Never Trust A Landlord. How Housing Associations Are Teaming Up With The Workfare Industry

workfare-gravy-train-largeThe National Housing Federation (NHF), the umbrella body which represents housing associations, are quietly teaming up with the fraud-ridden welfare-to-work sector in a bid to monetize ‘workless’ tenants in social housing.

Tomorrow the NHF will hold a joint event with the notorious Employment Related Services Association (ERSA), the trade organisation established to lie on behalf of the welfare-to-work industry.   The Housing and Employment Forum will allow housing associations to discuss how they can further collaborate with sanction-happy workfare exploiters like G4S, Serco and the shadowy US conglomerate Maximus.  To look at the website of the National Housing Federation however you would never know this event is happening, despite them being the joint organisers and chairs.  They are right to be ashamed of their dirty little workfare secrets.

ERSA themselves are also remaining tight-lipped about the forum which is only open to ERSA members and details of which – such as where it is – are not available.  Claimants and housing association tenants themselves are obviously not welcome.

Several housing associations already hold Work Programme sub-contracts, although many pulled out when they realised that they weren’t making enough money out of the mandatory scheme.  In a renewed effort to get their snouts in the welfare-to-work trough they are now not just sucking up to ERSA but also lobbying the DWP directly to get their hands on some of the workfare cash.  Over 40 housing associations are now members of the Give Us A Chance (GUAC) consortium which was formed in 2011 to try and hoodwink the government into giving them some juicy welfare-to-work contracts.  The Give Us Some Money consortium would be a more accurate name.

According to their literature, GUAC are being advised by Jonathan Shaw, the former Labour Minister for Disabled People who helped oversee the introduction of the despised Atos fitness for work tests.  Housing Associations who join GUAC are also being offered free automatic membership of ERSA.  They have even released a joint manifesto (pdf) with the workfare industry in which they ominously call for more data sharing powers between social housing providers, Work Programme companies and Jobcentres.  Who better than a landlord to be the ever-watching eyes of the DWP.

Don’t be in any doubt that this is about anything other than fucking money.  It’s not like housing association tenants are crying out for more CV workshops or mandatory work placements.  Billions of pounds is being doled out by the DWP to organisations prepared to bully and harass unemployed people and housing associations have no intention of missing the gravy train.  Don’t expect them to actually build any houses with all this cash though.  Those six figure Chief Executive salaries won’t pay themselves you know.

Above pic from the SchNews archive.

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81 responses to “Never Trust A Landlord. How Housing Associations Are Teaming Up With The Workfare Industry

  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Blackmailed society. If you don`t want cuts agree to be blackmailed.

  2. Is it true that the worst benefit sanction you can get on CWP is 13 weeks. Anyone?

    • I suspect it is not – if you look at the guidance issued two years ago :

      1st offense – 3 weeks
      2nd offence 13 weeks
      3rd offense – 26 weeks

      Best to consult Civil Advice Line [free to cliamants for legal advice, lines open till 8], or ring CAB.

      • Thanks I’ll do that, I heard that the sanctions for MWA are a lot harsher than CWP,my friend must have got his wires mixed up.

      • For MWA:

        First offence is 13 weeks
        Second offence is 26 weeks
        Third offence is 3 years

        If a claimant doesn’t take up the scheme on the first referral the jobcentre will just ‘re-refer’ making the next sanction 26 weeks then a 3 year sanction on the re-re-referal

    • Another Fine Mess

      MINIMUM for not being a MWA/CWP slave is 3 months, max will be 3 years.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      You have lost your Human Rights under a Sanction = You do not exist !!!
      “Hopefully” the DWP spokesperson said].

    • First ‘offence’ Low level Sanction = 4 weeks
      Second ‘offence’ Low level Sanction = 13 weeks

      First ‘offence’ High level Sanction = 13 weeks
      Second ‘offence’ High level Sanction = 26 weeks
      Third ‘offence’ High level Sanction = 156 weeks

      But however long a sanction, it’s still too long.

