Over Half Of All Businesses Launched On Government Enterprise Scheme Would Be Shut Down Under Universal Credit

Precariously self-employed?  The Minister of Death is coming for you.

Precariously self-employed? The Minister of Death is coming for you.

Over half of all small businesses launched under the DWP’s flagship New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme will be ruthlessly closed down when draconian new benefit conditions for self-employed people are introduced as part of Universal Credit.

New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) is the Jobcentre scheme under which claimants receive a small allowance for starting a small business for the first six months as long as they agree to occassional harassment from some dickhead advisor from the local welfare-to-work company.  It has been a huge success according to a gushing press release published by Minister of Death Priti Patel today, who claims that 80% of those who started out as self-employed on the NEA are still trading, with nine in ten of them having been in business for over 12 months.

Patel was responding to a survey carried out amongst NEA participants examining the success of the scheme.  A total of 1,500 of those who had taken part were questioned and the vast majority had been sucessfully self-employed for over one year.  The so-called support offered by NEAs was not so popular however.  Of those still trading at the time of the survey 70% had not accessed any help from their provider after the initial launch of their business.  They appreciated the money though, despite it being the miserly amount of £65 a week for the first three months on the scheme and then falling to just £33 for the remaining period.  This is because skint people need money, not lectures from some DWP busy-body whose entrepreneurial flare is so astounding that they ended up working in the fucking Jobcentre.

According to the survey the majority of these businesses were sole traders, with some of the most common sectors including cleaning, health and beauty, IT repairs or gardening.  In other words these are largely precariously self-employed workers, struggling to get by from week to week.  And this is reflected in the amount of money they are making.  Over half of small businesses (58%) questioned at the time of the survey had a monthly turnover of less than £1000, and for 37% it was under £500.  Almost of all these businesses will be forced to close when Universal Credit is fully introduced.

Savage new rules for in-work benefits are soon to mean that after one year self-employed people will be expected to be earning the equivalent of the national minimum wage for 35 hours a week if they have no young children or health condition.  That means profit, not turnover, of at least £985 per calender month at the current minimum wage rate – and as that rises this will become ever more difficult for self-employed people to achieve.  Those who do not meet this threshold will not be classed as ‘gainfully self-employed’ by the Jobcentre and so will be forced to claim mainstream unemployment benefits*.  They will then be expected to carry out ‘work related activity’, which means looking for a job, for up to 35 hours a week.  Self-employed activity may not be counted towards this and they could be stopped from doing it at all and forced to attend full-time unpaid workfare instead.  From budding entrepreneurs starting out as their own boss  to benefit scroungers at the stroke of DWP Minister’s pen.

For those with monthly profit at or close to the threshold and passing the test for ‘gainful self-employment’ then the situation will be little better.  These claimants will then be assumed to be earning the minimum wage rate for full time work when their in-work benefits are calculated.  This will include benefits intended to cover housing costs as well as the replacements for both Child and Working Tax Credits.  So should someone self-employed go through a lean patch for a couple of months they will not only suffer through lack of earnings but their Universal Credit will not reflect that loss of income.  The only solution will be to go back on the dole in an effort to restore housing benefits, and that’s assuming the Jobcentre lets them and doesn’t suspend their claim for giving up gainful self-employment.  This is what Minister of Death Priti Patel secretly has in store for all those small businesses she is cheering on today.  Financial destitution and bureacratic chaos.  And once they on their knees, sanction their benefits for not trying hard enough.  Build’ em up and knock ’em right back down.  She hasn’t had so much fun since she was working in PR for the tobacco industry encouraging poor people to take up smoking.

*Such is the shambles in the delayed roll out of Universal Credit that there is a crass attempt being made to bolt this kind of conditionality onto the current Tax Credit system.  As reported in the trade journal Nursery World (h/t @stukisu) many child miners are being inundated with demands from HMRC to prove that their small businesses are genuine and that they are striving their hardest to make a profit.  Perhaps most appallingly, as this is being done before Universal Credit has been implemented, they are threatened not just with loss of their current in-work benefits but a demand for a repayment of all benefits to date – potentially plunging some into thousands of pounds worth of debt.  That’s child minders, working all the hours God sends for shit money, being persecuted and driven into unescapable debt for not making quite enough profit or being able to produce detailed business plans and advertising strategies on demand to government bureacrats.

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453 responses to “Over Half Of All Businesses Launched On Government Enterprise Scheme Would Be Shut Down Under Universal Credit

    • All of that, of course, just shows a complete lack of understanding of even the basics of self employment.

      If any of the dwp’s gang come at you with any of that BS then checkout –

      Fraud Act 2006 –
      Fraud by false representation
      or Fraud by abuse of position


      Misconduct in Public Office –
      – ‘malicious’ exercises of official authority;
      – frauds and deceits.
      www -dot- cps -dot- gov -dot- uk/legal/l_to_o/misconduct_in_public_office/


  1. Rosemarie Harris

    With this Government they Fuck you if you try and fuck you if you don’t ….But the good news is while they are fucking you the pigs heads are safe unless they turn around!

  2. Good News is No Austerity and No Nutcase Budgets

  3. Universal Credit Needs to be Opposed and Stopped

  4. Thatcher Embodiment of Evil


    ……..one of those that PRITI PATHETIC, (MINISTER OF DEATH) fails to notice.

    28 January 2016

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I have recently become a job seeker claimant. I am married with
    children. I was previously registered as a self employed sole
    trader with a part time side job. I have some questions in regards
    to this and DWP policy when it comes to jobseekers:

    1. Do DWP consider self employmed or sole traders as full time
    employed individuals, or is this work history dismissed?

    2. Is it acceptable or within the boundaries of DWP policy for DWP
    to discriminate any claimant for having children within the
    household whilst looking for work?

    Yours faithfully,

    KJ Tyler

    Link to this


  6. Eating cake as instructed

    A walk round most towns shows the real truth…there is no money being spent by poorer people in the local economy beyond absolute necessaries to survive. Dozens of boarded up shops creating no go areas dejected downtrodden folk with genuine talent kicked into the gutter by these fiends who don’t have the slightest idea of surviving on min wage let alone benefits. If there’s no cash in the local economy it folds. Simple. Universal Credit will see the final death knoll of small shops wholesale demolition and thrown up rabbit hutches for singles in towns at exorbitant ‘affordable rents’ plus council tax and likely forced water rates as part of the rent ie supporting private profit making businesses at a premium. Come voting the piss bucket will be well filled ready for them knocking at the door!

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  8. Who is that shadowy figure in the background with the scythe? Looks like the 👿 Grim Reaper 👿

  9. The only solution will be to go back on the dole in an effort to restore housing benefits, and that’s assuming the Jobcentre lets them and doesn’t suspend their claim for giving up gainful self-employment. ”

    Exactly. I just terminated my self employed status with HMRC. I was only ‘self employed’ cos last employer insisted that we were. (It was classic bogus self employment, cos they wanted all the flexibility while giving us none). I haven’t earnt any money for 4 months, been living off savings. I will put in a new claim for universal credit and this will be really interesting….

    HMRC warn you about staying self-employed on no income, you know. They accuse you of deceiving on NI credits at the Class 2 rate.

    • That’s because half of the self employed don’t want to pay NI they think they are self sufficient enough not to, lol.

  10. Revealed: How Tory runs ‘eviction specialist’ firm in borough with 1,800 homeless families


  11. Isn’t it generally accepted that any new business will trade for about 3 years before showing a decent profit? Won’t it result in sole traders failing to claim legitimate expenses in an effort to protect their tax credits.
    This is another of idiot dumpling’s little plots to reduce claimant numbers and use the reduction to prove work is paying.
    And who the feck is going to take business advice from a cretin in the jcp .

  12. Not suprising that the Tories have now turned on the people they persuaded into so-called ‘self-employment’. But you have to admire them when it comes to creating misery, they have an absolute talent for it.

  13. Brilliant expose of how the Tories use the ideology of entrepreneurship to cover up the failings of the system. You say ‘child miners’ at one point, though; is that a misprint or is a return to children in the pits the next stage of exploitation?

  14. There is another flamethrower they will be weilding…

    Extra earnings before you have to claim if unable to find ‘work’. If you earn over a certain amount in the weeks/months [I’ve forgotton how long – it was in the information I posted last year -] and then have to claim you’ll be told to fuck off for six months.

    So for self-employed:

    – not earning enough. Get extra income. No, not possible? Sanction
    – [this will be a killer one if DWP time it right and with access to your accounts on a weekly basis I can see it fast becoming their favourite ploy] not seen as viable. Ooops. Benefits cut off – and as you got over the odds last time you got paid, fuck off for six months.
    – Dragon’s Den style assessment of your business by DWP [yes the same department with world beating business skills exemplified by the spending of public money, look at A4e et al]

    if child minder and being harassed by dodgy firm hired by HMRC based in Ireland for just that purpose [the TV program a while back about this firm was most illuminating] – unable to get extra income, declared non viable BY DWP [not HMRC I would note].

  15. Santa Hates You

    Typical Tory shithead ideology of making it impossible for those struggling to make a pittance to move forward, yet at the same time allowing Google to take the fucking piss for not paying their fair share of UK tax. It’s one law for the rich and another for the poor.

    • Google Are Tax Dodgers

      Theresa May should use her powers to order ISPs to block access to fucking Google like she does with torrents sites and whatnot. The bastards would soon change their tune and pay their fucking tax!

      • Banks and multinationals are working together to hold onto your money by getting you to order goods on the internet or food from supermarkets, the goods take a month to arrive to the point that you end up cancelling, the supermarkets deliver the wrong goods causing you to refuse the groceries they have delivered to you and we have to wait even longer for the banks to release the refunds of money that has not left our account, they are probably lending it out as pay day loans to make a profit, because the money has not left your account but they are stopping you from re-ordering elsewhere because they are holding onto your money.

      • If Google gets blocked, it would mess up the whole Internet.

      • Other search engines/ internet services are available. Smart-arse non-taxpaying scumbags Google is completely vulnerable in that the UK government has the power to stop Google doing business and operating within the UK. Theresa May could shut down Google’s money-making business operations within the UK at flick of a switch. They would then make no profits to avoid paying tax on. Maybe Osborne should have a word with her.

        • And the same with those other tax-dodgers too, Facebook and Amazon.

        • The vacuum left buy Google would soon be filled by other (tax-paying) internet businesses. Google would soon be forgotten about.

        • No ifs - No buts!

          Same with Strabuck’s and Costa Coffee – just send in the bailiffs and throw them out of town. It is really simple! It if you operate a profit making-business within the UK you should pay your corporation taxes on those profits otherwise you shouldn’t be allowed to operate within the UK. They are like banks playing the ‘too big to fail card’. As the DWP keep telling benefits recipients who are caught making a few quid ‘on the side’ – No ifs – No buts!

  16. Maggie persuaded tens of thousands to go self employed,then fucked them over later;this is not a new thing.
    There has ALWAYS been a policy of encouraging self employment whilst there are no decent jobs. Self Employ? officially? Dont do it.
    Not unless you have a proper trade.
    Ever seen the question on the benefit claim form;Have you been self employed in the last xyz years?_( Now tell us why the fuck we should give you any money?)
    No job? Why not go self employed as a cleaner, for fucks sake. The health care package and bonus air miles are bloody marvelous.
    If somebody wants a cleaner they will pay a few quid an hour. They dont give a toss weather you have a company or not.If you charge a company rate that includes holiday, admin and a pension you wont get the work.
    You will end up working for £7 and swallowing any employment perks which is why the government wants you S.E. as a ‘flexible’ (read cheap) work force.
    Official self employment? I should fucking coco.

  17. Skills Conditionality

    Tooday I lurnt how too fill in an applicashun form

    • Patronising Jobcentre Work Roach Turd

      Well done! Congratulations! Things are looking up! 🙂

      • Skills Conditionality

        Not only that, I’ve also learned how to sellotape plastic straws to an egg & how to survive on an imaginary desert island. On top of all that I’ve had my CV re-written again. Good value for taxpayers money@!

    • Do you know how to order enough supplies for supermarkets because their buyer’s don’t, deliveries are usually someone else’s goods or substitutes, maybe’s the problem lies with the basket packer or the delivery man playing silly buggers, but by refusing mixed up orders you are left with no shopping and the bank holds onto the money the supermarkets can’t claim because you refused to sign for wrong, stale or no goods because of the buyer’s short supplies.

      • Skills Conditionality Stole My Brain

        No, but I’ve learned that any job youve rever had counts as Customer Service experience, apparently, according to Skills Conditionality tutor, if youve had any job at all – bricklayer, scaffolder, shotblaster – you now have Customer Service skills & should be applying for Customer Services Assistant at ASDA. WTF? I’ve never heard as much bullshit in my fucking life!

        • windy the cow catcher

          Plenty are doing the job and haven’t got a clue, just fob you off with the same old spiel – nothing but bad robots the lot of customer bloody services.

  18. paultheswineherd

    Then why can’t the UK also? – Cameron & Gideon’s friends have won again it seems. Meanwhile the HMRC do not shirk their duties at all in ruthlessly chasing up tax and tax credits ‘owed’ to them by the U.K.’s self-employed and childminders!

  19. paultheswineherd

    More taxpayer’s money being thrown down the drain by a madman who knows no end to his own cruel and psycopathic/sociopathic behaviour. The man who has been proved to have lied and ducked his way into a ‘job’ which he should have NEVER been either put into, or been allowed to do in the first place. His madness knows no bounds and he has been given the go ahead to ‘sign a blank cheque’ to the lawyers. They will of course, wolf it all up with relish just like starving dogs. Because of this, we can expect a long and drawn out Court case and (just like Leveson) a huge bill for the taxpayer of Britain at the end of it.
    With no one to stop him, he is like a loose cannon which has just been fired on a galleon – non-thinking, uncontrolled, all over the place and killing everyone in sight.

  20. paultheswineherd

    One other interesting point has arisen over all this – the ‘Discretionary Housing Payments’ which were ‘given by the Government’ to ‘help people to pay their bedroom tax’ were never ring fenced (and should have been!). A lot of this money which should have gone to the ‘people concerned’ has most probably been used/wasted by many of the Councils elsewhere (or indeed have been put into the Chief Executives salaries).
    Another shameful ‘mistake’ by a totally incompetent Government.

  21. Nazism is Not just Bonehead Thugs in the Streets it is a Nazi Regime and
    Not just in Hitler’s Germany either

    paultheswineherd | January 28, 2016 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    IDS – As well as a “psychopathic murderous Nazi bastard” – now add “COWARD” as well!

  22. Nazism is Not just Thugs with Pea-Brains who Assault and Murder People
    for their Bullshit ” Master Race ” it is also Eugenics, Euthanasia Forced
    Sterilization of the ILL Slavery , Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable
    and Political Totalitarianism

    The Tories have been too much like Nazis

    • “put your signature forward for a tent”

      Town hall leaders have criticised the government’s drive to boost homeownership, warning that it would lead to the loss of 80,000 council houses in the next four years and add more than £200m a year to the housing benefit bill.

      In a cross-party attack on David Cameron’s proposed housing and planning bill, Lord Porter, the leader of Conservative councillors across the country, said the planned sell-off of council houses would drive people into the more expensive private rented sector and reduce their chances of saving enough to put down a deposit on their own home, which for the average first-time buyer is now 116% of their annual income, according to new research by Savills.

      The Local Government Association (LGA), which Porter also chairs, forecast that on top of the 66,000 council houses expected to be sold to tenants by 2020, town halls would also be forced to sell at least 22,000 of their highest value council homes to fund the sale of housing association homes to tenants. A £2.2bn cut to council housing budgets would risk making building replacements “all but impossible”, the LGA said.


  23. Austerity Stooges / Voters For Wars in the Middle East against British
    Interests Need to be Driven From the Shadow Cabinet as they Reduce
    the Official Opposition to being a Scared of it’s own Shadow of an Opposition .

    Jeremy Corbyn Need’s to have some Backbone in this Matter or short
    of being a Ceremonial Figurehead instead of Actual Leader He will be
    very very Likely Politically Stabbed in the Back

    The Poor and Vulnerable Need a Proper Political Voice within Westminster
    as Well as throughout the Country so No to Austerity Stooges / Voters For
    Wars in the Middle East against British Interests in the Parliamentary
    Labour Party

    • saltash1920 “NICE COMMENT”
      1h ago
      3 4

      We really are going back in times of poverty being a norm. It reminds me of the story of a group of poverty stricken women, in the 1930’s, being taught to cook a meal, using fish heads and tails. The instructor was saying that their efforts would make a lovely meal. However, one of her class interrupted and said, “A lovely meal?” “What I want know is, while we’ve got the scrag ends, who’s got the best part of the fish?”

  24. Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of
    State For Work and Pensions Now has 116,339 Signatures

    Hands Off the Poor No to Universal Credit No to Victimisation of the Poor
    and Vulnerable

    Shame on the Stooges of Austerity and Neo Liberalism in the Parliamentary
    Labour Party For having the Official Opposition as a Shadow Scared of it’s
    Own Shadow of an Official Opposition and Perverting Political Accountibility
    of Government


      DWP agency ‘bribes’ to hire junior doctors

      THE Department for Work and Pensions’s (DWP) fitness for work test provider has been accused of “bribing” Scotland’s frontline junior doctors with a massive salary of up to £90,000 to carry out tests on the country’s vulnerable mentally and physically disabled.

