20 Million Hours Of Forced Unpaid Labour: How Much Lower Can So-Called Charities Sink?

ymca-no-payThe DWP have finally released some information on the performance of Community Work Placements, the mass workfare scheme first announced by George Osborne way back at the 2013 Tory Party conference.

The placements were finally launched in 2014 and require unemployed people to carry out six month’s unpaid work under the threat of brutal benefit sanctions – benefit sanction that are known to kill.  This work must be with a charity or a company which offers a ‘community benefit’.  In reality this has meant many people working unpaid for private, profit making companies who can claim to be a bit green or environmentally friendly, such as recycling businesses.  Many others have been sent to work in charity shops.

Despite the scheme having been in operation for over 18 months, the DWP are not telling us whether anyone has successfully found real work as a result of their placement.  This is sadly unsurprising, this programme was never about getting people jobs but was simply intended as punishment for the long-term unemployed.  And the punishment is severe.  Participants carry out 780 hours of forced unpaid work – almost three times the maximum possible community service sentence that can be handed out by the courts.

According to last week’s figures, around 25,000 people have started a Community Work Placement since the scheme began.  That means that companies and charities prepared to take part in this grotesque exploitation have potentially benefitted from just under 20 million hours of unpaid work – saving up to £130 million in wages even if all these jobs had only been paid at minimum wage.  And they call benefit claimants scroungers.

What the statistics do show is that Community Work Placements have been yet another DWP shambles.  51,430 people have been referred to the companies running the scheme – G4S in most areas – yet less than half of those have actually started a placement.  In an economy where 4 million people are out of work and want a job the truth is there isn’t even enough workfare to go round, a problem which has dogged unpaid work schemes ever since Tony Blair launched the New Deal in 1998.

The ferocious resistance to workfare is another reason why the DWP is struggling to find enough work placements.  Even the most enthusiastic supporters of workfare such as the Salvation Army and the YMCA snubbed the placements as ‘too long’ and ‘not beneficial’.  Worryingly however, other DWP documents show that these so-called charities may be wobbling on this position.

In February and March this year (pdf) Esther McVey, the now unemployed former Employment Minister, met the Salvation Army, YMCA and the Sue Ryder Foundation to discuss Community Work Placements.  All three of these charities have told the public they are not involved with the scheme, and Sue Ryder claim to be out of workfare completely.  Which begs the fucking question why the cosy chat with McVey?  What is there to talk about?  What were they offered and did they accept?  Why not ask them @YMCA_England, @Sue_Ryder and @salvationarmyuk

To join the fight against forced unpaid work visit: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/

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234 responses to “20 Million Hours Of Forced Unpaid Labour: How Much Lower Can So-Called Charities Sink?

  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Freedom of information laws ‘misused’ by journalists, says Chris Grayling

    Leader of the Commons claims media use FoI requests as a ‘research tool’ to ‘generate’ stories

    Guardian – Thursday 29 October 2015 14.16 GMT

    • How ironic that JACK STRAW wants to try and curtail the very freedom of information act that he pushed to introduce……………

      Especially on the eve of the announcement that £890 PER DAY CHILCOTT will release the 2 million word document called “The observers book of evading war crimes”, “HOW TONY AND I KILLED HUNDREDS OF MILITARY PERSONNEL AND COUNTLESS THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS BY TELLING LIES TO THE PARLIAMENT AND ITS CITIZENSHIP.”

      Transparency is a dirty word, especially to the staff of the DWP who are fighting tooth and nail to bury their under estimated benefits cull of innocent victims who were deemed fit for work……………..


      A decision that a claimant does not have Limited Capability for work, or Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, is colloquially referred to as a decision that the claimant is “FIT FOR WORK”. However, what this actually means is that the claimant does not meet the functional descriptors set out in the ESA Regulations for LCA or LCWRA.


  2. As everything becomes increasingly automated there will be fewer jobs still. Maybe they should accept this, pay everyone a basic wage and let volunteers genuinely be volunteers.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, they’re destroying free creative spirit and replacing this with HOPE of a better future and/or recapturing it, if one get’s it right/is compliant, all to mask the profound lack of jobs, in our economy…the time of the UBI has come…. http://basicincome2013.eu/en/index.html

      • obd
        What’s UBI? It’s not like you bang the UBI drum every time you post… 😉

        • overburdenddonkey

          why not, troll….
          it’s a bit like saying JV bangs on about politics and inhumanity…the idea of posting to bang drums…

          • overburdenddonkey

            NB troll, you’ll also note that my post was in agreement with ‘bookworm’, who brought up the subject of basic income, was also on topic, weaving my other points into it on the back of book’s point, and also caused clarification of an earlier point i made to maria re HOPE, from maria…so my post was very effective indeed….all you could do was to attempt to score points and fail miserably….

            • obd
              You even managed to weave universal basic income into a discussion on the farting properties of lentils 😀

              • overburdenddonkey

                you even managed to weave into this thread, that flatulence is more important than the serious issues discussed on this blog such a housing income health et al…so shame on you….

                • If they can’t afford to pay benefits to those that are claiming them now, how do you propose to pay EVERYONE a benefit on UBI?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  but they can pay SS now do some research…and i don’t intend to pay anyone see posted links….bye troll….

                • They might be able to pay SS now without austerity towards the poorest, but SS is not being paid to everyone and we are on austerity measures, so how will you pay a benefit to everyone, you have not answered my question?

                • The Simple Folks

                  Honestly, don’t understand this UBI. Suppose you gave EVERYONE a £million. Who would be better off? Anyone? Does giving EVERYONE £x not just cancel out the gain. Would poor people not be better off if you gave just the poor people another £100 instead of giving EVERYONE a £million. Income is really just where you are relative to everyone else. If EVERYONE has another £BILLION how is everyone better off. Or is UBI a crude attempt at hyper-inflation. Would a UBI not need to be clawed back from the rich in extra taxation?

                  obd, you will really need to explain this in simple terms that us simple folk can understand instead of just posting links which nobody can make head or tail off. Why not give YOUR interpretation of UBI.

                  Otherwise, it just looks that you have latched onto an idea that even you with your, as you do say yourself, “superior intellect” because you think you will be better off personally.

                  Now, you are going to say: “Troll, bye” Well, don’t bother!

                • The Simple Folks

                  * Otherwise, it just looks that you have latched onto an idea that even you with your, as you do say yourself, “superior intellect” do not even fully understand because you think you will be better off personally.

