Workfare Week Gets Worse! Work For Up To A Year Without Getting Paid Says #WEWeek2015


A government funded so-called charity is today encouraging employers to break minimum wage laws and hire unpaid interns with “no financial obligations in terms of salary”.

The advice is being offered by Fair Train who last year were paid £283,000 of tax payer’s money to promote unpaid work schemes and workfare.  The organisation are currently holding a Work Experience Week with a different form of unpaid work celebrated everyday.  Yesterday it was the turn of unpaid – and soon to be mandatory – Traineeships.  Today they have decided to focus on internships, with their official guidance (pdf) suggesting they need not be paid and that a placement could last up to a year.

In almost all cases unpaid internships are illegal.  According to the government: “An intern is entitled to the National Minimum Wage if they count as a worker.”  What this means is that anybody who actually does some work for an organisation, unless they are a charity volunteer or it is part of en educational study programme, should be paid at least the minimum wage.  This specifically applies if this work is done for a “benefit in kind, eg the promise of a contract or future work.”  Astonishingly Fair Train even seem to be encouraging employers to offer exactly this, saying that: “Many employers use internships to train and evaluate potential new recruits before offering them permanent employment, creating a win:win situation for both the young person and the employer.”

Several companies have been taken to court and forced to backpay wages due to hiring unpaid interns.  Fair Train don’t mention this in their guidance.  In fact they don’t mention interns getting paid at all, even as a recommendation.  It is not even a requirement to qualify for one of their bogus Work Experience Quality Standard awards which they say exist to ensure unpaid work placements are of a high standard.  It appears that a company could qualify for a Gold Level Quality Standard award and still be flouting the law by using unpaid interns.  What a joke.  Just watch them fucking wriggle now.

You can tell @FairTrainOrg what you think of their promotion of unpaid work on twitter using the hashtag #WEWeek2015.

You can report unpaid internship at:

To join the fight against forced unpaid work visit Boycott Workfare’s website or follow them on twitter @boycottworkfare.

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  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    There was me thinking 11p an hour was good.

  2. I’ve seen vacancies advertised on universal job wank and in the local press offering newly qualified beauticians and hairdressers “work experience placements”. Indeed, I know a person who has just finished a 2 year college course in hairdressing, achieved NVQ level 2 and is now working forcfree in a local salon.

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  4. marionfallon1961

    Been blocked by this company on twitter, I wonder why? Are they concerned about bad publicity?!!

    • Another Fine Mess

      That won’t work, everybody else will still see them!

    • I just tweeted the rats. See if they block me. 😀

    • Not the only ones doing the blocking… 😉

      Boycott Workfare are also blocking proxy access to their site. Very fucking suspicious. NEVER TRUST a site that denies proxy access!

      ‘Blacklisting’ ‘Boycott Workfare’… very dodgy.

      • Access denied. Your IP address [] is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting providers abuse department.

        Yeah right…. fuck you you fucking nobheads…

        • Like too fucking bad if you want to report a fucking workfare provider without the fucking workfare provider, DWP or some other fucking nobhead finding out.

        • Even TiT’s ‘anti-Government’ lol site unemploymentmovement has got this shit running on it:

          “S*pamFireWall is activated for your IP”

          In the most spied upon citizens of a country in the world these fucking nobheads do the guv’mints work for them 😀 😀

          • Prism by E Snowden

            It appears like TiT has fixed his site 🙂 Must be a ‘Void’ reader 🙂 We all know that TiT isn’t the smartest algorithm in the website administration cloud. 🙂 Probably signed up for one of these “free” ‘man-in-the-middle’ CDS (Content Delivery Systems) such as the sinister Cloudfare which promise to “speed up your website and ‘protect’ it from all sorts of nasties”. When in actual fact they are controlling who has access as well as logging separately all the visitors and activity on the site.

            Kind of ironic when TiT has as mile-long thread about protecting your privacy on the web (from the Government and DWP) and advertising privacy tools when his own sites blocks the use of such tools lol 🙂

            If TiT was trying to block the Government and DWP he needs to find another way.

    • They blocked me too. They don’t want the truth getting out to any sheeple who haven’t woken up to what’s going on yet. They don’t want their nice little earner interrupted or disturbed. What with all that welfare to work money to be had for screwing over people’s lives.

  5. marionfallon1961

    2/2 They’ve also blocked DPAC twitter account, how very strange!!

  6. surely this is the exact definition of slavery? to work for an amount that barely houses and feeds you and your family, no money for a social life, no money to do interesting things, no money to afford to have a free will of your own. Just kept alive to keep the rich in the paradise they have become accustomed to. What a sickening bunch of people we have in control of a once decent country.

    • When was it decent?

      • after the war when they set up the NHS, alright it might not have been ever 100% decent, but five year or more ago, it was a lot more decent than it is now. it used to be a better country you have to admit it used to look after the disabled people a bit better? even though it may have only bin slightly better

  7. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Now that would sort out the housing crisis !!!

    • There’s an ex army bloke who is disabled and currently travelling around the whole UK on a mobility scooter that tows a tiny, possibly home made caravan, with his two cats inside. He’s trying to photograph every war memorial in the country. He’s in the West Country now.

  8. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    A snip at $8,800

  9. Jeremy Corbyn did not vote for this as one of your previous posts claimed. Why would you claim that when it is evident it is a falsehood?

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  11. Santa hates you

    I thought slavery had been abolished hundreds of years ago in this country. Seems now the UK is fast becoming a place where employers can screw over people without any issues from the government. Can anyone remember an employer getting fined for paying it’s workers less than the minimum wage? No – that’s because it does not happen on any scale worth mentioning. With one in four of the UK workforce earning less then the living wage it appears that the poorer are getting poorer while the government does fuck all about it. Shame on those who voted the scum in power.

  12. Another Fine Mess

    This article has still not appeared on Recent Posts yet for me, on Opera atm.

    • Not appearing on recent posts here either.

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  13. What are you supposed to live on if this is enforced, fresh air?! Another ridiculous and oppressive idea from the nazi party, they’ll probably get away with it with the help of the idiots that voted them back in because there’s no one out there with clout going against them and the everyday dope on the street sure as hell isn’t keeping up a stink either, just blindly, obediently and cowardly going along with everything they’re saying and creating, if we don’t fight back now, then it will be too late to do so further on down the road as it will become law and thus harder to turnover.
    It’s about time the people of this little dump of a country grew a pair and a voice and stood up for themselves, this attitude of apathy, stupidity and cowardice are the real reasons why this country is in such a bloody mess, we the people are just as guilty as the governments for turning this nation into a shambolic disaster, we let them, we didn’t speak out, we didn’t show our disapproval, we didn’t protest, we didn’t do a bloody thing and now look at us and because of that, that is why the tories are getting away with everything, soon the old work and poorhouses will be returning and only the privileged elite will have anything because for everyone else, there will be nothing, no money, no possessions, not a thing to our names and because of that, many people will be without and will die but then, that is what the tories want!

