A Tale of Two Cities. How London Is More Divided Than Ever Before.

simon-jenkinsRarely has London been so divided.  The fracture in UK politics – where the Tories are despised in the North, Scotland and Wales but rule anyway – cuts through the heart of the capital city.  Here the poor and the rich often live alongside each other, and walk the same streets, but they might as well be in different cities.  And whilst those with nothing cannot fail to notice the gleaming new skyscrapers, the wealthy cannot the see the lives of the poor.  We are just tenants to them, or low paid skivvies, here to clean up their shit and fatten their wallets.  Not worth talking to, or thinking too much about.

So it is no surprise at all that a fucking toff like Simon Jenkins – ex-public school then Oxbridge of course, and now a columnist for both the Evening Standard and The Guardian – should be so blisteringly out of touch that he can declare that London’s housing crisis is a myth.  That’s all you need to know by the way, you don’t have to read his shit.  Jenkins, who lives in a plush Kensington & Chelsea house and reportedly owns another property, thinks everything’s just fine and the poor should stop whining and live in sheds.  Or move to Salford where that £65,000 they’ve probably got kicking around in a savings account somewhere will buy them a home.  Or some such bollocks.

To the pampered rich, money doesn’t run out and poverty is really beyond their comprehension.  They have no knowledge of the small, but never ending depravations that fill up the lives of the poor.  They have no way of imagining what’s it’s like to be sucked dry of what little you have by pre-pay electric metres, benefit sanctions, travel costs, loan sharks or rent increases.  They have never experienced the debilitating panic that devours the body and mind when you receive an eviction notice, or your hours are cut, or you get a brown letter from the DWP calling you in for a benefit assessment.  If the rich are hungry they eat, if they are cold they put the heating on, and if their kids need shoes they buy them some, without a second thought.

In the absence of any real experience of how many people live, all the privileged like Jenkins have to go on is cold statistics.  That’s why he says the only priority for housing policy should be addressing the 60,000 families in temporary accommodation, with everybody else abandoned to market forces.  He probably doesn’t even know that those 60,000 families only represent a fraction of the true number of homeless people.  It doesn’t even include people living on the street, or in fact anyone at all without chldren unless they have a significant health condition.  Neither does it consider the hundreds of thousands of kids growing up in social housing who will not be able to afford to live in London when they are old.  Or the growing number of people in their 40s and 50s who are renting privately and will never know what it is like to have a secure place to live – and who face a bleak future in retirement when they are dependent on Housing Benefit to pay the rent.  Whilst every measure of homelessness is rising sharply, it is not just those without a roof who are suffering from the housing crisis.

When something directly affects the rich however, even in the most trivial way, we never fucking stop hearing about it.  In 2013 Jenkins wrote a breath-taking piece for the Evening Standard declaring that the only real housing crisis in London was that the opulent West London streets he lives in are becoming a ‘peculiar’  and ‘eerie’ due to the number of homes bought as investments and left empty.  This is a terrible thing whines Jenkins, whilst condemning everyone else’s housing concerns as hysterical.  After all you can still buy a flat in Camden for less than £300,000.  Except you can’t.

London is now two cities, a fantasy world for the rich and an economic torture chamber for the poor.  And someone living in a fantasy can never understand the rage of those being quietly exploited, or expelled.  Just look at the acres of newsprint devoted to some paint on a cereal cafe whilst the desperate stories of social cleansing go almost untold.  It’s news when the powerless fight back but  only when there is a minor inconvenience to the cosseted business class.  They are so astounded by our anger that they think it’s unreasonable.  Why don’t we just have a crêpe and a latte or something and calm down.  Or spend a fiver on a bowl of cereal.  For heaven’s sake poor people, you might spoil Disneyland.  Indeed we fucking might.   In fact we intend to.

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  1. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

  2. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    London On Film – The Secret History Of Our Streets – Portland Rd (BBC Four 2013)

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  4. london, london, london – all we ever hear is london london london

  5. Your right about the north, we want to nuke london, or have it nuked,we
    are working on it.

  6. Tory scum bastards

    London has given the rest of us these toff cunts that’s why.

