Government Slammed By Regulators Over Misleading Homelessness Statistics

Soaring street homelesness much worse than even this say charities

This looks bad but it’s even worse say homelessness charities.

Government homelessness statistics due out next week have been slammed as ‘potentially misleading’ by the UK Statistics Authority after charities warned they were under-estimating the true scale of the homelessness epidemic.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) produces three different sets of homelessness statistics and all have shown a rising trend in the number of those without a home over the last five years.   Two of these reports – statistics on how many people people have approached local councils concerned they are about to become homeless as well as figures recording the number of people sleeping rough – are released on an annual basis whilst the number of people actually accepted as homeless by Local Authorities are recorded on a quarterly basis.  This needs to change according to the Statistics Authority who recommend that all local authority statistics are released quarterly in a single publication.

The authority also questions whether rough sleeping statistics are truly an accurate portrayal pointing out significant difference between the number of street homeless people estimated in counts carried out by charities and those produced by Local Authorities.  Astonishingly rough sleeping figures are gained from a single annual street count managed at local level with councils able to opt out if they do not believe they have a siginificant number of rough sleepers.  Front-line workers in the homelessness industry have long warned that these counts are often fixed with police sent in to clear the streets of rough sleepers before the count takes place.  Sadly the UK Statistics Authority have not called for an examination of how widespred this practice is.

DCLG are now required to carry out an overhaul of rough sleeping statistics as well as provide an explanation of the methods used to collect these figures and the reasons why.  Basically, until a better system can be found, then DCLG have been ordered to add a disclaimer to the statistical releases saying that these numbers are actually a load of old bollocks so don’t believe a word of them.  Which no-one did anyway.

You can read the UK Statistics Authority’s asessment at:

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230 responses to “Government Slammed By Regulators Over Misleading Homelessness Statistics

  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Misleading their own party with bullying & threats leading to suicide. The young Tory party deaths. All very misleading bully.

  2. [No Comments Allowed]

  3. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Jacob Miller – On The 12 Days Of Ismas

  4. Eating cake as instructed

    The usual cover up approach. A casual glance around bushes in parks bus stops and doorways tells the truth. Make it the direct responsibility of all elected members local and central to complete true returns, with stiff penalties. It must be accurately recorded so it can be challenged

  5. Where I am – a small seaside town on the South Coast – there are more obviously homeless people than I have ever seen before; that includes the Thatcher years …

  6. Well they finally gave up with the line, of there being no evidence between cuts and various social problems the country has been experiencing since they were implemented. And gone back to fiddling the figures about so the general public don’t know what’s really happening. Its sad but not surprizing.

  7. Exactly why Full Housing Benefit Needs to be Defended and Council
    Tenants having a Place of Residence for Life

    Oppose Universal Credit and All Oppression by Impoverishment

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Food Banks for pets.

    • Good point Stepping, some Food Banks do give out pet food, but not that many. So many animals are being dumped on the street or on small rescues that are overwhelmed with animals they can’t rehome.

      Austerity and greed are fucking up all lives, whatever the species.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Lucy@ I always thought the uk liked their pets more than people.

        Turkey lorry crash: Hundreds of Bernard Matthews birds survive

        BBC – 8th Dec 2015

        Six hundred turkeys have been saved after a lorry thought to be taking them to slaughter overturned.

        The driver sustained minor injuries in the crash and was taken to hospital for a check-up.

        The crash happened at a roundabout on Daniels Road, Norwich, at about 11:30 GMT.

        Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service said all the turkeys were accounted for and the RSPCA was helping get them a “safe place”.

        Traffic was “snarled up” as a result of the crash, a BBC reporter at the scene said

        The BBC understands the Bernard Matthews turkeys were heading from a farm to a factory.

        Read More:

        • …………….a DWP spokesman said we will appeal the decision, the turkeys are clearly fit for work….

        • Stepping, we are no longer a nation of animal lovers. I seriously doubt that we ever really were. In recent years acts of extreme cruelty have risen greatly. Unfortunately, the RSPCA don’t exactly help matters by persecuting and privately prosecuting the vulnerable, rather than giving advice or help. For some, being able to keep an animal companion is the only thing that keeps them alive.

          The RSPCA only turn up when there’s a tv crew or press available. They kill nearly half of all pets they take or who are dumped on them, yet sit on £114m in the bank. They are a money making machine. They, like all big charities, live off the backs of the very beings they were set up to help.

          I think how we treat our animals indicates a great deal about how we treat each other. We as a people now have huge disdain for each other that is rampantly promoted by our sleazebag media. fed by greedy, war and hate mongering governments.

          One media piece about turkeys doesn’t really show the whole picture. People will ooh & aaah about a few hundred turkeys escaping from a crashed lorry, but don’t give a flying fuck about the welfare of most farm animals. The turkeys will have been caught, slaughtered and butchered, then sold to the self same people who oooh’d and aaah’d about them escaping.

          We are all animals. It’s about time we remembered that. It might help us be a bit kinder to our own species. Compassion isn’t just a virtue, it’s an essential.

          • Betty the Animal Lover

            There was a kitten stuck up a tree for days on end a couple of years ago (it was too scared to jump down a branch), this was in January in sub-zero temperatures. Nothing would coax it down. The RSPCA would do fuck all. Same with the fire brigade: “we don’t rescue cats stuck up trees”. Eventually someone got a mate who climb pylons, transmitter masts kind of thing for a living to climb up the tree and rescue it. The RSPCA, Fire Brigade as well as the Police and all the other useless fuckers we contacted would have left that little kitten to freeze to death.

            I remember my mum talking in a stray cat, she asked the RSPCA for help with it: “It’s your cat now and your responsibility”. Totally useless fuckers. On a par with the Salvation Army and the rest of these so-called charities. Just after cash to pay for the Chief Executive Officer salary and expenses.

            Something to bear in mind next time one of their pleading TV ads come or a donation envelope drops through the letter-box.

            • Agreed Betty.
              The very last people to contact if there is an animal in distress or need is the RSPCA. Never let them into your home either, if they turn up on the door. They are, despite their pretend police uniforms, nothing more than charity workers. No right of entry, no right to take your animals, no right to threaten you either. They would have you believe otherwise.

              • All they share in common with the Police is that they are a ‘reporting authority’ i.e. they can report you to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), same as Trading Standards, Health and Safety, DWP even TV Licensing*… It is not a power Joe and Josephine Public have i..e you cannot report your neighbour to the CPS. And unlike the cops and their fancy-dress ‘police uniforms’ the RSPCA have no powers of arrest, same as TV Licensing*

                *In Scotland Scottish Criminal Law applies. You will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

                • And unlike the cops the RSPCA with their fancy-dress ‘police uniforms’ have no powers of arrest, same as TV Licensing* 😀

                • In fact they are not too dissimilar to TV Licensing ™ in that if you let them over your doorstep (which you don’t have to) and sign a ‘confession’ (which you don’t have to) they can then ‘report’ you. So best just to treat them the same as TVL ™ 😀

              • Come to think of it the Salvation Army wear fake military uniforms and give themselves bogus military titles such as Brigadier but they have no more military powers than a 40w light-bulb.

                • They are no different to the ordinary citizen. They do not use the CPS, because they know the CPS would chuck out their intended prosecutions as spurious. The RSPCA use the private prosecution route. They have no special reporting powers at all.

                  The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals comes under Scottish law.

                • The RSPCA use monies donated to help animals to pay for spurious prosecutions. The RSPB used to do this, until their members & the public protested by withdrawing membership and donations. They now use the police and consequently the CPS, which is what the RSPCA should do.

                  Notice how many of these huge charities have luxury Head Quarters, paid for by donations?

