Benefit Cap Back In The Courts, Join The Fight Against This Nasty Policy

unwaged-care-workFew policies have been as immediately devastating as the Benefit Cap which has seen many families plunged into imminent homelessness overnight as vital Housing Benefits are slashed.

These were not people living in Kensington mansions as the establishment press have claimed.  Often it was those in expensive but low quality emergency accommodation, or who lived in areas where rents have soared out of reach.  Few would have believed even a decade ago that people on low incomes living in places like Tottenham or Lewisham would be priced not just out of London but soon the entire South East.  The reason for this has nothing to be with high Housing Benefits but an out of control housing market combined with a chronic shortage of social housing.  Yet the government has chosen to punish the poorest children for this market failure by forcing them to move – sometime 100s of miles – away from their schools, friends and wider families.

Very soon things are set to get even worse with a new, lower Benefit Cap on the way.  Mass social cleansing of the poor will no longer just be a phenomena in the south of England, but will reach out into cities across the UK.  This is the end of a functioning safety net for huge swathes of people.  Lose your job, and you will probably now lose your home and have to move hundreds of miles away, to an area of high unemployment where rents are low.  Which of course will keep the workers in line – the real intention of this and other welfare reforms.

There is no clear evidence that people have found work due to the Benefit Cap as Iain Duncan Smith repeatedly claims.  And what of those who have.  Imagine the horrifying insecurity of a parent in low paid work, desperately clinging onto a their job knowing that if they get sacked they and their children face homelessness.  People working in sectors known to be exploitative like cleaning and care work.  The end of adequate social security in the cities is a recipe for employer exploitation and abuse.  And doesn’t this government just know that.

One group who cannot simply just find a job to escape the cap are full time carers who are also affected.  This group are required by law to provide care for 35 hours a week or they face losing the pittance of Carer’s Allowance – just £62.10.  Only those caring for their partner or  a disabled child are exempt from the cap.

Two people hit by the cap are currently challenging this nasty policy in the courts, arguing that it is unlawful and unfairly impacts on carers and those they care for.  The High Court has ordered an urgent judicial review, rejecting the DWP’s argument that the claim should be dismissed.  A hearing takes place tomorrow and a vigil has been called outside the court to support the carers.  Meet at 9.30am on Wed 21 October outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand (off Kingsway) London WC2A 2LL (Temple tube).

The vigil has been called by Winvisible and is supported by Disabled People Against Cuts, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, Taxpayers Against Poverty and many more.  Further details are on facebook.  Please spread the word.

For background on the case visit:

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75 responses to “Benefit Cap Back In The Courts, Join The Fight Against This Nasty Policy

  1. is there a petition in place to help back this as the case proceeds?

  2. who knows where it will end

  3. In more Human Suffering unless too Many out There stop being
    Brainwashed by Racist Propaganda blaming Immigrants for Everything
    when it is the Tories Liberal Democrats and Rightists in the Labour
    Party who are the Nation Wreckers and also the Nazi Propaganda that
    Victimises the Poor and Vulnerable as Scroungers

    End the Benefit Cap Increase Welfare Benefits and Scrap Tax Breaks
    for the Already Rich

  4. When I Hear of Racist Incidents my Blood Boils with Rage as some
    Nasty People out there Blame Immigrants for everything Wrong which
    is Morally Wrong

    It is the Rich Peoples Parties which are the Problem in their
    Gormless Policies

  5. How long before people who care turn round to whoever is in government and say Care for them yourself we are sick of the attacks you subject us too while claiming every penny you can on expenses and openly employ family in a role in your constituency office or other role that is high paid. IMHO a person can care for a person for 35 hours a week and do a full time job so should be paid as if it was any other job. After all there are 168 hours in a week so that leaves a maximum of 98 hours free for sleep travelling to work & back, along with other tasks. I used to get letters from the DWP saying to attend on a date 2 or 3 times a year for over 20 years and my reply was always the same “You get someone to care for the person arriving 30 minutes before the appointment time and staying there doing everything for the person until I returned and at your own cost.” They always caved in and said they would make a note that I was a Carer and I wouldn’t get any more letters. When I finally had enough of that route I sent them a cease and desist letter and a copy of every appointment they had asked me to attend then cancelled after I called. I told them I wanted £50 for harassment, on the above dates, excluding the first date when after the call it should have been cleared up, my mistake was not making it £50 for each letter after the first as they paid up within two weeks. 50 letters at £50 each would have had them sh*tting boulders, as £2500+ is a lot more than the £50 they paid

  6. Bernadette Meaden’s blog

    Tax Credits and the ‘jobs miracle’

  7. If companies didn’t pay so low people in work wouldn’t need any benefits but we live in a country where all these companies think about is paying as little as they can get away with.