      Maximus, the US company contracted by the DWP to carry out work capability assessments (WCA), is advertising on recruitment website healthjobs.co.uk and has been accused of trying to lure under-pressure junior doctors, earning £30,000, away from the NHS with a pay hike to boost their salaries to between £70,000 to £90,000, plus benefits.

      Candidates, who are required to have two years’ post-qualification medical experience, are offered

      “functional assessor” roles with

      Maximus, and are promised an initial one to two-week training course.

      Former breast cancer surgeon and shadow SNP Westminster group leader for health, Dr Philippa Whitford MP, and Christina McKelvie MSP, who is on the welfare reform committee, have vowed to write to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith to express their concerns and call for a meeting.

      McKelvie said it was “staggering to see the sheer hypocrisy of David Cameron’s Government” at a time when junior doctors in the NHS are fighting for a fair contract and reasonable working hours.

      She added: “While junior doctors work long hours on difficult and demanding shifts, they earn around £30,000 a year. To pay £90,000 a year plus as part of the Tories’ plan to cut costs is offensive and outrageous.”

      Last year, it was revealed that nearly 90 people a month are dying after being declared fit for work and a coroner demanded that the Government takes action to prevent future deaths of disability benefit claimants when she concluded in a “ground-breaking” inquest verdict that a disabled man killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit for work”

      • A Maximus spokesperson said: “The focus for our recruitment is the private healthcare sector. Two-thirds of the healthcare professionals we have recruited since taking over the contract [in March 2015] have come from that sector.

        “Our functional assessors – doctors, nurses and therapists – are responsible for carrying out high-quality assessments and we offer a competitive salary, in line with the market rate.”

        A Crematorium spokesperson said “RICHARD MONTONI and his gang of corporate killers have kept our furnaces burning throughout the night but the overtime will soon come to an end when the Conservative government face charges of CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER”


          Worse still, it now appears that it is ready to tolerate pilot schemes at six GP surgeries in London whereby disabled people with mental health problems will be referred to DWP so-called ‘therapists’ attached to the surgeries and failure to comply will mean that the patient will placed at risk of being sanctioned for failure to take the ‘help’ that is being offered.

          The lives of sick and/or disabled are being placed at risk by all four of these organisations – all of them are complicit – none of whom will take any responsibility for the catastrophic harm and numerous well-documented tragic deaths that have been caused by the Westminster Government’s Work Capability Assessment régime .
          Black Triangle is now working with our allies to bring the GMC and the BMA before the Scottish Government and Parliament to give an account of themselves to the elected representatives of Scotland’s people for their abject failure to step in and protect our sick and or disabled people.

          Social security is still reserved to Gauleiter Iain Duncan Smith and the Conservative Government at Westminster but Health is fully devolved to the Scottish Parliament and people. We retain jurisdiction in these matters and must spare no time in ensuring that the medical and ethical conduct of our doctors and their regulatory and disciplinary bodies are not compromised at cost to innocent Scottish lives. We are wholly optimistic that our Scottish Government shares our views but we cannot stress enough the urgency with which this must be done while more broadly our representatives at Westminster must work to unite all non-Tory forces in demanding a full public inquiry into these deaths.

          Please join the monthly protest outside DWP-Maximus disability assessment centre in Cadogan Street (next to Central Station) this Friday in Glasgow during lunch hour (from 12.30 – 2 pm).

          Please tell this rogue, mercenary U.S. corporation that they are not welcome in Glasgow – or anywhere in Scotland – and that we will not remain silent bystanders while they violate the fundamental human rights of Scotland’s sick and/or disabled people. Peaceful direct action gets satisfaction. They must not be permitted by the citizens of Scotland to continue their pogrom unopposed by the Scottish people.

          Yours in solidarity in defence of the fundamental human rights of all sick and/or disabled people here in Scotland and throughout the U.K.

          John McArdle


          Black Triangle Campaign

      • This keeps popping up on the radio (R2 today?) in ‘chat’/current affairs-type segments where it’s openly talked about & then the spokes-whoever is on says something like “but of course people are exaggerating hugely & suicide always has a variety of factors/people’s mental health is already precarious for them to even consider attempting it …”. And so something which is clearly shocking and appalling is being openly talked about and then essentially pushed to one side and ‘excused’.

        • paultheswineherd

          shirleynott – If this is indeed (BBC) Radio 2 – then, once again this may well be an example of ‘bias’ by this broadcaster’s presenter. Of course it may be that the ‘general chat’ is in reference to ‘the incidence and causes of suicide’ in the population as a whole. If however, a reference was made to the conduct of the DWP etc, etc, then this may put a whole different slant to what was being discussed!

  25. Natalie READ (staff nurse)

    What the government sold off in 2015:

    January: Constructionline – £35m. The government sold the Constructionline business to Capita. This database contains details of more than 23,000 companies in the construction sector and provides a verified list of suppliers who have passed industry checks.

    February: Greencoat UK Wind – £51.2m. The government sold its entire shareholding in this fund, which was set up to encourage investment in UK wind farms.

    March 2015: Eurostar – £757.1m. The government sold its entire 40% stake in Eurostar to a consortium comprising a Canadian pension fund and Hermes Infrastructure .MPs on the House of Commons public accounts committee recently criticised this sale for being significantly less” than the £3bn poured into the business by taxpayers and “further evidence” of assets being undervalued.

    June: Royal Mail – £1.3bn. The government’s remaining 30% stake in Royal Mail was sold off in two stages in 2015. The first sell-off, in June, raised £750m. A further £591m was raised in October.

    August: Royal Bank of Scotland – £2.1bn. A 5.4% stake in RBS was sold off in August. This reduced the government’s overall stake in the bank from 78.3% to 72.9%. The sale proceeds were a third below the price the government originally paid, representing a loss of more than £1bn.

    November: Northern Rock mortgage assets – £13bn. The government sold these assets to US private equity group Cerberus. The Government has now sold off more than 85% of Northern Rock, which it nationalised in 2008.

    December: Lloyds – at least £9.1bn. A total of 11.2bn government shares in Lloyds were sold between 17 December 2014 and 3 December 2015. They were sold at an average price of more than 81p per share, raising more than £9bn. According to the latest figures, the Treasury still owns approximately 6.6 bn ordinary shares in Lloyds.

    • paultheswineherd

      Natalie – Those stats are very interesting, but there is a whole lot more to come. We have seen nothing yet – this Government is ‘selling off the family silver’ for what they can get. Keeping the bankers happy, keeping the City happy and with their Government ‘connections’ keeping themselves (MP’s/Ministers) happy also. The real losers here are the British taxpayer who, time after time, are totally sold down the river.

  26. A Nazi in a Suit with a Gormless Grin on his Face or that of an Evil
    Zombie Monster called a particular Tory Cabinet Minister is a Nazi
    like a Bone Headed Street Thug and a Nazi that Evil Scum Vote For

    No Slavery No Victimisation of the Poor and Vulnerable

    Margaret Thatcher was and is an Evil Bitch out of a Nazi Gestapo Base


      Hospital A&E departments are absolutely fucked with the deluge of pressure and under manning that temporary tented areas are being erected…………

      Hinchinbrook Hospital, the first privately, is in meltdown after the greedy Circle Group gave backword………..

      NHS to offer hand transplants?

      is this some kind of sick joke?

      Our creme de la creme, futuristic billion pound warships need new engines fitted already and CAMERON is fighting to treat migrants even worse than our own people……………

      MAXIMUS wants to poach junior doctors to help in the governments eugenics programme and GORMLESS GOVE admits defeat in trying to take away justice to all those unable to afford to access it……….

      ………….and as for a fucking referendum on Europe, it’s just like the HOKEY COKEY, in, out and shake it all about!

  27. The EU has been pursuing a Neo Liberal Agenda

    Evil Margaret Thatcher kept the United Kingdom Entrapped in the ” Common Market ” whilst Prime Minister

    Money that Needed to of been Spent on Public Services in the United

  28. Slavery is Slavery Even when some People out There are too Delusional
    to Realize that Slavery is Slavery

    Britons Never Shall Be Slaves by Recognizing that Slavery is Slavery
    and by Having a Love For British Liberty can Challenge the Chains of
    Slavery and Oppression

  29. Liberal Democrats have a Lot to Answer For

    The Accessories Accomplices and Principals of Nutcase Austerity
    during the Con Dem Regime of May 2010 AD to March 2015 AD

    To Vote Liberal Democrat is to be an Austerity Stooge Pratt

    They Make my Blood Sizzle with Anger and Disgust at their
    Political Collaborationism and Political Cowardice as Well as
    Political Correctness

  30. Gormlessness and Austerity Stoogery as Well as Political Cowardice
    from the Blue Slave Labour Party

    No to Universal Credit

    WOT A FOOKING SHAMBLES | January 28, 2016 at 7:13 pm | Reply

    I asked the Labour party if they would abolish Universal Credit, but they didnt even reply.

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disabled peers inflict heavy defeat as government loses its WRAG cuts

    DNS – 28th Jan 2015

    The government has suffered a crushing defeat in the House of Lords over its plans to cut future support for hundreds of thousands of disabled people found “not fit for work”, thanks to an amendment proposed by a disabled peer.

    Lord [Colin] Low’s amendment – to remove the proposed cuts from the welfare reform and work bill – was passed by 283 to 198 votes during the bill’s report stage last night (27 January).

    Although the government is likely to reintroduce the measure when the bill returns to the House of Commons, the vote is likely to be seen as a fresh blow to the credibility of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

    Read More:

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Justice ministry refuses to probe DWP’s WCA suicide report ‘cover-up’

    DNS – 28th Jan 2015

    The Ministry of Justice is refusing to investigate why the Department for Work and Pensions failed to fulfil its legal duty to respond to a coroner’s report that linked a disabled man’s suicide to its “fitness for work” test.

    The coroner’s report was written in late March 2010 following an inquest into the death of 41-year-old Stephen Carre (pictured), from Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire, who had taken his own life in January 2010*.

    Disability News Service (DNS) has seen a series of letters that show that the coroner gave the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) all the information it needed to carry out an urgent review of the safety of key aspects of the work capability assessment (WCA) in 2010.

    Read More:

  33. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Care watchdog to subsidise Maximus plans to halve pay of disabled experts

    DNS – 28th Jan 2016

    The care watchdog wants to use government funds to subsidise a discredited US outsourcing giant’s plans to slash the pay of disabled expert advisors by more than half.

    Two of three new contracts to run the Experts by Experience (EbE) programme have been awarded to Remploy, the formerly government-owned disability employment business which is now mostly owned by the scandal-hit US company Maximus.

    The Experts, who all have experience of using care services themselves, are currently paid more than £17 an hour to take part in CQC inspections of health and care facilities, but many were furious when they discovered that Remploy/Maximus plans to cut their pay to just £8.25 per hour (or £9.40 in London) when it takes over the two contracts from 1 February.

    Read More:

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Macclesfield’s Grosvenor Shopping Centre bans people with mobility issues

    BBC – 28th Jan 2016

    A shopping centre in Cheshire has temporarily banned people with mobility problems because they may be unable to escape in an emergency.

    The Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Macclesfield said it was not allowing entry to people who could not evacuate unaided via the staircases.

    It follows a notice on Wednesday from the Cheshire Fire Authority, which said they had “serious” safety concerns.

    A Grosvenor centre spokeswoman said they hoped to resolve the issue “soon”.

    “We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing to our valued customers,” she said.

    “We are working hard to resolve the challenges that have been brought to light by the Fire Authority, which require additional measures to be put in place within individual stores to ensure the safe evacuation of everyone, particularly those with mobility issues.”

    Read More:

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP PRESS RELEASE – 28th Jan 2016

    Government scheme proves to be the business for job-seeking entrepreneurs

    The majority of entrepreneurial jobseekers who became their own boss thanks to a government scheme are still in business, more than a year after launching their start-up.

    Read More:

  36. Hands Off The Poor Defend The Welfare State

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | January 29, 2016 at 3:19 pm | Reply

    Disabled peers inflict heavy defeat as government loses its WRAG cuts

    DNS – 28th Jan 2015

    The government has suffered a crushing defeat in the House of Lords over its plans to cut future support for hundreds of thousands of disabled people found “not fit for work”, thanks to an amendment proposed by a disabled peer.

    Lord [Colin] Low’s amendment – to remove the proposed cuts from the welfare reform and work bill – was passed by 283 to 198 votes during the bill’s report stage last night (27 January).

    Although the government is likely to reintroduce the measure when the bill returns to the House of Commons, the vote is likely to be seen as a fresh blow to the credibility of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

    Read More:

  37. After All the Human Misery and Suffering of the Time May 11th 2010 AD
    to March 2015 AD Those who Voted Tory in too many cases did so
    because they were Born Evil and Got Sadistic Thrill’s out of the Deaths
    of Better People like David Clapson

  38. It is Worst than Silly to Say if Government Ministers are Described as
    Nazis then the Masses would somehow Identity with them and be proud
    to be called Nazis

    The Nazis were like Demons from Hell that led the German People to

    The Masses should Try being Decent People Not a Silly Herd of Sheep
    on Two Legs and Oppose Nazism both in Government Policy as Well as
    Bonehead Thugs Attacking the Disabled and Homeless in the Name of
    that Moronic Tyrant Adolf Hitler

  39. The 31st of January does Mark the Anniversary of Nazi Thug Forces Marching 3,000 Inmates from Stutthof Concentration Camp West Prussia to Palmnicken East Prussia into the Baltic Sea in 1945 AD .

    The Nazis were and are Cruel Sadistic Thugs from the Depths of Hell who Led Germany and the German People to Disaster .

    No to Nazism in the United Kingdom Today

    No to the Murder of Disabled Poor and Vulnerable People in the
    United Kingdom Today

  40. Santa Hates You

    A spoof headline on the front page of a daily newspaper in 2030:

    It official!!! According to our sources Iain Duncan-Smith faces the wrath of the present UK Government and the Crown Prosecution Service. In fact police officers have been reported to be searching for IDS at one of his residences in the south east. However,it appears from flight documents gathered from Gatwick Airport now shows that IDS has left the country in an hurry.

    After a huge search by the Metropolitan Police of possible hide outs, it is now widely believed that IDS has escaped to South American to join other former Nazis and their families who disappeared from Germany at the end of World War Two. It is now believed from a former government spokesman that IDS had been in regular touch with former Nazi death camp guards in Brazil as his interest in destroying people’s lives, (whilst in office as head of the DWP), had become an obsession. Interestingly, commentators have drawn attention to how similar the Nazis crime in the genocide are to the charges of multiple manslaughter made against IDS in his role has Minister of the DWP from 2010 – 2020. After a detailed public inquiry, evidence so far has been uncovered showing thousands of serious acts of manslaughter and gross cruelty against welfare claiments.

    Investigators are still trying to unearth the final death toll, but up to now we think it’s in the region of over twenty thousand. Of course, this figure is still not completely certain given that this investigation was deliberately knocked off track by the serious arson attack committed by a former DWP/Atos/Maximus advisor to IDS in 2028 resulting in the complete destruction of thousands of government files detailing the deaths and bullying caused by the now defunct and totally unhelpful Conservative Government’s Welfare Reform Act.

    Some say IDS deliberately ordered this destruction of these government documents to avoid accounting for the thousands of deaths.
    However, other sources have come forward like the families and solicitors of unfortunate victims of IDS’s welfare reforms and evidence of crimes against humanity collected by the UN.

    The evidence presented so far by investigators is truly shocking and we cannot go into too much detail as this is a family newspaper. However, what we can say is it does paint a truly shocking picture of governmental acts of gross abuse against vulnerable and disabled people who’s only action, according to sources, was to make a claim for benefits that they were legally entitled to. It appears that IDS targeted a huge number of vulnerable people with deliberate acts of cruelty (like his evil sanctions policy and massive cuts to disability benefits – which by the way is now illegal). We now know that these ultimately resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

    If found by police, IDS will certainly be facing extremely serious charges of multiple manslaughter and gross misconduct whilst in government office. Equally, if he is found guilty we firmly believe that he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    • paultheswineherd

      Santa Hates You – That scenario is very good and also very well thought out. But for everyone’s sake let us hope that it is nearer to 2020 than 2030. If this cunt stays in office up until 2020, then not only will he have to have the most 24/7 close protection (by the most corrupt Police by that time) ever, but he will have presided over 10,000-20,000 suicides at least. It just goes to show how the Media especially is still protecting him now (apart from the Independent, The Guardian & occasionally, The Mirror).
      All of the rest of them, including the BBC & Sky, as well as the utter wanker Murdoch’s gutter press: The Sun, The Daily Mail & The Torygraph, The Times, etc etc are in it all up to their necks. Shame on our so-called ‘free-press’ – that is a total joke. More ‘real’ truth is told in North Korea nowadays than what we are allowed to know in this so-called ‘democratic and very rich’ shit hole.

