Keep The Jobcentre Out Of The NHS – The Fightback Against The Health And Work Programme Starts Now! #donoharm


Job coaches in GP Surgeries? No!

We call on GPs to #‎DoNoHarm.

Join DPAC, Boycott Workfare, Mental Health Resistance Network on

4 March, 3pm at the City Road Surgery, 190-196 City Road, London EC1V 2QH.

Groups supporting benefit claimants and disabled people are uniting for a protest on the 4th March following the news that Employment Coaches from shadowy US outsourcing company Maximus are to be stationed in GP surgeries in Islington.

The demonstration will take place outside City Road Medical Centre, one of six GP practices in the borough who have opted to take part in the DWP funded pilot scheme.  These surgeries will now have their own Employment Coaches drawn from the welfare-to-work industry who will provide the kind of Jobcentre harassment that disabled people and those with health conditions are already all too familiar with if they are unable to work.

The scheme has been devised by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group who oversee healthcare in Islington and is backed by the local Labour Council who say on their website that this service will create ‘jobs on prescription’.  Many claimants fear the reality could be benefit sanctions on prescription, as doctors are turned into a weapon to impose labour market discipline and bully unemployed, disabled or unwell people into low paid or unsuitable work.

GP referrals to Employment Coaches will not be compulsory to attend – yet.  But this pilot scheme forms part of a national strategy by Iain Duncan Smith to bring Jobcentres into the heart of the NHS.  A new Health and Work Programme is being planned, with the aim of slashing spending on already meagre sickness and disability benefits.  Even those with the most serious conditions may soon to be forced to prove they are constantly looking for work whilst the government are examining the possibility of compulsory treatment for some health problems.

Campaigners warn that any attempt to merge healthcare with the vicious benefit cutting agenda of the DWP will demolish the trust that exists between doctors and patients.  An activist from Disabled People Against Cuts warns that “many disabled people already feel they have to watch every word they say when seeing their GP in case it is used against them at some point to stop their benefits.   Placing Jobcentre funded staff in doctor’s’ surgeries could destroy the doctor/patient relationship and may lead to some people not accessing vital healthcare when they need it most.”

Perhaps most appalling is that the Employment Coaches in Islington are set to come from Remploy – once a government run service that provided jobs for disabled people – now sold off and turned into a privatised welfare-to-work company responsible for sanctioning disabled people’s benefits.  Remploy have become a subsidiary of Maximus – the same company who run the despised Work Capability Assessment used to declare that disabled people or those with a long term health condition are ‘fit for work’.  Maximus are also providers of the Work Programme, a Jobcentre scheme which involves compulsory training or workfare with brutal benefit sanctions inflicted for ‘non-compliance’.

At a time when some claimants have been driven to suicide by the constant bullying, assessments, threats and sanctions that now form part of the UK’s benefits system, there must be no place in the NHS for Jobcentre busy-bodies.  Disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters can and will defeat this appalling attack on the fundamental principle that healthcare professionals should ‘first do no harm’.  Join campaigners from DPAC, Mental Health Resistance Network and Boycott Workfare outside City Road Medical Centre, 190-196 City Road , London, EC1V 2QH on Friday 4th March from 3pm.  Please spread the word and make this huge!

An online protest will also be held for those unable to attend in person.  Watch this space for further details and in the meantime please tweet using hashtag #DoNoHarm

See the Facebook Event Page for more details and please support the Thunderclap – timed to go off just as the protest begins

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178 responses to “Keep The Jobcentre Out Of The NHS – The Fightback Against The Health And Work Programme Starts Now! #donoharm

  1. Who are these doctors that are happy to report back to SS headquarters about their patients – Frank Abagnales.

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    See you all there on the 4th of March.

  3. ? missed off the question mark, about the no marks above.

  4. good, this behaviour just undermines what the NHS stands for, at least stood for when it was set up.

  5. Hitler did some really evil things to people but this Tory boy government are certainly exiling in the evil.

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    They need to learn who pays these people … it’s not the Government they don’t have any money … It’s tax payers who pay for the Doctors, D.W.P. and remploy. Who the hell would want a bunch of Government people in their place of work how do Doctors know it’s the patients they are interested in… With all this hatred of the N.H.S by the Nasty Party i would be careful if i was a Doctor.

  7. paultheswineherd

    This cunt is now facing real trouble – he is attacking the junior doctors (who do a fantastic job in difficult circumstances) – he is attacking the BMA. Who does he think that he is?
    Let’s hope that it is a huge demonstration on 4th March – don’t let these bastards win – keep them well and truly out of Doctor’s surgeries and the N.H.S. in general – they have absolutely NO right to be any where near these places.

    • I watch Andrew Marr and Jeremy Hunt didn’t have a squirm in him, these people have no conscience just brass neck and front.

  8. paultheswineherd

    (Job Centre/Remploy/Maximus busy-bodies I mean – not the junior doctors!)

    • the thing with hunt is that is a great PR (propagandist) man and comes across as relatively civil and human, but behind that exterior is a man who is so extreme. This is the man, after all, who said nurses and doctors do not work hard enough

  9. paultheswineherd

    Also, Cameron is on increasingly shaky ground as well. He is deeply upsetting his ‘grassroots’ supporters. Good – that won’t do any harm!

  10. paultheswineherd

    A sneaky cut possible in Tax Credits for some workers from April 2016.
    Osborne does not want you to know about this one!

  11. Santa Hates You

    If there is any doubt left about the scope and purpose of the dubious attacks on our welfare state and NHS in this country then look no further than what has already occurred in the USA. For example, the American’s have totally replaced their welfare system with workfare and this is ran by a bunch of greedy profit seeking private companies with the moral scruples of a Nazi sociopath.

    Suddenly welfare, along with the last remains of their healthcare system, has become big business. Given how the Tories, greedy banks and the multi-nationals have behaved, the UK public will be fucked over again by the ‘market forces’ brigade. Of course, what that really means is profit first, people second every time.

    I have absolutely no doubt that in a few years time our welfare and healthcare systems will be privatised to the hilt.

  12. Oh dear, looks like the noose is tightening for all you welfare scroungers. I suppose you could just look for work instead of expecting the rest of us to pay for your “bad backs” and “bi-polar”.