  3. So the tax payer pays for the H.A’s then pay again for them to do ‘something’ with the unemployed and then add the fact that it’s a secret meeting … are we sure we all live in the U.K ? This country is becoming like a third world country to where all the power and money speaks but the little people can barley squeak.

    • Rosemarie, How many HA do you know, that, employ their tenants/residents? You might get the odd one or two but that’s it. And, its something that is driving the Tories MAD. So to appease the Tories and the taxpayer HAs are attempting to shine a light in an otherwise dark place. HAs are full of shite.

  4. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UK General Strike 2016 – The last General Strike was in 1926.

  5. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Office for Disability Issues

    Part of Department for Work and Pensions

    We support the development of policies to remove inequality between disabled and non-disabled people.

    ODI is part of the Department for Work and Pensions.

  6. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    “Every disabled person has a price on their head.” the DWP spokesperson said £Millions are generated so we can invest & make new Disability PLC`s.

    The shareholders are agreed the Disability Confidence Trick is working a treat & you don`t have to pay income tax on the profits from an international corporation. like ATOS aka Maximus aka DWP aka LIMA Software. The DWP`s DM is now on the board of all these corporations I have just mentioned.

    Sounding like slavery now trading in disability cash cows going to WCA`s cattle markets to be sold to the highest bidder.

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Disability Designer Slavery.

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  9. i don’t like the way this is going… stop – work for free or lose your home.

    • That is exactly their intention……….

      They will force tenants from their homes which will help speed up the gentrification system.

  10. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    One again, the phenomenally well-informed Mr Void gives another chilling report into the links between industry and the government’s ‘welfare-to-work’ organisations. This is another piece of what Guy Debord’s Cat has identified as the totalitarianism of private industry. The private sector companies recruited by the government to put the state’s policies into effect are every bit as intrusive as those of the state. But somehow they are given a free pass on this, because Tory ideology dictates that private organisations always represent personal liberty, no matter how stupid and how obviously wrong this is in practice.

    And this is very definitely a totalitarian step. In Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, housing was divided up into ‘blocks’, with each block under the supervision of an official, called in Nazi Germany a ‘Blockwart’. The Blockwart’s job was to keep the area’s occupants and tenants under surveillance, looking out for any signs of dissent. Here the Housing Federation is lining up to volunteer its services as national Blockwart against the unemployed and disabled. And just remember – one of the many groups sent to the concentration camps under the Third Reich were the Arbeitscheu – the work-shy, the habitual unemployed. Cameron and his cronies seem absolutely determined to turn this country into a Nazi state. All in the interests of defending the personal freedoms of property holders. Same as it ever was.

  11. The last remnant of security gone (your home) totally free for the using.

  12. What I was trying to say was people are going to be without any sense of security or safety. Totally vulnerable,frightened and abused.

  13. OT – Children of the Recession, The impact of the economic crisis on child well-being in rich countries.

    Take a look at the UK. if anyone doesn’t yet know.

    52 pages

    Click to access rc12-eng-web.pdf

  14. No way would people have put up with this shit back in the 70s/80s. Think of the Poll Tax Riots.

  15. A dozen councils are on the brink of financial failure, the Local Government Association has told the BBC.

    But declined to reveal which councils were affected.

    Councils insist the era when they could slash spending without voters noticing is long gone.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it replaces the traditional role of the church to keep an eye on it’s flock…
      see vid ‘the cheviot the stag and the black black oil….’

    • They are absolutely on their arses and this is exactly what the government intended,
      The running of the council is then passed on to a centralised private company who will, in turn, foster all existing contracts to suppliers within it’s own franchise.
      Local control is lost completely and is put out to tender.
      Large greedy conglomerates that are already sucking the system dry, promise the earth and deliver absolutely bugger all.

      Once a council has handed over the reins it is near on impossible to get it back. Software is always updated and the old method of outsourcing is completely changed. Staffing levels are cut to the bone and fruitful promises go out of the window.

      The council is virtually obselete……………..