      • Ah so that is the reason for your argument for hope, sorry OBD. some people do misuse the word hope, like the Tories. It is a misuse when they take things away from the poor, vulnerable, sick, disabled and tell them to live on hope instead of helping them with whatever they need. I was talking about hope in general before, and not with political intent. In that case it is right what you said yesterday. But I have my own troubles and not fully focussing my mind on things like politics at the moment.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          @Maria – People with medical conditions have to look after the conditions fist & foremost – that is what is important. Way down the list of things is the rules & poll a tricks. So take a back seat poll a tricks – nothings changed.

          • what are you all posting on a political site for then?

            We have people who call themselves carers wanting money taken from the disabled person and increase their caring allowance, even when some are only pretending to care.

            • … and we even have people calling them disabled wanting money taken from the unemployed person and given to them. Those at the bottom table are just as bad, if not worse, than those at the top table. It seems like EVERYONE is on the make! A genuine dog eat dog fig-leaf of a ‘society’.

            • … and we even have people calling themselves disabled wanting money taken from the unemployed person and given to them. Those at the bottom table are just as bad, if not worse, than those at the top table. It seems like EVERYONE is on the make! A genuine dog eat dog fig-leaf of a ‘society’.

              • How is money for the disabled taken from the unemployed pot? The only disabled people that should not be getting disability benefit are the rich, only when their wealth dwindles should they be entitled to benefits of any kind.

                Some disabled have vast wealth, are working and still claiming for disability.

                Income in the form of benefits was only ever supposed to be paid out like an insurance policy to those in need, not those in greed.

                • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                  Check you medical health first before you spout Disability Hate crime

                • Disabilty Hate Crime Tory Troll Who Can't String A Sentence Together From Conservative Party Central Office

                  (Most) Disability benefits aren’t means tested? DLA? Motability? That is why you see rich Tarquins and fucking Jemimas running around in their toff parents Range fucking Rover. There are a lot of disability scammers hiding under the coat-tails of those who really are genuinely disabled and really do need help and support. How can anyone agree with scammer, particular rich toff fucking scammers ‘gaming the system’? Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

                • I find it perplexing how so many celebrities are being diagnosed with breast cancer, having mastectomies and implants on the NHS, then miraculously declared clear of any cancer??

          • overburdenddonkey

            HAHAHAHAHA..troll now posting to itself, seen it all now…! 🙂

            • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

              LOL Clueless – At least get tory trolls that can string a sentence together that makes sense

              • Razor Sound Plate Stepping System

                … yeah, instead of talking nonsensical gibberish 😀

              • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

                All they can do is repeat what I say like an ECHO !!!

                • SRSPS to your reply at the top, I know they look after things, like medical conditions and all that. What I mean to say is sometimes I go off topic I think and start looking at things in a completely and non political way, I’m sorry about that. I do know how hard it is for people with disabilities, and medical conditions, because I care for people with them. And have seen how Tory policies have tried to destroy support for people I know as well as destroying my own. When I disagree with someone sometimes, I’m steering away from political thoughts and more into other areas of life, into something completely different. I don’t want people to think I am being insensitive to the current situation of people being denied to what they have a right to, which is so prevalent these days, its not just the sick and disabled any more, its basically everyone at the bottom reaching now into the middle of society and I understand all of that. But I like it here most people, aside from the odd troll, are interesting to talk to. It is ages since I have found so many interesting people in one place. And Johnny voids Blogs, is just so much more than a blog, it is an active place to share political ideas and I am glad it exists, So I say thank you to JV too for making it happen.

    • Bookworm

      If you really were a bookworm you would realize that in a global economy we need a global non-economy to make sure that the poor throughout the world and not just the UK or Europe have their needs catered for.

  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is another important exposure of the workfare industry by Johnny Void. He reveals just how valuable the Community Work Placements are to George Osborne’s backers in big business. 25,000 people have been placed on them since they were unrolled, and the scheme has saved business a whopping £130 million in wages. Those on the scheme can be forced to work far longer than criminals sentenced to community service. The penalty for not going on one of these is sanctions – the complete stoppage of one’s benefit, which has led to deaths. Johnny Void also reports that workfare schemes are so unpopular that many firms, such as Sue Ryder, vocally distance themselves from it. It’s interesting that one of the aspects of the recycling ‘charity’ that Mike over on his blog identified as a possible workhouse was the fact that it supplied workfare-style labour to other firms. One of the commenters to Mike’s blog was so concerned about this, that she prompted the finance officer at the local council to investigate it. Johnny Void here points out that many of the ‘charities’ that use workfare are also recycling companies.

    My reblog of Mike’s article yesterday prompted a series of comments from an embittered New Labourite, who supported such private-public partnerships and who hated Jeremy Corbyn. He maintained that as someone who had previously been a work coach, he knew from talking to the homeless exactly what they needed. And so he vociferously approved of the firm Mike had blogged against and similar ventures.

    This is indirect contrast to the information presented by Mr Void. Mr Void has blogged extensively on the needs of the homeless and the unemployed, which are very much in opposition to the ‘tough love’ now being advocated by homelessness charities hoping to enrich themselves at the expense of both the public and the very people they claim to represent. I don’t know Mr Void’s background, but he seems to have considerable personal experience in this area. I therefore recommend that if you want a good account of the reality of the exploitation of the poorest sections of society without corporate lies and doubletalk, you read him.

  4. In a country that does this to people:


    it’s only the beginning

    Nightmare in the UK Ltd

    • An appalling event. Teresa May will be ever so proud of herself. Strange, we hear nothing of it in what passes as a Parliament.

      • The true charities are far and few nowadays. We are blasted with adverts featuring babies covered in flies, kids drawing water from poisoned wells and the reality is we have the same scenarios being played out in our back streets.
        No longer do they ask for a few coppers, they have the audacity to suggest a standing order of £3 or more per month.
        Follow the money trail and type in the relevant charities payments to senior bosses…………..
        They care nothing of the horrific scenes they dare to put on your screens as you eat and feel embarrassed as the fork enters your gob, they translate your donations into obscene income.

        Who needs a level of heirarchy that takes a mere few pence of your well earned coin to it’s intended victim while the majority goes towards exotic fleet cars and holiday jaunts?