                • Forgot to mention that, Lucy, but I have noticed that it seems strange that all RSPCA prosecutions always seem to be private ones. But they will still be a ‘reporting authority’. As you say, the only conclusion we can draw it that the CPS consider the RSPCA’s grounds for prosecution to weak and the evidence so flimsy that they decide not to prosecute. Very telling, isn’t it.

                • It also could be the case that the RSPCA isn’t in a ‘reporting authority’ – need to check it out! Anybody or any organisation who can afford it can launch a private prosecution.

                • It also could be the case that the RSPCA isn’t in fact a ‘reporting authority’ – need to check it out! Anybody or any organisation who can afford it can launch a private prosecution.

                • Just noticed the rest of your comments. The RSPCA have to more power than the Salvation Army then. i.e. none!

                • And as well as the fake police uniforms they call themselves “Officer” and “Inspector”, and no doubt there is a “Sergeant” and “Chief Superintendent” down the “station” 🙂

                • I don’t believe that they are an official anything Eagle, anything other than a registered charity that is. Most of their prosecutions never even get before the CPS, historically, many have been thrown out by the CPS. Some of their more egregious private prosecutions have been thrown out in Crown Court.

                  The RSPCA train all magistrates in England & Wales in The Animal Welfare Act 2006 – a little known fact.

                  There’s a wealth of info on the net about the true nature of the RSPCA. Blogs, newspaper articles, FB & Twitter. Fortunately, there are also a few solicitors and barristers who are willing to stand up against the RSPCA to defend those who have been accused without foundation, either in law, or ethics. Those who stand up against the RSPCA often find themselves on the end of serious threats.

                  Even their own employees are not exempt from the bullying. Look up Dawn Aubrey-Ward. Others have committed suicide when on the end of the RSPCA’s vindictive style of operation.

                  The RSPCA have been involved in some extremely dodgy “legal” behaviours that are actually illegal – behaviours such as “witness conferencing” – totally forbidden in our legal system.

                  The high kill numbers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how they operate.

          • Bernard Matthews

            Those quotes from the RSPCA are a complete nonsense: “Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service said all the turkeys were accounted for and the RSPCA was helping get them a “safe place”.”; “Scott Norman, from the fire service, said the turkeys looked “fine” and the RSPCA was helping to ensure they were “removed to a safe place”; “The RSPCA said an inspector had assessed the site and was happy the “turkeys’ welfare is not in any further immediate danger”.” Is the RSPCA ‘re-homing’ 600 turkeys!? lol 😀 Of course not: these turkeys will have been rounded up, and continued on their way to the abattoir, been been hoisted up by the legs and had their heads sliced off! Bootiful!

  9. Councils instead of being Out of Touch Ivory Towers should be Providing Accomodation for the Homeless

    Housing a Basic Human Right so Stuff Austerity and Public Spending Cuts

  10. More People could End Up Homeless under Universal Credit so the
    Country Needs to Say No to Universal Credit and Yes to Decent Housing
    as a Basic Human Right Not a Privilege of Wealth

  11. It is Not the Poor and Vulnerable who are the Scroungers it is More
    Millionaires who have had Tax Breaks and MPS who Supported the
    Bedroom Tax whilst Claiming a Fortune on Expenses

    Bridge the Gulf between Rich and Poor by Rescuing the Poor and
    Vulnerable from Impoverishment

  12. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    £40,000 a year to be a Disability Adviser in getting disabled people jobs. Easy money !!! I want that job but Sue Marsh has got it for £70,000 a year working for Maximus.
    What`s £10,000 here £20,000 there !!!!

  13. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If unemployment is an illness then disability is a disease. The rhetoric is called contradictions. Work Pays 11p an hour.

  14. Plenty of Money to House the Homeless and Ensure People have a
    Place of Residence as a Basic Human Right when it is Not Wasted
    on Alleged ” Art Pictures ” and other Monuments to Materialist Vanity

  15. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability disease has been cured, now find a job with your unemployment illness.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Getting bored with Banner Statements that have to change the world, it`s not going to happen. Use your brain train of thought for practical solutions.

  17. Banksy uses Steve Jobs artwork to highlight refugee crisis

    Graffiti on wall of ‘the Jungle’ camp in Calais depicts late Apple founder’s background as son of Syrian migrant

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System



    Before we can match you with the right job, MAXIMUS Employment Consultants take the time to get to know you. We then help you build upon your strengths and capabilities, providing the support and resources you need to secure meaningful, long-term work.

    Your journey towards economic independence begins with a one-to-one interview with a MAXIMUS Employment Consultant. During this interview, we help you create a customised Action Plan that will guide you in your search for employment. With a plan in place, we then provide you with tailored activities designed to help prepare you for work. We also provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals. Key support services we offer include:
    •Help preparing your CV and writing cover letters
    •Training in a number of critical areas, including: ◦Interview skills
    ◦Basic skills and budgeting
    ◦Vocational skills

    •Assistance with benefits, including: ◦Help understanding the positive effect work will have on your income through the use of a “Better Off Calculation”
    ◦Help understanding how your benefits will change once you return to work
    ◦Vocational skills

    •Confidence, motivation and time-management workshops
    •Signposting and referrals to local community organisations to help you address any mental health, physical or substance misuse issues you may have
    •Links to appropriate housing bodies


    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      •Links to appropriate housing bodies

      Maximus even help you to become homeless & then try & get you advice from housing bodies.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          The DWP don`t run the DWP as the DWP spokesperson said. “The DWP take no responsibility for Maximus.

          • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

            In fact the DWP don`t take responsibility over the DWP itself. So lack of Care Of Duty springs to mind as well as Health & Safety laws & rules which lack any common sense now that your illness aka disability has been cured by confidence tricksters cash cowing the weak & venerable for profit, gain & targets. The vested interest in these contracts are the grey area of law so they think aka think tank. Contradictions is the weakness of the policy which one happens to be the DWP`s WCA aka fake medical with no receipt. The weakness of the Welfare Reform is the non forms called questionaires No paper trial is what the DWP want. No paper trial no contract. Yet again a contradiction in full flow. A contradiction makes the think Not Fit For Purpose. Full Stop End Of. Forget lawyers & politics instant fix like contradictions messing with common sense.

    • overburdenddonkey

      wow! their customized action plan training manual must be a fun read, where can i get a copy…covers every employment eventuality, every kind of sickness and disability, then turns, millions of permutations, it all into an easy to understand action plan…
      perhaps they’ll write one called curing the common cold or global warming, how to lunch a successful apollo mission, perhaps understanding black holes and gravity…even time travel…

        They don’t advertise it on their website, but most of those they have dealings with might as well be dead…………

        Sadly the share price has dipped as the top dog has weighed in his shares, erring on the side of caution if his holocaust antics get too much publicity.

        They are also struggling to employ staff willing to put the boot into disabled for fear of reprisals if they get an unwanted “HOME VISIT”.

        It’s easy picking up a healthy chunk for sending a cripple to hell, but much harder to evade recognition and payback.


        • Employ a blind man to work as a lookout and you will always get the desired results.
          This is how the Tory’s work, set up a bogus overseer and pay it mega bucks to derive the figures you want and it will always deliver.

          Thats why, what the BBC and SKY tells you is obviously complete bollocks as you witness the very fibre of social cohesion being torn front of your eyes.

          You can only lie for so long until the gravity of your lies is brought into scrutiny, hence the fucked up health service, economy, schooling and every other glaring fuck up.

          Yesterday evening i watched two guys pulling cardboard from bins at the back of a large retail fashion store.

          They did not want fancy trainers or designer perfume, just new dry bedding to ward off the below freezing temperatures of my seaside town.

