must be able to demonstrate that you are already a Tory Party supporter and must be able to show recent bank accounts that you have donated to the sum of no less than £100 million to Tory Party Central Office per yearly annum for the last 25 years.

    Your day-to-day responsibilities will include being sexist and racist not only to your secretary, but also to your fellow workers and other Tory colleagues such as the universally hated Eton tosser Mr Camoron and his silly bint of a wife. Youwill be required to visit at least one jobcentre plus office per week and these must not be the same office more than once per year, in order to prevent favourtism of the Jobcentre Office in Knightsbridge (next to Harrods Department Store). You will be advised during Jobcentre Office visits that you mst leave by the fire exit at the back of the building to avoid being harrased by the local people and to prevent being interviewed by the media and press outlets to stop any of your developed benefit reforms being leaked publicly before we give you the chance to come out with your reform bollocks during the budgets.

    In addition to being an un-wanted, evil, sadistic little Tory cunt in charge of the day to day running of the corrupt Department of Wankers and Pricks, you will be entitled to a gold-plated pension with all the trimmings; 26 weeks per year holidays in Australia, lavish expenses on which you will be able to claim free haircuts, wet wipes, free yearly supplies of Playboy and Penthouse magazines, and naughty weekends with your secretary in any Hilton hotel around the world of your choosing.

    For details on how to apply for this cushy job, please send your applications, including covering letter stating why you want to be a nasty, tory cunt with high aspirations of making everyone destitute to the following address:
    Mr David Camoron
    10 Downing Street
    United Kingdom
    Satellite Republic of North Korea

  71. Universal Mis-match falling apart, following the resignation of the evil tory turd –

    I’ve done a 20 mile radius search for jobs in my local area and one job comes up from Cornwall. Fucking 200+ miles from where I live…

    Oo-ar, oor-ar. It’s not a job application for a Combine Harvester driver though.

    • paultheswineherd

      Fen – It’s really no good to go to Cornwall for any jobs – the only jobs down there are very low-paid ones, such as ‘care assistants’ and stacking of Asda’s shelves. Even B&Q are now on contracts of 0-10 hours only, with no guarantee of continual work.
      Only go to Cornwall if you are a rich and retired couple (or a single person), often what happens is ‘one’ of the ‘couple’ passes away and the other one is left all alone (completely out of their depth away from SE England!)
      As in a lot of ‘coastal’ counties, there are far too many second and holiday homes, which are only occupied for short periods and cost an absolute fortune. The locals don’t really stand a chance of getting onto the property owning ladder.

    • Oo-ar, oor-ar 😀

      • paultheswineherd

        The Wurzels – yes, very good, but I am (originally) Cornish.
        The ‘Wurzels’ are from Somerset. In Cornwall there is no oo-ar, oo-ar, -that is definitely left to our friends in Somerset & also Wessex.
        And, in addition, the Cornish do not ‘Morris Dance’ incidentally.
        The Cornish are Celtic – the same as the Welsh, the Scottish & the Irish!
        Although I do like listening to the Wurzels – I find the lyrics very entertaining – ooh-ooh-ar-hay!

      • Wurzel Gummidge

        I’ve got a brand new ‘ombine ‘arvester and I’ll give you the key *boom* * boom* lol 😀

  72. Stephen Crabb appointed new head of DWP

    from wiki

    From 1995 to 1996, Crabb was a Christian Action Research and Education parliamentary intern.[12][13] Crabb is a former patron of the Burma Campaign UK, the London-based group campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma.

    In the House of Commons, Crabb served on the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, International Development Select Committee and Treasury Select Committee. In 2009 he was appointed to the Conservative frontbench as Junior Whip (a post which only exists in the Conservative Party). In 2010, Crabb became Assistant Government Whip in the Coalition Government. Crabb takes an interest in international development, believing in the importance of UK aid.[14] In 2006 he chaired the Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission and from 2007-2009 he sat on the International Development Committee. In July 2008, he was the only MP to break ranks with the Committee over its calls for direct talks with the terrorist group Hamas.[citation needed] From 2010 to 2012 he led Project Umubano, the Conservative Party’s project which works in Rwanda and Sierra Leone.[14] He took a team of over 100 Party volunteers to Africa each year.