      • paultheswineherd

        And as if that is not enough – tonight I have noticed that Channel 4 have announced themselves as guess what? – “The Paralympics Broadcaster”
        – well in time for Channel 4’s Rio ‘fiasco’ and in time for the other ‘disabled’ people to forcefully (with hands and arms) push forward their very long and big-wheeled wheelchairs. I personally have no empathy or sorrowfulness at all for these extrovert, gold medal ribbon chasing people when the DWP turn round to them and say ‘you can use your hands and your arms’ – get yourself a job or lose your DLA/PIP – the DWP would say ‘you cannot expect to have you ‘disability’ benefits when you behave like this’. However, I am on the side of REAL disabled people – those who are not chasing false Olympic ‘fame and fortune’ – those people who are genuinely disabled (many of whom I know personally) – many of whom are stuck in real wheelchairs, who cannot move due to MS/CFS/severe pain and other equally debilitating physical/mental healthconditions.
        These are the ‘real’ disabled – the ones whom that cruel bastard IDS is continuing to hit unremittingly, through both the DWP and the abhorrent private ‘healthcare companies’ ATOS, MAXIMUS & CAPITA and their equally abhorrent ‘healthcare professionals’ – HITS ARE WELL ON THE WAY FOR ALL OF THEM – IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME NOW.
        All of these cunts are (I am sure) going to experience a lot of trouble before long – their Government Tory friends cannot continue to protect or support them for ever.

        • paultheswineherd

          In addition – these so-called ‘disabled Paralympians’ really and truly do nothing for the ‘real’ disabled in Britain today. By their actions it makes it look as though all ‘disabled’ people are able to do what ‘they’ do – which they definitely cannot.
          Ever since they started doing these ‘Paralympics’, (for so many years now) I have thought this. The ‘able-bodied’ naturally look at these and say – why are ‘they’ getting DLA ? (or PIP for some nowadays). They could work in some way, especially if they are using their ‘upper’ body. It is a very similar scenario when the ‘media’ highlights cases of people claiming DLA who plays golf or they referee at a local football match. It is these people who are the ‘frauds’ – not the genuinely disabled who would not be able to participate in these activities in any way whatsoever.

          • The just need to get a foothold, armhold, handhold or whatever in the media. Look at how many adverts Jessica Ennis-Hill features in! Don’t think she ‘volunteers’ to do them either 😀

          • Just been watching wheelchair tennis. Crickey!

        • If they have an extrovert personality and can use their arms and hands they would be well-suited to a career in telesales or as a recycling operative.

          And it is not only gold medals they are after; they are also trying to get noticed and are pushing for a career in TV.

        • In a similar fashion to Sue Marsh as soon as they are offered a lucrative contract on the BBC Breakfast sofa they suddenly find that they ‘fit to work’.

    • absolutely spot on Santa, marvellous.

    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – no Tory election hopeful had better come knocking on our door – he will get a whole dose of shit in the face that he will not be expecting!
      Meanwhile, both the BBC & Sky should be brought to book about their obviously biased reporting. And also news today that Murdoch’s son has been ‘reappointed’ as the head of Sky after a ‘break of 4 years’ – well, there is a real surprise – a Tory father – a Tory son and also a Tory broadcaster (in Sky) – who would have thought it!


        For anyone who has undergone a WCA disallowance, or anyone representing someone at an appeal, following a WCA.

        It has come to my attention that Decision Makers are making a fundamental error when writing their decisions, in order to avoid potential mistakes that can be identified in QA checks.

        Following the WCA a decision maker changes, or supersedes, the decision to award benefit, as a result of the WCA outcome. In order to supersede the decision, he/she has to identify which decision it is that they are changing. This is identified by the date of the original, or most recent decision. For example a typical decision may read “I supersede the decision of 10 January 2015 to award benefit from 02 January 2015”-What the DM is saying is that a decision was made on 10 Jan to award benefit from 02 Jan, and the new DM is changing it.

        At the top of a decision is a little set of boxes DM’s have to tick or enter information before the narrative of the decision is written. One of these boxes asks for the date of the decision for the award. DM’s are either not completing this, deleting the boxes, or entering an incorrect date in error. What this means is that the decision is not correct in law, because, very simply, the DM has not identified WHICH decision he/she is changing, so they could, essentially, be superseding ANY decision on your case.

        In the normal course of events you don’t get to see the original decision, but you are entitled to a copy, the details of the DM will be removed, but you can get one if you or your representative ask. If the date of decision box is empty, or has been deleted, the decision is incomplete and should be thrown out at the reconsideration stage, or by the tribunal if it gets as far as appeal.

        This practice is widespread, and I am sure there are thousands of incorrect decisions out there, you just need to see the decision (form LT54) to see if this is correct… Please feel free to share.
        Top Comments



    Former HMRC boss Dave Hartnett forced to defend new job – with HSBC
    Hartnett has taken a job with HSBC since leaving HMRC, holding a place on a committee set up to advise the bank on the best possible standards in the wake of its recent travails

    Lin Homer has announced today that she is to leave HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in April, after more than four years as Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary and a public service career spanning 36 years.

    Lin Homer joined HMRC in January 2012 and led the organisation through a period of recovery and significant performance improvements
    HMRC chief executive Lin Homer quits with £2.2m pension pot and a promise not to take a job which will embarrass ministers


    • paultheswineherd

      Geoff – I can see her being ‘placed’ very soon into the House of Lords by Cameron before too long! No doubt she is a ‘friend’ of his also!
      She may even be appointed as a ‘banking tzar’ by pig-fuck to ‘uphold’ the banking profession!

      • She might go to MAXIMUS, THE DISABLED KILLERS and work alongside BILL GUNNYEON, the ex dwp CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER who helped arrange the handover of the disability killing contract from ATOS whilst feathering his own nest

        The tory mask has slipped a long way in the last few weeks Paul, exposing the evil that lurks beneath………..

        And as for Olive Oyl’s husband, pig fucker, words fail me………

        • paultheswineherd

          Geoff – That is very true – and what goes around comes around – so the Tories are, very soon now going to be exposed to be the total bastards that they really are. I think that someone is going to upset their (pigs!) apple cart for them. And from now on, the sooner the better.
          Pig-fucking Cameron is getting more and more worried – his interviews actually show this to be the case!

    • Consider Steve Lewis MBE as next Chief Executive of HMRC Board – the people’s tax man!

      I’m Steve Lewis, a former Army Officer and now a small business owner. I’m putting myself forward to be the next Chief Executive of the HMRC Board. It’s about time that the Board, that is meant to scrutinise the way our Government enforce tax policy, stopped helping multinationals reduce their tax bills and started working for the British public and British small businesses to deliver fair tax for all – big and small.


      145,000 signatures so far, please sign if you can and give George Osborne something to worry about.

      • According to that BBC programme about the village that took on the tax-man Google and the other tax-dodgers have their own dedicated team, whatever they are called, within HRMC for the specific purpose of helping them to dodge their tax responsibilities.

      • paultheswineherd

        Linda – The chap that you suggest would be perfect for that position.
        I hope that he gets plenty of ‘signatures’. He has got mine for sure.
        By the way I know Crickhowell – it’s a lovely little place only just up the road from Abergavenny (Y’Fanny in Welsh!!)

    • She is underqualified to work in the lowliest positions in any of the said companies you suggest.

  42. paultheswineherd

    Meanwhile – to put a welcome ‘spring’ into Osborne’s step there’s this!

    • ……….Had to laugh Paul, just been an advert on tv for ROYAL NAVY ENGINEERS,
      Apparantly you are not a navy engineer if you cannot fix a host of advanced technical problems and yet six of their billion pound galvanised canoes need new engines fitting by outside contractors……..

      • paultheswineherd

        Yes I know Geoff – the R.N. is a total shambles compared to what it ‘used’ to be like when I was involved with it in the 1980’s. If a ‘Falklands’ type situation occurred nowadays, there would be no ‘Naval Control of Shipping’ as it was then (i.e. taking Naval control of the Merchant Fleet). There would simply not be enough ships to carry out these tasks – either Merchant, or R.N. ships for that matter. They have run it all down so very much (and it is continuing to be run down)
        The 2 new a/c carriers are still not going to be operational till at least 2020. The U.K. now has NO fixed wing carriers at all & only one helicopter operations carrier. In a real emergency, we would have to pander to France to ‘share’ one of their fixed wing a/c carriers.
        And yes, the advertising for ‘Navy Engineers’ – this is the new ‘Royal Navy’ – being run ‘on the cheap’. They are still getting rid of regulars.
        The ‘old’ ships used to be reliable and would run forever. These ‘new’ ships should have been well checked out before they were built (in the design phase) – they got it all completely wrong and now because of the lack of generator power, they are really going to pay the price.
        Even more ‘surface’ ships being laid-up for refits – and meanwhile Britain’s maritime security is being put at further risk because of it.
        It is another shameful mistake which is going to cost the taxpayer many millions and millions of £ to correct.

        • i think this sums it up perfectly Paul;

          The WR21 design was not the first choice of power and propulsion system for the destroyers. As the cost of building them began to spiral out of control – driven largely by their top-of-the-range air defence systems – Whitehall officials opted for a cheaper alternative to the original proposals.


          • paultheswineherd

            Geoff – yes, many thanks and that really says it all – costcutting once again – and they are now going to have to sort it all out – at great expense as usual! The other thing that I forgot to mention earlier was the fact that although the Merlin helicopters are going to be fantastic for ship/carrier ops – the new (American designed) F-35 aircraft are likely to be a total disaster for the R.N (and probably also for the RAF when they get their version). Having been tested in the U.S. – their pilots say that they are heavy, slow and cumbersome – a hippo in fact (compared to such as the carrier borne F-18 Hornets and Super Hornets).
            Our Government has about 50 at least of these F-35’s on order – I forecast that they will rue the day that they ever ordered them!
            Another Tory disaster in the making!

          • ……….meanwhile Workfare One is due to be christened and launched at G4S slipway.
            Powered by 360 mandatory work claimants and 146 wheelchair bound cancer victims chained to parallel oars, can attain a speed of 28 knots.

            Captain I D Smith is the grandson of Captain Edward Smith, skipper of the Titanic.
            Both Universal Credit and the Titanic were at one time heralded as having, “flagship status”, although the money wasted on Universal Credit would have bought a fleet of Titanic’s

            Luxury cabins are £300 per day and breakfast a snip at £39

            The 42mm thick steel hull was imported from Sweden…………. .

        • The Couch Potatoes

          For some God only knows reason we caught some overseas property programme on Channel 4 yesterday afternoon. It was a couple of B&B owners form England (an English woman and a Jamaican guy) looking for a property on the Caribbean island of Antigua with a budget of £250,000 cash. One of the properties for sale was put up “by a retired Royal Navy engineer looking to move to be with his grandchildren in Spain”. If this is true Royal Navy engineers must have been doing very nice, thank you to be able to afford to but properties on Caribbean islands.

          • The Couch Potatoes

            * buy

          • paultheswineherd

            The Couch Potatoes – That is very interesting.
            If this particular ‘Royal Navy engineer’ had been in the service for goodness only know how many years, he could well now be retired, and on a good Service Pension. Also, he could have worked his way up through the ranks – even if he had only got up to a CPO (Chief Petty Officer) grade – (known as a killick) he would still be doing pretty well financially.

        • Navy Recruitment

          If you can fix a Tornado fighter jet… you can fix a Samsung radar system… If you can fix a Samsung radar system.. you can fix a car…
          If you can fix a car… you can fix a bike…

          Become a Navy engineer and learn how to fix a 5-speed racer 😀

  43. 🙂 both sinking ships Geoff – goosestepping their way to failure, due to their incompetence.

  44. I’ve been useing ….dosh …the finnacial advisers at the jobcenter they are very helpfull ,helping people on benefits through the nightmare of finnacial difficultys esp for me council tax and tv licence demands …..they had there funding stopped …….can you belive it no more dosh

  45. Self-employed window cleaner

    Being self-employed is more damaging to your prospects of entering regular employment than being unemployed!

  46. “One in five charities spends less than half their total income on good causes, says new report”

    The study found that 1,020 charities with a combined income of £6bn reported spending less than 50 per cent on their charitable activities.
    According to the commission’s data – released on the government’s website – the rest of these charities’ money is typically spent on saving for the future as well as fundraising, campaigning, operating costs and “governance”.

    Gina Miller, Founder of the True and Fair Foundation, told the Telegraph: “It is an utter disgrace that so much of the money people generously give is going to feed large charity machines, which are often characterised by obscene overheads and salaries, aggressive fundraising, and bloated marketing and publicity departments; resulting in questionable levels of charitable spending.”


  47. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    ‘Fit note’ scheme provokes data fears

    DWP plan to examine GP statistics leads doctors’ group to warn over state snooping

    ukauthority.com – 26th Jan 2016

    Flagship Government plans to get sick people back to work are at the centre of a “state snooping” row.

    The Family Doctor Association has attacked the revelation that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will be able to examine data from individual GP practices.

    From next month, officials will be authorised to take sick note statistics from each surgery to see how many patients are recorded as “unfit” or “maybe fit” for work.

    The data – which can be shared with other organisations – will include the number of fit notes issued, the length of time to which it applies and a record of the person’s health condition.

    The move goes much further than the DWP’s original statement that the statistics would be published anonymously, at clinical commissioning group (CCG) level only.

    Now doctors have told Pulse magazine, which uncovered the scheme, that they fear a looming crackdown on GPs who issue a large number of sick notes.

    Bureaucrats looking

    Peter Swinyard, chairman of the Family Doctor Association, said: “I think that is state snooping. Although I am sure some civil servant thought it was a terrific idea somewhere, I am not entirely sure I agree. I don’t know if patients understand that when I write a fit note, some bureaucrat is going to be able to have a look at it.”

    Neil Bhatia, a GP who has campaigned for stricter use of medical data, said he believed practice-level data was only being sought to “compare practices, create league tables, name and shame”.

    GPs will need to inform patients that their data is being taken, but will be unable to withhold that information unless their patient explicitly objects.

    The DWP told Pulse that no practice-level information would be shared outside the department and that it merely wished to understand why sickness rates vary, so occupational health services can be improved.


    A spokesperson said: “We want to ensure that people get the best possible support to return to work – or to avoid falling out of work in the first place. All fit note statistics are anonymous and they will help provide a better understanding of why people take sickness absence in different areas across the country, so we can make the service as effective as possible for businesses and employees.”

    Under the fit note scheme, GPs are encouraged to assess what kind of work a patient might be able to do – rather than simply sign them off as sick.

    Patients off sick for more than a week will then be referred to advisers who offer counselling, physiotherapy or other help such as debt management to allow them to return to work.


  48. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    A spokesperson said:


  49. Work Programme adviser: ‘Almost every day one of my clients mentioned feeling suicidal’
    Whistleblower says her job was box ticking, sanctioning sick people who had little chance of employment, and she wasn’t able to treat clients as human beings

    A scandalous picture of suffering, trauma and destitution is painted by a former Work Programme adviser who was tasked with getting claimants off the employment and support allowance (ESA) sickness benefit.

    Speaking to the press for the first time since she quit the job last year, Anna Shaw (not her real name) says: “Some of my clients were homeless, and very many of them had had their money stopped and were literally starving and extremely stressed. Many had extreme mental health conditions, including paranoid schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder and autism. One guy [diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and homeless] came to see me for the first appointment and mentioned that he had not eaten for five days. I offered him my lunch, thinking he would refuse it out of pride, and he fell upon it like a wild animal. I’ve not seen a human being eat like that before.”

    Shaw can only speak out anonymously, because when she resigned, after just a few months in the job, her employer made her sign a confidentiality clause. She believed that the majority of her ESA caseload of about 100 clients were not well enough to have been on the government’s welfare-to-work Work Programme, but should instead have been signposted to charities that could support them with their multiple problems. “Almost every day one of my clients mentioned feelings of suicide to me,” she says. Shaw says she received no training in working with people with mental health issues or physical disabilities.

  50. paultheswineherd

    Whilst some people are having to go to foodbanks and becoming homeless in Britain today – here is one of the Tories ‘priorities’ at this present time – looking after their rich multinational ‘friends’ in sunny far-away places!

  51. paultheswineherd

    And – whilst on the subject of foodbanks – this from 2nd January 2016 (note also the cowardice from Iain Duncan Smith – the cunt that really deserves to be totally hated if anyone does!)

  52. It figures, start a scheme off, crow about its success and then when nobody is looking and the scheme comes out of the limelight, kill it off because it costs the Tories too much money, money they should be spending on their yachts and their £3000 a bottle champagne.

    • paul, they were supposed to have cut legal fees, at least they cut them if your poor. If you are rich it seems you can run the legal bill as high as you like. Making sure they always win. This bedroom tax seems to cost more than it is meant to save really, as well as taking housing off the needy. All in a days work for the tory while at the same time they say it is doing them some good.

      • paultheswineherd

        Maria – At the moment it seems that the Tories always win. However, all is not lost. Gove (Justice Secretary) has come under a lot of pressure from the judiciary and he was forced last week to do a U-turn on the ‘legal-aid’ situation. They (the Tories) will always try to hold onto their money and their power, but, gradually it is unravelling.
        I forecast by the end of this year – they could well be in very deep trouble.
        However – even by then, there may not be an effective opposition. Corbyn will have gone by then – to be replaced by one of the Blairite leaders of Labour. Things may not be good, but it could be worse – or could it – it was the Blairites that brought in the WCA in the first place!