    • I did, MrMARCPC, I’ve told them at the dole, I’ve told all the reps, there was this restart thing, I thought it was for people recovering from mental illnesses, but they are trying to get them all on voluntary work. I told them too, when I answered their questions, they were speechless. Some were downright rude, saying if I didn’t do this stuff with them I would never work anywhere. I’ve told them all where to go and nobbled my MP and now I’m trying to write a fictional world in which I can demonstrate all the nasty little things they do. What of all the protests? that people go to and they don’t show in the newspapers or on the TV any more? they still go on. But this tyrant government don’t want to know. I’m disabled me, but I am still a person and deserve a minimum wage like everyone else, and don’t deserve to be sold on to the slave masters. I am ashamed to be a native of Britain. Erm no offence to you MrMARCPC, just got a bit carried away:)

    • paultheswineherd

      mrmarcpc – I agree with your views entirely. The ‘sheople’ of this Country are mostly so uncaring and living their daily lives that many of them have no idea whatsoever of what is going on. (Some don’t care – they will say, it always happens to someone else – not me!!). Add to that the right-wing tabloid media lies, the broadcast media lies/twisting of the truth and non-reporting of events (except when it mostly helps the Tories!), the politicians lies and twisting of the truth and it all adds up to ‘limited’ or ‘no’ knowledge.
      Also many people nowadays are as you say apathetic and they do not have the fire in them that they did in Thatchers time and before. I am pretty sure of one thing though, when the cuts to Working Tax Credits come in on 16th April 2016, many, many people are going to be hit by this policy and I am sure that it could turn into the Tories version of Thatcher’s Poll Tax.
      I certainly hope so, because if it does’nt were all well and truly up shit street without a paddle.

  14. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    WCA over the phone – Whatever next. A recording of it in minutes. Well take an hour then DWP.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Can`t you hear me not lifting the empty card board box !!!!

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        WCA over the phone – “No I can hear you lift that empty card board box”.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          Perhaps you can hear me step 50 metres in pussyfooting around at a WCA over the phone. Oh dear I have given the Tories a money saver in WCA`s over the phone – As the savings are more important than Not Fit For Purpose.

  15. There’s plenty of subject avoidance,A4e and their job advice book doesn’t mention the word disability,anyone with one was and probably still is sent to a third party who is completely hopeless also.

    These unpaid placements do more harm then good, someone is left feeling exploited and all to often abused as well as unpaid this creates a negative experience of the workplace when the whole aim is to work to be paid a wage to live on.

    There’s little training in these outfits’ who take this sort thing up and a lot of it about using the term apprenticeship to justify a pittance.


    CWP will look great on my CV won’t it; “completed 720 hours Community Service”. The job offers will come flooding in….


      I’ve already got MWA on my CV. “completed 120 hours Community Service'”

      • I was sent to a filthy “charity” shop to do a stint of workfare recently, the place stank of sweat and stale cigarettes off the filthy rags that hadn’t been washed. Scumbags forced us to sort out bin bags full of stinking underwear stinking of fish with brown stains on. FFS it was fucking disgusting. The manager even had the cheek to moan at me for wearing rubber gloves, rotten slave master tosser.

        • Well I for one would report the shop to the Council H&S department for not having good enough facilities to sort out material, and the gear to do it with [time to take photos], and also to DWP – pointing out that failure to ensure a safe working environment will not just fall on the charity but also on all those involved once they have been informed of ‘issues’ – accident wise, if they do nothing and allow it to continue there and elsewhere [would also ask for confirmation checks have occurred and proof provided from other charity shops DWP assign people to].
          DWP give you any lip point out Crown Immunity has been removed from both the departments and more interestingly from individuals.
          Might want to ring Civil Legal Advice line to get free legal advice – they are open till 8 at night, and also approach CAB.

          • You could go the Health & Safety route, but they are notoriously useless. I’m hearing more and more stories like this from round and about here in Wales, and probably the best thing you can do is be vocal about it locally, report it to Boycott Workfare and your local claimants organisation. In Wales you can contact Sgint ( and report it there. It’s more or less a given that about a third of people will still say that you deserve to be on Workfare, but that still leaves two-thirds who will sympathise with you. But more importantly letting others know through a ‘safe’ channel (no claimants organisation or Boycott Workfare would ever betray your identity) tells other workers that they are not alone, and also gives them a chance to take some action.

            Ultimately the only way that the abuse of workers that is Workfare is going to stop is if we take action and make it difficult. Having a group of people outside these shops picketing is the kind of publicity charities don’t want.

            I’d also urge people on Workfare in these kinds of places to join a union, preferably the IWW as it is only a pound a month for claimants and gives you full union support – you do have rights as a Workfare conscript, and you can complain. Taking a union rep along with you scares the living daylights out of them.

            Another thing you can do is ask all sorts of awkward questions, such as what kind of insurance cover they have, and whether it covers forced workers – you are NOT ‘volunteers’, which is what a lot of charities try to get away with calling you. You are also entitled to travel expenses and also holidays, which is another thing we find that a lot of Workfare conscripts aren’t told about.

            Another way you could tackle dealing with such a disgusting situation is writing to a local paper about it, pointing out all the nasty diseases you can catch from handling human body products. If it’s dried it will cause dust, what are the dangers from breathing it in? Do a bit of research and do a ‘tabloid job’ in your letter, making it as lurid as possible. Point out the fact that you aren’t given protective gear etc.

            You could go the H&S route, which is using the state, but to be honest they tend to sit on their hands. And why get them to do it when you can do it yourself?

            CWPSlave wrote an account of their experience a couple of posts ago, where they eventually got ‘sacked’ from their workfare scheme for distributing leaflets about how to take action against workfare and make life difficult for Workfare exploiters. They received no sanction, how could
            they? They had broken no rules! When going for the initial ‘interview’ with a charity, ask specific questions about whether you will be insured, about Health & Safety, about protective equipment etc. Chances are they’ll pass you over for someone who doesn’t ask awkward questions – but take someone with you (an advocate!). You may not need someone with you, but it’s always useful to have a witness… and as we are all are ‘vulnerable’ at some points in our lives, it’s quite reasonable to need an advocate sometimes 😉 Failing that, try and record the session if you can. It could well save you from being sanctioned. You won’t be sanctioned if the questions you are asking are reasonable, which any questions regarding things like insurance cover and H&S stuff would be, but when you ask questions like that, these places might begin to see you as more trouble than you’re worth… And you avoid 30 weeks CWP! (Maybe!)

            Be polite, be calm, be firm: nothing gets to them more!

            • Boycott workfare know about this so called charity, they have been named and shamed twice.

              • I started 6 month CWP on Monday. Wrote to Boycott Workfare last week asking for advice. Heard fuck-all back so far. Thanks guys! The only placement available is miles away and because there aren’t many trains I can’t fit in my 30 h.p.w. between Mon-Fri, so I’ve got to go in on Saturdays as well!! Can they do that legally, anyone? Any tips gratefully accepted…

                • How long does it take for you to travel to work? If it’s more than 90 minutes each way then you could argue that they are being unreasonable in expecting you to attend this placement, and also unreasonable to expect you to have to attend on Saturdays. It’s hardly your fault that you aren’t near any suitable placements, now, is it?

                  Otherwise, yes, it is legal to expect conscripts to attend over weekends, and even evenings.

                  Boycott Workfare are only very few in number, and seem to be busy with a lot of other stuff too, you’d probably be better contacting Unemployment Movement, or even Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty or Ipswich Unemployment Centre, or your local group, if there is one – a Google search should show up if there is one.

                • Response to Sib 15/10/15 12.04am.
                  (This may end up at the bottom of the comments thread cos there’s no “Reply” option at the top of your comment, so I hope you get this.)