    The bills take the wages and that’s just the usual ones so we will always need some benefits to pay for food /clothes etc.If the M.P’s need an income ,plus put in for their living costs for 2 homes… how the fuck do they expect people to look after themselves on Peanuts then tale the peanuts away.

    And as for the Carer’s allowance this is a joke they save the taxpayer a small fortune ,put there own health at risk for nearly £63 per week it costs at least £ 400 to put them in a care home a week.Carers really do need to form a union or join the House of Lords they have it made £300.00 per day just for turning up. I know what i value and it’s not the House of ‘Farts’

  8. There is nothing wrong in a county attempting to makes end meet. But for Fucks Sake lets start with the greedy bastard’s called MPs. On another note,
    Radio 2 today talking about working tax credit reductions and quoting that lady, crying on Question Time last week. She clearly stated that, she voted the Tories. As JV and others has been saying for ages, watch, wait and see when the tide turns from the so called ‘scroungers’ to ‘hard working’ families’ . To all who predicted this outcome, I applaud you all. Keep up the good work JV x

    • Bernadette I been saying for years long before I started posting here, don’t remember if I did say it here, but mostly I said it to all them trolls that the Daily Mail calls commenters, they didn’t like it, red arrowed me in their thousands, for all the comments I left trying to educate people into the truth and telling them I didn’t think much of their morals. They all thought I was talking rubbish, but here is the proof. As well as tax credits cut they are angry about, I hope now they can see the truth of what they did/are doing to the disabled and the sick and now they are even starting on the old, they make me feel physically sick. I am glad to see that you see them for what they really are, Scum.

      • Erm I called the Tories scum, not you:) sorry if it looks that way

        • Hi Maria, your message comes out loud and clear. I wonder who the SCUM have now in sight? Is there anyone else left to destroy, persecute and hammer? I suppose the SCUM know that they will not win the next general election so they truly have nothing else to lose.

    • “There is nothing wrong in a county attempting to makes end meet”

      Britain is not a country trying to make ends meet. Britain is a very wealthy one state nation that endures by robbing the poor to pay the rich. It’s a continuous cycle that refreshes every 5 years. As the cycle refreshes so more and more draconian (nazi) means are found to keep the rich in their ‘entitled’ positions. Why there has not been civil war here is a mystery. Meanwhile sufferage is the name of the game for a majority of the population whilst a rich, tax avoiding 5% get away with murder

  9. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Policies are made up using systems created with the finished out come of the result of policy. Everything else has to fit around the end result. Right across the board from housing to tax credits to society. Society has to conform to fit into the planned policy without fail. It stems for Nudge Unit Ideas Think Tank PLC.

  10. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mental Warfare is the results of slavery created by the DWP.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Define Mental Warfare – Not Taking Part !!!

    • Speaking as someone with mental health issues, this bastard government has done nothing but hurt us and make us feel even more ill, all they’ve done is what they’ve done to countless others in the country, persecute us and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Mental health is not something that you know all about by reading 1 book or seeing 5 people with learning difficulties. The youth as young as 7 are being given things like Prozac to cure their learning disability. It is as bad in the uk as any other county in the world if not worse.

  11. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    How about a Mental Warfare Cease & Desist Letter DWP !!!

  12. Eating cake as instructed

    Can any politician prove to this website how any of this persecution can possibly save ‘the taxpayer’ anything? The message going out to low and mid income voters is we will stiff you to extinction unless get your body out there come next May elections and actually VOTE. Show these chinless despots wailing they can’t afford the national wage what’s coming next general election. Meantime, everyone with conservative MP demand appointments especially Carers saying there’s no National Wage for us we work for less than 2.00 an hour we are no longer prepared to do it and tell them you need Adult Social Care to remove those cared for immediately and demand to know how you access a reliable food bank because working for less than 2.00 an hour you are unable to afford to buy food. It’s time the public reminded this lot their position is terminal.