    In May 2009, it was revealed that Crabb claimed £8,049 on his second home expenses in order to refurbish a flat in London. After selling the flat for a profit, he “flipped” his expenses to cover a house that was being purchased for his family in Pembrokeshire. A room in another flat was then designated as his main home.[15] At the time he said, “I haven’t claimed for things like plasma TVs, even though the rules allow it. My claims were always within the letter and the spirit of the rules.”

    Crabb was trustee of Pembrokeshire foodbank charity, Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship, based in his parliamentary constituency.[22] In early 2014 This connection to PATCH caused some controversy and raised questions over Crabb’s sincerity towards foodbank users when on 18 December 2013, at a parliamentary debate he voted against the publication of a 2013 investigation into foodbanks use and UK hunger and in the same motion voted against the call for the government to implement measures to reduce UK foodbank dependency.[23]

    On 19 March 2016 Crabb was appointed to succeed Iain Duncan Smith as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

  73. Stephen Crabbe another unpleasant piece of tory shit

  74. So Iain Duncan Smith wasn’t the bad guy after all: “It was Big Bad George the pasty-faced fairy at the bottom of the garden who made me do it”. A plot twist to end all plot twists. *the sound of GEOFF dismantling his gallows*

  75. Stephen Crabb

    Stephen Crabb nominates fellow MP’s flat as main home: MPs’ expenses

    Stephen Crabb, a Conservative MP, claimed his “main home” was a room in another MP’s flat, after buying a new house for his family at taxpayers’ expense.

  76. Insufferably odious frank field getting too much media in support of Duncan Shit – Field is a fucking tory shrill and always has been


    Blue collars are all the rage in the Tory party these days, which makes Stephen Crabb a very fashionable cabinet minister. It’s no surprise that he has just been named the successor to Iain Duncan Smith: his backstory is perfect, and is driven by the same social justice agenda. He was brought up in a Welsh council house by his mother, a single parent. His political views were shaped by seeing the way in which Thatcher’s reforms transformed his neighbourhood. He still believes Conservative values give the best hope for working-class and Welsh voters. As the Tories led an ever-deeper raid on Labour territory, it was inevitable that we would see and hear a lot more from people like Stephen Crabb

  78. i wonder will rtu ids have his ring of steel around him protecting him from wheelchairs attack crab sounds like another body lice we dont need or want


    How Stephen Crabb voted on Welfare and Benefits #

    Consistently voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (which Labour describe as the “bedroom tax”)
    Show votes

    Consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices
    Show votes

    Consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability
    Show votes

    Consistently voted for making local councils responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax and reducing the amount spent on such support
    Show votes

    Consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits
    Show votes

    Almost always voted against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed


  81. Endangered Species: Pembrokeshire’s Tory MPs – 2. Stephen Crabb



  83. Iain Duncan Smith – Champion of the Disabled and Defender of the Poor, My Arse!

  84. the nazti party will implode after the referendum.. either way it goes..

  85. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  86. paultheswineherd

    Celebrate the resignation of IDS! (Party today at 5PM – Parliament Square)
    (But do not celebrate the arch wanker Stephen Crabb now being parachuted into his position – the fight now resumes!)

  87. paultheswineherd

    Please see also DPAC section (above right) on this page.
    Link has not come up properly for some reason!

  88. Make no mistake, is was a flawless slight of hand.
    Mr. Crabb has been “groomed” to an inch of his life for the DWP job, and has been for a good few months.
    It is not a coincidence that IDSs leaving do was planned at the Easter holidays for the HoC, and that Cameron was somewhere in the med sunning himself.
    And Osborne somewhere face down in his own vomit.
    ALL PLANNED and carefully thought out to the last detail.