                  Cheers for that. Yes, I dare say BW are deluged with such requests and undermanned to cope with them all. That’s not their fault.
                  Sadly, it only takes me about 40 mins and, although I have a change of trains, there’s only a few minutes to wait in-between, both to and from work, which is most annoying! The problem is, the department of the place I’m placed with don’t open till 9.30am and I have to leave at 4pm unless I want an hour’s wait on an unmanned station platform, which I would get if I left work at 5.30pm and which I won’t put up with. I had to negotiate that with the relatively decent boss, though not so decent as to cover for me and let me off Saturdays completely!
                  Fuck Me, one week down, only 25 to go (provided my sanity holds out, which I fear it won’t)…

        • One of me mates got sent to a re-cycling facility and spent 26 weeks raking through bags of disgusting stinky rubbish. These jobcentre schames are far worse than the ones convicted criminals get sent on. Let us get it straight they have got FUCK ALL to to with ‘helping’ jobseekers and have EVERYTHING to do with PUNISHMENT.

          A ‘modern’ country such as the UK in the 21st century running fucking slave operations. Once you realise what is going on it is then that you realise that the UK is an UTTER FUCKING SHITHOLE OF A CUNY-TRY – NOT WORTH A FLYING FUCK

          And to think that our forefathers FOUGHT and DIED for this FUCKING SHIT-HOLE OF A COUNTRY.


          PS Marie, Sorry to hear of the ordeal these UTTER, UTTER FUCKING CUNTS put you through!!

        • You should have got the brown stained, fish smelling underwear and rubbed it in his effing face. Despise those creeps. All on the make. All supporting Tory policies.

          • Ha ha I’m killing myself laughing, nice one raining ☔

            • Glad i made you laugh Marie! 🙂 And i would have done it too, straight in his coupon the stinky underwear would have went. 😀

          • You ever find out what the brown stains were, Marie 😀

            • Probably shite

            • I think they should have been incinerated marie, in shops your not allowed to take them back for hygienic reasons. I wouldn’t ever buy second hand underwear, its disgusting and not worth it, not when basic underwear is so cheap anyway. I’m sure they was having you on and trying to punish you, I don’t believe it is lawful to sell something like that on again. I would have walked out, I’ve walked out for a lot less. The unemployed should respected and helped rather than persecuted and punished. Murderers have more rights than the unemployed and disabled these days. Hope you didn’t catch anything.

        • You shouldn’t do anything, or be asked to do anything that breaches the public health. In hospitals they have a separate bag for bio waste and wear gloves to protect themselves when handling such stuff. If you caught something, not only would it comprise your health but the health of the general population. Wrong on so many levels and I bet you have bags of confidence now? huh? after being exploited and doing someone else’s dirty work; all for a pittance to live on.

          • Faeces can contain all sorts of shit 😀

          • You ever notice that when you sign on they have a separate pen for the signers. Some of them even have a desk full of hand-washes. Yet these are the same fuckers that will send you to handle shitty knickers all day. Jeez, you could easily catch Ebola, some tropical disease, catch HIV, hepatitis, some tropical disease, become infected with worms, catch salmonella, some gastric disease, become infected with a carcinogen.

            And why were these shitty knickers thrown in with the toxic waste to be incinerated in a controlled environment in the first place? Do people really buy second-hand knickers? Or are these bastards who throw all their shite into the ‘re-cycling’ having a laugh because they know some ‘dolie’ will have to rake through it. You should have told them to fuck off, in no uncertain terms, Marie, because that is a really serious risk to a person’s health.

            • Fucking Disgusting

              One of me friends was sent to a ‘re-cycling’ plant and had a black sooty stuff streaming from their nostrils all the time. These fucking schemes need shutting down fast because it is fucking obvious that they are set-up to destroy their victim’s health. It is an abomination that this shit is going on in 21 century Britain.

              • The re-cycling plant wasn’t Vertegen on the Wirral, was it? I was sent there on my one month MWA and got that sooty nostril experience from emptying the powdered ink out of half-full toner cartridges into a big sack with 3 or 4 other people. They only give you those paper facemasks you see Japanese tourists wearing, so that won’t keep the shit out of your nose for long…

            • There was a rack with these disgusting knickers and bras, one customer enquired about the price of a bra, I directed her to primark where she could get a nice new one for half the price, I wanted to tell the tossers to F off but dare not for fear of being sanctioned. Walked past the cesspit last week and shouted through the door DIRTY PARASITES which they most certainly are.

  17. paultheswineherd

    Marie – What a terrible experience that the bastards put you through. I do not know the law with regards to the health & safety aspect of all of this, but I should imagine that if you were an ’employee’ in a company dealing with this sort of ‘shitty’ stuff, then due to the possible health hazard involved, then surely you would have to wear the protective gear/garb to deal with it.
    If you were working for a local authority, surely the same would apply!
    Any lawyers on here with any useful ideas regarding this one??

  18. paultheswineherd

    With this in mind, I would also like to know how, when there are TV programmes/News reports about ‘modern slavery in Britain’ – often uncovering stories of ‘gang masters’ using ‘workers’ as ‘often, unpaid slaves’ (and these camps/premises get raided by the Police and/or immigration authorities) – yet at the same time – there is another form of ‘legalised’ modern slavery which is going on everywhere.
    Namely – MWA/Workfare, forced ‘voluntary’ programmes (on pain of sanction(s) /and/or benefit cuts being enforced). This, seemingly, is totally fine with the Government/Authorities – what I would like to know is: what is the dirfference and why do these two groups get treated in completely different ways. (e.g. the first group – legal action is taken against the ‘gang master lawbreakers. And the second group – no legal action is seemingly possible to protect any of these claimants and their rights).
    Why are the two groups treated so differently?

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Under work fair there are no workers Rights – Very handy loop hole that is exploited by the slave masters & their bosses DWP.

    • The unemployed person forced to do MWA and all the other forced labour schemes are considered to be criminals, that’s why no one gives a toss, especially this pig fucker government.

    • Very fair point, but we know that kind of programme asking those kinds of questions just isn’t going to be made by the mainstream. So why not make something like this ourselves? So long as you present the truth, and can ‘prove’ that (hidden cameras etc) you are legally safe. Post it on YouTube or Vimeo. It doesn’t really matter that the quality is crap, you have to start somewhere.

      Even better if you can find a local activist group that is into making videos, as they might well want to help you make your video, and be able to provide equipment and facilities for editing it, as well as help and advice on how to go about it. If they want to take your idea over, then politely decline their offer, if they are a genuine ‘grass-roots’ group they will want to help you tell your story and not try to hijack your story for their own ends.

      It’s not a complete answer, I know, and it’d be great to see something about this within the mainstream, but that’s unlikely to happen. If there is suddenly a number of such grass roots documentaries about this sort of subject then maybe one of the mainstream channels might pick it up, but at least there will be something out there.

  19. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Statutory guidance

    The Civil Service code Of Conduct


    You must:
    •fulfil your duties and obligations responsibly
    •always act in a way that is professional5 and that deserves and retains the confidence of all those with whom you have dealings6
    •carry out your fiduciary obligations responsibly (that is make sure public money and other resources are used properly and efficiently)
    •deal with the public and their affairs fairly, efficiently, promptly, effectively and sensitively, to the best of your ability
    •ensure you have Ministerial authorisation for any contact with the media7
    •keep accurate official records and handle information as openly as possible within the legal framework
    •comply with the law and uphold the administration of justice

    You must not:
    •misuse your official position, for example by using information acquired in the course of your official duties to further your private interests or those of others
    •accept gifts or hospitality or receive other benefits from anyone which might reasonably be seen to compromise your personal judgement or integrity
    •disclose official information without authority (this duty continues to apply after you leave the Civil Service)

    Read More:

  20. Paul, on one occasion the manager ordered me to mop the floor, stood glaring at me muttering obscenities, it was bloody horrible as there were quite a few customers, felt dead embarrassed. There were 17 of us slaves at that shithole, most of the time standing around with sod all to do, it was hell, I’ll never forget it.