    • paultheswineherd

      Suzie – I presume that your ‘job’ is secure at the moment – but, don’t forget that there, but for the grace of God go you. You yourself may be made redundant in the future, or you may become ill and not be able to work.
      You yourself indeed may be forced down to your local JobCentrePlus to make a new claim. They may make you wait for weeks for your first payment to be made, whilst all the time you will still have all of your bills to pay – no-one will ‘rescue’ you – you will have to ‘rescue’ and ‘keep’ yourself.
      Any savings that you have will only keep you solvent for a while!
      Also, ‘workers’ are under the impression that their ‘tax’ pays for most of the benefits in Britain – this is not the case. YOUR tax is being ‘spent’ by Governments on just about everything but. Please search out the Government data to see where all the tax receipts actually go – I really think that you will have a shock when you find out who it is given to and where it is spent, especially to the E.U. and other Countries.
      Not all of the contributors on here even claim out of work/sickness/disability benefits. I object strongly to yourself lumping everyone together on here as if they are. Many contributors are here to help others not to criticize them. And if you are wondering – yes I work, but I know that in the future I myself & my family could be facing Tax Credits problems.
      Very few people are true ‘scroungers’ and ‘fraudsters’ – some are, such as those caught ‘playing golf’ while ‘disabled’ or refereeing a football match whilst so-called ‘disabled’. These people are few and far between – the M.P’s and Ministers of governments are more inclined to be ‘fiddlers’ and ‘fraudsters’ than the ranks of the unemployed and the ‘sick’.
      Also, most of the people on here have worked and paid into the system at some point.
      Please take no notice of TV shows such as ‘Benefits Street’ etc – these are just ‘poverty porn’ programmes made by TV companies who are desperate for ratings at any price. Please also do not take no notice of most of the Sky/BBC/Murdoch press media. They are biased and they lie, they twist and they cover up what Governments actually do to their populations, especially to the low-paid, the poor, the sick and the disabled of Britain.
      Before you try to demonize everyone on here, I respectfully suggest to you that you should check your facts very fully before commenting.
      Once you have done all this and found out the TRUE facts – then you can feel free to comment.

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


          wake up little Suzie, wake up…


            call it what you want, the Fourth Reich, TPTB use their own terminology, the Big Society, the NWO, the Final Solution, those of a Religious persuasion might say the End Times or the Rule of theAntichrist, either way it’s comingo our way and it won’t be pleasant. Total Corporate Takeover. The complete enslavement of the Working Class. Wake up Suzie.

      • Suzie. I’m actually a working single mum. I have rheumatoid arthritis and an unrelated back problem. I spend 25 hours a week doing back breaking school cleaning and 6 hours as a senior midday supervisor. I get by literally eating painkillers. I really should be doing lighter work but as there’s none available I suffer. I literally give thanks each day I survive and stay on my feet because the alternative.. Benefits.. Truly scares me. I have respect and empathy for everyone on the site with the exception of ignorant trolls like you!!

        • The jobcentre scares everyone whom enters their doors and gives away their soul in return for meagre benefits. The UK pays the lowest possible pension and un-employment benefits out of all the European countries

          Are the DWP still yet to be investigated and rapped (by the U.N. Council) for its mistreatment of all people in receipt of their services and benefits?

    • So unwittingly accurate, the noose is literally tightening for the most vulnerable of society, who struggle to either find or even work. Lets see them all die shall we? just because their circumstances won’t allow it. If you really want to know where your money has gone look at the top, the tax the rich should be paying in order to look after a society and to keep it not just flourishing, but keep it going. A car doesn’t run on nothing, neither does society.

      • paultheswineherd

        Maria – Well said
        And just to emphasise the point – here is a good Tory example of it – Suzie should never trust Government M.P.’s or Ministers – she (one of many ‘taxpayers’ in Britain) is paying their salaries and also those in the House of Lords as well! M.P. Geoffrey Cox ‘forgot’ about £400,000!

        • If anyone believes the cobblers that BBC news and Sky news spout out 24/7, they need to be sectioned. All news and media outlets are heavily censored by the wankers in government. We are getting worse than those slitty-eyed lunatics in North Korea who pretend they have launched another satellite only yesterday.

          You want to see REAL news and human interest stories, look it up on YouTube – where everything is REAL and un-cut and un-censored. Take the 9/11 event where apparently the Twin Towers were destroyed by extremists.


          • Of course there were planes. The first plane will have blown up and disintegrated, Look at the top right hand corner for the plane that hit the second tower, it’s descent corresponds with where it hit the tower.

          • I agree entirely with you Fen. It was an american/jewish charade to turn the west against so called terror groups.

            • I don’t think they needed to fly drones into the twin towers to demonize so called terror groups, the media does that all by itself. Newcastle’s mr Hall cannot convince us that NY was not awash with people that were capable of seeing and hearing planes, they don’t need video footage to witness what they saw.
              To say it was a drone is tantamount to holocaust denial for those people that were supposedly on the planes and their families left behind.

              It could have been an inside job to write off the nameless trillion dollar debt that American owes or a multitude of other reasons too gory to think about, but a 50ft ball? Was Miley cyrus found at the scene?? 🙂

            • It’s still rubbish Geoff – A 50ft ball – Where was Miley Cyrus at the time 🙂

          • You are right, there were no planes, they used sophisticated holograms!

    • The only fiddler’s and fraudsters in this country are the corrupt government and the bankers who, back in 2008, caused one of the biggest financial meltdowns in years with their excessive greed. The rest of us who are not in government, politics, or banking have to suffer in silence while watching OUR money go from us to those with excessive bank balances.