    And Crabb,…he is just another Tory Bitch that must carry on the Tory Agenda.
    Expect more of the same.

  89. Don’t forget that Andy Burnham was generally pleased with the cuts to PIP, clearly stated that and except for a few minor changes was happy with the budget. Labour can claim no victory here because they have let the people down as much as the tory party. Labour has betrayed it’s working class roots and opted for wealth for themselves too at the expense of the population


    whoa, they’ve just deleted all the comments (including mine). has anyone kept them?

  91. Too many home truths in the comments section, Stephen.

    Stephen Crabb, you are a coward. You literally ran away from a lady in her eighties in my village, rather than tackle her problem regarding her Down’s Syndrome son.

    Stephen Crabb, you are a useless MP. You ‘lost’ my papers regarding my sanction appeal complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

  92. paultheswineherd

    sian – It sounds like this Crabb bastard is hated in Wales and rightly too.
    Also, Mencap should kick him out completely – sounds like he is another mini form of IDS!


    Good bye IDS and good fucking riddance! Fuck off you bald bastard, you fucking Nazi cunt, go fuck yourself Smith you utter fucking twat. FANTASTIC. 😀


  95. Stephen Crabb Tells Radio Pembrokeshire Disability Benefit Cuts ‘Will Not Be Going Ahead’
    He made sure of that before accepting the job.

    • Your link states that he still needs to make cuts Sian, if that is the case it should not be across the board, it should be against those wealthy enough not to need benefits.

      Welfare is supposed to be for those in need, yet those who know their way around any system (usually the richest), are buying homes for their children and grandchildren and declaring only limited savings so that they can deplete the benefits system by claiming disability benefits, cars, parking spaces etc., leaving the really poverty stricken disabled to their own devices.


    Will the resignation of IDS be the death knell for Universal Credit? After all, it was his baby, and will anyone else be daft enough to take the poisoned chalice?

    On the subject of Osborne’s ISA, makes no differene to me, I haven’t got a spare4 4 quid never mind 4 grand. Such things are meaningless when you live hand to mouth.

  97. paultheswineherd

    The smarmy crawler ‘yes’ man Crabb. With this bastard now in charge of the DWP it looks as though it is going to have to be fought every inch of the way! He idolised Thatcher and all that she produced for Wales – what??

  98. paultheswineherd

    Crabb says “passion and thoughtfulness”. Iain Duncan Smith was, and is, a murderer of the first degree. Where is this tCrabb twat coming from?
    IDS’s ‘passion’ was in lying, deception and hitting the unemployed, the poor and the disabled as much as possible and giving the same orders to his DWP also.
    IDS’s ‘thoughtfulness’ was ‘unilaterally’ passing laws on ‘sanctions’ and getting as much money for himself as possible and his bank balance – just like ALL Tory M.P’s & Ministers.
    Crabb had better keep a good look out – his DWP ‘Ministerialship’ is going to be a very bumpy one as well! Mark my words – we will all make sure of it.

  99. paultheswineherd

    After all “we are all in it together”

  100. paultheswineherd

    Stephen Crabb is a total traitor to Wales. He was supposedly ‘born to a single mother on a Council estate’ and he saw what Margaret Thatcher did to ‘support’ people in Wales. Margaret Thatcher closed down manufacturing in Wales, she closed down the coal mines in Wales – she completely destroyed whole communities in that Country.
    And this bastard thinks that Margaret Thatcher is a hero!
    (As does Cameron also). How very warped are they both!
    Crabb is in for a very rough passage in his ‘new’ position as Secretary of State for Works & Pensions.

  101. Is Sanctioning people not immoral? is forcing people into workfare not immoral?. Get these tory bastards to fuck and fuck you as well peein cuntin smith you baldy nazi cunt. I hope you die screaming you bastard.