  13. Meanwhile Andrew Lansley (former health minister)has got himself a new job as a director of a private health care company – despite Cameron outlawing this practice – jobs for the boys continues ad infinitum ………..

  14. paultheswineherd

    Totalitarianism = A Government/Junta which is unanswerable to its population or anyone, except itself.
    Total state control of the press and broadcast media.
    Unending hammering down on it’s poorest people by economic means and a total lack of human rights = Tory Government in the future if they are not stopped!


    Yes the Tories are Scum on the side of hardworking people, another of their lies. I hate Cameron and all his extremist colleagues with a passion.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    List of those for whom Welfare Reform and cuts were too much to bear

  17. What a great few hours for this cunt of a government.

    The rebellion against the removal of tax credits by some tories was not substantiated as they all voted with the government. Heidi doth cry too much. CUNT! Then there’s the unelected cunts enjoying 12 course dinners with the Chinese in London right in front of the increasing numbers of poor people. What fucking cunts the royal family are. CUNTS! And then there’s jolly hockey sticks Baroness Altman who obviously is setting out the governments timetable for removing the state pension. Everyone can have a workplace pension, even if they can’t afford one from their meagre wages, that’s their choice. Fucking CUNT!

    Still, we can all marvel at how Eamonn Holmes (fat CUNT) spends his time with the rich on a tv screen near you soon. CUNT!

    • Don’t think they are removing the State Pension – just increasing the retirement age to 120 😀 😀

      • Pushing Up Daisies

        Something to look forward to then 🙂

      • nah yours would be 920 before you can collect your pension, we are all sure to die living in poverty before we collect it, what is the point of paying national insurance when you will never collect it? or no one is likely to collect it? or paying national insurance on health? when health care is privatised 100%. Greedy Tories. always think about money, never think of people.

        • There is a theory though that in biblical times they were counting moons instead of years. That would make 920 year old Methuselah 74 yeas and 4 months old… 😉

        • And it also belies that utter ‘Finest’ horseshit we are always being fed about how we are ‘living longer and longer’ and the state pension age need to be raised to the Moon.

        • Whatever biblical interpretation you make, I don’t know but I was being metaphorical, it wouldnt matter how long you lived they would make you work as long as they could get away with, if they have to have retirement then they would hope you would die after a few months. But while we are on the subject, that the Jewish calendar is different to the Christian one, it may have gone through a lot of changes before Christ and Christianity started. That is true, no one really know how old Methuselah actually was, but I think everyone can agree that he was very old man for his time, at a time when most people died young.

          • Too truw, Maria, the scamming fuckers want you to drop dead on the way round to the Post Office to collect your (workplace) pension 😀

        • Professor of Ecclesiastical Studies

          969 years according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica

          Methuselah, also spelled Methushael , Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) patriarch whose life span as recorded in Genesis (5:27) was 969 years; he has survived in legend and tradition as the longest-lived human.

          Genesis tells nothing about Methuselah beyond sparse genealogical details: he was the great-great-great-great-grandson of Seth, the child of Adam and Eve begotten more than a century after Cain. He was the father of Lamech and the grandfather of Noah. By the biblical account he came of hardy stock: all his forebears lived for between 895 and 962 years except for his father, Enoch, who lived to be 365.

          969 moons = 78 years and 4 months which would mean Enoch lived to only 29 years and 6 months.

  18. The Torie and that foul backwards indreed family of Nazi fucktards ,sniveling ,groveling and begging up to that foul chinnees sow while the last of the british steel industry dies destroying that area and them haveing the Gaul to whine about human rights while the rape pillage and destroy human rights here …….round the lot of them up and hang them starting with Cameron ,the windsors can be placed in a giant wicker man and tourched …..fabbulass

  19. Shame On Zombie David Cameron Speaking Against Chinese Leader About China’s Use Of Death Penalty And China’s Stand On Human Rights. Where Are UK Citizens Human Rights Not To Be Raped, Murdered And Mugged? Where Are Human Rights Of Our Islam Friends Not To Be Abused? Where Are The Human Rights Of Disabled Person Not To Be Abused? Where Are Human Rights Of UK Citizens?

  20. A shocked welfare rights worker, posting on Rightsnet, has revealed how his client had their personal independence payment (PIP) appeal refused because of the amount of time the claimant allegedly spent on Facebook.