      Britain 2016 – Peter robs paul just to keep his mortgage repayments going on his private country estate and to fund his lavish holidays in the Med. We all know who Peter is…

    • Actually Suzie…if you get tax credits, you too are a benefit scrounger! If you do , I bet you were fighting to keep your tax credits. Funny how many thousands of people were signing petitions and protesting when their tax credits were at risk….where have they been to protest about disability benefits been stopped? Oh wait, what am I saying…..Of course, it doesn’t affect them so why bother?! Heaven forbid that you ever be made redundant, have an accident, become ill or suffer a mental illness. Does that mean that you won’t be applying for financial help?
      I’m only 37 Years old and believe me I would kill to go back to full time work but my health comes first. I had a Stroke at 19 that left me with Frontal lobe damage. When you have a brain injury, that never heals. I get fatigue just going to the shop’s, traveling 15 minute’s on a train to hospital appointments, being somewhere that’s noisy, trying to concentrate on something for more than half an hour. When I say Fatigue, I don’t mean just tired, I mean where my whole body feels so heavy, I physically can’t keep my eyes open and can sleep for 24 straight hours. I get brain fog where I can’t even remember my own name. I worked in pharmacy on and off for ten years but I had to leave because I would never forgive myself if I gave someone the wrong medication.
      Until you have been in the situation that thousands of people with physical or mental illness are in right now….please get your head out of the clouds and be a human being for once in your life!

      • Sometimes people have to see it to believe it, they have to live it to know, otherwise they come out with all the same nonsense the government comes out with.

    • You’re not too bright, evidently. Among a long list of other health problems, both physical and mental, I do have bipolar disorder and a “bad back” – strictly speaking, rotational scoliosis coupled with permanent nerve damage due to a fall down a flight of stairs aged 19. They are the least of my troubles. I worked and studied until my body gave out on me. I’m not lazy in the way I am certain *you* would like to think.

      After finishing college at 19, I returned to work & study part-time. I studied & worked from September to January, and by January my stamina gave up the ghost. Each and every time. I tried again and again, joining with teachers & lecturers in making adjustments to hours and conditions in my studying to try to create a way I could keep working and get properly qualified without collapsing before I was done … and it could not be done.

      I was eventually told that if I kept pushing myself my health would collapse completely. I learned a few years later that I also have a heart condition. I am now in a position whereby I cannot return to work, though aged just 30, because if I do I’m likely to cause myself and/or other people injury – and potentially die.

      My bipolar disorder is not to blame for that. Your acting as though the condition doesn’t exist or isn’t at all serious is simply ignorant – 93% of employers surveyed in 2013 stated that they would not hire anyone with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder if they could help it. I would love to know how, exactly, you expect anyone with one of those conditions to find the 7% – since the survey had to be anonymised given the illegal nature of discriminating in hiring practices against disabilities, mental or physical – and get ourselves hired, provided they even have any spaces for new employees at all.

      “Looking for work” is not the problem. Most people in the ESA support group worked until our bodies gave in – and most of them did so for years longer than I managed, as I was already chronically ill during childhood. That is the major part people like you seem to miss: most disabled people have made plenty of national insurance payments. We paid to support people in similar situations to ours in advance, back when we could still work – so we have already paid for ourselves. You’re not paying for us, much though you’d apparently like to think otherwise.

      As for the rest… oh, *sure*! You find me a cure and a retroactive treatment for severe Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hypermobility type), and get me access to them, and I’d love to take them and go back to work. You really don’t appear to comprehend that most people who have to claim disability benefits would absolutely love to be able to work again. I was trying to train for a Master’s in Library Science when my health imploded; I’ve wanted to work as a librarian since childhood. Now I have to take more morphine than a dying cancer patient just to battle through an average day.

      Do you truly, seriously believe that we PREFER being vilified by the government & media and assaulted by total strangers to being able to work and being left to ourselves?

      If so, Suzie, you’re deluded.

    • Tax payers money yes youre providing children to be abused by elite. You think killing people on benefits is acceptable too? The gov funds nonse rings and atacks liw income famillies….thats what youre taxes are providing….atack the gov not the needy….there abusing the hard workers… there also preventing the abused from getting work….

    • hmmm there you proof, its not just MP but bankers and big companies that are in bed with some MPs, what a shameful country that kicks the poor and the sick.

  13. The patient must surely be in danger of a double diagnosis.
    First the medical problem for which they have visited their doctor.
    Then the second diagnosis of failing to ‘Actively Seek Employment’, when they do not follow up on some suggestion of working in the local supermarket.
    Still, at least they can refer this to the consultant down at the Jobcentre.

  14. Suzie, the noose is tightening on the entire Working Class, they’re coming for all of us, no one is safe from the Tyranny that is about to befall this country. This is the rise of the Fourth Reich. No one can be allowed to be ill, no days off work, no Retirement justork til you drop, no Unions, no Human Rights, no sick pay. We all have to stand up and fight these bastards before they enslave us all. Time to wake the fuck up.

    • “just work”

      (pesky phone)

    • The tories are either about enslavement or imprisonment for the working class.

      Now that they want to bring governors in to run prisons, it will be more like Shawshank redemption than rehabilitation, some people were glad to go to prison to escape the ‘Mr Bigs’ on the outside, now they are putting them on the inside as governors and warders.

      That is how corrupt the privatised prison service will become.

      • I actually said the same thing today to a friend – that it would turn the prisons into something like the Shawshank redemption. Cameron is wanting to call prisoners “assets” yeah just like an asset on a balance sheet.

  15. Working too at the moment – only 12 month contracts generally over the past ten years have been available tho’ – NHS redundancies and also local authority cuts mean there is less & less work that is secure. And in and among that, ‘temporary’ work. Also claim ‘top-up’ benefits to cover all essentials/(try to) have a life – and as entitlement.

  16. they’ll be having members of the nazi royal family in gps surgeries soon too – to especially help with our mental health

  17. The Reprehensible Scum who Voted Tory have Betrayed this Country
    and have a Lot to Answer For like Vichyite Collaborators in Nazi Occupied

    Nazism Out of the UK

  18. There Needs to be More than just One Protest Weeks Away once in a
    Bluemoon .

    The Country Needs to Stop the Political Sleepwalk to Slavery

  19. The Official Opposition Need’s to be Standing Up For The Poor and Vulnerable Not being Stooges by Non Action .

    Decent People Wanted Things to Get Better which is why Jeremy Corbyn was Elected Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition but the State of the Country under the Tory Nazis is such a Mess it is beyond Monolithic Propped Up by the Oblivious Apolitical Townie Trance

  20. Fit for work (not)

    Sick. Sick. Sick. And I don’t mean your medical condition, no Sir! Many Doctors are already ideologically persuaded Tories. Some already dob the sick into the DWP. This encourages even more such behaviour. I am only surprised that this scheme doesn’t come with a Freephone hotline number to the Brew.

