Numbers Sleeping On The Streets Soar By Almost A Third In Just One Year

rough-sleeping2015The number of people sleeping on the streets has soared by 30% in just one year figures from the Department of Community and Local Government reveal today.

A total of 3,569 people were found to be sleeping rough in Autumn 2015 –  the highest number since records began for the second year running.  The shocking figures come after five years of cuts to vital housing benefits combined with vicious welfare reforms that have left many destitute due to punitive benefit sanctions.  The number of people forced onto the streets because they cannot find a home has more than doubled since reforms began in 2010.

Tory politicians have brushed off the problem of rough sleeping claiming they are all just immigrants from Eastern Europe nnd so don’t matter.  Figures produced by charities show that only a third of rough sleepers come from the recently admitted EU countries however and that street homelessness is rising amongst all nationalities.

Today’s figures are just a snapshot and are taken from a combination of street counts – where outreach workers go out and physically record the number of people they see bedding down – and estimates by local authorities in areas where the problem is not so acute.  Homelessness industry insiders have long warned that the problem is woefully under-estimated and even raised fears that police usher people away from common street sleeping sites before counts are due to take place.  Today’s figures are horrifying enough but the sad truth is they only tell half the story.

The response from the government towards the growing homelessness epidemic has been more cuts with another benefit cap on the way likely to put 120,000 homes at risk.  This, combined with freezes on Housing Benefit rises despite soaring rents and the willful destruction of social housing in the UK, mean that street homelessness is a problem likely to become much worse.

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157 responses to “Numbers Sleeping On The Streets Soar By Almost A Third In Just One Year

    Now that five American states have signed up to the assisted suicide bill it is only right for us with the special relationship to foster the same values.

    Imagine the savings to the exchequer if the same unqualified health care professionals that the government use to steal benefits could make a decision on a persons right to a life. We are but only one step away from this, so why not go the full hog?

    If limping, coughing, showing erratic behaviour such as being unemployed or homeless irks them so much, why don’t they go the final hurdle and have us put to the syringe?

    Every other day we read of someone being pushed over the edge, surely the DWP should grab the bull by the horns and make a recommendation to an inside think tank to table an imminent meeting with the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith.

    Imagine how much joy it would bring to his face if he knew he had the ultimate power to decides who lives and who dies?

    Atos, Capita and Maximus would have a field day, their profits would be astronomical, but only until they ran out of clients…………………..

    • This Bill has been thrown out, GEOFF. Interestingly Professor Robert Winston who was against this Bill was talking about this on the BBC News. The smarmy reporter challenged him with: “Given that the vast majority of the public was in favour prove once again that Parliament is once again out of touch”. Professor Winston hit back with: “In the 1960s Parliament voted against hanging when the public majority was in favour. Nowadays, it is accepted that hanging has no place in a civilized society.”

  2. No Austerity Answer is to House the Homeless Not to Waste Billions
    on the EU Establishment Gravy Train

    Yes Human Rights is Important so House the Homeless Money is
    Needed to Help with this

    The EU does Not give two Hoots about the Plight of the Homeless

    Will Labour Repeal that part of LASPO Act 2012 which makes Squatting in
    an Empty ” Residential ” Property an ” Offence ” or will it be part of the
    Consensus of No Choice as with so much Else ?

  3. If the UK had a Political Class that Cared about British Interests Not
    Least those of it’s Residents like the Poor and Vulnerable in the Land
    instead of just looking with rose tinted spectacles at a ” Europe ” which
    is Not All of Europe anyway it would Make a Huge Lot of Difference

    Instead of the Nation being Wrecked the Nation would be Looked After
    and that would mean Public Services and Decent Housing

  4. It ought to be heartbreaking yet I feel to fit in we should all look the other way and when the Govt yet again takes even more money away from poor folks, we should clear our guilty throats once more to sing up loud and proud the mantra ‘Quite right too’.

    Anyone bothered that the Govt has seemingly over spent and under reported same, on, is it three By Elections? (channel 4 news 24th feb) If it is true, it is an imprisonable offence. Wonder who needs locking up? Wonder what other election scandals are yet to be uncovered? What confidence can we have, when we just have to trust those in power to tell the truth?

    • Half the country are more concerned about Kim Kardashians fat ass, than anyone on the streets.
      Another pointless survey that only preaches to the already converted, that your life is meaningless.
      Same shit different day.


      The cad game of numerology, is the 3 card trick from the band of ‘C’,
      The cads in 10 times the cunts of 3, add up to the sum of 30.
      That’s the hand these jokers deal, to those in wrag
      from whom they steal.
      Then just to add the final throw, they’ll freeze you out with the help of 4(years)

      It’s time to bring down the house of Cad, who love to play this 3 card brag,
      they’ve dealt themselves the losing hand, no aces high, no prile –
      NO GRAND.

  5. Hope For The Present Hope For The Future That is what is Needed

    A Country that is a Good Place to Live In Not a Litter Strewn Dump which
    is Freezing Cold

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So all these 3,569 homeless people are in work as an employment figure. The DWP running their NI & ID in DWP fraud.

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Maximus – Can you carry an empty cardboard box 20 Metres ?

    No there is a homeless person sleeping in the empty cardboard box maximus, you should know about putting people in card board boxes in a paupers grave.

    The rich people in Hampstead are getting robbed during the day 4 times a day for their £40,000 watches & their £20,000 rings. Flash your wealth & it will be gone !!! Posh people scared to walk the rich areas street in safety. You Tory voters dodgy dave has created danger for rich people !!!

  8. Weather has been Awfully Diabolically Cold and it is Diabolical the
    Suffering of People who cannot get Adequate Heating into Places
    of Residence and the Homeless Out in the Freezing Cold

    Renationalize the Utilities

  9. Councils instead of Fining Homeless People should instead see that they
    have some protection against Freezing to Death in this Weather

  10. Unfortunately, the country is full of I’m alright jack, one-eyed people.

    Nobody cares until it affects them.