      To get themselves out of a hole quickly, Barnet Council have appointed Capita, without any form of tender, on the basis that it was an emergency and they had already had discussions with Capita to take over the running of this service. This new contract will cost £72,595 per month.

      Filling the pockets of the greedy whilst putting the knife into the needy.

      • The system of councils being taken over is so farcical that i have seen stories of gardening contracts handed out to a company 200 miles away.

  16. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP confusion: Saying claimants can die twice – and denying it – at the same time

    The Department for Work and Pensions has tried to provide reassurance over the accuracy of its claimant death statistics – but has succeeded only in confirming that it has muddled the figures.


  17. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    UN arrives in Scotland to probe ‘grave’ violations of disabled people’s human rights by Tory welfare cuts

    Herald Scotland – 18th Oct 2015

  18. The only extremists in Britain today are the tory party and its friends

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Merlin Standard assessment process.

    The purpose of the DWP Supply Chain Framework is to:

    bring consistency to the work of DWP Account Managers are doing to support Welfare to Work Primes in effectively managing supply chains;

    help discharge the Department’s market stewardship responsibilities in ensuring fair treatment of sub contractors;

    maximise the likelihood of Primes meeting and attaining Merlin accreditation; and

    optimise performance and minimise risks from the supply chains.
    The framework will be based around an iterative cycle of activities examining the key areas and activities to be undertaken by Account Management

    Stage 1
    Mapping the Supply Chain, Suppliers approach to Supply Chain Management (SCM) and introducing Merlin
    This stage focuses on capturing supply chain composition including confirming sub contractors; identifying contracting arrangements and building up a rich picture of supply chain participants and interdependencies.
    This is also where early discussions are held to ensure Merlin principles are fully understood and built into the Prime’s approach to SCM.

    Stage 2
    Supply Chain Stability, including Changes – Processes and Considerations, Risk Management and Contingency Planning.
    This looks at Supply Chain stability and likely changes using the Change Control process and exploring Prime’s supply chain risk assessments and contingencies for failure, withdrawal or replacement.

    Stage 3
    The Merlin Standard – Embedding the principles; preparing for Accreditation and Post Report work – Pre Assessment
    Here Account Managers will ensure Primes are clear about their obligations through Merlin and seek evidence that they are adhering to them. This will include examining their strategy and deployment to meet Merlin standard against the criteria they will be examined on. This includes agreeing actions on any areas for improvement from the Merlin Assessments.

    Stage 4
    Information collection and storage
    This stage is about developing and maintaining a common store of data and intelligence on supply chain issues to ensure a rich picture of our delivery network, this will run through all stages of the cycle.

    Stage 5
    Post Merlin complete the loop – Mapping the Supply Chain, Suppliers approach to Supply Chain Management (SCM) and introduce Merlin follow up reviews
    The final stage starts the process again, identifying improvements and pursuing ongoing action.

    PDF 2 pages

    Click to access DWP%20Supply%20Chain%20Management%20Framework_web%20portal%20version.pdf

  20. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    DWP Work Programme provider guidance – 21 Chapters

  21. OT: Tax Credit implications for Self Employed

    Just realized something horrible.

    If you’re self employed and DWP declares that your business is non viable, what other implication are there beyond HMRC comes looking for their money back – HMRC & DWP is engaging in data sharing after all?

    It just occurred to me that anyone who got a grant or took out a loan is probably going to find that those too will be demanded back – can you imagine what the effects this would have? I can’t.

    Are the ConCons trying to wreck/collapse the economy?

    Surely my thinking is wrong?

    • overburdenddonkey

      they’re sucking the local economy dry….their massage is that it’s our fault we’re poor…they drop one in the shit so one has to fight harder to survive…

  22. So now not only will you have your JSA/ESA sanctioned, you will be homeless as well if you don’t volunteer? sounds suspiciously like the workhouse to me.

  23. OT: Tax Credits Taper

    Tax credit changes: Who will be the winners and losers?

    Lists the winners and losers but fails to mention that those earning over a certain amount face a steep taper in deductions to Tax Credits.