          Human beings, flesh and blood, trying to ward off the chills of a winters night huddled in a doorway or under a bridge, the closet skeletons of a deranged government that throws handouts to those who need it least, the affluent.

          What next, a shoot to kill policy for carrying cardboard or a season ticket to MAXIMUS……………

          You can hide the obvious, but you can’t obviously hide…………………..

      • No, its actually an exercise of painful futility designed purely and simply to destroy your sense of self worth and humiliate you into accepting a job that is below living standard wage and bend over for an employer.
        There is no training or experience required for any of these jobs.
        The Jumping through hoops part is purely to show you have assumed the touch your toes position to any potential employer.

        • For e.g.: employer:
          ‘Can you put 1200 items a day in trolleys reasonably accurately ‘.
          Candidate; ‘Yes’.
          Employer: ‘Will you do it for minimum wage via agency status add infinitum?’
          Candidate: ‘Fuck off”.
          See? The Maximus plan is to tread down the candidate until they say ‘Yes,PLEASE! And do me up the butt on week ends for flat rate;
          I’ve had the Maximus brain extraction!!!!’

          • It would not be quite so bad if the employee was not effectively giving ~ 30% of their pre tax earnings to a 3rd party-Which with the current treatment of most claimants is tantamount to enforced servitude.
            And many of these ‘providers’ partnered with agencies are up to their eyeballs in cross department manipulation of ‘customers’ and clients.
            I ‘suspect’ bonuses are being shared ‘cash in hand’ between departments,judging from my experience.
            One side gets paid to find a job, the other side takes money off the employee and employer.
            History will show this to be so against the public interest as to be almost beyond belief it was tolerated.

    • Didn’t we use to have in work calculations? I’m sure the jobcentre did one for me when I. Signed off 5 years ago

  19. Oxford City Council has broken a law against housing homeless families in B&Bs for more than six weeks.

    The local authority said this was due to an “unexpectedly high number” of homeless families in September and high rents charged by private landlords.

    Since April, the authority has recorded 128? homeless families, compared to 107 for all of last year.

    A council report said it was now “almost impossible” to find properties in the privately-rented sector affordable at housing benefit levels.

    • More on homeless – Sanctions are forcing more and more people to homelessness.

      The study, based on research from Sheffield Hallam University, claims that 21% of people sanctioned in the last year became homeless as a result.

      In addition, 16% of those sanctioned were forced to sleep rough.

      • And another reason for being homeless.

        Conservative minister says ending lifetime council tenancies will ‘help social mobility’

        Labour MPs attack government for sneaking in changes which will cause insecurity as housing minister Marcus Jones says tenants will benefit.

        A Conservative minister has claimed council tenants may benefit from losing the right to live in their home for life because they might not have thought about buying their own property before.

        Marcus Jones, a housing minister, said the new five-year limit on council tenancies would encourage people to own their properties.

        • overburdenddonkey

          ‘The movement can be in a downward or upward direction.’ perhaps they also need to indicate direction…and how upward social mobility has drastically decreased….

        • It is amazing what it will do for the private rental sector too.
          Expect dickensian slums with whole families living in a room in your neighborhood.
          Taking away a working class families social housing will help them own a property in much the same way as taking away a crippled man’s wheel chair will help him to walk on his hands.
          Perhaps we should invert this thinking and apply it to the rich?
          Taking away millions of £’s of the lower classes money will free them;
          They will learn how to get along without huge houses, Harrods food hall,hired help and expensive holidays.

          • We should start with George Smith.
            He has obviously become reliant on
            200K a year of the public’s money to the point of insanity,its only right and proper for his own good we remove it so he can soar upwardly mobile and stand on his own two feet.

            • You have hit the nail on the head Nemo regarding the rich being the biggest fiddlers of all to get what they want, then suppress everyone else that refuses to be upwardly mobile.

              When I state I want everyone in the world to have the right to food, heat, a roof over their head I am told I am just a bitter person by the likes of OBD or Sib, I don’t know where their thinking is coming from.

    • So there are no council houses because they sold them all to developers who bulldozed them all for private property developments,which were bought by buy to let landlords,and now it is costing more money.


    …………they are so desperate to stop you suing them

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which we received on 9th November 2015.

    You asked:

    Can you provide statistics on the following please.

    1 – How many ESA Claimants have been for their medicals with the DWP’s Contractor.

    2 – How many of these ESA Claimants have requested their medicals be recorded by the

    3 – How many of these ESA Claimants, who requested a recording, have had the medical

    4 – How many of these ESA Claimants have been unable to receive a copy of the recording,
    because the equipment failed and the claimants were only informed of equipment failure at the
    end of the medical.

    In response we estimate that the cost of complying with your request would exceed the
    appropriate limit of £600. The appropriate limit has been specified in regulations and for central
    Government it is set at £600.



      Suicide risk assessments
      Response by Department for Work and Pensions to A. Clerk on 19 November 2015.
      Information not held.

      Michael O’Sullivan
      Response by Department for Work and Pensions to A. Clerk on 27 October 2015.
      Information not held.

  21. On the 6PM BBC News this evening, there was a report abut the Southern Health Trust (regarding the unavoidable deaths of mental illness patients in their care) – the lady Chief Executive (who is paid £200,000 per year!) was asked about her position. She basically said that what happened was very unfortunate and she cared greatly for those and their families who had suffered. It was then reported that when the final report eventually comes out – then her position may well become untennable.
    This reminds me of what has been happening with the DWP – because of IDS & his/their cruel and vindictive policies and lack of care there have now been countless unavoidable suicides. The final report regarding these deaths (from the DWP) has still to be released to the Information Commissioner. If, eventually when this happens will this at last, be put out by the BBC & Sky, as well as Murdoch’s liars in his tabloid rags and be brought out into the public domain, where it deserves to be. Then, I would hope that at last, some action, either in the form of legal action or some other form of direct action will be taken against him/them and also against Maximus, Capita etc and their so called ‘health professionals’ – they are all probably liable in law for what they have done – they should (and probably will) answer, in some way, for their crimes against Britain’s poor, sick & disabled population. All of them should be held liable, including Cameron (as he could have sacked IDS & at least tried to put a stop to all of this cruelty a long time ago). It is surely now only a matter of time before the clock starts to tick for them once again.


      From: A. Clerk

      10 December 2015

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      We have a democratic system of government were the elected party
      serves a fixed term set out under the rules. Powers which appear
      unconditional can be potentially devastating for the citizens
      residing in the country.

      We have, in relatively recent years, seen problems created because
      the government elected can not be challenged over decision, no
      matter what dire consequences they might have for the country as a

      I believe we should have learned lessons about how vulnerable we
      are in this regard. I would therefore like assurance that
      ultimately power is held in the hands of our psychiatric assessment

      This leads me to my question I would like answering under the
      Freedom of Information Act 2000:

      Q) Does whoever is serving as the Minister for Work and Pensions at
      the time undergo psychiatric assessment to assess the suitability
      for deciding the fate of the UK, and if so, with what regularity?

      Yours faithfully,

      A. Clerk

      Link to this

    • overburdenddonkey

      mhp’s are curable and have been for decades now…!
      how about campaigning for the cure to be made widely available on the nhs..?
      how many more deaths does there have to be to realize people are suffering, NONE…
      there have been many protests about this over the yrs…
      sick and disabled are far too burdened with doing the paperwork, attending appointments, managing their health conditions whilst also being burdened with them, and challenging the system in so many ways, to take on the grinding process of legal action, why don’t you do it paul….?
      maximus took over from atos wca’s in march of this year…
      what sort of direct action….helping people claim and/or appeal….?
      offering to accompany people to wca…?
      sure there should be a campaign to scrap the wca, conditionality etc…!
      get it recorded…see also sian’s post link below…

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  23. Ruthless’ DWP ‘forced through WCA despite knowing of harm’

    • overburdenddonkey

      exactly….!!! saying it for ages now…
      ‘sermon on the mound’; don’t work, don’t eat = work good for you….
      need more grassroots support groups….