  11. In another time, when people had heart, and life was hard, much harder than today; people survived and, for a short time some thrived… I’m not talking too far back, try imagining from the 1870’s to the 1950’s. People during those years didn’t see the possibility of homelessness daunting. No they saw it as a golden opportunity; an opportunity to be liberated from the shackles of the rat race, and to be truly free and unchained, roaming where they desired and living as feral animals, neither asking for quarter nor giving quarter… They lived off their wits, stealing what was needed and moving on…. Think of the renegade Apaches led by Geronimo hiding out in the vastness of the Sierra Madre, sneaking down to the wild windswept lowlands of Arizona and Mexico to raid, before once more vanishing. All the while pursued by 5000 U.S soldiers, and 10,000 Mexican forces. Think of them, unbowed, unconquered, not surviving on ESA or JSA and whining like a bunch of cunts on The Void. Or sitting in a shop doorway looking pathetic and putting on The Droning Voice while asking for some spare change.
    Think of the late great Ned Kelly and his gang, living out in the bush, planning his heroic but ultimately ill-fated raid at Glenrowan.
    Think of the Great Depression era outlaws, the John Dillinger’s, the Alvin Karpis’, doing things their way and taking no fucking shit, even if it meant death, or in Karpis’ case, 26 years in Alcatraz and 8 years in other gaols.
    Think of legendary Sicillian bandit Salvatore Giulliano. Think of these people You Cunts. Think of them, And don’ t see homelessness as the end of the fucking line. Have some fucking heart You bleating fucks!!
    The homeless should have some fucking heart too, stop the fucking whining and woe is me bollocks and do something. See it as an opportunity. A golden fucking opportunity. You hear me You Cunts?! You FUCKING HEAR ME!!!?
    I Roger Have Spoken….

    • That was quite a rant……WOGER!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Stig Of The Dump – Perhaps get shot by a land owner !!!

    • Hahahahahaha LOL! What a fanny you are Roger! 😀 So you’re recommending that people take the law into their own hands and become outlaws and bandits, robbing and murdering people? You’ve got some great advice there eh?

      • Outlaws and bandits robbing and murdering people – you’ve described the pig-fuck tories to a t Raining.

        • Well said Marie.
          I’m afraid our Woger if he hasn’t got a wodge through the favourable changes made for the self made capitalists and the robbing of the benefits system, probably has one through thieving in other directions, maybe’s been imprisoned and had plenty of time to read up on his hero’s of bygone days.

          Until we see a collapse of the capitalist system and the exponents of it, Walter Mitty Woger will have to wait to emulate his hero’s amidst a lawless society, until someone brings about a much balanced and fairer society.

    • Stop talking shit Roger.

    • so your saying it is alright to roam around like a feral animal? DO you know how many died from the 1870’s to the 1950’s? It was a lot of people, most homeless people joined the workhouse, because even though it were bad it were better than the streets, they used to make peoples lives hell in their and the door was always open for you to leave, but the numbers living there grew and grew and grew and they didn’t get cash for their work Rodger, but the most basic food and shelter, yet they work all day doing unproductive work. They tore down the workhouses, because they were more expensive to run and they didn’t get people into work, bit of history for you there.

  12. JV – I’m not surprised at the rising figures for homelessness. Any one of us can find ourselves homeless at some stage of our lives. Whether it’s due to losing your job, evil greedy landlords or simply bad luck. The is one thing for sure – it’s going to get much worse.

    P.S Just got a letter today from the DWP telling me there will no rise in my disability benefits for 2016. The other letters from my energy company and utilities are demanding payments. I feel like topping myself!!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      A few days ago was announced a Benefit Freeze for 4 years. The local papers are saying it will put families into more poverty. As prices & everything goes up.

      • My cousin in Derby is an elder in her church. In Derby several churches open as night shelters Nov through to march, she says regularly there are 30+ regulars that’s just in her church!

      • SRSPS – I feel that a 4 year freeze on benefits is going to mean that I will be joining the ranks of the homeless pretty damn soon.

        I suffer from multiple disabilities and would not last long outside in the freezing cold. Perhaps this is what the heartless Tories scum want – a rich nation where disabled people die on the streets from cold and starvation!!!

        • You’ll be alright mate, it’ll soon be spring, homelessness will probably come knocking on your door around Summer. Tip for you : Get a tent. Something secondhand. I managed to get the world’s lightest one man tent, a Vaude Lizard Gull for 3 quid from the Lighthouse charity shop in Chorlton cum Hardy. If you can’t get something that good, then go for an old Vango Force Ten Mark 2.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          SHY – More Info

          Plans to freeze benefits for four years ‘will hit 7 million children’

          Guardian Tuesday 23 February 2016 00.01 GMT

          More than 7 million children living in low-income families will be affected by a four-year freeze to their benefits that risks pushing many more into poverty, according to new research.

          A report by the Children’s Society, published on Tuesday, says families could lose up to 12% from the real value of their benefits over the next four years as a result of government plans to freeze child tax credits, working tax credits and jobseekers’ allowance from April.

          The charity is calling on ministers to reconsider the planned freeze and agree to a moratorium on any further cuts in support for low-income families. It says almost two thirds of those who will be adversely affected live in working households who receive benefits to top up low pay.

          Read More:

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            I also noticed there was not the usual £1.50p rise each year which is well below inflation.

            • SRSPS – Given the 4 year benefits freeze I noticed that MP’s pay and perks are rising well above inflation alongside increases in their declared directorships and board membership of companies like Google. These were the very same people who voted for the cuts in welfare last year. I am truly disgusted by their hyprocracy.

              Perhaps everybody on benefits should call themselves Google and then they would be rewarded with millions of pounds from the Tory government.

  13. paultheswineherd

    IDS – This hated and murderous bastard who loves torturing the poor, the sick & the disabled. This cunt that lives for free in his father-in-law’s mansion and is married to a stupid heiress to a fortune. ADULTS AND CHILDREN STARVE – WHILE HE FEASTS ON FINE RARE VENISON.

  14. paultheswineherd

    Another twisted and corrupt Tory led bastard that would love to take all E.U. Regulations away – what leaving? – a Tory Bill of Rights with NO rights for the poor, the sick, or anyone who is any less than lower middle class!


