Just One Room Available In Hackney For The Poorest Tenants – Say #YesDSS

landlord-772876A recent investigation of 50 estate agents carried out by Hackney based tenant’s group DIGS found that just one studio flat was available for people on benefits in the entire borough.

The phrase No DSS will be all too familiar to anyone on benefits who has tried to secure a home. It is a meaningless phrase, referring to a government department that no longer exists.  What it actually means is no Housing Benefit. and it is used to discriminate against the poorest tenants whether they be low paid, out of work due to unemployment, sickness or disability, are parents or pensioners.

In some cities wages for many full-time jobs do not come close to meeting ever increasing rents.  The so-called ‘Living Wage’ is not even enough to pay an ‘Affordable Rent’ in many parts of London.  Tenants who have to rely on Housing Benefit to pay some of their rent are increasingly being excluded from the private sector completely.

This is something many people do not understand.  It is hard to find a home if you are poor.  Even if you can raise the eye-watering deposits demanded by landlords, or pass their credit and reference checks, then if you need benefits to top up your rent you will be rejected.  These policies are a key driver of homelessness.  In the case of disabled people they are almost certainly illegal under the Equalities Act.  But still it continues as the private rental sector operates as an outlaw class, ignoring laws they don’t like, openly boasting of their discrimination on landlord’s websites and treating their tenants – the ones buying them a house in many cases – with complete contempt.

With social housing fast disappearing then it is time to consign this nasty bigotry to history.  A campaign launched by DIGS in response to their investigation is a good start.  As they say:

“At Digs, we believe that everyone should have a decent, secure and genuinely affordable home regardless of how much they earn. We also believe that people shouldn’t be forced out of areas like Hackney simply so that landlords and estate agents can make greater profits.

“We’re launching our #YesDSS campaign this month to put pressure on letting agents, landlords, mortgage lenders, councils and the government to make sure that no-one should be prevented from renting a property simply because they receive benefits.

“This is why we’re launching our #YesDSS campaign this Saturday (27th Feb), 11am outside Hackney Town Hall and ask you to invite all your friends and come down: https://www.facebook.com/events/183799625313280/”

Please spread the word!

Read their seven reasons why letting agents and landlords should say #YesDSS

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61 responses to “Just One Room Available In Hackney For The Poorest Tenants – Say #YesDSS

    • Is there no end to the evil of the Conservative government that takes food from our lips, takes the roof from over our heads, openly kills the disabled, plunges children into poverty and steals the pensions from it’s retired workers?
      i am just watching the truly bent pensions minister, Shaileesh Vara, yet another kingpin of austerity who is doing his best to shaft the poorest of female earners.

  1. Yeah I’ve had this trouble in the past, its another reason why so many people become homeless, and why the waiting lists for a council house is so long and has so many people waiting.

  2. Tweeted @melissacade68

  3. OT: Donald Trump Poem

    OT: Trump Poem

    from BBC :

    133. Posted by MaddestMax

    Our Trump who art in golden penthouse
    Hallowed be thy hair
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    And let’s barricade ourselves from trespassers
    As we punch those who rally against us
    Lead us not into negotiation
    But deliver us from liberals
    For thine is the megalomania
    The bigotry and the idiocy
    For ever not clever

    ©Trump 2016

    Spot on…

  4. Over in France people have long-term, secure tenancies. Landlords are strictly held to account by local authorities as to maximum rents, and the condition of their properties . There is a large, settled tenant class, including both professionals and working people. With no stigma attached to lifetime renting whatsoever. We could well do with a similar system, in tandem with more social housing. For this has been so depleted, that it will take years to literally rebuild.

    • It’s similar in Germany and Denmark too. We should also remember that council housing here used to be for everyone, and as something that was aspired to. Having a greater range of the population relying on social housing is actually a kind of insurance in the people holding on to it. Most people who now have no option but to rent privately would love to rent well built homes for a reasonable rent. In the past, council housing was built using long term loans (c. 60 years) with reasonable interest rates which meant the rents were affordable to people on modest incomes, and there was no need for government subsidy. After 60 years the local council had a valuable asset, which would continue to serve a need.

      How we create a society that offers fairness to all is beyond me, but I hope that it does come about somehow, and soon!

  5. It will Need Money so the UK Need’s Resources for this

    A Place of Residence Needs to be a Basic Human Right

    Jeff Smith | February 24, 2016 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    Over in France people have long-term, secure tenancies. Landlords are strictly held to account by local authorities as to maximum rents, and the condition of their properties . There is a large, settled tenant class, including both professionals and working people. With no stigma attached to lifetime renting whatsoever. We could well do with a similar system, in tandem with more social housing. For this has been so depleted, that it will take years to literally rebuild.