      Ministers and civil servants were “ruthless” and “reckless” in forcing through their new “fitness for work” test and refusing to abandon it even after they were told of the harm it was causing, according to a former government adviser. Professor Geoff Shepherd, who was one of nine members of a working group set up


      Dr Jed Boardman, a consultant psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS trust, said the work capability assessment (WCA) discriminates against those with mental health issues and called for an overhaul of the process.

      Boardman, who treats patients with serious and long-term mental health problems, told the Guardian: “People with severe long-term problems get very distressed about being assessed, probably because mistakes are made, because the process isn’t perfect, because they don’t feel they are being listened to in their interviews.

      “You do see people relapsing as a consequence of getting distressed.”


      HANSARD 2006

      11 May 2006 : Column WA150

      accurately those who in spite of their condition are fit to continue in work; and, for those who are unfit for work, identify interventions that would help to support recovery such that return to work would again become an option.

      We have set up two groups to carry out the review: first, a technical working group comprising technical or medical experts from the field of mental health and learning difficulties; and secondly a consultative group made up of lay experts representing key stakeholder groups. The two groups will work together to review the component, ensuring that there is a balance between academic robustness, user acceptability and operational deliverability.

      The following people are on the Mental Health Technical Group. They all have medical or occupational health experience of managing mental health conditions and of the relationship between mental health and work:

      Professor Geoff Shepherd

      Dr Jed Boardman

      Dr Alan Cohen

      Dr Bob Grove

      Miles Rinaldi

      Dr Paul Litchfield

      Sue Godby

      Dr Angela Graham

      Dr Philippa Russell




        The Work Capability Assessment was developed in collaboration with a range of
        medical and occupational health experts. Sue Godby, of the College of Occupational
        Therapists and Unum Provident, was part of the Mental Health Technical Working
        Group, along with eight other professionals. Dr Peter Dewis, a disability analyst and
        Customer Care Director, Unum Provident, wa
        s part of the Physical Function Technical
        Working Group, along with nine other professionals.




          IV. The role of the Private Sector

          11. UnumProvident firmly believes that there is a significant role for the private sector to play in helping to return disabled people to work. As the UK’s leading provider of income protection insurance, UnumProvident is particularly well-placed to share with the Committee examples of projects and initiatives that might be of assistance to the Government. Like the Government, UnumProvident:

          — insures people against the risk of not being able to work through acquiring a disability; and

          — assesses all claims made, paying all valid ones.

          12. However, as part of its product offering, UnumProvident goes one stage further and actively works with the claimant to help return them to work. UnumProvident recognises the value of early intervention, active case management and rehabilitation. We are convinced that our approach works, and currently around 15% of all our claimants are able to return to work, a rate which we believe is far in excess of that achieved with recipients of incapacity benefit.

          13. UnumProvident is actively engaged with the Government, policy-makers and large employers to share best practice and to see where our systems and approaches might be applied more widely. We are currently working with the Department of Work and Pensions on this, and have had discussions with officials in HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s office. We have met with officials to help better understand the nature of the IB casebook, and to discuss how our commercial experience and expertise might be more widely applied. In addition, we will shortly be supporting the National Employment Panel in its work on the New Deal for Disabled People through a secondment of one of our senior managers.



            19. It is our belief that the current tax and benefits system is overly complex, can provide strong disincentives for disabled people to look for work, and is in need of radical reform. UnumProvident put forward a blueprint for welfare reform in its paper “Diversity in Employment”. In brief, and as outlined at paragraph 8, our proposal is that those disabled people capable of some work should be moved from IB to a form of JSA. Here they would be properly supported in their search for and transition into work.


      • overburdenddonkey

        the demarcation between jsa and esa is wrong, many on jsa suffer mhp’s…
        all should have sanctuary and unconditional SS payments….
        bullying abuse causes powerlessness and the symptoms that are called mhp’s….

  24. What a Messhole Nazi Britain is

    Oblivious I Am All Right Jack Scum of the Townie Trance Brainwashed into
    the Commercialmus Mayhem

    Down with Commercialmus and the Townie Trance

    Yes to this Country Not being in a Brainwashed Trance

  25. Lots to Show Nazi Britain is a Messhole

    Ivory Tower Politicians Acting like Power Crazed Tyrants

    Lack of an Effective Opposition the Tawdry Consensus of No Choice

    The Not so Great British Public in their Apolitical Tiny Worlds

    Diabolical Homelessness Situation

    Diabolical Gulf between Rich and Poor

    Hooligans and Broken Glass and Dogs Mess left on the Pavements as
    Scumeople are too Ignorant to pick it up

    Rip Off Railway Fares

    Morality Destroying Materialism Part of the Evil Cancer of Thatcherism

    Threat of So Called ” Extremist Disruption Orders ” when the Country
    Needs Political and Religious Freedom of Speech

    Nutcase Public Spending Cuts and Tax Breaks for Millionaires

  26. Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of
    State For Work and Pensions Now has 114,939 Signatures

    The Poor and Vulnerable are Not the Scroungers they are the Victims of
    Oppression under Evil Neo Liberalism

    The Real Scroungers are More Millionaires who have had Tax Breaks
    and MPs who have Voted to Keep the Bedroom Tax whilst Claiming a Fortune on Expenses

    • The PM must explain ‘fit for work’ deaths

      WELL done Anne-Marie O’Sullivan for challenging David Cameron to come clean not only on the tragic suicide of her own father Michael but also to explain the deaths of 60 other people who were wrongly stripped of their benefits under his so called welfare reforms (Daughter leads new bid for truth from PM on fit-for-work deaths, The National, December 10).

      Great credit must go to SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson and shadow chancellor John McDonnell for supporting her case. Cameron has tried at every opportunity to ignore public concern and has left his henchman Ian Duncan Smith to evade and not answer questions. The brutal and inhumane attack on disabled people since 2010 (which was then supported by the treacherous Lib Dems) lies directly at Cameron’s door. These people earned entitlement to benefits by paying their taxes and national insurance throughout their working lives.

      Recently Duncan Smith claimed Cameron was in support of his policies because he wanted to reduce welfare spending. Its disgusting to think that to try and win votes in the last general election Cameron opened his heart to the nation regarding the personal tragedy he and his family suffered as a result of disability yet today he is forcing people with terminal illnesses like MND into ‘fit-for-work’ assessments? I know it’s too late for Anne-Marie’s dad but I hope in his memory she can fight for the human rights of others, the same rights denied to her father.

      Louise Mc Ardle Lanarkshire


        More people have joined Labour since the election than are in the entire Conservative party
        The opposition party has roughly doubled in size since the general election.

        More people have joined the Labour party since the general election than are members of the Conservatives, party statistics suggest.

        Labour said 183,658 people had joined the party since 5 May, meaning membership has roughly doubled in the months since the party’s loss.

        By contrast, total Tory membership is around 150,000 people, according to the latest available figures.

        Total membership of the Labour party is now 370,658 – approaching the 400,000 figure recorded at the 1997 election.
        Read more
        More people join Labour since Corbyn win than are in Ukip

        The opposition’s membership leap has been partly driven by a surge in joiners during and since the party’s leadership election, which saw Jeremy Corbyn become leader of the party.