    *Off Topic*

    Fuck the Tory Scum, fuck the Jobcentre, fuck the DWP, fuck IDS, fuck Workfare, fuck Cameron, fuck Lord Fraud, fuck Osborne, fuck Pinnacle People, fuck Capitalism, and fuck Roger.

  16. A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said the government’s welfare reforms were creating a fairer system and were incentivising work while protecting the most vulnerable. He said:

    “We are bringing welfare spending under control, while – crucially – helping people into work, and through universal credit helping them to earn more.


    • ‘Through universal credit helping them to (find more work) not earn more’ because their benefits will be cut.
      So they either get a job as a poverty pimp themselves to make up the deficit,because there ain’t no jobs being created by these cheapskate tories.
      wealth creators for themselves the lot of them.

  17. BBC News at 6PM this evening – amongst other things, (apart from the 13 minutes ‘Lead Story of Saviles abuse!), THEN came the ‘showboating’ of the ‘defecting 6 ‘OUT’ Tories’. Six of the most vile and hated bastards ever to hold ‘public office’ and also ‘Ministerial’ posts – IDS – ‘the murderer’, (also by association of failure to respond to a Coroner’s report), Priti Patel, (the Grim Reaper and also IDS’s main sidekick, Chris Grayling (another murderer by association of his negligence in reporting of a Coroner’s report – hated by all claimants when in his role as Employment Minister), Michael Gove, (hated by the teachers and some of the judiciary), John Whittingdale (hated by the BBC!!!!!!) and Theresa Villiers, (Northern Ireland Minister) hated by all, – excepting the Ulster Unionist Party (well allied to the Tories!)
    6 totally hated fucking cunts – each and every one of them.

  18. I expected this kind of thing to happen, the Tories even expected more people to become homeless, its where they want them.

  19. Government set to face legal action after Tory MPs back ‘cruel and nasty’ ESA cut

    By John Pring on February 25, 2016 Activism and Campaigning

    The government is likely to face legal action if it pushes ahead with plans to cut the out-of-work disability benefits of hundreds of thousands of claimants by £1,500 a year, say disabled activists.

    The warning came as Conservative MPs overturned a House of Lords amendment which had removed the proposed cut from the welfare reform and work bill.

    The bill will now return to the House of Lords on Monday (29 February), but it is thought almost inevitable that the government will force through the cut, even if peers vote to reinstate their amendment.

    If the measure becomes law, weekly payments for new claimants of employment and support allowance (ESA) who are placed in the work-related activity group (WRAG) – for those found to have limited capability for work – will be cut from £102.15 to £73.10, a loss of about £1,500 a year.

    Ministers have argued that the extra £29 a week acts as a disincentive to find work for sick and disabled people in the WRAG.

    They plan eventually to spend an extra £100 million a year of the annual £640 million savings from the WRAG cut on improving employment support for disabled people.

    Priti Patel, the employment minister, told MPs this week that a “taskforce”, including representatives of disability charities Scope, Leonard Cheshire Disability, RNIB and the National Autistic Society, as well as the government’s Disability Action Alliance network, which is chaired by Disability Rights UK, would help decide how that money would be spent.

    The user-led grassroots campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has already taken advice from a barrister, and has been told that a legal challenge – arguing that the group of disabled people affected would be discriminated against under the Equality Act – has a good chance of success, but could only be taken once the cut has been implemented from April 2017.

  20. BUT – It’s all much too late – this yellow-bellied cunt (and his Ministers) colluded with and actively supported most of the Tories policies in order to maintain ‘HIS’ and ‘HIS PARTY’S’ selfish ‘POWER’. Clegg, together with his power-crazed Lib-Dem M.P.’s could at least have TRIED to stop the worst of Cameron’s policies – but they did not – THEY COLLUDED WITH THEM.

    • I hope labour don’t either, they are too cosy with the two party state and are no r4eal opposition, never reversing tory policies when they are voted in.



      Disability News Service (DNS) will this week ask a tribunal to require the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to publish information about secret reviews it carried out into the deaths of 49 benefit claimants.

      DNS has been trying since August 2014 to find out what actions ministers took in the wake of deaths linked to the employment and support allowance (ESA) claim process, and the refusal or removal of ESA and other benefits.

      DWP originally insisted that it held no such information, a claim made both by civil servants and the former minister for disabled people, Mark Harper.

      But after Steve Webb, a Liberal Democrat ministerial colleague of Harper, contradicted his claim in October 2014, their department was forced to admit that it did carry out what it called “peer reviews” into benefit-related deaths.

      Following a request submitted by DNS under the Freedom of Information Act, DWP finally admitted that it had carried out 49 such reviews between February 2012 and autumn 2014.


        In both cases, coroners linked the deaths to the ESA claim process – particularly to flaws within the work capability assessment (WCA) – and went as far as writing reports calling for DWP to take action to prevent future deaths.

        DWP breached its legal duty to respond to the Stephen Carré report in 2010, and this month finally admitted that it had a draft version of a response in its records, which it failed to send to the coroner.

        The failure to respond to the coroner’s report is important because ministers took key decisions that year that led to the WCA being rolled out without the improvements necessary to correct its flaws, putting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with mental health conditions at risk.

        DNS believes that the secret peer reviews could reveal many other such cases, in which flaws in DWP policy and practice were responsible for the deaths of benefit claimants.

        Pring said: “The work DNS has done is only a small part of much wider investigations by other journalists and activists into the impact of welfare reform by successive governments on sick and disabled people.

        “We need to know why these people died, whether their deaths were linked to government action, or inaction, and what measures ministers took, or didn’t take, to prevent further deaths.

        “It is not good enough for ministers to hide behind social security legislation; Iain Duncan Smith could easily order the publication of these reviews.

        “The families of those who died deserve to know the truth, as do the millions of sick and disabled people who will go through the benefits system in the next few years, and who have already been through it.

        “They need that system to be safe, and they also need to know that ministers have done and are doing everything they possibly can to avoid causing them unnecessary harm.”

        A DWP spokeswoman said: “We take these matters extremely seriously, which is why we look into our processes over complex cases like these.

        “However, having a review in no way means the department was at fault.”