  6. A Place of Residence as I have Said Needs to be a Basic Human Right

    House the Homeless Hands Off The Poor

  7. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn should be Standing Up For
    Decent Housing .

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Housing allocation scheme 2016

    The new housing allocation scheme started in January 2016 with a new housing register. We asked everyone who applied before 10 August 2015 to update their application before January 2016, so we can advise them if they will qualify under the new scheme.

    In January 2016 we wrote to everyone to let them know if they qualify or not to remain on the new housing register. Those who qualified were advised what their new points award is and how many bedrooms they can bid for.

    Read More & Full Summary in PDF`s

  9. At my unpaid Workfare Placement (it took me 2 fucking hours to get there today btw) there is a paid staff member, a 72 yr old bloke who works 30 hrs a week, who was grumbling yesterday about people on Benefits in London living in £20 Million houses, and the silly old cunt said he would “put them in a shack”. He could be going senile but I think he just reads the Daily Mail too much & obviously believes that sort of shit. But he obviously doesnt question himself for doing someone of working age out of a job because of his own foolish greed.

  10. Scum fucks. I hope when the uprising comes these landlord bastards have nothing but ashes left as property.

    Corbyn is doing fuck all by the way. A useless leader of a useless party.

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Even with tax credits for working mums, they were no better off than if they had stayed at home and been proper mums.

      The only people that were better off was the department for works and pensions that deducted what they earned from what they got in benefits previously, then gave them back the same amount in tax credits plus travel expenses that they had to pay out to get to work.

      This government is as bad if not worse than the Thatcher government, the only difference is there was ignorance as to how long the work slump was going to last when Thatcher was in power.

      rip off Britain.


    Examples of article 2 breaches

    Examples of where there could be a breach of article 2 include:

    if someone dies because of negligence or neglect – for example, in a hospital or care home
    if you’re refused life-saving treatment
    refusal to investigate a death caused by a public authority.


    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – surely, the DWP must have a case to answer in regard to this – they are seemingly, not only refusing to investigate a ‘death’ under their ‘care’ – they are also seemingly trying to cover it all up as well!

  13. Definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010. You’re disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.23 Sep 2015
    Definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010 – GOV.UK


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Mental Health WILL be cured if you are working & have a job. The school playground idiots that set the rules want their cake & eat it. Cured is a strong word. Will is a strong word & Mental Health is cured. Is that by everyone stopping thinking about it & combating it like the experts called the DWP Mental Health Curers Department !!!

      My key question is “Who decides who goes on ESA & who goes on PIP !!!” More importantly that is a medical question with medical results. The problem being is a non medical person has made that decision, which makes the process invalid. That is even before you get to a WCA.

      These crackpot think tanks that think of unworkable crackpot ideas are flawed at every stage.

      • Then there are the professional crackpots that cannot cure anybody, least of all the so called mentally ill that they have given elaborate names for, people are upset, disturbed or have problems, usually brought on by other people who are the real nutters, they are not schizophrenic, bi polar or psychopathic.

        • Depression years ago was called melancholy or the baby blues, now it’s bi polar or post partum psychosis. Those that are responsible for drugging people up and making them worse are tantamount to witch doctors.

  14. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I want to be taken to court by the DWP for some crackpot idea they have. I can`t take the DWP to court because legal aid is no more, but if the DWP take me to court I don`t need a lawyer or legal aid. My advice would be not to take me to court because it would be thrown out of court. OK DWP proceed. DWP fraud lets settle out of court. No DWP so thrown out of court it is. Now for the payments of compensation & the dwp off my back for good.

    I represent myself so call your £500 lawyers DWP.


    Where a claimant has a physical or mental impairment which substantially affects their ability
    to carry out paid work, they are required to be available for paid work for as many hours as
    their health condition allows. They may have their work related requirements adjusted at the
    WC’s discretion taking into account the:

    claimants health condition

  16. There should be a law so a landlord cannot ask if someone is on benefits, just as an employer cannot ask if a woman is pregnant.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    What`s more school ground games is throw your toys [Rules] out of your prams. The DWP are breaking their own rules with the rules as a statement of guilt. The think tanks really need to get off the coke because its in your face confidence tricksters. You can only get benefits if you wear a GOOD suit & tie.



  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Housing Benefit is now paid to the tenant rather than the landlord.

    • Not in all cases. Mine is still paid directly to my housing association.

      • Housing associations that are ripping people off, who have an automated service that says we can only do emergency repairs, call back another time.

        Yet as soon as someone puts in for a council repair, the contractors are out doing the same repairs to private houses????wtf.


    Human rights have special significance in relation to social housing.