        • “vouchers for the sick”

          The DWP has today launched a consultation aimed at slashing the number of people eligible for the daily living component of personal independence payment (PIP) by up to 35%. The cuts will be aimed at claimants who qualify for PIP because of their use of aids and appliances and may include replacing awards with discretionary voucher payments.

          The press release and consultation document published today claim that 35% of all daily living allowance awards are based solely on the claimant’s need to use aids and appliances.

          In addition, the DWP points out that recent upper tribunal decisions have found that a bed, for example, can count as an aid or appliance if a claimant needs to sit on it in order to get dressed.

          The DWP argues that the use of readily available or low cost items as aids or appliances isn’t a reliable guide as to whether a person has to meet additional costs because of their disability. As a result the department has launched a brief consultation, ending on 29 January 2016, to decide whether and how to change the system

          • overburdenddonkey

            but there’s also a UtT generic inclusive ruling concerning storage and reasonable access to aids and appliances-accessibility to them, which also must be considered in costs…are the dwp seriously suggesting that all these factors are considered when accessing an individuals need for payments and/or vouchers to cover costs of the actual items required and access to them..

        • overburdenddonkey

          i don’t see those figures as being robust, as many joined up purely to vote in leadership ‘contest’… and will likely lapse….and won’t make any difference to labs chances in the 2020 ge anyway…


            Mentally Ill Man Took His Own Life After Disability Benefits Axed
            Posted by Steven Preece –
            Dec 12, 2015

            The case of a 50-year old man who took his own life after his disability benefits were axed has been described by a coroner’s inquest as “truly tragic”.

            Stephen Smith from Leiston, East Suffolk, took his own life in January of this year after a battle to get his benefits reinstated caused his anxiety problems to worsen.

            Mr Smith was told by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to make a claim for Personal Independence Payments (PIP), after changes to the benefits system last year meant his Disability Living Allowance was about to end.

            Following an assessment for PIP, Mr Smith was told that he would no longer be eligible for disability benefits, despite of his mental health issues.

            Mr Smith and partner Lucy Stewart saw their income slashed by £137.55 a week, which had a devastating impact on their personal finances and Stephen’s mental health.

            After the DWP failed to make a follow-up call to explain the decision, Mr Smith sent a formal letter with help from experts at the Disability Advice Centre asking for the decision to be reconsidered. The DWP said follow-up calls no longer take place.

            However, the East Anglian Daily Times reports that bungling DWP officials mistakenly closed the appeal before the reconsideration process could be completed.

            An inquest into his death was held in Ipswich on Thursday, where Miss Stewart’s father David said Stephen’s suicide was triggered by the loss in benefits and its subsequent impact on his mental health.


            • Why does a claimant with “anxiety” need more a shed-load more ££££cash than say a jobseeker? What extra expenditure does “anxiety” occur? As another commentator said above the demarcation between JSA and ESA is plain wrong!

            • Why does a claimant with “anxiety” need a shed-load more ££££cash than say a jobseeker? What extra expenditure does “anxiety” incur? As another commentator said above the demarcation between JSA and ESA is plain wrong!

              • Depending on how the anxiety manifests they may need a taxi rather than being able to get on a bus; may not be able to travel at off-peak times or shop for the discounts when things are reduced at the end of the day if unable to face a busy town centre. May be obliged to shop locally (where prices are higher) etc. etc. etc. etc.

                • All pretty thin pretexts for needing the extra dosh shirleynott. No doubt he also needed holidays and a large TV to control his ‘anxiety’ too.

                  Nevertheless according to what can be gleaned from the article the root cause of his “anxiety” was the death of his mother 15 YEARS AGO! So his mother died when he was 35 15 whole years ago! So all pretty par for the course of natural events.

                  So he has been enjoying a pretty good ‘life-style’ for at least the past 15 years. As someone in the article is quoted as saying: “savings could have been made”. This is one of those cases that no matter how much the disability lobby spin it you can see where the DWP is coming from. Or are their ‘decisions’ wrong 100% of the time? What should have been done is this couple should have been given ‘help and support’ to ‘transition’ to their new ‘life-style’ on JSA. It is disingenuous the way these articles also scream “Disabled person stripped of their benefits” as GEOFF says what he saw homeless people do, we can not expect to find him round the back of a fashion store pulling cardboard from a skip to use a dry bedding. It would be more accurate to say: “ESA claimant being transferred to JSA”.

                  Nobody would argue that it would have been traumatic and a shock to the system to have his benefits so drastically reduced since he would have become accustomed to the ‘life-style’ they will have provided. But instead of doing what most of us would have done and just thought to himself: “Well, I suppose I have had a good run for my money. Fair dos. Going to need to make some cut-backs now. Let’s see what tasty recipes we can make with lentils.” he ends his life in the selfish manner he has lived his life, without a though for anyone else but himself, by ending his life. All very sad and tragic!

                • that’s the most heartless and selfish thing I’ve seen anyone write.

                • Thanks Maria – I wasn’t quite sure what to say (temporarily speechless).
                  Was thinking of saying, though, that it’s a daunting prospect and not something everyone can contemplate to try & ‘live’ a life on what has now replaced social security (JSA).

                • Its alright Shirley, no one deserves to live like that, we should be trying to help each other and share the Earth’s resources, we should make sure each other are alright and comfortable. Not condemn people to the bottom and tell them to put up with it.

                • rose – whitehall troll

                • Whitehall Troll

                  On the contrary it is you that is the heartless bitch Maria. It is well seen that the disability lobby on here couldn’t give a flying fuck about the poor sods who are being left to suffer on JSA just so as long as YOU protect your disability benefits and don’t end up on JSA. That is it in a nutshell Maria, Sian and the rest of the disability lobby on here, isn’t it? You don’t give a damn about anyone except yourself. Interestingly, since the ‘environment’ has been mentioned on here, an environmentalist on or whatever said on the BBC News the other night: “Nobody gives a damn about the environment. All people care about are themselves and their family”. All very apparent on here!

                  Back on topic: It is obvious to anyone that this guy was hoping to make it through to ‘retirement’ in another 15 years at 65. In that scenario how could it be considerable reasonable for someone to be claiming disability benefits on the back of a bereavement 30 years ago? And say he was booted off ESA after 30 claiming for ‘anxiety’ on the back of his mother’s death 30 years ago. In a job your are lucky if your get one day off to recover from bereavement!!

                • think what you like, I don’t really care for people who say negative things to other people and intend to hurt them with their words. Words don’t hurt me, I lost the most important thing to me last month, it weren’t money or things, that hurts but your words don’t touch me.

                • Those that are working their socks off as self employed vying for the work at the lowest price and undercutting one another, probably wouldn’t have time to grieve for their relatives – going along with this governments divide and conquer mentality is making everyone over conscience about earning and having to work too long hours to make a living wage.

                • “But after the Department of Work and Pensions ruled that he was ineligible, Mr Smith and his partner Lucy Stewart, who was also on benefits relating to a learning disability, saw their weekly total cut by £137.55, and left the 50-year-old in despair over his financial situation.”

                  To put some figures on it: the JSA couples rate is a mere £118.45. The article appears to be referring to Mr Smith’s own individual payment. So Mr Smith was in effect receiving individually more than twice what a couple on JSA would receive. It doesn’t mention what his partner receives in benefits only that she has a ‘learning disability’. So it is reasonable to assume that she is also receiving at least another £137.55 a week and since a ‘learning disability’ is likely to attract the higher rates of benefits she could receiving up to £300 a week (having worked in social work I can attest that claimants with ‘learning disabilities’ are very switched on when it comes to claiming all they can claim’).