    Suzie said the noose was tightening around the necks of the sick and the disabled. She is right. So called humane euthanasia is fast becoming the only option that we will be able to take.

    Do not go gentle into the dark but fight, kick, swear, shout and storm the fucking surgeries who dare to be involved with this Nazi shit.

    That is my reasoned response.

  21. I Agree the Country Needs to Wake Up

    Proper Funding to Local Government and Defence of the Welfare State
    is More Important than Reptilian Conspiracy Pantomime which other
    conspiracy theory Pahlava Serves the Establishment in Distraction
    Attention from the Gulf between Rich and Poor and the State of the
    Country in General

    FUCK THE TORIES | February 7, 2016 at 11:53 pm | Reply

    Suzie, the noose is tightening on the entire Working Class, they’re coming for all of us, no one is safe from the Tyranny that is about to befall this country. This is the rise of the Fourth Reich. No one can be allowed to be ill, no days off work, no Retirement justork til you drop, no Unions, no Human Rights, no sick pay. We all have to stand up and fight these bastards before they enslave us all. Time to wake the fuck up.

  22. Any Doctor that is a Tory Nazi Stooge and a Lackey of Slavery and there
    are too Many Need to be Sacked as they are a Disgrace

    It is a Not a Case of ” Musn’t Grumble ” It is a Case of This is Morally
    Un Acceptable

  23. A Vote To Leave The EU will be a Political Defeat for the Arrogance of David Cameron and will be A Victory For British Interests and British Sovereignty

    The Country must Not be Deceived and Fooled like it in the 1975 AD Referendum with the Lies from the Pro ” Common Market ” Side .

    They Betrayed this Country in 1975 AD they Must Not Get Away with Betraying the Country Again in this EU Referendum .

    Leaving the EU is in British Interests For the Present and the Future regardless of what Out of Touch Politicians at Westminster Say.

    Politicians in Westminster want the UK to Stay in the UK because
    they are an Anti British Political Class that have Wrecked this Country
    For Decades and because they is the Brussels Gravy Train to Jump On.

    Norway and Switzerland Survive Outside the EU and Greece would be
    Better Off without EU Austerity Inflicted upon it.

  24. Notice that Petition For The Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as
    Secretary of State For Work and Pensions Now Has 116,371 Signatures

    Hands Off The Poor No Austerity

    • Let’s start an e-petition to hang and shoot IDS. He is worse than Hitler.

      • I’m not a capital punishment type of girl, but it does make you wonder, when he has caused so many vulnerable people suffering and death.

        • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It won’t be long before IDS gets his day of reckoning through the endless threat regime he peddles through bedroom tax suffering and the countless deaths he oversaw with benefit sanctions.

          He even has the audacity to try and appeal against the latest court ruling that was in favour of the people trying to block his bedroom tax policy. The lunatics are clearly running the asylum. It’s like asking a complete drunk to run a pub and trust him not to touch any of the stock.

        • Girl???

  25. Universal jobmatch still inflating the jobs market by posting repeat job adverts over and over again albeit through different agencies and the same job being advertised in more than one specific town or city.

    Cut out the repeated jobs and reposts and the true number of jobs on that website will be less than 1000 in total for across the entire country. Not to mention the spams and fakes that seem to run riot throughout that uncontrolled website. UK Recruitment is a prolific spammer that is NOT a real agency with real people staffing it. Instead it is a sole-person operation using a Glasgow virtual office maildrop and its website actually based in and coming from America. That website’s server true location can be confirmed by running a reverse I.P check on it,

    I checked out the person running that spam virtual agency and he has been involved with some real dodgy business ventures prior to setting up his latest cuckold business. A previous business he had was made insolvent and bankrupt by Companies House. Still trust his latest operation and would consider signing up to it in order to apply for jobs posted on it? I wouldn’t, as all the jobs I have seen (even NHS internal vacancies) have been stolen from legit recruitment websites and passed off as genuine.

  26. My Joke Centre Minus has a jobs fair event this Wednesday. Oh, what jolly fun that will be – NOT! If the last two were completely bad, and I even complained to my ‘advisor’ that they were and she even agreed with me on that, I don’t think much if this latest one.


      Jeremy Hunt – MP for South-West Surrey. Received donations of £32,920 from U.S-based hedge fund CEO Andrew Law.

      Mr Law is the CEO of Caxton Associates who as of November 2011, owned a market value of $217.659 million in healthcare.

      He is also funder and board member of Social Finance Ltd, a company which invents new ways to bring finance into public services, and is pioneering the first Social impact Bond for the NHS.

      Andrew Law has given £1,229,677 to the Conservative party.

      ………………Strangely my doctor, a Dr. Hughes from Eastfield Surgery, Scarborough, must be in the wrong profession……………

      Last year i went to see him regarding terrible pains in my shoulders that were stopping me from sleeping at night.
      Dr. Hughes asked me quite directly if i had considered going back into the jobs market after being on disability for so long.
      Oddly, he even compared my disc problem with that of his own wife and told me that it did not stop her from working.
      I thought this was rather a strange subject for a GP to engage in when asking for an opinion on my shoulder pains, obviously he had been rallied and enrolled into the disability hate machine at one of his masonic lodges or conservative meetings.

      I responded by saying you must be on a nice joint income, you getting over a hundred grand and the rest………………….

      Since this meeting, whenever i have attended, and whichever doctor i see, i get the feeling that for some reason they just ignore my symptoms like they are working to some preplanned agenda.

      Recently i attended the surgery as i was passing more water, wetting myself more than usual.
      I asked if i could have a ct scan of my spine and the doctor refused me.

      ………..There is some form of agenda already in place in which the doctors are complicit.

      • Santa Hates You

        Geoff – Please get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with your doctor. Whist they tend to stick together, if your doctor treats you with no respect then mention to him/her that you may consider making a formal complaint against them or that you may contact the BMA. At this stage they will probably realise that they should be treating you with some dignity and respect and apologise. Hopefully, you may get a referral for a CT scan.

  27. One of the JCP Advisers actually admitted to me that he thinks It’s ridiculous to force sick people to seek work, he said there arent enough jobs for everyone else never mind the sick & that no Employers would want to take the risk of having sick people on their premises. It’s coming to something when even the Jobcentre staff agree .