        • who knows what labour intended to do with ESA and WCA but the Tories soon had a go with that one. I didn’t much like the new deal thing they brought in, but at least when you want on it the only part they forced you to do was the 2 week course and the rest of it was your choice, they gave me a choice an its that that made the difference. Labour was bad yes I agree and yes I agree that they could be a lot better than the Tories. I just wish people who address the real facts why there is so much poverty and the main reason is the rich have too much of the countries resources, they are not giving back to society, they are just taking from it.

          • paultheswineherd

            Maria – yes, the rich look after the rich and will try always to become richer than ever – and meanwhile the poor will have to look after themselves as best that they can. It’s a shame, but it’s true.

            • except the fact that the Tories have some of the poor sniping at other groups of people. Dividing them and encouraging selfish behaviour, in some of the poor and vulnerable. leaving them not to look after each other, with fatal consequences. that is the scary thing, the difference between all that went on in history and now.

          • New deal was a two week mandatory course and the rest was your choice???
            Don’t make me laugh you were sanctioned for the 6 months duration, I think there is nothing but job worth job centre liars posting on here!

          • Some people on here do not have their facts right either about New Labour, the champagne socialists.

  53. paultheswineherd

    The poor, the working poor, the underpriveleged, the sick and the disabled are continually and unremittingly attacked by IDS & his policies & his DWP orders and unjustified sanctions to ‘bring down the deficit’ via cruel and unnecessary austerity measures, but then we hear this:

    • Seems David Cameron has higher regard for the men rather than the women as well. it seems his daughter’s education isn’t worth as much as his son’s. personally I don’t think education is valued on how much money you spend or how prestigious the school is, but the value is on the intellect and talents of the students.

      • paultheswineherd

        Maria – Yes, I agree entirely – money does not buy intelligence. One can have the highest intelligence in the world, but unless you put it to work it is no good and even then, in this day and age – the highest intelligence in the world does not guarantee anyone an excellent job at the end of it.
        And a very high intelligence DOES NOT always equate into ‘common sense’ – one needs this, more than anything, to survive in ‘today’s’ world.
        Also – what really helps is ‘who you know’ and not always ‘what you know’ to get a decent job nowadays.

  54. paultheswineherd

    Pig-fuck Cameron obviously still lives in Feudal times – where women have no rights whatsoever – the eldest son inherits it all and the peasants and serfs are taxed to the very hilt and starved, or very nearly starved with a ration of mean pottage and small beer (if they are lucky), supplemented by a heavy and non levened bread (gratefully supplied by the nearest foodbank) Incidentally £18000 per year equates to £346.15p per week –
    often more than many people earn in just one week (before tax!!!!!)
    It’s really good to know how the other ‘10%’ of the British population lives!

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    MAXIMUS UK signs preferred partnership agreement with digital health provider babylon

    27th Jan 2016

    MAXIMUS UK signs preferred partnership agreement with digital health provider babylon

    MAXIMUS UK today announced it has signed a preferred partnership agreement with digital health innovator babylon.

    The agreement brings together the market-leading health and wellbeing capabilities of Health Management, a MAXIMUS Company, with babylon’s digital health expertise.

    The delivery of health services is rapidly changing as improved technology enables increased access to information, advice and assessments. Employers in particular are looking for better ways to manage the health of their employees, promoting wellbeing, and reducing sickness strategies in order to improve productivity and reduce costs. Health Management and babylon are joining forces to offer occupational health and wellbeing services via telehealth and mobile apps in order to help meet the requirements of both employers and employees.

    Pat Birchall, Managing Director, Health Management said:

    “Health Management meets the occupational health needs of more than 500 public, private and third sector employers, promoting and maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of more than 2 million employees.

    “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide high quality health services to our customers, in a way that is both affordable and causes minimum disruption to their business. Our agreement with babylon enables us to extend our occupational health offering, creating a high quality, digital platform for delivering health and wellbeing services to employers throughout the UK.”

    The preferred partnership arrangement provides significant opportunities for both Health Management and babylon as they pursue their respective growth strategies within the public and private sectors. It provides compelling and innovative solutions in support of government health priorities including preventative care, integrated work and health services, and an integrated multi-platform offer for international clients.

    Dr Ali Parsa, founder and CEO of babylon said:

    “MAXIMUS and babylon share a similar vision to combine the most advanced technology with the best health service to provide better, more accessible and more affordable healthcare for all. Combining our services mean that a significant number of UK employers can choose to deliver the healthcare their employees need from the convenience of their mobile devices, in the office, at home, or even abroad, seven days a week.”

    The preferred partnership agreement takes place with immediate effect.


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Babylon aka Babylon





      [from its former use by physicians for bleeding patients]



  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Babylon health providers are a phone app doctor. Medicals over the phone.

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    babylonhealth do not want their link to work.

  58. Maximus and Babylon, well that partnership goes way back, about 2000 years.

    • Ali Parsar, founder of Babylon, founder of CIRCLE GROUP 2004, the same group that left HINCHINBROOKE HOSPITAL in special measures, struggling for life…………….


    I wish this Government would just fuck off. Unpaid Work Placements, never-ending jobsearch, Benefit Sanctions, bullshit back-to-work schemes and one thing & another……just FUCK OFF!!!

  60. paultheswineherd

    Here is an interesting one! – Firstly what is a “plebiscite” – it sounds like a “pleb” to me! There’s also news of loads money being given to the Tories by one of their rich donors!

  61. windy the cow catcher

    One of them is not Ellen Degenerate is it, giving out generate donations to Cameron and Co. to get her show on uk tv airtime?
    Mind it’s not a bad show, not as good as Graham Norton though!

  62. windy the cow catcher

    Education chiefs have been summoned to Downing Street on Monday for talks with Business Secretary Sajid Javid to discuss why young black men are more likely to be in prison than studying at a top university.

    There would get a better education in prison and for free, but I guess freedom is the best type of education.

    • windy the cow catcher

      They not there would be a better education in prison – typo!

      • windy the cow catcher

        Get not be – who is messing with typing?


          Q23 Chair: Somebody sacked you, Mr Parsa, and you walk away with a £400,000 pay-off, most of which comes from taxpayers.

          Ali Parsa: Mrs Hodge, I do not know how much more we are going to discuss this subject, considering the time we have. I have told you I was not sacked. If I was sacked, I would tell you that-I have no issue was that-but I was not. We made that very clear.

          Q24 Chair: Why did they give you a year’s salary?

          Ali Parsa: Because they did. Other colleagues of ours-

          Q25 Chair: That is public money, which is the point Fiona Mactaggart made.

          Ali Parsa: It is not public money. We have raised £200 million-

          Chair: It is. You have just said that out of your £180 million-

          Q26 Fiona Mactaggart: Out of £180 million, £150 million was based on public contracts.



    From: S Banks

    24 August 2015

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    In your document,: universal credit at work spring document you
    give an example of a couple on UC. Their details are given as Reece
    and Leanne Forrest

    Please provide a copy of the consent form they signed to permit
    their quote, personal details and image to be used in this

    If there is no form please give details of how consent was

    Yours faithfully,

    S Banks

    Link to this


  64. paultheswineherd

    This is Tory Electoral creativity and ‘forward thinking’ at it’s very best!

    • Not to mention the fact that those in prison do not get a vote, we might not get the Tories in so much if they could vote, as very few of them go to prison unless there is some back stabbing going on in the party.

  65. Just as Nazism was Opposed and Stopped so Tory Tyranny Need’s to be
    Opposed and Stopped

    No to Nazism No to Thatcherism

    Nazis and Tories are Nation Wreckers

  66. Heard about Nazi Bastards Rioting in Dover

    Apparently Rocks and Stones were Thrown , People were Injured

    Vile Hitler Salutes and a Third Reich Style Flag

    Dishonouring those who Actually Fought for this Country against the
    Third Reich during WW2

    No to Nazis

  67. Blame the Pratts who Voted Tory in May 2010 AD and May 2015 AD

    It Pisses Me Off whenever I see a Tory Poster

    FUCK THE TORIES | January 31, 2016 at 3:34 pm | Reply

    I wish this Government would just fuck off. Unpaid Work Placements, never-ending jobsearch, Benefit Sanctions, bullshit back-to-work schemes and one thing & another……just FUCK OFF!!!

  68. The Police were Criticized over the Nazi Riots in Dover as one side Street
    Appeared Not to be Blocked Off which the Nazis went up to before
    Throwing Rocks and other projectiles

  69. Nazi Scum Off Our Streets Nazi Scum Out of Office

  70. Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State For Work and Pensions Now has 116,346 Signatures

    Hands Off the Poor No to Universal Credit No Nutcase Budgets

  71. A Coach on it’s Way to Dover was Attacked by Nazis and a Nazi Symbol
    put on it .

    Shows the Bone Headed Mentality of these Thugs who do Nothing to
    Address the Effect of Nutcase Austerity upon this Country

    Useful Idiots in Diverting Public Attention Away from Nutcase Austerity

  72. Windy the cow catcher ….why dont you fuck off with your homaphobia ..you fucking shifty little cunt …..troll fuck off

  73. What Happened in Dover 30th of January 2016 AD was Not Britain’s
    Finest Hour just as the Nazi Regime from the 11th of May 2010 AD
    has Not been the UK’s Finest Government

    Violent Mindless Nazi Thugs on the Streets throwing Rocks and Assaulting
    People and Nazi’s as Government Ministers goes against both Common
    Sense Human Decency and Human Decency

    Adolf Hitler came to Power with the Help of Thugs as well as Sucking Up
    to Elements of Big Business

    The Nazis wanted to Murder All those who did Not Fit into their Bullshit
    ” Master Race “

  74. How Long before with People so Servile to Tory Nazi Tyranny they try
    to Charge a Voting Fee to be able to Vote ?

    The Tory Nazis of Today are a Disgusting Mixture of Dickensian
    Misers and Scrooges and Nazi Style Victimisers of the Poor and

    It does Not Help that Thick Pratts blame Everything on Immigrants
    and Refugees just as the Nazis blamed Everything on Jews and
    some out There are taken in by this Reptilian Conspiracy Bollocks
    when it is Nutcase Austerity from the Ivory Tower of Westminster that
    is to Blame

    paultheswineherd | January 31, 2016 at 10:13 pm | Reply

    This is Tory Electoral creativity and ‘forward thinking’ at it’s very best!

  75. That Evil Bitch Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United
    Kingdom for about 11 and a Half Years before that Bitch was Out of
    10 Downing Street

    Margaret Thatcher took too Long to Die and Margaret Thatcher should
    of been Accountable for the Misery and Tyranny of Her Evil Regime
    and her Encouraging of Selfish Individualism which goes Hand in Hand
    with Neo Liberalism/ Thatcherism

    David Cameron has been Prime Minister for under 6 Years so Far
    and he has Wrecked this Country Helped by the Scum Liberal Democrats
    and the Official Opposition being a Bunch of Political Zombies and Colluders
    between May 2010 AD and March 2015 AD .

    How Long before David Cameron is Out of Office as Prime Minister and
    will there be enough Political Will to Avoid the Tragedy of another Tory
    Prime Minister and Nutcase Austerity ?

    No to the Tory Thousand Year Reich

  76. Decent People will Not Vote Tory given Nutcase Austerity and what
    Happened to David Clapson

    paultheswineherd | January 29, 2016 at 8:58 pm | Reply

    Geoff – no Tory election hopeful had better come knocking on our door – he will get a whole dose of shit in the face that he will not be expecting!
    Meanwhile, both the BBC & Sky should be brought to book about their obviously biased reporting. And also news today that Murdoch’s son has been ‘reappointed’ as the head of Sky after a ‘break of 4 years’ – well, there is a real surprise – a Tory father – a Tory son and also a Tory broadcaster (in Sky) – who would have thought it!

  77. It Appears that upon the 5th of May 2016 AD There will be Elections For
    Police and Crime Commissioners in 41 Police Force Areas

    I would Urge Decent People to Vote For Candidates that are Not
    Tory or Liberal Democrat given the Cuts in the Number of Police
    between May 2010 AD and March 2015 AD and the Attacks on
    Disabled People that have Occurred as Well as Scum having more
    ” Rights ” in this Country than Decent People

    How much Momentum is there going to be For Labour to Have
    Proper Funding for Public Services ?

  78. Regarding the Nazi Riot in Dover Kent the Police have been Criticized
    for Kettling Anti Fascists whilst the Nazi Scum run Riot whilst is of
    course Disgraceful

    It Appears a Female was Threatened with Rape by the Nazi Bastards
    and a Female Anti Fascist Suffered a Broken Arm

    Nazis elsewhere Attack Disabled and Homeless in the Name of that Arsehole Adolf Hitler they are Walking Disasters Following a Political Disaster who Led Germany to Absolute Disaster .

  79. I Notice that in Birmingham City Council in 2016 AD some Seats are Up
    for Election

    I Hope that Tory Scum Lose All their Seats Even in Middle Class Cuckooland
    Areas and that Labour in Birmingham Presses For Proper Funding of Local
    Government from National Government instead of being Austerity Stooges
    and Tory Collaborators as too Many in the Parliamentary Labour Party are


    “‘I was a ‪#‎PIP‬ ‪#‎assessor‬ as a ‪#‎nurse‬ and left due to the disgusting way the targets were the priority and how it was the priority and anyone presenting more than 10 pieces of evidence from medical professionals should be sent to assessment centres as well as people with mental health issues. I detest the company and the way people at the end of the forms are critiqued and comments on in a derogatory nature in the offices which are made openly about claimants. I have health issues and could not believe what I thought would be a compassionate approach to how people manage their lives with disabilities. This is certainly not the case just target driven numbers and lots of health professionals leave especially mental health nurses like me, as it is against a duty of care primarily to patients. I hope that they all lose the contracts. February 3rd 2.30pm parliamentary select committee reviews the three Atos, Capita and Maximus. I have made my MP aware of all the targets and the hundreds of pounds incentives paid to staff daily to acheive targets to keep DWP contracts.

    • Sally Jones to ATOS Miracles


      Descriptor 11, if you can leave the house even just once you won’t get anything. I was taught by my clinical support lead (CSL for short) if someone is in a wheelchair and says I want to get from A to B they have the cognitive ability to know how to plan and carry this out. Its not about planning and following journeys but the cognitive ability to think how you can do it. Despite my argument that they are in a wheelchair how can this Descriptor be clear in its meaning. Unless severely impaired cognition or with severe mental health, learning disabilities or Sensory Impairment you may as well forget this Descriptor. An excellent website as a claimant myself now who I feel was made to wait a year because I worked there I went through my MP which they don’t like at Atos. Use the MP on your behalf if you wait longer than 16 weeks for assessment. Another good document the DWP Decision makers use is “A to Z of conditions DWP” in PDF format if you put it into Google you can search and look at each condition and what would be expected of Daily living, mobility and the approx review period. It’s in Google. Hope this helps it’s 780 pages but in pdf you can search, might take time but look up your condition and your medication must match the severity of the stated level of disability indicated and impact on you daily life otherwise they will argue it is not consistent with the stated condition and prescribed medication. The balance of probability is another commonly used term as well as being able to do things repeatedly, reliably and safely.

      • One of me mates got kicked off of disability because the assessor tricked her into saying saying that she watched a lot of films – meaning she could sit for long periods of time and was able to concentrate and focus for long periods of time lol The only reason she watches lots of films is because of her depression and to fill her time!

        • And another mate got the boot because he said he was a Star Trek fan. He got into an argument about how long he could sit/stand for lol he said he had saggy arse muscles lol I As far as these “assessors” are concerned if you can use a remote control you are fit to work. Ever causal remark you make is interpreted to kick you off of benefits. Watch out too cos you are being watched as soon as you are in camera shot of the building, even the “receptionist” is in on it!

    • windy the cow catcher

      A sharp wit indeed 🙂

    • Why don’t they put some of those Syrian refugees on Neca island or some other privately owned island until the war is over.
      Prince Margaret had one, Mick Jagger has one, i’m sure there are many more owned by celebrities. Treasure island indeed.

  81. An Odious Traitor to this Country and Fascist Sir Oswald Mosley of the
    British Union of Fascists said that ” Britain should be at the Heart of
    Europe ”

    No to the EU Infliction of Austerity and the Costs of EU Membership

    David Cameron is Committed to the EU I am Supportive of British

    The EU has done Nothing to Help the Poor and Vulnerable of this
    Country it has Served as a Place for Failed Politicians like Leon
    Brittan to go on the Brussels Gravy Train


    AT LEAST six of Britain’s 10 biggest multinationals — including Shell, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Lloyds Banking Group — paid no UK corporation tax in 2014 despite combined global profits of more than £30bn.

    The disclosure comes as the Tories are embroiled in a row over a deal with Google that allowed it to pay just £130m in corporation tax since 2005.

    The other companies that paid no UK corporation tax in 2014 were Lloyds, brewer SABMiller and drugs company AstraZeneca. BP and drugs company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) declined to reveal how much UK corporation tax they paid, though GSK said it paid some. HSBC and drinks group Diageo paid £238m between them on combined profits of more than £14bn. The oil giant Shell is just one of the multinationals with an outpost in Zug, a Swiss canton with rock-bottom tax rates. From there, it licenses its trademarks around the globe.