  102. paultheswineherd

    IDS is off of his fucking head – what a fucking prat – I do not believe him that’s for sure.

    • Another Fine Recession

      It’s becoming obvious to others what we knew all along, he’s a cycle path.

      • Who was it who personally signed off all manner of benefit cuts and moaned we un-employed, disabled, and pensioners, were a strain on his own system? Only one person responsible for this complete mess and now he runs away back in the gutter claiming “It wasn’t me, guv”

  103. paultheswineherd

    Stephen Crabb thinks that he is going to be ‘protected’ by the Tories – but I forecast now, for one, that he is not – HE is going to be made a scapegoat to cover all that has been done in the past. Cameron is his ‘friend’ – NOT
    Osborne is his ‘friend’ – NOT
    This cunt will be out on his ear within one year – you all mark my words!

  104. How can the Regime think it will get away with having a guy who has hosted “Gay cure” events? That one thing alone should barr him from such high office! That should be grounds for protests in itself.

  105. It was the medical profession that was practising the gay cures.

  106. paultheswineherd

    Breaking news! – Ros Altmann has thrown another nice big spanner into the Tory works – she has accused IDS of being very difficult to work with and has said that IDS stopped her from ‘speaking out’ about anything.
    Looks like he treated his ‘staff’ in a dictatorial way as well!
    From what I have been reading on various outlets, Crabb is a terrible man!
    The Tories are breaking up, just as did the Jupiter asteroid of years ago!
    Good – more to come hopefully!

    • Ros Altman and no doubt many other tory twats will be using ids as a scapegoat, don’t believe a word of it. She was getting too well paid to quit.

  107. Andrew Marr show:

    So in the words of the ‘great’ man himself

    [remembering of course being responsible for 6 years of unrelenting cuts – with a smile, not caring for the misery caused by sanctions]

    Making point that Benefit cap lowered
    it was his scheme in lowering benefit payouts [pip et al] didn’t raise it as a problem publically
    pimping ‘social justice he set up’
    problems on direction of cuts started last week
    “One Nation” even for those who wouldn’t ever vote ConCon
    thought of resigning over attack on UC Benefit cap last year
    arbitrary welfare cap
    consultation too narrow ignoring important other impacts/areas
    policy being set via media agenda, i.e. PIP, requirement for cuts still sits on books [i.e WILL come in despite what has been announced]
    gov for all the people, all the time – benefit cuts is visibly Unfair as against those who benefit least
    discretionary housing increase down to him
    treasury in desperate search for savings
    ESA more people in support group – i.e. stop being pushed into work when clearly unable, should be in place where not under pressure – didn’t reject/accept mess of ATOS
    did acknowledge he is seen as a shit, shrugged it off as falls under his efforts to change benefit culture they and everyone should talk about his high end aim at changing the culture
    richer people are uneffected – caps perceived as narrow attack on working age benefit verse pensions, working age to bear the brunt
    This is all aimed at GidIdiot – something has happened between them, this is his try at derailing his leadership bid
    people on benefits don’t vote for ConCons, therefore should not bear down on them to get cuts exclusively from them. They are less able to absorb these kind of budget cuts.
    No Personal ambition [yeah right]
    Didn’t know about budget changes until media rang him.
    Change way budget decided, implemented
    goes on about care for UK,
    GidIdiot – MAY be a leader, have no view.
    Will not support a leadership contest.

    [Maybe he’s been told UN will place blame entirely on him – he was in charge after all]

    Jesus Christ!!! its a cross between the “Teletubbies” and “The Godfather”. Cameron has chucked just about everything including the kitchen sink at IDS, everyone at the rabbit hole (HoC) has their role to play, and their script all ready, all at a price of course.
    Let the hunger games begin.
    But some of us know its just a game to get everyone to vote “IN”.

    They all “piss up ya back” and tell you its raining.
    Its just a shame most people just get out their umbrellas and go “IS IT”.

