Tory Think Tank Gives The Game Away – Benefit Sanctions Are About Keeping Wages Low

The 'reservation wage' is an economic term which means the lowest possible amount that greedy bosses can get away with paying people.

The ‘reservation wage’ is an economic term which means the lowest possible amount that greedy bosses can get away with paying people.


A chilling vision of the future has been presented by Tory think-tank Reform who have called for all out of work sickness and disability benefits to be scrapped, even for the most seriously ill, alongside a Jobcentre programme of forced medical treatment.

In a report published this month Reform argue that paying those with serious health conditions more money than those simply on the dole acts as a disincentive to find employment.  Instead every claimant, no matter how unwell, should receive just over £70 a week, although they concede that this should be combined with an increase in Personal Independence Payments – the benefit paid to those either in or out of work which is intended to cover the additional costs of living with a disability.   Many people on out of work sickness benefits are not eligible for these payments however.

The report also calls for increased conditionality for sickness benefits including a mandatory occupational health plan.  This could involve a requirement to take up medical treatment with the threat of benefit sanctions for non-compliance.  Astionishingly this treatment plan would not be agreed with a claimant’s GP but would instead be drawn up by a ‘Healthcare Professional’ working under the supervision of an Occupational Health specialist.  Reform generously warn that sanctions would have to be carefully applied – they are opposed to people being sanctioned because they didn’t get better they claim – but elsewhere they raise the prospect of a sanction being inflicted because someone failed to follow the correct state-mandated diet.  North Korea eat your fucking heart out.

This system should be tested on those with a mild to moderate health condition the think tank declare although it is unclear where they would draw the line between a moderate condition and for example, someone who’s only got a few months to live.  In fact those with a terminal illness, or the most serious health conditions, are completely overlooked by the report’s authors who presumably see nothing wrong in dying people being bullied into low paid work for the last few weeks of their life.

As ever there is lots of talk of working in partnership with claimants, with even proposed personal budgets to access ’employment support’, although all this means is you’ll get to choose your own workfare provider, and even then you won’t really have a choice. Quality training leading to real qualifications is expensive, so as with all welfare-to-work scheme to date, you’ll get what you’re given and if you don’t like it then you’ll get sanctioned.  That’s what they mean by choice.

The real reason for these proposals are not to help people but to save money and help Iain Duncan Smith acheive his aim of throwing one million people off sickness benefits by pretending that they aren’t really sick or disabled anymore.  And as the quote above taken from the report indicates, ensuring strict conditions for benefits helps keep down the ‘reservation wage’ – the minimum amount that people are prepared to work for.  The inference is clear, those on sickness benefits should be pushed into the lowest possible paid work as quickly as possible.  The only flimsy evidence available that work is good for your health is quite clear that this only applies if you have a good job.  Reform want to force sick and disabled people into work which is likely to be harmful as a lesson to the rest of us not to get ill in case we become unproductive and the profit that the rich glean from our work might fall slightly.

It remains to be seen how seriously the government will take these proposals as they draw up plans for sweeping reforms of sickness and disability benefits.  Cuts already announced will soon slash the rate of sickness benefits to the same rate as the dole for many new claimants.  Reform’s desire to extend this to everybody needs to be taken seriously because they are not swivel-eyed cranks of the fringes of the debate, even if that’s what they sound like at times.  They were recently graced with the presence of Lord Fraud, the comedy toff brought in to oversee welfare reforms who these days is being kept very much behind the scenes.  Fraud was invited to a roundtable meeting at Reform as part of this report’s launch and whilst what he said has not been made public there are some hints available of a possible new direction.

This blogger was at the discussion and reports that Fraud raised the possibility of privatised social security, raising the question of why employer’s ensure against sickness absences but individuals do not.  It is also reported that Fraud said there would soon be no additional benefits paid for anyone with a health condition or disability suggesting Reform may have already got one of their key demands met*.

With George Osborne bottling out of cuts to Tax Credits for the lowest paid workers the only place left to look for significant savings in the social security system is disability and sickness benefits.  As such both him and Iain Duncan Smith have deluded themselves that this can easily be achieved by making life so difficult for disabled people on benefits that they will magically get better and go to work. Osborne’s spending projections depend on it.  The cuts already announced will just be the start.  War is soon to be waged on disabled people and those with long term health conditions like never before.  Be ready.

You can read Reform’s report at:

*It should be pointed out that the blogger who wrote this is a private consultant who runs a company claiming to be experts in public services reform and as such he’s possibly talking a load of old shite and has got what Fraud said mixed up with what was proposed by Reform.

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217 responses to “Tory Think Tank Gives The Game Away – Benefit Sanctions Are About Keeping Wages Low

  1. This is a reprise of what the Tories were talking about in 2011 – and they don’t have ev en the feeble hand of the LibDems to stop them now.

    “So there, all you miserable sick people, lying at home using up drugs and oxygen and medical help and carers and home nurses (guess which of these are also being cut and charges made) – you can put a sense of purpose back into your lives by retraining for work and getting a job in a call centre. Oh frabjous day, the morphine doesn’t cut the pain any more but at least I can look forward to my night shift in MacDonald’s.”


    And what fucking jobs are people going to do? I have no vocational skills, no CSCS, no DBS, no FLT, no Driving Licence, no 5 year checkable work history, and I’m in my 50s. What fucking jobs, what fucking work, what fucking Industry? It’s all bollocks and the only future for me is Benefit Sanctions, or Workfare.

    • You sound like you’ve been living off the tax payers largesse for most of your unproductive life you little wastrel. And we’re supposed to pity you. I think not. You have no excuses. All of those years of free education and healthcare, and for what, so that you can bleat on here, your wazak voice laden with self pity. Getta fucking job!

      • I think the most unproductive lives people have, are ones that stamp on other people just to get what they want, they are blinded by greed, they think that making loads of dosh has fore filled their life. People have jobs, most people who have jobs get very little or nothing at all, but because their work goes unrecorded and they can’t pay taxes they are the scum of the Earth, but the scum is at the top, justify themselves that they need all this money and stuff and have a right to it, while people who have next to nothing deserve nothing. There is nothing right about this, this is the mark of a selfish me, me, me world. I only matter because I’ve paid in.

      • I have no vocational skills – GET SOME YOU LAZY CUNT!
        No Driving License – GET ONE YOU LAZY CUNT!
        No 5 year checkable work history – GET A JOB YOU LAZY FUCKING CUNT!

        • Even if the person could somehow get driving lessons, which aren’t cheap, they might still struggle to learn and never be Any good. Or maybe they’re too scared to learn, or have medical issues. Assuming they get lessons and pass a test, how then do they afford upkeep and fuel?? I’m a working single mum, I passed my test but haven’t driven since I got hit by a drunk driver, and I don’t have a car now, couldn’t afford to buy one or run it either! I’m very lucky in that all my 3 contracts are in my catchment school, 5 minutes walk from home. Not everyone is so lucky

          • Yeah, Kat learning to drive is an expensive soul-destroying money-pit if ever there was one. You need loads and loads of practice. You need someone to take you out as well as lessons. Driving instructors are dicks too as they tend to spin things out keeping your wasting time pottering around the same routes doing the same thing. And a driving instructor is only there to teach you to pass the test, you only learn to drive after you pass the test. You have to learn to do things intuitively – not just wait for a piece of tape on the back of a Corsa to line up before you turn the wheel. You can’t even go on a motorway as an L-driver. So you need more practice and experience… more ££s. And the test is not easy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… roll back an centimeter on your hill start or something and you are fucked… more lessons, practice, another test fee, booking a car for another couple of hours… more ££ss. A lot of L-drivers just give up, might return to it later. You have to be persevering to pass a driving test – that is one thing a driving license tells an employer or anyone else for that matter – that you are persevering, you won’t give up as soon as the going gets tough. Even if the jobcentre was offering free driving lessons most jobseekers would just give up because it isn’t fun as they would soon find out 😉 you are only a hearbeat away from having a panic…. fucking scary alright 😉

            • And under the New Drivers Act you will lose your license and have to re-sit the test if you accumulate 6 points or more the first two years – like, for example, two speeding tickets and you have to go through all the hassle and expense again. It would be like driving on a knife-edge – where is the fun in that?