        Charity should be redefined as disparity as your well meant intentions are soaked up by those who are being paid, against the soft volunteers and those sold into slavery.

        William Wilberforce would turn in his grave if he saw the establishment slavery mandated on the poor and disabled.

        The conservative dream, accelerating backwards into oblivion, killing thousands on the one way ticket to hell…………

        Next time the sally army rattle a can in your face in a busy precinct give em some verbal and tell them where to go…………

        Anybody who supports workfare is a complet cunt and should be treated appropriately.

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        • “The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.”

          – Vernon Howard

          • Very true Vernon Howard.

          • Re-cycling Plant Owner

            Wouldn’t say so. I gave homeless persons with learning difficulties a job in my re-cycling plant working 84 hours a week with a 15 minute break in exchange for a ramshackle roof in the back of the yard over their head and a bowl of porridge in the morning. Without my help those persons would be out on the streets. Now they are productive members of society engaged in saving the planet.

            • True! At least they have a roof over their head, warm food, and a job. What more could anyone wish for? 😀

              • OliverT

                Note, its only a Bowl in the morning – must work to get next days gruel you know… no need for pay or a life outside work… at least its a job for life, that is until you die from lack of food that is… its all good in tory land

              • “What more could anyone wish for”, perhaps a farm, stables, walk in wardrobes????

  5. YMCA definitely accepted, a friend of mine is on CWP with them in one of their mangy charity shops,they treat him like a criminal, he’s not allowed near the till in case he steals their money illegally taken from the tax payer.

    • Ah, yes, the YMCA – I broke my back whilst staying with them as an alternative to homelessness. One of their staff walked by me as I was being strapped onto an ambulance stretcher and loudly said “he deserves that” – when I returned there many weeks later after hospital I found all of my belongings had been stolen – the YMCA said it was nothing to do with them. it was my own fault and their local chairman set about defaming me – the YMCA is a SHITHOUSE and nobody should have anything to do with them


    • Don’t blame you Marie, after what they did to you. After what they have done to a lot of people.

    • Santa hates you

      Since charities have become corporate enterprises – which basically means they are free to screw the unemployed/workfare slaves – expect them to ram raid other sources of labour and income opportunities. Marie, I agree with you they are scum!

  7. paultheswineherd

    Johnny Void – Thank you for this great article – it really exposes the shameful reality of what is really going on. These ‘companies and the so-called ‘charities’ should be totally ashamed of themselves. The Charities Commission really need to pull their socks up and begin to tackle these bastards. Why should they be allowed to get away with all of this.
    Geoff and Marie and everyone also also – well said.

  8. Has anyone seen those buckets the parasites rattle under your nose, the little slot you put coins in has been enlarged to take a thick wad of bank notes, told one of em to piss off last week, walked off laughing my head off.

    • We’ll get our coats ….

      Thanks sian …. to read later on – it sounds like another nail in the coffin of generally killing off everything that’s of use and/or incorporates a smidgen of security for anyone fortunate enough to have (for whatever reasons) the luxury of even a semi-secure roof over their heads. Their contracts to be re-written – or another of the new-style ‘from this time on’ rewrites.

      “Where there is hope – may we bring disharmony. Where people live in semi-secure homes, may we introduce new elements of insecurity into their lives”.

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      • Expenses claims

        In 2015 it was reported that Robertson’s expenses claims have included a television costing £1,119, a £400 home cinema system, £500 for a bed, £20 for a corkscrew and £2,324 for a sofa bed.[12] The home cinema system was initially denied by the expenses office; however, Robertson appealed this decision and it was subsequently awarded.

        Robertson has stated that the use of this system was to keep up to date with political matters in the media[12]


        • glad you retaliate………….
          it shows through the thin veneer what a shower of shit the Conservatives really are.
          PS you omitted to include Osbornes fiddle.

          expenses, Land Registry documents disclose.

          The chancellor and his wife Frances bought a Cheshire farmhouse and the neighbouring land in his constituency for £455,000 in 2000, before he became an MP.

          Between 2003 and 2009, he claimed up to £100,000 in expenses to cover mortgage interest payments on both the land and the property at Harrop Fold farm near Macclesfield.

          The chancellor’s farmhouse featured in the MPs’ expenses scandal of 2009. It emerged that he had “flipped” his second home allowance on to the property and increased the mortgage. Throughout the lengthy parliamentary inquiry into Osborne’s expense claims that followed, there was no mention of the separate land.

          But it has emerged that the expenses payments were not only for a house but also for the neighbouring paddock, which is registered separately with the Land Registry.

          The disclosure comes as Osborne, one of the wealthiest members of the cabinet, attempts to portray himself as an ordinary taxpayer while implementing welfare cuts. Osborne, who earns £134,565 a year and has a £4m trust fund, told BBC News: “I took a pay cut, and froze my pay on taking this job, took a pay cut from the previous chancellor, the Labour chancellor, in order to show that politicians weren’t going to get away with it.”

          “blows your telly claim into oblivion”

  10. Another Fine Mess

    The @Sue_Ryder link is broke, takes me to the @YMCA.

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  12. The thread wouldn’t be complete without this shit 😀

  13. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Merlin Systems [pattern of thought in a DWP think tank] is the rules DWP contractors have to fall within. WCA is designed to be a Work Assessment not a medical assessment – So it`s called the Advisory Service called Maximus. The GREY AREA aka the weakness of the Welfare Reform. The contradictions on equality, the putting £Billions in to help disabled people, yet leave them hanging on a whim of eating old rope. False claim on WCA claiming it is a medical & not a Work & Sanctioned test. One you forgot to tell all the hard working Tory Voting Families is that you can get sanctioned on Tax Credits. Bullies back down from being bullies if you teach them some common sense which lacking through-out the propaganda war on the UK public by Politicians & investors. Full steam ahead for the General Strike 2016. Call in the Army because the police force is out on General Strike as well. Now who`s the hostage or who has been held hostage for many a year !!!! I could be a Disability Sit Down Comedian but in will involve to many DWP lawyers stopping me working as a Disability Sit Down Comedian. Everything has to be vetted these days, vetted to stay at a Workhouse, vetted to get food at a food bank, vetted to get a public form, vetted to say anything in case it falls under new laws of a rogue state making a dictatorship a priority to crush Equality Laws & Human Rights Laws.. The bubble has burst – on housing on the economy the whole failure of a confidence trick that became a contradiction of gibberish.