  22. A DWP spokeswoman said: “We take these matters extremely seriously, which is why we look into our processes over complex cases like these.

    And so do we, you callous, evil, murdering, fucking scumbags.



    MPs have voted to reinstate a plan to cut Employment and Support Allowance by £30 per week for no good reason.

    The similarities between this plan – the Convalescent Charge – and the Bedroom Tax are shocking.

    Like the Bedroom Tax, the Convalescent Charge affects only a certain number of people. In the former case, it’s people in social housing who the Conservative Government says have a ‘spare’ bedroom. In the latter case, it is those claiming ESA in the Work-Related Activity Group. People in the Support Group of ESA will retain the full amount.

    Therefore we can say that members of the WRAG are being charged £30 a week because they have been told – by assessors employed by the Conservative Government – that they will get well within a calendar year of their claim becoming active. In any case, they will lose the benefit when that year is over.

    These are people who have spent all of their adult lives in work, paying their taxes, until illness struck them down. They had a right to expect the system to support them through their difficulties – not for it to be pulled out from under them.

    We are all-too-aware that mistakes are made. Mortality in the Work-Related Activity Group is three times the national average. That’s in a group of people who are not expected to die at all, but are supposed to make a full recovery.

    Like the Bedroom Tax, the Convalescent Charge will undoubtedly increase the number of deaths.

    MPs have renewed plans to cut Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 a week – ignoring a desperate protest from a Tory backbencher who declared: “This is my warning shot to government”.

    Heidi Allen’s speech made an 11th-hour plea for her own party to find “the compassion to look after the little man”.

    But her plea fell on deaf ears as a motion to challenge the House of Lords, which struck down the cuts last month, was passed by 306 votes to 279.

    MPs also voted 310-277 against a Lords decision to reverse the scrapping of child poverty targets – which are being replaced by “shameful” measures that don’t count parents’ income.


  24. As anyone involved knows those official estimates are woefully low.
    The official estimate for rough sleepers in Cornwall from the dataset is 65.
    I could find more than that using the official definition of rough sleeper within a mile or so of my home.

    Click to access Rough_Sleeping_Autumn_2015_statistical_release.pdf

    Rough Sleepers Rough Sleepers are defined as follows for the purposes of rough sleeping counts and estimates:
    People sleeping, about to bed down (sitting on/in or standing next to their bedding) or actually bedded down in the open air (such as on the streets, in tents, doorways, parks, bus shelters or encampments). People in buildings or other places not designed for habitation (such as stairwells, barns, sheds, car parks, cars, derelict boats, stations, or “bashes” which are makeshift shelters, often comprised of cardboard boxes).

  25. aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado jeff3



    Please find below the number of risks (open or closed) contained within the UC Programme
    Risk Register and the number of issues (open or closed) within the UC Programme Issue
    Number of Open Risks – 65
    Number of Closed Risks – 397
    Number of Open Issues – 2
    Number of Closed issues – 21



    • ………………..and never forget

      All aspects of welfare reforms were given the go ahead by some body/someone, who deemed the legislation to have no detrimental effects on the wellbeing of the claimants………………

      The countless thousands of dead bodies say otherwise……

      That is why the DWP withheld coroners reports that should have triggered a major inquiry and why the DWP are putting pressure on a civil servant to keep the true death toll under wraps.




        The Office for Budget Responsibility stated in its analysis of the
        latest spending review:

        “Universal credit has been substantively delayed on at least three
        separate occasions in the past three years. Chart 4.8 in Chapter 4
        shows that relative to our first formal inclusion of spending on
        universal credit in our December 2012 forecast, the rollout
        schedule is now around three years later than expected. In 2016-17
        we now expect 330,000 claimants on universal credit rather than the
        6.1 million expected in our forecast three years ago.”


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      G4S Medical Services is the leading provider of evidence based clinical services to the NHS and Police in the UK.

      Salary:£30,000 – £35,000

      G4S are now a medical service !!!! What a fuck up !!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        G4S is the leading global integrated security company specialising in the provision of security products, services and solutions.

  27. I Agree
    The Pro Austerity Pro EU Anti British Liberal Democrats should Never
    Again hold Power they are a Shower

    paultheswineherd | February 25, 2016 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    BUT – It’s all much too late – this yellow-bellied cunt (and his Ministers) colluded with and actively supported most of the Tories policies in order to maintain ‘HIS’ and ‘HIS PARTY’S’ selfish ‘POWER’. Clegg, together with his power-crazed Lib-Dem M.P.’s could at least have TRIED to stop the worst of Cameron’s policies – but they did not – THEY COLLUDED WITH THEM.

  28. I am very Depressed with the State of this Country More Ruined Britannia
    than Rule Britannia

    A Political and Social Madhouse of Oblivion

  29. What do the Zombie Masses Every do about Anything ?

    Not EVEN Write a Letter ……..

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Anger over Twitter’s ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude to disablist abuse

    DNS – 25th Feb 2016

    Campaigners have cast doubt on Twitter’s commitment to protecting disabled people from vile disablist abuse on its social media platform.

    They spoke out after the media giant launched its new Twitter Trust and Safety Council, which it claimed would help “ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter”.

    Read More:

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Life under Maximus for CQC’s service-user experts: Chaos, cuts and ‘playschool ID cards’

    DNS – 25th Feb 2016

    The care watchdog’s decision to ask a discredited US outsourcing giant to manage its disabled expert advisers has led to confusion, cutbacks and a stream of resignations, Disability News Service (DNS) has been told.

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) decided earlier this month to pass three of four regional contracts to run the Experts by Experience (EbE) programme to Remploy, formerly a government-owned business but now mostly owned by US-based Maximus.

    But within days, a stream of disabled people and carers who previously assisted with CQC care inspections under EbE have said they will no longer take part in the programme, with one EbE participant estimating that three out of four have quit rather than work for Maximus.

    Some of those who agreed to work with Remploy/Maximus have been told to print their own ID badges, while others have reported how Remploy staff appear “utterly confused”.