  21. paultheswineherd

    Marie – That is awful – and you weren’t even being paid to do it!
    As someone said on here before, ‘benefits’ are paid by the Government if and when one needs them (i.e. to live on!) – they surely should’nt make claimants work for these ‘benefits’. You aren’t even an ’employee’ as such, with any worker’s rights etc. Putting a claimant into a ‘placement’ as a ‘volunteer’ (i.e. in the charity shop) when you aren’t even a ‘volunteer’ as such – you have been ‘forcibly’ sent there to slog your guts out as a ‘volunteer’. It is slavery – pure and simple. The whole thing is rotten to the core, is a national disgrace and ideally, it should be tacked head-on by someone (preferably in authority).

    • That isn’t going to happen, no one in ‘authority’ is going to save us. We have to save ourselves. Spreading the word about these schemes whilst we are on them is a very good start, and Boycott Workfare and similar groups is where to spread the word.

      Only by exposing these kinds of abuses and taking public action against the exploiters is going to end these schemes. If it’s going to make them look bad, or threaten to start costing them money, they will think twice about exploiting us.

      We can’t do much on our own, but we aren’t on our own. It only takes a few people to picket a Workfare exploiter and it can be a lot of fun!

  22. Another Fine Mess

    An apprenticeship where you don’t get a job at the end of it.
    <scratches head>

    What happens at the end of the apprenticeship?
    You may be offered permanent employment at the end of the apprenticeship period.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Not real people – No last names – Called ben & beth.

    • Of course they are not ‘real people’! Their stories are for ‘illustrative purposes only’ and the photos are ‘stockphotos’. i.e. totally made up 😀 😀 😀 😀

  23. anthem for the fight back:

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Dangerous Work Fair – Your leaving all these boxes about for me to trip over & not sort out – Has the work fair placement now got a first aid box. Shhhh don`t tell the DWP the Work Fair boss says. Next work fair job to trip over 20 jobs a day at £300 a trip.

  25. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog.

  26. Why we are opposing George Osborne’s budget trickery – John McDonnell

    Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has come under fire for his u-turn on Osborne’s budget rules. Here he explains why he changed his mind

    George Osborne is a broken record.

    Five years ago he said he was going to clear the deficit, and that “we’re all in this together”.

    But it turned out to be tax cuts for the rich, and austerity cuts for the rest of us.

    Now we find ourselves five years on, with the same Tory Chancellor claiming he will do the same thing in the next five years that he failed to do in the last five.

    It is beyond a joke.

    Even worse, tomorrow in Parliament George Osborne is pretending he wants Parliament to tie his hands.

    What he’s really trying to do is play a Westminster trick, and tie ours.

    This is why he is preventing us from even making small changes to his Charter and closing down debate.

    In the past fortnight we have seen even Tory MPs complain about how the cuts are going to hit our communities, as three million families face losing up to £1,300 in tax credits in the New Year.

    The global economy is looking even more uncertain over the next few years, and we will need more options, not fewer options, if the world markets turn against our economy.

    And there’s around five million people in our country – the equivalent of five cities the size of Birmingham – who are either unemployed or underemployed, who are looking for work or wanting more hours.

    It should set off alarm bells at Treasury that our economy is far from perfect.

    We are not talking about faceless statistics on a spreadsheet. We are talking about people’s lives.

    Well Labour won’t play these silly Westminster games anymore.

    We are calling on Labour MPs to oppose this Tory Charter trick.

    Instead, rather than ruining our public services with the ideological austerity cuts, we will look to invest in our country and build a future for the next generation.

    Rather than sacking tax collectors, we will give them the resources to make sure the big multinationals start paying the taxes they should be like the rest of us.

    • “EXACTLY”
      14 hours ago

      The Labour mp’s who disliked the change of mind are in the wrong party,go and join you’re friends in the the tory party !!!!!

  27. As war has become the main industry of many nations and the main route to wealth, control and power for USA, Britain and Israel – who have waged war on their own populations for many a year, so we will see a continuation of the ruination of poor people across the world. The poor are easy targets for the rich mercenaries of the global war machine. The disabled, the poor, unwaged, unemployed, the ill, women and children are now the butt of every conceivable legislative nightmare. With no plausable opposition to the nazism that engulfes the planet what real chance do we have?

    I am more depressed by the social manouverings of the rich elites than I am by my bipolar now, I think.There is little hope for me but what hope for my children? With no chance of buying a home and the indiscretions of the employment market. What fucking chance of they got? Yesterday I heard of Natasha Devon MBE – a former pupil of Bishop Stortford High School, aged about 35, who is now a government appointed Mental Health Guru – the MBE is part of her name now. She went to Oxford, of course, and had some eating disorder which is apparently sufficient to be promoted above her experience. She has/had to businesses set up to ‘counsel’ and ‘advise’ young people. There is NO evidence she has any clinical experience. No evidence she is a psychiatrist or psychologist or sociologist. How the fuck can she be in this position? And what the fuck is she telling young people? – believe in yourself? FFS, This is not right.She did date 60 men in a month though!! And she’s a ‘journalust’ and ‘tv pundit’ This world is mad as we see the real life experience of people being labelled once again as ‘anecdotal’

    I do not know where the answer lies anymore and I am running out of energy to continue the fight – I can’t go on holiday for various reasons – if I went abroad I would only have a break spoilt by the controlling forces of the airport security mafia – who make sure you feel like a criminal taking days to get over the experience before you have a few days break until the retunr brings it all on again. The nazis are ruling every aspect of our lives – illegal – undemocratic – unwanted – who’s fucking world is it anymore???


    The number of disability related hate crimes reported to police has soared by a shocking 25% in only a year, according to new figures published today.

    Figures published by the Home Office reveal that 2,508 disability motivated hate crimes were reported and recorded by the police in 2014/15, up 25% from 2,006 in 2013/14.

    The report says ‘improved willingness of victims to come forward is likely to be a factor in the increase in hate crimes recorded by the police’. Critics blame welfare cuts and the negative portrayal of disabled people in the media.

    The Crime Survey for England and Wales also includes unreported cases, which reveals that disability is now the second most common motivating factor behind all hate crimes.

    According to the survey, there were an average of 70,000 incidents of disability hate crime per year between 2012 to 2015, including unreported/unrecorded cases, compared to 106,000 for racially motivated hate crime

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      No one is getting jailed for Disability Hate Crimes. I would like to report the DWP for giving disability hate crime police officer.

  29. Concern as 1 in 7 Scots are put on antidepressants

    RE than one in seven Scots have been prescribed antidepressants in the last year.

    Scottish health data collectors ISD Scotland report that 814,181 people were given the medication in 2014/15, up by 5.5 per cent on the previous year.

    The figures, released yesterday, mean prescriptions for antidepressants have jumped by 66.6 per cent in the last decade.

    Doctors’ leaders said the worrying statistics showed there was a need for longer consultation times with patients.