    • My JCP advisor agrees with me that UJM is a complete waste of time and is a load of old rubbish.

    • I wonder who this tories out is that is posting job centre drivel.
      They are probably afraid they might get attacked (because they believe all of the propaganda put out by mad medics and the media).

      The job centre has the biggest mentally ill patient running their premises!

      • drivel my fucking arse

        drivel? Bollocks you twat!

        • The jcp advisors are still earning a good living while they are supposedly being sympathetic to you who has no job.

          They don’t want the chew from those they have deemed as mentally ill(another term for those fighting back at the unjust system of servility or sanctions.)

          Don’t tell me I’m a twat, fight these arsehole work coaches and jcp advisors, instead of taking your pent up frustration out on me.

    • But YOU are NOT sick! YOU are FIT FOR WORK and as such should be applying for jobs. It is like saying “but employers get lots of applications, why should I bother”. You just want to sit on lazy backside and be left in peace to claim your ESA for you ‘bad back’ or ‘bi-polar’ or whatever bullshit ‘condition’ you without any help and support from the jobcentre. Those days are well gone!


        I’m not on ESA, I’m on JSA, and I do nothing BUT apply for bloody jobs day in, day out, none fucking stop. They won’t give me a sick note for my condition, though I have received therapy & medication long term, and have been told that my condition is incurable.

      • You sound like a person who detests work, and is green with envy of benefit claimants, well your wasting your energy having a job is better than benefits, unless you have no morals and fiddle the system and lie and claim multiple benefits, its a poor life stuck indoors all day and all week, venturing out only to go to the jobcentre or job interview, if you are on the dole or just to the shop if your sick, that is if you are lucky enough to get someone to get your down the shops, you sit in the cold and the mould, you eat tins of beans and general things like that, you have one meal a day, 2 if your lucky, nothing if your not lucky. You dread going out because your coat is old and worn thin and the holes in your shoes, mean your socks are drenched, if there is any thing left of your socks, no holidays, no sky, no luxuries and you wonder everyday, will the next one ever be better. But if you do believe that being on benefits is better than your life as someone who presumably works, then why do you not try it? But I tell you something you won’t try it for more than once. Now pity the poor people who rely on them, they don’t choose to be on them. They have more self-respect than that.

        • Being on the work programme for six months, until last January 2015, with the likes of Seetec robbed me of my self-worth and self-respect. Only now, more than a year since I last had to do that nonsense have I started to feel better about myself once more for the time being – until the next big joke comes my way from DWP.

      • I thought bi polar meant you shop at Iceland. 🙂

    • “he said there arent enough jobs for everyone else never mind the sick” – one is one pathetic excuse for malingering!

    • “he said there aren’t enough jobs for everyone else never mind the sick” – that is one pathetic excuse for malingering!

  28. I Notice that there will be a By Election in Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough .

    Hope the Next MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough is Not an
    Austerity Stooge but Stands Up For the Poor and Vulnerable

    Hopefully neither the Tories nor the Lousy Liberal Democrats will win
    the Seat

    If it was in the South East of England with People as Thick Tory
    Zombie as they are it would be likely

  29. When Elections Happen if the Candidate is Pro Austerity and Anti
    Public Services do Not Vote for them No Matter what Party they are.

    Better to have an Independent who does Not get Suspended by the
    Party Control Machine For Opposing Nutcase Austerity

    No Austerity Yes to Councillors who Stand Up For the Poor and
    Vulnerable just as with MPs

    • Why are we being told so many lies by the controlled mass media.

    • why are we being told so many lies by those on social media???

      • The so-called ‘alternative media’ pumps out way more shite than the so-called ‘mainstream media’

        • You are more likely to get the truth on the alternative media, I wouldn’t believe anything the zionist controlled media says, they’re a bunch of rotten LIARS!!!

          • I’d say it is 6 of one and 2/3rds of the other being right or wrong, within all media .

              • My money is on Jeremy Cunt being the biggest liar since Drunken The clown claimed he was previously in the Army before landing his cushy job in DWP towers. They, not the ordinary citizen in the street, are all in it together.

                • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                  Joe Kane

                  Prof White is currently denying FOI requests for him to release the data of the DWP’s £5 million fraudulent medical experiment known as #PACE (published in The Lancet 2011), which the DWP hoped would legitimise much of the psuedo-medical horse-shit that its unethical and unscientific ESA regime is based on.
                  Lancet editor Richard Horton is currently incognito, presumed on holiday, and can’t be contacted to get his views on the DWP’s £5 million scientific medical fraud, one of the biggest ongoing medical scandals in the UK and abroad.

                  Joe Kane

                  Prof White, disability denier for hire, is employed by the DWP to disappear physical and mental health problems by converting them into personal psychological issues and claiming the welfare state is far too tolerant and generous when it comes to illness and disability as it just encourages people into developing bad personal habits over time, and such like (you can easily invent more such disablist tosh for yourself but at least you won’t call it ethical or scientific).
                  This was the guy who, in the 1990s, advised that severely debilitated ME patients shouldn’t be given medical aids, such as wheelchairs and crutches, because it just legitimises their delusions that they’re ill and that they shouldn’t be eligible for welfare benefits either for the same reason.
                  Such neoliberal biopsychosocial ideology developed by the Wessely school of psychiatry (first pioneered on such patients groups as Gulf War Illness veterans, ME patients, chronic back pain sufferers, IBS etc) has since been officially adopted by many British departments of state and incorporated into many British state policies.

                  …………A KILLER IN OUR MIDST

                • Your right Geoff, maybe my being deaf is just a bad habit, but seriously you are right what you say.

              • How many of those doctors are tory?

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The Pilot will fail. Islington Council wasting money Another stupid idea like job coaches in the food banks.

    When does Mr Hunt stop smiling – When he`s going for a shit !!!

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Now dodgy dave wants to let out prisoners on weekdays so as to get a job & then back to prison on Sat & Sun. IDIOT !!

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Things that are unworkable that simple people think can work & spend time & money on making unworkable things work. Never ending puzzle. Who`s puzzled !!!