      ………helping GOOGLE along the way

      Britain has been privately lobbying the EU to remove from an official blacklist the tax haven through which Google funnels billions of pounds of profits, the Observer can reveal.

      Treasury ministers have told the European commission that they are “strongly opposed” to proposed sanctions against Bermuda, a favoured shelter for Google’s profits and one of 30 tax jurisdictions in Brussels’ sights.

      The disclosure is made in a memorandum circulated among Tory MEPs in Brussels that describes potential “countermeasures” against blacklisted tax havens as “unhelpful”.

      Google is expected to announce on Monday that it has amassed £30bn of profits from non-US sales in Bermuda, where companies are not liable to pay corporation tax. The UK is Google’s largest non-US market, accounting for 11% of its global revenues, according to documents filed in America.


  83. Defence of the Welfare State is about Upholding Human Dignity

    Forced Labour is Nazi Pure and Simple
    The Nazis had Forced Labour together with their Eugenics and

    No More T4


      (an investment company incorporated with limited liability
      under the laws of the Republic of Panama on 12 April 1982)



      • A 2006 prospectus for Blairmore holdings stated that

        “The affairs of the fund should be managed and conducted so that it does not become resident in the United Kingdom for UK taxation purposes.” . . .the firm has access to banking services in Panama as well as auditors and trading offices in the Bahamas.”


      Finally, would I be correct in thinking that the DWP is bound by
      the requirement to act reasonably – particularly when dealing with
      very vulnerable claimants? Please provide details of any laws,
      legislation, internal memos/emails to DWP staff, and/or policy that
      stipulates the requirement to behave reasonably and respect a
      claimant’s human rights, or details of any laws, legislation and/or
      policy that stipulates the DWP has no requirement to act reasonably
      or respect a claimant’s human rights.

      Yours sincerely,

      Nicola H

      Link to this

  84. The 1st of February Mark’s the Anniversary of the United Kingdom Recognizing the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1924 AD .

    Together the United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were Allies against the Nazis during WW2 after Adolf Hitler’s Invasion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics upon the 22nd of June 1941 AD .

    Nazism was Defeated during WW2 and Nazism Needs to be Defeated Now

    The Nazis Victimise Immigrants Refugees the Poor and Vulnerable
    the Disabled and the Homeless so No to Them

    The Nazis should Not be in Office nor Terrorizing the Streets like the
    Dover Outrage 30th January 2016 AD

    Better the Brotherhood of Mankind than Boneheads and Tory Tyrants

  85. The 1st of February Mark’s the Anniversary of Josef Terboven Reichskommissar of Nazi Occupied Norway Appointing Traitor Vidkun Quisling as Minister President of the Puppet Occupation Regime in 1942 AD.

    This Odious Traitor Collobrated with the Nazi Forces of Occupation whilst the Norwegian Resistance Movement Defied the Nazi Tyranny .

    This Traitor was Ousted from Office May the 9th 1945 AD and was Executed by Firing Squad for Betraying his Country at Akershus Fortress upon the 24th of October 1945 AD .

    Mourn the Victims of Nazism Not the Collaborators and Stooges of Nazism

  86. paultheswineherd

    Hunt, Cameron & the Tories trying to kick the junior doctors in the teeth!

  87. Hear Hear Arthur, talk about on and on and fucking on, and reposting comments that have already been put up FFS!

  88. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Here`s a question for Noop @

    Are you human?
    Are you only aloud to cut & paste because you can`t spell & use typing?
    Are you an echo in the written word?

  89. Everytime I come in here and see that ugly womans face I feel physically sick. An evil bastard indeed.

  90. paultheswineherd

    “When the Government challenges the Court of Appeal decision in the Supreme Court, it will only be allowed to repeat the arguments it has already made, but hope for a different outcome”

    • paultheswineherd

      N.B.- Since I put this article on here last night, they seem to have changed a lot of the text and it is now very much out of context from last night’s one!

      • 1984, everyday it become more and more true. Guesses for whose changed it. 🙂

        • paultheswineherd

          Maria – Yes, as far as I am aware, that has never happened before – normally the article stays the same!
          Dirty tricks by someone? Who knows, but like you, I am also suspicious of it! 🙂

          • Maria is not a suspicious person, she only accuses others of that 🙂

            • Fly I’m sick of going round and round and getting nowhere with you, have it own way and your own beliefs, I’ve better things to do with my time.

              • You are a patronising hypocrite, you accuse others of attacking you when all the while it is you that is insulting them.

                You have not been on this site 5 minutes and you think you have the right to start judging people.

                “I told noop before that I like him and he has something valid to say? ” Who made you judge of validity madam muck?

                “I don’t think noop should lose his freedom to comment”, nobody other than you was suggesting he should or that it should even be considered.

                You follow the crowd and call him for his repetition in one breath then say but it doesn’t bother you in another. You call him a doomsayer, have you read over your posts lately.

                Maria, nobody is that interested in your fucking opinion of other people you gossip box. Community never comes without people like you who are the real troublemakers in the group behind that so called agreeable, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth façade, while you follow a gang of bullies.

                I have no time for you or communities such as yours – I believe people have the right to be who they are as individuals and that includes your self pitying self and Roger’s self centred, smug attitude towards welfare for people who need it and will defend my right to say it.

                • PS A word to the wise Maria – Don’t tell me you have tried with me and found me wanting or you will be finding yourself getting more than dignity and respect. COMPREHENDO!

  91. paultheswineherd

    “When is someone going to rid us of this turbulent Iain Duncan Smith” – and that’s just Labour, let alone the rest of us! IDS’s madness is now legendary!

    • I think everyone regardless of their political beliefs are waiting for that day, he should have never been put in that position in the first place.

      • IDS is a puppet, he has no intelligence what so ever to come up with the policies that has come to pass within the DWP, he`s orders come from powers way above Cameron.
        You only have to look at his body language and they way he immediately goes into defensive mode, IDS is a man way out of his depth, he cannot handle being the secretary of state, this is clearly beginning to show. The Voodoo that is protecting him is slowly fading.
        If IDS was not in charge of the DWP, someone else would have been, and they would have done exactly the same.
        They are given the script, and they must follow it to the bitter end. Only a complete and utter mentally challenged fool would have picked up the poisoned chalice that is the DWP.
        Step forward Iain Duncan Smith.

        • He was in the army at one point, for a time. Its army mentality, Cameron chose him because he knew he would implement savings on welfare, if Mr. Smith did not want to do it, he would have cracked and resigned by now, even if he was a coward and only wanted to stay in his job for the money, he would have cracked. Maybe they are not all his ideas, maybe they are, it doesn’t matter, he isn’t a very nice person, he doesn’t care about the millions of vulnerable people in our society, that is reason enough he shouldn’t be there. But then neither should have Cameron been picked for the head of the Tory party.


            ………….That’s right, a thousand estate kids are being sent to Libya to try and bring back some semblance to the grand fuck up that we created.

            The mainstream news like the BBC have purposely not mentioned it because it would violate the sanitised shit of their Conservative propaganda machine………..

            As usual, we are being spoonfed the usual guff, that the 1000 troops will not be in a combat role but only on an instructive role.
            Who do they think they are kidding?

            I watched our biscuit baron, Liam FOX, spouting drivel about our commitments to sort out the mess……….

            A custard crem manufacturer giving insight into our deployment of more cannon fodder to Libya, WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!

            But don’t worry because these non combat roles will mean the people of Wootton Basset will not have the hearses carrying the few body parts and bags of shrapnel trundling through the streets.

            Marvellous new word, “repatriation”, delivering your loved ones remains back in a Union Jack draped crate………………

            • @ geoff

              just seen the same on the Rusky news channel.

              If we are in a non combat role, why will they need battledress, body armour and advanced weaponry?

              No doubt, Michael Fallon will soon be on the BBC screens telling us the predetermined scripts.

              Watch this space.

              • The west has done everything in it’s power to destabilize the Middle East, Iraq, Libya, Syria, their real target being Iran.
                Russia is in there to shore up the Syrian government but also because they are friends of Iran, that is why we are now hearing demonizing propaganda about the Russians and what they are or are not doing in Syria.

        • Right on………………

          The biggest pot of money in UK government is the Welfare State and those who stand to gain from taking it over are leading the agenda from the sidelines.
          Control this pot and you control everything.

          The private health insurance lobby have their tentacles in every aspect of Uk government policy with over two hundred MP’s in the House of Lords having connections to either health or medical insurance companies.

          Dunko the clown and Priti Pathetic are just thicko’s that mouth the script.

          • Absolutely tragic: Picture of a wheelchair-bound homeless Dublin person goes viral on social media

            Jan 29, 2016 James Brennan Irish News 11 8:30


            In what can only be described as tremendously sad and devastating, this picture of a homeless Dublin person who is wheelchair-bound was posted to Facebook and has rightfully gone viral.

            Dubliner, Dermot Ringwood said he saw this person on Grafton Street and that he was ashamed to be an Irishman looking at such a tragic sight.

            Not alone Dermot and the rest of us, Enda Kenny, Joan Burton, Varadkar, Coveney, Harris, White, Noonan, Nash and every single other TD should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in shame to see such a photo being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

            One social media user said: “We should all share this image on Facebook, everyone should see it”.

            Dermot finished by saying “The government should be ashamed of themselves, they’re a bunch of wasters.”

            One would have to agree with Dermot’s summary of the government on the homeless crisis

            • ……………and a warning to the trolls

              Facebook troll who subjected disabled man to ‘tirade’ of online abuse is jailed

              Saul Nyland, 25, from Whitworth, near Rochdale, used social media to torment his 31-year-old victim, who has a severe speech impediment and some physical difficulties caused by a childhood accident

              Saul Nyland used social media to torment the 31-year-old victim

              A Facebook troll who subjected a disabled man to a ‘tirade’ of online abuse has been jailed.

              Saul Nyland, 25, from Whitworth, Rochdale, used social media to torment his 31-year-old victim, who has a severe speech impediment and some physical difficulties caused by a childhood accident.

              In a personal statement to the court the victim said the abuse was ‘destroying his life’ and affecting his relationship.

              He also said he had stopped going out because of the taunts.



    Watch this and share it please: The truth will set us free ‪#‎IDSmurders‬

  93. It is Not about being ” Exciting ” it is about being Serious, Serious in
    Wanting the Country to be a Decent Country to Live In and Not a Hellhole
    of Chaos and Zombieism

    Arthurthecaterpillar | February 1, 2016 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    Why don’t you put up a decent comment up for a change instead of these fucking boring SLOGANS!

  94. Margaret Thatcher the Traitor of the Single European Act of 1986 AD
    and Evil Tyrant is an Embodiment of Evil

    Problem too many were Oblivious and Political Zombie at the Time
    ” Exciting ” and ” It doesn’t matter who get’s in ” Exactly what Politicians
    want People to Think and too Many are Oblivious and Political Zombie
    at Now Thinking too Long Term and Not Thinking at All

    A Lot of People out There are as Out of Touch as Politicians in

  95. Appalling to Hear that Regime wants to Transfer Decision Making over
    Fracking from Local Councils to UnElected Planning Officials ie
    Faceless Bureaucrats

    That undermines Political Accountability and Shows Tory Britain as too
    much like a Nazi Dictatorship

  96. A Vote to Leave the EU apart from being a Victory for the Sovereignty of
    this Country and Money For Public Services would also be a Defeat for
    David Cameron

    Perhaps it would Increase Pressure upon David Cameron to Resign as
    Prime Minister who is a Dreadful Prime Minister like Evil Tyrant
    Margaret Thatcher

  97. I Hope that the Majority of Labour MPs have the Decency to Vote against
    Trident as I am More than Disgusted that 66 Labour MPS who Voted
    For UK Airstrikes against Syria Effectively Tory Stooges

    Better the Brotherhood of Man than Western Nuclear War Mongering

    Better Billions For Public Services in the United Kingdom than Wasted
    upon Weapons of Mass Destruction


      “if they express that they intend to harm themselves or kill themselves there is a sheet instructing us how to react, which involves asking a number of questions, including how they intend to do it.”

      One Scottish call handler, who asked not to be named, said: “Some of us have been given a baby-pink laminated sheet which we’ve been told to hold up in the air if someone threatens to self-harm or commit suicide. So, when we are on the phone speaking to claimants – who are often very vulnerable people who are being sanctioned all the time and have no money – if they express that they intend to harm themselves or kill themselves there is a sheet instructing us how to react, which involves asking a number of questions, including how they intend to do it.
      “This would suggest the DWP is expecting it to happen and I assume that this procedure is in place so that they can say they did their part. But we are not trained to deal with vulnerable people in this way. It’s a very distressing thing for us to handle.
      , which is a job that only a trained psychologist, social worker, or at the very least, a counsellor should be doing.”
      Another worker said: “There was a man on the phone to me who said if he didn’t get money he’d kill himself. This was before we were issued with the guidelines and I wasn’t sure what to do so I could only try to calm him down.
      “He hung up the phone and when I tried to call him back I couldn’t get through. It was very upsetting. I spent the rest of the day worried that he may have taken his own life.
      “It wasn’t until the next day that a colleague told me they spoke to him later and he didn’t go through with it.
      “But I know of colleagues who have been told by claimants that they are going to commit suicide and they have done so. It’s devastating for them.”

      One Scottish call handler, who asked not to be named, said: “Some of us have been given a baby-pink laminated sheet which we’ve been told to hold up in the air if someone threatens to self-harm or commit suicide. So, when we are on the phone speaking to claimants – who are often very vulnerable people who are being sanctioned all the time and have no money – if they express that they intend to harm themselves or kill themselves there is a sheet instructing us how to react, which involves asking a number of questions, including how they intend to do it.
      “This would suggest the DWP is expecting it to happen and I assume that this procedure is in place so that they can say they did their part. But we are not trained to deal with vulnerable people in this way. It’s a very distressing thing for us to handle.
      “They’re basically telling us to assess claimants by asking how they intend to self-harm or commit suicide, which is a job that only a trained psychologist, social worker, or at the very least, a counsellor should be doing.”
      Another worker said: “There was a man on the phone to me who said if he didn’t get money he’d kill himself. This was before we were issued with the guidelines and I wasn’t sure what to do so I could only try to calm him down.
      “He hung up the phone and when I tried to call him back I couldn’t get through. It was very upsetting. I spent the rest of the day worried that he may have taken his own life.
      “It wasn’t until the next day that a colleague told me they spoke to him later and he didn’t go through with it.
      “But I know of colleagues who have been told by claimants that they are going to commit suicide and they have done so. It’s devastating for them.”

      • “f they express that they intend to harm themselves or kill themselves there is a sheet instructing us how to react, which involves asking a number of questions, including how they intend to do it”


        …………………………PERHAPS NOT, it would indicate that they recognise that they are the root cause of the intent and it would make them completely complicit.

      • Sarah,
        I don’t think the advisor was being truthful shen she said this,

        ““He hung up the phone and when I tried to call him back I couldn’t get through. It was very upsetting. I spent the rest of the day worried that he may have taken his own life.”

        I rang them myself about 3 years ago as they had cocked up my payments and I had no money, no food or gas and electric and 2 hungry kids to feed. When they told me I wouldn’t be getting the money, I told them that I was going to top myself and slammed the phone down.

        They kept ringing back, and on the 3rd time of them trying I picked up the phone, the advisor told me that if I hadn’t picked up the phone, she would have sent the Police round to break into my home, as that is /was standard DWP procedure. So the advisors don’t sit there all day worrying, they just pass you on to the police.

  98. Common Sense Yes Demands Proper Funding for the National
    Health Service

    No to TTIP

  99. TTIP is a Another Good Reason For Leaving the EU and having Money to Spend on Public Services in the United Kingdom

    A Vote For Leaving the EU is a Vote against TTIP and David Cameron’s

    The EU is a Corporatist Bureaucratic Neo Liberal Pantomime that has been with the Nutcase Austerity Agenda

    The EU is Not for the Benefit of Ordinary People Least of All the Poor
    and Vulnerable

  100. In the small circle of pain within the skull
    You still shall tramp and tread one endless round
    Of thought, to justify your action to yourselves,
    Weaving a fiction which unravels as you weave,
    Pacing forever in the hell of make-believe
    Which never is belief: this is your fate on earth
    And we must think no further of you.

    T. S. Eliot

    • windy the cow catcher

      Oh what a tangled web we weave,
      When first we practise to deceive!

      Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
      Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832

  101. A Fiction is that the EU Cares For the Poor and Vulnerable including the
    Homeless in the United Kingdom

    A Fact is that the Costs of EU Membership the Great Rolling Gravytrain
    for Politicians and Bureaucrats is Money that Needed to of been Spent
    on Public Services like the Welfare State and the National Health Service

    The EU has Not Stopped the Soar in Homelessness Nor the Widening
    Gulf between Rich and Poor

    More Important than Silly Sound Bite Poetry

  102. How much is this going to Cost the United Kingdom in Money and
    British Life ?

    Hark Hark the Dogs of War do Bark

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | February 2, 2016 at 9:39 am | Reply


    ………….That’s right, a thousand estate kids are being sent to Libya to try and bring back some semblance to the grand fuck up that we created.