    They also cautioned against incorrectly analysing the data, pointing out that GPs were increasingly using antidepressants for “other purposes, particularly for nerve-related and chronic pain”.

    People living in Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and Arran are the most likely to be prescribed drugs, and those living in the Highlands and islands least likely.

    There is also a strong link between deprivation and mental health, the study confirmed.


      Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith MP, is to press ahead with plans to slash benefits for hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people, it has been reported today.

      Unemployed people in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will see payments cut by £30 a week, to bring the benefit more inline with Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).

      The move will affect up to 500,000 sick and disabled people, including many with incurable and progressive conditions like Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron Disease, who are unfit for work but whom the DWP believes may be capable of working at some point in the future.

      Benefit payments for those affected by the changes will be slashed from £102.15 to just £73.10 a week, equal to that of JSA.

      Opponents argue the changes, which come into force from April 2017, will worsen people’s health and push them further away from the world of work.

      Labour’s shadow disabilities minister, Debbie Abrahams, described the plans to reduce support for people with serious health conditions as “unjust” and urged the Tory Government to scrap the changes.

      Debbie Abrahams told the Daily Mirror: “It is deeply worrying that sufferers of progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease will be hit by these measures.

      She warned that cutting support for these people “risks making peoples’ conditions worse, because they may no longer have the means to live healthier lives”.

      Ms Abrahams added: “It is unjust that people with serious health conditions, who have been assessed by the Government’s own Work Capability Assessment process as ‘not fit for work’, should have support cut in this manner.

      “These measures also risk making it harder for some disabled people to move back to work, as they will have lost the financial support that helps them secure employment opportunities.

      However, Iain Duncan Smith remains cruelly adamant about cutting sickness and disability benefits, even though Ms Abrahams says “disabled people are twice as likely to be living in persistent poverty”.

      She added that 300,000 disabled people were pushed into poverty last year, and called on the Government to carry out an impact assessment that “considers the combined cuts to disability benefits”.

      A DWP spokesperson insisted the Government is “committed to supporting disabled people and continue to spend around £50bn a year on disabled people and their services”.

      They added that the changes would only affect new claims and that those in the Support Group of ESA would continue to receive the same level of benefits.

      • ‪@GEOFF

        Just a short note to say that we at Black Triangle have lobbied both ‪#‎Labour‬ and the ‪#‎SNP‬ furiously this past month to raise the case – at ‪#‎PMQs‬ today – of Michael O’Sullivan whose death, the Senior Coroner of Inner London has held, was caused as a direct consequence of the corrupt and lethal ‪#‎DWP‬ disability assessment regime under ‪#‎Atos‬ – now ‪#‎Maximus‬.

        PMQs is at midday on BBC Daily Politics on BBC 2.

        We have done our best.

        It is now over to the opposition politicians to do what we elected them to do – and to demand ‪#‎IDS‬’s resignation. What could be more important than this?



      • I remember Tony Benn saying on Question Time there was no ‘support for it’, the Iraq war. However, the difference is there is mass support for the liquidation of the undesirables, degenerates, unpeople, savages, wretched, or whatever it is the government use to describe the battered and bruised in private. Recently I have been listening the music of Arnold Schoenberg and of course he had to leave his homeland because his music was described as ‘degenerate’ because he was Jewish.

        I am a journalist and I have written a dozen articles on this and none were published. We have a free press under ‘brainwashing’ freedom.

      • @Geoff
        Of course those on WRAG aren’t “unemployed”, they are sick. More weasel words from that turd Smith

      • It is disingenuous to imply that those with Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron Disease will be left with £73.10 a week in their pocket. But it is the extreme examples of disabiity that Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron sufferers are the coat-tails that the malingers on ESA (and there are many, many people on ESA who really should be on JSA, let us be honest about it for once… 😉 )

        Anyone remember a woman called Sue Marsh? Though not! Anyway, she was a prominent disability campaigner. She ran a blog called diaryofabenefitscrouger. She had been on benefits for years and claimed to have an ‘incurable illness’ which left her so weak that she couldn’t get out of bed most days. She used her blog to plead for ‘donations’ to top-up her ‘meagre’ disability payments.

        Well, what happened to Sue? Maximus came along and offered Sue a job at a salary of £75,000 plus expenses plus car. It didn’t take long for sell-out Sue to have a Lourdes-style recovery which soon saw her leaping out of bed… 🙂

        • But it is the extreme examples of disability such as Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron disease that are the coat-tails which the malingers on ESA (and there are many, many people on ESA who really should be on JSA, let us be honest about it for once… 😉 ) hide under.

  30. I live in Lanarkshire Geoff and I am not surprised, although not on antidepressants myself the despair is terrible. Millions of people throughout the UK are going through hell. A friend is on a six month workfare and is learning nothing, it is not about training the unemployed. Years ago I had more chance of finding a job in my local pub where other construction workers went for a pint. There are not enough jobs out there and the Tories know that, they want millions working for nothing.


      UN inspectors are expected to arrive in the country within days to begincollecting evidence to determine whether the British government has committed “systematic and grave violations” of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

      The convention, which came into force in 2008, codifies the rights of disabled people to freedom, respect, equality and dignity.
      UK benefit cuts hit disabled people hardest

      “It is absolutely shameful that we are the first country in the world to be investigated,” said Linda Burnip, founder of the campaign group, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), which submitted evidence to the UN over several years to trigger the inquiry.

      “The UK was at one stage doing quite well in meeting disabled people’s human rights and supporting people living independently, but all of that has been stripped away.”

    • They know we know they know.

    • I’m on anti depressants and still feel like crap because of all the shit that’s been heaped on people. All you see is one big black hole with no way out and no future. Forced to work for nothing, benefit sanctions, on and on it go’s.

      This country sucks. All they care about is massaging the unemployment and benefit figures down. They don’t care how they do it.

      How are people supposed to regain their mental health when they are constantly stressed, bullied, threatened and badgered?

      DWP + JCP = SCUM.

      • Disabled girl has a mental age of four.. but Tories order her to prove she’s not fit to work

        The same as a friend of mine whose daughter has Autism how the hell the Tories expect them to prove they are not fit for work defies belief. After all even someone with mental capacity needs a doctor to state they are not fit for work. The Tories are using all measures except direct violence to kill people off. No wonder antidepressant use is on the increase, these poor people need human rights protection not driven to suicide because we have a group of thugs in charge of the country who are determined to kill as many people off as they can.

        The Conservative Nazi Party need expunged from the planet.

  31. Another Fine Mess

    Unemployment down by 79,000. Yeah right!

    More like 500,000 on unpaid workfare schames, – yes I think it could be that high!

    • UE down 79,000 Hahahahahahahaha! Wonder how many of the 79k got real jobs with good wages, hours and conditions? You’ll be lucky if there’s 50 people out of that number got jobs like i mentioned.

      Lying conning conniving bastards. Workfare everywhere you look and the threat of sanctions. That’s what’s responsible for the 79k figure.

  32. Just listened to IDs on the news bare faced lying unemployment is at the lowest in 7 years …..????? But haven’t 7.000 people just lost there jobs at that steelworks not to mention the knock on that will cause….you couldnt make it up I feel like I’m running out of energy with all this now ,people are indifferant to suffering in this country.

    • Another Fine Mess

      The steelworks is 1,700 to 2,200. The management should have
      ‘got with the tory programme’ and sacked them all, then offered them all unpaid ‘work experience’.