    • It clearly states on the top of my ESA50;


      DOB/ 3/08/1955


      Therefore it is a medical report by a lowly ex bedpan washer, completed in just 15 minuyes using BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL LIMA DISABILITY DENIAL SOFTWARE.

      Yet the DWP are now desperate to say it is not a medical report. I wonder why?

      So this hastily bunched together medical report that was computed in a matter of just a quarter of an hour has left me living on just £33.60p for over two years and three months.
      Of this time, for over eight months, the DWP stopped these payments. I was receiving no income whatsoever and relied on handouts from my widowed mum, who incidentally worked voluntary, for free for the Salvation Army following my fathers death.
      She gave six years of her life, baked for the needy and collected nothing in return.

      The trolls who like to make an appearance on these pages have not an inkling of the pitfalls introduced by those they support. They are devoid of all feeling, rather like the ATOS nurse……………

      • Politcal Ponerology

        @ GEOFF

        The SNP are anything but squeaky clean:

        Labour demand ‘full transparency’ over SNP MP’s property deals

        They are all on the make, down to the last man, woman and dog.

        In the village where I live all the solicitors have been struck off for ‘professional misconduct’. And failed solicitors form a high proportion of parliamentarians. Nicola Sturgeon is a failed solicitor for one, as it Alex Salmond. The SNP cohort at Westmonster is also stuffed to the tartan rafters of solicitors, advocate deputes (public prosecutor) and all sorts drawn from the legal ‘profession’. The make laws to keep their buddies in business.

        Working class psychopaths become criminals
        Middle class psychopaths become lawyers
        Upper class psychopaths become politicians

        Amazing that you still have ANY faith in ANY of these corrupt fuckers GEOFF!!

        • Politcal Ponerology

          SCOTTISH Labour have called for “full transparency” from the SNP over the questionable property dealings of a newly-elected nationalist MP.

          Michelle Thomson, the party’s shadow minister for business, innovation and skills, has been accused of taking advantage of vulnerable families by building a property portfolio worth about £1.7 million by buying homes at knockdown prices from families struggling to pay their mortgages.

          A solicitor, Christopher Hales, who acted for the Edinburgh West MP and her husband, has been struck off for professional misconduct over his part in 13 deals involving Ms Thomson or M&F Property Solutions, of which she was a partner.

          • overburdenddonkey

            the vital bit that you left out is that thomson is NOT an snp mp….

          • Michelle Thomson is no longer an SNP member, having been suspended from the party over this affair. However, it is worth pointing out she is not accused of any criminal wrongdoing at this moment in time,
            Alex Salmond was never a solicitor, and never practiced Law anywhere.
            A good portion of the new SNP MPs are not from Law professions. There are a number of doctors amongst them, as well as broadcasters and journalists….and one wee girl, who worked in a chip shop while studying at college (University of Glasgow)). The very one who berated the evil New Nazi, George Ian Smith this week.

      • BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL LIMA DISABILITY DENIAL SOFTWARE. Yep you said it Geoff that’s a really good description and name for such a programme

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes it is, and this was said yrs ago, but people should still claim and/or appeal…. ‘The Work Capability Assessment….designed to cut your benefits through trickery, but read on to learn how, with advice and support, you can get what you are entitled to.’

          • overburdenddonkey

            the whole purpose of esa is to backfoot the claimant so that the sick and disabled needy person has to prove need..to them sickness and disability are mere words with 0 definition…

          • I know OBD you are right, but I tried 3 times for ESA, I even got the help of the local CAB, in which they said they would help me whatever happened and then I failed to get ESA again, That was the third time and they wanted me to go on jobseekers allowance meanwhile too, and it is psychological torture on its own, because I was on it so long before and it was hard enough before they started bringing in all these ridiculous rules, to make your life hell. Well I asked the CAB again and they told me they (the government) have changed all the rules and they could no longer help, me. Legal aid has been cut. So basically I felt like I was flogging a dead horse and that is why I personally gave up. But also the government, the way they are doing things, makes me feel personally worthless, and I know I am not no more than any other disabled, sick or otherwise vulnerable person in society who finds it difficult, if not impossible to help themselves. But when I tell people of the medical profession, most of them with an exception of a very few who spout the Tory mantra ‘Well, why don’t you get a job, then?’; most of them are shocked that I am on so little and they believe that I should be on something instead of struggling by. Oh and I have proved my disability to them and they have accepted that, but they say my disability causes no barriers to work, when that is completely untrue and I have a lot of different problems in finding work; and on more than one occasion have begged for help with.

            • overburdenddonkey

              just as well i posted a link to a helpful site then…!

              • Thank you:)

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i didn’t post it just for you…i get fed up with some putting others off claiming and/or appealing with their tales of woe…

              • maybe I do go on too much about it:) sorry

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the point is maria that you can claim esa and get assessment rate until the WCA…if one has a sick note and continues to submit it until esa is awarded or you end your claim or accept being found fit for work….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  note should read; until full esa is awarded’, i guess now full wrag esa means no longer requires sick note…

                • I know OBD, its just it caused me a lot of anxiety wondering if I would get it or not. But your right there no point in hiding away from it either. I will think about what you said.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  well the options there to apply @ a later date if you need it….you now have more info than you did…it’s disgusting that others didn’t help you when they should of….

                • How does this work if you want to jump ship from say JSA to ESA? You just put in a claim for ESA (without a sick-note?) and continue to be paid ESA at an “assessment rate” until you get hauled up for a WCA? How much is the assessment rate?

  14. stitchedupandbroken

    I come here to get my occasional fix of hate from those who hate. It’s no criticism. People don’t hate for zero,there is usually good reason behind it. Having been shafted by UK Ltd I see the leopard hasn’t changed it spots: top down rape.
    I’m now ‘retired’ and maybe I would like to ‘help others’. Trouble is if I were to ‘volunteer’ in any way I would be helping the charity scammers,the grubbers who’ve made it Big Biz. Even ‘good work’ has now been hijacked by monsters. By ‘volunteering’ I would be helping the government and governing authorities: I could never do that. It would be as like supporting the group who raped you. You never get over the damage they do to you. Apologies,but I’d like to xxxx ’em.

    • There is one very good way you can help that avoids having to sell your soul to the so called charities. If you are able to understand the appeals process, or can get your head around things like the independent tribunals system for appealing sanctions then you’d be in a wonderful position to help those who are too blatted by the system, or just plain clueless (understanding the rules, which is crucial, isn’t easy, or straightforward) then you would be doing something very positive.