    The mainstream news like the BBC have purposely not mentioned it because it would violate the sanitised shit of their Conservative propaganda machine………..

    As usual, we are being spoonfed the usual guff, that the 1000 troops will not be in a combat role but only on an instructive role.
    Who do they think they are kidding?

    I watched our biscuit baron, Liam FOX, spouting drivel about our commitments to sort out the mess……….

    A custard crem manufacturer giving insight into our deployment of more cannon fodder to Libya, WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!

    But don’t worry because these non combat roles will mean the people of Wootton Basset will not have the hearses carrying the few body parts and bags of shrapnel trundling through the streets.

    Marvellous new word, “repatriation”, delivering your loved ones remains back in a Union Jack draped crate………………

  103. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    NOOP @ Repeat my post here – No Oppression is IDS !!!


  104. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    We can all cut & paste from wiki but don`t understand what is written


    An idiot, dolt, dullard or (archaically) mome is a person perceived to be lacking intelligence, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. Along with the similar terms moron, imbecile, and cretin, the word archaically referred to the intellectually disabled, but have all since gained specialized meanings in modern times. An idiot is said to be idiotic, and to suffer from idiocy. A dunce is an idiot who is specifically incapable of learning. An idiot differs from a fool (who is unwise) and an ignoramus (who is uneducated/an ignorant), neither of which refers to someone with low intelligence. In modern English usage, the terms “idiot” and “idiocy” describe an extreme folly or stupidity, and its symptoms (foolish or stupid utterance or deed). In psychology, it is a historical term for the state or condition now called profound intellectual disability.

  105. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  106. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Laughter in the Chamber as Boris Johnson defends pitiful signup to his landlord accreditation scheme

    Published on 25 Jan 2016

    There was laughter in the Chamber when Boris Johnson tried to claim his voluntary London Rental Standard was a “success” despite having barely 15,000 out of London’s estimated 300,000 private landlords signed up to it. There is no doubt he will fall far short of his own target of 100,000 landlords to be signed up by May 2016, which he pledged in 2012. He also failed to offer any adequate explanation as to why he voted against an amendment to the Housing & Planning Bill which would have made it a legal requirement for private rented homes to be fit for human habitation. He appeared to suggest that such a requirement would be an onerous burden on landlords. Johnson was being questioned by Tom Copley AM at Mayor’s Question Time on 20th January 2016.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        aaaaaahhhhhh bbbbbblllllllaaaaaaaarrrrrr bbbbbbbbblllllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrr bbbbblllllllaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwoooooooo wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaa I`m eeeeehhhhrie Boris Johnson n ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr gggggggggg fffffffftttttttteeeeeee

  107. Fat White Family live in session for Lauren Laverne

  108. Geoff Reynolds GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!! How many more of your tedious pissing comments are gonna be sent to The Void? You’re a bore. An Uber Fucking bore at that. Get a life You boring bastard bore You!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      I think Geoff talks a lot of sense unlike ranting like you got nothing to say. Roger it don`t help with NOOP repeating peoples posts.

    • paultheswineherd

      Roger – If only YOU could find as much interesting information to put on as Geoff Reynolds does, then this site would just get better and better!
      Geoff certainly does not in any way deserve to be attacked by yourself, or by anyone else for that matter.
      And Stepping, I agree – I reckon that NoOppression may be some kind of computer or something as he/she never answers anything directly, only does cryptic posts and cuts/pastes previous posts. NOOP may prove us otherwise however!

      • if a comment attracts criticism from someone, it is having the intended effect…………….
        We are but a family sharing simililar aspirations and ideals. Roger, on the other hand feels frustrated because he supports attacks on the most vulnerable and poor.

        I have no hatred toward Roger, he has a differing opinion. What i can’t grasp is why would he come to this blog in the first place, given that his moral compass points elsewhere.

      • I imagine, no offence to anyone, but Noop is kind of like doomsayer in a crowd, only he’s not going on about the end of the world, but the end of erm oppression. I like noop but he is a bit repetitive, but then I only choose to read what he says some of the time and so he doesn’t really bother me.

        • You like to sit on the fence Maria with your opinions don’t you, following the crowd in what they say.

          • no I give my opinions readily and sometimes I am indifferent, I don’t follow the crowd and am not a sheep, be it opinions or what I wear or my choice in music, you may think you know me, and others will think they know me, but they are always shocked and surprized by me, because of their own prejudices.

            • i’m sure you think you are beautiful enough for people to be surprised, but I am shocked by the fact that you try to side with both sides at once, keeping everyone sweet.

              • I have no intention of falling out with any one, and will always try to keep the peace, I would not fall out with you either. Why do you find trying to be peaceful shocking?

                • Because it can prove to be insincere and there are times when you have to portray yourself as ‘not nice’ to get to the truth, not other people’s opinions of what the truth is, then there are also times when you have to champion the underdog especially when what is being said about them is not the truth – you can’t be on both sides at once no matter how much you want to keep the peace.

                  Honesty in everything is the only thing that can solve problems and bring about peace, but some people (not you) are hired as professional liars to condemn people or uphold the status quo.

                • I have told noop before that I like him and he has something valid to say, but it probably does annoy people if they say similar things over and over, but it does not annoy me. I don’t see the harm in him, he wants a fair world and he seem to say it. That is the truth. I don’t think noop should lose his freedom to comment, when there is no harm in him. I’m not insincere, I speak as I find, and am blunt to get straight to the point. I think your very suspicious and maybe in life there is a reason for it. Fair enough being suspicious can save you from a lot of cons, but it can have negative effects too. I don’t think you have to portray yourself as not nice to get to the truth you can do that and be pleasant as well. If you say as you are and say a nice guy or girl and you portray yourself as someone who is a nasty person say, just to sus out the intent of others, whether it be for good intents or bad intents, aren’t you not having a insincere intent yourself? just asking for arguments sake. Honestly without any other intent other than to win a discussion on this subject. I honestly don’t know how we got off on the wrong foot, I honestly don’t know how I’ve insulted you. I don’t know why you keep saying I have worked for the jobcentre that I am some kind of work coach. It isn’t true. I did work for work experience for a few days a week for a few weeks for the housing department, but that was just filing. When I was young and only been looking for a job for a short time and they used me, that was it, that is the truth, if you don’t buy it then I’m afraid there isn’t much more I can do about it.

                • Maria

                  I think you are very naïve if you think that you would not be portrayed as someone who is ‘not nice’ if you are trying to get at the truth or the bottom of a con by the people who don’t like the truth or want to be exposed.

                  You have done nothing except say to me I am not a nice person if I dared to give a different point of view to your points, you constantly critiqued my posts with ‘your wrong’.

                  so Maria you are not as nice as you try to portray yourself to be.
                  I am true to myself no deception and like I have said before, I trust people until I find out they cannot be trusted.

                  I always respond to you irrespective of what you say about me which is usually insults and innuendo about the type of person you think I am.

                  I would consider myself to be nice or nasty when the need arises in retaliation to others.

                • I judged you as you have treated me, you have not been nice to me, you’ve made stuff up about me and you have insulted me of my disability. That is why I don’t thin your a nice person, but you implied before that you pretend to not be so nice sometimes, so how can I be blamed for getting the wrong end of the stick?

                • LIke I said I am not nice in retaliation to people who are not nice to me, that included you in the first instance.
                  I made a joke about what sensory meant and I corrected it afterwards, so stop playing the disabled victim because you are hard of hearing – not completely deaf as you tried to imply initially.

                • I’m moderately deaf at the top end which only just boarders severely deaf. Not just a bit hard of hearing. You say you are for treating vulnerable people with respect, but I have had no respect from you. That is my reason for thinking you are not nice. It was a poor joke, if it was a joke, I didn’t really find it funny, but if you are deaf to me it is a serious thing, and it affects my life a lot. You made assumptions about me of the first impression? that is a big error. Nobody can make judgements that are accurate on a first impression. I can’t go on going round and round, are you and I going to forgive and forget or are you going to keep this feud running forever, just like to know if I’m getting anywhere here or am I wasting my time?

                • Because you are such a moaning fucker I think you are wasting your time and mine.

                  There is no getting away from the fact that you were insulting me first by telling me I was wrong in my posts – who the fuck are you to say who or what is right or wrong miss soup kitchen?

                  I took these remarks before I started having a dig at you and that will show on past posts on this site.

                  You have just made one big enemy madam and I will attack all of your posts from now on.

                • Thank you for answering, for I don’t care what you do, if you want to bear a grudge forever hat is your problem, I will ignore all your post from now on, now knowing they are only there to cause trouble. You are not either my friend or my enemy and as far as I am concerned you do not exist unless you were to have a change of heart and begin to start acting decently. I have tried and tried with you and I’m sorry it has come to this.

                • ps when and where did I say I was all for treating disabled people with respect, because I can tell you there can be as many cheeky, arrogant disabled people as there are able bodied, not to mention exaggerators, liars and agitators, so don’t try and put words into my mouth I speak as I find and I knew you with your devious mealy mouth was going to be trouble from the start.
                  How’s your mother that you said was dead but who you now clean for??

                • Maria – “I am sorry that it has come to this”, I’m not fuckoff you manipulative cow, nobody is falling for your clap trap which veers from brassneck fawning to something out of the doomsday book.

                • I don’t want to be your friend any more, fly!

                • There is more than 1 pariah on this site!

            • ” As far as I’m concerned you do not exist, unless you have a change of heart and act decently” 🙂
              Have you heard yourself you deluded control freak?

  109. windy the cow catcher

    Pity Roger’s name hasn’t got a ‘V’ to replace the ‘G’, we might be able to get rid of him woof woof.

  110. paultheswineherd

    This just shows how the ‘judiciary’ is really starting to tow the hard-line Tory principles and ideology. It’s similar to the sort of thing that Thatcher’s ‘administration’ would have threatened to do, or even to carry out if unchallenged.

    • Paul, the judiciary are dancing, barefoot on the lid of a whistling pressure cooker………….

      One wrong move will upset the applecart and bolster the hatred of those firmly against the government regime of pure evil. They understand this, and are instructed, (yes instructed), from above, to tow the line.

      Dunko the Clown’s jolly jaunt to the Supreme Court to try and overturn the recent DWP setback is the action of a man in pure desperation to hang onto his job.
      He has already lost the moral and ethical battle and the many thousands of remarks on various blogs support this.

      The Clown, is no doubt, the most evil man in this country. He is a bully who has been kicked on his arse by widespread public opinion.

      Judges of the Supreme Court are aware that Human Rights have been breached and will be wary of inviting a challenge from thE EU which might open the floodgates of litigation.

      • paultheswineherd

        Geoff – Yes, it is really only a matter of time for them all now. I agree – the totally ‘compliant’ judiciary are indeed just one fateful step away from ‘biting the hand that feeds them’. If and when IDS throws his toys out of his baby pram and also throws an unlimited amount of ‘taxpayer’s’ money to try to get the Supreme Court to overturn the previous decision – I now forecast that he is going to lose. How on earth, with the previous decision being taken to say ‘that the Bedroom Tax’ is illegal (under certain circumstances) – how then can he expect (using exactly the same arguments!) to win this case. Of course, the ‘lawyers’ are well paid and also ‘clever’ at getting their own way – but if the Supreme Court rules in favour of ‘the Bedroom Tax’ still being illegal – it is possible that this could spell the end of IDS’s lying and totally twisted ‘position of power’. He could be out on his arse – and then, as you say – a Noah’s Ark style flood of litigation could well then be opened. An EU ‘Human Rights’ challenge could then reverberate down through all of ‘desperate’ Cameron/ his Government’s cruel policies. (Is it any wonder that pig-fuck really wants to have HIS own Bill of British Rights?!) European rules would be out of the window completely – his Tories would be tantamount to a dictatorial one-party state.
        All it takes is one ‘right’ decision to completely change things!

    • I’m not entirely convinced by the green arguments, most things put out there by the so called professionals are circumspect. What about all of those boats and ships they don’t run on fresh air, plus there has been more oil spills from tankers killing wildlife which needs attention more from the green peace activists.

      Nevertheless so afraid are these dictators of a rebellion, they will lock up anyone who veers from their course of greed and intimidation, the judges should tell them to go to hell and that they are not jailing them, but of course these people are trained in the art of restrictive practices and are terrified of losing their lucrative positions.

      If they jail the non-violent the chances are the violent will eventually rise up against them – the powers that be are goading everyone in society that has a grievance about their rule of law.

  111. stitchedupandbroken

    There are some very informative people on this site. Very informative. There’s a lot to learn,and lots they know. I could wish for a book/pamphlet/articles written by them(on what’s happening/happened in benefits and claims/suicides etc). I can’t name e’m all but G Reynolds,P Swineherd…and lots more(sorry,can’t recall all the names) I’d like to buy their book,pamphlet/publication. I DONT WANT TOO BUY Polly Toynebees,or one of the other Guardian writers shoe-ins: I’ve had enough of ’em,I don’t trust ’em. Still,I guess I know such writings wont be published cos the likes of GR wont be given access to the writers guild of published turds. Moreover,if he/others were,the DSS or whatever would be onto him straightaways,then more litigation/trouble for him and his like.Pity. It seems whatever you do the likes of IDS and his cohorts have his hands all over you.
    In my dreams I think they(IDS and followers) might be sowing the seeds of their own destruction when violence breaks out. This is when some person/group begins to take out in some violent way on those that torture them thru,perhaps(?),taking it out on their families.(Alls fair in love and war?)

    Most recently I read that some judges and officials at court were resigning afraid of litigants taking the law into their own hands and threatening physical violence/murder on them. The officials were getting frightened and wanted out,or minders. This is the people bringing justice to the judges,the incumbents of corruption.

    Not all bad news then?

    • paultheswineherd

      stitchedupandbroken – thank you for your kind words, yes I am sure that Geoff, Sarah7, Sian, Stepping Razor, fly hawkes, Marie & Maria and many many more (again too many to mention fully) try to bring as much ‘breaking news’ & ‘comment’ as possible to this site.
      There is an old saying ‘knowledge is power’ and that is still very true today!

  112. I am OK

    What is Wrong with You ?

    Why are You so Oblivious to the State the Country is in ?

    Arthurthecaterpillar | February 2, 2016 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    Why do you always cut & paste everyone elses comments, don’t you know how to, AND DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING THE SAME OLD CRAPPY BORING SLOGANS 50 TIMES A DAY. Why the hell are you so obsessed with the Nazis, what’s wrong with you??????!

    • Yes you are ok noop, take no notice.
      Only those with insider information and are whistle blowers will tell us anything we can’t already find on the internet, but trawling through some of the dross is a pain, so i’m sure most on this site are grateful for those that do trawl and bring us informative news and also their opinions on the said so called political and social news.

  113. Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith on
    116,357 Signatures

    No Austerity No Nutcase Budgets

  114. The Country has been in a Monolithic Mess which Common Sense and
    Compassion would Sort Out but which the Ostrich Like Attitude of too
    many out There Ensures it remains Sadly in a Monolithic Mess and
    probably gets Worse

    Wake Up Britain and Stop the Political Zombieism

  115. The Nazis came to Power because too Many did Not Stand Up to Them
    and Stayed in Power because too Many Acted the Political Ostrich

    For Tyranny to Triumph it is Only Necessary that the Masses are as Much
    the Problem by Political Zombieism

    The Country Need’s Political Improvement or it will Carry on going
    Downhill with Nazis Top as well as Nazi Thugs on the Street

  116. Shows how ” Modern Britain ” has been Turning into a Dictatorship

    I Despise Margaret Thatcher’s Regime

    paultheswineherd | February 2, 2016 at 10:06 pm | Reply

    This just shows how the ‘judiciary’ is really starting to tow the hard-line Tory principles and ideology. It’s similar to the sort of thing that Thatcher’s ‘administration’ would have threatened to do, or even to carry out if unchallenged.

  117. The Best Council Housing Policy Regarding Housing the Homeless
    is simply to House Them with No Ivory Tower Pantomime

  118. Meaningful Human Rights has to Include a Place of Residence as a
    Basic Human Right and Basic Human Necessity

    This should be in a British Constitution

  119. No op

    Not all places of residence they want to put people in are desirable though either!

  120. I Agree Entirely .

    It is Essential that Places of Residence are Habitable .

    Human Dignity and Health is at Stake

    fly hawkes | February 3, 2016 at 10:44 am | Reply

    No op

    Not all places of residence they want to put people in are desirable though either!

    • “seems that the word is getting out NOOP”


      RMT Chief Steve Hedley Accuses Tory Government Of ‘Murdering’ People And Calls For Their Execution
      The Huffington Post UK | By Aubrey Allegretti

      Posted: 02/02/2016 17:23 GMT Updated: 02/02/2016 17:59 GMT

      The boss of one of Britain’s biggest trade unions has claimed Conservative ministers are “murdering” people and called for them to be “taken out and shot”.

      Steve Hedley, the RMT’s senior assistant general secretary, also branded senior cabinet figures an “absolute disgrace” for cuts to disability benefits in a fiery outburst on LBC today.

      Phone-in presenter Shelagh Fogarty told Hedley, “It is not a part of adult, mature negotiation to speak the way you just spoke.” However, the 45-year-old continued his line of attack.