                  So even with Mr Smith’s reduction in income as a couple they would still have had a substantial income; way, way higher than a couple on JSA, or a minimum wage worker, even employees on very good salaries, and of course those struggling by as ‘self-employed’. Greed doesn’t even come into it; it is way beyond that!

                • “For Stephen in his condition he could not understand there were savings he could make, things were very distressing,” he said. Plenty of savings to be made!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  carry on troll…
                  bit early for pantomime season, but your posts are giving me a good laugh anyway, as you continue to gloriously display your ignorance of the benefits system etc, with your outlandish speculations and consequently ridiculous extrapolations….
                  i’ll re-post this; and perhaps the pennies will clang as they hit the floor… but please don’t let the truth get in the way of a good yarn, and spoil our fun…. being that i’m generous i’ll give you a clue to one of your errors… ‘Changes to the benefits system in June last year meant that Mr Smith was invited to submit a Personal Independent Payment (PIP) claim, as his disability allowance was about to expire….’ the others you’ll have to work out for yourself….

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  The more the trolls talk the more bullshit that comes out o their Tory Brains.r

                • Razor Step Sound Plating System

                  Disability Hate Criminal Nazi Tory Whitehall Trolls with shit for brains use a million words to attack disabled people.

                • obd

                  “After his DLA expired Stephen Smith was invited to apply for PIP…. Stephen was turned down…..”

                • overburdenddonkey

                  and what’s your point FACT CHECKER….?

                • £137.55 per week in taxi fares and forgone savings in the ‘reduced’ section!!

                • shirleynotts
                  £137.55 per week in taxi fares and forgone savings in the ‘reduced’ section!! Even if you shopped exclusively at the local Co-op you wouldn’t been be that much out of pocket!!

  27. Something which Labour should be Opposing .

    Namely Tory Plans to End Life Tenancies for Council Tenants

    Better that the Tories are Evicted from Office

    The Country Needs to be Outraged at this and Say No .

    A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right

    • Labour and SNP politicians look set to work together to push for an end to the government’s “broken and unsafe” work capability assessment (WCA), after meeting with the daughter of one of its victims.

      In a display of cross-party unity, Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell and SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson had a joint meeting with Anne-Marie O’Sullivan at the House of Commons this week.

      They discussed her efforts to push for an end to the assessment, which tests eligibility for out-of-work disability benefits.

      Disability News Service (DNS) revealed in September that a coroner had ruled that the suicide of her father, Michael, had been triggered by the “intense anxiety” of being wrongly found “fit for work”.

      The coroner wrote to the government about the case, demanding action from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to prevent the deaths of other disabled people, and pointing to the failure to seek evidence from Michael O’Sullivan’s GP, psychiatrist and clinical psychologist.

      DNS later discovered that, more than three years before the death of Michael O’Sullivan, another coroner had issued a similar warning to the department, following the suicide of Stephen Carre, who had also taken his own life after wrongly being found fit for work.

  28. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The ESA Terms & Conditions mean ESA is a employment figure. ESA form aka Maximus form not a DWP form. All employed by Maximus on the books as customers, off the books as a employment figure in work.

    DWP you don`t control the ESA bogus form or the WCA but DWP you are responsible for all of these points I have just brought up.

    Work Pays – Contradictions Work.

  29. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    The laws have not changed on that one. The DWP can only get the £73 lower by sanctions which are illegal & make the new contract null & void from signing the new contract called ESA bogus form. Need a poll & a questionnaire !!!!

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    It`s a shame IDS my mind does not need a committee meeting, so I operation a lot faster at every stage of cementing a contradiction to be Not Fit For Purpose – The Non Paper Not Worth The Non Paper It`s Written On – Null & Void.

    FOI Request — Don`t need an answer but gets the DWP worried

    Since the WCA are insurance ideas, What part of the WCA has anything to do with a medical condition & helping that medical condition rather than an insurance cash cow that cures illnesses running an insurance scam !!!

    • Today i witnessed thousands of homeless celebrating the news that world leaders had agreed to the terms of the climate change summit in Paris.

      “Quasimodo grunted, headbutted the great bell of Notre Dame and rolled around in stitches”

      What a bunch of wankers, he must have thought…………………….

      The uk kills cripples and those with life threatening diseases, limits hospital care and reduces elderly care facilities, fucks the unemployed, places tax on bedrooms, starve kids and the poor and gave a knighthood to Danny Alexander………….

      “Them fuckers really get my back up”

      • overburdenddonkey

        they’ve been making hailed as landmark agreements on climate change and how to tackle it since @ least the 1980’s and likely before….

      • paultheswineherd

        Cameron & Osborne will stand firm and fully in their totally misguided belief that their Government’s ‘long term economic plan’ is working!
        They are endeavouring to produce a ‘low welfare, low tax, high income’ society – yeah! Where is this coming from? No doubt a continuation of their ‘welfare reforms’ – slowly killing the sick & the disabled by making them poorer and poorer and eventually homeless, whilst giving umpteen millions into ‘overseas aid’, millions to ‘chancer’ private workfare companies, millions for ‘infrastructure’ such as HS2 that is totally not needed, millions to ‘promote the British space programme (as reported today!) and allowing the tax dodger companies to avoid paying tax and giving tax breaks to millionairres and billionairres.
        Where is the fairness in all of this I ask myself?
        Meanwhile, Iain George Duncan Smith, Priti Patel, Justin Tomlinson, and the other ‘Indian’ businessman (whose name I cannot remember – one of IDS’s W&P team) the arch conspirators of Cameron’s ‘flagship’ program ‘Welfare Reform’ & also the dismally failed ‘Universal Credit’ remain in their jobs. These are the bastards who are milking the massive tits of the tax-payers public purse for their own personal benefit. These are the Conservative cunts who were ‘voted’ in with only 24% of the electorate who mistakenedly voted for them. These are the voters, who – in a years’s or so’s time, when their ‘bankrupt’ and ‘in-receivership’ company makes them redundant – will have to ‘sign-on’ for a new claim to ‘Universal Credit’ and will be told, as a ‘customer’ by the DWP – sorry ‘customer number’ – you will have to wait for 40 days until you get your first payment of UC – meanwhile, Mr Jones, (Customer No: 18553) – you will have to undertake a ‘minimum’ of 35 hours Jobsearch a week on UJM (for JobCentreMinus).
        Mr Jones is going to be well pissed off – after all – he himself voted for the Conservatives in the 2015 General Election – ‘because Labour dissed the economy’ (not necessarily because there was a worldwide slump!) and ‘he’ could not trust Labour, or UKIP (what – with Nigel Farage at the helm!)
        The Tories are in control of a slowly sinking ship, (which they will not acknowledge is also drifting) – with Cameron as the Captain, Osborne as the Commander, IDS as the Leightenant Commander (what!) and the rest of the Tory twats as a crew. The fucking bastards really need a ‘wake up’ call to bring them to their senses.
        A ‘Home Visit’ to any, or all of them may be good!

        • overburdenddonkey

          we live in a behaviourist based neoliberal economy/system, that has progressed by default to where we currently are, capitalism has no other way to go…it must keep going until ‘the last one standing’ it’s how capitalism is structured…please stop asking the same q’s over and over again and ignoring the answer, it’s tedious…see sermon on the mount….
 robin mcalpine of common weal….

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps sermon on the mound…

            • overburdenddonkey – I have had a look and that is a brilliant presentation by that chap from Scotland. If only we were in Scotland and not in England – his ideas are very good and it could be so different if this was the case.

              • overburdenddonkey

                you’re winding me up, we’re not indy we’re part of the UK STILL….the country doesn’t matter the principles do…

  31. overburdenddonkey – I am not winding you up in any way whatsoever. I was just being complimentary to him as he is such a good orator and he has so many good ideas – that’s all.
    I wish you well with your desire to become independent and I sincerely hope that you do, as your Country would be so much better off in all ways.