      Over the past few years, starting with my own needs I’ve got my head around the system enough to be in a position to be able to help others with things like appealing sanctions, and winning those appeals, and also being able to give sound advice about how to make it really difficult for Workfare providers.

      Further to that, I’m now also a trained representative for my union, so now I’m taking on cases and winning them for workers subject to things like disciplinary procedures and workplace bullying.

      Most of the time it’s pretty straightforward as employers, the DWP and Workfare providers are absolutely crap when it comes to doing things properly – many, if not most benefit sanctions are unlawful, (and always immoral), employers are often incompetent, and Workfare providers can be easily be tied in knots using the system against itself. All it takes is a bit of work, which due to the bureaucratic nature, is largely based on paperwork, which is largely knowing how to write the correct kind of letters, and how to fill in forms the correct way, and present evidence correctly, which not everyone can do. Even when people are capable of doing things for themselves they often need pointing in the right direction.

      In an ideal world we wouldn’t need all the above, and even in the world we have, ideally organisations such as the CAB would help, but advice from the CAB seems often to be variable, and worryingly of dubious quality. Therefore we need to do the job ourselves. People who are able, as individuals, to help others navigate way around the system on an ad hoc basis are doing really valuable work in a way that doesn’t involve tainting one’s self by helping in the mainstream voluntary sector.


    Many of our clients, mostly families with young children, have followed the news on proposed cuts to tax credits in a state of dread (Report, 28 October); so the vote in the House of Lords is a respite. Last week we received a call from a disabled mother, who had heard about the plan to refuse tax credit for a third child. She was pregnant with her third child and told us that a decision to terminate depended on the government’s plans. It is not just about new cuts. Draconian cuts and technical decisions already implemented must be reconsidered. We are now receiving families reduced to extreme poverty by harsh methods of recovering tax credit overpayments, applied more systematically since April 2015.

    One parent told me that her diabetes had gone out of control as she now does not eat properly to make sure that her children eat. And the issue of cuts to tax credits should not make us forget the suffering and deaths of ESA (employment and support allowance) claimants, who are kept in a state of continual anxiety by a regime of “medical assessments” and by the upheaval caused by unfair and superficial decisions. There are many cases of benefits sanctions for very minor offences, which often hit individuals with mental health problems or communication barriers. Even after we obtain swift reassessments of such decisions, our clients are left in a state of fear for months.

    Last but not least, recent cuts to housing benefit and the abolition of council tax benefit have meant that families on low incomes have to decide whether to pay rent and tax, or eat.


  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How about scrapping the whole Welfare State. But no the government can`t do that because so much business investment has gone into the DWP contractors. Close all the jobcentres – Can`t do that because the DWP are contracted to their contractors till 2020. The more the DWP are in shit the more the DWP contractors will want to leave the DWP contractor because it effects their World business. Now the last prisoner has left Guantanamo Bay G4S are looking for some new work.

  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Children In Need is starting soon. Entertainment rather than famous just hand the money over. Famous people give money to charity because it makes their tax bill lower so rather than give it to the tax man they give to corporational charities mostly funding & run by the Tory party.

  18. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


  19. Pingback: Minstens 130 miljoen pond loon gejat van Britse dwangarbeiders | Doorbraak.eu

  20. Perhaps another Resignation is in Order

    Stepping Razor Sound Plate System | October 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm | Reply

    Freedom of information laws ‘misused’ by journalists, says Chris Grayling

    Leader of the Commons claims media use FoI requests as a ‘research tool’ to ‘generate’ stories

    Guardian – Thursday 29 October 2015 14.16 GMT

  21. Forced Labour is Slave Labour and any ” Charity ” that Collaborates or
    Colludes with this is Committing an Outrage against Humanity and is
    Unworthy to be Called a Charity

  22. “What the statistics do show is that Community Work Placements have been yet another DWP shambles. 51,430 people have been referred to the companies running the scheme – G4S in most areas – yet less than half of those have actually started a placement. In an economy where 4 million people are out of work and want a job the truth is there isn’t even enough workfare to go round, a problem which has dogged unpaid work schemes ever since Tony Blair launched the New Deal in 1998.”

    I would like to see evidence for that, because it may well be that the placements are there – or at least mostly – and the reality is one of claimants ending their entitlements either to avoid placement, or because a sanction has kicked in. When this is the case then this is not a shambles for the DWP because the aim of off-flow is being achieved, with no payout paid to private providers – so double bonus.

    I read new instances of CWP all the time online, and met a guy locally only recently who had been referred to the scheme – a father telling me this in front of his son – so where is the good news here?

    • Seetec Are SCUM!!

      MWA/CWP placements are well over-subscribed. Most claimants don’t turn up for the ‘induction’. A ‘provider’ will send 100 claimants to a ‘recycling’ facility/’charity’ shop. Maybe 10 will turn up. And of that most won’t turn up the next day if they make it through the first day. And most claimants will fall off MWA before the 4 weeks is out never mind 26 weeks of CWP. The rest will either have ended their claim or be sanctioned for ‘failing to attend’. Or if things don’t go to plan occasionally you may see 20 people stood around doing nothing in a ‘charity’ shop. If claimants called their bluff you would have 100 people stood around doing nothing in a ‘charity’ shop.

      • The whole point of MWA/CWP is to achieve “off-flow”: the DWP want the spectre of MWA/CWP to “encourage” claimants to “voluntarily” end their claims, and if that doesn’t work then the harsh reality of MWA/CWP is designed to deliberately drive them of off benefits.

      • This sounds more like the other accounts that I have read, and that is very worrying indeed, pointing to a massive failure for campaigners, but more especially those left with no money through state support – the safety net has a massive hole ripped through it!

        The advisor guidance on MWA even outrageously suggests that those who do not attend should be considered as potentially undertaking some kind of fraudulent activity.

        Do you have first hand experience yourself?

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  24. Why is George Osborne still Chancellor of the Exchequer ?

  25. Yes, charities like the Salvation Army are wobbling on their position regarding Community Work Placements, because, despite having earlier said they would not take part (in March 2014), a meeting took place in February this year with the DWP to discuss Community Work Placements.