  7. Hey disability rights uk have won a contract to teach equality to maximus – now that is funny – no doubr phil friend will be out there with his call for everyone to be nice – what a fucking sham

  8. The Conservative Government has been challenged to let experts analyse the effects of its policies on benefit claimants, following the publication of – extremely limited – mortality figures in August.

    Disability studies specialist and disability activist Samuel Miller has written to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, and employment minister Priti Patel, asking whether they would co-operate if epidemiologists – experts in studying the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations such as benefit claimants – requested permission to conduct a thorough investigation of government policy.

    Part-Time Workers Face Benefit Sanctions Under Universal Credit &

    regarding whether the DWP has consulted with an epidemiologist on the mortality of sick and disabled claimants. All I want is a straight ‘yes or no’ answer.

    while keeping someone on welfare indefinitely may cost more, that person might live longer. Yet under the theory that “personal responsibility” must be promoted through economic punishment.


  9. Funny how the only flat reduced to £300,000 & those above all look like council flats… What a coincidence! Doubt anyone’s surprised 😡

  10. Thanx for posting steppin my God wot depressing programs this is the reality of life here in the UK what hope for those working class youngsters God bless …….my god that banker in the second program was repulsive what a total prick ..a pityfull bitter inadaquate…yah ,yah a bankers up at 4 am ,lol,lol oh God repulsive …..but unfortunately dangerouse ….his type can fuck it all up globaly

  11. overburdenddonkey

    one thing’s for sure, an economically divided city and an economically divided kingdom, a post industrial economy, where our jobs have been sold off to suit the city and WM..run by traders for the benefit of traders…
    corbyns not going to sort it all out…

  12. i like the sound of that jack the ripper museum i think ill give it a visit.

  13. anarchist cliam tto hate aurthrity but they allways seem to want to tell you what to do.

  14. You’re right Johnny, let’s have these cunts. Only yesterday I was asking myself the question, why hasn’t a serial killer gone around knocking off TV Evangelists or noncer catholic priests, but this is more important: People need to be mobilized in small cells to take a bit of direct action. you need people unafraid to do some gaol time, I’m not talking of killing, obviously, but guerrilla warfare. Harassing and hassling, making certain peoples’ lives as miserable as fuck. Anarchists could join in with the homeless, living amongst them and preaching the word, sowing the seeds of civil unrest etc. In a place like Manchester there are loads of homeless, if anarchists got in there they could utilize these people; there could be another Battle of The Little Big Horn.
    Psssssst. Only joking.

  15. overburdenddonkey

    ‘What is confirmed is the incapacity of the Labour Party to even think of organising a fightback. A new party of the working class is posed as a matter of urgency…’

  16. Berlin was Divided by a Wall and Nicosia in Cyprus is Divided .

    London is Divided Sadly by the Gulf between Rich and Poor

  17. The 4th of October Mark’s the Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 AD.

    The British Union of Fascists wanted to March in the East End of London but many Jews and Communists and Socialists were Far from Happy about it Understandably.

    The Metropolitan Police Provided an Escort but with 100,000 Anti Fascist Demonstrators who built Barricades and withPhillip Piratin of the Communist Party of Great Britain providing Leadership there was a Big Disagreement between the Metropolitan Police and Anti Fascist Demonstrators as a Battle broke out.

    The British Union of Fascists were Forced to stop their March and go to Hyde Park.

    The Public Order Act of 1936 AD Apart from Banning Political Uniforms also Sadly Required Police Consent for Political Marches so Thanks to Fascist Tomfoolery Political Liberty in the United Kingdom was Undermined .

    Down with Fascism and Yes to Political Liberty.

  18. Yes to a Caring Society and Decent Government

  19. stitchedupandbroken

    A friend uses paint stripper on cars??