    This guidance was developed by DWP Health and Wellbeing
    Directorate, Atos Healthcare with external input from Professor PETER WHITE
    Consultant Psychiatrist, Barts Hospital, London and Professor
    KEITH HAWTON, Director, Centre for Suicide Research, University
    Department of Psychiatry, Oxford

    ……………..helping ATOS to kill

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



    In July 2014, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced that it was looking for Remploy Employment Services to leave government control, by way of a joint venture between a private company and Remploy’s employees.[11] In March 2015 it was confirmed that Remploy would become owned by US service provider Maximus (70%) and an employee trust (30%).[12] The transfer of ownership was completed on 7 April 2015.[13]

  35. Couldn’t get any lower.

    JCP have stopped my money today as I refused to sign electronically on thursday as I will only do the paper sign. The manager and job roach spent an hour attempting to coerce me with a litany of lies, bullying intimidation and threats you could’t make up as well as throw me out of the job centre by security – they had kept me so long harassing me it was then 4.53pm!
    They are despicable poverty pimps – this is criminal!

    We all know it is NOT mandatory so they are blatant fraudsters not to mention the fact this pair have humiliated and lied to me repeatedly in the past.

    What action would you guys take?

    Advice appreciated asap please.

    • Found this on ‘another forum’:

      “Speaking of claimant commitments, that reminds me, the day my work coach first referred me to CWP, he – without me knowing – made some minor changes to my existing CC, and added this line: “I will attend the Community Work Placement Scheme as agreed with Learn Direct”. Then he told me to sign using the electronic signing pad, but I couldn’t actually even see what I was signing, except the line where my signature would go. I didn’t know it was a new CC until he printed it out and handed it to me, along with the CWP referral letter”

      So this ‘electronic signing’ extends beyond simple signing. And it is possible to ‘sign’ documents you don’t even have sight off.

      No doubt it will extend to ‘third-party ‘providers’ as the biometric data will be handed as a ‘data dump’ with the rest of the claimant’s personal and confidential information. And the ‘providers’ will have their own signing pads. It will also act as a signature verification check.

      Fucking DWP – you always have to be one step ahead with cunts. What can seem innocuous at present can turn into a fucking nightmare further down the line.


        DWP Response

        It is not mandatory to complete an Electronic signature and is an individual’s choice not to do
        so. We do not have any specific guidance covering what to do when someone, already
        enrolled, requests to revert to clerical signing. We have however added the following question
        to our Frequently Asked Questions area of the Guidance:

        ‘What if I want to revert to clerical signing?
        Electronic Signing is not mandatory, however we would ask the Assistant Work Coaches and
        Work Coaches to highlight the benefits of Electronic Signing such as security and that it will
        stop missed payments. If the claimant still wishes to revert to clerical signing then take the
        clerical signature on the paper ES24 and remember to update JSAPS Dialogue 470 to ensure
        that any payment due is released.’
        If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
        Yours sincerely,

        DWP Central FoI Team

      • Community Work Placement Scheme makes people more un-employable than if they were never place on it. Word of advice, never mention on your CV that you have been previously or are currently on any sort of work scheme – from the old YTS, new deal, work programme or any other to that matter.

    • CGALower.

      Be criminal back, go and give them a slap then sign on the sick.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Get them to put it in writing, until then it`s bullshit.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        It will be so difficult for the JC to put it in writing in will have to go through Maximus to send a letter because Maximus do the JC`s Admin.

    • Santa Hates You

      1. Go back to the JCP office with a friend or family member and ask to speak to the JCP manager urgently.
      2. Keep calm and mention that you want to submit a formal complaint over your treatment to the JCP manager.
      3. Ask for the written procedures for signing on and check if it’s ok to do a paper sign instead of an electronic one.
      4. If they refuse take their details and go to the Citizens Advice Bureau and your MP for advice and support.
      Good luck.

    • So basically they only threw you out, when it was nearly time for them to go home. They are making a sport out of you, to amuse themselves while they get through another hard day at a well paid job.

      • I never thought that JCP staff do “a hard day’s work” ever. All I have ever seen them do is sit around on their executive office swivel chairs talking to each other about the weather or what they did the night before whenever they have no time-booked JSA customer for a few minutes.

        A proper hard day’s work entails working in a shop, supermarket, factory, warehouse where either you manufacture and/or sell products for people to buy. Hard work is not sitting around 9 to 5 Monday to Friday in a centrally heated government office preaching the work programme or universal jobmatch to the un-employed.

        • I know Fen I was intending it to be sarcastic, 🙂 its like bankers, all they do all day is play computer games, seeing how many 0’s more they can make than the bloke sat next to them.

          • That’s how we ended up in the mire back in 2008. People with less brains, than what I have in my little finger, causing the financial bank crash by pressing the delete button on their keyboard and wiping off massive shares and share prices in big global companies. And to compensate stole millions of pounds from the banks to feather their own nests and say “It wasn’t me guv, honestly”

  36. Idle Working Mens Club

    I just heard a weather reporter refer to “a rough start to the working week”. Why is it a “working week” and not simply ‘the week’? It seems like the balance has been tipped, and we no longer work to live but are expected to live to work.hy else would we her such casual, almost subliminal, language being slipped in to a weather report of all things? It’s yet another way of marginalizing those who don’t work.

    • It’s simply a subliminal message sent out to plant into your mind that if you don’t work, you don’t exist. You are a ‘non person’ and very very bad. Indeed, worse than a criminal in their deviant eyes.

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    Duties & Responsibilities:
    Client will be working 12hrs per week 6am – 8am 2hrs per day over 6 days but flexibility of days is required.Role Requirements: Detail qualifications and experience needed to perform in the role Good verbal communication skills Ability to follow instructions Can work on their own as well as part of a team Is polite and professional Willingness to learnOther responsibilities: To have responsibility for the Health Safety and Welfare of self and others and to comply at all times with the requirements of Health and Safety Regulations. To ensure confidentiality at all times only releasing confidential information obtained during the course of employment to those acting in an official capacity. To comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. To comply with the companys policies on equal opportunities.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””To have responsibility for the Health Safety and Welfare of self and others and to comply at all times with the requirements of Health and Safety Regulations.””””

      So the failure of the requirements of Health and Safety Regulations falls on to the cleaner. The cleaner makes sure Remploy comply with the requirements of Health and Safety Regulations.