    Perhaps it’s no surprise that someone posted this shortly afterwards:

    • Yeah and they can get that CWP right up them as well. Load o’ pish. Where are the decent jobs? You know the FT one’s with proper hours and a good wage to live on?

      Being unemployed is now a worse label than being a convicted criminal and the CWP length reflects that.

      DWP + JCP = SCUM.

    • This is very interesting…

      Thanks for posting this!

    • AFAIA you can challenge a placement in a religious charity if it is not your belief.

  26. OT: Gov Trashing of Housing Assosications


    Now something new if a tenant to worry about…

  27. Once a cunt always a cunt


    Our friend Philip davies again – who exactly voted for this bastard?

  28. the salvation army

    work for us or die you plebs.

  29. paultheswineherd

    Earlier this evening on the News: 452 redundancies announced at Caparo Steel. Cameron’s & Osborne’s ‘long term economic plan’ is obviously still working – the total twats!
    Osborne has announced that there will be billions of pounds of ‘sell-offs’ of assets to fund new infrastructure projects (ever heard of selling off the family silver?!)
    Meanwhile (as Geoff reported earlier) Chilcot is still geeting his £890 per day – as usual a ‘law’ man trying to string the enquiry out for as long as possible – like ‘Lord’ Alan Sugar, Chilcot is also a true and enduring fan of ‘easy money’ (and of course at the ‘taxpayer’s expense)!

  30. obd

    Good news obd. The Scum on-line is tearing down it’s paywall – probably because nobody in their right mind would be £2 a day to read that shite 😀

    Now you will be able to get your daily fix 😉 for next 🙂

  31. Yes marie the begging bucket bastards arn’t content with a bit of loose change these days, they’d snatch your fuckin hardshit money off you if they could, scrounging wankers are everywhere even in our fuckin bus station getting in peoples face, do what geoff suggested and give the spongers some verbal.

    • Local bus station is crawling with pickpockets as well.

      • Bus stations are the very epicentre of Shitville though, swarming with the lowest of low-life just waiting or an opportunity to do you harm.

        • & people trying to catch buses …

          • … ?
            (missed the ‘?’ – above).

          • shirleynott you may laugh but one of me mates was pick-pocket out of a fortnights money in the local bus station – over a hundred quid! She was left with no money and only because of a kind bus driver she didn’t have to walk 20 miles home in the snow. I really hate these low-life scum who do these things! They make me so angry!

            You should always be aware of someone brushing against… it is just that when people are distracted they don’t notice.

            • I’m not laughing, I’ve been pick-pocketed (& also an attempt made & I became aware of it in time to avoid on way to jcp-) both times in town centre) too. I just think that swarming might be a bit unfair, as most people there are not there for that/those reasons. It’s not funny if it does happen though & losing 2 week’s money would be horrendous.

            • Who keeps a £100 in their pocket to be pickpocketed, perhaps a zipped bag would be more helpful?

    • I would love to throw a steaming bucket of diarrhoea over the sponging parasites!

  32. obd
    Good news! 😀

    The Scum online is tearing down it’s ‘paywall’ probably because nobody in their right mind would pay £2 a day to read that shite.

    Back to getting your daily fix 😉 without whipping out the old credit card 🙂

  33. Is unpaid work really so wrong? I mean, lets be honest,the truth be told, it isn’t really unpaid as people are in receipt of housing benefit and ESA or JSA. Isn’t it only right that recipients put something back? Think about it, there aren’t really the jobs out there, so isn’t it better to keep the unemployed active, than to leave them stagnating in their beds and watching daytime tv?

    • @roger
      You seem to have forgotten that so-called “handouts” are paid to those who have (like myself) paid compulsory premiums into their National Insurance policy. Benefits, like the state pension, are paid as the result of a claim on an insurance policy. It’s only Income Support that’s paid from general taxation rather than the N.I. fund, and claiming IS is like getting blood from a stone.

    • Another Fine Mess

      roger October 31, 2015 at 9:20 am

      I think this site is too advanced for you, roger.

    • @roger
      “Is unpaid work really so wrong?” is contradicted by your following claim “there aren’t really the jobs out there”. Your next nonsense claim: “so isn’t it better to keep the unemployed active” – doing what? The paid work that isn’t there? So let’s force the unemployed to do “community work” that displaces a worker already being paid a wage to undertake the “community work”? The truth: workfare is of financial benefit to companies who can’t or won’t pay the minimum wage for a day’s work – typically the so-called “recycling” industry where workfare slaves are made to undertake dangerous work under conditions in breach of H&S and/or Hazchem regulations. ” leave them stagnating in their beds and watching daytime tv?” that’s precisely what I do (although I don’t have TV). The reason? I don’t have to work for a living.

  34. It Concerns Me that the Liberal Democrats will pretend to be against
    Austerity to try to claw back Votes . People Need Not to be so Gullible
    and Gormless .

    The Liberal Democrats Propped Up the Regime of May 2010 AD to
    March 2015 AD under which Education Maintenance Allowance was
    Undermined the Bedroom Tax was Inflicted and the Health & Social
    Care Act of 2012 AD was Inflicted as Well

    Whilst David Clapson Died in his Tragic Suffering the Lousy Liberal
    Democrats were being Parliamentary Sheep Lobby Fodder

    Do Not Let the Liberal Democrats claw back Votes to Prop Up
    Austerity or Form another Stinking Con Dem Coalition the Best
    Landslide as Regards the Liberal Democrats is that they Lose All
    their Seats at Westminster

    • Don’t vote for EU either, they are doing nothing about the sanctions, workfare etc in this country, all they are interested in is what we are paying into the EU.