    Read More:

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Government set to face legal action after Tory MPs back ‘cruel and nasty’ ESA cut

    DNS – 25th Feb 2016

    The government is likely to face legal action if it pushes ahead with plans to cut the out-of-work disability benefits of hundreds of thousands of claimants by £1,500 a year, say disabled activists.

    The warning came as Conservative MPs overturned a House of Lords amendment which had removed the proposed cut from the welfare reform and work bill.

    The bill will now return to the House of Lords on Monday (29 February), but it is thought almost inevitable that the government will force through the cut, even if peers vote to reinstate their amendment.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      23 Feb 2016 : Column 190

      Welfare Reform and Work Bill

      Priti Patel: The Bill is a vital part of the Government’s reforms that are moving this country to a high wage, low tax, low welfare economy. It is fundamental to our commitment to end child poverty and improve children’s life chances, and to ensure that work always pays more than a life on benefits and that support is focused on the most vulnerable.

      As is right and proper, the Bill’s provisions have been carefully scrutinised by both this House and the other place. Where appropriate the Government have tabled amendments to bring clarity or to remove unintended consequences, and they have made important commitments on supported housing and the social rents measure, on kinship carers and sibling adoptions under clauses 11 and 12, and on guardian’s allowance and carer’s allowance in relation to the benefit cap. The Government remain firmly committed to the aims and principles of the Bill as it left this House, and for that reason we wish to resist the non-Government Lords amendments.

      Before I address each area in detail, allow me to set out the key principles that underpin our disagreement with the Lords. Our view is that the addition of child poverty income measures is unnecessary because we have already committed to publishing statistics on children in low-income families through the “Households below average income”—HBAI—publication. Lords amendment 1 would also reintroduce a failed approach to child poverty that is focused on tackling its symptoms rather than its root cause, and it would drive perverse behaviour focused on lifting people just above the poverty line, rather than on a life chances strategy that could transform children’s lives.

      In Full:

  33. It might end poverty for the hand picked cream of the crop children from poor families, who are then fed tory elitist policies, thus separating them from the family that loved and cared for them without huge incomes.

    The rest will be left on the breadline as usual, at the mercy of unchristian charities with nothing but a low income and lifestyle to match to look forward to.

    • paultheswineherd

      fly hawkes – Well said

      • The irony is we need a bin man as much if not more than a barrister, yet their occupations cannot command that of the academic, but should.
        All should be equal in the world of pay at work because all are needed and necessary in their own way.
        If the educated think they deserve rewards, then train them for free but make them make a contract to stay here for at least 10 years working in their professional capacities, before they take off and go to the highest bidder.
        Let’s hope they have more moralistic ideals than monetaristic ones.

  34. paultheswineherd


  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Paralympic star handed fresh start after serving ‘self-defence’ jail term

    DNS – 25th Feb 2016

    A Paralympic star jailed for punching a homophobic thug who was threatening him and his gay friends has spoken of his prison nightmare, and how he has been handed a fresh start and a possible return to international competition.

    George Fletcher spent four months in prison, but he and the friends who were with him insist he was merely protecting them all from a “horrible and aggressive” stranger who had targeted them on a night out in Liverpool’s gay quarter.

    He has spoken exclusively to Disability News Service about his time in prison, his anger with the criminal justice system that almost ruined his life, and his determination to play international football again.

    And the Great Britain cerebral palsy seven-a-side star – who represented Britain at the London 2012 Paralympics and has also represented England – has pledged that the injustice he suffered will not prevent him returning to his previous work with vulnerable people, and launching a new business.

    Fletcher (pictured playing for England) was released with a tag on 1 February, four months after being jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for grievous bodily harm.

    Even though the judge had told the man Fletcher punched that he had been “the author of his own misfortune”, the Paralympian was still jailed for 15 months.

    The incident happened in the early hours of 1 September 2014 on the edge of Liverpool’s gay quarter, an area notorious for homophobic incidents and assaults, and just a couple of streets away from where trainee police officer James Parkes was beaten and left in a coma after another homophobic attack in 2009.

    It had begun in a takeaway, with Fletcher and three friends peacefully eating their food inside when a stranger approached and began shouting “vile and horrible” homophobic abuse at them.

    He left the takeaway, but the four friends bumped into him again minutes later as they tried to find a taxi, and he again began screaming homophobic abuse at them.

    Fletcher says CCTV footage shows the man aggressively approaching him and his friends, and how he twice had to push the man away when he tried to grab his friends.

    The stranger then began bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, with his arms wide open, shouting: ‘Let’s have it!’

    “When he got too close to me I threw a punch,” Fletcher says. “The law says that if you feel like you are in danger or feel threatened you are allowed a pre-emptive strike, so what did I have to do to prove that to the jury? I felt like I was in danger.”

    Unfortunately, the man, who was six feet four, fell backwards after Fletcher struck him a second time, and struck his head on the pavement. He was left seriously injured, needed emergency surgery, and was reportedly left with brain damage.

    Fletcher believes he was right to defend himself and his friends, although he regrets the injuries he caused. But he is still angry that he was convicted.

    Read More:



    Security company G4S is to sell its children’s services business including the contract to manage two secure units – one at the centre of abuse claims.

    The centres are at Oakhill, Buckinghamshire, and Medway, Kent. The sale – as part of a business review – includes its 13 children’s homes.

    A BBC Panorama investigation uncovered claims relating to the treatment of 10 boys at the Medway unit near Rochester.

    The director of the facility stepped down at the end of January.

    Undercover footage showed staff mistreating and abusing inmates, and boasting about using inappropriate techniques to restrain youngsters.

    Other allegations included claims staff tried to hide their actions by ensuring they were out of shot from CCTV cameras.

    Five men were arrested by Kent Police on suspicion of either child neglect or assault and bailed until April.

    G4S sacked five members of staff. Two others identified in the programme were suspended and one other was removed from operational duty as inquiries continued.

    The company runs residential children’s homes through its children’s services division, Homes2Inspire, in six English counties: Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Staffordshire.






    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – that is really good news. It’s a pity though that the BBC couldn’t launch an investigation into the murder of claimants by IDS & his DWP


    The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator for health and social care in England.

    It makes sure services such as hospitals, care homes, dentists and GP surgeries provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care, and encourages these services to improve.