            • Yeah, fucking driving examiners… like 100 fucking lessons before you get to drive round a fucking corner…. another thing they do is work the dual controls to kid you on that you can drive the fucking car… and if you book a batch of lessons they will try and get you to book for two hour lessons… and those fucking driving schools will try and fob you off with the trainee cunts with the pink badges…. and then you got those fucking driving examiners to look forward too…. a lot cheaper to get in the practice once you have got the fucking license… it’s getting the fucking license.. then you got the bastard coppers, fucking speed cameras, red light cameras, bus lane cameras, cops with speed guns, insurance fraudsters trying to get you to rear-end them and loads of other shit to look over for….

        • He has probably worked down a mine for the past 35years Woger, what’s your excuse for having no intellect or qualifications?

      • I, Woger have spoken!

      • Fuck off and die Roger, you are nothing but a Tory parasite.

        • Also roger, I’m lucky in that although I need enhanced DBS check, my employer the local authority pays for it. In my last job with a private company I had to pay it and it’s very hard when you’re managing on JSA and possibly paying bedroom tax and council tax as well as bills food ect. Please engage your brain assuming you have one before you open you mouth and put your other foot in it

      • “getta fucking job”

        Get a fucking life, moron.


        is it my fault the old jobs have gone? No textile mills left, no big engineering firms that used to employ 3000 people each. No industry in my town. Only jobs are for Staff Nurse, or PHP Developer (whatever the fuck that is) or some other shit I can’t do. Too old for Labouring. Now competing with people half my age for crap Packing jobs, min. wage, 15 miles away. Employers can take their pick, they don’t want people over 50 with No skills & health problems. Get real Roger.

    • So what’s the alternative, Arbeit Macht Frei? Do we carry on paying for you. Because you’re too feckless to have got those things that you need to “get a job”?
      Paying for you to spend “your” money on cigarettes, and alcohol; and drugs – and maybe – maybe even sex. That seedy little mout of yours slipping and sliding off some Hoooooo-ers areolae, your glans head throbbing with delight as she speaks to you in French and strokes your wood, its head all bright and shiny and beetroot red. Is that what we should do? Pay for you to get lovemaking?? Pay for YOU TO GET SWEET FUCKING??!!! Getting love on the dole with French whores at “Our” expense. And buying cigarettes and alcohol – and possibly drugs. At “Our” expense. And all because you couldn’t get your CS Fucking CS, and a Driving Licence and – and because you’re fifty – and don’t have a five year checkable work history. ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL???? Getta job Damn you.
      Never before have I read anything written by someone with such a self pitying sense of entitlement, as I read earlier yesterday whilst reading your atrocious bleatings, Arbeit Macht Frei.
      Once more, I repeat, Gety A Job. If working in Morrisons is good enough for the mugs where I live, then it is certainly good enough for you.

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Keeping costs down, that`s laziness !!! Maximus contract has now doubled from £380 million to £560 Million & that`s just in a year. The cost to complete [latest target 2020] will cost Billions & That`s just to Maximus. What about life coaches on £50,000 a year !!!

  4. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tories At War !!!! Welfare Reform takes a back seat in more failures & mistakes !!!

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  6. Tweeted @melissacade68

  7. aktion t4 rolls on without much of a ado jeff3

  8. somebody shoot the messenger and don’t visit the tory reform sites.


    These evil Tory bastards have gone too far and need to be stopped, and I hope someone does fucking stop them, and it sure as Hell won’t be the Corbinistas. I Hope IDS will be shot by one of his own bodyguards. Freud, Cameron, Osborne, need to go too, maybe a plane crash? Sooner the fucking better. Fuck off & die Tory scum.

  10. Why don’t we just go down the road of voluntary euthanasia. Rather than the Eskimos putting elderly loved ones onto an ice flow and sending them off to die, because they’ve become a burden to the tribe, we as a society could be more like the Charlton Heston / Edward G Robinson SciFi film, Soylent Green. We could give our sick and disabled and old, thus unproductive and economically unviable citizens the day of their lives, they could have a fantastic meal, and a bottle of the finest liquor, maybe a decent film; and if they’re really lucky, a final fuck with a Romanian prostitute, before the merciful lethal injection and their knackered old carcass gets processed into freeze dried pet food.
    I Roger have spoken…

  11. This is very scary and we need rid of these big fat rich idiots.

    • Eating cake as instructed

      Mass genocide ahead. Whole generations with no prospect of ever owning a home only decades of endless underpaid drudgery to enrich the bloated stinkers.

  12. Eating cake as instructed

    Mind numbing smoke screen ahead over cuts hidden under Europe referendum. Any lingering credibility on the world stage is about to be exterminated as will disabled on leaving Europe and enforced medication and treatment ‘programmes’ commence. Cameron knows his days are short, let him remember the number of the beast for it is a human number. Boris IDS waiting no honour among the ranks anymore now than with Tony Blair. The world must be bracing itself for the inevitable …….. Pierpoint on standby.

    • “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number. His number is 666.”

      — Revelation 13:18

    • “No-one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

      — Matthew 24:36

      • “616

        Although Irenaeus (2nd century AD) affirmed the number to be 666 and reported several scribal errors of the number, a minority[citation needed] of theologians have doubts about the traditional reading[11] because of the appearance of the figure 616 in the Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C; Paris – one of the four great uncial codices), as well as in the Latin version of Tyconius (DCXVI, ed. Souter in the Journal of Theology, SE, April 1913), and in an ancient Armenian version (ed. Conybeare, 1907). Irenaeus knew about the 616 reading, but did not adopt it (Haer. v.30,3). In the 380s, correcting the existing Latin-language version of the New Testament (commonly referred to as the Vetus Latina), Jerome retained “666”.”

        Number of the Beast

  13. Fit for work (not)

    My fear is that this whole, sorry mess that is the new Tory paradise is already a done deal.
    This comes on the same day that the inequality gap was reported as having widened to its greatest level since ‘good ‘ol Queen Victoria’, God bless ‘er.. The life of a poor, disenfranchised, probably Zero contract working woman or man is likely to end at or about age 52. The lifespan of the richest 5% on the other hand is (average) 96.
    It has a lot to do with stress. Stress when it is an almost permanent state can be pretty fucking lethal. After the endorphins which are an important hormone responsible for the ‘flight or fight’ response. But if the stress goes on for too long then something called Cortisol, a more harmful hormone kicks in. It makes for long term illness, cuts down our motivation and eventually it kills us.

    Ha, ha! Perhaps that is the Tory plan!


    IV. The role of the Private Sector

    11. UnumProvident firmly believes that there is a significant role for the private sector to play in helping to return disabled people to work. As the UK’s leading provider of income protection insurance, UnumProvident is particularly well-placed to share with the Committee examples of projects and initiatives that might be of assistance to the Government. Like the Government, UnumProvident:

    — insures people against the risk of not being able to work through acquiring a disability; and

    — assesses all claims made, paying all valid ones.

    12. However, as part of its product offering, UnumProvident goes one stage further and actively works with the claimant to help return them to work. UnumProvident recognises the value of early intervention, active case management and rehabilitation. We are convinced that our approach works, and currently around 15% of all our claimants are able to return to work, a rate which we believe is far in excess of that achieved with recipients of incapacity benefit.