  33. Just read Kafka or something. No point in doing anything because everybody supports Himmler and his economic death squads, so yeah read Kafka, Gogol and Steinbeck and don’t worry about it. The suffering on this level will catch up with this amoral country.

  34. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System


    DWP – Maximus – ATOS – Serco – G45 – IDS – David Cameron – Tories – The Media – in fact the whole of society is giving hate crime to the disabled.

  35. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    If there is no paper work DWP / Maximus it is an illegal action & not fit for purpose.

  36. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Abbasani – Revelation Time & Dub 1991

  37. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Mikey Dread – Mental Slavery 1980

  38. Slavery is Oppression and Collaboration with Slavery is Collaboration
    with Oppression

    Shame on Slavish Britain

  39. In Greece or France People would be Out Protesting in Disgust

    In Nazi Zombie Britain they are More Dead than the UnDead

    Millions should be out Protesting Not just a Few whilst Millions
    are Couch Potato Zombies

  40. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Jeremy Corbyn vs David Cameron – PMQs – 14 Oct 2015

  41. Any Charity that Supports Forced Unpaid Slave Labour is Not Really
    a Charity at All but a Slavery Collaborating Shower

  42. Another Fine Mess

    15 year olds to be forced into unpaid work, even though there’s no jobs.

    • well it depends what you define as a job; David Cameron and IDS alike are acting as England’s two biggest pimps, sending women into such vile poverty that they are selling their body’s for sex. That is work, I suppose, but being a single parent isn’t. Welcome to planet Prwell.

  43. Another Fine Mess

    How come there’s a virtually unlimited number of crackpot organisations offering unpaid ‘work experience’, after which you’re then supposed to find paid work somewhere else. Where is this somewhere else, and wouldn’t it make more sense to do your ‘work experience’ there, – to make you ideal for the paid work.
    It’s almost like as if these crackpot organisations are just really after government grants… and free labour.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Nothing needs training or experience in setting up a company as a Life Coach / Health Care Professional / a lot of them are set up by government with funding as some sort of disability hate crime called Disability Confident.

  44. Another Fine Mess

    We work all week for £0.00, it’s Great !!!

    • Work experience? And what do you need that for? Used to be you got a job and that was it. No work experience required you learn as you go.

      Oh! That’s right! I forgot! This is the day and age of the conman, the exploiter of vulnerable and poor people, who want to convince society that all they need is to have more experience in working for nothing and everything will be alright.

      Wankers. 😦

      • Bollocks to 'work experience'

        You ‘learned on the job’…. 😉 That’s the way it should be! All this ‘work experience’, workfare horseshit is nothing short of pure exploitation!

  45. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The word disabled can only be used in one context disability & confident or Disability PLC Public Limited Company.

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Disabled people using the word disabled will get sanctioned with an illegal crime of not promoting Disabled PLC`s.

      • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

        Is disability a crime or is disability a hate crime or is disability a disability hate crime.


        Try & out smart a fool with a contradiction policy.

  46. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    David Cameron you are still on the books of ATOS – One of Atos`s side lines is weapon of war – Buying & selling weapons to governments for use in war !!! ATOS have a youtube video of their Weapons for sale.

    Good luck in Syria dodgy dave.keep ATOS happy.

  47. Another Fine Mess

    Hannah Sellman ‏@honeybeefive · 56minutes ago
    26 emails sent to people regarding work experience in sports journalism, no one wants to give young people a chance!!#workexperience

    What’s the point in getting ‘work experience’ in an industry where they don’t even want you for £0.00. ?

  48. Smacks of Nazism Forcing Children into Unpaid Slave Labour

    Remember at the End of WW2 The Nazis had Children in the Hitler
    Youth and other Units in Military Service

    Another Fine Mess | October 14, 2015 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    15 year olds to be forced into unpaid work, even though there’s no jobs.

  49. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Serco criticised after hiring limo to move asylum seekers

    Outsourcing group apologises to Home Office after transporting group from London to Manchester in 16-seat Hummer

    Guardian – 14th Oct 2015

    Serco, the outsourcing group, has apologised for what the Home Office described as the “totally inappropriate” use of a stretch limousine to transport a group of asylum seekers from London to Manchester.

    Images have emerged of a 16-seat Hummer in the village of Longford, near Heathrow, where a hotel has been using houses to provide temporary accommodation for asylum seekers.

    Reacting to reports that the vehicle was used to move a number of people to Manchester from the village, the Home Office indicated that the vehicle had been hired by Serco and said on Tuesday that it had expressed “strong disapproval”.

    A spokesperson said: “Our contractors are responsible for arranging the transport of asylum seekers and bear the cost of doing so. However, this incident was totally inappropriate and Serco has apologised.

    “The terms of our contract with Serco requires them to take all reasonable steps to ensure transport is appropriate. We have reminded the company of their contractual obligations and expressed our strong disapproval. There was no additional cost to the taxpayer.”

    Read More:

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      “The driver said he was going to take them to Manchester and he was being paid £3,000. He said the Home Office would pay him.”

  50. The 15th of October Mark’s the Anniversary of Marie Antoinette Queen of France being Tried and Convicted at the Palais de Justice in 1793 AD.

    It was upon the 16th of October 1793 AD that Marie Antoinette was Executed by Madame Guillotine .

    It was upon the 21st of January 1815 AD the Remains of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were Laid to Rest at the Basilica of Saint Denis Paris

    Marie Antoinette may of been Extravagant but Margaret Thatcher Definitely
    was and is an Evil Vicious Tyrant Down with Thatcherism

  51. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Maximus Pimps Poverty.

      • “DWP STOOP EVEN LOWER”, (if that is possible)

        Disabled girl with mental age of four forced to prove she cannot work by Torie

        Carly Canavan, 21, was born with part of her brain underdeveloped and will never be independent – but that’s not enough for the DWP

        Unfit to work: Victoria with daughter Carly, who will never be independent

        A severely disabled young woman with a mental age of a four-year-old has been ordered to prove she cannot work.

        Carly Canavan, 21, has been warned she will lose vital benefits if she and her family don’t fill in detailed forms and submit to their “work capability assessment” to the Department for Work and Pensions.

        Carly distressed mum Victoria Lamont says Iain Duncan Smith’s department should already know her daughter will never be able to work, the Daily Record reported .

        And she slammed the pen-pushers yesterday for hounding her family instead of making sure they get the help they need.

        Victoria, 43, said: “Carly was born with part of her brain underdeveloped. It won’t grow back.

        “She will never be independent. She won’t get any better.

        “I have to help her with everything, from getting up to dressing and washing. She needs assistance when she goes to the toilet and she still wears nappies at night.

        “She can’t walk far and is scared of uneven ground, even going out her own front step. She needs care in every aspect of her life.

        “I called up the DWP twice after receiving the forms and the people I spoke to said the same thing – fill them out or her benefits will stop.

        • “RAT INSPECTION”

          NEVER in our worst nightmares did we imagine that the government would behave so shamefully it would be investigated by the UN because of its actions towards disabled people. But that is exactly what is happening now.

          Eventually after two and a half years of submitting reports and responding to responses from the government, the long-awaited UN inquiry into Britain has been launched and a team of rapporteurs and staff have arrived here to conduct it.

          The fact that this is the first ever inquiry into any country using the optional protocol in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities simply illustrates how obscene the government’s stance towards disabled people has been.