    Simon Jenkins a moaner!! You wanna listen to Dame Joan Bakewell! She almost had a stroke when additional council tax was mentioned on her £5,000,000 pad. Regularly tops up her yawn reviews by parroting off non speak on all radio stations that’ll take her. None this week? Pop into House of fraud for a £300 top up. You really can’t escape ’em.
    I really need the BBC closing down…full of creamers. Wotwilli listen to? Slugs crawling across the ground,that’s wot. Like nightingales to my ears rather than my own and others ££ being trousered by these shysters

    • Close Down the BBC

      The BBC is a fucking piss-take! It is choc-a-bloc with duplication and redundancy. One glaring example is local radio. Commercial radio is moving towards networking and syndication; most ‘local’ radio stations only produce locally the prime-slot for advertisers breakfast and ‘drive-time’ shows. And only to satisfy their licence requirements. And the big groups such as Global and Bauer have even been handing back licences and letting transmitters fall silent because this requirement has become to burdensome. Yet the BBC STILL has a local radio station on every street corner.

      Same with regional ‘idents’ on the TV. We don’t need a different caption and some over-paid tosspot telling us we are “watching BBC1 North South West East” when we all know we are watching the same tripe being piped from London.

      It is time high-time this gravy train hit the buffers!

      Time for one final close down. Goodnight from the BBC!

  20. stitchedupandbroken

    ‘Fatty’ Lord Soames on NT. As was Simon Jenkins. You can’t escape ’em. At the Milkin’ Shed and aint gonna leave. They’re all interviewing one another on the box…on the radio…in the mags.And,they make the news and edit it. Nice one,Cyril.Wot you wont hear is what wont be broadcast…or if it is,0247am. A one minute job.
    Now they’re goona screw tax credits! They want more…and MORE+++

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  22. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    The bubble bursts punching above their weight in greed. Same mistakes, same housing crash, same stock market crash. The tax payers will be bailing out the rich people aka country yet again. £200 a hair do every fortnight at £5,200 a year in haircuts for 1 person the wife who also needs her nails done at £100 a week. All getting ripped off being vetted as an idiot.to be conned as a confidence trickster.

  23. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Is that 11p an hour I get on or off the books !!!

  24. Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

    Education costing millions of £ still don`t make you have a brain !!!

    • Stepping Razor Sound Plate System

      Pass the buck – I have been to Barnsley – Wolverhampton – Nottingham – Belfast – Chelmsford -& Bradford. Now where do I send the letter, in fact where do I send the ESA50. Is the DWP`s admin fucked up or are the DWP passing the buck. Until you give me one address to send written letters it is not fit for purpose.

  25. Just glad I don’t live in Germany…
    Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out
    The Death of Property Rights
    by Soeren Kern
    September 27, 2015 at 5:00 am


  26. Also glad I haven’t been converted from Islam to Christianity while living in the so-called tolerant society of the UK.

    • overburdenddonkey

      you make it sound like people are gas cookers, being converted from town gas to natural gas…

      • obd – it is the power of the Holy Spirit which converts people, although they are converted by their own choice – I hope they find a church which supports supports them in escaping the persecution, as the CoE obviously doesn’t want to know.

        • paultheswineherd

          Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer – What an absolute disgrace that a German lady is being forced by her Council (which may be illegal anyway – in Germany it seems a tenant cannot be evicted unless they have contravened their tenancy agreement – much as so in Britain!) out to make way for some refugee family.
          You wait and see – this is probably going to also happen in the UK also!
          And yes, also I agree – the Holy Spirit of our Christianity controls it all. The CofE tries to do everything and again tries to do everything and does nothing!

          • paul – yes it sounds illegal to me too, but we both know that doesn’t stop either the german or uk govt doing anything. If you read through the rest of that story it tell of children being forced out of their school!
            And I fear you are right about it happening here, and it may lead to people who are being evicted trashing the building and making it unliveable in.
            Yes, Amen to your comment “the Holy Spirit of our Christianity controls it all.” – no matter what persecutions lie ahead of Christian converts, Christianity and Christ’s followers will triumph, as Christ has already triumphed, and we will do so without the useless “defender of the faith” the Queen (I agree she and her family are the supreme scroungers of the state) and her equally indifferent CofE which is more interested in appeasement and avoiding confrontation.