    13. UnumProvident is actively engaged with the Government, policy-makers and large employers to share best practice and to see where our systems and approaches might be applied more widely. We are currently working with the Department of Work and Pensions on this, and have had discussions with officials in HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s office. We have met with officials to help better understand the nature of the IB casebook, and to discuss how our commercial experience and expertise might be more widely applied. In addition, we will shortly be supporting the National Employment Panel in its work on the New Deal for Disabled People through a secondment of one of our senior managers.


      Association of British Insurers in partnership with UNUM and AXA PPP Healthcare.


      Dialogue panel includes;

      Dame Carol Black
      James McGarry CEO UNUM
      Bill Gunnyeon CBE (DWP)

      • Unum has been lobbying, sitting on expert groups and hosting meetings at party conferences of all colours ever since. And lo and behold, in May this year, Unum’s then medical officer Prof Michael O’Donnell jumped ship to become chief medical officer at Atos. He barely had time to catch his breath before giving evidence to the Commons committee looking at the welfare reform bill.

        • Commenting on the development of the guidance, Dr Bill Gunnyeon, Chief Medical Adviser at DWP said:

          “From the outset, the development of the fit note has been a collaborative effort. It demonstrates what can be achieved when Government, healthcare professionals, employers and other key stakeholders work closely together towards a common goal. We need to continue this good work once the fit note is in place to ensure it delivers the benefits it should for individuals, employers and GPs.”

          The new guidance has been created by the Department for Work and Pensions with the Royal College of General Practitioners, British Medical Association, CBI, Acas, Federation of Small Businesses, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Association of British Insurers, British Retail Consortium and EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation. The fit note reflects medical evidence that work is generally good for health and well-being and can aid recovery for many health conditions.

          Making simple, practical adjustments to help people back to work at an earlier stage will benefit both the employer and the employee. This will prevent long-term sickness absences and will also ensure employers do not lose the expertise of their staff.

          Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work said:

          “Work plays a significant role in determining a person’s health. The fit note is a hugely important development which means that GPs will be encouraged to think about their patient’s ability to work and provide more helpful information to patients to discuss with their employer. This is why the fit note is a win-win for both employees and employers.”

          • TAEN CONFERENCE, Sponsored by UNUM, London 29th oct 2008.

            Among the morning speakers were; Dr Bill GUNNYEON (DWP)……

            Professor Michael ODONNELL, UNUM Chief Medical Officer…

            • Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference
              5-6 march 2013
              Venue; NEC Birmingham

              Speakers include;

              Dame Carol Black

              Bill Gunnyeon CBE

              Professor Sir Mansel Aylward


              Link to this

  15. London 2012.
    The 6th International Forum on Disability Management was chaired by two of the worlds leaders on the “good work is good for you” movement,Professors Dame Carol Black and Sir Mansel Aylward.The UK movement is going gang busters. Dr Bill Gunnyeon, Chief Medical Adviser and Director for Health and Wellbeing at the DWP,described how their surveys of GPs attitudes has shown a remarkable turnaround, with most GPs now agreeing work is beneficial for health, and around two thirds agreeing that GPs have a role in getting people back to work.

    • Dr Bill Gunnyeon, the Department for Work and Pensions Chief Medical Adviser, is pleased to invite you to attend an evening update for key stakeholders;

      Improving health and work: changing lives – one year on

      At the Royal Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE

      Wednesday 20th January 2010 5.00 for 5.30pm

      The Government’s response to the Black review into the health of working age people was published in November 2008. This event aims to provide a brief update on the progress made over the past year with the programme of work outlined in that response. In addition we will have a presentation from Gordon Waddell and Mansel Aylward to mark the publication of a new edition of their book ‘Models of Sickness and Disability’. First published in 2002 this has been revised in the light of recent evidence.

  16. @geoff

    Bill Gunnyeon was abusing his position at the Dwp by meeting with the private health industry in an effort to hand the welfare disability payments scheme over to their grasping hands.
    Dame Carol Black was the key player in recommending the move to key government commitees.
    Mansel Aylward was the former Chief Medical Officer of the Dwp who paved the way for Gunnyeon.

    Aylward was bankrolled by UNUM in setting up a research facility at Cardiff University into getting the sick back to work.

    Gunnyeon was the head of the Faculty for Occupational Medicine, the place that awards diplomas to Health Care Professionals to examine the disabled and now Gunnyeon works for MAXIMUS, who were awarded the multi million pound contract just as he jumped ship.

    The Dwp are in the pockets of the Private HEALTH Insurance Industry.

    The level of corruption is totally obscene.

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    Please read.

  18. Fuck Reform.

    I hope every Tory dies.

  19. …………and guess who’s up to his bollocks in DWP dealings with Private Health Insurers…………..


    Lord Freud The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    An extensive search of recent records within the department was carried out following receipt of your question, and details of meetings between department officials and representatives of UNUM Provident, details of membership of advisory committees or working groups, and details of similar activity with other insurance companies, are listed below. However, it should be noted that there are approximately 100,000 officials within the department and it would not be possible, except at disproportionate cost, to ask each of them whether they have engaged in any such discussions.

    (a) on 14 February 2011, UNUM Provident officials met with officials involved in the independent review of sickness absence in Great Britain to discuss a research paper. In February 2011, the Government commissioned the independent review to explore the current sickness absence system, and examine whether the costs associated with sickness absence are appropriately shared between the state, individuals and employers. The independent review is being jointly led by Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE; andon 18 October 2010, a representative from UNUM Provident, who was part of a delegation from the UK Rehabilitation Council, met with the Minister for Welfare Reform and department officials.

    A full list of ministerial meetings with external organisations is available at corporate-publications/ministers-meetings-overseas.shtml.

    The Minister for Welfare Reform has also attended a round table on 5 October 2010 at the Conservative Party Conference which was jointly hosted by Demos and UNUM.

    (b) two working groups were set up in 2006 to review the personal capability assessment for incapacity benefit. One of these groups reviewed the physical descriptors within the assessment, and of the seven meetings for which we have a record there were four meetings which the UNUM Provident representative definitely did not attend; the other looked at the descriptors which assessed mental function, and of the five meetings for which we have a record, the UNUM Provident representative was not recorded as being absent from any of them; and Jack McGarry, CEO of UNUM UK, was nominated to sit on the independent review of sickness absence in Great Britain expert panel by the insurance industry body.(c) As part of the evidence-gathering process for the independent review of sickness absence in Great Britain, department officials, as well as the independent reviewers, have met with or had contact with a number of insurers in the course of this work-the Association of British Insurers, Aviva, BUPA, Genworth Financial, Legal and General, SwissRe, and GRiD-Group Risk Development.

    Ministers and officials meet with representatives of the insurance industry on a regular basis to discuss issues arising from compulsory employer liability insurance


    • And all and sundry at the big privatisation sell out will be rubbing their hands at refusing payments to those least equpped to pot up a fight. The ill, the infirm and those on their deathbeds.
      Gunnyeon, Black, Aylward and Freud should be made to pay for those they killed while paving the way for the greed merchants.

      Total Scum.

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    Twisted Tory Idelogy and the Web they want to Weave….
    Creating more Financial Opportunities within their new ‘Human Commodities Market’, The 21st Century Slave Trade…. Sick Disabled and Poor Human Beings….