    Therefore the expected deductions is going to be worse than is projected.

    The ConCons usual sleight of hand, Aims and Announcements are ‘Truth Light’ – Nothing to see here move along…

      “In April 2016 the same earner will be paid £7.20 an hour, increasing their salary to £13,140 – a sizeable £1,280 increase, thanks in part to changes in the personal allowance. But their tax credit entitlement will be changed substantially. The new, lower threshold of £3,850 combined with the steeper taper rate of 48% mean that their tax credit entitlement will be much less generous. In total this reduces their tax credits to £6,425, with their final income lowered significantly from £21,603 in 2015/16 to £20,324 in 2016/17.

      But the Chancellor’s announcement was that the Living Wage would exceed £9 per hour by 2020/21, to reach 60% of median earnings. With working age benefits frozen, would the much higher Living Wage of £9.35 mean the family was now better off than they were in 2015/16? The answer is again no – their income in 2020/21 would still be lower (even in nominal terms) than it was in 2015/16.

      The difficulty is that the family wouldn’t be able to keep all of their gross wage increase. In fact, they would lose a great deal of it. The earner is eligible to pay both Income Tax and National Insurance, reducing the gain by 32%. When we combine this with the new, steeper, tax credit taper rate of 48%, they lose 80% of any additional gross income.”

  24. All of this is only going to worsen if this country leaves the eu and the Tories scrap the human rights bill ,then expect the worst I’m horrified by peoples indifferance to what is takeing place right before there eyes …….what happened……..the Tories would never have been allowed to do this in the 70s 80s or 90s the public in this country have become like those german villagers who lived near the concentration camps……..oh we didn’t know wot was happening …we had no idea ……as to the horrors the Tories are carrying out on the poor ,disabled,vulnerable.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the well off vote tory, red or blue…
      the precarious classes aren’t super human, most do what they can, of the 13m people in poverty in the uk 8m are in work…coz of ‘welfare reform’ changes to tax credits and state pension et al, poverty worsens everyday…

    • damo

      ConCons need agreement with Welsh/Scots on Human Rights … Now seeing how ConCons they are acting on Tax Credits and other things how likely do you think it is they are going to get agreement?

  25. LOL, was just about to ask what the words were for someone aiding a criminal act and it’s “Aiding and Abetting”

  26. Takes the Piss this Country is in a Fecking Trance to Totalitarianism

    An Isle of Slavery Loving Sheep

    • overburdenddonkey

      have you fired your street protests up on youtube so that you can be seen to be leading by example….? or are you going to continue to mindlessly rant on about how shit other people are…?

      • I Despair Of Zombie Armchair Warriors Who Sit At Home In Front Of Their Computers Drinking Tea And Eating Custard Creams And Inciting Others To Take To The Streets To Do Their Fighting For Them

        overburdenddonkey | October 20, 2015 at 11:52 am | Reply

        have you fired your street protests up on youtube so that you can be seen to be leading by example….? or are you going to continue to mindlessly rant on about how shit other people are…?

  27. Notice Petition For the Resignation of Ian Duncan Smith as Secretary
    of State For Work and Pensions Now has 112,500 Signatures

  28. I Agree

    Extremists against Common Sense the Tories and their Lackeys

    jeremy | October 19, 2015 at 10:42 pm | Reply

    The only extremists in Britain today are the tory party and its friends

  29. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    30,000 people losing their jobs. There are loads of jobs all on the Work Programme. The Work Programme crashes on overload & can`t cope.

  30. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    China now owns 40% of the DWP.

  31. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    There is a race to publish the UN report on the DWP & dodgy daves bill of rights.

  32. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Sitting on your arse all getting paid £40,000 a year. Lazy slacking job.

  33. CogniSoft are the vermin hosting the ERSA & NHF parasitic, circle jerk in London today.

    This is CogniSoft – Looks like 100% shoe-in to me. They make software for monitoring, intervening in housing, training, apprenticeships et al

  34. Another sick and twisted idea to hammer and screw over the less fortunate in our society!

  35. A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right

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