          You might expect such an inquiry in some other less industrialised nations but here in the 21st century it leaves us asking just what has gone so badly wrong and how this shameful situation has been reached in just over five years of Tory mismanagement.

          Throughout the lengthy run-up to this investigation the secrecy surrounding the process has verged on the paranoid.

          After Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) made its first submission to the UN we were threatened that if we made anything public the inquiry would immediately be stopped — or that we might cause a diplomatic incident.

          • paultheswineherd

            Geoff – that is really good news – it cannot come soon enough. But it just shows what this terrible Government has been up to. It is a disgrace that in such a rich country, that this should even be necessary.
            DPAC have worked very hard to achieve this result. Very well done!
            However, the U.N. reps will have to be very careful that they (Gov’t) do not try to cover up/tell lies/twist the truth about what they have done.
            Most of these M.P.’s/Ministers/IDS/DWP are nothing short of shameful, lying and deceptive criminals.

        • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

          “””“Decisions are taken after consideration of all the evidence provided by the claimant, including any supporting medical evidence from their GP or medical specialist.””””

          IGNORED !!!

  52. Another Fine Mess

    A random look at UJ. When I click on apply it takes me to a quite different job description. LOL

  53. this country made a lot of money out of slavery, and still is

  54. paultheswineherd

    MP’s have just voted in favour of always running a budget surplus when times are ‘normal’.
    The votes were: Yes 320 and No 258. So the Tories have won it!
    Probably now even more cuts shit to come – unless something drastic happens!

  55. I don’t want to die
    I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all

  56. Shame on them Tory Scum and Shame on any Labour Rightists
    that Voted in Favour

    Stuff Austerity and Get George Osborne Out as Chancellor of the

  57. The House of Lords for All it’s Many Faults Used to be Able to Veto
    what the House of Commons Voted in Favour of

    What the UK Needs is Direct Consultation Referendums Not this
    One Party State Dictatorship

  58. Equally any Suggestions from the Odious and Out of Touch Tories
    that People should have to pay to Use the Freedom of Information Act
    Takes the Piss

    Just like the 10% MPS Pay Rise

  59. Apparently 21 Labour MPS Abstained from Voting Against the Osborne
    Budget Surplus Diktat and Shame on Them All

    They should Resign be De Selected or Both

    It Sickens how Millions out There can be such Utter Zombies

  60. Another Fine Mess

    #WEWeek2015 hold a work experience and apprenticeship hour on twitter #OAHour
    ….And have have to chat amongst themselfs as no ‘victims’ turn up.

    • overburdenddonkey

      always become app window cleaner, or tenant HA maintenance operative, painter and decorator…must be millions of vacancies now since the miraculous economic upturn …full time staff sacked, do a job, make a job…
      ‘it could be yoooouu!

      • Another Fine Mess

        HA maintenance
        I speak to these type of workers almost every week, they’re all struggling to hold on to their own job/short term contract. There simply is no work/jobs there.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yep, the local economy is now so bad people won’t spend their money on doing what they can do themselves, or it don’t get donet…that as well new material’s, design’s and construction methods have now rendered and are rendering almost obsolete…on top of the millions of jobs already been sold off over the last 40yrs…
          service industry and retail local economy is unsustainable, without larger manufacturing sector, to support them…

          • Another Fine Mess

            I don’t count doing ‘work experience’, MWA or CWP as a job, and I’m finding in some areas unemployment is around 50% !

          • Another Fine Mess

            I can’t see this fake economy lasting past Jan/Feb’16. If we’ve got record numbers iof people in work with the security of a pay packet. LOL, then why is inflation at – 0.1%. What are they spending it all on?

  61. OT: Barmy at DWP & Important Thing to know about Consent

    Just had a barmy at DWP on signing. DWP wanted email reciepts of jobs applying for – asked how getting receipts would improve my chances of getting a job. No reply except Mantra, “Just Trying to get you a Job”, when pointed out as a civil servant MUST reply to any questions posed to them, repeated Mantra and started looking worried. Then said was raising a sanction due to me not supplying receipts. I again laid out the position, got Mantra again, with added “Why don’t you use UJM”. I asked what part of No is not understandable. Colleague stepped in [nasty piece of work she is] and told her had no interest in talking to her, called me rude and insulting. Ignored her. Advisor’s Manager & Guards arrive. Continue going round and round with Manager now saying make it a direction. I started blatently recording at this point asking questions: Can a person be forced to use UJM, answer Yes or No? No direct answer. Pointed out in my papers I lay out the position under their own rules. Again No answer. Mantra time! On being informed that recording said what I was doing was illegal – Jobsworth guard said that (which manager agreed). and would get me out. Pointed out touch me its assault. Asked Manager what act sas recordng is illegal, stated THEIR rules said it is. Good luck with that. Jobsworth Said would call police. Said fine mentioned would be wasting police time to them. Guards backed away after that. Next up senior manager popped up and repeated Mantra. Was told by advisor had my email address. So I said fine. Explained again and ordered HER the senior manager to explain things by email. Oh did I mention the Sanction became a direction… then I asked where is the direction at the end and even that diseapered… I wonder why. The senior manger was still there when I pointed that out.

    Oh did I mention that I recorded actually from when I sat down at start? It will be interesting to see what comes – if anything. For not replying is further proof of collusion, maladministration, targetting myself, harrassment etc etc in a misconduct in public office, and breaching various parts of the civil service code. All of the individuals concerned are under that threat if I need to go down that route.

    Anyone facing a sanction Doubt should be aware of this: ” A Civil Servant MUST be able to explain, face to face and in writing a decision they have reached/made/contemplating.” Its Part of their contract.

    Finally I left then a little Love Letter which is where consent comes in. On back of printed jobs I hand over for their records I scrawled “any signing, the Particulars of agreements and Contracts must be supplied so they can be inspected”

    The CONSENT part:
    NO ONE can be forced to sign anything. Any Agreements & Contracts must be supplied on Demand, including any applied Particulars [that’s anything else that might impact the deliver/signing of the contract]

    As an illustration, when you sign for a Mobile Phone, you get a complete copy of that Contract and can if you like take it away to inspect & check its validity. Now it gets interesting the same will apply to DWP, providers etc.
    They must include everything, including payments.

    • overburdenddonkey

      wowser, all in a days work eh…!

      • Remember this was the Manager and Senior Manager unable to reply while I was recording them.

        It tells you all you need to know:
        “Hey, I’m going to sanction you!”
        “Why, reason not in your rules.”
        Frown appears.
        “I Pointed out its not in your rules before in writing and no one has replied as I requested”
        “Hey, I’m going to make this a Direction”
        “Fine, explain as I said before how you can make this decision.”
        Frown again. “Hey isn’t it a wonderful day. Come back for this 2 hour CV course, and we’ll sign you up for a month long one for over 50’s.”
        “What? You threaten Sanction, unable to coherently explain, down grade to Direction, now nothing?”
        “Please go away, you’re making my head hurt”

        • I suspect the month long parking is to do with my pointing out the elephant in the room of : Consent, Signing and Supply of Agreements/Contracts.

          Funny enough I was told of being put on Work Program next month now suddenly I’m being parked?

          Wonder why. It’ll get interesting once the course finishes at Learndirect – somehow I forsee all sorts of efforts to supply the contracts. Probem is its the underlying basis of Civil Law in supplying details of services rendered – it cannot be changed. Good luck DWP in trying in future to undermine that.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Oh dear! You should have just asked for the direction in writing, so you don’t forget of course, that’s usually enough to stump them and is useful evidence.