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  23. paultheswineherd

    This TTIP deal is potentially very dangerous – especially for our NHS. Whilst the fat, drunken and very rich, corrupt & expense fiddling M.P.s & Ministers can definitely afford ‘private healthcare’ – most of the population of Britain cannot. Johnny Void’s article above is a really good one and as usual, tells it like it really is. The think tank ‘Reform’ & Lord Fraud should all be ‘taken out at first light, put up against a wall and shot down. They deserve no less.
    Meanwhile, now with the Tory party split down the middle, the internal civil war between them is only just beginning. I am sure that soon they will be baying for Cameron’s blood and they may well try to replace him before too long. They are likely to be like trapped rats – waiting to strike – BUT, whilst they are in this state of eventual disarray – they will become weaker and could therefore, in due course, be attacked.

  24. After seeing the footage on Sky News at 10 – I must admit that I am disgusted by this absolute and ‘shambollock’ House of Commons circus – a bunch of vastly overpaid (tax-payer funded!), expense fiddling, arrogant and bumptious bastards – who have not even been properly elected by Britain as a whole.
    Goodness only knows what the rest of ‘Europe’ think of all this. The whole lot of them should be told to get off of their fat arses, turfed out of Parliament, given £75 a week to ‘live’ on and be made to do some proper and real ‘manual type work’. Because the vast majority of them have never done a proper day’s work in their lives – the very first week would kill them, or make them ‘ill’ – let them all have a taste of ‘real’ life in Britain today.

  25. A Tory Think TAnK!!!!, don’t make me laugh…Its Project Fear The final destination.
    At the moment IDS is talking about t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-m and the UK involvement with the EU.
    Ohh the irony.
    Someone have a word with him about the last 6 years and the pain his department has inflicted on others.

    • Psychosocial and Disability Research (UnumProvident Centre) Cardiff University

      UnumProvident Centre provides funding for Psychosocial and Disability Research based at Cardiff University. The Director of the Centre is Professor Mansel Aylward. He is the former Chief Medical Adviser at the DWP and was instrumental in the DWP accepting the UnumProvident concepts applied in the US and was influential in how the Welfare Reform Act should be implemented.

      It is bellieved that the UnumProvident Centre has been one of the leading forces in trying to make it harder for allowances to be paid to the dying, the sick, the disabled and their carers. Staff from UnumProvident were important in the design of the Personal Capability Assessment and of the new, much harsher Work Capability Assessment required if an Employment and Support Allowance is to be paid.

      Professor Aylward continues to be involved in research for the DWP. He has provided support for Dame Carol Black, proponent of the replacement of sick-notes with “well-notes”.

      • Toddy – these corrupt people need to be charged with culpable manslaughter as well! They could load up a bus and and take to them to the Old Bailey to answer for their crimes against the poor, the sick and the disabled of Britain. I AM SURE THAT SOON IDS & THE REST OF THE BASTARDS WILL ANSWER FOR IT ALL.

      • A bunch of clowns, a much “darker force” is in the driving seat.



      • I kind of guessed already.

  26. JV

    Spot on. Especially about Fraud and private health insurance.

    But why stop there? We all know with TTIP coming in [especially if we leave the EU] NHS will be ripped apart by MaxiArse Type MultiNationals, who don’t pay taxes, but do drain the exchequer quite nicely [anyone want to say Public Private Finance Initiative? It’s how the ConCons will keep the debt off the books like they do now] – Think on the implications of the following:

    “requirement to take up medical treatment with the threat of benefit sanctions for non-compliance”

    So, you’ve go Private Health Insurance Money Stream, and on top of that all those firms offering “The Tests” needed for this new super dupper money draining scheme, and to implement the system a new and improved/’updated of course’ CWP.

    What’s not to like?

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  28. Well the Tories are wrong, the biggest disincentive to work, at least for me, is not treating people with respect, Why should people make themselves ill for an slave existence?

  29. Same old Tories up to their ideological menacing of the poor, which is the vast majority of people in this ‘society’ at the moment. It’s only a privileged few who have escaped a Tory kicking in the last six years.

    • So why are we not seeing a rebellion on the streets?

      • Eating cake as instructed

        Pure fear selfishness and because so many of those on disability are really genuinely ill. Those ticking over hanging on by the skin of their teeth are looking nervously about “am I doing it right? Will it affect me” stance as just one small aberration could mean certain annihilation, partner goes off kids run feral from festering bed and breakfast. It’s happening today, rule by fear. All employers should be forced into paying a proper living wage so state subsidy not needed to exist. If not capable then should cease trading, certainly shouldn’t be profitable based on minimal wage payments.

      • because people are oppressed, frightened and isolated from one another.

  30. Eating cake as instructed

    May elections. Will we see a call to arms from pissed off citizens? Will we see honest candidates? Or will we see the usual voter apathy which allows the reptiles displaying audacity to even stand again voted in?

    • I can’t say anything about what will happen in the local council elections in England, but in Wales it looks as if UKIP could end up with a few AMs in the Welsh Assembly. Sadly we have idiots here who think that UKIP are a real alternative, such is the level of desperation with the policies of the mainstream parties.

      We’ll probably end up with yet another out of touch and ineffective Labour government here, but it will be interesting to see UKIP making a shambles of things should they break through and get seats in the Senedd – it might even get Plaid Cymru to get it’s act together and actually move things in a radically different direction. We need it, and short of people getting it together themselves and actually doing it, instead of just bemoaning how bad things are, and hoping some messiah will come along and save them.

      Of course, the May elections are going to be overshadowed somewhat by the EU Referendum, which should in itself make interesting spectator sport. It seems to me that the UK could very easily vote to leave. My personal belief is that we are much better off being a part of Europe, but I’m inclined to vote to leave: simple reason being that if the UK votes to leave the EU it will more than likely be the cause of Scottish independence, and hopefully the beginning of the end of the Union which isn’t, and never has been, in the interests of the ordinary citizens of these islands.

  31. Fit for work (not)

    Eating Cake: we are mostly only electing councils. Wales and Scotland excepted of course. But even there do you think that the establishment even cares about who governs in Cardiff or Edinburgh? Not a jot.

    Could be a complete wipe out for Labour everywhere. Especially for local government. “Labour Councils must not set illegal budgets”. who said it; why good old Gazza Corbyn, that’s who.

    • It’s true that the political establishment cares little about who is in government in Cardiff Bay, Hollyrood or Stormont, but to the people who live under these administrations, these institutions are increasingly what matters, especially as over time the responsibilities assumed by these governments increases. In effect the government at a UK level is trying to set up the devolved governments to fail, that’s certainly the case in Wales, where we’ve had a Labour dominated Welsh Assembly Government for all of the period since Devolution came into effect in 1999. At the moment, it seems that only UKIP are likely to gain in the Assembly elections, which is a sad comment on a) the lack of any really radical alternative that captures people’s imaginations, and b) the level of immigration into Wales by ‘white flighters’*, i.e. English people moving to Wales to escape from areas in England with significant communities made up of people of ethnic minority descent. The white-flighters are usually recognised by their constant complaining about Welsh speakers, as well as their support for UKIP.

      However, support for UKIP isn’t restricted to the white-flighters, as UKIP also seems to have garnered significant support in the South Wales Valleys, which isn’t exactly a hot attraction to English immigrants, (don’t know why, much of it is truly beautiful, it isn’t and wasn’t all industrialised/post-industrial wasteland). This support for UKIP can only be as a result of disillusionment with the mainstream parties, and in this context Plaid Cymru must be included. However, voting for UKIP can only be seen as a vote of despair, as it’s unlikely they will contribute anything positive, and may well be something of a protest vote.

      * I should point out that not all English people moving to Wales are, or can even be considered to be ‘white flighters’ as this simply is not the case. Many move to Wales as it offers a better quality of life, and housing is cheaper. This brings it’s own set of problems, but voting for xenophobic idiots like UKIP isn’t one of them.