      I will ask again DWP to release the name of all non profit and
      disability advocacy groups Maximus is engaging with in order to
      improve its services

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        In reviewing this decision I find that this information is commercially sensitive, and that the release of it would, or would be likely to, prejudice the current and future commercial interests of Maximus and DWP.

        In applying this exemption the Department has balanced the public nterest in withholding the information against the public interest in disclosing the information and consider there is no overarching public interest argument in favour of releasing this information as the Department is unable to prejudice its commercial interests.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          The DWP have signed a Maximus Code Of Conduct Form.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            Sensitive DWP.

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              Public Interest.

              • Public servants that kow-tow to private industry. A bastardised department that seeks to punish rather than help.

                Social security, an oxymoron, engineered to threaten, punish and destroy the wellbeing of a person/persons seeking welfare.

                Presently contrived to be contracted to private enterprise by key jewish chesspieces within our government.

                Not fiction, just fact, do a study of those involved…………………..

        • paultheswineherd

          Stepping – Looks like the drunks may be in charge of the whiskey barrel please see my latest post below – ‘MP’s in control of deciding what is or is not in the public interest’! What a carry on indeed!

  39. paultheswineherd

    As well as being in receipt of ‘American’ financial donations – Jeremy Cunt is also an accomplished liar as well! A scheister if ever there was one!

  40. paultheswineherd

    Taking food from the mouths of children now! Being quiet about their policies seem to be one of the tricks of their trade!

  41. paultheswineherd

    Lord help us all if M.P’s get to decide this – the Judiciary seems bad – but M.P.’s?? Put a sheep in a field – would it not eat the grass!

    • paultheswineherd

      Or, if you let a pig into an orchard – is he not going to eat the fallen apples and then look for his friend, David Cameron!

  42. Labour are playing the game brilliantly..The wolf in sheep`s clothing. 6 years the Tories have railroaded the UK, and Labour have done sweet FA to contest it, Corbyn sits there and takes the garbage Cameron throws at him knowing that he is gagged and bound, helpless to the fact that he has no power what so ever, The agenda must carry on regardless.
    Its one sick game.


      ‘In Britain, New Labour under Tony Blair followed Clinton’s lead. In legislation such as the Welfare Reform and Pensions Act (1999) and the Welfare Reform Act (2007), Labour created the Frankenstein monster which would later be perfected and sent out by Iain Duncan Smith to wreak havoc in the lives of millions of already vulnerable people. It was New Labour who invented Employment and Support Allowance: harder to get, and stingier than the old Incapacity Benefit. It was New Labour too who brought in multinational ATOS to run the feared tests – designed to throw people off sickness benefits, no matter how many times their own doctor had diagnosed that they were unfit to work.’


    The government is meanwhile looking at converting the UK’s supreme court into a constitutional court along the lines of the German constitutional court. That enthusiasm is generated by a belief that constitutional courts give primacy to national legislation and can hold in check unwelcome rulings from the European court of human rights in Strasbourg or the EU’s court of justice in Luxembourg.

    “We are talking about judges in the UK having more power than they do, certainly in relation to EU law and human rights law,” Wright acknowledged. “We want judicial authority to reside in this country rather than abroad. We will have to develop our thinking. It’s also being tested [in Germany] at the moment with regards to EU law.”


    Moving onto Universal Credit was terrifying. I didn’t get anything for six weeks. No one believed me. Even my close friends and family thought I was making some kind of error.

    They said: “They must be giving you something. You haven’t filled in the form right.”

    You tell your kids: “There is a delay with money. We’ll get it soon.” But they know you’re worried.

    My rent was due twice in that period. I was lucky I had a credit card. I basically had to draw money from my credit card to pay it and feed the family. The bill was massive. I still have a lot of debt.

    I found it very difficult to get through to any Universal Credit staff on the phone. When I went to complain to the Jobcentre they always said: “It’s nothing to do with us.”

    I am used to being paid monthly, but six weeks without anything isn’t like being in a job. It is just crazy. It’s not preparing you for anything.

    It would be better simply be to give claimants a month’s payment at the start and keep paying it monthly. Landlords want the rent monthly, after all.

    • Hephaestus7
      Here’s another thing you need to know about Universal Credit.

      Under Universal Credit, hardship payments must be repaid—which will send Britain’s sick and disabled spiraling into debt.

      DWP FoI response: In Universal Credit, payments of hardship are recoverable to reinforce the message that a claimant will always see an impact on their Universal Credit award for failures to do all that is reasonable of them to seek or prepare for work. The amount recovered will depend on what other deductions are being made from the claimant’s or couples’ award.

      This Government is committed to promoting work for those who can as the way to improve lives and end hardship. Repayment is suspended for any month in which the claimant or couple earn the minimum amount they are expected to earn, and written off once that level of work is sustained for a period, or periods totalling, 26 weeks since the last action that led to a sanction.

      Disclosure: Since January 2012, I have been reporting voluntarily to the UN’s human rights office, in Geneva, on the welfare crisis for Britain’s sick and disabled.
      (Montreal, Canada)

      • Seeing as hardship payments will be a loan under universal credit, I wonder if you’ll have to pay interest, just a thought.

          EXTRACT FROM 2009

          Unhappy Fema camps in the Uk
          Hi there, i have been doing some research and have been quite concerned to find that there are four new sites outlined for prisons to be built in Wales. Two in the North and two in the south. One is already on the site and looks huge. the sites are as follows:

          Cwmbran Green meadow way NP44 3XA -(39 acres- owned by NOMS national offender Management)

          Merthr Tyfil goat mill Rd cF48 -(29 acres – owned by the Welsh assembly goverment)

          Wrexham Firestone Bridge Rd LL139 -(108 acres owned by Welsh Assembly Goverment. Its been empty sice 1992 prior to been sold by the fire stone rubber factory).

          Caernaron (46.6 acres now owned by the Noth wales Crimminal Justice board)It was put forward for sale in 2008 by Bluefield caernafon Ltd and is still currently vacent though the land comprises of 3 commercial buildings. In the north part is huge storage and parking. There is an electricity sub station her and also a gas mains terminal to the north of the main building.