    • overburdenddonkey

      anyway @ least i won’t have to explain why we’re where we are yet again….which is one good thing i suppose…

  32. overburdenddonkey

    well there you go, the irony is not wasted on me… a non binding deal ‘to protect the world’ from DANGEROUS climate change spending billions causing it as preventative measures…not to mention the climate change caused by constant war and preparation for it… wooo, i feel safe now…!

  33. AOL has changed the page in the meantime – it can now be found under the ‘latest headlines’ on the left hand side of the webpage!

  34. It’s not my day today! – error 404 has come up – it can now be found on their (Guardian) ‘home’ page – let’s hope that they don’t change it again!

  35. Where I live sadly there are more homeless people than I have ever seen before – especially in the city centre. Most are curled up in doorways and bus shelters trying to keep warm whilst most shoppers simply ignore them. This says a lot about Christmas time in the selfish UK – Thatcher and Scrooge would have be proud of this achievement.

  36. Just picked up the local paper – headline reads another homeless person found dead. I’ll bet there will be a lot more dead homeless people by the end of this winter, It this makes me so angry and upset that we live in such an uncaring and mean society whereby the poor and vulnerable are treated with such indifference. Where has all the compassion gone?

    • overburdenddonkey

      ‘Where has all the compassion gone?’ it vanishes as we’re bullied into serving others, instead of humanity…
      i asked if i could have a toy for christmas, only if you’re ‘good’ came the reply…
      repeat that to millions of people, compassion is buried…emasculated…

  37. Recycling Plants KILL!!

    A man has been killed and another injured at a recycling facility in County Durham. Why, oh why do the Jobcentre’s third-party ‘provider’ collaborators keep sending workfare victims to these dangerous, dangerous places?!

  38. Pingback: Government Slammed By Regulators Over Misleadin...

  39. Reblogged this on Wessex Solidarity and commented:
    “Front-line workers in the homelessness industry have long warned that these counts are often fixed with police sent in to clear the streets of rough sleepers before the count takes place. Sadly the UK Statistics Authority have not called for an examination of how widespread this practice is.”

  40. Some good news for the Jocks!

    “The UK Government’s spending review will cut funding for employment services due to be devolved to Scotland by around £40m a year, according to the Scottish Government.

    Fair Work Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said decisions made by Chancellor George Osborne last month would reduce anticipated funding for employability services by an estimated 75%.

    Control over the Work Programme and Work Choice is due to be transferred to Scotland in 2017 as a result of the Smith Commission on further devolution.

    A consultation was carried out over the summer on the potential for implementing distinctive new services but Ms Cunningham said the spending review would limit the Scottish Government’s options.

    She has written to UK Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith outlining “serious concerns” about the implications of the review for Scotland.

    Ms Cunningham said: “We estimate DWP intends to cut its spend on Scottish programmes to be devolved by around 40m annually – around 75%.

    “This undermines the agreed intentions in Smith and comes on top of existing limitations in powers being devolved.

    “It is our view that the Smith Commission envisaged the Scottish Government having greater influence over these issues from April 2017 and this cut diminishes their recommendations to an unacceptable level.

    “The UK proposals will magnify the challenge of helping those further from the labour market into work.”

    Ms Cunningham said she had requested an urgent meeting of the joint ministerial working group on welfare to discuss the issue.

    She added: “The clarity needed to procure services has also not been forthcoming from DWP with a number of information requests by the Scottish Government remaining unanswered after several months.

    “The lack of information on this vital issue is unacceptable and this latest move will have serious implications on both unemployed people in Scotland and the support they require.”

    A UK Government spokesman said: “The Spending Review 2015 clearly responds to today’s challenges and looks to spend taxpayers’ money in the most effective way. Scotland will get its fair share of spend for the new contracted employment programme and will be able to use its own resources to top this up.

    “We are firmly committed to delivering the Smith Commission Agreement in full, which includes the transfer of powers over contracted employment support for people with disabilities and those at risk of long-term unemployment in Scotland.””

    Employment services facing £40m a year cuts, says Scottish Government

  41. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Monday 14th Dec 201 seems to be a paid Tory Troll day. Sitting on your arse all day doing nothing except posting here non stop all day.

  42. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Trolls love politics & IDS.

  43. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  44. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Jobs for my Alto Egos.

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If we did not have IDS the whole country would fall apart.

  46. Razor Step Sound Plating System

    Paid Tory Trolls sat on here all day posting shit.

  47. This Materialist Orgy of Evil known as ” Christmas ” Certainly is Shit like
    the State of the Country in General

  48. Burying the Head in the Sand over Politics is what has Ruined this Country
    just like Wrecking Politicians in Westminster

    Musn’t Grumble be a True British Zombie

  49. Indeed

    However the Tories are in Government Labour is in ” Opposition ” through
    what is Defined as ” Opposition ” is the Question

    Being Austerity Stooges and Lapdogs of War is Not Really Opposition

    Effectively the Country is a 1 Party Tory State because the other Parties
    just seem to want to Clown About instead of give Poor People a Voice

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | December 12, 2015 at 12:52 pm | Reply


    More people have joined Labour since the election than are in the entire Conservative party
    The opposition party has roughly doubled in size since the general election.

    More people have joined the Labour party since the general election than are members of the Conservatives, party statistics suggest.

    Labour said 183,658 people had joined the party since 5 May, meaning membership has roughly doubled in the months since the party’s loss.

    By contrast, total Tory membership is around 150,000 people, according to the latest available figures.

    Total membership of the Labour party is now 370,658 – approaching the 400,000 figure recorded at the 1997 election.
    Read more
    More people join Labour since Corbyn win than are in Ukip

    The opposition’s membership leap has been partly driven by a surge in joiners during and since the party’s leadership election, which saw Jeremy Corbyn become leader of the party.

  50. Through Not Murder Directly Two Things are Disgusting about
    Present Britain are the Scum who leave Broken Glass about which
    can Injure Animals and People and those who do Not have the Decency
    to Clean Up after their Dogs

    Dogs Mess can cause Injuries as Well

    They both should be Fined £20,000 Pounds for each Offence and
    Equally those who leave Broken Glass laying about should be Charged
    with Attempted Wounding whilst those who cannot be Bothered to Clean Up after their Dogs must be Banned from Owing Dogs for Life

    The State of Society is an Amoral Abyss which Needs Cleaning Up

  51. Increase Welfare Benefits End Austerity

    Increase the State Pension and Say No to Universal Credit

  52. The Squalid State of many British Cities and Towns shows the Need For
    Proper Funding to Local Government and For Proper Provision of
    Public Services

    End Austerity and House the Homeless

  53. overburdenddonkey

    the peoples assembly against austerity…
    i wonder how that’s working out, noop….? oh! no luck so far noop, perhaps your powers of pursuasion are waning….
    just a thought, perhaps a walking without due care and attention fine…

  54. Devon Fudge Packer

    More from the land of haggis, whisky, shortbread, tartan, kilts and cabers.

    “A new Scottish welfare system must move away from the negative stereotyping of benefit claimants as “skivers”, MSPs have said.
    Holyrood’s welfare reform committee warned that the implementation of a distinctive Scottish system would require a “huge culture shift”.
    The committee has been investigating the future delivery of social security.
    This is in light of new powers over welfare being devolved to the Scottish Parliament.
    In a report setting out their conclusions, MSPs called for an overhaul of the current approach to ensure that “the same dignity and respect that is normally offered to NHS patients is offered to benefit claimants”.
    They said: “Witnesses suggested that elements of the current system appear to operate under an umbrella philosophy which regards those on social security universally as ‘skivers’.
    “The welfare reform committee rejects this narrative and believes that it is neither realistic nor helpful.
    “We believe that a new Scottish social security system requires a huge culture shift.”