    You couldn’t make it up! Government is about to privatize a profit making part of the NHS. This in-house agency makes 8 million a year profit, money that should be ploughed back into the Health Service..and guess who is going to get this profitable side of the business…a company whose CEO is former Health Tory Secretary, Virginia Bottomly who is Jeremy Hunt’s cousin!!!

    Britain’s Department of Health (DH) is going ahead with plans to sell the National Health Service’s (NHS) in-house recruitment agency, NHS Professionals (NHSP), sources close to the deal have told RT.

    Rumors of privatization have hounded NHSP for years, but two sources have finally confirmed to Going Underground’s Olga Masalkova that the government is ready to unload the agency, which serves as the main provider of temporary medical staff to NHS trusts across the country.

    • @geoff

      and the reason why they want to privatise it,(or hand it over to his cousin).

      The decision is being mulled as the agency has in recent years begun to turn a profit. In 2015, NHSP’s profit grew 43 percent to £8 million.

      • “DON’T FRET IAIN”

        he may be killed next time………….

        A young man with disabilities has been left injured after being knocked unconscious in an assault.

        The 20-year-old victim from Consett has the condition cerebral palsy and is deaf.

        He was walking home from a night out in the town at around 3.30am on Sunday 21 February when the attack took place.

        The victim was on Front Street, near to Jackson’s Taxis, when it is believed he was struck by his attacker causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground, suffering injuries to his face and head as a result.

        There is no description for the person involved, other than it being a man.

    • “That’s the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.”

      Noam Chomsky.

      About says it all, really.

  33. Will this affect claimants with really serious illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bad back, bipolar…. As a bi-polar sufferer I have been on disability benefits for over 30 years since leaving school. I have to scrape by on just over £300 a week. At least if I was lazy and was instead unemployed I could just go and get a job but who is going to employ a disabled person? Iain Duncan Smith should be made to live in the shoes of a bi-polar person for one day to find out what it is like to suffer. Then he wouldn’t be so quick to take away what little we have!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Lucy@ – Really the DWP need to look at a proper medical definition of bipolar instead of the Merlin Standard fitting in rules of tick boxes. Bipolar rebels from being put it a box so does not fit with the Merlin Standard system that the DWP love to use everywhere. UNUM. If you give a tick box system a choice it can`t compute & fails. A lot of people are scared of people with bipolar & most if not all employers are scared of bipolar. The disability Awareness Of Being Scared. That also puts the person with bipolar in danger plus everyone ion the work place & someone help the customers from being in danger if I`m pushed. The work & life coaches think they are doctors !!!

      • These people may be dangerous ,but when they lock innocent people up in mental hospitals for daring to raise their voice at the idiots in local government, who gives a stuff if they are dangerous to you, the bloody staff are the biggest nutters and even more dangerous than those with bi-polar I found.
        Give a dog a bad name and all that.

      • My uncle has bipolar, he used to work, retired now. On the job because of his illness he used to beat people up pretty badly, now he takes tablets and all that has gone, lucky him found one that works; not everybody does find one that keeps them under control. Feel safe at work? when peoples minds are ill and you don’t know what that illness may cause them to do? Do you feel safe now? it damn irresponsible what the government is doing to all its members of society under underhand tricks and pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

        • Thanks for your concern Maria, it must be a great meeting of minds when your lot get together.

          • Of course because you have a complete understanding of mental illness, its no more than I can expect.

            • I will tell you something Maria, I was the only one that was taking care of
              the mentally ill when I got locked up illegally. There are plenty of witnesses out there to prove what I say.
              The so called staff, locked themselves in staffrooms typing up reports one finger at a time.

  34. JV – Unfortunately these Tory ‘visions’ usually turn out to become government policy. What is about these Tory thinktanks? It’s like they’re obsessed in trying to find new ways for a race to the bottom in terms of benefit reform.

    For anyone on disability benefits, and that includes me, it just simply means we have less money for food and bills. Every week it seems to get harder and harder to balance what’s coming in and what money is going out. I can’t even afford to pay for my last energy bill yet as I’ve only got eight pounds to last me for food all this week. If they cut my disability benefit even more I simply cannot afford to eat or attend my hospital appointments anymore.

    Yes, I know some people are in a worse position then me and I feel sorry for them. Yet the Tories can always afford Trident and provide sweetheart tax deals for Google. Same old story – no shortage of government cash for the rich, but a total clampdown on benefits for those at the bottom. I didn’t choose to become disabled, but my God, the Tories make you pay for being ill.

    But there’s one thing for sure, there’s no shortage of misery for people like me under the Tories.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    A job to generate £50,000 a day by one worker.

    Plonk me at a busy road junction & £50 each time the cars did not indicate to turn. at least £5,000 an hour. That`s worth £200 an hour from the money I have generated.

  36. Sounds Very Nazi to say the Least What is the Official Opposition Labour
    doing to Oppose

    Decent People Care about the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable but the
    EU does Not go Charging to the Rescue when some Tories want to be
    Bastards and the Liberal Democrats make my Blood Boil they Propped
    Up Nutcase Austerity and are Pro EU Anti British

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Universal Credit Digital Service

    Published on 17 Feb 2016


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        About Merlin

        The Merlin Standard has been designed to recognise and promote sustainable excellence within supply chains and provide guidance to those seeking to achieve it. It is built upon four fundamental and integrated principles; supply chain design, commitment, conduct and review. These principles have been designed to examine key areas of the relationship between a prime contractor and its supply chain partners.

        The aim of the Standard is to encourage excellent supply chain management and within this to ensure fair treatment of partners and subcontractors by Prime Contractors, to support development of healthy, high performing supply chain.

        The Merlin Standard was developed over 2 years by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), in collaboration with representatives of the welfare sector in response to concerns raised by providers operating as subcontractors over fair treatment by prime providers.

        The Standard is designed to champion positive behaviours and relationships to achieve successful, high performing supply chains. . It was launched at the beginning of 2012 with the first assessments taking place in the Spring of that year.

        Although produced with the active involvement of the welfare sector, the Standard is generic by design and applicable to any organisation delivering on a contract through a supply chain.

        The vision for the Standard is to ensure that it is established as an exemplar of best practice supply chain management across public, private and third sectors in the UK and Internationally.

        The Merlin Standard provides a benchmark which recognises and promotes sustainable excellence.

        Assessments and accreditation service is delivered by emqc Ltd, an independent service provider

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          About Assessment Services

          Assessment Services Ltd are a global leader in organisational improvement and assessment who work in partnership with Government and other Agencies to help deliver accreditation services for high quality, performance-enhancing national and international standards including: The Merlin Standard, the matrix Standard, Customer Service Excellence, and SFEDI.

          As a ‘Limited by Guarantee’ company, emqc have grown consistently over the last 20 years, generating sufficient surpluses to invest in development projects to further support our clients.

          Prime Contractors are assessed and accredited against the Merlin Standard through emqc who are the body contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to manage this service.

          Assessment Services has a team of over 20 quality assured Assessors including a team of four Lead Assessors who support Prime Contractors to understand the requirements of the Merlin Standard.

  38. A Real Human Right to Hot Food without Paying VAT on Top of the
    Rip Off Price

  39. The Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable will Not be Helped by the
    Arrogance of David Cameron going Unchallenged and this is amongst
    other Reasons I Not being a Sheep will Vote to Leave the EU

    The EU should be Replaced by a Europe Free of Bureaucratic Pantomime
    and be about Trade and Respect Not Politicians Power Schemes

    Greece has Suffered Terribly because of the EU

    Denmark Rejected the Masstricht Treaty in 1992 AD When the UK
    was Denied a Referendum because of the ” Conservatives ” ” The
    Party of Europe ” for whom being British was Not Good Enough

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Private company limited by guarantee

    British and Irish company law, a private company limited by guarantee (LBG) is an alternative type of corporation used primarily for non-profit organisations that require legal personality. A company limited by guarantee does not usually have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors. The guarantors give an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount (typically very small) in the event of the winding up of the company.[1] It is often believed that such a company cannot distribute its profits to its members but (depending on the provisions of the articles) this is not actually true.[2] Converting a limited company to a Community Interest Company (CIC) removes this doubt entirely, as CICs feature an asset lock which prevents the extraction of profits. However, a company limited by guarantee that distributes its profits to members (nor CICs) would not be eligible for charitable status.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      As a ‘Limited by Guarantee’ company, emqc have grown consistently over the last 20 years, generating sufficient surpluses to invest in development projects to further support our clients.