    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) decided earlier this month to pass three of four regional contracts to run the Experts by Experience (EbE) programme to Remploy, formerly a government-owned business but now mostly owned by US-based Maximus.

    But within days, a stream of disabled people and carers who previously assisted with CQC care inspections under EbE have said they will no longer take part in the programme, with one EbE participant estimating that three out of four have quit rather than work for Maximus.



    • @geoff

      They are funded to the tune of £166 million per year to rubber stamp Tory failures.
      Bumper salaries for looking the other way as the dead are conveniently channelled from prying eyes.

  38. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Yes it’s a clear violation of international law and also flies in the face of Human Rights legislation.
      Cameron’s chums are more than happy that dodgy Dave allowed them to spend three billion quid to persecute those in the Yemen.

      What we should be asking is who is authorising the arms sales on behalf of the UK government, knowing that the weapons are to be used in an illegal war?
      That somebody who is agreeing the arms sales is pocketing huge back handers that are funding the Conservative coffers………………

  39. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  40. Iain Duncan Smith

    The Department of Work, Pensions and Demise
    10 Victoria Street

    My Dear Friends

    I beg to inform you that extensive research by the DWP has established conclusively that the exacerbation of rough sleepers on our streets is primarily driven by irresponsible ne’er-do-wells attempting to avoid paying the Bedroom Tax on former properties by making themselves deliberately homeless.

    Such shirking represent disgraceful behaviour and will be stamped out by my own tireless eugenicism and/or a cold snap which will, God willing, naturally cull many thousands of these lead swingers and shirkers.

    We are working for you.

    Your friend,

    Iain Duncan Smith MP

  41. sorry Roger, but it’s the DEPARTMENT FOR WORKS AND PENSIONS, not OF……………..

    Department for Work and Pensions – GOV.UK


    Should think so, shame on them for taking them away in the first place.

  43. paultheswineherd

    And still the cruel regime of sanctions continues – this is absolutely disgusting in a so-called ‘democratic’ country.


      ……….do they go off the radar for six or seven years?

      From: Janet Jones

      14 February 2016

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      Could you please confirm that unemployed people over the age of 60
      years and six months are not eligible for Universal Credit, as
      according to the guidelines on the website, to qualify for UC, you must
      be between the ages of 18 years and 60 years and six months?

      Does Universal Credit end when a claimant reaches the age of 60
      years and six months?

      Since the pension age has now been raised to 66 or in some cases 67
      years, what options are available to people to ensure their
      survival during those six or seven years if they have been unable
      to find employment?

      Yours faithfully,

      Janet Jones

      Link to this

      • Simple answer, they will be lucky if they last this long.

      • Well it quite obvious, they are hoping they will die and they won’t have to pay out the pension. All in the name of saving money.

      • I watched Lulu bopping away at 60plus years comeback series, but all are not as fortunate as her healthwise and if forced to work beyond sixty would find it a strain. She could do a tour then retire and live off it for years, where the older working class would have to keep plodding on just to survive.

        • Lulu is in fine fettle for a 62 year old. Well seen that she takes care of herself. Looked like she was just back in from a run. Obviously she can afford the best of everything. But there is a lesson in there somewhere… 😉

      • Click to access uc-faq-aug2015.pdf

        It says here in black and white that Universal Credit will end at age 60 and 6 months. Does that mean that if you are not working and are not in a fortunate position like Lulu you get thrown onto the streets to starve to death? Or try and make it through like a feral animal until you can claim a State pension in 6 years and 6 months at age 67? How can anyone, let alone someone in their 60s survive ‘bugging out in the woods’ for 6 years and 6 months?

  44. paultheswineherd

    This is the ‘2013’ list of Cameron’s 100 failures whilst being in Government (and in the last almost 2 and a half years, it’s gotten even worse)!


    DWP sanctioned 40,000 parents with pre-school aged children last year

    The Department for Work and Pensions sanctioned around 40,000 lone parents with pre-school aged children over the course of a year, new figures show.

    The statistics, which relate to people claiming Income Support, follow warnings by church groups last year that 100,000 children across Britain were going hungry after their parents faced sanctions.

    People in the Income Support Lone Parent (ISLP) group all have children under five years old and are lone parents with a low income.
    Read more
    Benefits sanctions ‘force people to sleep rough and go hungry’

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith castigated low income parents in October last year, warning that they should not “assume” the Government would support them.

    He said proposed cuts to tax credits, now rolled into the forthcoming Universal Credit benefit, were “about bringing home to parents the reality that children cost money”.

    “If you have more kids you have to make the choices others make and not assume taxpayers money lets you avoid the consequences of such choices,” he said.

    Single parents with very young children getting income support are required attend regular jobcentre interviews and often to attend training or work experience – even though their children are not yet in school and childcare can be expensive.

    Sanctions are imposed when parents fail to comply with the conditions set. The full rate of income support is £73.10 a week but is lower for people under 25. People sanctioned lose about £15 a week for an indefinite period.

    The number of sanctions as a proportion of lone parents with very young children claiming the benefit has been rising in each financial year since 2012, though it previously reached a higher peak in 2009.

    Dalia Ben-Galim, director of policy for the charity Gingerbread, said sanctions were often unfairly applied and that they caused severe financial hardship.

    “Our research has found single parents are more likely to be incorrectly sanctioned than others. It’s likely many of the families who have had their support cut will have been wrongly sanctioned,” she said.


    • 1630revello

      The defence of sanctioning ‘a very small minority’ is pathetic. One in every 17 claimants is hardly statistically insignificant, and the fact that parents with pre-school children often have little or no access to affordable child care places them in a no-win situation.

      JCP is under-staffed and under-resourced to provide realistic support to people looking for work that enables them to balance employment and family life, a policy that results in sanctions, systematic impoverishment and further reliance on a formerly humane social security system that is being deliberately destroyed. What is worse is that the tax credit cuts that were supposedly defeated last year will simply be reimposed upon these families by the horrendous ongoing failure of Universal Credit.