  35. Boycott the Big Issue

    lol at Jeremy Corbyn buying a copy of nobhead Lord John Bird-shits piece of shit the Big Issue on his way into that Labour Party conference or wherever in Scotchland it was 😀 It looked as stage-managed as fuck. And shame on Corbyn for buying this piece of shit – unless he needed something to wipe his arse on 😀

    • Boycott the Big Issue

      … or Kezia Dugdales arse 😀 The only time Jeremy took his hand off it as when he handed that Big Issue seller a few coppers lol 😀

    • overburdenddonkey

      according to labour (scotlandshire inc to uk lab aka autonomous branch office) snp baaaaaaaaaaaaddd says corbyn and is the real nme of lab not the tories not no more, but snp baaaaaaaaddd….!!
      scots brainwashed into voting for snp, snp baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd….!! http://wingsoverscotland.com/why-we-love-twitter/

    • Central Casting

      lol the “Big Issue” seller looked like a fucking model, all made up for the camera. Even the ‘hi-vis’ jacket was just out the wrapper 😀 Probably got him from Central Casting, probably works as an ‘extra’, does a spot of modelling and some ‘voice-over’ work on the side when he is not flogging a copy of the Big Issue to Jeremy Corbyn and his Scotch bird 😀

      • Central Casting

        Oh yeah, the “Big Issue seller” will have been for “illustrative” purposes only 😀

        As staged as when during Labour’s Election campaign 2015 and Ed Milliband just so happened to be walking past the camera on the way in, way out of a conference or whatever when the BBC reporter was giving their piece to camera 😀 Ed should have been given an Equity card to go along with the Monolith 😀

        • As if somerandom fuck “Big Issue seller” is going to get within and inch of Kezia Dugdale’s fat arse 😉 She must be surrounded by armed guards 24/7. Oh yeah and there is Jezza 🙂

    • Another Fine Mess

      Selling the Big Issue is a much sort after job, it must be as I’m seeing more and more of them.

    • wtf – who do they think they are? That’s why it’s called “permission” it’s YOUR PERMISSION, which you are entitled to give or NOT give to access your UJM account.
      There are various letters of complaint which you can adapt to your circumstances such as this one found on:
      Here – Benefit Sanctions Free Help

      LETTER 8


      Your address


      Jobcentre Plus Address

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I wish to complain about the decision made by Jobcentre Plus on behalf of the Secretary of State to compel me to give access to my Universal Jobmatch account under a threat of a sanction.

      1. The law

      A public authority may be acting unlawfully if it has made a decision or done something:

      *Without the legal power to do so (unlawful on the grounds of illegality)
      *So unreasonable that no reasonable decision-maker could have come to the same decision or done the same thing (unlawful on the grounds of reasonableness)
      *Without observing the rules of natural justice (unlawful on the grounds of procedural impropriety or fairness)
      *In breach of European Community Law or the Human Rights Act

      There is currently no legislation in place that allows Jobcentre Plus to decide how a claimant shows/presents their job search evidence.

      Section 1 of the Jobseekers Act 1995 (“the Act”) imposes the requirement that a claimant actively seeks work. Sections 7 of the Act defines the test:

      “a person is actively seeking work if he takes in that week such steps as he can reasonably be expected to have to take in order to have the best prospects of securing employment”.

      In other words, if asked, a claimant must show what he or she did that week to get work.

      2. The issues – DWP policy

      A jobseeker direction must be for a specific, one-off activity, that will help the claimant find work, or improve their prospects of finding work and they can reasonably be expected to undertake it, the requirement to do so should be underpinned with a Jobseeker’s Direction.

      Providing access to my account does not improve my job prospects.

      12. A Jobseeker’s Direction must not be used
      • to require a claimant to use the My Work Plan booklet or ES4;

      My UJ account is the electronic equivalent of the MWP book/ES4

      I was threatened with daily attendance if I failed to comply, this behaviour is in breach of the Civil Service Code of Conduct.

      3. Conclusion

      Jobcentre Plus has a duty to treat me fairly, reasonably and lawfully. Therefore I submit for the aforementioned reasons that the decision made by Jobcentre Plus and, which have serious consequences for my health and wellbeing as well as my ability to meet my living needs should I fail to comply, are irrational as well as unlawful.

      4. The resolution

      (i) An apology
      (ii) An assurance Jobcentre Plus will apply the law correctly.
      (ii) Compensation for a service delivery failure as well as the stress suffered.

      Yours faithfully

      Copy to:
      MP http://www.theyworkforyou.com/
      District manager for your area:

      Click to access jcp-district-managers-240914.pdf

  36. Notice that Petition for Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of
    State For Work and Pensions Now has over 113,590 Signatures

    Increase Welfare Benefits End Austerity

  37. I Agree

    Boycott the Big Issue | October 31, 2015 at 1:49 pm | Reply

    lol at Jeremy Corbyn buying a copy of nobhead Lord John Bird-shits piece of shit the Big Issue on his way into that Labour Party conference or wherever in Scotchland it was 😀 It looked as stage-managed as fuck. And shame on Corbyn for buying this piece of shit – unless he needed something to wipe his arse on 😀


    Beig classified as “FIT FOR WORK”, is just a colloquialism, it means nothing of the sort…………………..

    DWP’s report following the death of MICHAEL O’SULLIVAN who died after being found fit for work……………


    PART 31.

    A decision that a claimant does not have Limited Capability for work, or Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, is colloquially referred to as a decision that the claimant is “FIT FOR WORK”. However, what this actually means is that the claimant does not meet the functional descriptors set out in the ESA Regulations for LCA or LCWRA.


  39. 30th OCT, Update on food banks, You’ll notice that DWP are not mentioned.


    A £500,000 personal donation from ‘Money Saving Expert. Martin Lewis will allow the Trussell Trust, which runs a network of over 420 food banks across the UK, to roll out its ground breaking ‘financial triage, debt and money advice’ to 30 food banks across the UK, helping thousands of people.

    3 pages

    Click to access Financial-traige-in-30-foodbanks—Martin-Lewis-500,000-FINAL.pdf

  40. From axes to outer space, this is the full list of 267 powers Westminster doesn’t want Wales to have


  41. Desert Island Discs – Keith Richards


  42. when their inspectors told HIM.

  43. As IDS has a pigs face, what are the odds that Cameron is humping it, dirty swine!

  44. OT : 6mil on low wages below Living wage

    “Six million workers paid ‘less than the living wage'”

    And so the penny drops… or in this case the Hammer on the heads of the Nazi Tory fools – and those who voted for them


  45. November 2nd 2015 AD Mark’s 18 Months since the Nazi Odessa Trade
    Unions House Massacre in Odessa when at least 38 People were
    Murdered such as being Trapped inside a Burning Building .