      Prime Contractors are assessed and accredited against the Merlin Standard through emqc who are the body contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to manage this service.

  41. People being Deprived of Hot Food because of Cost and Heating because
    of Cost is a Human Rights Issue

    Are they just Supposed to Starve and Freeze to Death ?

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | February 23, 2016 at 1:43 pm | Reply
    Stop demeaning the Human Rights Issue.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      There are loads of soup kitchens & places you can get hot food for nothing as well as food banks !!!

      • NoOp has made a good point. People should have access to hot food, heating & a roof over their head. Since food, water, shelter and heat are the very basest of human needs, surely, the Human Rights Act is the exact instrument to deal with the lack of those basic needs.

        Not everyone lives where there are soup kitchens or food banks, not everyone even lives within walking distance of one.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          The 1st priority when hungry is getting food not bang on about human rights for ages ending up on hunger strike. A lot of homeless people are housed in hostels & B & B`s which the council are paying for & have a legal right to not leave anyone on the streets unless blacklisted from the council list. These homeless unemployed have unlimited hot water, heating & food which may cost you £15 a week. Disabled people are chucked out on the street & the system don`t want to know. There is a big difference in being disabled & being abled bodied & unemployed.

          • What the fuck are you on about? Stepping – you are full of shit!

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            don`t know where people get the figure of £300 a week !!! Even with Housing Benefit & 100% council tax rebate is still nowhere near £300.

            The difference between abled bodied people & disabled people is that the disabled people will get results. Abled bodied people think they are better than disabled people.

      • WTF! Why don’t you fuck off to a soup kitchen. You might have no choice when Maximus throw you to fuck off your fraudulent disability benefits. Stepping – it is CUNTS like YOU that the Joe and Josephine Public loathe NOT the able-bodied unemployed whom you seem to detest. Your time is up Stepping!

        • “Instead every claimant, no matter how unwell, WILL receive just over £70”. This is what the public voted for. Anyone GENUINELY disabled might get extra money for nappies etc. But the days of claiming for ‘bi-polar’ like you and lazy Lucy, and other other bullshit illnesses are well and truly over!

          • People are beginning to realise that wastrels like you are screwing the taxpayer of over £300 a week, or ‘chicken feed’ as you, Lucy and the other professional scroungers would say. Why should people toil in minimum wage jobs to have their hard-earned money stolen by you?

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              I don`t know where people get the figure of £300 a week !!! Even with Housing Benefit & 100% council tax rebate is still nowhere near £300.

              The difference between abled bodied people & disabled people is that the disabled people will get results. Abled bodied people think they are better than disabled people.

            • You are getting your Lucys mixed up Razor Plate and showing yourself up as 100% moron.

        • Razor. What public voted to give every disabled person 70£ a week!? When was this vote taken? I wasn’t informed and I certainly didn’t vote!! Disabled people need more money for heating food bills travel to hospital ect. You are falling into the classic tory trap of divided and rule. While we’re all busy fighting among ourselves and blaming immigrants / disabled ect we are ignoring the true enemy here the government!! We should all of us be united against it! And as I’ve posted before I’m a working single mum who went through the system when it was a lot kinder than now and believe me I fully dread being back there. I have the utmost respect for people on this site with the exception of trolls like you

          • kat can you kindly explain how you need more money for food sat on your arse all day as opposed to doing a hard days graft. You see a lot of obese ‘disabled’ people waddling round the supermarket with a trolley stuffed full of junk food. What really would be beneficial for them would be to WORK, like get up in the morning, be physically active all day, out in all weathers, the weight would just drop off and their health would improve.

          • It is all in the mind Kat, they are making bad choices, messing up their own. Tell us why someone who morbidly obese is still stuffing their faces with junk food. Even Lord Norman Tebbit said: “We all know that if you sit on you arse all day stuffing your face with junk food you will get fat.” Are these people really that fortune? They cost the rest of us a fortune through benefits and all the (preventable) health care they need. They should be given LESS money and put on a healthy diet. They like big selfish kids. We all have to take responsibility for our own health. If you destroy your own health deliberately through lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol, tobacco, drugs you have only yourself to blame. You can’t expect taxpayer handouts when you are the author of your own misfortune.

            And what ‘mental health’? Well, taking drug damages mental health. Cannabis will make you paranoid schizophrenia. Why should the rest of us pay for these arseholes? Enough is enough!

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              don`t know where people get the figure of £300 a week !!! Even with Housing Benefit & 100% council tax rebate is still nowhere near £300.

              The difference between abled bodied people & disabled people is that the disabled people will get results. Abled bodied people think they are better than disabled people.

            • Junk food is cheap, if you put someone on less money they end up in the street, begging, where the clean up bill to keep the streets from turning into a public sewer and a public graveyard will rocket. Now dear, some people can’t physically do work, some people can and employers won’t give them a look in and some people are young fit and healthy and yet there is not enough work for everyone. There will always be poor people for as long as the Earth exists, the choice is whether you see people helped or whether you would see them suffer. I can’t stand to see anyone suffer myself.

          • As this report says everyone out of work should be on the same benefit level unless you have a genuine need or have a genuine illness through no fault of your own, for example genetic conditions, industrial injury etc., an in those cases you should be given extra payments for your specific needs.

            • The Grafter

              If you keep up this crap you will need a skin grafter, someone will want to skin you alive!

              • Save Stepping's £300 a Week

                Too fucking right, fly. We should be fighting on the streets to protect disabled persons benefits. We should be rioting. We should be fighting pitched battles with the cops. We should be prepared to go to prison just so that Stepping can have £300 of our dough a week to spunk up against the wall on whacky backy.

                • Save Stepping's £300 a Week

                  And if push comes to shove we should be prepared to lay down our lives to save Stepping’s benefits. Its the least we can do!

                • who said he is buying cannabis, he may just be buying those seeds from lidl and aldi?

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  I don`t know where people get the figure of £300 a week !!! Even with Housing Benefit & 100% council tax rebate is still nowhere near £300.

                  The difference between abled bodied people & disabled people is that the disabled people will get results. Abled bodied people think they are better than disabled people.

                • Well the able bodied are not better, some just think they are. There is good and bad in both.

            • The government is taking away money from people who are in genuine need, not supporting people into work taking away support that gets disabled people into work. people with terminal illnesses are being declared fit for work. and self made illnesses that’s just government guff to clear them of helping some of the people that need it. You have no valid argument on this subject and your view point lets the government get away with getting rid of the welfare state, the NHS, the pensions. One day you will get old and if your extremely lucky you won’t get ill, and most definitely you will die. When you need this help, there will be no one left to stick up for you and there will be no help, that is the future with the Tories that is the ultimate goal they are pushing for.

      • btw you can only get a couple of days supplies 3 TIMES a years you stupid cunt as well as needing a referral from social services, a doctor etc. You don’t just walk into a foodbank and demand that they serve you. And if you are not a genuine rough sleeper the soup kitchen will also tell you to fuck off. You don’t have talk shit, Stepping!