          There is a vid on youtube, if you seaech fema camps uk, you’ll find it. it has footage of the acutal prison that already buil in Cwmbran. there are also huge furnaces newly built here, along with gas pipe visible running above ground in a big way!
          Why is the goverment buying all this land to turn into more prisons, and why so many in such a small location. they are all on route to major mortorways, not near courts, and are well hidden from public veiw!
          i really this is extrodinary. any one else have any thoughts?


            ………………………….will the homeless, the rough sleepers and socially disadvantaged be targetted?
            Make your own minds up, the nightmare is just beginning…………..

            • @geoff

              The word, autonomous, has some very, very, sinister undertones.
              It means that DODGY DAVES new venture will run outside the normal remit offered by the prison service implying that the new facilities and governance do not have to adhere to any given rules.

              Somebody or some committee must have sanctioned this idea, but who, where and how?

              We are following the yanks in ever increasing circles, they sneeze we sneeze.

              These are not prison camps, they are facilities to contain those uprooted by welfare changes, the hidden dark stains that the media ignore, the aftermath of a eugenics cull on the poor and infirm.

              Is there any wonder that shithead wants out of Europe, he is creating another Nort Korea in his backyard.

              • SODEXO seem to fit the bill for running daves new prison facility.

                In August 2013, Sodexo Justice Services was criticised in an official report for subjecting a female prisoner to “cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment”, which “appears to amount to torture” at HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, UK. The woman was kept segregated from other prisoners in an “unkempt and squalid” prison cell for more than five years

          • Alex 'give me you $$$$s Jones'

            ffs GEOFF, do yourself a favour and turn of this conspiracy crap, it is bad for your health causing you needless stress and anxiety. If you want a REAL conspiracy, conspiracy websites were put up to worry their followers into their early graves, in fact IDS personally puts up these bullshit sites to kill you off. Chill out maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn ffs……………

            • Looks like someone has fell out of favour at their JCP and ended up with a sanction for three months as has to take it out on here against Geoff. Leave Geoff alone. At least he tells the truth as do the rest of us, unlike the tory t:rolls we get on here.

  45. Yes to Common Sense and Compassion

    No to Reptilian Conspiracy Theory Pantomime

  46. Labour is the Official Opposition Therefore it Needs to be an Opposition
    Not Austerity Stooges

    No Austerity Hands Off the Poor

  47. Trendy Chattering Class Liberals and Political Correctness a Tool of
    Slavery and Stuff All Concern for the Poor and Vulnerable

  48. A Valid Point Labour’s Lack of Opposition to Nutcase Austerity

    Jeremy Corbyn will do the Country a Massive Service by Sacking
    Austerity Stooges from the Shadow Cabinet and the Parliamentary
    Labour Party

    The sage | February 8, 2016 at 10:55 pm | Reply

    Labour are playing the game brilliantly..The wolf in sheep`s clothing. 6 years the Tories have railroaded the UK, and Labour have done sweet FA to contest it, Corbyn sits there and takes the garbage Cameron throws at him knowing that he is gagged and bound, helpless to the fact that he has no power what so ever, The agenda must carry on regardless.
    Its one sick game.

  49. “Work for less than your fortnightly JSA money”

    Solo service group are advertising on Universal mis-match for an underpaid bog and sink cleaner for meagre wages in return. Are those DWP clowns now seriously taking the piss and claiming that this is a career to end all careers and not just a job? There won’t be any takers for this vacancy as it pays less than fortnightly JSA and you would still be required to sign on each week / fortnight just to keep your N.I. credits being awarded and also still be required to do the same jobsearching hours, etc on UJM as on the claimant commitment.

    Experience preferred? Using a J.edgar hoover is hardly a skill. All you do is plug it in, switch it on and push it up and down the carpets removing pet hair or dust. And when you are finished, switch it off, unplug it and empty out the dust barrel into the bin bag.

    No mention anywhere in this advert of having to undertake extensive Health & Safety training or any DBS check to carry out this job vacancy in accordance with the various employment laws. No mention either or career progression up the ladder, no holiday or sick pay allowances and woe betide anyone trying to work overtime as their hoover, mop and bucket will be taken away by the supervisor at the end of the allotted shift period.


    Solo Service Group

    Cleaning Operative-

    Job description

    Cleaner required 10 hours per week 5 days a week @ £6.70

    Experience is preferred but not essential.

    Duties will include sweeping, mopping, dusting, polishing, cleaning toilets, emptying bins and all other related task as required.

    To apply, applicants to contact our vacancy line on 0844 879 4809 , leaving your name, contact number and clearly stating ‘ ‘ as the area of interest or alternatively you can email your details to

  50. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Dyslexic employee wins discrimination case against Starbucks

    Guardian – 9th Feb 2016

    Campaigners say tribunal finding in favour of Meseret Kumulchew highlights duty to make allowances for dyslexic staff

  51. The amount of tax avoided by the rich each year, and from what they have made from it for decades, could pay the debt, never mind the deficit off overnight. But no keep the rich in the manner they accustomed to and strip the poor of what little they have, the Tories have no valid argument, they are both immoral and incompetent at the same time.

    • None of the old fogeys in “government” pay any tax. They all got their tax avoiding apprenticeship certificates from Amazon.

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  53. GPs are under stress and although the vast majority try and do their best there’s some very opinionated and politically motivated ones out there.

    I once had GP tell me I had to get a job because; all his patients on benefits would be forced by the government! The surgery was actually in partnership with the Brixton Advice Center (Harriet Harman in a big brass plaque on the wall) who won 2 DLA and 2 ESA appeals for me. . both supported with fitnotes by this same GP?

    But 2010 was a funny year! Apparently wanting to get better was not an option nor was job job easing me into full employment?

    Well you know the fact that my GP for 3 years before him was female I’d spend 13 x 50 minutes sessions with a female councillor of 15 years experience meant that maybe it was because the IAPT PWP 2 years later after he disregarded both their recommendations for my care was female t the 4 x 15 minutes I spent with her was unproductive.and my fault due to misogyny on my part! I have this audio recorded as well.

  54. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    This is a worryingly sinister development… Although we have a bit of a hectic schedule, if precarious self-employment allows it, we’ll do our level best to be in attendance at this action…

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