          • But ‘social housing’ in the UK at least is on a one-month ‘rolling contract’. It used to be for ‘life’ but there was some sneaky changes made. You need to check your ‘tenancy agreement’ to find out for sure!

            • It is like one month’s notice ‘either way’.

            • You could just be given (one months) ‘notice to leave’. Your ‘social landlord’ wouldn’t even need to mention that it was to make way for ‘refugees’. It was only much later when you were sleeping on a park bench that you would find out.

            • Of course we would all know something was amiss if we were to be served with ‘notices of repossession’ which would only really occur if the rent wasn’t getting paid or you were breaking your ‘tenancy agreement’. This would be a damn site more brutal than the ‘bedroom tax’…….

          • I don’t know the full facts, but from what I do know of rented housing in Germany it’s likely that the rental property in question is privately rented, and quite possibly the private landlord wants to profit from a crisis. The article seems once again intent on fanning the flames of xenophobia and Islamophobia, using a story of someone being evicted as a pretext. Needless to say, it’s not right that anyone should be evicted for that reason, (or any other reason really, other than being an anti-social pariah) but it’s hardly the fault of refugees/asylum seekers, or the German government. I suspect that we’re only hearing, at best, half of the story there.

            • sib – if there is another side to the story you would think someone would have given it by now the nurse has shared her story widely on facebook etc. The mayor may find it’s a false economy when those forced to move out of a tenancy to make room for refugees render the place uninhabitable – there’s just so much a hitherto law abiding citizen can take.

    • Oh yes, it just HAS to be true if it’s printed in the Daily Mail!

      • sib – I take it you’re doubting the family is actually being persecuted for converting from Islam to Christianity? You are saying they are lying or they have been misquoted by the daily mail? It is a common experience for those who convert from Islam to Christianity – so much so that there are actually safe houses set up by the Christian community for those who do so.

        • In fact, sib,find me a story of a former muslim who claims to NOT have been persecuted by muslims after converting to Christianty

        • while those around them such as you scream “islamaphobe” against them and against those who support them in their complaints about it or report that persecution.

        • Not doubting it, but I’d be extremely wary of citing anything printed in any newspaper as support for any point I was trying to make. I rather think that this kind of story is printed in the Daily Mail precisely to support it’s Islamophobic agenda, regardless as to whether this kind of thing is true or not, is actually irrelevant.

          As far as the religiosity of these things, I can’t claim to understand what all the fuss is about, as one religion is pretty much like any other, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s all bollocks.

          I don’t condone the actions you are talking about, but such activity isn’t confined to fundamentalist Muslims though, is it? We only have to look to the ‘Christian’ pro-lifers in the USA who issue death threats to medical staff of abortion clinics, or even worse, give out orders that result in millions of people dying in Middle Eastern countries.

          • sib one religion is pretty not much like another from the point of tolerance of other religions. You are an atheist, but the people who bomb abortion clinics are not representative of Christians as a whole whereas former muslims all over the uk on converting to Christianity find themselves persecuted by those who they wrongly thought were their friends and neighbours regardless of their religion. As I said before, there are several safe houses set up in the uk for those bravely converting from Islam to Christianity, and I do not rely on the daily mail for that information, and you yourself say you do not doubt that that particular story is true. The daily mail does post some predjudiced articles but that does not mean that everything it reports is a lie or predjudiced. On the other hand, some newspapers avoid printing a story because they don’t want to be seen as “islamaphobic” even when it is the truth.
            “give out orders that result in millions of people dying in Middle Eastern countries.” is an anti-Christian as opposed to atheistic, wrongful and generalised assertion about Christians to which I am not even going to lower myself to reply.
            And saying “well those who follow other religions, including Christianity have done worse” ie look elsewhere instead of at the suffering of this family is doubtless similar to the type of attitude the police (who refuse to do anything) and the church of england (who refuse to do anything), so they would receive NO support or help from YOU either to protect them from that persecution if you were in a position to help protect them in any way irrespective of their religion and help prosecute those responsible irrespective of THEIR religion. Yes, you’re brave enough in your atheism when singing disrespectful songs about salvation through Christ, but I bet you wouldn’t confront those abusers by telling them THEIR religion was rubbish or provocatively drawing a picture of mohammed.