  46. Tory wants to axe meals on wheels for those who can’t cook: ‘Tesco could deliver cold food instead’

    • Its far more that making sure people get a hot meal at least once a day, its someone coming in to see them every day even just for a few minutes is the difference of seeing or having a chat with nobody and also seeing if the old person is still well. So that’s taking food out of the young and the elderly’s mouth now added to the sick and the vulnerable, which before 2010 they promised to protect all these people.

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Remploy Disability confidence quiz – For Employers – How good is your disability knowledge with question like these & 4 choices of answers.

    Question 1:
    I know what it means when people say they have a “disability or health condition” (Required)

    I’ve no idea
    I’ve got some idea
    I’m currently learning about this
    I’m pretty sure I’ve got this covered

    Question 2:
    As an employer/manager, I am fully aware of my obligations under the Equality Act 2010 (Required)


    Question 3:
    If I was asked if my company had a reasonable adjustment policy, I would say…..

    Question 4:
    If I was asked what the difference is between a learning disability or a learning difficulty and how to support a colleague with these conditions , I would say…..

    Question 5:
    Do you know about the Government’s Access to Work scheme?

    Question 6:
    I have a disabled person coming for an interview and been asked to make some reasonable adjustments. Do I understand what is expected?

    Question 7:
    I think I may have a disability/health condition. Do I know who to go to for support & advice in dealing with disability-related issues in the workplace?

    Question 8:
    I think I may have a disability/health condition. Do I know who to go to for support & advice in dealing with disability-related issues in the workplace?

    Question 9:
    Do you know how many disabled people of working age there are in the UK? (Required)

    6.9 million
    7.6 million
    8.2 million
    9.1 million

    Question 10:
    Albert Einstein the famous physicist could not remember the months in the year or memorise the simplest of things. Do you know what disability he had? (Required)

    Mental health condition
    Parkinsons disease
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


  48. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability confidence for managers training course

    Is this course for you?

    Yes if you are a manager wanting to increase your awareness and knowledge of supporting disabled people – as members of staff, volunteers or people gaining work experience. The course is designed for and targeted at line managers, HR professionals and other interested individuals.

    Course objectives

    By the end of our course, you will:

    have a solid understanding of disability equality and what this means in managing and recruiting disabled staff
    be confident to identify access issues, interact with disabled employees and support them
    identify and address equality issues affecting disabled staff and volunteers, and support them effectively
    develop and motivate your workforce through inclusive recruitment and development practices
    understand the issues that disabled people encounter and the range of needs of disabled employees
    understand the Equality Act and your obligations as an employer
    appreciate the real benefit that supporting and employing disabled people can have on your workplace
    become more effective in accessing a pool of diverse talented people and maximise the contribution of skills and knowledge amongst disabled members of staff
    use tools that could help you to reduce sickness and stress in your workplace
    personal action plan

    Course content

    barrier removal
    the definition of disability
    the models of disability
    the law and the obligations on your business
    applying the law – reasonable adjustments
    the business case for disability equality
    disability myths and misconceptions
    changes in communication style and behaviour
    the importance of language and avoiding assumptions
    signposting to resources, funding, support, external opportunities to develop leadership of disabled staff
    helping your staff become open about their impairment or health condition and their access needs
    sharing stories

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      -house course

      Full day in-house course (10.00am to 4.00pm)

      Delegate numbers: Ideal for around 12 delegates

      £1,200* plus VAT and expenses

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        12 x £1,200 = £18,000 generated in 6 hours talking bullshit about disabled people !!!

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          ***** per person

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            So Maximus who run these courses are getting £18,000 a session. Ripping off disabled people & making huge amounts of money talking bulklshit insulting disabled people whilst not paying taxes in the uk like Maximus run the DWP.

            • The best thing the disabled can do is to tell them to Fxxk off if they come knocking on their door, especially as they are a government that does not accept that anyone is disabled in the first place.

              Time to disable these training schemes.

  49. The Underdog Needs a Voice and to be Heard

    Handing Establishment Politicians like David Cameron a Victory such as
    over the EU and it’s Mythical ” Human Rights ” is Not the Answer

    Peaceful Political Revolution and a Political Class that Cares about this
    Country is

    Common Sense Paves the Way to Compassion

  50. It is very Sad the Homelessness Situation in this Country Not Least when
    there are so many Empty Buildings about

  51. paultheswineherd

    Cameron says “wine glasses upwards”!
    Another pay rise for these lazy, rich and arrogant fiddling bastards!–WyyZbqVoAx

  52. paultheswineherd

    Well I’ll be blowed! Another ‘flagship’ announcement by Mr pig-fuck – its a loan!

  53. The 28th of February Mark’s the Anniversary of The Reichstag Fire Decree in 1933 AD.

    This was Issued by Reich President Paul von Hindenburg upon the Advice of Adolf Hitler Reich Chancellor and Nullified Key Civil Liberties of German Citizens .

    This was Instrumental in the Establishment of the Nazi Dictatorship which Led Germany and the German People to Tyranny and Disaster .

    The Masses by their Non Resistance Collaborated by Cowardice

    No to Nazi Tyranny Then and No to Nazi Tyranny Now

  54. Due to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy Foodprices in this Country are more Expensive and even New Zealand Lamb costs More in the UK than the USA

    It has been Estimated that a UK Family would making Savings every Month on the Cost of Food by Not being Enslaved to the Common Agricultural Policy

    The EU and Europe are Not the same Thing and Norway and Switzerland
    are European Countries outside the EU

  55. Human Dignity is Important

    Maria | February 25, 2016 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    so your saying it is alright to roam around like a feral animal? DO you know how many died from the 1870’s to the 1950’s? It was a lot of people, most homeless people joined the workhouse, because even though it were bad it were better than the streets, they used to make peoples lives hell in their and the door was always open for you to leave, but the numbers living there grew and grew and grew and they didn’t get cash for their work Rodger, but the most basic food and shelter, yet they work all day doing unproductive work. They tore down the workhouses, because they were more expensive to run and they didn’t get people into work, bit of history for you there.