  42. People can be got out to Protest against Nuclear Weapons

    People Need to be Got Out to Protest For Support For the Poor and
    Vulnerable including Defence of the Welfare State

    Momentum Not Static

  43. People or Far too Many are Gormless whewn it comes to Voting and
    Also that ” I Don’t Vote ” Brigade who Think by being Apolitical Zombies
    some Decent Candidates are Magically going to be Elected

    Eating cake as instructed | February 23, 2016 at 7:39 am | Reply
    May elections. Will we see a call to arms from pissed off citizens? Will we see honest candidates? Or will we see the usual voter apathy which allows the reptiles displaying audacity to even stand again voted in?

  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Tory tactic of keeping people busy with moaning for 10 years is working.

    Get constructive instead of being a Tory tool !!!

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I am still waiting DWP for you to act, but no the DWP are scared to take me to court. Is the compensation to much to bare !!!

  46. No to Slavery No to Nazism Yes to a Caring Society

  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Published on 20 Feb 2016

    IDS HI Hitler Arm Moves

  48. There is Proof of Slavery in the UK Exploitation of Human Beings For
    Commercial Profiteers

    Zero Hour Contracts

    Slavery is Slavery however Covered Up

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | February 23, 2016 at 2:12 pm | Reply
    There is no proof of Slavery in the uk. How do we prove slavery instead a banner statements !!!

  49. Margaret Thatcher Campaigned For the UK to Remain in the ” Common
    Market ” in 1975 AD as did the 1930’s Fascist Oswald Mosley

    Iceland is outside the ” Common Market “

  50. Peaceful Well Behaved Protest can get Somewhere like get lots of Support For the Poor and Vulnerable

  51. The 23rd of February Mark’s The Anniversary of the Start of the February Revolutionin 1917 AD.

    This Started in Petrograd and lasted until the 27th of February 1917 AD

    After All the Carnage of War ( Mass Deaths of Russian Soldiers ) and Suffering of the Domestic Populace together

    with Military Defeats Not Least after Tzar Nicholas II became Commander-In-Chief at Stavka People in Russia had had Enough and Tzar Nicholas II Abdicated at Pskov 2nd March 1917 AD.

    Russia in 1917 AD had the October Revolution Afterwards

  52. Terrible and Appalling Act of Thuggery

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | February 23, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    he may be killed next time………….

    A young man with disabilities has been left injured after being knocked unconscious in an assault.

    The 20-year-old victim from Consett has the condition cerebral palsy and is deaf.

    He was walking home from a night out in the town at around 3.30am on Sunday 21 February when the attack took place.

    The victim was on Front Street, near to Jackson’s Taxis, when it is believed he was struck by his attacker causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground, suffering injuries to his face and head as a result.

    There is no description for the person involved, other than it being a man.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      Terrible and Appalling Act of Thuggery

      GEOFF REYNOLDS | February 23, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Reply

      he may be killed next time………….



  53. Someone who I Spoke to said they were going to go a Foodbank but
    the Paperwork Pantomime put them off

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | February 23, 2016 at 2:01 pm | Reply
    There are loads of soup kitchens & places you can get hot food for nothing as well as food banks !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Yes there are loads of of soup kitchens & places you can get hot food for nothing as well as food banks !!!

      I Have already said that further up the page !!!

  54. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    IDS is laughing at how useless we are !!!

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I tell the DWP what to do when it comes to an individual case.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Hello DWP I am ringing to prove I rang you today, so can you please send me a letter confirming that we spoke on the phone today.

      If you can`t get past that simple admin duty then your DWP threats are Null & Void !!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        A spanner in the works because I ask the questions DWP !!!

        • Just watching the parliamentary debate on the welfare reform and work bill Razor……….
          The tories are unsure of the reason poverty exists but want to change the way it is reported and recorded. A labour MP said, “Don’t you mean you want to change it because the rest of the world will not be aware how badly you treat your own people”

          • The Tory scum, and i mean scum, are proposing to do away with the remit of the child poverty act of 2010.
            It called upon whichever government was in power to reduce child poverty by 2020/21, to report back on it and implement positive strategy to negate the poverty trap.
            Never has child poverty been worse than it is now yet the inbreds are seeking to mask the deprivation by playing with statistics……………

            In other words, placing deckchairs on the Titanic….

            The absence of MP’s and the rhetoric of pure ignorance are more than apparent as the £76 grand inanimate chess pieces treat the issue like dog shit on the end of a stick.

            Nobody will ever understand poverty unless they have suffered it. They read about it in reports and from books, but most have never had to go without food, without heat and most of all, without the will to carry on………

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              The DWP want Universal Credit to be applied & filled out using the internet & phone. The DWP DO NOT want paper forms. Not every has a £800 fart phone perhaps we should use the jobcentre computer filling out forms with no receipt. Only a fool fills out something with no receipt & proof. So a public paper form does not exist then !!!

              Universal Credit is Null & Void

              Universal Credit is a Medical Insurance Policy.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


            Today’s House of Commons debates – Tuesday 23 February 2016

            Mental Health Taskforce

            What an insult – A Taskforce to conquer Mental [cap PLC] Health into a PLC. Trading metal health with CAPS Mental Health. Health Care Mental Professional Taskforce. Mental Health worth £ Billions to PLC`s. Let`s sell off all the mental people to a taskforce that is not restricted to uk laws or taxes. Let`s all have out foreheads stamped with the Maximus Logo & be done with it or perhaps a tattoo of the ATOS Logo.

  56. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    More humiliation, degradation and poverty meted out to the already poor and disabled by yet another Tory ‘thinktank’ – surely two words which together are oxymoronic. There’s so much to be said about this, and all negative.

    Firstly, it’s more of the ‘less eligbiliity’, the ideology behind the Workhouse, almost word for word as it was expressed by the Poor Law Commissioners. Don’t give the poor any more money than a working man can earn, as this encourages them to be lazy. Or in this case, don’t give the disabled any more than the able-bodied unemployed earn, because this encourages the disabled to become ‘welfare dependent’. More rubbish. Mr Void and the Angry Yorkshireman in their posts on the subject years ago pointed out how much Tory ideology was permeated by the idea of less eligibility, and this on its own would prove it. Instead, it’s just one more piece of evidence on an already damning mountain.

    Not let’s deal with their recommendation that the disabled should be a mandatory ‘health plan’ drawn up by a ‘health provider’, who is not their GP, in association with an occupational therapist. This is just workfare for the disabled, as Mr Void points out. It also looks like the ‘health provider’ -another wretched misnomer, as only doctors, surgeons and nurses can really get one back to health – is going to be another outsourcing monstrosity like ATOS or Maximus. What’s the odds this has also been dreamed up by a bunch of legislation dodging fraudsters in an insurance company, like Unum did with the ‘fitness for work’ tests?

    And, like ‘less eligibility’, it’s also permeated by Victorian ideology. In this case, it’s that of Jeremy Bentham and the Panopticon. The panopticon was a central surveillance area in the prisons the great Utilitarian designed. The idea was that every aspect of the prisoner’s life would be monitored and controlled by the prison authorities. Under such strict supervision, the prisoner would gradually acquire all the habits of virtue, ready to be released as a responsible citizen into the outside world. It’s the Victorian need for the absolute, totalitarian control of the poor so that the wealthy and the social order that sustained them could be protected. This is one of Thatcher’s ‘Victorian values’ returned with a chilling vengeance.

    As for the statement that all this is needed to keep wages down, this also bears out something that was said long ago by the Angry Yorkshireman and Guy Debord’s Cat. They went through the writings of Milton Friedman and the other perpetrators of the Chicago School, and showed that they actually wanted a constant unemployment rate of about six per cent to keep wages low. This isn’t quite unemployment, but it is very much part of that same strategy.