    ‘Devastating impact’

    MSPs said the new system should be non-punitive, with sanctions used only as a last resort, and much more accessible with clear and simple communication in plain English.
    The committee recommends the introduction of long-term disability living allowance and personal independence payment awards for people with severe, long-term disability or illness and supports the Scottish government’s proposed increase in carer’s allowance to at least the amount paid in jobseekers allowance.
    The report also calls for the housing element of universal credit to be paid fortnightly, direct to landlords, and for the Scottish government to use the new powers to immediately abolish the so-called “bedroom tax”.
    Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil said: “We agree with the welfare reform committee that the current welfare system is in need of a significant overhaul.

    “Its comprehensive report supports our aims of ensuring our new social security powers will treat people with respect and dignity, and be delivered in a fair and efficient way but there is also a need for the UK government to do more to improve the benefits it will continue to deliver.””

    Benefits claimants should not be classed as ‘skivers’, report says

    • overburdenddonkey

      the ref of “huge culture shift” is in how benefit advisers and the Government talk to those receiving benefits when the powers are devolved….ime the general cultural shift has already taken place… but the scotland bill 2015 may or may not become law in spring 2016, is my understanding…

    • Devon Fudge Packer says: “More from the land of haggis, whisky, shortbread, tartan, kilts and cabers.”

      The only caber tossing that go’s on is at the Highland Games and the 99.9999% of other Scots know nothing about all that stuff! And the vast majority of us don’t go around wearing kilts! LOL! 😀

    • “with sanctions used only as a last resort”, but sanctions already are used as a “last resort” if you believe DWP Press releases… so no change there then…. more like same old same… only worse as can see Wee Nicola bring into some sort of “Chain Gang Forced Labour” – type scheme…. she looks the type.

      • overburdenddonkey

        didn’t you get the memo jim…?

        • We can only wonder and shudder at how an ‘independent’ Scotland would be fairing in the wake of plummeting oil prices 😉

          • overburdenddonkey

            ‘In June UK Government figures showed that a surge in North Sea oil and gas production lifted UK industrial output by 1% – the biggest increase since 2010, helping growth in the UK’s economy (not just Scotland’s) pick up 0.7% in the last quarter. In fact, the ONS (office of National statistics) reported that “mining and quarrying” which includes oil and gas, rose by 7.8% in the quarter, which they described as the biggest increase since 1989 despite falling oil prices….’

            • obd

              Brent Crude Oil (Wee Eck’s ‘black treacle’) was going for $107.20 a barrel back in June 20 2014 coincidentally?! when the Scots were being encouraged to vote “Aye” as it was being trumpeted that they could “live high on the hog as oil was fetching over $100 a barrel”. On today’s market a barrel of Wee Eck’s ‘black treacle will fetch a mere $28.86 a barrel! Lucky for the Scots they aren’t ‘independent’ and now ‘living of off the oil’ 😉

              • Funny how the massive drop in oil prices haven’t been reflected at the petrol pumps though; petrol should be around 30p a litre at present!

              • See for yourself – frightening stuff!

                • That graph is a damning indictment of the “YES” campaign and a clear vindication of the “NO” campaign. We can clearly see how the high oil price coincides with the ‘yes’ campaign’s promises of this that and the other to the Scots. And the answer to the obvious and pertinent question of “How will all this be funded?” was one word: “OIL”, repeat “OIL”. Even to this day I can still recall Alex Salmond’ smug face repeating “OIL”, “OIL”, “OIL” over and over again as if somehow that one word was an invisible shield that magically shut down all debate. If the “YES” campaign had got their way, Scotland would now be back to living in the Stone Age trying to trade a now worthless commodity. Let us see you trying to spin your way out of that one, obd!

                • lol that ‘chart’ looks made-up 🙂 probably concocted by the Naw campaign 😀

              • overburdenddonkey

                LIAR…that was NOT trumpeted by the indyscot yes movement @ all, but seen as a bonus…and as the link i posted above states…. ‘In June UK Government figures showed that a surge in North Sea oil and gas production lifted UK industrial output by 1% – the biggest increase since 2010, helping growth in the UK’s economy (not just Scotland’s) pick up 0.7% in the last quarter. In fact, the ONS (office of National statistics) reported that “mining and quarrying” which includes oil and gas, rose by 7.8% in the quarter, which they described as the biggest increase since 1989 despite falling oil prices….’ oil even @ it’s very low price has boosted the uk economy…and we’re not in june 2016 yet….

  55. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Universal Credit to start in Peterborough

    Peterborough Today – 12th Dec 2015

    A new national welfare benefit which will eventually replace Jobseeker’s Allowance and other benefits is starting in Peterborough as part of a government roll-out.

    New claimants will begin receiving Universal Credit (UC) from Monday which replaces six existing benefits with one monthly payment.

    Current claimants will not yet be affected by the changes, and next week’s changes will for the time being only affect individuals and not families.

    However, UC will eventually replace all other benefits and be used by everyone who needs welfare.

    Minister for Welfare Reform Lord Freud said: “Universal Credit is a revolution in welfare – a system that, for the first time, supports people both in and out of work and encourages them to increase their earnings.

    “By making work pay for each and every hour, Universal Credit encourages claimants to increase their earnings.”

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) claims that for every 100 people who find work under the old Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) system, 113 UC claimants will have moved into a job.

    The DWP has said UC helps people to get into work quicker and will financially support people who find a job as benefits are withdrawn over a period of time.

    But asked if people who are out of work will receive as much money as those currently on JSA, a spokesman said payment depends on an individual’s circumstance, although he added that nobody on working tax credits will lose out.

    UC claims will only be able to be made online, but this can be done at a jobcentre if required.

    UC is now in three-quarters of all jobcentres across the country and will eventually replace; JSA, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      So The Housing Benefit Form is not going straight to the council it`s going straight to the DWP. Result The housing benefit is now a DWP matter not a local housing council office under UC.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Fits with the WCA – Housing Benefit Medical w with a HCP. The Health Professionals get everywhere.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          “”””UC is now in three-quarters of all jobcentres across the country and will eventually replace; JSA, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, Working Tax Credits, Child Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.”””

          Not a word about sickness, disability & illness !!!!!!

  56. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    So all the DWP do is double check Atos, Seetec, G4S, Maximus, Serco admin. A third rate admin provider is all the DWP are now.

  57. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    The DWP spokesperson said ” It has nothing to do with us, go & talk to the service provider, we have no more to say”. The DWP spokesperson concluded.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      You are now contracted to Maximus by signing the ESA50 bogus form to be in the duty care of Maximus not the DWP. Maximus run all types of thing as well as WCA fake medicals, they run Universal Credit Work Coaches, They provide the IT, they run the DWP. Welcome to the new DWP in UC called Maximus Health Insurance. UC will be there till you die with Maximus picking up the profits. No need to worry the ex-DWP aka Maximus has taken care of your life.

  58. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  59. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Maximus now run the Housing Benefit Scam.

  60. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Trolls work for IDS. Why are you not proud to work for IDS!!!!

  61. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Lonely At The Top.

  62. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Anti Social Networking

  63. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    My Mind Needs A Committee Meeting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Credit in Universal Credit means paying back. That is what Credit means unless they have changed meanings to words like disability has been cured & is no more so you are not aloud to use the word disabled because it is now defunct.

  65. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Don`t talk about Universal Credit it gets the Tory Voters pissed off.

  66. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    I though I would get at least 1 troll being 5 people !!!!!

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