      “This government are killing three disabled people a week because of the cuts – you never hear that discussed on your programme,” he lamented.

      Fogarty, left, took Hedley, right, to task for his comments

      “George Osborne has earned £200 million and pays no tax on it.”

      Hedley, who last year launched a “vile and abusive” tirade at another radio presenter, continually asking if he had stopped beating his wife, was talking about striking junior doctors.

      Medics are due to stage a 24-hour walkout on February 10 over proposed changes to pay.

      “Why don’t we have more conversations about what’s actually going on in this country?” asked the RMT boss. “The cuts are affecting people’s health and killing people every week.”


    • Arthurthecaterpillar

      Why do you keep putting other peoples comments up, wouldn’t it be simpler to comment yourself, or haven’t you got the intelligence to do so, I think you are a complete IMBECILE.

      • Some of us actually like to find out what is going on, and the posts Geoff makes, gives us a news we wouldn’t otherwise get.

  121. Chris McCabe

    The Tories’ ideologically driven ‘welfare reforms’ created to destroy the welfare state have brought enormous suffering, persecution, & death to sick & disabled people, who are now treated as guilty until they prove themselves innocent of being frauds by the private firms who are paid to collude with the DWP in denying benefits to those most in need. It makes their lives even more difficult by means of constant stress, worry, & poverty. This is why IDS has repeatedly evaded giving clear figures that show the death toll of his ‘helping’ disabled people


    …….another buzz for the UN INSPECTORS

    Mr Mulrooney, who is on benefits, had lived in the house for more than 25 years, and claims his request for a smaller property in St Giles has not been met by the City of Lincoln Council.

    His wife Lisa had a stroke and died in 2000 and his three grown-up daughters live elsewhere.

    Now the council is paying for his temporary 28-day accommodation in a B & B.

    When the Echo visited the address at about 1.30pm on Tuesday, February 2, Mr Mulrooney appeared at an upstairs window and said: “I have been evicted because I have been in the property for 28 years, my children have left and I told the council I didn’t need a three bedroom house but they haven’t offered me anything smaller. I am fed up with it.”

    Police negotiators and council officials managed to coax Mr Mulrooney from the property at about 3pm.

    Clutching his meagre belongings in two carrier bags, he then told the Echo: “I owe the council £2,500 in rent but I’ve been telling them for years the house is too big for me.

    “And since the bedroom tax has come in my housing benefit won’t cover the extra rent.”

    There was much support for Mr Mulrooney from within the St Giles community.

    A group of youths got into an altercation in the street with police before dumping a mattress spray-painted with the words ‘Scrap the Bedroom Tax’.

    Read more: http://www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk/Police-standoff-Lincoln-man-facing-eviction/story-28654652-detail/story.html#ixzz3z6wzFlvk
    Follow us: @LincsEcho on Twitter | LincsEcho on Facebook

  123. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP being evasive over universal credit delays, MPs claim

    Guardian – 3rd Feb 2016

    Iain Duncan Smith’s department accused of blocking efforts to find out cause of delays to flagship welfare scheme

    MPs have accused the Department for Work and Pensions of using “evasive” measures to prevent parliament from finding out why there have been yet more delays to the universal credit scheme.

    The government’s flagship welfare programme will not be implemented before the autumn of 2021, four years after its completion date, a report by the committee has disclosed.

    But Iain Duncan Smith’s department has been accused of blocking MPs as they tried to discover the cause of the delays, how many people they will affect, and how long they will persist.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “””””A DWP spokesman disagreed with the PAC’s claims that the department had failed to be transparent. “We are disappointed that they [MPs] seem to have failed to take into account much of the evidence we supplied.

      “Universal credit is on schedule. Once fully rolled out it will generate £6.7bn in economic benefit every year. We welcome the IFS analysis which shows that UC will make work pay and increase financial incentives for people to work more, while also bringing the welfare bill under control,” he said. “”””””

  124. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    2025 Universal Credit still not completed. The new completion date is 2030 !!!

    A confidence tricksters way of money laundering.

    Let`s make it 2035 UC completion date !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Maximus comes in very useful for money laundering the governments dodgy deals. Great to hide behind Maximus is it not IDS !!!!

  125. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP post for Amazon boss is ‘disgusting’, says Margaret Hodge

    Hodge says non-executive director role for Amazon’s China chief, Doug Gurr, is ironic as ‘they are killing off UK business and jobs’

    Guardian – 3rd Feb 2016

    The Labour MP and tax campaigner Margaret Hodge has described as “disgusting” a plan to give an executive of Amazon, one of the companies at the centre of an intensifying row over taxes, a directorship at the Department of Work and Pensions.

    Hodge was responding to the news, first revealed by Sky News, that Amazon’s head of Chinese operations, Doug Gurr, is to become a non-executive director of the DWP. The DWP said it would issue a statement, which was not available at the time of publication. Amazon declined to comment.

    Hodge said: “If people are not putting their proper share into the pot, how can government ever justify giving them prestigious positions?”

    Gurr’s arrival at the department will increase fears that largely US-based technology giants such as Amazon are having an increasing influence on government at a time when there is growing public pressure for them to pay more tax in the UK.

    Hodge also said that it was ironic for the DWP, which is trying to place people in employment, to hire an executive from Amazon, which she blames for destroying British jobs. “They are killing off British business and jobs, partly because they’re not paying sufficient tax and so are able to undercut their rivals,” she said.

    The multinational tax row has intensified since it emerged that Google had agreed to pay £130m to cover taxes dating back a decade. Although George Osborne heralded the deal a success, it was soon derided by critics, who calculated that the payment equated to a tax rate of just 3%.

    The business secretary, Sajid Javid, said he shared the feelings of many people who felt there was a sense of injustice about the Google deal and described the tax settlement as “not a glorious moment” for the government.

    It has since been pointed out that Google has enjoyed a close relationship with the government, with key figures going from government to Google as well as some executives going from the firm to Whitehall.

    “If we hadn’t had such a revolving door between government and Google, perhaps we would not be asking questions about a sweetheart deal,” said Jolyon Maugham, a tax expert and former adviser to Ed Miliband. “However, there are very good reasons why government would want to bring successful people into the heart of policymaking.”.


  126. Ni hao is that the Johnny void site?

  127. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Where do I send my UC form?
    DWP – Send it to our Chinese office run by Amazon.

  128. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The DWP now entering Tax Fraud with Amazon.

  129. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I here Iran would make a good DWP tax haven !!!

  130. Ni hao, ni hao it’s off to work you go! 🙂

  131. I’m trying very hard not to be a doomsayer, so give us a smile razor.

  132. The Country is Utterly Messed Up and The Oblivious have a Lot to Answer For

  133. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  134. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Published on 19 Jan 2016

  135. paultheswineherd

    From now on, we can only hope for more! There are strong indications that the Media may be starting to turn against the Tories and their policies.
    Even the normal Tory favourite trumpet, the BBC has tonight aired a report on their 6 o’clock News about the unfairness of ‘a working’ lady facing the prospect of being stripped of her Motability car and hence, probably losing her job in the process (after an assessment to go from DLA to PIP). She rightfully is appealing this decision and hopefully will win. It was reported that 60% of people get their decisions overturned on Appeal. They have done over 50,000 Motability assessments, but they have still got hundreds of thousands more to do yet! Normally a report like this on the BBC would be ‘banned’.
    Cameron thinks that his ‘EU negotiation deal’ is the best thing since sliced bread – whilst many of his Eurosceptic MP’s are stabbing him in the back at the same time. A back-bench revolt is simmering and may well still yet boil over. What with the Public Accounts Committee looking into the taxpayer funded ‘wasted’ contracts with ATOS, MAXIMUS & CAPITA and also that the Works & Pensions Committee are looking into the continuing Universal Credit disaster, IDS’s position has never, ever looked so precarious than it does today. He is rightfully shitting bricks in case he now gets the push.
    The Tories lies and spin are at last, unravelling before our very eyes.
    Long may it continue.

    • Good, its about time, maybe next time they have a protest in London they might report it, instead of pretending it never happens and reporting about something stupid like wearing pyjamas to school; instead of real news.

      • paultheswineherd

        Maria – yes, very true. The BBC & Sky has, for too long totally complicit with what they have been doing. Turning a blind eye as far as they have been concerned – no problem – the Tories are the bosses and the poor, the sick & the disabled do not exist! Well, it may be turning at long last!

        • The way they are going on and if they get their way, the vulnerable won’t exist anymore, they would be in their grave. hope people the press everyone can see more of what they are doing really soon.:)

  136. paultheswineherd

    This disagreement could well break the Tories apart and it could even eventually bring Cameron down! He is now a PM who is ‘desperate’!

    • http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/alan-johnson-remaining-europe-crucial-7296659

      Alan Johnson fighting for migrants to receive benefits in uk , while the people in the uk are fighting for benefits themselves.
      The whole thing is one big farce, especially as we would not be paid benefits in other European countries.
      I say If they want us to pay benefits out of our welfare pot then we will take it out of our contribution to Europe.

      We are supposedly under EU employment laws now, but anyone who takes their case to Brussels gets shafted in one way or another, the only person that benefitted was Abu Hamza.

      All Europe seems to be doing is attacking their own European partners, Greece, Russia etc.

      • Pawel and the Poles

        Hey fly, who no you go to Poland and make to claim for our benefits? We give you a great big fuck off! 😀

        • That’s the reply I expected from po-land, they are as po-or as church mice.
          How much are they expected to contribute to the EU I wonder??

          • They haven’t got a po to piss in 🙂

            • They don’t have any sort of toilets in their own country. it’s why I see them over here piss up the side of a tree especially in front of young children or the elderly. No respect whatsoever with their filthy toilet habits that only dogs tend to do. It’s about time those filthy Europeans were toilet trained the proper way without having to resort to pissing up a the side of a tree or worse, in the street.

      • zoe Lyons on the Wright stuff today said she wanted the pro’s and con’s on
        Europe – Just like the UK there are no pro’s just cons from so called pro’s.

  137. paultheswineherd

    This Government is one that is blindly staggering from one stupid mistake to another and is too pig-headed, arrogant, proud, pompous and above all, rich (both personally & via the ‘taxpayer’s pocket’) – to even realise it!
    They are going to pay for all of this – and they are going to pay big time.

  138. Bit-part actor seen in an 2012 episode of BBC Casualty going under the name of “Iona” praising the muppets behind the Work Programme…

  139. paultheswineherd

    I’ve just seen a very interesting programme on BBC2 called ‘World War 3 – The War Room’. I can assure you that this would all be very true to life (excepting that the ‘diplomatic’ figures would not have any real say in it at all – certainly not voting for, or not for, any military action)!. It would be entirely down to the ‘Governments’ and the ‘Military top brass’ of the various countries to take the decisions. Signals would be sent quickly and very securely via the various underground Comcens (Communications Centres). The build up (of Russian incursion into a ‘Nato’ Country – Latvia) – is entirely credible and this would be considered as a military ‘P.O.T’ or a period of tension’ (2-6 weeks or so) and even ‘an act of war’ if violence was committed by them, before the instigation of any real hostilities. The way that it was ‘played out’ could indeed involve a purely U.S. only attack on Russia – but the way that it has been really since WW2, Britain would really be ‘expected’ to take part also in a joint attack with the U.S. in a ‘coalition’ effort. If it got this far, it would become real bloodbath – not only of military personnel – but of the civilians (collateral) also. Conventional weapons could very easily and very soon, turn into nuclear ones.
    I only hope to God that any of this never, ever happens for real in the future!

  140. paultheswineherd

    (Also encrypted signals nowadays – via satellites!)


    I would like to know:
    The number of claimants receiving treatment for cancer by way of
    chemotherapy or radiotherapy or likely to receive treatment within
    six months after the date of the LCW determination or recovering
    from treatment for cancer by way of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
    who were not found to have Limited Capability for Work, and
    therefore were not entitled to ESA
    And the number of claimants in the same circumstances who were
    found to have Limited Capability for Work but not Limited
    Capability for Work Related Activity




    The revelation that registered charity, AGE UK, received £6 million pounds from energy supplier, EON , to sell more expensive tariffs to the frail and elderly comes as no great shock……………

    But who has profited from the cash injection, should be the question we are all asking.

    Who stands to gain?
    One thing is for sure, it won’t be those that they were willing to stab in the back in the first instance, those they purport to be helping.

    AGE UK has been exposed as a total sham, a parasite that feeds from those it is supposed to help,

    Keep an eye on the company records to see who, at the top, has had a fucking big bonus,

    When you see a collection box or envelope or tv add for donations, just look away for these so called charities are nothing more than the scum of the earth……..

    • “uk government made to look cunt’s over JULIAN ASSANGE revelations”

      Now that the UN has declared than WIKILEAKS whistleblower, JULIAN ASSANGE, was illegally detained within the Ecuadorian Embassy, where does it place the UK having spent over £10 million on keeping him prisoner?

      Police are reviewing the round-the-clock guard outside the Ecuadorian embassy preventing the escape of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange amid concerns that it is putting a strain on resources, the Metropolitan police commissioner has said.

      The cost of the operation, which began in June 2012, has reached about £10m, according to figures published last week.

      The Met commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, told LBC radio on Tuesday: “We won’t talk about tactics, but we are reviewing what options we have. It is sucking our resources.”

      Assange walked into the embassy on 19 June, 2012, in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sex assault and rape accusations, which he denies

      ………The UK government have been found to be acting illegally so does this pave the way for him to claim millions in damages?

      Even as i type, the government are in a quandary about what to do, threatening to arrest him and deport him to Sweden on jumped up sex charges to get him imprisoned in America for the crime of exposing the truth………………..

      Are we a part of the EU or a puppet of our good old friends across the pond in whom we share a special relationship……………..


      • @geoff

        Nice to see journalist John Pilger telling Sky news that the uk government are breaking the law and to arrest Assange is unlawful.

  143. Benefit Sanctions: Tories Waging An ‘All Out Assault On The Poor’, Says MP

    Feb 3, 2016

    The Tory Government has been accused of unfairly targeting vulnerable people and those on low-income, in what one MP described as an “all out assault on the poor”.

    Anne McLaughlin, the Glasgow North East SNP MP, told David Cameron during PMQ’s that one of her constituents, who is an employee at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), had informed her that staff are “under pressure” to hit benefit sanctions “targets”.

    Ms McLaughlin added: “There have long been allegations of DWP staff being under pressure to hit targets for the number of benefit sanctions they slap on the vulnerable.

    “But it doesn’t matter what you call them – targets fail to take account of the devastating impact the withdrawal of vital welfare payments has to an individual.”

    “Benefit sanctions also do nothing to support people into work”, she added.

    Official government statistics show that more than 120,000 sick and disabled people, who the DWP accept were unfit for work, had their benefits docked between 2008 and 2014.


  144. It is Beyond Disgusting the Electoral Gerrymandering such as 800,000
    People having Dropped Off the Electoral Register

    No to Dictatorship Yes to having a Vote and a Say in Politics

    No to the Tory Third Reich

  145. Notice that Petition For The Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State For Work and Pensions Now has 116,365 Signatures .

    No to Universal Credit Defend the Welfare State Hands Off The Poor

  146. Tories got in because of Votes from Gormless People

    It Needs Votes to Help get them Out short of David Cameron Resigning
    as Prime Minister

  147. What do You Believe in Then ?

    I Believe in Decent Government which is Not a Slogan but a Matter of

    Arthurthecaterpillar | February 4, 2016 at 10:42 am | Reply

    This is the COMMENTS section of the void, NO MORE SLOGANS PLEASE 😈

  148. Funding For Local Government can be Met without Council Tax being
    Inflicted upon the Poor and Vulnerable by seeing that the Streets are
    Free of Litter particularly Broken Glass and Dogs Mess by National
    Government Supplying Proper Funding

    The More Funding from National Government the More there is to Fund
    Services provided by Local Government and thus the Less Need for
    Excessive Council Tax

    This is Basically Common Sense

  149. As Bigots Tabloids have Victimised the Poor and Vulnerable the Answer
    is to Boycott them and Hopefully the more that Follow suit the more
    People that can see the Light of Truth , Namely that the Poor and
    Vulnerable are the Victims and the Victimisers are the Real Villains

    As Malcolm X said
    ” If You are Not Careful the NewsPapers will have You Hating the People
    who are being Oppressed, And Loving the People who are Doing the
    Oppressing “

  150. The State of this Country is Cloud Cuckooland . Too Many out There
    from Politicians to the ” Master Race ” Middle Class are in Cloud Cuckooland

    This is Not ” Opinion ” This is Not a ” Slogan ” This is Fuck

  151. This is Fact .

    Obviously the Country is Fucked Up

  152. I have a Belief in the Triumph of Good over Evil, Of a Caring Society
    with Decent Public Services and am Proud of that Belief

    • it could only happen in the uk NOOP.

      We are having a collection for the Syrians, the very people we are bombing and driving from their homes

  153. A very thought provoking piece from Harry Paterson, mind I don’t think the queen would ever exercise her special powers and put her own precarious position in jeopardy, she would probably only do so if the government told her to, so that they could scapegoat each other.