      • Another Fine Mess,

        I Did! But suddenly The Sun came up and everything was right with the world as long as they got me out of there fast – don’t want those that don’t know getting wind of what they’re doing wrong.

        Don’t forget I recorded everything – so anyone want to step up and defame me please do – the court limits don’t apply about “Damage” caused as clearly being sanctioned makes it damage. Plus have past evidence of their behaviour.

        As I said, I don’t expect to hear back from the senior manager despite recording request and getting an acknowledgement. That will speak for itself if ever brought up in future.

        • Another Fine Mess

          Yes, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that’s the last you ever hear of it.

          month long parking
          Conspiracy corner:
          When CCTV was kept on tape many used 31 tapes numbered 1 to 31.
          Keep your rec. safe just in case the story changes in a months time. 🙂

    • Stirling work, Gazza! Nerves of steel! I doff my hat, sir, or would if I had one! Do keep us posted on developments…

  62. Scrap MPS Expenses and Increase Welfare Benefits

    • Another Fine Mess

      Good one, Elbow !

      • overburdenddonkey

        yep, noop a national hero savior of humanity, now why didn’t we think of that cunning solution…?

      • Listen to this one: I am a journalist but I am not rolling in cash or anything like that. But I have a sister who is a few years older than me. She has three children; two youngsters, the eldest is 20. She has been trying to do better for herself because she has been stuck in a working class hell-hole forever but I managed to escape, I went to university and I escaped the misery. So she has been taking education lessons to better herself and improve her social status and she is doing well, bless her. There is a problem though:

        Because her children are now over the age of five she has been attending the job centre and it has gone from bad to worse. She has been ordered to work in a call centre, and my sister, Joanne, quite honestly told them ‘I don’t have the confidence to do that sort of work and self-esteem’, and pleaded with them to find something else for her, and there is another problem: who is going to pick up her children up from school? She described to them how she is doing I.T, skills maths, English. ‘I don’t care for education’, was his response. He demanded that she go; she refused of course. So she has been ‘sanctioned’, a lovely phrase. Now, she can not even feed her children.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Are you new here ? The 2nd half of your post is what we’ve been posting about for years, did you think we were all making it up!

        Your sister should have gone for the call center job and just failed, if it’s not your thing then it’s easy to fail call center type jobs. 🙂

        Where does she/you want to go next?
        There’s expert help here:
        and here:
        and some others.

        • I am new, yeah. I didn’t think you were making it up; in fact I have known exactly what the government are doing, I have documented it but nobody really cares because it is an apathetic country and that is what everybody here has been saying. I have been unemployed but now I understand there is probably no comparison to what we have seen in the past. In fact in the last piece I wrote I referred to Himmler’s beloved welfare state as a eugenics program and that it is worthless writing about it because people just call you lefty-loonie bastards. What do I get? Two nights in a police cell.

          In fact I am very blessed by the amount of information posted here. You are all doing a brilliant job. The comments are wonderful. I write a lot for the anarchist press and it usually gets published so if anybody wants their stories heard, I will want to document them. Or people you know. The government write to newspapers threatening them not to publish me. But this appalling misery will not go on infinitum.

        • its quite easy for me to fail a call centre jobs 😀 What! What! I’m sorry WHAT DID YOU SAY! Always hated that kind of work, glad I can’t do it, its not right really harassing people in their own homes and disrupting their lives just so you can scrape a living.

          • Another Fine Mess

            I don’t mind using a phone, I’ve often had to answer technical queries in the past, but there’s no way I could sell overpriced junk to people who don’t need it, don’t want it and can’t afford it, I’m too honest!

          • Ah well Maria my sister is not very bright and she doesn’t have a devious mind like Himmler at the DWP. Yes, I would play the fool. The best thing to do at a call centre is to tell them you have an addiction to pornography and you regret to tell them you will be watching it on their computers and if they prevent this, you have no option but to talk to the customers on the phone about the smut. The unemployed need to employ tactics and work together. If Himmler wants a class war, give him one.

            • I am deaf though but I think I was talking of telesales, I could never do that job it is not moral, but if they employed people answering queries and that was it and offered a minimum wage job and not all that self-employed nonsense, and if I could hear or had special equipment to allow me to do the job I would. But as you say not everyone can do the job for various reasons and that is another thing that the jobcentre should take into account, they can’t stuff 10 unemployed people in to 10 assorted jobs, they have to find the right person and put them in the right job. I wish the best for your sister anyway and for you, whichever the best maybe:)

              • It is true what they say about double-glazing telesales being the worst job in the world. Don’t do it Marie!

                When I am lying on my pillow at night I can still hear the script running through my head: “Just to let you know that your postcode has been selected for double-glazing at no cost to you*”

                * You are not allowed to use the word “free” – it’s against the rules. Besides, it is just a ruse to get a salesperson’s size 12 foot in your door. No way you will getting double-glazing at “no cost to you” 😉

                • And it is just a ‘script’ that we ran through. We had a ready-prepared response to everyone of your objections “overcome your objections”. e.g. “It is too expensive”, “We can offer an easily affordable payment plan 🙂 ” “Doh!”. I say everyone of your objections except “FUCK OFF!!”. The trick is not to engage with these fuckers because whatever you say they will have a pat answer. Just put the ‘phone down. It is not the jobcentre; you don’t have to “engage”. Remember though that you can be put on “Recall” so the automated system will kept dialling you over and over. Strictly speaking this was just supposed to be used for answering machines; we were explicit told not to do it just because someone pissed us off, but we still did… 😉

                  Another thing they seemed to have everyone’s details. Your name and phone number was on the screen even though you were ex-directory and hadn’t given your number to anyone. A lot of people were perplexed, a lot were in tears, still don’t know where these fuckers get peoples details from.

                • And the salesperson favourite phrase is “peace of mind”. It will give you peace of mind” 😉

                • The one “upside” to doing sales is that makes you immune to sales – you can see right through a salesperson horseshit… 😉

        • Another Fine Mess

          Believe it or not, I often don’t post stuff because I don’t think it will be believed – yet. I wait until someone else posts similar and then I’ll confirm it. Like the 50% unemployment 12 posts up. Anyone who knows a residential area such as a short street or cul-de-sack can count for themselves, no way is there only 1 in 20 of working age unemployed.

  63. You can imagine the situation, can’t you ….?
    Mr IanDuncan has been found unfit for general KillingDuties as he has a nasty cold so can he please continue to lick PigCameron’s arse this week???

  64. Marie, were the fishy knickers on one side of the rack and the shitty knickers on the other side of the rack so the dirty bastards who bought them wouldnt end up with fish instead of shit or shit instead of fish.

  65. Pingback: Workfare Week Gets Worse! Work For Up To A Year Without Getting Paid Says #WEWeek2015 | perfectlyfadeddelusions

  66. Tweeted @melissacade68

  67. Today Mark’s the Anniversary of the Execution of Marie Antoinette
    in 1793 AD during the French Revolution

    Marie Antoinette was Extravagant but Margaret Thatcher Definitely
    is an Embodiment of Evil in View of her Pushing of Sickening Selfish
    Individualism and Free only to be a Slave Market Neo Liberalism

    Instead of a Statue to that Evil Bitch Margaret Thatcher in Trafalgar
    Square London what is Better is a National Monument to the Victims
    of the Margaret Thatcher Regime

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