            • I don’t understand the need for religion, nonetheless I believe that people should be free to believe any kind of twaddle they want, just so long as they don’t hurt anyone. I’d of course stand up and protect people being persecuted, no matter how silly or bizarre I may consider it to be.

              I’ll remind you again, I am an extreme agnostic as an atheist would be the equivalent of what you are, except in the opposite. I can’t be certain there isn’t a god, as I can’t prove a negative, whereas I’m pretty convinced that for you the existence in a supreme being is beyond question.

              I have never restricted myself to merely claiming that YOUR religion is rubbish, but that ALL religion is meaningless bollocks that I wish would go away. I’d no more draw a cartoon insulting Christianity as one insulting Islam, as it’d be a complete waste of my time.

              I don’t sing songs disrespectful of Christianity so much as parodying the hypocrisy of Christianity in general (and all other religions by proxy) and the Salvation Army in particular.

              Your point about those who bomb abortion clinics or who give out orders to bomb people in Middle Eastern countries is not representative of Christians as a whole is quite true, just as the jihadic, misogynistic extremist Muslim is not representative of Islam as a whole, or indeed the Zionist right-winger is representative of Judaism. But that doesn’t fit your argument. You seem to want the facts to fit your argument, and, sorry, they just don’t.

              I have no doubt that there are some Muslim converts to Christianity who are in fear of their lives, but please don’t insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe that ALL Muslims are into the whole ‘kill the apostate’ crap, as that just isn’t true. For example, I have two Muslim neighbours, and I know that one at least is about as Muslim as I am Church in Wales.

              • I should also add that I know quite a few Muslims who have given up their religion completely and become anarchists. I also know quite a few practising, but moderate Muslims who just want to be able to get on with their lives. Thankfully we all live in a city where there is a great deal of acceptance and respect of difference.

                • sib – unless you are completely naive, which admittedly it seems you are in some respects, you seem to think that a cartoon about Christianity would provoke an equal response from a simple drawing of mohammed, the latter of which would provoke calls for the death sentence upon you – it would not be a waste of your time so much as a very probable shortening of your life.
                  You are most definite about the non-existence of God, just as I am most definite about His existence. You cannot prove to me that God does not exist, just as I cannot prove to you that he does. An agnostic would be someone who is extremely undecided about the existence of God, not someone who denies the existence of any God or gods, as you clearly have in other posts, but you contradict yourself, as is often the case with atheists (which Dawkins told a sample muslim he was in a tv programme). The sample muslim then told him he hated him because he was an atheist and that we “couldn’t even control our women” which is very representative of the religion itself. You and I are on opposite sides of belief, yet you of course claim the more rational scientific high ground. Modern day Islam is an intolerant religion, as I know from the court case taken out against a Christian who merely OFFERED to pray for someone. Modern day Christianity (and I’m not talking about the extremists today or the history of Christianity) is a tolerant religion, but there is a point where tolerance crosses the line into appeasement, such as the church of england refusing to help that family and the police refusing to charge their persecutors because they don’t want to be seen as islamaphobic. Are you saying that if you were in the police you would go against your superiors and try to have those abusers charged and prosecuted? Would you also be a witness in court to that abuse If so you are one in a million. Christianity is not a hypocritical religion, but as a Christian the salvation army are not my idea of any sort of Christians, as they are hypocritical.
                  The tolerant muslims you give as examples are few and far between, just as the examples you give as Christian extremists are few and far between.
                  This is my hopefully my last reply to you on the matter as the time God has given me is precious – carry on ranting.

                • sibrydionmawr

                  I am not most definite about the existence, or non-existence of a god or a multitude of such, I just don’t believe there is, as I can’t prove that there isn’t. I don’t spend any time trying to prove their isn’t a god in much the same way as I’m completely uninterested in drawing cartoons poking fun at religion. I personally think that drawing those kinds of cartoons is a pretty puerile thing to do, however, I think that people should be free to do so, just as I think that people should be free to believe in whatever they want provided it doesn’t do any harm.