    I do not however think a republic or a so called democratic parliament are any less despotic themselves, given the antics of the last labour and the present tory government.

    Even if the queen or the rich paid bedroom tax on their mansions it does not mean that the poor have to do likewise, given the sparseness of their incomes.


    Thats what the Dwp said in a suicide report.


    PART 31.

    A decision that a claimant does not have Limited Capability for work, or Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, is colloquially referred to as a decision that the claimant is “FIT FOR WORK”. However, what this actually means is that the claimant does not meet the functional descriptors set out in the ESA Regulations for LCA or LCWRA.


    • Natalie READ (staff nurse)

      One of my friends has just come back from holiday in Lanzarote, on of the Canary Islands.
      On the first day the waitress asked if it was true that the British government kill the disabled people to save money.
      It is nice to know that the rest of the world are getting plenty of feedback about the reality of our corrupt people killers.

      • Natalie READ (staff nurse)

        Just heard the highest paid Canadian wanker on the TV.
        Mark Carney is of the opinion that our economy has hit the buffers and an interest rise is unlikely in the near future.
        furthermore, it could actually go down.
        The Tory government must be cringing and Osborne is nowhere to be seen.
        All and sundry know that the uk economy is on it’s arse, you only have to look at our shopping areas.

        BANK of England Governor Mark Carney has turned down a 1.5 per cent pay rise to his £480,000 basic salary. That was noted in the BoE’s annual report for the 12 months to February 28 this year which confirmed the Canadian born Governor received a total package close to £880,000.15 Jun 2015

        My junior doctors would be proud of a pay day like this.

        PS Jeremy Hunt is a murdering cunt.

  155. UJM is now fucked up as it won’t even let me sign-in through the Edge Browser. All it comes back is “Application Error”. So much for the so-called digital jobs revolution we were sold by the Department of Wankers and Pricks. IDS is more concerned about trying to appeal against the High Court over those backdated bedroom tax claims that taking note that UJM doesn’t even run properly on a modern web browser.

    Not even my souped-up heavily tweaked firefox agrees with UJM after all those hundreds of about:config tweaks I have altered to beef up its privacy and security against the prying government.

    • What a terrible mess Fen, it surprises me the country still functions in some way. This government should be ashamed of it itself. If it was decent it would be ashamed. All those cars took off disabled people. So that they now won’t be able to go to the job they was going to before, or have a chance of working if they aspired to. Protect disabled people??? I never believed them when they said it back in 2009.

      • The only way I can use that knackered joke of a job website is through IE11 as both Edge, and my heavily tweaked version of Firefox, won’t accept it (I’ve altered so much through the about:config of firefox such as removing all of the weak and insecure security protocols to fully protect my rights to internet anomonity that UJM no longer functions on it.

        If I use UJM through IE11 I have no rights to absolute internet privacy and yet if I stop myself being tracked, etc through Edge and Firefox I cannot use UJM at all and therefore put myself at risk of sanctions. Either way the government have me fucked over again.

        Job seeking and the rights to absolute internet privacy in this country is a big joke nowadays. It is now either lose your rights to privacy in order to satisfy the ever-changing job rules, or lose your money under protecting yourself and keeping your online identity hidden under article 8 of the ECHR act.

        Too bad I can’t use a proxy service on IE11 when accessing UJM – this would fuck them up something rotten for them to find my computer’s IP coming from America and yet I live in this country.

        • that’s what they want Fen your forced to give up your rights, or starve. It shouldn’t be that you are forced to use that website, what doe sit matter how you look for a job as long as you look for one. All these measures are e doing is making unemployment worse and driving fit people, if they are fit in the first place, sick in mind and sick in body making people economically useless, dragging society down, never improving it.

          • Those of us having to endure the JCP every week or whenever have no choice but to use that un-secure website otherwise we are up the creek. Having an UJM account is now a condition of receiving JSA, along with everyone must now have a CV on jobmatch. No if’s and buts is the way forward with the clowns in government.

            In their eyes absolute privacy (not just online) and receiving JSA are incompatible and will contradict each other forever. I will do whatever it takes to preserve my privacy on the internet from all manner of snoops, tracking cookies and everything else that I know follows my every activity I do online, and yet this is a double-edge sword when it comes to making sure the JCP is happy in what I do on the enforced usage UJM.

            If I completely stopped using UJM altogether tomorrow, the JCP will want to know in minute detail as to why I chose this course of action and recommend that I provide alternative means of job application proof such as endless print-outs of job applications from other job websites I have accounts with – making yet more intrusions into my privacy from the state.

            JCP, along with its American useless, spam ridden job website that should be thrown on the bonfire along with that slap-headed old monster smithy. Until that day arrives I have to balance my full online privacy with making sure the JCP doesn’t try to put me into debt.

  156. Just trying out some smiley faces to see if they work or not…


  157. ֍ – no idea what that is supposed to be. Answers on a postcard please.

    • fen i use this it fucks them right up as i can apply for 70 jobs a week refuse them access and take pics on my phone to show its applying for jobs for me, dont tell them that tho lol


      its a chrome plugin so will need to use that as web browser and will need a cv for it to work.

      35hr job search done in 10 mins 🙂

      • @ Superted

        I don’t use that Chrome app as this leads to the DWP getting very suspicious about the high number of jobs being applied for each week and the type of job actually being applied for. That Chrome app applies for all jobs on UJM that can be applied for directly and the app does not discriminate between the different specific job roles on offer.

        I know UJM is crap, even my JCP advisor doesn’t like the website at all but has to go with DWP policy against her own better judgement. But I won’t bugger up my chances and end up with a sanction for simply cheating the system with an app that violates the terms of service of usage of UJM.

  158. paultheswineherd

    These are the bastards that we – as the ‘general public’ are supposed to ‘look up’ to! My arse – please spread this story as far and wide as possible!

    • Tax avoidance allegations

      In September 2014, it was reported that Cox was one of a number of individuals investing in the Phoenix Film Partners LLC scheme run by Ingenious PLC which HMRC has alleged to be a tax avoidance scheme. Ingenious claimed the scheme had been submitted to HMRC for pre-approval and that HMRC had not raised any objections. Cox has said that if the scheme is a tax avoidance scheme, it would have contradicted his instructions to the financial advisers to whom he specified that he did not wish to be involved in aggressive tax avoidance.[7] The tax status of the scheme is due to be considered at a tribunal later in 2015.

      HMRC probes company in which MP Geoffrey Cox invested

      MP Geoffrey Cox told The Journal that Ingenious “strongly disputes” the allegations by the HMRC.

      A FILM company which the MP for Torridge and West Devon has invested in is being investigated by HM Revenue and Customs.

      Conservative MP GeoffreyCox invested money into Phoenix Film Partners, run by Ingenious Media, after being introduced to the company six years ago.

      HMRC is looking into the film investment scheme, which it believes was designed to avoid tax, and a tribunal is to take place later in the year.

      Mr Cox is one of 230 members who put cash into Phoenix Film Partners, according to reports by the Mirror newspaper.
      Find out which No7 anti- ageing serum gets even better over time!
      Find out which No7 anti- ageing serum gets even better over time!

      MP pay rise: North Devon MPs to receive an extra £7,000 a year

      Torridge MP Geoffrey Cox criticised for earning £452,000 as barrister while working in Parliament

      The report states that Mr Cox is Britain’s highest earning MP, recently earning £329,452 in a year as a barrister, while also earning £67,000 a year for his work as an MP.

      The publication goes on to state that accounts for Phoenix show that since launching in 2008, the company had assets of £107 million last year, but made a £7.7 million loss over five years.

    • Phoenix is one of 1,200 avoidance schemes recently identified by HMRC where investors are being told to hand over unpaid tax before disputes are settled by a tribunal.

      It is among several film-financing projects set up by Ingenious Media, which denies running avoidance set-ups for the super-rich.

      Channel 4 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
      Resigned: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall pulled out of the scheme

      Ingenious clients include footballers Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Joey Barton, plus film-maker Guy Ritchie and TV stars Jeremy Paxman, Anne Robinson and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

      • TV Interviewer: “So Wayne, what what would you be if you weren’t a famous, multi-millionaire international footballer? 😉 ”

        Wayne Rooney: “A virgin” 🙂

  159. Looks like the Tory Regime is wanting to Mess about Further with
    Sunday to Push Extra Sunday Trading

    Disgraceful Arrogance from the ” Conservatives ” which Needs to be

    • The Queen and royal family labelled parasitic scrounging scumbags by facebook trolls.



        • So do i marie, it turns out that the bucko house squatters gin sodden mother was barren so it was artificially inseminated and so hence lizzie and mags. Fuck knows who the spunk donor was(prob the milkman) so just think if the bastards had left well alone the unroyals parasitic reign would have come to an end.

        • paultheswineherd

          Good for the trolls & keep up the good work – these scrounging bunch of cunts have never, ever had it so good. Even the queen herself is going to have a ‘payrise’ of £7000 this year – that’s more than some low-paid workers in Britain earn annually! Meanwhile the royals continue to see their taxpayer paid ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ just roll in!

  160. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Atos, Maximus and Capita forced to admit assessment failures

    Disability News Service DNS – 4th Feb 2016

    The three companies that carry out disability benefit assessments for the government have all been forced to admit regret at the poor quality of their work, while giving evidence to a committee of MPs.

    Senior executives from Maximus, Atos and Capita were providing evidence to the public accounts committee, following a highly critical report into their work by the National Audit Office (NAO).

    Last month’s NAO report said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had failed to achieve value for money from the health and disability assessments it had contracted out to Atos, Maximus and Capita.

    In 2014-15, DWP spent about £275 million on assessment contracts, but this is expected to more than double to £579 million by 2016-17.

    The NAO report showed that, in August 2015, 36 per cent of Capita’s personal independence payment (PIP) assessment reports failed to meet standards agreed with DWP, compared with the four per cent target set in its contract.

    Read More:

  161. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Protesters to march on GP surgery over Maximus job coach project

    DNS – 4th Feb 2016

    Disabled activists are to march on a surgery next month in protest at its involvement in a government scheme that is placing welfare-to-work advisors from a discredited US outsourcing giant in GP practices.

    Six surgeries in Islington, north London, are taking part in the year-long pilot scheme run and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Islington council.

    Under the Working Better scheme, job coaches employed by Remploy – which is now mostly owned by the US company Maximus – are placed in GP surgeries for one day a week.

    Patients who are unemployed and have long-term health conditions can ask their GP to refer them to “intensive and personalised employment coaching” within the surgery.

    The job coaches “work with patients to establish their previous work experience, knowledge and skills, to build confidence, set goals and identify job or educational opportunities”.

    Read More:

  162. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Government departments and judiciary in ‘fit for work’ suicide ‘cover-up’

    DNS – 4th Feb 2016 [about 10 minutes ago]

    Two government departments – and the judiciary – appear to be conspiring to prevent the release of information that would show how ministers ignored an opportunity to prevent the “fitness for work” test causing disabled claimants to take their own lives.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been asked key questions about its apparent failure to fulfil its legal duty to respond to a coroner’s report on the suicide of a disabled man found “fit for work” six years ago.

    Questions submitted by Disability News Service under the Freedom of Information Act were due to be answered by 20 January – again, according to DWP’s legal duty – but the response is now two weeks overdue.

    Both the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Judicial Office have produced misleading responses to questions submitted by DNS in the past few days.

    Read More:

  163. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Discrimination against disabled staff shoots up at DWP, the home of ‘Disability Confident’

    DNS – 4th Feb 2016 [about 10 minutes ago]

    The number of disabled civil servants who have faced discrimination within the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has risen by nearly a quarter in just a year, according to “shocking” and “very worrying” new figures.

    More than 1,400 disabled civil servants who took part in the survey for the Cabinet Office said they had been discriminated against in 2015, compared with 1,038 in 2014.

    Although more DWP civil servants (61,019) responded to the 2015 survey than the 2014 survey (54,426), the figures show that the proportion of staff who faced disability-related discrimination rose by 23.5 per cent.

    And there were far more staff discriminated against on the grounds of disability in 2015 (1,437) than age (895), caring responsibilities (1,041), race (429), gender (607) or sexual orientation (153).

    But the minister for disabled people, Justin Tomlinson, has failed to express any concern about the figures or suggest a plan for tackling the problem of rising disability discrimination within his own department.

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Disability Confident

      Through Disability Confident, we are working with employers to:
      •challenge attitudes towards disability
      •increase understanding of disability
      •remove barriers
      •ensure that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations

      Prime Minister launches Disability Confident campaign

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        WHAT A FUCK UP !!!!!


          ………the transfer of murdering rights

          Union Slams ‘Secret’ DWP Plan To Privatise Vital Access To Work Scheme

          Iain Duncan Smith has splashed out £200,000 on employing consultants to draw up possible ways of privatising the Access To Work scheme.

          The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) has slammed “secret” Tory plans to sell off a publicly owned back to work scheme, that helps people with long-term illnesses and severe disabilities remain in work or find other suitable employment.

          A memo seen by the Mirror reveals that Iain Duncan Smith has splashed out £200,000, on employing consultants to draw up possible ways of privatising the Access To Work scheme.

          The Mirror reports that the Tory Work and Pensions Secretary is exploring ways to put the scheme out to tender, which may include the private sector as well as non-profit organisations and charities.

          According to official Government statistics (pdf), Access to Work helped nearly 29,000 individuals between April to September 2015. The vital scheme also employs more than 600 people.

          The memo admits that selling off the scheme could lead to accusations that it “represents a dilution of Government support for disability employment”.



            Mr Serwotka told the Mirror: “It’s staggering that after all the failures of privatisation in DWP, such as the work programme and the Atos debacle with back to work tests, that ministers would even consider going for this.”

            A DWP spokesperson admitted that the department is “exploring whether there is an opportunity to work with organisations such as charities”, but insisted “no decisions have yet been made”.



              Last week, the Ministry of Justice refused to say whether a DWP response to the Osborne report was ever sent to the Lord Chancellor, as legislation in place at the time said it should have been.

              The Ministry of Justice press office has seen the same letters that were shown to the Judicial Office, but has also refused to answer questions about the report, including whether it will investigate what appears to be a breach of the law by Duncan Smith.


  164. paultheswineherd

    Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, together with the murdering clown of all clowns, Iain Duncan Smith both need to be held to account and prosecuted.
    The same goes for the deliberate withholding of genuinely and legally requested information (that should be in the public domain).
    Also, with regard to Geoffrey Cox – if a member of the public did what he did – and they got found out, they would be hauled up before the Courts and prosecuted – 0h, but no! – not Geoffrey Cox – he is a QC/a barrister and above all a Tory M.P. – one law for these bastards and another law for the rest of us.
    Meanwhile, although there is an age of unesessary ‘austerity’ in Britain today, (the 5th biggest economy in the world!) and the so-called ‘deficit’ is growing ever higher & higher – the Government, in their infinite insanity has announced that they are going to give £1.2 billion to support Syria and another £400 million to help eradicate ‘Guinea-Worm’ infestations in African Guinea. (A cause also widely supported by ex-U.S. president Jimmy Carter)
    What an utter fucking shambles of an ‘administration’ we now have in charge.

    • Geoffrey Cox QC has already apologised to the Commons for his “small oversight”, “after all, we all make ‘mistakes'” Case closed – no further action required.

      If only benefit recipients could avoid being hauled before the courts by apologising to the DWP for their “small oversights” and “mistakes”.

    • It was £400,000 this fucker ‘forgot’ to declare. Even “forgetting to declare” 4 PENCE would be enough to get a benefit recipient thrown in the slammer!

  165. paultheswineherd

    Please read this. Start hitting Dunko The Clown – he is torturing far too many people now with this infernal and totally unfair Bedroom Tax.

    • The robbers in government know they are robbing people with the bedroom tax, those in housing associations that are demanding that the poor pay up know what twats they are too and those in local government where you have to apply for your housing benefit to be refunded (if eligible lol) are also part of the criminal class – all carrying out Nazi orders – whether they are a tory or labour run council.

      Labour only want to abolish it so that they can force you out once you are not coughing up, either via social conscience (which they don’t have given the orders they follow) or through lies and deceit by locking people up elsewhere for political reasons.

      Did you know that as a citizen you can bring a case to court yourself by applying to the courts.

  166. paultheswineherd

    fly hawkes – Many thanks for this – I was aware of that, but much appreciated anyway.

    • If you are aware of it Paul, do you know if you can still get legal aid, not that it ever stretched to bring about a favourable conclusion in the courts, they would drag it out until your legal aid ran out, but at least you have recorded a grievance if you want to go it alone because these petitions are doing nothing you need direct action – go to it dpac.

  167. paultheswineherd

    fly hawkes – thanks for that. I am unsure about the legal aid situation nowadays. It was announced a while back that due to continuing threats and actions by the judiciary (afraid that they were going to not have enough cases to deal with and also ironically, that there could be miscarriages of justice because of it – i.e. a defendant not having enough money to defend themselves) if they were ever taken to court or if they actually brought a case themselves. Again it was announced a while ago by Gove (to end around 24th Dec, 2015) they they were going to drop the idea of extra ‘fees’ being charged (the surcharge), again because of the ‘injustice’ in the defendant having to prove ‘guilty’ to avoid the extra charges being incurred on them. (that’s British justice for you!)

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