  56. One Terrible Foreign Policy Failure has been over the Occupation of
    Tibet with Human Rights Abuses Committed by the People’s Republic of
    China Regime and China Proper as Well



    Click to access ESA-2-report.pdf


      Click to access ESA-2-report.pdf


        Reform’s director is Andrew Haldenby (a former head of the Political Section in the Conservative Research Department). Previous deputy directors include Elizabeth Truss, elected as a Conservative MP in 2010, and Nick Seddon, appointed as a Senior Policy Advisor for Health and Social Care to Number 10 Downing Street.[8][9] Consultant directors are Rupert Darwell, Nick Bosanquet and Nicholas Boys Smith

        Other proposed cuts in public spending that Reform are very keen on implementing is what they call “pensioner gimmicks” such as the winter fuel payment and free TV licensing for the over 75s. Cutting both these “gimmicks” would, they say, save the economy £3.2 billion.[7].

        • cut it for their tory chums sat in the house of lords getting free heating, subsidised food and £300 a day. If they are doing their job properly they won’t have time for tv either.


    Sylvia Kirby
    Yesterday at 20:23

    Here is the ‘research basis’ of the think tank that Freud and IDS will be basing their next round of cuts on. (ifit sends you to the general page you need the left hand block of text click on ‘working welfare’) Sorry folks. This is seriously scary but it is undoubtedly what is about to be revealed in the Budget: the complete scrapping of all ESA and the removal of any distinction between the unemployed and the sick and disabled. This is a much simplified version of the plan but it is chilling reading. “There will be no marker that says ‘I am out of work because of a health condition’. There will, equally, be no higher rate of benefit paid because of that. People who need additional financial which is specific to their health condition or disability, will receive it through, say, Personal Independence Payments, but if you’re out of work due to a mild, moderate health or mental health problem, you’re going to be categorised no differently to the chap who was made redundant.”

    • Although they have not done so yet, given enough time this government want to ruin my life. The only people who would offer me a job are scammers.

  59. The reports have all the hallmarks of one evil, twisted bastard, LORD DAVID FREUD………………

    Shithouse FREUD has one ambition, to hand the entire Welfare system into the hands of the private personal insurance industry, namely UNUM.

    By reducing disability benefits and blurring the word disabled, he hopes that his strategy to introduce a one size fits all benefits system will be more appealing to the vermin that he aspires to.

    To FREUD, we are classed as “stock”, not human beings who are damaged in some way. When he suggested the disabled could work for just two pounds per hour, he meant it.
    This is why MAXIMUS were frothing at the bit to purchase the old Remploy business which Maximus boss, MONTONI, saw as a gift from heaven.

    Everything FREUD has ever had connections to has been ridiculed.
    He was placed as an advisor to the DWP and within 3 weeks presented a vision of the future in the form of a comprehensive report.

    FREUD is so thick he couldn’t write a fucking diary…………………

    The report that he says he wrote in three weeks was nothing more than a submission from his backers, UNUM INSURANCE CORPORATION, the driving force behind all our governments welfare changes.

    FREUD is nothing short of a charlatan with a face waiting to be punched a thousand times.
    A career politician who is willing to bolster the deaths of millions of disabled against a bumper payout in his bank account……….

    • If the disabled would be working for just £2 per hour, they are not being treated as a one size fits all, unless all the unemployed were working for such also.
      Freud is finished as a credible anything.

  60. Information & Advice Service Human Rights

    Disability Equality is working with Disability Lib and Human Rights Watch UK to monitor the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (CRPD).

    What does this mean?

    Our Information and Advice Service is gathering information and details of incidents and situations where breaches of the convention are happening to local disabled people. We are recording their stories and feeding them back directly to the UN.

    What’s the Convention for?

    The Convention was ratified by the UK last year and although it is not law the government will be held to account for its progress when the UN next report and to respond with the changes needed to improve. This is an important tool making clear that disabled people have the same human rights as everyone else and our laws should fit with the convention.

    What are disabled people’s human rights?

    The Convention identifies 8 key principles

    · Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and independence of persons;

    · Non-discrimination;

    · Full and effective participation and inclusion in society;

    · Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity;

    · Equality of opportunity;

    · Accessibility;

    · Equality between men and women;

    · Respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilities and respect for the right of children with disabilities to preserve their identities.

    Why are we involved?

    Many disabled people are often unaware of how these may play a part in everyday life, for instance:

    · you may have been discriminated against when accessing employment or health care provision.

    · you may have been harassed, victimised or bullied.

    Often, disabled people have problems and issues which are ordinary day to day issues they face all the time, for example: access to benefits; effective transport; lack of support at home for themselves or their carers; public and private services who fail to respond to requests for reasonable adjustments.

    They often need support and help with the problem at hand and the Human Rights issues involved may not be seen as the main problem. Disability Equality is trying to ensure that the bigger issues are also reported. The CRPD monitoring project is one way of doing this.



    CAMPAIGNERS are demanding a public inquiry into deaths of vulnerable adults linked to Tory welfare reforms. Scottish disability campaign group Black Triangle is joining forces with other organisations and victims’ families to call for an investigation into the deaths, claiming lessons over tragedies are being ignored by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

    The campaign will focus on the cases of Michael O’Sullivan, a 60-year-old from North London who had long-term depression and agoraphobia, and who killed himself in 2013.

    A coroner later ruled that the father-of-two had killed himself as a direct result of being found fit to work by the UK Government’s disability assessors, and demanded action be taken to prevent further deaths.

    The campaigners also want an inquiry to scrutinise the death of Mark Wood, who had complex mental health conditions and starved to death four months after his sickness benefit was cut off. The 44-year-old, from Oxfordshire, was left with just £40 a week to pay rent and bills after being assessed as fit to work. He weighed just 5 stone 8lbs when he died in 2013.

    John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said the deaths of these vulnerable adults should be investigated in the same way as cases of child neglect.

    “Life is just as sacred for a vulnerable adult as it is for a baby,” said McArdle. “We are looking at launching a public campaign for a judicial inquiry into these deaths. We are not going to stop until we get one. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as lessons haven’t been learned.

    “We have to have a sustained campaign to have any chance of success – cases come up and then they are forgotten about. But these tragedies just keep happening.”

  62. They always will continue until someone stops the sanctioning regime and it’s exponents.

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