    Quality of housing can have a huge impact on wellbeing. Inadequate housing increases the risk of severe ill health and disability; it can also lead to poor mental health, lower educational attainment, unemployment and poverty. The importance of housing is recognised in the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which includes ‘the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate … housing’. The United Kingdom is legally bound by this treaty. Protecting people’s human rights in housing is therefore important in its own right.


  21. Remember this:




    Promotion of Welfare

    A person has a duty of care towards animals that person is responsible for – s9(1). Needs include suitable environment, diet, being housed with or apart from other animals, protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease

    • Well people don’t get any of those, when they are housed in old people’s homes either, they are shuffled about to fit in with a routine, frequently misdiagnosed as ill by the doctors they call in, then end up in hospital as an emergency.

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Loads of council estates are being pulled down & the land sold off & they are not being replaced. The temporary housing bill [B&B, Hostels, rented] is massive. 5 in one room in a B&B. The over-crowding rules have been relaxed. Slums conditions paying over the odds for temporary accommodation !!! Council cuts !!! The local council are picking up the DWP`s bill of decisions !!! Landlords & B&B are putting up rent because the council have to pay it. Define temporary accommodation if you are in it for 10 years !!!

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Words these days have a different meaning. The hidden meaning of fraud.
    Disability means a not a real job cash cow !!! Mental Health means £££££££££ to be cash in !!!! Ability means you could do better !!! School Playground jibes means avoiding what you think is bullshit !!! Dave means dodgy !!! Dave you really have Mental Health Issues that you spread your polluted mind on society. Brainwashing or crackpot. Don`t give disability denial if you can`t take disability denial. Have you taken your contradictory medicine !!! Contradictory medicine over-rides medication !!! It keeps going from one side to the other, one minute it`s crackpot, the next minute it`s brainwashing. I`m in two minds in a think tank of approval. Set against common sense I am the sane one !!! Mental Health is not a weapon to be used to make the vulnerable more vulnerable on purpose, that is the whole concept. Disability must feel such a threat that the levels are now chucking toys out your pram being MP`s.

  25. Why TELL the fucking land lord?
    If you have the deposit just tell em you are self employed and move in.
    It IS possible to claim housing benefit without the council getting in contact with them,the option is on the forms.
    You will need to be able to cover the first 13 weeks while you wait obviously, if you want to keep them in the dark.
    If you cant do that move in anyway. Their really isnt much they can do once you are in,it would cost more to get you out than waiting a couple of months for the rent to catch up.
    Survey all the estate agents you want,you will only ever get a decent deal on a private letting renting from the owner.
    Estate agents are fucking scum. Worse than a buy to let landlord,they wish to make money out of the buy to let scene without even buying the fucking property. Like employment agencies,they should be put against the wall and riddled with bullets.

    • Enemy of the State

      It is like trying to hide the fact you are unemployed though. People don’t ask directly, they ask in a roundabout way: “Good day at work? 😉 ” Eventually they will suss. But with a landlord, unless they were living on the premises, you could just tell them any old crap. Anyway, it’s NONE OF THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS!!


    …………………..AND THE MEANEST.

    Britain’s benefits are among the least generous in western Europe – despite David Cameron saying they’re a “lifestyle choice”, a report has claimed.

    The UK has the stingiest unemployment payouts and is third-lowest for working benefits overall, behind only Switzerland and Ireland, in the analysis of 14 of the richest or largest European nations.

    Denmark and France were the runaway winners in the study of OECD data by a recruitment website.

    It found Britain’s £73.10-a-week jobseeker’s allowance was left in the shade by Denmark, which offers the unemployed 90% of previous earnings for up to two years.

    Even in Ireland, which had the worst paternity pay, new jobseekers are paid around £146 a week.

    The survey comes as the Prime Minister, who described welfare as a “lifestyle choice”, prepares for an EU showdown over his desire to put an emergency brake on migrant benefits.

    Now that five American states have signed up to the assisted suicide bill it is only right for us with the special relationship to foster the same values.

    Imagine the savings to the exchequer if the same unqualified health care professionals that the government use to steal benefits could make a decision on a persons right to a life. We are but only one step away from this, so why not go the full hog?

    If limping, coughing, showing erratic behaviour such as being unemployed or homeless irks them so much, why don’t they go the final hurdle and have us put to the syringe?

    Every other day we read of someone being pushed over the edge, surely the DWP should grab the bull by the horns and make a recommendation to an inside think tank to table an imminent meeting with the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith.

    Imagine how much joy it would bring to his face if he knew he had the ultimate power to decides who lives and who dies?

    Atos, Capita and Maximus would have a field day, their profits would be astronomical, but only until they ran out of clients…………………..

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