    • Facebook keeps a record of your log in/log out times as well as associated IP address, device used to connect, browser details etc. (kind of like universal jobmatch) In fact, Facebook keeps a record of anything it can. That woman gets all she deserves for using that sinister front for government spying of a website in the first place.

    • Facebook in particular, and other social media sites already are being used to ‘track’ claimants, especially where fraud is suspected. Only recently a fraudster was caught, who said he was unable to walk, when photos from Facebook revealed he was riding around on a camel, but even more incriminating was the fact he was caught working out in the local gym, despite his claimed disability. These images amongst other evidence, were used in court to secure a prosecution.

      Although this was a fraud case, there is nothing in law or generally preventing the DWP, HMRC or the local authority using social media to substantiate a claim.

    • This will be appealed successfully – there is a point of law called “Equality of Arms”, basically all in court have the same evidence.

      This was sprung on the claimant right at the end without being declared so will be overturned & re-sat.

      And it was her Partners account they were looking at.

  21. Not too sure about the numbers.

    Number of London’s ‘working poor’ surges 70% in 10 years

    Housing costs worsen poverty in the capital despite record numbers in jobs as study finds work barely pays for 1.2 million Londoners

  22. ‘Iain Duncan Smith blows £8.5m on fluffy animated monster as he slashes vital help for disabled people’


  23. OT: ‘Coercive’ therapy proposals for jobcentres

    hat-tip to :

    Click to access cbt-today-september-2015.pdf

    Page 4 – Statement from the Board – ‘Coercive’ therapy proposals for jobcentres

    “However, the position of BABCP’s Board of Trustees is that BABCP is against any offer of any treatment (including CBT) based on coercion or associated with unfair or disproportionate inducements.
    This applies to whether CBT interventions are offered as part of therapy, research, or in any other context (for example, corporate training/development).
    Coercion is defined by BABCP as the threat of punishment, and unfair and disproportionate inducements are defined by us as rewards for participation which are such that an individual is pressurised by the extent or form of the inducement to accept an offer which they would otherwise refuse.”

    Further :

    “BABCP does not recognise the validity or applicability of generalised psychological explanations of social issues such as joblessness.”

    And Finally:

    “Furthermore, there is currently insufficient evidence to indicate whether it is effective and such evidence as there is indicates significant problems with the structure and implementation of the programme.”


  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Work Fare is costing £5 billion.

  25. The State Visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China to
    the United Kingdom and the Tory Prime Ministers Receiving this Tyrant
    is a Total Disgusting Outrage .

    The Regime of the People’s Republic of China has Oppressed the
    Han Chinese People and the Tibetans of Oppressed and Occupied

    Slave Labour Low Pay Violation of Political Freedom of Speech Attacks
    on Religious Freedom and State Totalitarianism the Peoples Republic of

    Britons Never Shall be Slaves by Not Following in the Footsteps of the
    Peoples Republic of China Regardless of what any Out of Touch
    Cloud Cuckooland UK Politician may Say

  26. I Agree Labour is Better Off without Lord Warner and Equally Rightists
    in the House of Commons as Well

    GEOFF REYNOLDS | October 21, 2015 at 11:42 am | Reply

    Why Labour is better off without Lord Warner

    Lord Warner is a director of Sage Advice Ltd, and an adviser to Xansa (a technology firm) and Byotrol (an antimicrobial company) – all of which sell or are hoping to sell services or products to the NHS, according to website Social Investigations.[18] He also took up a position with Apax Partners – one of the leading private equity investors in healthcare, according to the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency.[19]

    NHS controversy

    In April 2013, Lord Warner announced he would vote with the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in a key vote in the House of Lords on proposed NHS regulations that Labour claimed would enable companies to bid for almost all health services. He was the only Labour peer to do so.[14]

    In March 2014, Warner wrote an article for The Guardian newspaper suggesting that NHS users should pay £10 a month and £20 for every night in hospital.[15][16] Labour swiftly rejected these ideas. Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed, commented: “This is not something Labour would ever consider. We believe in an NHS free at the point of use, and a Labour government will repeal David Cameron’s NHS changes that put private profit before patient care.”[17]

    A legend in his own lunchtime

  27. I Despair

  28. Zombie

  29. I Despair Of Zombie Do Nothing Keyboard Warriors Sat In Their Armchairs Drinking Tea And Eating Custard Creams Being Led Like Lambs To The Slaughter

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