  27. paultheswineherd

    Johnny Void – what a superb article – one of your best and it really tells it like it is nowadays.
    The rich get ever richer – the poor get ever poorer. I never thought to live to see Britain in the dire straits that it is now. The Tories ‘long term economic plan’ sure is not working. We have in the last week seen the closure of Redcar steel works – the media mostly say that it’s largely due to the drop in the price of steel due to cheaper imports. This may, or may not be true.
    Our Media, – comprised of a number of mainly Tory ‘tabloid lying rags’ and Sky News – the wealthy mans/womans friend – owned by one of the biggest liars in chiefs ever – Rupert Murdoch – this man would sell his own family for the highest price going. Their ‘Journalists’ – a bunch of unapologetic right-wing Tory sympathisers, (who by their actions, make no secret of their admirations).
    Kay Burley, (one of Cameron’s admirers and a total bitch into the bargain) Adam Boulton, Faisal Islam (who jumped up and down like a young child at the fairground when it was announced that cameron had won a second term in office) and, one of the worst of the lot, Eamonn Holmes – the ‘housewives favourite’ (that is total bollocks or what!!??) – that sorry, massively paid Murdoch arse-licking scum of a man – who delights in trying to tear people to pieces live on air. After his recent ‘interview’ with Jeremy Corbyn & the police chap, this arrogant bastard needs a good reprimand at the very least.
    Close down the BBC – How very right you are – this bullshitting and largely Tory led mouthpiece of propaganda (BBC News I am mostly referring to here) and ‘rich mans’ values. Their ‘Journalists’ are also a motley bunch of Tory sympathisers, namely Fiona Bruce, Laura Kuennsberg, Andrew Neil (one of the worst!) and Andrew Lansley as well as Jeremy Paxman.
    They absolutely love their interviews with the likes of Cameron, Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel – these ‘journalists’ worship the very ground that these rotten bastard politicians walk upon.
    We – the humble TV licence payers are paying for all of this biased crap and it seems to me that they are not answerable to anyone. Not to a regulator, not to some broadcast ‘supervisor’ and certainly not to the TV licence payer. It just makes me think of the stories 100 years ago – the BBC was in its infancy – and the ‘royal family’ were adored by ALL of the population.
    Everything has changed now – the BBC (News) is not ‘adored’ by anyone (apart from people in ‘other countries’ who believe ‘everything’ that the World Service broadcast – yeah right!)
    Yes, – the ‘News’ section anyway needs to be closed down completely – and then re-invented, but with a strict code of ‘non-biased’ broadcasting being put into it’s place.
    And the ‘royal family’ – well that is another story in itself – part tax-payer/State funded, this family has riches beyond all comprehension, and always will have. Prince Charles and his now wife, ‘Camilla Parker Bowles’ – the third part of the ‘wedding triangle’ with Diana. The ‘Duchy of Cornwall’ Estates fund these scroungers. Charles was ‘put’ into the Royal Navy – and yes, worked for a time in this role – then he left and was ‘pensioned off’ – never to ‘work’ again. The queen and the duke of edinburgh – all supreme and also ‘superb’ scroungers of the state – lording it all over everyone who will let them. Let them sell off all their ‘palaces’ and ‘castles’ to help poor families with their accommodation. But, NO – they would not do that – and if they did, they would sell it off at the highest price (via their friends the Tories) to the likes of Maximus, Atos, G4S etc, etc, (who would in turn, screw the poor/poorer people for rent).
    I am speaking now as a born and bred ‘Cornishman’ who has moved away and does not now live in Cornwall. My own ‘motherland’ of Cornwall has been totally raped and pillaged by ‘up-country’ people – buying up everywhere – holding on and selling at a profit/renting out for a profit. When I lived there, they were known as ’emmets’ – the Cornish word for ‘ants’.
    They would come down and buy everything up and profit from it.
    The fucking bastards. Black and Roger are both right right – there could be a lot of problems for these rich bastards if only people knew the real truth and organised themselves accordingly to carry out ‘something’ – no date, no time, no year – only information that is ‘made available to be known by those who ‘need to know”!