    Nazism is Evil and so No to Nazism and Nazi Scum just like No to Neo Liberalism wherever in Odessa or the United Kingdom

  46. Notice that Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary of
    State For Work and Pensions Now has over 114,200 Signatures

    No to Austerity No to Neo Liberalism Yes to Social Justice

  47. I Hope that Petition gets More Signatures

    David Camerons Arrogance is Sickening

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | November 2, 2015 at 11:21 am | Reply




  48. Greece is Right to this Year of Voted against Nutcase Austerity in the
    Referendum and Despite the Betrayal of the Greek People by the
    Prime Minister of Greece which is Sickening and Spineless
    Fly the Flag of Greece to Say Stuff Austerity and Slavery

  49. The United Kingdom Deserves a Better Prime Minister than David
    Cameron so a Liberal Democrat or a Blue Labour Rightist is Not the

    George Osborne should Resign as Chancellor of the Exchequer


    Scottish Secretary David Mundell accepts thousands of pounds in donations derived from a pawn shop.

    THE Scottish Secretary has been accused of profiting from his government’s austerity cuts after accepting thousands of pounds in donations derived from a pawn shop.

    Tory MP David Mundell took £10,000 earlier this year from Glasgow-based landlord Stridewell Estates Ltd, some of which helped bankroll his general election campaign.

    Stridewell owns a single “investment property”, on Cowdenbeath High Street, which for the last four years has been leased to the Look@Me Pawn Shop.

    According to its accounts, Stridewell’s entire turnover is derived from renting out the unit, which public records show is leased at £6000 a year.

    Situated next to bookmakers, charity shops and bargain food stores, Look@Me currently charges 25 per cent interest on a one-month loan.

    Labour said Mundell’s donations amounted to “making money out of the poor”


  51. Just as the Murder by Poverty of Poor and Vulnerable People in
    the United Kingdom Needs to be Condemned for the Atrocity that
    it is So the Nazi Thugs that Carried Out the Odessa Trades Union
    House Massacre May 2nd 2014 AD Need to be Brought to Justice
    For Crimes against Humanity

  52. I have declined to read much of the gibberish that makes up the comments on this post – just to say your article asks about people who have got real jobs as a result of workfare – well, a friend of mine did, but not exactly what you’d expect: qualified as a teacher they couldn’t get a job straight out of uni and was put on workfare working for one of the pound stores where they are now the deputy manager – got a job but not exactly what they trained for

  53. Better Social Justice than Slavery

    No to Nazism and Neo Liberalism Both Evil

  54. Apparently Neo Nazis in Odessa Hacked Off a Mans Leg in Public these
    Demonic Creatures of Evil the Odessa Massacre

    This is Sickening like the Thousands of People who have Died under
    the Con Dems David Clapson ETC

  55. Human Rights is Nothing when there is Slave Labour Exploitation

    Shame on So Called ” Charities ” that Collaborate with Forced Slave
    Labour Exploitation

  56. hat-tip to Rightsnet/Refuted

    Herr George “Prentious” Smith caught for friends in Court! Unable to find any…



    Scroll down to point 82. and have a read.

  57. JV

    Don’t know what’s going on but postings are being placed randomly on page…

  58. paultheswineherd

    overburdendonkey – yes, you’re probably right there – the Blairites have certainly seen to that – and Corbyn has really got to work hard now to regain ground lost by them. There are still far too many people in the UK who side with Cameron, (and even UKIP still) even though many of the ‘working’ ones could be hit by the Tax Credits cuts before too long. A lot of them are still like sheep/lemmings who have this ‘idea’ that labour trashed the economy and the Tories are the only ones who can put the economy right – what total and utter lies and complete bullshit – Osborne is soon going to start selling off billions of £ of British assets ‘to fund infrastructure’ – this will probably go towards building the 4 new trident submarines and get the HS2 rail link under way (to get people into ‘work’ 10 minutes earlier)!
    I only wish that I was making all this up, but I’m not!!

  59. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – sorry – my last post put further up the page.
    By the way, weve got Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in the background on TV talking about food waste.
    He just went to a KFC – after a certain time if the chicken is not sold it is taken away, frozen and then collected once a week (certain KFC’s only) and passed onto the Y.M.C.A.!!!!!!!!!


    I got referred to CWP but didn’t even make it thru the Induction. The twat was ranting at me about how it is all “voluntary” and would not accept or admit that it is mandatory. “everydocument I’ve got calls it voluntary”, he said. And became very angry when I told him his documents are wrong. At which point I left.

  61. New Oxford English Dictionary

    There are no opposing meanings, all words
    mean the same thing. Mandatory now means Voluntary. Black is white. War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom.


    The twat at interserve accused me of being “pedantic” when I said that CWP is mandato not voluntary.! Pedantry is when yoreu nitpicking over a minor difference. Mandatory & voluntary are polar opposites, not a small difference! The thick cunt.

  63. paultheswineherd

    overburdenddonkey – yes, you’ve made some very valid points there! And what makes it even worse is that in the future the Tories intend to change the ‘boundaries’ to favour them (of course, they would like to and indeed intend, to stay in power from now on!) and to try to marginalise the other parties even more.
    Also they are trying to knock off certain people from the ‘Electoral Register’ – G.B. really is not a ‘democracy’ in the true sense of the word any more!
    The bastard Tories are in ‘power’ at present and they intend to stay there.
    But I personally think that they may well be wrong. ALL parties who stay in power ‘too long’ eventually fall – either by their ‘own hand’ or by the ‘electorate’ getting well and truly sick of them and kicking them out on their ear.

    • Paul lets face it, doesn’t really matter if the Tories have been in power a long time, we were sick of them from the start:)

  64. If you sign any documents for CWP add the initials “V.C.” after your signature to denote that you have been forcrd to sign, rendering the document not legally binding. Vi Coactus.

    • Fuck interserve, how can that shit you sign be legally binding, what are they fuckin solicitors now as well as poverty pimps,i fucked off from acorn training after 5 weeks and a bastard there tried that legally binding bollox on me, jokecentre re-referred me back to ascum 6 times, twats have given up now, on daily signing and sanctioned to fuck but no way am i doing any workfare again, fuck that.


    It’s a right fucking shambles. Some people don’t get a placement & instead spend the whole 6 months doing fulltime jobsearch. Others are sent to do unpaid community work miles away from where they Live in different towns & cities. I spoke to one man who is made to travel from Hudds. to Leeds every day to work on some gardening project, it takes 2 buses & a train journey each way 5 days a week. Another guy has to travel from Holmfirth to Brighouse every day by buses. Fucking ridiculous.

  66. United Nations definition of Slavery:

    “work exacted from a person for no pay and under threat of a penalty”


    Being forced to travel 150 miles per week by bus just to do unpaid community work is absolutely fucking ludicrous..

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