    Meanwhile Cameron has just released the Kracken regarding Crabb.
    The false prophet to lure you into a false sense of security.

  109. paultheswineherd

    Even the Daily Fail can no longer cover it all up!
    This is a really good article and it’s well worth reading!

    • His resignation is more to do with him knowing he could have been sacked after June 23rd or that he suspected he would lose his EU out campaign to Cameroon. Personally signing off the payment cuts pre-budget and then later stating he was told to do it is akin to rats leaving a sinking ship.

      It makes me sick as he and his supporters are now bleating that he was in actual fact supporting the disabled, poor and un-employed all during his uncontrolled six year reign of terror. Then the bedroom tax is apparently helping people for the better?

  110. Now that David Camoron has been diagnosed with crabs he should immediately be referred to his local hospital for intensive isolation treatment to prevent further spread of his manky undercracker problem to the rest of the general population.

  111. What on earth has happened to Chris Evans for heaven’s sake. 49?! He looks soooooo old!

  112. If the slap-headed lunatic is now bleating that he didn’t even want the fecking job at DWP, why has it taken him until now to quit in disgrace? If he any sort of conscious in his tiny little pea brain he would have realised that he was an agent of death as instructed by the rest of the clowns pretending to run this country.

    Days before the budget was finally announced to the country, it comes as no surprise that him and his own department were actively involved in the disability payment cut proposals in a shady deal with the treasury. He even co-signed off the payment reductions and not said a fucking word against it, only to later go against his own policy and stick two fingers up at the government. Two-faced bald cunt.

  113. Karma has finally got rid of the bald cunt, three years after this video had appeared on Youtube –

    • paultheswineherd

      IDS’s next book is going to be entitled:
      “How to successfully run a Government Welfare Reform Programme”
      Total Pages: 200 Total printed pages: 1 (comprising a potted version of his life story and his ‘achievements’ and a disclaimer at the end)

  114. The towel folder has been very quiet in all this.

    I wouldn’t surprise me if this is a set up to protect the missing trillions that have disappeared down that black hole.
    Remember they ALL had their sticky fingers in the pie.
    There is no honour amongst thieves.

  115. There is not a tory mp nor a tory voter, that has not got their sticky fingers and snouts in the trough, so why single out just a couple of them, they are all in it together.


    IDS pretending he cares about the disabled. Bullshit. He resigned because of internal conflict with Osborne, who told him the cuts would have to come from elsewhere in the DWP budget if not from disability benefits. That’s why the cunt resigned, not because he cares oh so much about the disabled or the poor, but because his job is untenable.

  117. paultheswineherd

    George Osborne’s new book on the other hand is going to be entitled
    “How To Win At Running A Successful Economy”

  118. paultheswineherd

    Jeremy Corbyn rips apart IDS! (like a loose pit-bull terrier!! Grrrrrrr!!!!)

  119. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory fall out has been going on since the 2015 election win. The DWP will be in more of a muddle than ever, with the admin in even more chaos. 3 people make crowd in the school playground of political civil wars. Universal Credits finish date has now been put back from 2020 to 2025 !!! Dave & George don`t bite the hand that feeds you because it will bite you. The new DWP head will tow the party line & keep in the back ground trying to catch up with the last 6 years of DWP fraud. Atos & maximus will be suing the DWP for breech of contract & the Tory voters will be moaning. IDS has got out before the shit hits the fan so he is not responsible for his DWP failures.

  120. The Graffiti Artists

    Well, in light of Iain Duncan Smith’s stellar performance on the Andrew Marr show we need some ‘volunteers’ to go around daubing over all those “IAIN DUNCAN SMITH – MURDERER!!” pieces of artwork which adorn our public buildings and spaces to transform them into “IAIN DUNCAN SMITH – REALLY NICE GUY!!”


  121. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  122. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Explosive Andrew Marr interview with Iain Duncan Smith MP 20/03/2016

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