    • PS Paul, if only Cornwall was independent like you envisaged it in your story – but then again, that might not stop the “up-country” people buying up Cornish land and property – it would depend on what sort of government you ended up with.

    • It’s the tax payer that pays for the upkeep of lizzies residential palaces,they’re ours,not that wrinkled old sponger parasite.

      • paultheswineherd

        Marie – Yes, you are very right there.

      • Buckingham Palace is the biggest council house in Britain. Can’t see Old Lizzie and her entourage being kicked out to make way for a ‘refugee’ family though, or even taking them in. Imagine Old Lizzie sleeping out in St. James Park.

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  29. paultheswineherd

    Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer: Yes, I agree – Cornwall Council itself could end up with ‘up-country’ people being as ‘Councillors’ (and I could see that happening!) and then it would be a total disaster in the long term for ‘our’ Independence. Not to worry though – these ‘Councillors’ would, as usual claim anything and everything (and also probably a ‘tranche’ of E.U. funding – as as what has happened in the past – the Cornish people do not get any benefits from this – only ‘certain people and certain organisations’ – (such as the SW Development Agency based in Bristol – which is not even in Cornwall!). Like Wales, Scotland & the Irish, the Cornish are a Celtic nation also (recently recognised as so) – we have our own language (very closely related to Welsh) and our own customs (unlike the hated English!)
    After all, a lot of the ‘Parish Councillors’ I have been told are already ‘up-country’ people. The indigenous Cornish are being ‘driven out’ of most ‘offices’ and being replaced by ‘outsiders’ (as we called them).
    Our Welsh good friends are also under constant attack by these ‘outsiders’ who try to take over at every opportunity and try to usurp the Welsh people.

    • paul – yes, you’re right, just like in Scotland – when trump’s golf course was being built (thankfully never finished :)) they said it would give scottish contractors work, but it was an Irish building firm used! I also have every sympathy with any Welsh and Irish as well as Cornish people who are being wrongfully driven out of their native lands by these usurpers.

  30. The 8th October Mark’s the Anniversary of the Start of the Second Opium War against the Celestial Empire of China in 1856 AD.

    The Pushing of Opium down the Throats of the Chinese was and is an Outrage of Infamy

    There was many Western Outrages Committed against the Celestial Empire of China such as the Looting and Destruction of the Summer Palace

    The Money Spent on Plunder and Destruction of other Countries could
    of been Spent Better on Helping the Poor in the UK

  31. The 10th of October Mark’s the Anniversary of the Start of the Wuchang Uprising in 1911 AD .

    This was when Members of the Tongmenghui were Not Pleased with the State of China under the Ching Dynasty .

    The Iron Blood 18 Star Flag of the Wuchang Uprising still is Displayed at the Hubei Military Government Headquarters

    It Led to the Overthrow of the Ching Dynasty and the Establishment of the Republic of China.

    Faith in the Ching Dynasty had been Weakened by China’s Humiliations at the Hands of Western Powers such as the Two Opium Wars of the 19th Century.

    The Money spent upon Humiliating China during the Opium Wars
    could of been Better Spent on Helping the Poor in the UK

  32. Basic Human Rights Real Human Rights Need to be Defended and Promoted.

    A Place of Residence is a Basic Human Right so Defend Full Housing Benefit and House the Homeless together with Rent Controls

    Food and Drink are Basic Necessities so People have a Right Not to be Ripped Off the Cost.

    People have the Human Right to Human Dignity and that Means Opposing Degrading Poverty Destitution and Oppression.

  33. paultheswineherd

    I have an idea for Iain Duncan Smith – why cannot he be sectioned under the Mental Health Act? He is, after all, probably an undiagnosed sociopath/psychopath, whom by his (and his DWP’s actions) orders and actions is guilty of causing deaths of claimants (now officially confirmed by a Coroner in Mr O’Sullivan’s case).
    In addition, both IDS & Cameron (IDS’s partner in crime) should be taken to Court for crimes against humanity across the British Isles.

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