    So, all in all, this is a genuinely Thatcherite piece of work: it’s based thoroughly on appalling, degrading Victorian ideas, is designed to control and humiliate, and to keep people poor for the benefit of the rich.

  57. The poor are poised to place their faith in the House of Lords this evening.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      I thought £300 a day was just on food breakfast, lunch, dinner at the most expensing shit holes.

  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I make spanners for Think Tanks – The Spanner works with the Spanners in the works at the Think Tank !!!

  59. Does IDS Shit in Corbyn's Backyard?

    What’s it with the ’employment coaches’ in GP surgeries in Islington! IDS is having a shit in Corbyn’s backyard 😀

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    My Mind Needs A Committee Meeting In A Think Tank !!!

    30 idiots are better than 1.

    • …………..always remember Paul, being fit for work is not really what it means, it’s just a “COLLOQUIALISM”…………………

      Thats what the DWP said when faced with a murder wrap………..


        PART 31.

        A decision that a claimant does not have Limited Capability for work, or Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, is colloquially referred to as a decision that the claimant is “FIT FOR WORK”. However, what this actually means is that the claimant does not meet the functional descriptors set out in the ESA Regulations for LCA or LCWRA.

        These are the words of a collaboration between the judiciary and the dwp in an effort to deny that a claimant was murdered by the state……..


          This is a recognition by the Judiciary and DWP that persons having disabling conditions are being refused welfare payments neccessary to sustain life………….

        • paultheswineherd

          Geoff – Yes, many thanks for this – and it has all been noted for future reference.


    18 February 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    My query relates to the hardship provisions for people who have
    received a sanction due to an adverse Labour Market Decision and
    the rules laid out in two paragraphs of the Decision Makers’ Guide.


    Paragraph 35099 of the Decision Makers’ Guide :

    “It would be usual for a normal healthy adult to suffer some
    deterioration in their health if they were without 1. essential
    items, such as food, clothing, heating and accommodation or 2.
    sufficient money to buy essential items for a period of two weeks.

    See Appendix 6 to this Chapter for further guidance. The DM must
    determine if a person with a medical condition would suffer a
    greater decline in health than a normal healthy adult and would
    suffer hardship.”


    Appendix 6 referred to above:

    “Full health depends upon a regular and varied intake of food
    containing sufficient calories and essential nutrients. A normal
    healthy body contains enough reserves to cope with dietary changes
    over a short period but there are medical conditions that could
    deteriorate due to an inadequate diet over a two week period
    following a DM’s decision.”

    (The labelling of subsequent versions of the DMG indicates that
    Appendix 6 is unamended since the DMG was first written but that
    the Paragraph 35099 was last revised in October 2010 and again in
    October 2015.)

    These paragraphs state opinions as to effects on health of the two
    week waiting period for eligibility for hardship payments. Was any
    medical advice or evidence considered before these opinions were
    stated, or when these rules were amended subsequently?
    If so could you provide the medical advice or evidence considered
    and it’s source?

    Thank you for your assistance

    Yours faithfully,

    Bill Topping

    Link to this

  62. Following the Yanks into the abyss.
    How do we afford the insurance payments, when the wages are so poor?

  63. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I don`t know where people get the figure of £300 a week !!! Even with Housing Benefit & 100% council tax rebate is still nowhere near £300.

    The difference between abled bodied people & disabled people is that the disabled people will get results. Abled bodied people think they are better than disabled people.

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Tory MP says cutting some disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified

    Echo News – Essex Local Paper – 24th Feb 2016

    ESSEX Tory MP Priti Patel has said cutting some disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified as it will help those with a “limited capability” to work find a job.

    Ms Patel, who represents Witham and is also Employment Minister, said the Government would try and overturn attempts by the House of Lords to reverse the cut to an aspect of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) because the benefit is not working.

    Peers last month voted to strike out a clause of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill which would have cut ESA for people in the work related activity group (WRAG) from £103 to £73 for new claimants from next year.

    Claimants in that group may have a “limited capability” to work but this does not mean they cannot work at all and so they should be helped out of the “benefits trap”, Ms Patel said.

    The Tory minister said the current system was not working because only 1 per cent of WRAG claimants come off the benefit every month.

    She said the payment should therefore be cut to bring it into line with Jobseeker’s Allowance rates and to use some of the money to deliver better support to help people find jobs.

    Outlining Government plans to oppose the Lords amendment to the Bill that would stop the cut, Ms Patel said: “This benefit is not working as anyone intended it and most importantly it is failing claimants badly.

    “This Government is committed to spending taxpayers’ money responsibly and in that way so that we can improve life chances and help move them out of benefits and get them into work.

    “And those in the work related activity group are given additional cash payments but very little employment support.

    “As the Prime Minister has recently stated, this fixation on welfare treats symptoms and not the causes and over time it traps people into dependency which is why we are proposing that through some of the money that is currently spent on cash payments, that are not actually achieving the desired effect of helping people move closer to the labour market, we will now put this into practical support that will make a genuine difference to people in these groups.”

    She went on: “Claimants in the work related activity group have been found to have limited capability for work and this is very different to being unfit for any work.

    “Of course there are many limitations on the type and the amount of work people in the work related activity group can do and may also need workplace adjustments, but employment isn’t ruled out.

    “That is why the ESA permitted work rules are there and why they are so important.

    “And this is an important distinction as this misconception helps drive people further away from the labour market, perpetuates the benefits trap, and undermines the life chances of those claimants.”

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””The Tory minister said the current system was not working because only 1 per cent of WRAG claimants come off the benefit every month. “”””

      Disabled people penalized for a Tory Failure !!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        “””””“This Government is committed to spending taxpayers’ money responsibly and in that way so that we can improve life chances and help move them out of benefits and get them into work. “””

        The Maximus bill has now doubled. It was only spring 2015 that the £380 contract was given to Maximus – Now it`s £720. So in a year it will be over £1 Billion.

  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I notice Maximus are running the DWP`s Admin. It means Maximus have all your DWP details without consent which is what the ESA questionnaire is a consent form. The DWP now have contracted out it`s admin duties.

    Maximus`s admin service is worst than the DWP`s.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Result DWP Fraud – Not mine but the DWP fraud within the DWP. Maximus are defrauding the DWP so are Seeco & G4S. Put the blame on me a DWP fraud as a disability scape goat.

  66. Indeed
    Razor Plate | February 24, 2016 at 12:39 am | Reply

    What the fuck are you on about? Stepping – you are full of shit!

  67. Given the Alleged ” Human Rights ” of the EU is this for Murderers to be
    Released by the ” European Court of Human Rights ” For Politicians to get
    on the EU Gravy Train ?

    It does Not Help the Homeless The Poor and the Vulnerable

    It does Not Bridge the Gulf between Rich and Poor

  68. In Victorian Times there was some Philianthropists despite All the
    Selfish Rich Arseholes and their Arsehole Class System of Slavery

    Margaret Thatcher makes a Vampire seem Tame certainly Margaret
    Thatcher was so Evil this Tinpot Tyrant was like a Demon

  69. Many Politicians are Despicable to say the Least those like those Mutants of the Townie Trance Brainwashed by Knucklehead Papers into being Out of Touch with the Plight of the Poor and Vulnerable

  70. There’s an email address at the bottom – maybe those with ‘an alternative email addy’ should email them as to what we think of it – remember nothing about us without us

  71. Pingback: Newshound’s Newsround 28/2/16 | newshoundsnewsround

  72. ive been clinicaly dead for 15 years and i still go to work. if can do it so can you

  73. Timely suggestions , Coincidentally , if anyone was looking for a a form , my colleagues edited a blank version here

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